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Chat log

00:00:15ReV0 -random
00:00:17Bogdan -random
00:00:19Fxx. -random
00:00:20ChrizZLee me mid
00:00:21101010 jensdenlange remember buy courier
00:00:30JensDenLange hell no!
00:00:32Bogdan -swap 3
00:00:40ChrizZLee lastpick buy chick
00:00:51ReV0 -hhn
00:00:52HausTia last one = orange
00:00:52ReV0 -clear
00:00:58ChrizZLee y
00:01:03ChrizZLee i mean last 1
00:01:11razorsky me chik ???
00:01:13ChrizZLee y
00:01:20HausTia slard top
00:01:26ReV0 nah
00:01:30HausTia i saay so
00:01:33svents lion no items?:D
00:01:33HausTia you have to
00:01:37ReV0 slut
00:01:43ReV0 -clear
00:01:45Fxx. i dont need items
00:01:51Defloratio ^^
00:01:53razorsky copme vagina we will rape them
00:01:54Fxx. on own this noob server
00:01:59svents :DDDDDD
00:02:03JensDenLange haha
00:02:10Fxx. full players like u svents
00:02:11Defloratio ahaha
00:02:14ReV0 vagina is fail üpick
00:02:21Defloratio wp phonex
00:02:25svents ^^
00:02:25101010 gj
00:02:29JensDenLange wp
00:02:33Fxx. bogdan ---- freee lose
00:02:34svents thx
00:02:52Bogdan lets see fxx
00:02:59Bogdan if u r right
00:03:01Bogdan =))))
00:03:24razorsky lion
00:03:29razorsky need to be dead soon
00:04:24Defloratio pulling
00:04:36Defloratio some1 up the chik pls
00:04:56ChrizZLee ss mid
00:04:57svents omw mid
00:05:06svents kill mid
00:05:11HausTia ss bot
00:05:24HausTia stun !
00:05:28HausTia wtf
00:05:31HausTia dont autoattack
00:05:45101010 ss mid
00:05:48ReV0 why not b4.
00:05:49svents gj anyway
00:06:28svents ^^
00:06:38101010 ss mid
00:06:46Fxx. ofc
00:06:48razorsky gj
00:06:49ReV0 yes
00:06:55Defloratio gank top
00:07:09Fxx. stop puuling please nesay now
00:07:12Defloratio tp and go rub
00:07:38101010 furi ss
00:07:42Defloratio fu
00:07:43Defloratio nap
00:07:44Defloratio -.-
00:07:51Defloratio lion is an idiot
00:07:56Fxx. aha
00:07:58Fxx. i m idiot
00:07:59razorsky gj
00:07:59Fxx. ,,,,
00:08:02JensDenLange stop flame
00:08:06Fxx. why u go so fucking suicide ?
00:08:26Defloratio he didnt have mana
00:08:30Defloratio napo
00:08:37Fxx. but u had 0 ms
00:08:42Fxx. and no creeps
00:08:43Defloratio ye
00:08:46ChrizZLee ss mid7
00:08:47razorsky ss 2
00:08:48Fxx. why u dotn w8 on next wave ?
00:08:48razorsky care
00:08:49razorsky re1
00:08:51svents omw mid
00:08:55JensDenLange stop typing
00:09:03Defloratio ss
00:09:10Fxx. ss 2
00:09:33Fxx. still ss 2
00:09:45svents kill top
00:09:53Fxx. nessay ussless
00:09:54Defloratio kk
00:10:46svents gank
00:10:57razorsky ss 3 uo care
00:11:51ReV0 freakin
00:11:56ReV0 my ulty doesnt work.
00:12:21Defloratio 1 sec....
00:12:22Defloratio sure
00:12:23HausTia ss bot 2
00:12:26razorsky :LD
00:12:29HausTia zp
00:12:31HausTia tp
00:12:36svents pff :D
00:12:57HausTia wd
00:13:00HausTia faster
00:13:09ChrizZLee me b
00:13:26HausTia furi
00:13:35JensDenLange river warded!?
00:13:37ChrizZLee y?
00:13:46JensDenLange slard invis
00:13:55HausTia furi ffs
00:14:04ReV0 oh sweet jesus
00:14:05razorsky u dont see him
00:14:06razorsky ???
00:14:08razorsky or what
00:14:08razorsky ?
00:14:12ReV0 i see 4
00:14:16ReV0 you think i go there?
00:14:19razorsky ok
00:14:20razorsky np
00:14:26svents bot kill
00:14:27ReV0 it wouldve been me dead too
00:14:27HausTia wtf
00:14:29ReV0 and noone of them
00:14:43ReV0 lol
00:14:44ReV0 wd
00:14:44HausTia omg
00:15:15ReV0 magina
00:15:16ReV0 farming
00:15:23ReV0 and failing
00:15:29ReV0 like the noob he is.
00:15:30Fxx. DIE !
00:15:30HausTia well with this wd
00:15:32HausTia useless
00:15:35ReV0 no
00:15:38HausTia yes
00:15:39ReV0 u failed miserably just there
00:15:45HausTia i did what i did
00:15:48ReV0 yes fail
00:15:50Defloratio gj
00:15:50razorsky gj
00:15:51razorsky no mana
00:15:52HausTia but i dant go against 2 in early
00:15:53ReV0 farm while we fight
00:16:00HausTia you sure?
00:16:23svents puck no silence???
00:16:28JensDenLange got now
00:16:34JensDenLange phase lvl 2 allways
00:16:35ReV0 nice farm magina
00:16:57Defloratio -.-
00:17:01Defloratio yaaa you go farm
00:17:02Defloratio ,...
00:17:08Defloratio you needed more
00:17:18Fxx. y
00:17:57razorsky u 2 can walk too
00:18:05razorsky and dont die stupid
00:18:12ReV0 well lost anyway
00:18:15razorsky no
00:18:16ReV0 magina like 20cs
00:18:17razorsky we didnt
00:18:18svents i heal
00:18:22svents stay neat
00:18:24razorsky so what u cant kill
00:18:24Defloratio yaya
00:18:25razorsky ????
00:18:28Defloratio ty
00:18:30razorsky u afraid?
00:18:31svents np
00:19:01ChrizZLee illu
00:19:01HausTia illu
00:19:08101010 b
00:19:18svents oh cmon
00:19:18svents bogdan will balance?
00:19:18Fxx. ...
00:19:18HausTia ye
00:19:18ReV0 I hope blue himself will.
00:19:30svents omw muid
00:19:47HausTia b
00:19:56JensDenLange me who lagged?
00:19:59101010 yes
00:20:04JensDenLange shit
00:20:27JensDenLange just got my internet up to day!! the shitties thing in the world is a none probber internet!
00:22:23svents oh cmon
00:22:23svents come
00:22:25svents help me ffs
00:22:59svents and lion get wards pls
00:23:09Defloratio guys just let me farm i can carry this
00:23:33razorsky cc guys
00:23:57Fxx. b mid
00:24:17101010 wd invi
00:24:18Defloratio b
00:24:18Defloratio b
00:24:25JensDenLange care
00:24:53Defloratio gank
00:25:19razorsky u left me fucks
00:25:24ReV0 fuckin
00:25:30ReV0 my hotkeys not working for ulty
00:25:31ReV0 this sucks
00:25:45JensDenLange lags! .-.-.-
00:25:50Defloratio :/
00:26:26Defloratio go forest ?
00:26:36svents together pls
00:26:41JensDenLange smoke?
00:27:03Fxx. :(
00:27:10Fxx. they have got wards
00:27:18Defloratio i dont think so
00:27:31Defloratio why would wd go to me then ?
00:27:32ReV0 -ms
00:27:42Fxx. cause he run
00:27:45Fxx. out of me ?
00:27:45svents well llion u suck
00:27:48svents ur support
00:27:48Fxx. aha
00:27:51svents 0 wards again ...
00:27:51Fxx. im suck :-)
00:27:56Fxx. puck shop it
00:28:03Fxx. we must go end
00:28:05Fxx. or we lost
00:28:10Fxx. nesay farm rly bad
00:28:12ChrizZLee wd?
00:28:16Fxx. + shit items only
00:28:28Fxx. they win late game
00:28:30Fxx. cause of this
00:28:30razorsky mirana dd defusal
00:28:31Fxx. go end it
00:28:35razorsky care
00:28:40Fxx. all
00:29:15svents oh u guys ....
00:29:21svents u suck so much cant believe this
00:29:22Defloratio why go
00:29:23Defloratio ?
00:29:27Defloratio i was not there
00:29:31ReV0 get ref
00:29:34ReV0 furi
00:29:41JensDenLange dude nessaj its a team game.. stop thinking u farm and win this!!
00:29:52Defloratio dude i know
00:29:59JensDenLange act like it then
00:30:12Fxx. fucking bad
00:30:15razorsky b
00:30:16razorsky b
00:30:33Fxx. we have got worse player in team with 1 late only
00:30:35Fxx. I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:43ReV0 dont talk
00:30:57ReV0 you no better
00:31:04razorsky :/
00:31:14Fxx. im best player eve R!
00:31:20ReV0 maybe ;)
00:31:23Fxx. :-)
00:31:45Defloratio oke lets push
00:32:05ReV0 u can invis tp
00:32:06ReV0 btw
00:32:08ReV0 furion
00:32:11ChrizZLee y?
00:32:12ReV0 yes
00:32:15Fxx. we cant stop this game
00:32:16ChrizZLee oh nioce
00:32:18ReV0 it doesnt break
00:32:20ReV0 ;)
00:32:22Fxx. we could push now
00:32:25Fxx. and we cant win late
00:32:26Fxx. so ff it
00:32:28Fxx. waste of time
00:32:52razorsky VAGINAAAAA
00:32:58ReV0 he doesnt care
00:33:01razorsky fight or sleep in base
00:33:02ReV0 worst blue ever
00:33:06JensDenLange gj
00:33:08razorsky ffs man
00:33:10ReV0 31 minutes
00:33:12razorsky piss in eye
00:33:13ReV0 NOTHING
00:33:20Defloratio aaaaaaaa
00:33:21ReV0 he goes basher i ebt
00:33:24Defloratio :D
00:33:24razorsky u sold us 3 fights
00:33:32JensDenLange what do we need to do for killing a invis?
00:33:38svents dust
00:33:38razorsky u have imba magic block
00:33:39Defloratio wat ?
00:33:41Defloratio 0o
00:33:43ReV0 furi pls get refresher
00:33:44razorsky and mine too
00:33:45JensDenLange really??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????*
00:33:45ReV0 for double ulty
00:33:52svents i have dust
00:33:56Defloratio well puck wat did you write ?
00:33:57Defloratio 0o
00:34:00svents but we have 0 warsd
00:34:05razorsky fury dps better
00:34:06svents pucj and lion support
00:34:09svents no warsd nice
00:34:15ReV0 they got 3 low lifes
00:34:16Defloratio lets gank/push
00:34:18JensDenLange i have warded alot!
00:34:21ReV0 his double ulty rocks
00:34:24razorsky magina usselles
00:34:26ReV0 yes
00:34:28Defloratio there
00:34:30Fxx. nesay carry 0 farm
00:34:31Fxx. nice
00:34:34Defloratio plant that ward
00:34:37Defloratio hahahaha
00:34:39Defloratio rly ??
00:34:42Defloratio rly??
00:34:43Defloratio lion
00:34:44JensDenLange did'nt see where u pinged!
00:34:48Defloratio you took all my farm napo
00:34:50Defloratio remeber
00:34:51Defloratio !!!
00:35:26Defloratio -.-
00:35:35razorsky shop sec
00:35:35Fxx. pheonix never in teamfights
00:35:41svents :DDDD
00:35:42Defloratio this is on you lion su
00:35:43Defloratio .
00:35:44Fxx. :-)
00:35:48razorsky jsut towers and rax
00:35:50razorsky fast
00:35:53Defloratio go ?
00:35:53JensDenLange stop blaiming!! pls.. thought this was a kiddy free place?!?!?!?!?
00:36:21101010 nessaja
00:36:43JensDenLange meh!
00:36:47svents puck suiciding nice
00:36:50svents nice nice
00:36:52svents nice
00:37:02JensDenLange might had been a 3xkill
00:37:08Defloratio --.
00:37:11JensDenLange if slard was'nt there.. was a risk!
00:37:15Defloratio -.-
00:37:27Defloratio i bouth wards
00:37:31Defloratio plant them ffs
00:37:46razorsky b all
00:37:58razorsky vagina jsut dmg
00:38:00razorsky or mata
00:38:03razorsky manta
00:38:19Defloratio again lion takes all the farm
00:38:21Defloratio ..
00:38:26Defloratio go top
00:38:27Defloratio lion
00:38:30Defloratio farm !!!!
00:38:33Defloratio -.-
00:38:36Defloratio idiot
00:38:44razorsky doc good suppport
00:38:47razorsky nice job
00:38:52Bogdan ty
00:39:00razorsky nema na cemu
00:39:01razorsky :)
00:39:05Fxx. puck ?
00:39:07Fxx. 1. dota ?
00:39:22JensDenLange u are implying?
00:39:26Fxx. 1. , port , 2. , ulty
00:39:33razorsky all miss care
00:39:34Fxx. i never see this
00:39:35JensDenLange huh?
00:39:42Defloratio let them come
00:39:49ChrizZLee u take
00:39:52Defloratio come
00:39:55Defloratio !!!
00:39:55svents deff at base
00:39:57101010 gg WARDS
00:40:03101010 BACK
00:40:09svents gg lion puck
00:40:10Defloratio ilu
00:40:10svents no wards
00:40:15JensDenLange so many wards! :D
00:40:39svents cant use even armlet :DDD
00:40:42Defloratio -.-
00:40:44JensDenLange lol u go suicide!! stfu pheo!
00:40:54Defloratio i used armlet
00:40:59svents too late
00:41:00Fxx. ...
00:41:21Fxx. bagan
00:41:23svents gg ap mode
00:41:24Fxx. more luck to brain
00:41:25Fxx. rly
00:41:27ReV0 yes luck
00:41:27ReV0 ahahahaha
00:41:27ReV0 ap mode
00:41:27ReV0 you picked PHOENIX
00:41:27ChrizZLee y
00:41:27svents u noobs vote ap mode
00:41:27ChrizZLee ^^
00:41:27ReV0 2 of us randomed.
00:41:27Bogdan fxx always wining
00:41:27Fxx. I PICK
00:41:27svents dotaleague noobs
00:41:27Fxx. PHEONIX ?
00:41:27Fxx. i random
00:41:27Bogdan u whyne always
00:41:27ReV0 svents you owned
00:41:27ReV0 and u ahd phoenix
00:41:27ReV0 sucks to be u
00:41:27svents look my team ....
00:41:27Bogdan fxx ffs stop yhe whyne
00:41:27razorsky u have good pick
00:41:27razorsky so waht now
00:41:27svents lion and puck 0 wards
00:41:27Fxx. bogdan
00:41:27razorsky ?
00:41:27Fxx. i just hate u
00:41:27svents absolutely 0
00:41:27Fxx. u lost my
00:41:27ReV0 sory but u got 7-8
00:41:27razorsky we have doc pro
00:41:27razorsky :D
00:41:27Fxx. minimal 5T games
00:41:49101010 -afk
00:42:00Fxx. btw
00:42:02Fxx. rebvo
00:42:09Fxx. rubick , am , furion
00:42:18Fxx. 3/10 more banned heroes on CM
00:42:24razorsky u have vangard man
00:42:25razorsky so plz
00:42:28Fxx. so stop cry for pheo
00:42:34Fxx. u rly dont know
00:42:35Fxx. rubick
00:42:46razorsky nvm
00:42:52JensDenLange some childish cry babies we got over here! :D
00:42:52ReV0 lion dont talk
00:42:56ReV0 you said so earlier
00:43:02ReV0 Bogdan = free lose
00:43:03razorsky y see :)
00:43:06ReV0 you got your free lose.
00:43:09svents and im onluy1 who buys dust :DDDD
00:43:10svents I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:43:14101010 nice bash luck
00:43:23svents go ff
00:43:24svents now
00:43:26svents its over
00:43:28svents tards
00:43:35Fxx. over is 20 min
00:43:35ReV0 this amgina is hilarious just btw
00:43:37JensDenLange sssh kid
00:43:44Fxx. my team ignore me
00:43:46Fxx. at 20. min
00:43:48ReV0 we were fighting most of the time b4 we pushed your base 4v5
00:43:52Bogdan u whyner
00:43:53Fxx. And they dont go push
00:43:55Bogdan STOP
00:43:58ChrizZLee mby you flame him all the game?
00:43:58JensDenLange cause u talked shit all game u dumb twat!
00:43:59Fxx. we cant win late
00:44:10HausTia some cheese to your wine?
00:44:31101010 I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:44:43Defloratio I surrender
00:44:44Fxx. wp mirana
00:45:00ReV0 AHHAHAHA where did he play well?
00:45:01ReV0 :D
00:45:04ReV0 he got NOTHING
00:45:24JensDenLange gg wp
00:45:36ReV0 gg
00:45:38Fxx. BG
00:45:40svents vbg
00:45:46ReV0 noob phoenix
00:45:48JensDenLange kiddy
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