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Chat log

00:00:09Jerkku get me phoenix
00:00:14A-tzangol ok
00:00:16A-tzangol Sec
00:00:16A-tzangol to see the draft
00:00:17LosMexicos pudge or stryg
00:00:19Firoga aa
00:00:19Firoga must be banned
00:00:19A-tzangol as u wish
00:00:19Firoga ( or picked )
00:00:19A-tzangol they will ban pheonix i think
00:00:19A-tzangol aa
00:00:19Firoga imho :D
00:00:19extremewaari bs
00:00:19nihis need rasta lion
00:00:19extremewaari bs
00:00:19Jerkku get phoe now
00:00:20Jerkku me
00:00:24Firoga good
00:00:43nihis ._.
00:00:54A-tzangol get me kunkk or trax
00:00:58A-tzangol w/e
00:00:59A-tzangol np
00:01:08Jerkku -swap 1
00:01:10A-tzangol -swap 3
00:01:19A-tzangol !ping
00:01:24extremewaari maybe i go mid
00:01:26nihis let me mid
00:01:42Buttons ffs
00:01:45nihis hei vitun vaari mees nyt sinne toppii kiltisti
00:01:45Buttons are you fucking retarded
00:01:57extremewaari mene vaan
00:01:58Firoga why?
00:02:02Buttons 3 str pushing it
00:02:04Buttons but 4?
00:02:10nihis tän sankarin voi vetää vessast alas jossei mee midii
00:02:13Firoga we are aoe team
00:02:15A-tzangol cicken
00:02:16A-tzangol trax
00:02:16pWny- mom
00:02:17Firoga it's simple
00:02:18Buttons with no int support
00:02:20pWny- me chick
00:02:25Buttons little ranged stuns
00:02:25nihis lion alche peli paras lane
00:02:28nihis mees nyt
00:02:33A-tzangol why the lowest guy gets another carry?
00:02:36extremewaari hmm
00:02:46Firoga that's the problem
00:02:47A-tzangol no answer..
00:02:48promber 2 mid ?
00:02:52extremewaari no ole
00:02:56Buttons a shit carry at that
00:03:05Buttons hf vs lion ogre
00:03:34Jerkku sk pull ?
00:03:35promber lion wake up
00:03:51Buttons why
00:03:51nihis sec
00:03:51A-tzangol delay
00:03:51A-tzangol btw
00:03:51pWny- -ma
00:03:51nihis go?
00:03:51Bobbysixkilla -ma
00:03:51A-tzangol y
00:03:51pWny- -ii
00:03:51pWny- -don
00:03:51pWny- -di
00:04:23A-tzangol care top
00:04:31A-tzangol re
00:05:41pWny- inc mid
00:05:42pWny- ghoho
00:05:43pWny- fight
00:05:49pWny- gogo
00:06:00pWny- hm..
00:06:01A-tzangol ss top?
00:06:04Firoga ss
00:06:07A-tzangol ty...
00:06:09promber nice rastha
00:06:18pWny- -.-
00:06:23pWny- kill
00:06:24pWny- gogo
00:06:29pWny- try trax fast
00:06:37pWny- or TC ?
00:06:57promber ffs
00:07:02promber what was that
00:07:04pWny- unlucky
00:07:07promber y
00:07:10A-tzangol SS RHASTA
00:07:40LosMexicos :D
00:07:45pWny- lucky
00:08:23A-tzangol ss
00:08:26A-tzangol with rune
00:08:26A-tzangol care
00:08:33promber ss top
00:08:36promber -1
00:08:39pWny- care mid
00:08:39promber 1re
00:08:43pWny- go
00:08:44pWny- go
00:08:58promber gj
00:09:00pWny- gogo
00:09:02LosMexicos tc?!
00:09:02pWny- gogo
00:09:04LosMexicos blind
00:09:11nihis ssmid
00:09:14pWny- OMFG
00:09:17pWny- b miss mid
00:09:23promber i was stunned
00:09:28pWny- why u dont stun aura btw?
00:09:31pWny- aeh
00:09:32pWny- skill
00:09:57pWny- come rhasta
00:10:02pWny- im coming
00:10:09pWny- lol
00:10:13nihis well
00:10:13nihis im sorta low
00:10:22pWny- MISS TC
00:10:22pWny- care
00:10:23Firoga b trax
00:10:53A-tzangol omw top
00:10:58LosMexicos gj miss
00:10:59pWny- k
00:11:00pWny- good job
00:11:03promber gj rastah
00:11:11pWny- well we need kunkka dead
00:11:11pWny- tbh
00:11:18nihis asd
00:11:24pWny- b
00:11:25pWny- b
00:11:37promber no mana left :(
00:11:47pWny- go downlane
00:11:48pWny- gogo
00:11:56pWny- ogre you first
00:11:57pWny- crix
00:11:57promber +2 Top
00:12:01Jerkku give clarity?
00:12:04pWny- kill
00:12:10Jerkku ty
00:12:17A-tzangol ss
00:12:18pWny- ...
00:12:18A-tzangol gang btm
00:12:19A-tzangol omw
00:12:21pWny- GUYS ???
00:12:23pWny- ALCHI
00:12:25pWny- how can u fail like this
00:12:28pWny- raelly
00:12:29Buttons lion ss bot
00:12:41promber need help top
00:12:42extremewaari range dosent reach
00:13:07promber miss top
00:13:07pWny- i got 0 farm
00:13:08pWny- every gang
00:13:11pWny- someone failed
00:13:12pWny- and i die
00:13:17promber 1 miss top
00:13:21pWny- back mid
00:13:30pWny- hm..
00:13:43pWny- kill
00:13:44promber Tauren miss top
00:13:47pWny- plz dont fail
00:14:26A-tzangol gang top
00:14:26pWny- luna cs?
00:14:28Firoga y
00:14:34A-tzangol wait
00:14:34A-tzangol sec
00:14:35A-tzangol ulti\
00:14:38A-tzangol cd
00:14:44promber miss top
00:14:51promber re
00:14:58A-tzangol b
00:14:59A-tzangol b
00:15:00A-tzangol b
00:15:01A-tzangol b
00:15:01A-tzangol b
00:15:31A-tzangol runje
00:15:37pWny- good job
00:15:51pWny- chick dead
00:15:56pWny- come mid ogre
00:15:56A-tzangol go lion
00:15:58pWny- please
00:15:59A-tzangol pheonix
00:16:01extremewaari bot ss
00:16:03pWny- hlp
00:16:10promber i have no hp or mana
00:16:13pWny- hlp
00:16:24pWny- wow
00:16:27pWny- downlane hard fail
00:16:38pWny- who let chick die??
00:16:44A-tzangol gj
00:16:53promber not me, and im not buying a new one
00:17:11pWny- i buy oon
00:17:12pWny- soon
00:17:14pWny- k
00:17:24pWny- kill
00:17:25pWny- got dust
00:17:46pWny- go mdi
00:17:48pWny- come alchi
00:17:49pWny- go mid
00:17:49Buttons def?
00:18:34pWny- share me luna
00:18:43pWny- im oom
00:18:46pWny- dude share me
00:18:54promber why?
00:18:58pWny- i upgrade?
00:19:06promber rashtas chick
00:19:12pWny- someone farm toplane
00:19:41pWny- alchi
00:19:42pWny- or luna
00:19:44pWny- someone farm top please
00:19:50pWny- wasted exp
00:20:02promber all mid
00:20:31pWny- great one @ sentinel
00:20:38pWny- -.-
00:20:42pWny- good job sentinel
00:21:14A-tzangol tower
00:21:21A-tzangol btm after
00:21:48A-tzangol care top
00:22:41pWny- well
00:22:44pWny- we loose so much tower
00:23:07pWny- Traxex lasthit?
00:23:19pWny- dhelp him
00:23:20A-tzangol why no stun?
00:23:20pWny- fast
00:23:25pWny- im comin
00:23:27promber omw top
00:23:28pWny- come to me alchi
00:23:30promber go top
00:23:36LosMexicos ;)
00:23:40promber gogo
00:24:17pWny- well
00:24:17Firoga miss clicked stun before
00:24:18promber lol, didnt se sk
00:24:19pWny- if we would go all
00:24:21Firoga sorry
00:24:35promber all together and we win
00:24:47pWny- kill
00:25:35A-tzangol b
00:25:41Jerkku we need wards
00:25:51LosMexicos tc?
00:25:54Jerkku we play really stupidly right now
00:25:58pWny- oom
00:25:58pWny- b
00:26:22pWny- im b
00:26:30pWny- luna
00:26:32A-tzangol care mid
00:26:33A-tzangol 3
00:26:34A-tzangol there
00:26:40pWny- 1. build BKB
00:26:45pWny- 2. dont pick the runes if im very near
00:26:47pWny- please
00:26:51extremewaari luna share
00:27:11A-tzangol care mid
00:27:14extremewaari share chicken
00:27:15pWny- kill crix
00:27:36pWny- care b
00:27:37promber i go bkb aswell
00:27:44pWny- you got lifesteal mask
00:28:04extremewaari we need obs
00:28:09pWny- well rhasta farm woods
00:28:18promber i go hod first.. than bkb
00:28:28promber my farm is to bad
00:28:34pWny- def in
00:28:53A-tzangol b
00:28:55A-tzangol no rosh
00:28:59pWny- dont stick together
00:29:02LosMexicos rosh
00:29:09A-tzangol no
00:29:12extremewaari i go
00:29:16A-tzangol all go top
00:29:59Buttons fml
00:30:06A-tzangol TRAXEX
00:30:09A-tzangol FARM WOODS
00:30:09promber gj
00:30:09extremewaari gj
00:30:13promber wp Alch
00:30:15Jerkku we can ff now
00:30:19A-tzangol B TRAX
00:30:24A-tzangol >....
00:30:26Buttons w
00:30:27Buttons t
00:30:27Buttons f
00:30:27Firoga die like an idiot
00:30:36A-tzangol in this site trax
00:30:36Jerkku its lost now
00:30:39A-tzangol the last player
00:30:42A-tzangol is the worst one
00:30:49A-tzangol thats why u dont go carry
00:30:51pWny- i was so sure we will loose but alchi radi in 24 mins
00:30:52pWny- really good job
00:31:19A-tzangol b
00:31:20Jerkku go
00:31:53pWny- phoenix
00:31:55pWny- sacred
00:32:17pWny- dont go alone like this guys
00:32:32promber i need bkb badly
00:33:11pWny- i go with alchi
00:33:21A-tzangol b
00:33:23A-tzangol trax
00:33:29promber i need some money
00:33:29A-tzangol gather
00:33:43pWny- stop dota and go work
00:33:44A-tzangol wards plz
00:33:49promber :p
00:33:49Buttons come
00:33:50pWny- ^^
00:34:00nihis play competitive and win money?
00:34:09pWny- b
00:34:10promber b
00:34:14A-tzangol COME
00:34:18Jerkku TRAX COME
00:34:44A-tzangol b
00:34:44A-tzangol b
00:34:44A-tzangol b
00:34:45A-tzangol b
00:34:45A-tzangol b
00:34:46A-tzangol b
00:34:46A-tzangol b
00:34:46A-tzangol b
00:34:47A-tzangol b
00:34:47A-tzangol b
00:34:47promber sure
00:34:47A-tzangol b
00:34:48A-tzangol b
00:34:48A-tzangol b
00:34:49A-tzangol b
00:34:49A-tzangol b
00:34:57A-tzangol TRAX YOU FUCKING SUCK
00:35:07Buttons ffs
00:35:07Firoga oooooooooooooooooob trax
00:35:13pWny- gg
00:35:13promber nice alch :)
00:35:14A-tzangol nooob traxex
00:35:14pWny- alchi make it
00:35:15LosMexicos potrebuje si stocit fetacke fono tak ma otravuje!
00:35:15Jerkku this trax
00:35:19promber y
00:35:20Jerkku can u come with us ?
00:35:22Buttons doesn't even speak fucking english
00:35:24A-tzangol u lose us the game
00:35:26Buttons how did you find dota gc, reallyu
00:35:30Jerkku traxex
00:35:33LosMexicos sokeres gaades
00:35:36Jerkku u speak english ?
00:35:40Buttons is bannable
00:35:44promber Assault Curiass soon
00:35:45promber :)
00:35:47LosMexicos go ahead
00:35:48extremewaari now
00:35:48A-tzangol Ban request trax
00:35:52A-tzangol so we can play some game
00:35:53A-tzangol s
00:35:55LosMexicos lol?
00:35:58Buttons why you speak in fucktard language all game
00:35:59A-tzangol lol?
00:36:00nihis what did he do?
00:36:05Jerkku just come with us now
00:36:06pWny- he cant even lasthit creeps ?
00:36:12nihis neither can i?
00:36:12A-tzangol sucking and flamin in other language
00:36:15nihis :D
00:36:39A-tzangol its gg
00:36:44Buttons alch farmed up
00:36:49Buttons what]
00:36:50pWny- hide
00:36:50promber inc mid
00:36:50Buttons is this
00:36:54A-tzangol go alchi
00:36:55pWny- b
00:36:55pWny- b
00:36:56pWny- b
00:36:57pWny- b
00:36:57promber just
00:36:58pWny- b
00:36:58promber b
00:36:59promber b
00:37:10A-tzangol I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:12nihis k
00:37:44nihis why leave wards
00:37:45A-tzangol gj
00:37:45nihis :(/
00:37:51A-tzangol ,,,,,
00:37:56promber nice Ogre to :)
00:38:06pWny- lothars on ogre ;)
00:38:09pWny- great idea haha :D thats cool
00:38:18Jerkku just spam ulties when i ult
00:38:22Buttons joking?
00:38:26pWny- xD
00:38:34nihis revenge of lotharmage
00:38:42Buttons wasn't even invis rune?
00:38:43Buttons fml
00:38:51Jerkku gj
00:38:52pWny- lol
00:38:52Buttons he actually has lothars
00:38:55nihis lothars man, lothars.
00:38:56pWny- our supporter kill the carrys
00:38:56A-tzangol XD
00:39:00pWny- haha
00:39:35pWny- im hasted
00:39:54Jerkku just
00:39:57Jerkku tc stun them
00:40:01Jerkku and sk and i go in
00:40:40extremewaari need hot
00:40:50nihis bkb
00:40:55promber hot?
00:40:56extremewaari hmm
00:41:00promber hood of tiger ?
00:41:02extremewaari hot or bkb
00:41:04nihis bkb
00:41:11extremewaari molemmat
00:41:12nihis after blademail
00:41:14extremewaari mutbkb eka
00:41:16nihis nii mut eka halvat
00:41:17pWny- trax still not so much DPS
00:41:17Jerkku just like that
00:41:19pWny- more magic dmg
00:41:19promber helm of tooms
00:41:21Jerkku tc stun
00:41:21pWny- then physical
00:41:25Jerkku and i and sk go in
00:41:30nihis '
00:41:36nihis varmaa vanguardi ois kandennu vetää firstitemiks
00:41:55A-tzangol b
00:42:05A-tzangol b
00:42:10Jerkku HERe
00:42:21pWny- may they do rosh
00:42:33pWny- b
00:42:49nihis noi bootsit kandeis päivittää
00:43:04Jerkku gather
00:43:05pWny- lets fight inbase?
00:43:06Jerkku and go
00:43:50A-tzangol b
00:43:54promber that was bad
00:44:03A-tzangol b
00:44:05A-tzangol b
00:44:06pWny- we should wait in base
00:44:22A-tzangol b mid
00:44:22pWny- ogre scout next time with lothars
00:44:47Bobbysixkilla rosh ?
00:44:49pWny- yes
00:44:53extremewaari need obs
00:44:53pWny- coming
00:44:54A-tzangol b
00:44:59nihis hei upgradee ne bootsit iha rohkeesti
00:45:11extremewaari joo
00:45:18A-tzangol ward rosh
00:45:23A-tzangol check tc
00:45:31A-tzangol check
00:45:35A-tzangol ....
00:45:36Buttons shit
00:45:40Firoga dc
00:45:41nihis bkb in 150
00:45:41extremewaari b
00:45:46nihis get back
00:45:47nihis i get bkb
00:45:56pWny- OMFG
00:45:56nihis rly?
00:46:11pWny- kill em all
00:46:34A-tzangol mid
00:46:42pWny- 90% of theyr dmg
00:46:45pWny- is crix and TC
00:46:46Buttons didn't see tc's ac
00:46:50Buttons will shiva
00:47:06Firoga better u shiva
00:47:12Buttons is what i meant
00:47:17Firoga cool :D
00:47:28pWny- ?
00:47:34Jerkku b
00:47:51A-tzangol b
00:48:03A-tzangol b
00:48:04A-tzangol trax
00:48:07Bobbysixkilla rasta
00:48:09Bobbysixkilla comon
00:49:22promber all together
00:49:40Jerkku all mid
00:49:42pWny- someone smoke
00:49:53A-tzangol unpush lanes
00:49:54A-tzangol first
00:50:18pWny- over
00:50:18A-tzangol gg
00:50:18nihis I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:51:19A-tzangol rax and b
00:51:23A-tzangol b
00:51:38A-tzangol b
00:51:56nihis ¨ff
00:51:57nihis I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:51:57nihis I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:51:59nihis concede
00:52:01nihis giveup
00:52:01nihis quit
00:52:04nihis forfeit
00:52:08pWny- all what we need is a alchi with BKB
00:52:10pWny- and its no problem
00:52:11nihis joko luovuteetaan
00:52:16extremewaari kohta
00:52:19nihis he dies in 2 seconds to drow and kunkka
00:52:23pWny- bullshit
00:52:26nihis we have no teamplay no items
00:52:28pWny- if he activate ulti
00:52:33pWny- and with his armor
00:52:33Buttons wtf @ wagons
00:52:34pWny- trax is np
00:52:35nihis he dies in 3 seconds with ult up
00:52:50pWny- rhasta
00:52:51pWny- plz
00:52:53pWny- stop talking
00:53:00nihis start conceding
00:53:02pWny- your itembuild speaks for itself
00:53:08nihis yeah im sure it does
00:53:12nihis gchero
00:53:13pWny- yeah it does
00:53:18A-tzangol all btm
00:53:19Jerkku my assists
00:53:20Jerkku 31
00:53:27A-tzangol ulti :)
00:53:29Jerkku yep
00:53:33Firoga 28
00:53:34pWny- ups
00:53:34pWny- sorry
00:53:36Firoga ulti
00:53:36extremewaari np
00:54:19extremewaari b
00:54:22extremewaari b
00:54:23nihis c
00:54:29extremewaari diont go ffs
00:54:39extremewaari gj
00:54:40nihis :D:D
00:54:47promber I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:55:21pWny- I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:55:22nihis se vaa 1hittas mut
00:55:23nihis :(
00:55:25A-tzangol wp
00:55:29A-tzangol Sentinel
00:55:33pWny- yeah
00:55:41pWny- great teamfights!! by sentinel
00:55:42Firoga "rmk"
00:55:54promber g
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