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Chat log

00:00:11Romeo -clear
00:00:16Romeo i hate bara
00:00:16GottHasstMich wait until we see who picks..
00:00:16GottHasstMich and wank wont take him
00:00:16vR.Fasta blue
00:00:16LosMexicos es
00:00:16edgarass ban sd
00:00:16WANKmaster u want es?
00:00:16LosMexicos no
00:00:16LosMexicos ban
00:00:16slc2 i want bara
00:00:16GottHasstMich ban storm
00:00:16Xeros naix
00:00:16GottHasstMich against wank
00:00:16GottHasstMich naix
00:00:16GottHasstMich ......
00:00:16GottHasstMich XEROS
00:00:16GottHasstMich BAN STORM
00:00:16GottHasstMich its wank
00:00:16slc2 can u give me bara?
00:00:16GottHasstMich not a fucking random idiot
00:00:16WANKmaster any1
00:00:16WANKmaster wants
00:00:16WANKmaster omni?
00:00:16Xeros ban storm
00:00:16WANKmaster kinda nees it
00:00:16GottHasstMich thx
00:00:16slc2 ban sd
00:00:16WANKmaster need
00:00:16VajcoO omg
00:00:16Xeros np
00:00:16Jambalaya sd for me
00:00:16Xeros go?
00:00:16Jambalaya or no no sd
00:00:16VajcoO blue should ban first
00:00:16LosMexicos w8
00:00:16GottHasstMich next time check top heroes of another player
00:00:16GottHasstMich and y blue should ban first^^
00:00:16vR.Fasta blue ban
00:00:16LosMexicos ban es or omni
00:00:16WANKmaster omni
00:00:16VajcoO now he can choose
00:00:16Xeros i change ban
00:00:18LosMexicos ?
00:00:19Romeo take someone bar
00:00:21edgarass dont cry like puyssies
00:00:23GottHasstMich doent matter rly @ wanky
00:00:29Jambalaya es
00:00:30Jambalaya for me
00:00:42Romeo -clear
00:00:43GottHasstMich me woods
00:00:50GottHasstMich hardcore farm and carry this shit
00:00:51edgarass i go enigma
00:00:56slc2 any sd?
00:01:02WANKmaster take me
00:01:03WANKmaster sd
00:01:03GottHasstMich no more carries pls
00:01:07WANKmaster and get bara
00:01:09WANKmaster urself
00:01:12WANKmaster -swap 2
00:01:16slc2 -swap 1
00:01:18Xeros take tank pl
00:01:25Jambalaya what u want slc2 ?
00:01:26GottHasstMich top lane is solo
00:01:30slc2 i want bara
00:01:33edgarass i can solo top
00:01:36Jambalaya ok :D
00:01:40slc2 ty m8
00:01:45GottHasstMich wl/abba last
00:01:47GottHasstMich or ud
00:01:48GottHasstMich would be sick
00:01:48slc2 get wl
00:01:50Jambalaya -swap 2
00:01:56slc2 -swap 5
00:01:59Xeros tank pls
00:02:01WANKmaster bara wl bot
00:02:01Xeros pink
00:02:09LosMexicos wasnt naix banned?
00:02:10Xeros chick buy
00:02:20GottHasstMich check red letters
00:02:20Xeros sure
00:02:21GottHasstMich maybe
00:02:21GottHasstMich ??
00:02:25slc2 let me have es bot
00:02:30slc2 need range for top
00:02:31GottHasstMich if your not paying attention
00:02:34LosMexicos ucan change ban?!
00:02:39GottHasstMich ofc...
00:02:41slc2 es come bot with me
00:02:46Jambalaya -.-
00:02:47LosMexicos okay sry didnt know that
00:02:47slc2 wl top
00:02:48Romeo -clear
00:02:52slc2 wl top
00:02:58slc2 es come
00:03:00slc2 es bot
00:03:03GottHasstMich and krobe
00:03:07GottHasstMich play passive
00:03:09GottHasstMich dont feed their
00:03:13GottHasstMich ill come for gangs time to time
00:03:16GottHasstMich if possible
00:03:17edgarass k
00:03:20Jambalaya why wl buy chick ?
00:03:26Jambalaya i sold my items ? for chick
00:03:28slc2 es u know hot to pull?
00:03:35Jambalaya i think so
00:04:00Jambalaya -.-
00:04:28Jambalaya omfg
00:04:32Jambalaya suger lige nu
00:05:15LosMexicos wl ffs?!
00:05:18GottHasstMich g0
00:05:18GottHasstMich go
00:05:26GottHasstMich wp
00:05:34slc2 lets try a kill?
00:05:37vR.Fasta good under tower feed
00:05:42LosMexicos omg
00:05:44LosMexicos just heal me
00:05:46LosMexicos thats it!
00:05:47Jambalaya yy
00:05:48Jambalaya sec
00:06:07slc2 kill wd
00:06:15slc2 go
00:06:30slc2 omg
00:06:42slc2 wank bot
00:06:58edgarass ss
00:07:00edgarass leo
00:07:07slc2 share
00:07:11edgarass re3.
00:07:17Jambalaya i have imo
00:07:26GottHasstMich sd ss?
00:07:27Xeros ss mid
00:07:27Jambalaya can't pull clock come everytime
00:07:28slc2 wl share
00:07:33slc2 ok
00:07:43VajcoO doc let me farm....
00:07:52GottHasstMich care
00:07:53GottHasstMich krobe
00:07:55GottHasstMich ok
00:07:59VajcoO tt
00:08:00VajcoO rly
00:08:02VajcoO doc
00:08:03slc2 w8 chick then go again
00:08:13LosMexicos naix needs gang woods
00:08:29slc2 ss 2
00:08:31VajcoO up chick some1
00:08:33Romeo ss 1
00:08:57Jambalaya re 1
00:09:05LosMexicos come wl
00:09:14GottHasstMich ss leo
00:09:30slc2 grimt
00:09:59GottHasstMich ss mid
00:10:02edgarass naix gang?
00:10:06GottHasstMich i pull
00:10:07GottHasstMich then
00:10:14Xeros gang
00:10:23slc2 sd
00:10:32VajcoO get him
00:10:38VajcoO ss bara
00:11:07Jambalaya ss 1
00:11:09Xeros gang mid
00:11:10LosMexicos blue some gangs mb?
00:11:33VajcoO care top
00:11:33LosMexicos w8 me
00:11:39Romeo ss 1 bot
00:11:56GottHasstMich nvm,
00:12:22Jambalaya -.-
00:12:26slc2 ss 1
00:13:37Jambalaya omw
00:13:37Jambalaya sd
00:13:49slc2 lvl krob?
00:13:52edgarass fucking care
00:13:53edgarass pls
00:14:03VajcoO nice sd 5:0
00:14:03Jambalaya don't
00:14:04slc2 go ham
00:14:10VajcoO snip failed and outfarmed
00:14:22slc2 soon charge
00:14:25edgarass naix care
00:14:30GottHasstMich yy
00:14:45Xeros gang down
00:14:47slc2 følg ham
00:14:57Jambalaya b
00:15:06Xeros go
00:15:20slc2 3
00:15:41Jambalaya bara why u not ulti faster ?
00:16:19Jambalaya care
00:17:26slc2 ty
00:17:28Jambalaya top
00:17:29Jambalaya top
00:17:33slc2 wank tp
00:17:42Jambalaya charge
00:17:43Jambalaya ffs
00:17:49VajcoO gg
00:17:50edgarass ff
00:18:10slc2 ty
00:18:16VajcoO rly i dont know how some1 can pick snipe
00:18:25LosMexicos rofl
00:18:35slc2 charged mid
00:18:35Jambalaya sd
00:18:36slc2 w8
00:18:36GottHasstMich bara charged
00:18:37GottHasstMich care
00:18:44WANKmaster dont
00:18:44WANKmaster gop
00:18:56VajcoO bara
00:18:59slc2 oom
00:19:23Jambalaya come wll
00:19:28WANKmaster b
00:19:28WANKmaster b
00:19:29WANKmaster b
00:19:29WANKmaster b
00:19:32WANKmaster why '
00:19:40slc2 i tryed to charge bot
00:19:44WANKmaster why the fuck u stay?
00:19:52slc2 i tryed to charge bot
00:19:55GottHasstMich wp
00:20:00WANKmaster losmexicos
00:20:09WANKmaster this is seriously all u got ? :_D_D_D_
00:20:17Jambalaya me ?
00:20:31WANKmaster 17 min
00:20:32WANKmaster u have been faminb
00:20:32VajcoO b
00:20:32WANKmaster and
00:20:32VajcoO all miss
00:20:32GottHasstMich y
00:20:32WANKmaster u got
00:20:32WANKmaster 0
00:20:32WANKmaster items
00:20:32edgarass care top
00:20:32edgarass me back mid
00:20:32Jambalaya who u talkin
00:20:32Jambalaya to
00:20:32Jambalaya talkin
00:20:32WANKmaster sk
00:20:32Jambalaya :D
00:20:32LosMexicos i have 2k
00:20:32WANKmaster with
00:20:32WANKmaster 17
00:20:32WANKmaster minutes
00:20:32WANKmaster D:D:D:D:D
00:20:32GottHasstMich ...
00:20:32slc2 -ii
00:20:32WANKmaster 17 minutes
00:20:32LosMexicos am not farming whole time
00:20:32edgarass ..
00:20:32slc2 -ii
00:20:32WANKmaster yes
00:20:32LosMexicos was on rly hard lane
00:20:32WANKmaster u
00:20:32LosMexicos kid
00:20:32Jambalaya i would
00:20:32WANKmaster have
00:20:32Jambalaya be better
00:20:32Romeo -roll
00:20:32LosMexicos and u was soling mid
00:20:34LosMexicos so stfu plz
00:20:37GottHasstMich b
00:20:37WANKmaster :D:D
00:20:38WANKmaster u
00:20:39GottHasstMich wd
00:20:39WANKmaster fucking
00:20:39GottHasstMich b
00:20:39GottHasstMich .........
00:20:39VajcoO ...
00:20:39LosMexicos idiot
00:20:39WANKmaster dont lasthit
00:20:39LosMexicos fucktard blue
00:20:39WANKmaster u idiot
00:20:39WANKmaster u have to lasthit not autoattack
00:20:39GottHasstMich he'll get charged
00:20:39GottHasstMich 100%
00:20:39WANKmaster jesus krist
00:20:39GottHasstMich so backup him
00:20:39LosMexicos :DD
00:20:39LosMexicos what a nervous kid
00:20:39Jambalaya who balance ? if he drops ?
00:20:39LosMexicos blue
00:20:39WANKmaster ":D"
00:20:39WANKmaster good joke
00:20:39LosMexicos ofc u
00:20:39LosMexicos last hiter
00:20:39edgarass thats it i think...
00:20:39Xeros go drop
00:20:39WANKmaster i bet i got more kreeps than u
00:20:39LosMexicos u rockz!
00:20:39WANKmaster even if im ganking
00:20:39LosMexicos shemale kid
00:20:39edgarass all top b
00:20:39Romeo sry something whrong with net at the moment
00:20:39Romeo -roll
00:20:39Romeo -roll
00:20:39Romeo -roll
00:20:41WANKmaster sk
00:20:42WANKmaster goes
00:20:45WANKmaster sk
00:20:46WANKmaster goes
00:20:46LosMexicos sd
00:20:48LosMexicos sd
00:20:49WANKmaster sk balance
00:20:49slc2 sk leave
00:20:49LosMexicos am not going anywhere
00:20:49WANKmaster :D
00:20:49LosMexicos no fucking way
00:20:49GottHasstMich ...
00:20:49VajcoO lol
00:20:49GottHasstMich you have too
00:20:49GottHasstMich rules
00:20:49edgarass u are if u dont want ban for life
00:20:49GottHasstMich dumbhead
00:20:49LosMexicos i have to die
00:20:49WANKmaster sk is going
00:20:49LosMexicos thats all
00:20:49slc2 the captain has sad u you need to leave.
00:20:49slc2 so leave
00:20:49LosMexicos captain is shemale
00:20:49LosMexicos so i domnt care
00:20:49WANKmaster bye bye
00:20:49WANKmaster cya mate!
00:20:49LosMexicos ;) u know
00:20:49slc2 but he/she is a captain, and tha cap tells u to leave
00:20:49edgarass 10
00:20:49edgarass 9
00:20:49edgarass 8
00:20:49edgarass 7
00:20:49edgarass 6
00:20:49edgarass 5
00:20:49edgarass 4
00:20:49edgarass 3
00:20:49LosMexicos captain can usck my dick!
00:20:49edgarass 2
00:20:49edgarass 1
00:20:49edgarass reported
00:20:49WANKmaster lets do that
00:20:49slc2 if u got any
00:20:49LosMexicos ;)
00:20:49LosMexicos go report shemale captain
00:20:49WANKmaster but now go and fuck urself :)
00:20:49GottHasstMich SK
00:20:49WANKmaster and get the fuck out
00:20:49Jambalaya sk u will get banned if u don't leave captain have said u
00:20:49GottHasstMich STHFU AND LEAVE
00:20:49VajcoO can we kick him?
00:20:49LosMexicos :D ha ha
00:20:49GottHasstMich NOW
00:20:49Jambalaya then u have to go
00:20:49LosMexicos what a nervous fcking shemale
00:20:49Jambalaya its rules
00:20:49WANKmaster yeye
00:20:49slc2 sk leave
00:20:49edgarass what a dumbass leoric
00:20:49WANKmaster can u go now?
00:20:49Xeros omg
00:20:49GottHasstMich You know in dota gc there is no way of creating multiple accounts right?
00:20:49LosMexicos shemale rockz right?!
00:20:49GottHasstMich and u will get a perma ban for this
00:20:49WANKmaster right man!
00:20:49LosMexicos so bluea leave
00:20:49LosMexicos go
00:20:49VajcoO :D
00:20:49Jambalaya what an retardo
00:20:49VajcoO he must be rly retarded
00:20:49Xeros blue is capitain
00:20:49VajcoO :D
00:20:49LosMexicos blue has dick and tits
00:20:49slc2 losmexicos leave please
00:20:49Jambalaya i have only play 2 games and i know the rules what a retard
00:20:49edgarass i think they should do a retard and morron test when creating acc
00:20:49Xeros he can t go out
00:20:49WANKmaster u jelly losmexico?
00:20:49Jambalaya please GTFO SK !
00:20:49edgarass so we dont have idiots playing like leoric
00:20:49WANKmaster want to have tits and dick also
00:20:49WANKmaster ?
00:20:49LosMexicos am so happy :D
00:20:52WANKmaster dont
00:20:56WANKmaster she has to leave
00:20:56LosMexicos okay shemale leave now!
00:20:56slc2 leave sk
00:20:56slc2 leave sk
00:20:56slc2 leave sk
00:20:56VajcoO sk ffs
00:20:56Jambalaya leave sk
00:20:56slc2 leave sk
00:20:56VajcoO fuck off
00:20:56Jambalaya leave sk
00:20:56slc2 leave sk
00:20:56Jambalaya leave sk
00:20:56slc2 leave sk
00:20:56LosMexicos never?
00:20:56slc2 leave sk
00:20:56slc2 leave sk
00:20:56LosMexicos i have time all day long
00:20:56GottHasstMich leo u have been reported
00:20:56VajcoO so whats now?
00:20:56Xeros i know but what we are doing?
00:20:56GottHasstMich enjoy your last idiot game
00:20:56WANKmaster lol
00:20:56WANKmaster he will get banned for this
00:20:56WANKmaster but ok
00:20:56GottHasstMich forever
00:20:56GottHasstMich :)
00:20:56LosMexicos am enjoying it]
00:20:56edgarass make sure the ban is like for one year
00:20:56LosMexicos right now
00:20:56WANKmaster wlock
00:20:56WANKmaster warlock
00:20:56WANKmaster go plz
00:20:56GottHasstMich no its perma ban
00:20:56edgarass nice
00:20:56LosMexicos wl go :D
00:20:56edgarass kuul
00:20:56Xeros nice
00:20:56edgarass enjoy leo
00:20:56WANKmaster wl go plz :)
00:20:56LosMexicos warlock is going to leave
00:20:56Xeros sk has ban XD
00:20:56edgarass after this u can go play garena or against bots
00:20:56WANKmaster we have to balance some1
00:21:45GottHasstMich na bnet rocks too
00:21:58GottHasstMich funny what dotagc turned out after dotaleague is gg
00:22:17edgarass care bara coming
00:22:20Xeros clocver care charge
00:22:33WANKmaster goog
00:22:55edgarass fucking do your box when bara charges it stops him
00:23:10Jambalaya me b
00:23:36GottHasstMich snip
00:23:40GottHasstMich im going to sell arcane boots ok?
00:23:42GottHasstMich so i have my lothars rdy
00:23:49WANKmaster come
00:23:50WANKmaster bara
00:23:56slc2 jep
00:23:58GottHasstMich xerosß
00:24:12Jambalaya care
00:24:14Jambalaya warded
00:24:43VajcoO b
00:24:49Xeros ok
00:24:58edgarass b
00:24:58Jambalaya bara i need dagger
00:25:03slc2 ok
00:25:20VajcoO :D
00:25:22edgarass come on clock
00:25:31Xeros gang mid
00:25:32slc2 wank tp
00:25:34VajcoO rly its my fault
00:25:53edgarass u die from him all the time
00:25:56GottHasstMich imo best stun
00:25:59LosMexicos :DD
00:26:02GottHasstMich me?
00:26:04VajcoO well i didnt feed him
00:26:07LosMexicos am so enjoying my last game :DD
00:26:17VajcoO he killed me first when he had 5:0
00:26:26Jambalaya omfc
00:26:28GottHasstMich wards
00:26:28GottHasstMich ..
00:26:41GottHasstMich they got wards in our woods
00:26:54Jambalaya soon dagger
00:26:57GottHasstMich care
00:27:08Jambalaya charge m
00:27:08Jambalaya mid
00:27:35Xeros mid krob
00:27:46GottHasstMich 2late
00:27:47GottHasstMich ..
00:27:55Jambalaya dagger up
00:27:58slc2 go
00:28:06slc2 wank ready?
00:28:07Jambalaya w8
00:28:07GottHasstMich why im even trying to help always for stupid suiciders
00:28:08GottHasstMich ...
00:28:09Jambalaya got dagger
00:28:20GottHasstMich and s1 srsly get freaking wards
00:28:20Jambalaya im rdy
00:28:51GottHasstMich go
00:29:08edgarass insta
00:29:10Jambalaya omfg
00:29:17Jambalaya he came behind me
00:29:31VajcoO stupid
00:29:32VajcoO tard
00:29:42edgarass sry i did that
00:29:45WANKmaster gj
00:29:45edgarass why u dont hook?
00:29:50edgarass perfect opportunity
00:30:03VajcoO i can give u unshare
00:30:08VajcoO or report
00:30:12VajcoO u for that
00:30:13edgarass give unshare
00:30:16VajcoO i would kill him
00:30:21edgarass i am sry but pls use hook
00:30:23GottHasstMich can u just teamup
00:30:23edgarass dont run around
00:30:24GottHasstMich srsly
00:30:26GottHasstMich annoying shit
00:30:27VajcoO omg
00:30:29GottHasstMich if one time
00:30:30GottHasstMich 4v4
00:30:31GottHasstMich with krobe ulti
00:30:32VajcoO i know what to do
00:30:32GottHasstMich we win
00:30:33VajcoO ffs
00:30:39GottHasstMich sick of preparing kills
00:30:42GottHasstMich then die in a stupid fuckway
00:30:48GottHasstMich and afterwards everyone is flaming everyone
00:31:09Jambalaya tpo
00:31:10Jambalaya top
00:31:12slc2 jep
00:31:15slc2 got dust
00:31:15Jambalaya be rdy
00:31:17slc2 3
00:31:17Jambalaya me 2
00:31:17GottHasstMich na
00:31:19GottHasstMich dont push yet
00:31:22slc2 go ulti
00:31:24Xeros b
00:31:26WANKmaster wait
00:31:27WANKmaster dont
00:31:27WANKmaster go
00:31:35GottHasstMich b krobe
00:31:39Xeros they are alll
00:32:38Jambalaya oom
00:32:40Xeros tower
00:32:42GottHasstMich b
00:32:49Xeros naix omg
00:32:49VajcoO I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:32:56Xeros why dont help omg
00:33:25Jambalaya fack
00:33:49GottHasstMich def
00:33:52GottHasstMich and this time
00:33:54GottHasstMich dont fucking spread
00:33:55GottHasstMich kill em
00:33:56GottHasstMich all
00:34:05GottHasstMich GO
00:34:39edgarass I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:34:41GottHasstMich sniper
00:34:42GottHasstMich srsly
00:34:44GottHasstMich go fuck yourself
00:34:44edgarass gj rubick
00:34:50GottHasstMich you lost it
00:35:05VajcoO gg snip
00:35:12Jambalaya oom
00:35:14edgarass clock u too did not do shit
00:35:16Jambalaya im b
00:35:22VajcoO i rly dont know how can u be pink
00:35:22GottHasstMich WHERE YOU CAN DO IT SOLO
00:35:23GottHasstMich U REDNECK
00:35:24GottHasstMich FFS
00:35:27Jambalaya charge
00:35:28Jambalaya bot
00:36:12slc2 lets take rosh
00:36:36Jambalaya i will w8 outside then for disable
00:36:46slc2 k
00:37:07slc2 focus krob
00:37:08Xeros we must gang
00:37:13VajcoO lol
00:37:22GottHasstMich its gg
00:37:25edgarass I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:37:28VajcoO so just ff
00:37:28edgarass just ff pls
00:37:36VajcoO I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:37:39Jambalaya sd
00:37:40Jambalaya def top
00:37:41Xeros -ff
00:37:48Xeros -gg
00:37:50slc2 omg
00:37:50GottHasstMich since u farmed
00:37:50LosMexicos rofl :D
00:37:50GottHasstMich while we deffed tower sniper
00:37:50Jambalaya gg if he drops
00:37:50GottHasstMich since that time
00:37:50LosMexicos shemale drops?!
00:37:50GottHasstMich its gg
00:37:50GottHasstMich if u guys just all 4v4
00:37:50GottHasstMich and we focus
00:37:50GottHasstMich 1b1
00:37:50GottHasstMich and work with fucking wards so we can smoke gang
00:37:50GottHasstMich we win
00:37:50GottHasstMich but no its just like always in bronze
00:37:50GottHasstMich everybody is doing solo shit
00:37:50Xeros g
00:37:50Xeros go all now
00:37:50GottHasstMich and i have 0 kills but 7 assists
00:37:50GottHasstMich gg
00:37:50GottHasstMich too
00:37:50GottHasstMich im fucking carry
00:37:50edgarass btw
00:37:50Xeros clock leav
00:37:50edgarass dont forget
00:37:50edgarass to ban idiot leo
00:37:50LosMexicos :DD
00:37:50GottHasstMich hes already reported
00:37:50GottHasstMich so np
00:37:50edgarass gj
00:37:50LosMexicos this forcing to leave shit is rly hopeless
00:37:50edgarass yeah u are hopeless
00:37:50LosMexicos am glad for that ban!
00:37:50edgarass believe me
00:37:50edgarass i am glad too
00:37:50LosMexicos this shit leage....its like bnet....
00:37:50Xeros how have get ban leo?
00:37:50GottHasstMich then dont play here
00:37:50GottHasstMich and stfu right now
00:37:50edgarass btw sniper your pick was really shitty
00:37:50VajcoO y
00:37:50LosMexicos ffs what a douchbag
00:37:50GottHasstMich cant believe wanky drops
00:37:50Xeros omg thist game
00:37:50Xeros ffs
00:37:50LosMexicos why he isnt leaving allrdy?
00:37:50GottHasstMich that actually giving us a chance to win
00:37:50LosMexicos [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:37:50LosMexicos [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:37:50LosMexicos [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:37:50LosMexicos [DotA-GC] Scourge must now wait near their fountain until Sentinel destroys the throne.
00:37:51GottHasstMich :D
00:37:51edgarass if he d
00:37:56Jambalaya haha
00:37:57GottHasstMich o.O
00:37:59Xeros leav clock
00:38:04Xeros balancxe
00:38:05GottHasstMich he doesnt have to
00:38:06Jambalaya we won
00:38:06Xeros balance
00:38:07Jambalaya look
00:38:19edgarass can we leave?
00:38:27Xeros no@
00:38:40Jambalaya look what gc say sentinel has won
00:38:48Xeros naix go mid
00:38:49LosMexicos rofl
00:38:54GottHasstMich its over
00:38:54Jambalaya look in chat
00:39:03edgarass sniper b
00:39:24Jambalaya guys u have to go in fountain and w8 to we have kill trhon
00:39:32slc2 sniper
00:39:36slc2 u wanna get banned?
00:39:43edgarass ban sniper
00:39:50Xeros why omg
00:39:50LosMexicos ?
00:39:54edgarass its gg
00:39:55slc2 sniper i have to end it. so dont hit me
00:39:56Xeros play
00:39:57Xeros no
00:39:59edgarass go fountain
00:40:06LosMexicos all here douchbags? u all have been molested as child?
00:40:06Xeros ok
00:40:07Jambalaya omw
00:40:14Xeros ok sure
00:40:16edgarass just missunderstanding
00:40:21edgarass go end
00:41:26slc2 jimba
00:41:32Jambalaya ?
00:41:34slc2 wanna tocuh me?
00:41:42Jambalaya no
00:41:46slc2 cunt
00:42:18LosMexicos suicider :D
00:42:24Xeros oh shit
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