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-44 X
-2 TS

91% | 1543 X | 1510 TS

+4 X
-1 TS

71% | 1356 X | 1378 TS

-14 X
-2 TS

65% | 1261 X | 1401 TS

-48 X
-2 TS

57% | 1232 X | 1348 TS

-25 X
-10 TS

53% | 1204 X | 1331 TS

+43 X
+8 TS

91% | 1656 X | 1402 TS

+49 X
+2 TS

69% | 1272 X | 1436 TS

-10 X
+15 TS

69% | 1265 X | 1433 TS

+17 X
+19 TS

57% | 1321 X | 1255 TS

+37 X
+2 TS

51% | 1204 X | 1307 TS

Chat log

00:00:03oo0OoO0oo rd
00:00:03Maier go rd
00:00:03Laier ¨-rd
00:00:04oo0OoO0oo rd
00:00:05Laier -rddddd
00:00:06oo0OoO0oo r
00:00:06Laier -rddd
00:00:07Laier dr
00:00:08oo0OoO0oo r
00:00:08Maier -ii
00:00:09Laier rapuska
00:00:09oo0OoO0oo d
00:00:10Laier vittu
00:00:10Maier -water red
00:00:11oo0OoO0oo r
00:00:11Maier -weather rain
00:00:11oo0OoO0oo d
00:00:11Maier rapuu
00:00:11Maier rd
00:00:11oo0OoO0oo blue
00:00:11MaAkoXYma IHUFA
00:00:11Maier i love you too
00:00:11VictoriaJrocks -rd
00:00:17MaAkoXYma luna
00:00:17Laier rapuska ota mulle furi
00:00:17VictoriaJrocks i have never won a game where im opposite team of MaAkoXYma
00:00:17Maier get me furi please
00:00:17Maier dont give laier
00:00:17MaAkoXYma and you'll never win
00:00:17Laier maier just stfu
00:00:17VictoriaJrocks i cant take furi for you
00:00:17Bocktiggi i take lina
00:00:17Maier then take for urself
00:00:17VictoriaJrocks cause then maako would take gyro
00:00:17VictoriaJrocks no way
00:00:17oo0OoO0oo mao another lame dane
00:00:17VictoriaJrocks -treant
00:00:17mansikka ban gyro
00:00:23Laier vittu oot fiksu
00:00:23Laier :DD
00:00:30Mercury il go spec then
00:00:35oo0OoO0oo y
00:00:49MaAkoXYma Laier swap? (:
00:00:50Maier laier
00:00:57Maier what u gonna pick ?
00:00:59Maier hmm
00:01:03Pufff-Reis whats banne`?
00:01:12Maier laier
00:01:13Maier come top
00:01:17Maier let's kill spec
00:01:17Laier not coming top
00:01:18mansikka whats banned
00:01:19Pufff-Reis what is banned?
00:01:20mansikka roof
00:01:21oo0OoO0oo pit
00:01:21Maier let's fuck up spec
00:01:21mansikka and
00:01:26oo0OoO0oo get pit
00:01:28Mercury luna, tree
00:01:31Pufff-Reis k
00:01:39Maier get
00:01:41Maier wd
00:01:41Maier es
00:01:42Maier wd es
00:01:44Mercury lina top
00:01:44Maier and we win
00:01:44Bocktiggi luci and me bottom
00:01:48Bocktiggi please
00:01:48Maier es
00:01:49Maier es
00:01:49Maier es
00:01:50Maier es
00:01:50Maier es
00:01:51Maier es
00:01:51Maier es
00:01:52Maier es
00:01:52Maier e
00:01:53Maier es
00:01:56mansikka ok
00:01:57Mercury or get some else to bsit me
00:02:00Maier =)
00:02:01Laier wd bot
00:02:10Maier es is useless
00:02:12Maier with spec
00:02:15Maier dont u get it ?
00:02:22Mercury dazzle would have been better..
00:02:25VictoriaJrocks useless is a strong word
00:02:34Maier he can just dagger across
00:02:35Maier the block
00:02:43MaAkoXYma It's not like I dont watch yu gi oh..
00:02:56HausTia you do?
00:03:00Maier es
00:03:02MaAkoXYma ofc I do
00:03:02Maier ward the pull site
00:03:05MaAkoXYma Don't you?
00:03:06HausTia :O
00:03:07mansikka if u say so
00:03:10Maier but
00:03:11Bocktiggi no
00:03:12Maier sec 25
00:03:21mansikka why
00:03:28Maier else it wont work
00:03:34VictoriaJrocks yea i can
00:03:39Mercury pit u pull
00:03:49VictoriaJrocks nobody listens to victoria justice CAN YOU BELIVE THT
00:03:54Laier harash lina
00:04:07VictoriaJrocks so hungover
00:05:02Laier pull mby?
00:05:06Mercury stop waistin ur mana
00:05:08Pufff-Reis i pull then go
00:05:27VictoriaJrocks mid miss furi
00:05:29Pufff-Reis pull ward
00:05:30VictoriaJrocks mid msis furi
00:05:30MaAkoXYma go top?
00:05:31VictoriaJrocks mis miss furi
00:05:33VictoriaJrocks mid miss furi
00:05:37VictoriaJrocks re
00:05:48Laier go @ lvl 3
00:06:07VictoriaJrocks furi tp
00:06:41Maier ty
00:07:08MaAkoXYma go bot now
00:08:04Pufff-Reis go
00:08:05VictoriaJrocks furi level 6
00:08:13Laier nah
00:08:26VictoriaJrocks furi level6 miss
00:08:34Pufff-Reis lina
00:08:53VictoriaJrocks furi miss mid
00:09:06Bocktiggi its not worth, why you do this?
00:09:36VictoriaJrocks got ulti
00:09:52oo0OoO0oo es soon
00:09:55VictoriaJrocks furi still msis mid
00:09:57Laier furiss
00:10:22VictoriaJrocks furi still miss mid
00:10:24oo0OoO0oo man sorry i missed clied
00:10:26oo0OoO0oo clicked
00:10:30Maier gj
00:10:31VictoriaJrocks re
00:10:48VictoriaJrocks furi miss mid
00:10:52oo0OoO0oo you got dagger
00:10:56VictoriaJrocks re
00:10:56Mercury no
00:11:06VictoriaJrocks furi mioss
00:11:20Maier MISS 2
00:11:20oo0OoO0oo husar easy kill
00:11:21MaAkoXYma go
00:11:22oo0OoO0oo need furii
00:11:23MaAkoXYma gogo
00:11:26VictoriaJrocks furi still miss
00:12:00Laier so furi got dagon
00:12:02MaAkoXYma go bot?
00:12:03Laier or what just happend
00:12:06HausTia k
00:12:06Maier ya
00:12:06MaAkoXYma doom wd
00:12:08MaAkoXYma and i come
00:12:12MaAkoXYma or es
00:12:12Laier kill doom
00:12:17MaAkoXYma gogo
00:12:29VictoriaJrocks furi only has dagon nothing else
00:12:37Laier se riittää
00:12:38Laier täs vaihees
00:12:40MaAkoXYma go top
00:12:41MaAkoXYma ?
00:12:44Mercury y
00:12:45MaAkoXYma gogo
00:12:48oo0OoO0oo i tele
00:13:05Maier 5 top
00:13:07Maier nice
00:14:13MaAkoXYma not expected that?
00:14:33oo0OoO0oo def
00:14:36MaAkoXYma i come soon
00:14:39MaAkoXYma gogo
00:14:40MaAkoXYma GO
00:15:17Laier hah
00:15:18Laier voidaa ff
00:15:28mansikka eihä
00:15:31MaAkoXYma go mid
00:15:31MaAkoXYma gogo
00:15:35mansikka alle 25 min.--.-
00:15:35Laier ei meil oo kellää mitää
00:15:37mansikka -.-...-
00:15:41Laier specu farmaa ja tol on dagon 3 koht
00:15:42Pufff-Reis dagon 2
00:15:45Pufff-Reis instant dead
00:15:54oo0OoO0oo bot
00:15:59VictoriaJrocks nobody forces you to solo
00:15:59MaAkoXYma gogo
00:17:49Laier sil dagon 3 ny
00:18:02MaAkoXYma hit him mid
00:18:04MaAkoXYma not only creep
00:18:05MaAkoXYma .
00:18:08Bocktiggi no
00:18:20HausTia hm
00:18:41Maier "can't pick furi, then he will gyro"
00:19:00VictoriaJrocks im not going to play or pick a boring hero
00:19:03VictoriaJrocks to lose fun hero
00:19:12Maier then pick for team
00:19:16VictoriaJrocks not
00:19:21VictoriaJrocks 0 funo ther heroes in pool
00:19:43VictoriaJrocks its not my fault you solo all the time and feed furi ;D
00:20:10Maier nah, this is lost
00:20:16VictoriaJrocks yup but its not my fault
00:20:20oo0OoO0oo why push b
00:20:40Laier no sä vissii hävisit iah hyvi midi jos tol oli joku 5min dagon
00:20:49Maier agreed
00:21:19Laier näin ainaki olettaisin
00:22:00MaAkoXYma dagon 5
00:22:00MaAkoXYma ready
00:22:59Pufff-Reis maybe we shpuld gang
00:23:31Laier sick dagon
00:24:50Pufff-Reis can we gather and gang?
00:26:27Laier ny ne vaa oottaa et specil o radi
00:26:45MaAkoXYma ibted?
00:26:46MaAkoXYma ;D
00:26:53mansikka ok
00:27:04Mercury k
00:27:21Laier so lame
00:29:05HausTia ty
00:29:11oo0OoO0oo np
00:29:58HausTia owm
00:29:59Mercury for who?
00:30:02MaAkoXYma meh
00:30:22oo0OoO0oo b
00:31:21oo0OoO0oo well
00:31:56mansikka ;D
00:32:34oo0OoO0oo do we need more farm ??
00:32:40Maier wait
00:32:40Maier for
00:32:41Maier me
00:32:57MaAkoXYma they do
00:33:49MaAkoXYma we can push or whatever you want
00:34:07Bocktiggi lets push
00:34:27MaAkoXYma i push one lane
00:34:29MaAkoXYma and tp on
00:34:32MaAkoXYma lane where you push
00:34:36MaAkoXYma so we push 2 lanes
00:37:30MaAkoXYma g
00:38:07Pufff-Reis husk you are fail rly
00:39:06Laier gg furi won
00:39:06Laier wp
00:39:09Laier I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:41Mercury well team gave me only assists
00:39:51Laier doesnt really matter what you 4 did :D
00:39:57oo0OoO0oo and free farm top
00:40:28oo0OoO0oo well maybe end
00:41:19mansikka dont steal camp
00:41:21mansikka ...
00:41:27Laier et ees osunu creeppeihi
00:41:28Laier vitu kivi
00:41:43Laier muute hyvä
00:41:48mansikka ok
00:42:00mansikka no jätän banrequestin välii tällä kerta
00:42:09MaAkoXYma wp
00:42:12Pufff-Reis ty
00:42:56Laier aika strong gyro oli
00:43:25Pufff-Reis es and husk lost this -.-
00:43:35mansikka ouu
00:44:39Pufff-Reis I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:43MaAkoXYma Gg wp
00:44:46Pufff-Reis gg
00:44:48Laier 5min dagon?
00:44:55MaAkoXYma 10min dagon 5
00:45:01Laier y
00:45:05Laier wp
00:45:08mansikka I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
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