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-24 X
-1 TS

90% | 1542 X | 1499 TS

-34 X
-1 TS

85% | 1466 X | 1464 TS

+19 X
-2 TS

79% | 1426 X | 1410 TS

+5 X
-1 TS

70% | 1405 X | 1314 TS

+21 X
-8 TS

52% | 1199 X | 1325 TS

+6 X
+2 TS

94% | 1574 X | 1568 TS

-38 X
+3 TS

78% | 1383 X | 1450 TS

+15 X
+3 TS

72% | 1395 X | 1353 TS

+2 X
+2 TS

66% | 1301 X | 1373 TS

+47 X
+3 TS

63% | 1273 X | 1368 TS

Chat log

00:00:06Jonnija MARIAAAAH
00:00:09WantedZip -ap
00:00:09Jonnija mariah is just like puppet, with a stick up his ass
00:00:09Flex- this seems
00:00:09KeLToS hvad sker der, jeg var afk
00:00:09Flex- that aint true
00:00:09Flex- :D
00:00:09Flex- pupz a mega troll
00:00:09MariahCarry Ap?
00:00:09WantedZip yes
00:00:09MariahCarry ap-
00:00:09Flex- NO SHIT ?
00:00:14Flex- TO SLOW !
00:00:24Flex- so
00:00:27Bra~ me solo bot?
00:00:28Flex- smokeer
00:00:30Flex- guess you with me
00:00:31Jonnija me
00:00:32Jonnija :D
00:00:36Smokeer hmmm
00:00:38Euforia solo top weaver imo
00:00:40Flex- can you hit torrents
00:00:41Smokeer if i 1 mistake
00:00:42Flex- on peeps
00:00:43Flex- i sleep
00:00:43Smokeer u will whine
00:00:43MariahCarry jonni solo bot
00:00:45Bra~ and 2 bot 1 woods?
00:00:47Jonnija yaaaaaay
00:00:48Flex- i dont see
00:00:49Bra~ kk
00:00:51Bra~ idc
00:00:51Flex- how you can mess up sleep + torrent
00:00:53WantedZip drow tide top
00:00:53Smokeer i dotn care
00:00:54Smokeer come
00:00:56WantedZip kunka bane bot
00:01:00MariahCarry ck
00:01:03MariahCarry u pick like shit
00:01:10Flex- jonnija
00:01:11Jonnija he can play
00:01:12helge dont think so
00:01:13Jonnija venge
00:01:13Jonnija ck
00:01:13Flex- what lane you on ?
00:01:14Jonnija :D
00:01:14Flex- -hhn
00:01:24Euforia mid
00:01:25Jonnija guess where my favourite pal
00:01:25helge which lane
00:01:26Jonnija mariah
00:01:28Jonnija sent me?
00:01:31Flex- woods
00:01:35Laier :D
00:01:37Bra~ :O
00:01:38Laier ancients
00:01:42Jonnija that would be bit 2 cruel
00:01:43Euforia rosh
00:01:43Bra~ roshans
00:01:43Jonnija go top
00:01:44helge me bot with necro?
00:01:44Flex- Roshan insta solo kill
00:01:44Jonnija lane
00:01:45Flex- didnt you know
00:01:46Jonnija TOP LANE
00:01:46Jonnija ck
00:01:47Flex- necro imba
00:01:48helge ok
00:01:49helge chill
00:01:50helge just asked
00:01:54Jonnija well in hon
00:01:59Jonnija necro actually could do ancients
00:01:59MariahCarry ur mad about being bot?
00:02:00Jonnija with aura
00:02:01Jonnija :D
00:02:04Jonnija nah
00:02:07Jonnija just chattin
00:02:09Jonnija with my pall
00:02:10Smokeer arto
00:02:14Smokeer wards anti pull
00:02:18Laier arto is a finnish name
00:02:31Smokeer did i ask?
00:02:38Flex- :DDD
00:02:41Bra~ let me lasthit?
00:02:48Laier pull mby?
00:02:51helge good
00:02:51KeLToS stack
00:02:51helge noz
00:02:57KeLToS stfu mb
00:03:01helge learn to lasthit
00:03:17Bra~ please?
00:03:22Smokeer ...
00:04:08Flex- at lvl 3
00:04:09Flex- go him
00:04:34Jonnija sleep torrent i presume
00:04:34helge :D
00:04:38Smokeer i know
00:05:20Flex- you wanted it ?
00:05:20Jonnija yup
00:05:27Jonnija begged for it
00:06:08Jonnija suo?
00:06:14Flex- rune
00:06:17MariahCarry U FUCKING IDIOT
00:06:32Flex- wait
00:06:33Jonnija ss
00:06:38Jonnija atrrroro
00:06:38Flex- when i have 315
00:06:40Jonnija re
00:07:02WantedZip ss
00:07:21Jonnija ZZZ
00:07:30WantedZip s
00:07:30helge fuck off
00:07:32WantedZip ss
00:07:34Jonnija well
00:07:35Jonnija its
00:07:37Jonnija instakill combo
00:07:41WantedZip re
00:07:43Flex- You try surviviving
00:07:43helge then let waever bot
00:07:46Flex- over 1k dps
00:07:47Flex- At lvl 3
00:08:14Jonnija y enjoyable
00:08:14Laier dont pull anymore :p
00:08:16Laier tower goes
00:08:26Jonnija so easy
00:08:27Jonnija that
00:08:32Jonnija even smoker cant fuck
00:08:33Jonnija it up
00:08:39Flex- BANG
00:08:39WantedZip gj
00:08:44MariahCarry ur always hating on me flex
00:08:45MariahCarry wtf
00:08:48MariahCarry every game im mid
00:08:50Flex- :D
00:08:57Laier top ss2
00:09:00Flex- b
00:09:04Laier re
00:09:07Jonnija he is big fan
00:09:10Jonnija of ur firstpick bh
00:09:15Jonnija hates u for it :D
00:09:28Bra~ gank mid ck
00:09:37Flex- ready?
00:09:39Jonnija SHIT
00:09:40Bra~ easy kill
00:09:41Smokeer ofc always
00:09:41Jonnija arcanaboots
00:09:42Euforia i have ult
00:09:43Euforia i
00:09:56Jonnija well
00:09:58Jonnija just come and care
00:10:03helge go
00:10:04helge magna
00:10:15Jonnija wards
00:10:16Jonnija i bet
00:10:19Euforia no
00:10:28Jonnija ZZ
00:10:32KeLToS give me tango
00:10:34Jonnija how did they
00:10:34Euforia they can see me from lane
00:10:35KeLToS and harass him
00:10:35Jonnija see u then?
00:10:37Jonnija why
00:10:37KeLToS i have ulti soon
00:10:38Euforia I thought youd come
00:10:38Jonnija did u show
00:10:39Jonnija urself
00:10:40Laier keep em
00:10:40Jonnija then?
00:10:44WantedZip ss
00:10:45Euforia rofl
00:10:48Jonnija dude
00:10:49Jonnija they got
00:10:51Jonnija instakill combo
00:10:57KeLToS rdy?
00:10:57Jonnija and u go just randomly show urself?
00:11:03KeLToS i pull tghen we go
00:11:13helge mb ask for langechange or help?
00:11:17helge noo keep dying
00:11:17WantedZip care top
00:11:26MariahCarry rdy top?
00:11:41Flex- insta
00:11:42Flex- tp
00:11:43Flex- jonnija
00:11:44Flex- we get
00:11:45Smokeer y
00:11:52Jonnija ur no longer
00:11:53Jonnija needed
00:11:57helge kkkk
00:12:04MariahCarry idiot
00:12:07MariahCarry wju go him
00:12:09MariahCarry he's lvl 6
00:12:10MariahCarry wtf
00:12:13MariahCarry that's why ur top
00:12:23Jonnija re 2
00:12:23helge enigma
00:12:35helge come egniam
00:13:08Flex- smokeer > jonnija
00:13:10Flex- Who knew
00:13:10MariahCarry WOW
00:13:10Flex- :D
00:13:15Flex- figght
00:13:17Flex- hes oom
00:13:19helge man enigma
00:13:23Jonnija well ofc when u serve
00:13:25MariahCarry ck
00:13:25helge just come some seconds erarli
00:13:25Jonnija Up those freekills
00:13:26MariahCarry HIT BANE?
00:13:27helge SURE
00:13:29helge FUCK OFF
00:13:30helge MY TEAM AGAIN
00:13:37helge i always get some braindeads
00:13:38helge XD
00:13:43Flex- yup
00:13:46Flex- now you playing for other team
00:13:48Flex- And still whining
00:13:52Flex- Byew bye silver
00:13:55MariahCarry yea
00:13:59MariahCarry cya helge
00:13:59helge cant complain about that ya?
00:14:01KeLToS wtf
00:14:05helge watch their actions
00:14:05KeLToS slow
00:14:10Bra~ 3 top
00:14:10Laier waited sleep :/
00:14:16KeLToS me 2
00:14:25helge lets kill mid
00:14:28WantedZip ss
00:14:30helge nvm,
00:14:31WantedZip re
00:14:31helge top
00:14:36KeLToS dead
00:14:37helge tp
00:14:38KeLToS leave him
00:14:40MariahCarry ss mid
00:14:41KeLToS dont come again
00:14:42MariahCarry care top
00:14:42KeLToS thx
00:14:43Flex- :DD
00:14:53Flex- look
00:14:54Flex- for the centaur
00:14:55Flex- down there
00:14:56Flex- keltod
00:15:01Flex- 4 vs 2
00:15:03Flex- to much to handle
00:15:16helge centaur haste going mid
00:15:16helge care
00:15:17KeLToS ulti rdy
00:15:19KeLToS farm
00:15:23Flex- i come smoke
00:15:23WantedZip ss
00:15:33Jonnija zz
00:15:34MariahCarry enig
00:15:37helge wait
00:15:38helge weaver
00:15:39helge wait
00:15:42Jonnija enigma
00:15:42WantedZip magnus bot
00:15:44Jonnija will u ever gang?
00:15:44MariahCarry enig
00:15:45MariahCarry rdu?
00:15:48Jonnija or do i have to blink
00:15:49Jonnija or smthing?
00:15:50Flex- im taking the x back
00:16:16MariahCarry haha enig
00:16:19MariahCarry damn ur bad
00:16:20helge y
00:16:20MariahCarry jesus christ
00:16:22helge i said it
00:16:24helge he sucks
00:16:25helge braindead
00:16:27MariahCarry not as much as u
00:16:28MariahCarry helge
00:16:33MariahCarry ur the worst player on the fucking team
00:16:36helge hahahaha
00:16:36helge sure
00:16:37helge :D
00:16:38MariahCarry why u think ur lastpick
00:16:40MariahCarry ??
00:16:42MariahCarry guess
00:16:44Flex- ?NECRO MIOD WTF
00:16:55Flex- go
00:16:56Flex- ck
00:16:59helge at lkeast im playing better this game
00:17:01helge than all of u
00:17:04helge hihi
00:17:06Jonnija LAWL
00:17:12MariahCarry :D
00:17:13helge come mid
00:17:14Jonnija i am playing vs
00:17:15Jonnija kunkka
00:17:16Jonnija and
00:17:18Jonnija bane
00:17:21Jonnija who have personal
00:17:22Jonnija vendeta
00:17:24helge COME
00:17:25helge MID
00:18:07Flex- keltos
00:18:09Flex- you got a tide lvl 6
00:18:13Flex- and you never left your lane
00:18:15helge y
00:18:17helge u did necro
00:18:18KeLToS not rdy
00:18:21Flex- ahh
00:18:21Flex- sorry
00:18:25Jonnija ?
00:18:25helge and instead of asking for help or changing lanes
00:18:28Flex- ill wait till you get a dagger and some tank items
00:18:30helge u just kept dying
00:18:31Jonnija dude its
00:18:33Jonnija rather obvious
00:18:35helge its a teamgame u know
00:18:46Bra~ kill top?
00:18:48MariahCarry y
00:18:50Jonnija was expecting enigma to gang
00:18:52Jonnija loong ago
00:18:56Laier b
00:18:58KeLToS go b
00:19:10Flex- wait
00:19:11Flex- cent
00:19:37Bra~ bad idead
00:20:19Flex- lemme
00:20:20Flex- rune
00:20:24helge wards ?
00:20:25Flex- smoke
00:20:26Flex- lets go find
00:20:27helge necro enigma?
00:20:27Flex- enigma
00:20:28Flex- woods
00:21:07Laier ::D:D:D
00:21:07Smokeer ops
00:21:07Jonnija AHHAHA
00:21:09Jonnija he actually
00:21:10Laier HAHAHAHA :D
00:21:10Jonnija faield
00:21:12Jonnija at it
00:21:16Laier gj
00:21:22Flex- :D
00:21:26Flex- gj smokeer
00:21:26Smokeer xD
00:21:27Flex- really :D
00:21:31Flex- well
00:21:36Flex- i knew he would fuck it up eventually
00:21:44Flex- we almost got threw 20 min
00:21:46Smokeer i knew xD
00:21:58WantedZip :D
00:22:03Jonnija weaver backed
00:22:06Jonnija dint expect that
00:22:21Bra~ plain stupidity
00:22:25KeLToS ulti rdy
00:22:29MariahCarry wards pls
00:22:33MariahCarry enigma
00:22:34Flex- lets find eni
00:22:36MariahCarry u have dagger
00:22:37Bra~ and flying?
00:22:38MariahCarry wards from now on pls
00:22:50Jonnija so mariah we havent given up yet?
00:22:51Smokeer xDD
00:22:51Flex- :D
00:22:54Flex- Hahahah
00:23:12helge XD
00:23:13Flex- b
00:23:16Flex- loool
00:23:40Flex- now he ulties
00:23:41Flex- after im dead..
00:23:52helge enigma ulti?
00:23:55Bra~ cd
00:23:57helge k
00:23:59Euforia shut up
00:23:59Flex- centaur
00:24:00Euforia thanks
00:24:01Bra~ he just used
00:24:03Bra~ remember
00:24:03helge just asked
00:24:10Flex- invis
00:24:15Jonnija flex such a perverted combo :D
00:24:20Flex- dude
00:24:24MariahCarry TP TOP
00:24:26MariahCarry SOMEONE
00:24:27MariahCarry FARMT OP
00:24:28Flex- tide using ulti after im dead was perverted
00:24:48KeLToS i waited for u 2 die.. on purpose
00:24:48Bra~ osta treadsid
00:24:49Bra~ kle
00:24:51Bra~ plz
00:24:52KeLToS or wait, i wasnt in range
00:24:53Bra~ jonnija
00:24:58KeLToS u decide
00:24:58Flex- yes you were actually
00:25:06Flex- jsut a tad blind
00:25:10Bra~ ja ära tee mekansmi
00:25:15Bra~ sest enigmal on
00:25:17Jonnija mis?
00:25:23Bra~ l2p
00:25:24Bra~ nap
00:25:25Jonnija no mida
00:25:26Jonnija on
00:25:45KeLToS so
00:25:50MariahCarry enig
00:25:55MariahCarry u won't get wards this game?
00:25:59MariahCarry euforia
00:26:05MariahCarry pls just say y/n
00:26:10MariahCarry so i know i can forget about my dagger
00:26:12MariahCarry and go wards myself
00:26:16MariahCarry hello?
00:26:26helge see
00:26:28helge some retards here
00:26:40helge they never play support
00:26:45MariahCarry neither do u
00:26:48helge i do
00:26:48MariahCarry we needed a supporter
00:26:48Bra~ y
00:26:50MariahCarry and u picked ck
00:26:50helge all the time
00:26:52MariahCarry fucking idiot
00:26:54Flex- ill care for enigma
00:26:54Flex- you psuh
00:26:56helge we have enigma and encro
00:26:59helge su now
00:27:01MariahCarry no
00:27:02MariahCarry lastpick
00:27:03Jonnija necro is not
00:27:04Jonnija support
00:27:09helge im playing all the time support
00:27:13helge onme gmae not
00:27:13Bra~ cmon
00:27:13helge so
00:27:13Bra~ def
00:27:14Bra~ plz
00:27:15helge problem?
00:27:18Bra~ FFS
00:27:23Bra~ I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:27:42Flex- centaur
00:27:43Flex- why
00:27:57helge dont blame me now cause loosing this
00:28:01Flex- zip
00:28:03Flex- why
00:28:03helge u guys fucked up not me
00:28:04Flex- dive in
00:28:06MariahCarry it's ur fault
00:28:06Euforia ck dont write
00:28:07Euforia pls
00:28:14WantedZip cuz i like dive in to pussies
00:28:21KeLToS or mens butholes
00:28:22Flex- atleast
00:28:26helge pls enigma
00:28:26Flex- kill the tower first
00:28:27WantedZip ^^
00:28:27helge get wards
00:28:31helge u know this item?
00:28:33helge usefull
00:28:36WantedZip drow wasnt there right ?
00:28:39Laier nope
00:28:41WantedZip k
00:28:44Jonnija weaver dont get 50 min linkens
00:28:47Laier trying to get some stuff: )
00:28:52helge and magna wont get dagger either
00:29:04Euforia ck why dont you buy wards
00:29:09Jonnija yeah
00:29:09Euforia you wont get any items anyway
00:29:09Jonnija :D
00:29:13MariahCarry enig
00:29:15MariahCarry why don't u
00:29:16MariahCarry srsly
00:29:17MariahCarry why don't u
00:29:23MariahCarry ur fucking fat
00:29:36helge chill magnus he will carry us
00:29:38helge desolater nxt item
00:29:41helge on him
00:29:41helge np
00:29:42MariahCarry stfu
00:29:46helge hehehe
00:29:53helge blue pick carry and fail
00:29:53helge gg
00:30:44Flex- drow
00:30:46Flex- we need silence
00:30:49Smokeer wtf
00:31:01Jonnija i bet u blame drow :D
00:31:06Flex- :D
00:31:11Flex- silence
00:31:16Flex- Woudl have saved our asses
00:31:19Jonnija yeah
00:31:20Laier ye will join now
00:31:21Jonnija + that dps
00:31:22Laier got tower tho :/
00:31:27Flex- dont need tower
00:31:29Flex- when we all dying
00:31:33Flex- and they gettign smae gold
00:31:34Bra~ b
00:31:42Jonnija drow mantas ugh
00:31:42Bra~ all re
00:31:47Flex- yup
00:31:49Jonnija slow
00:31:50Jonnija but
00:31:51Jonnija stil
00:31:51Jonnija L
00:32:00Bra~ wards?
00:32:04Bra~ nice
00:32:05helge hey
00:32:05Bra~ at last
00:32:06Flex- go
00:32:07helge whats that
00:32:07Flex- their
00:32:07helge :D
00:32:07Flex- woods
00:32:08Flex- ffs
00:32:41MariahCarry wtf
00:32:43MariahCarry i blinked
00:32:45Smokeer ncie blink
00:32:48Flex- Ye
00:32:48MariahCarry it said the blink sound
00:32:50Flex- blind was awesome
00:32:53Jonnija i bet he used axe
00:32:55Jonnija x
00:32:56Jonnija i mean
00:32:57Flex- you blinked in the same place
00:33:06MariahCarry that's impossible
00:33:07KeLToS i wait for enigma
00:33:08KeLToS u go in
00:33:11MariahCarry ;)
00:33:11helge wait for magnus
00:33:11Jonnija nah happens
00:33:12helge and go
00:33:14Jonnija if u doubleklick
00:33:17MariahCarry no
00:33:19MariahCarry u fucking idiot
00:33:24MariahCarry then u blink towards base
00:33:32MariahCarry u can't blink close to where ur standing
00:33:33Jonnija happenend
00:33:33Jonnija to me
00:33:34Jonnija 2
00:33:38MariahCarry no it didn't
00:33:49Jonnija whatever
00:34:00Jonnija waiting forever for something to happen
00:34:01Jonnija :D
00:34:38Laier hymh
00:34:42Flex- we got a lane
00:34:45Laier ck focuses me :/ not nice
00:34:48Flex- now thats where im ok with dying
00:34:52Flex- ye he focused me
00:34:53Flex- before
00:34:55MariahCarry it's like saying
00:35:01MariahCarry u used a tp scroll to tp to a creep
00:35:02Flex- kunkka
00:35:03Flex- needs bkb
00:35:05MariahCarry happens sometimes
00:35:13Jonnija dude i have doubleklicked dagger
00:35:15Jonnija and it has
00:35:17Jonnija failed me
00:35:19MariahCarry yes
00:35:21Euforia I double click dagger always
00:35:23Smokeer late
00:35:25Smokeer later
00:35:25MariahCarry that's what it's supposed to to
00:35:26Euforia how do u use it then?
00:35:29Flex- ^^
00:35:29MariahCarry when u doubleclick dagger
00:35:31Jonnija they say
00:35:32MariahCarry it blinks
00:35:33Jonnija u blinked
00:35:35Jonnija on same spot
00:35:36MariahCarry to the last place u pinged
00:35:44MariahCarry U CANT DO THAT
00:35:55MariahCarry u have to blink 300 units away
00:35:58MariahCarry or smth like that
00:35:58Jonnija well
00:35:59MariahCarry maybe more
00:36:00Jonnija 300 units
00:36:02Jonnija is pretty much
00:36:04Jonnija same place
00:36:05KeLToS rosh or woods
00:36:08MariahCarry ur an idiot
00:36:13Jonnija so is ur mom
00:36:13Laier need 300
00:36:55Laier sec
00:36:58Laier need chick
00:37:04Flex- get the rosh then
00:37:16Laier or him
00:37:40KeLToS blue suck
00:37:45Laier rosh for cent?
00:37:49Flex- rosh
00:37:49Jonnija Nah he just gives u free entires
00:37:50Flex- first
00:37:51Flex- mby
00:37:52Jonnija so u could finish fast
00:38:08Euforia n
00:38:08Euforia b
00:38:09Bra~ I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:09helge just
00:38:10Jonnija cant def
00:38:11helge wtf
00:38:11MariahCarry I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:11Jonnija 2 dead
00:38:13helge y
00:38:14helge farm
00:38:15helge there
00:38:16helge and die
00:38:16Jonnija I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:18helge then
00:38:19helge I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:20helge idiots
00:38:21helge srsly
00:38:25Bra~ who cares
00:38:27Flex- suilence
00:38:27helge magnus there
00:38:28Flex- ck
00:38:28Bra~ ur a moron
00:38:30helge sure
00:38:33helge i am
00:38:44Bra~ gg wp
00:38:46helge at least i dont play that crappy shit
00:38:52Bra~ helge at bronze now?
00:39:36Laier well
00:39:38Laier gj gg :)
00:39:39helge well definetly not my bad we loosing this
00:39:50Jonnija keep telling
00:39:51KeLToS blues fault
00:39:52MariahCarry keep telling urself that
00:39:53Jonnija that to yourself
00:39:56helge sure
00:39:59Flex- Who cares
00:39:59KeLToS lets all blame him
00:39:59helge whos bad is it?
00:40:00Jonnija u might actually
00:40:01helge tell me
00:40:02Jonnija belive
00:40:02Jonnija it
00:40:04KeLToS point fingers
00:40:12helge i dont
00:40:16Jonnija i 2 have pointy fingers
00:40:16helge loosing happens
00:40:26Laier -cs
00:40:40Flex- thanks cent
00:40:45Flex- :D
00:40:50WantedZip ^^
00:40:58Flex- could have both of you done it
00:41:00Flex- a tad earlier
00:41:01Flex- :D
00:41:06helge i rly dont understand why u blame me another supporter wouldnt have changed anything
00:41:15Flex- dude
00:41:15MariahCarry ok :)
00:41:18Flex- After our lane phase
00:41:22Bra~ cuz u would have played it
00:41:23Bra~ bro
00:41:28Flex- this game has been 0 entertaining
00:41:29helge not my fault enigma getting first wards at 30 min
00:41:31Jonnija :D
00:41:35Flex- playing lying down already
00:41:36Flex- :D
00:41:43helge u are cool now?
00:41:47helge with your 50 kg body
00:41:47Jonnija flex hate
00:41:48helge hell yeah
00:41:49Jonnija you :D
00:42:01Jonnija was rly mean of u :D
00:42:04Flex- You pissed bro you out of silver and back where you beling?
00:42:11helge and?
00:42:13helge i get back to silver
00:42:16Flex- if your so good
00:42:18helge and even that
00:42:20helge do i care?
00:42:20Flex- how do you even end up in bronze
00:42:23helge playing solo?
00:42:30helge blablub u are shit
00:42:32Flex- right
00:42:36Flex- Whiny
00:42:39Flex- lil bitches
00:42:41Flex- never care
00:42:43helge hehe
00:42:46Jonnija ok its 40 min
00:42:47helge sure 50kg girl
00:42:48Jonnija u can end now
00:42:54helge tell me more
00:42:56Flex- tide
00:42:57Flex- come?
00:42:58Jonnija flex just notice he uses girl as insult
00:43:02Jonnija must be like 14 y old
00:43:08Flex- yup
00:43:11helge i used 50 kg as an insult
00:43:12Flex- kiuds borring me
00:43:13helge braindead fucker
00:43:33Jonnija flex no kids on ur own yet? :D
00:43:52Flex- THIS TIDE
00:43:56Flex- THIS TIDE
00:43:56Flex- FFS
00:44:04helge fucked u
00:44:07Flex- youi always this slow
00:44:08Euforia tide getting coffee
00:44:12Flex- yup
00:44:15helge whine more
00:44:17Flex- hge
00:44:18helge little whiner flex
00:44:19Jonnija can u end now
00:44:19Flex- hey i know
00:44:21Flex- ill ulti
00:44:22helge whine more
00:44:22Jonnija i am getting bored
00:44:23Flex- once 2 die
00:44:53Jonnija who hasnt
00:44:54Jonnija ffed?
00:45:02helge me
00:45:07MariahCarry u have
00:45:18Jonnija so u havent
00:45:19Jonnija mariah
00:45:20Jonnija ...
00:45:21MariahCarry i have
00:45:24MariahCarry think it's weaver
00:45:25Laier you guys go top?
00:45:27Laier ill go bot
00:45:27Jonnija I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:35Jonnija zzz
00:45:40helge weaver did
00:45:42Laier or tide tank
00:45:43Laier rosh
00:45:43Bra~ y
00:45:48MariahCarry I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:06helge just play on its fun
00:46:11helge we own them if they push
00:46:11Jonnija fun?
00:46:16Laier go top or mid
00:46:16Jonnija where
00:46:17Jonnija is the
00:46:17KeLToS i fucked up that rosh
00:46:18Jonnija fun
00:46:20Jonnija in this game
00:46:20helge u only play for winning he
00:46:28helge well u hadnt cause u sucked bot
00:46:29helge :D
00:46:41Jonnija yes 1k dmg
00:46:43Jonnija at lvl 3
00:46:46Jonnija that cannot miss
00:46:51Jonnija + a 2 sec disable of torrent
00:46:52Jonnija and slow
00:46:54Jonnija is something fun
00:47:12helge good
00:47:14helge :D
00:47:16KeLToS hahaha krozbeck
00:47:57Jonnija AHAHAH
00:48:04WantedZip alone ?
00:48:07helge problem?
00:48:16WantedZip half rax b
00:48:17WantedZip omg
00:48:39helge see
00:48:40helge fun
00:48:43Jonnija well its autoff
00:48:43helge even magnus failed
00:48:43helge :D
00:48:44Jonnija at 50
00:48:45Jonnija even
00:48:49Jonnija if u cant push D:
00:48:56Flex- :D
00:48:58Flex- 4 ff's ?
00:49:05Laier y
00:49:07Smokeer tide farm all time
00:49:08Smokeer huh
00:49:13Flex- ye
00:49:15Flex- tide is a game braker
00:49:17KeLToS i like men
00:49:25Euforia dont do that
00:49:25Jonnija end in
00:49:26Jonnija min
00:49:28Jonnija 3
00:49:31KeLToS suck me sideways dude
00:49:35helge ?
00:49:36helge why
00:49:40Jonnija need only 4
00:49:41Jonnija ffs
00:49:42Jonnija at
00:49:44Jonnija 50 min
00:49:44KeLToS one of the most boring games ever
00:49:45WantedZip cmon
00:49:46WantedZip go bot
00:49:47Jonnija so its autoff-ed
00:49:49KeLToS i am on msn all the time
00:49:49Jonnija at 50 min
00:49:49WantedZip top !
00:49:50helge lol
00:49:51helge :D
00:49:52Flex- you made it borring
00:49:52MariahCarry no
00:49:52helge k
00:49:55Flex- by staying a lvl 10 tide
00:49:55Jonnija y
00:49:56MariahCarry only if someone ffs again
00:49:56Jonnija it is
00:49:57Flex- o nthe same lane
00:49:58KeLToS no, drow made it boring
00:49:58MariahCarry otherwise it's not
00:49:59MariahCarry no
00:50:01Jonnija o0
00:50:02Flex- that too
00:50:03MariahCarry if noone writes ff again
00:50:05KeLToS i supported that bitch
00:50:06MariahCarry it's not ff'ed
00:50:07Jonnija :D
00:50:09Jonnija MAWHHAHAH
00:50:09MariahCarry but just 1 ff
00:50:10MariahCarry triggers it
00:50:12Jonnija MWHAHAHAH
00:50:18Flex- smoke
00:50:19Flex- just go
00:50:25Flex- lothat kill
00:50:25Jonnija so
00:50:28Jonnija u want me to do
00:50:30helge there is 2 percent chance to win
00:50:30Jonnija the honour? :D
00:50:34Laier tide b
00:50:35MariahCarry if u wanna
00:50:35Laier for ulti
00:51:02WantedZip about time
00:51:07helge I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:07Euforia !ff
00:51:10MariahCarry [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:51:10MariahCarry [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:51:10MariahCarry [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:51:10MariahCarry [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
00:51:10Euforia I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:17helge XD
00:51:27MariahCarry welcome to bronze
00:51:30helge y
00:51:31Bra~ y
00:51:33helge better than this
00:51:34helge BETTER
00:51:35helge way
00:51:36Bra~ :DDDD
00:51:38helge i go solo mid
00:51:38MariahCarry xD
00:51:39helge and win
00:51:41helge n
00:51:41helge p
00:51:42MariahCarry :D:D:D
00:51:44helge instead of u retards
00:51:45Bra~ :D:D
00:51:46MariahCarry then must be good
00:51:47helge u suck
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