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Chat log

00:00:15helge hey burn brain on now
00:00:16Kamerplant ban furion?
00:00:16helge now there is missing tiny great
00:00:16Sepetos -lich
00:00:16svents sepetos u go carry?
00:00:16Sepetos spec or furi
00:00:16svents ok
00:00:16creeeeeee -furi
00:00:16creeeeeee he will thrall i think
00:00:48Sepetos support get wards at start and dont feed and i win this
00:00:48svents sepetos u mid?
00:00:52Sepetos y
00:01:12Rotkiv thrall venge levi
00:01:18Sepetos venge cm
00:01:18creeeeeee yesh
00:01:20Sepetos puck cm
00:01:20svents i solo bot then?
00:01:20creeeeeee thrall
00:01:22creeeeeee now
00:01:24Sepetos thrall
00:01:25niacniac sure
00:01:26svents enigma woods
00:01:26helge i cnat play him
00:01:29creeeeeee thd?
00:01:30creeeeeee puck?
00:01:32creeeeeee venge?
00:01:32edgarass me thd
00:01:36Kamerplant need a tank
00:01:41Sepetos im tank
00:01:42Sepetos get cm
00:01:46creeeeeee edgarss get thrall rather? can u?
00:01:47Kamerplant pff
00:01:49svents cm yeah
00:01:51Sepetos or should i go with cm?
00:01:53edgarass fuck thrall :)
00:02:01svents i can go mid
00:02:04svents if needed
00:02:09svents or solo top
00:02:09Sepetos enigma venge top then
00:02:10helge how to lane masterpink?
00:02:12Sepetos no wood enigma
00:02:13burn lines?
00:02:13Sepetos push top
00:02:17niacniac i wont lane
00:02:19creeeeeee hmm
00:02:24Rotkiv tdh top
00:02:27creeeeeee tuskar + thd
00:02:28Sepetos okay
00:02:30Sepetos cm venge top
00:02:32Rotkiv levi bot
00:02:33creeeeeee levi puck
00:02:34Sepetos but u guys roam
00:02:34niacniac one solo bot + me wood and gank
00:02:34Sepetos ok
00:02:36creeeeeee bot
00:02:36Sepetos i solo mid
00:02:52Sepetos share
00:02:53creeeeeee go check runes also
00:02:58niacniac please
00:03:00niacniac ty
00:03:03niacniac be polite
00:03:14Kamerplant nono
00:03:22Kamerplant support = slave
00:03:27svents lol
00:03:29Kamerplant untill they quit.
00:03:34Rotkiv ss
00:03:35edgarass ss
00:03:41niacniac puch is invi
00:04:45Kamerplant aura up
00:04:59Kamerplant stun jakiro if snowball
00:05:47edgarass gj
00:05:49Rotkiv yrt
00:05:56niacniac what spell u got
00:06:00niacniac invo
00:06:14Sepetos kill
00:06:16creeeeeee ss mid
00:06:16Sprait ss
00:06:17creeeeeee coming to
00:06:17Kamerplant sec
00:06:23niacniac f**** answer me
00:06:28niacniac invoker
00:06:35Rotkiv ss
00:06:45svents i can get what u want
00:06:48Sepetos come kill mid
00:06:49Sepetos now
00:06:50Sepetos cm venge
00:06:51edgarass care
00:06:59Kamerplant omw
00:07:02Kamerplant would be too obvious
00:07:03helge go on invoker if rdy
00:07:03Kamerplant at first
00:07:03niacniac get meteor
00:07:05svents so lets kill?
00:07:07Sepetos haste
00:07:11Rotkiv ss
00:07:12svents ok come
00:07:16Kamerplant venge take
00:07:17niacniac omw
00:07:21edgarass troll care
00:07:28Rotkiv care ss
00:07:34niacniac oops
00:07:35svents omfg
00:07:40Sepetos gj
00:07:41creeeeeee well 3 mid
00:07:44creeeeeee 1 miss
00:07:44edgarass troll we warned u
00:07:49Sepetos flkying
00:07:50Sepetos FLYING
00:07:51creeeeeee cm had haste
00:07:51Sepetos i mean
00:07:53creeeeeee thats why
00:07:57Kamerplant PLEASE
00:08:33Rotkiv ganging mid
00:08:37Rotkiv be reat
00:08:38Kamerplant again mid
00:08:47Kamerplant b
00:08:49edgarass u see hes smart
00:08:56edgarass b
00:09:21helge miss
00:09:35Sepetos wards :o
00:09:43niacniac reg
00:09:45svents ss2
00:09:48Sprait ss 2
00:09:58svents re1
00:10:03Sprait re 1
00:10:05svents re2
00:10:05Kamerplant gank
00:10:09Kamerplant enigma?
00:10:10Sepetos let me take reege
00:10:17Sepetos ah
00:10:19Rotkiv ss
00:10:26edgarass ss2
00:10:37creeeeeee mid sss
00:10:38creeeeeee also
00:10:44edgarass fucking idiots
00:10:49edgarass care tards
00:10:54edgarass they gang u like shits
00:10:54Sprait ss
00:10:54Sprait 2
00:10:57helge yes
00:10:58helge because
00:11:01helge u fucking retard
00:11:02helge dont buy
00:11:04helge oner ward
00:11:07helge get it?
00:11:14edgarass fuycking if miss
00:11:17Rotkiv jakiro kill venge
00:11:18edgarass go and wAUIT NEAR TOWER
00:11:35Kamerplant ogh
00:11:36creeeeeee ffs
00:11:36Sepetos gj
00:11:38creeeeeee always 3
00:11:41Sepetos give
00:11:42Sepetos zip
00:11:45svents mis mis?^^
00:11:45helge get some fukcing wards thd
00:11:50edgarass no momney
00:11:52creeeeeee 3 kesti hea joosta
00:11:59svents ikka
00:12:02edgarass get brains if u get ganged
00:12:07helge go
00:12:08helge go
00:12:28niacniac fuck it
00:12:40creeeeeee again
00:12:43creeeeeee someone else is mid
00:12:57helge gg
00:13:04helge dont understand those pickings anyway
00:13:12creeeeeee lol why? :D
00:13:18helge firstpick always carry instead of some fine heroes
00:13:21helge thats bullshit
00:13:21creeeeeee 5v5 we would win
00:13:22creeeeeee np
00:13:27Kamerplant aura maxed
00:13:29Kamerplant so spam spells
00:13:33Sepetos nice
00:13:36creeeeeee i had imba farm
00:13:41creeeeeee until got ganged 2 times
00:13:44creeeeeee spec had none
00:13:48creeeeeee and we have no wards
00:13:58creeeeeee how u expect me to farm
00:14:01niacniac top
00:14:03creeeeeee when always atleast 2,3 mid
00:14:04Rotkiv go woods
00:14:12helge thd wards
00:14:18niacniac 3 top
00:14:22niacniac cant handle
00:14:28creeeeeee get wards FFS
00:14:30creeeeeee they ganging only
00:14:33niacniac care
00:14:36creeeeeee cant farm or do nth like that
00:14:39creeeeeee again 2 mid
00:14:48helge thd???
00:15:06Sprait inv
00:15:11helge faggot
00:15:11helge rly
00:15:20helge haha
00:15:22creeeeeee nice thd
00:15:28niacniac i ulti
00:15:58edgarass we 3 cant even fucking kill spectre
00:16:06Sprait eat
00:16:07creeeeeee ofc we cant under tower
00:16:12creeeeeee and there were 4
00:16:15creeeeeee not spec only
00:16:16Kamerplant \tide
00:16:17Kamerplant ulti
00:16:30Kamerplant at tower
00:16:31Kamerplant 5 there
00:17:09Rotkiv i dont get that tide?
00:17:15Kamerplant tower
00:19:18Rotkiv noulti?
00:19:29niacniac late invo ever
00:19:43Kamerplant fffffssssss
00:20:05Kamerplant OP tuskar
00:20:06Kamerplant ;\
00:20:06svents mine vittu mis licu komfg
00:20:10svents luck tra
00:20:28Sepetos toptower?
00:20:55creeeeeee i regen
00:20:57creeeeeee wait for me
00:21:00creeeeeee dont fight
00:21:06creeeeeee stay under tower
00:21:11Rotkiv all come top
00:21:15Kamerplant 5
00:21:16niacniac b
00:21:18Rotkiv topo
00:21:22Sepetos we can kill em
00:21:27niacniac got ulti
00:21:33Kamerplant not near tower
00:21:43Sepetos come top all
00:21:43Rotkiv dotn chase
00:21:53Kamerplant invoker?!
00:21:55svents tp d
00:21:57Sepetos join
00:21:57svents cd
00:22:05svents now omw
00:22:12Kamerplant epic enigma
00:22:37helge luck more
00:22:42helge ;(
00:23:09Rotkiv get pipe tidehunter ..? ok ?
00:23:15burn ?
00:23:19niacniac get top all
00:23:28Sepetos toptower
00:23:28Sepetos y
00:23:46Sepetos b
00:24:00Sepetos come top
00:24:14edgarass help tards
00:24:19Rotkiv too risky sry
00:24:23edgarass yeah
00:24:30edgarass 3v2 too risky
00:24:49edgarass gj
00:25:02Kamerplant troll lothar
00:25:23creeeeeee 0 mana and low hp
00:25:39Sepetos someone mekans?
00:25:59Kamerplant going to dagger ulti
00:26:01Kamerplant in enigma ulti
00:26:08edgarass puck initiate
00:26:23edgarass with your circle
00:26:23Rotkiv all mid def
00:26:50Kamerplant shit.
00:27:05Kamerplant thank god tide sucks
00:27:26edgarass u now what fuck me
00:27:40Rotkiv b
00:27:44Rotkiv b
00:27:45edgarass 4 peopple cant kill fucking spectre
00:27:48helge rune
00:28:07Sepetos we dont have urn or mekans
00:28:10Sepetos why is that?
00:28:54Kamerplant warded
00:29:00edgarass nice tide
00:29:27Sepetos go top or mid
00:29:27Rotkiv lets go their woods with smoke
00:29:28creeeeeee my farm
00:29:32Sepetos i come with ult
00:29:44Rotkiv gather to me
00:29:44svents woods
00:29:46svents come
00:30:02creeeeeee b
00:30:02creeeeeee b
00:30:05creeeeeee dont go
00:30:13Rotkiv ffs
00:30:18creeeeeee we so seperated
00:30:20creeeeeee cant fight like that
00:30:25edgarass def mid
00:30:29Rotkiv in base
00:30:35Rotkiv def at base
00:30:37Kamerplant will go urn now
00:30:41Sepetos top all
00:30:45Rotkiv dont chase .. !
00:30:47Rotkiv just def
00:30:49Sepetos -ms
00:30:52Kamerplant invoker...
00:31:18Rotkiv got smoke ..lets do it
00:31:24Rotkiv gather
00:31:30Kamerplant leave the farm to spectre
00:31:34creeeeeee just def
00:31:34niacniac someone meka or i go ?
00:31:36edgarass def top
00:31:37creeeeeee top
00:32:06svents :DDD
00:32:15Kamerplant shit
00:32:19Kamerplant troll outcarries spectre :(
00:32:58edgarass b
00:32:58Rotkiv b
00:33:11edgarass troll nice suicide
00:33:15creeeeeee had 0 mana
00:33:19creeeeeee how can i run tell me?
00:33:22Rotkiv i make vlad
00:33:25creeeeeee smartass
00:33:32burn mekans
00:33:33helge ward
00:33:33creeeeeee ye make it
00:33:36burn who
00:33:39helge Ffs
00:33:40helge what
00:33:41edgarass another suicide
00:33:44helge the helll you do there
00:33:46helge ok
00:33:50helge u fine little bitch
00:33:53helge do your fucking wardjob
00:33:54Kamerplant killing... you?
00:33:56edgarass puck u initiate fiught
00:33:57helge instead of flaming
00:34:02edgarass with your fucking stun circle
00:34:04creeeeeee talks edgarss with no wards
00:34:09edgarass then tuskar rolls me all spells
00:34:20edgarass tide ulti
00:34:21edgarass all dea
00:34:23edgarass dead
00:34:27Sepetos push
00:34:34edgarass and dont walk alonwe!!!
00:34:37helge oh rly? place wards first otherwise we never fight 5v5
00:34:54Sepetos go top
00:34:55Sepetos i tele
00:35:02Kamerplant bot
00:35:15Sepetos top
00:35:17Sepetos tower there
00:35:17niacniac bot guys
00:35:23Sepetos well i can come bot
00:35:25Sepetos i push top
00:35:25svents top ffs
00:35:26Sepetos and come bot
00:35:28helge pls thd
00:35:30Sepetos ok
00:35:31Sepetos go bot
00:35:32niacniac i com top then
00:35:34edgarass pls puck play good
00:35:41helge i cant if u dont ward anything
00:35:44creeeeeee YES
00:35:45creeeeeee THD
00:35:47creeeeeee get all my farm
00:35:54creeeeeee idiot u get 0 wards
00:35:57Rotkiv gather to me we smoke now
00:35:58Sepetos GP BP
00:36:00edgarass u cand do shit with or without farm
00:36:00Sepetos GO BOT
00:36:00creeeeeee and get carry farm away also
00:36:01creeeeeee wtf
00:36:07Rotkiv gather
00:36:09Kamerplant waithing
00:36:10creeeeeee thats gameruin
00:36:10Sepetos BOT AS I SAID
00:36:14Sepetos I CAN TELE
00:36:19Kamerplant 2late
00:36:22Sepetos wtf guys
00:36:38svents enigma fcking moron
00:36:41svents slow bitch
00:36:49edgarass lol
00:36:52edgarass nice team fight
00:36:55edgarass tide ulti maybe?
00:36:59niacniac suicide for an eni
00:37:00niacniac wp
00:37:08creeeeeee shut up edgarss
00:37:11helge jakiro u rly should be reported
00:37:13creeeeeee ur the shittest
00:37:18creeeeeee gameruining
00:37:21edgarass lol
00:37:23edgarass :D
00:37:23creeeeeee taking carry farm
00:37:25creeeeeee no wards
00:37:30creeeeeee trashtalk all the time
00:37:33creeeeeee to every moe
00:37:35creeeeeee move
00:37:41creeeeeee to everybody
00:37:44Rotkiv go def
00:38:11Kamerplant pain
00:38:26edgarass wow teamfight'
00:38:34Kamerplant hahahaha
00:38:43helge so get wards now
00:39:04Kamerplant troll bkb
00:39:06Kamerplant :((!((!
00:39:08Sepetos yea
00:39:10Sepetos he had it
00:39:12Sepetos lastfight already
00:39:12edgarass rosh go
00:39:13helge now tuskar even buy wards cause brown is completly braindead i guess
00:39:21Kamerplant still i stunned him
00:39:22Kamerplant last fight
00:39:23Kamerplant ^^
00:39:29Sepetos he might not had mana
00:39:32Sepetos invoker got him
00:39:38burn b
00:39:42Rotkiv b
00:40:05helge b
00:40:12helge get mana tide
00:40:13creeeeeee wait fo levi ult and fight
00:40:30Sepetos ty for farm
00:40:43creeeeeee what ever u do
00:40:46helge care they are doing some aciton now
00:40:47creeeeeee dont focus spec
00:40:48Sepetos so i push top u bot
00:40:55creeeeeee kill all others
00:40:56Rotkiv focus enigma cm
00:40:56creeeeeee then spec
00:40:57edgarass and do that ulti tide
00:41:00Sepetos ulti soon up
00:41:01edgarass before we dye
00:41:02creeeeeee enigma first
00:41:08creeeeeee if enigma used ult
00:41:10creeeeeee then care him
00:41:15creeeeeee then focus venge/invo
00:41:29Rotkiv b
00:41:49edgarass dont chase
00:42:20Rotkiv b
00:42:28edgarass puck use your skillks
00:42:33helge damn idiot
00:42:33helge shutr
00:42:56edgarass omg
00:43:04helge why the heck
00:43:07helge what are we doing?
00:43:07Rotkiv stay in base ffs ..
00:43:09helge just wait base
00:43:10helge ffs
00:43:10edgarass puck go in battle and fucking do that skill to keep them in one place
00:43:14edgarass why u dont do that?>
00:43:15helge MAN
00:43:16helge FUCK OFF
00:43:33creeeeeee we didnt have levi ult?
00:43:38burn mp
00:43:42helge everybody wasted ulti
00:43:43Rotkiv go in ffs
00:43:44helge cause u rin
00:43:46helge out of base
00:43:47helge gj
00:44:27Kamerplant b
00:44:33edgarass gj
00:44:40edgarass tuskar leave that ball in battle
00:44:40Kamerplant or solo them
00:44:42helge this action
00:44:43helge here
00:44:44helge dudes
00:44:46svents sepetos why not radi?
00:44:47helge was lost the game
00:44:51helge i have no idea
00:44:53Sepetos dunno
00:44:54helge why u run out of base
00:44:56Sepetos didnt feel like it
00:44:58svents tried new itembuild?
00:44:59helge and fight 1v5
00:45:33edgarass spectre unkillable
00:45:54Rotkiv get blaidmail then
00:46:12helge all
00:46:13helge wait
00:46:14helge at tower
00:46:16helge now
00:46:25Sepetos top
00:46:29edgarass they rosgh
00:46:33helge y
00:46:52Sepetos hot now
00:46:57Kamerplant >.<
00:47:06Sepetos so ill be tanking
00:47:13Sepetos like i promised to be tank
00:47:15Kamerplant weren't you already?
00:47:22creeeeeee just levi
00:47:29creeeeeee dont get into that invo spells
00:47:30Rotkiv first enigma !!!
00:47:32creeeeeee so u have 0 mana then
00:47:58Kamerplant suicide for glory!
00:48:04helge heheh troll chasing venge
00:48:05helge nvm
00:48:08helge its lost anyway
00:48:14creeeeeee cant kill anyone else
00:48:16burn I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:48:17helge I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:48:20creeeeeee i see some of u still focus spectre
00:48:26creeeeeee most stupid thing to do
00:49:02edgarass puck
00:49:07helge dont talk to me
00:49:09helge srsly
00:49:45Sepetos hmmh
00:49:47Sepetos why u guys b?
00:49:48helge NOW WE WIN
00:49:49helge XD
00:49:53Kamerplant was dead
00:49:53Kamerplant ;p
00:50:05Sepetos i was buying gem from their base :oi
00:50:10Sepetos u lost ur gem cd
00:50:11niacniac we all where dead
00:50:13Sepetos i can buy new one
00:50:16svents :DDD
00:50:32edgarass we have yours
00:50:39Sepetos no its urs
00:50:53creeeeeee go kill
00:51:37Kamerplant lol@troll
00:51:54Kamerplant just attack troll
00:51:57helge XD
00:51:58helge XD
00:51:58edgarass lol
00:51:59helge :D
00:51:59svents hahahahahahaha
00:52:03helge XD
00:52:03svents what a noob :DDDd
00:52:13Kamerplant tower
00:52:14helge ey it was the funniest part of the game
00:52:31edgarass tuskar slow him?
00:52:34edgarass use your ulti
00:52:35edgarass omg
00:52:37helge throne
00:52:37Kamerplant no, that was
00:52:38helge throne
00:52:44creeeeeee 0 bash
00:52:48creeeeeee to spec
00:52:51helge gg
00:53:12svents :ÖDDDD
00:53:29creeeeeee teisi ei koti raxis siis pole midagi teha
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