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Chat log

00:00:17svents ban ud imo
00:00:17LosMexicos everybody is looking at potm`s freaking ass ;)
00:00:17lemi.livo.skodi and qop boobs ?
00:00:17LosMexicos on loadscreen...
00:00:17svents cm boobs better :D
00:00:17Zack-eracK NOT i m looking on pudge ass :D
00:00:17101010 wisp anyone?
00:00:17lemi.livo.skodi cm is shemale
00:00:17LosMexicos potm got tangas on loadscreen!
00:00:17svents ban ud imo
00:00:17Firoga cm is a dirty slut
00:00:17101010 ud
00:00:17reptile -tb
00:00:17Zack-eracK dazzle is trans :D
00:00:27svents ill carry?
00:00:31Pufff-Reis i do
00:00:36Zack-eracK bot!!!
00:00:41svents ill go carry so
00:01:05101010 warlock, rasta lina
00:01:24reptile get rhasta puck lina
00:01:28reptile ......
00:01:32svents im top with jugger
00:01:36reptile whisp with me bot
00:01:39reptile rest top pudge mid
00:01:50Zack-eracK im bot
00:02:07svents well bot lane should sofcking own
00:02:11Pufff-Reis 4 int
00:02:12svents and if u fail idk
00:02:14Pufff-Reis gj
00:02:16Pufff-Reis no tank
00:02:16reptile got top
00:02:17lemi.livo.skodi me chick ?
00:02:17Pufff-Reis gj
00:02:19GottHasstMich y
00:02:20reptile y
00:02:20Firoga sure
00:02:23lemi.livo.skodi dear lord
00:02:24GottHasstMich and wards too
00:02:24GottHasstMich pls
00:02:26svents no need tank
00:02:31reptile traxex
00:02:31Zack-eracK whisp go up
00:02:32reptile go top
00:02:33Zack-eracK pls
00:02:33svents we have imba disable
00:02:34reptile nope
00:02:36GottHasstMich trax
00:02:37GottHasstMich move up
00:02:37LosMexicos wl got tank
00:02:37reptile traxex goes top
00:02:39GottHasstMich u fuck
00:02:39Firoga i upgrade
00:02:45GottHasstMich hes cpt
00:02:49GottHasstMich what he tells you is rule
00:02:50Zack-eracK and what...
00:02:52Firoga play safe
00:02:53Zack-eracK pff
00:03:04LosMexicos gl hf and eat my shit!
00:03:09svents go fb top
00:03:14Pufff-Reis ofc
00:03:27svents go in spin
00:04:22Pufff-Reis ill pull
00:04:25svents ok
00:04:52reptile go rhasta soon
00:04:55reptile i pull
00:05:07svents i got slow now
00:05:57101010 ss mid
00:06:27GottHasstMich lich ss
00:06:38GottHasstMich re
00:06:45101010 pudge
00:06:47101010 care bot
00:06:50101010 re mid
00:07:04reptile i pull
00:07:35Pufff-Reis trax
00:07:38GottHasstMich ss mid
00:07:54Zack-eracK stop fucking block me omfg
00:07:56Firoga oom
00:07:58Zack-eracK puck
00:08:36Firoga it's ok
00:09:07Firoga sorry
00:09:10Firoga auotoatack
00:09:32lemi.livo.skodi slow ?
00:09:33GottHasstMich get rdy
00:09:37Firoga eat
00:09:38GottHasstMich ty
00:09:38lemi.livo.skodi trax ?
00:09:53101010 ss mid
00:09:54Bobbysixkilla ss
00:10:05Zack-eracK why omg
00:10:09101010 puck mid
00:10:14101010 3 mid
00:10:17reptile go top?
00:10:42101010 ss mid
00:10:51svents re1
00:10:52svents re2
00:11:15101010 ss mid
00:11:58GottHasstMich ss mid
00:12:00GottHasstMich re
00:12:22reptile upp chick
00:12:37101010 ss mid
00:12:41lemi.livo.skodi help top ?
00:12:46Zack-eracK why i must be whit this puck
00:12:48101010 svents place that ward plz
00:13:10svents wtf
00:13:15svents fcking lucky motherfcker
00:13:25svents lich u go meka?
00:13:30101010 nah
00:15:04svents gj
00:15:05Zack-eracK fcuking nab hero
00:15:06lemi.livo.skodi my fault ? ? ?
00:15:11lemi.livo.skodi trax ?
00:15:11Pufff-Reis su noob
00:15:16LosMexicos :D
00:15:20Zack-eracK one click hero
00:15:21lemi.livo.skodi trax ,,, you died cuz am noob ?
00:15:29Zack-eracK su i say that?
00:15:31Pufff-Reis 0 brain guy
00:15:31svents ur jsut noob stfu
00:15:35LosMexicos your favorit ;)
00:15:37Zack-eracK fU RETARD
00:16:04Firoga we need wards
00:16:06Zack-eracK noob
00:16:23101010 shackles is channeling skill u cant do anyting else then
00:16:31LosMexicos b
00:16:55101010 get some wards
00:17:33GottHasstMich ...
00:17:40LosMexicos with wards is so much fun...right?!
00:18:09101010 lina, rasta wards plz
00:19:26Zack-eracK WAIT MORE..
00:20:08LosMexicos rofl
00:20:28101010 svents stop farm and move with team
00:20:45101010 ...
00:20:54svents i was fcki9ng buying stufff
00:21:01LosMexicos such a retard
00:21:05svents stfu cunt
00:21:11LosMexicos your mom
00:21:14svents u lost bot how????
00:21:14LosMexicos bot?
00:21:14svents pls say how????
00:21:14LosMexicos isnt lost
00:21:14LosMexicos idiot
00:21:14svents its impossible
00:21:14svents was
00:21:18Zack-eracK :dd
00:21:22Zack-eracK omg
00:21:22GottHasstMich tehter
00:21:22GottHasstMich me
00:21:22GottHasstMich whisp
00:21:22GottHasstMich ME
00:21:54LosMexicos gj
00:22:30svents cmon juggger fix it pls
00:23:00lemi.livo.skodi Ffs
00:23:00Firoga yurnero ffs
00:23:01Zack-eracK go LEAVE
00:24:06GottHasstMich -fs
00:24:08GottHasstMich -st
00:24:19lemi.livo.skodi dear lord
00:24:19Pufff-Reis let me top farm
00:24:29101010 care
00:24:45svents rhasta no nuke :DDDD
00:24:54svents :DDD
00:26:22lemi.livo.skodi any chance trax buy items ?
00:26:31GottHasstMich go
00:27:10svents w8 for lich ulti
00:27:42101010 ulti was 3sec away......
00:28:04101010 go gg
00:28:06101010 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:45lemi.livo.skodi Ffs
00:30:37GottHasstMich -st
00:30:55Firoga nice ards
00:31:11Pufff-Reis good
00:31:11Pufff-Reis do nothing
00:31:22svents gg jugger lagg
00:31:24svents gg
00:31:25svents I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:42Zack-eracK REUSE CHICK
00:32:06101010 end this
00:32:36svents gg
00:32:40svents fgcking rhasta
00:32:43svents go die
00:32:44svents fcktard
00:32:47svents cant even vodoo
00:33:51LosMexicos :F
00:33:51Zack-eracK TY PICUS
00:34:25svents this rhasta sjhould be banned
00:34:36svents fcking afk and hasnt skilled nuke
00:35:00101010 -afk
00:35:11GottHasstMich ok lina
00:35:11GottHasstMich Now u
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