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-3 X
-1 TS

94% | 1697 X | 1507 TS

-33 X
-1 TS

79% | 1357 X | 1484 TS

+25 X
-1 TS

76% | 1287 X | 1489 TS

+23 X
-1 TS

59% | 1212 X | 1397 TS

-34 X
-2 TS

57% | 1224 X | 1354 TS

+6 X
+1 TS

89% | 1425 X | 1574 TS

+27 X
+15 TS

83% | 1432 X | 1462 TS

+19 X
+1 TS

73% | 1316 X | 1448 TS

+11 X
+1 TS

74% | 1312 X | 1435 TS

-29 X
+1 TS

70% | 1347 X | 1317 TS

Chat log

00:00:07MariahCarry im guessing +35x
00:00:09MariahCarry :D
00:00:18Maier -ii
00:00:18Maier -water red
00:00:18Netukka i was still best in our team
00:00:18Maier -weather rain
00:00:18MariahCarry is it sd or lycaN?
00:00:18MariahCarry :D
00:00:18Arapiles +43x
00:00:18Netukka shittiest score, ermine lol
00:00:18MariahCarry can't see
00:00:18Maier luyc
00:00:18MariahCarry k
00:00:18Maier lycan *
00:00:18MariahCarry imba pool
00:00:18MariahCarry phoenix
00:00:18Maier aye
00:00:18Arapiles its xd
00:00:18curdi could play es
00:00:18Netukka lycan
00:00:18Maier get roof
00:00:18MariahCarry who wants roof
00:00:22Arapiles i could
00:00:23Dovahkiin chef
00:00:25Dovahkiin wanna mid?
00:00:31Netukka i dunno
00:00:35Netukka dont matter
00:00:37Netukka kinda
00:00:37Dovahkiin ok he took my roof
00:00:38Netukka u can take
00:00:54Maier tide + es
00:01:00Arapiles only 1 of em
00:01:00Maier and pudge and krobe for last
00:01:02Mercury gg.. tree and es
00:01:02Maier and we win
00:01:02MariahCarry sile
00:01:08mansikka tide for me?
00:01:10MariahCarry sile or pudge
00:01:11MariahCarry for me
00:01:14Dovahkiin wayne?
00:01:19Maier wtf ara
00:01:21MariahCarry guess not
00:01:24Arapiles shit
00:01:28curdi visage xd
00:01:33Arapiles didnt know i was to pick
00:01:33Maier visage is good
00:01:37Maier if u can play him
00:01:38Arapiles u want?
00:01:39Arapiles ^^
00:01:41MariahCarry nop
00:01:43Maier i could
00:01:44Vangelis damn
00:01:46Arapiles sile
00:01:46MariahCarry pls someone play it
00:01:47MariahCarry ok maier
00:01:50MariahCarry get sile
00:01:50Maier -swap 2
00:01:54Arapiles -swap 4
00:01:56Arapiles -swap 1
00:01:56Netukka -ma
00:01:58MariahCarry -swap 2
00:01:59Netukka again this sile
00:01:59MariahCarry perfect
00:02:01Netukka cmon
00:02:20Dovahkiin nasty hero
00:02:43Netukka hmmps
00:02:44mansikka lanes?
00:02:46Netukka riki want mid?
00:02:47Arapiles im top
00:02:48Dovahkiin haha
00:02:49Netukka or well
00:02:49Dovahkiin xD
00:02:51Netukka its sile
00:02:55MariahCarry es visage bot
00:02:57Dovahkiin he rapes me
00:02:59Dovahkiin and u2
00:02:59Dovahkiin :D
00:03:01Netukka yeah
00:03:01MariahCarry chicken
00:03:02Vangelis so
00:03:03Vangelis me
00:03:04Vangelis mid
00:03:04Vangelis ?
00:03:06Netukka nah
00:03:08MariahCarry masikka
00:03:12Euforia säästät sitä devouria
00:03:16Netukka niin teen
00:03:37Dovahkiin pull pls
00:03:42Vangelis melee
00:03:43Vangelis pull
00:03:46Vangelis warded
00:03:47curdi warded
00:03:47Vangelis anyway
00:03:50Dovahkiin ye
00:03:52Dovahkiin i see
00:04:06Vangelis i pull that
00:05:30Mercury do u know what word harass means?
00:06:17Mercury how are u in silver?
00:06:21Maier well placed
00:06:54mansikka ffs
00:06:56mansikka sry
00:07:07Vangelis gj
00:07:51Arapiles wtf
00:08:00Netukka lol u got lvl
00:08:01Netukka fu
00:08:04MariahCarry :D
00:08:09Netukka i didnt see that
00:08:22Netukka ss mid
00:08:24MariahCarry was so happy when the creep died
00:08:29MariahCarry knew i was gonna get a kill
00:08:29MariahCarry :D
00:08:38Maier salvce
00:08:41curdi ty
00:08:47Mercury sleeping behing comp?
00:08:52Maier np
00:08:57Netukka still ss
00:08:59Netukka re
00:09:06MariahCarry ss mid
00:09:08Mercury this pugna is so bad
00:09:14MariahCarry care
00:09:18Netukka lets kill dob
00:09:19Netukka bot
00:10:06curdi almost juked >:(
00:10:22Netukka sile gets
00:10:24Netukka so freefarmed
00:11:20Maier MISS
00:11:20Maier 2
00:11:26Dovahkiin zzz
00:11:32MariahCarry gj
00:11:34Netukka ggg smoke
00:11:56Dovahkiin go
00:11:57Dovahkiin tide
00:11:59curdi mana
00:12:02Maier cd
00:12:09Netukka go
00:12:10Netukka go
00:12:10Arapiles reuse
00:12:13MariahCarry everyone is mid now
00:12:16MariahCarry riki tide mid
00:12:18MariahCarry ?
00:12:30curdi pointed out tide
00:13:04Dovahkiin wards
00:13:05Dovahkiin nort
00:13:08Arapiles ss 2
00:13:18Arapiles 2 top
00:13:32curdi rune top
00:13:36MariahCarry omw top
00:13:39MariahCarry let's kill'em
00:13:39Mercury b
00:14:07Vangelis no stun
00:14:08Vangelis :D
00:14:26MariahCarry fissure???
00:14:30mansikka lol
00:14:33curdi just used it?
00:14:36Arapiles ???
00:14:47Arapiles gj
00:15:03Dovahkiin 0:5:0
00:15:04Dovahkiin i mean
00:15:05Dovahkiin wtf?
00:15:15Netukka we have again
00:15:18Netukka useless hero
00:15:19Netukka s
00:15:20Netukka zero
00:15:22Netukka disable
00:15:27MariahCarry mansikka
00:15:29MariahCarry try let carries farm
00:15:30Netukka tide
00:15:30Netukka only
00:15:33mansikka what
00:15:34mansikka i did
00:16:32curdi inc mid
00:16:32Mercury freefarm
00:16:33MariahCarry care mid
00:16:35Arapiles 3 mid
00:16:48mansikka they all mid
00:17:03curdi bah
00:17:26Arapiles thx¨'
00:17:28Vangelis sentry
00:17:29MariahCarry np
00:17:29Vangelis on
00:17:31Vangelis him
00:17:41curdi dazzle will u buy wards
00:17:45mansikka no.
00:17:49MariahCarry why not?
00:17:51curdi too bad
00:17:53mansikka no money
00:18:00MariahCarry the money u get
00:18:06MariahCarry ud on't have to buy right now
00:18:08MariahCarry be a teamplayer
00:18:16mansikka lol
00:18:39mansikka ofc i buy wards when i have money......
00:18:41mansikka -.................-
00:18:44MariahCarry ty
00:18:49Vangelis -ms
00:18:52Vangelis -ms
00:19:01Mercury radi soon
00:19:17Dovahkiin you?
00:19:17Dovahkiin nice
00:19:18Dovahkiin :D
00:19:18Arapiles care bot
00:19:22Mercury nop
00:19:35Vangelis pugna
00:19:37Vangelis we need
00:19:37Vangelis you
00:19:37Mercury gang
00:19:50Vangelis reall
00:19:52Vangelis y
00:19:52MariahCarry np
00:19:53Vangelis i told you
00:19:54Arapiles gjk
00:19:56Vangelis he had sentries
00:20:02Dovahkiin cmon
00:20:02Dovahkiin su
00:20:34MariahCarry ty
00:20:57MariahCarry visage?
00:20:58MariahCarry hello?
00:21:14curdi ah
00:21:17Vangelis :DDD
00:21:18MariahCarry rofl visage
00:21:18curdi riki was there :s
00:21:22Maier didnt see
00:21:24MariahCarry ur numb in the brain?
00:21:24Maier =/
00:21:30Maier was just tanking the tower
00:21:33Mercury deny
00:21:37MariahCarry riki killing two team mates right next to u
00:21:37Dovahkiin that
00:21:38Dovahkiin was
00:21:39Dovahkiin money
00:21:44Maier will buy gem
00:21:44Maier np
00:21:49Vangelis no go make
00:21:50Vangelis vanguard
00:21:50MariahCarry k
00:21:51Vangelis :DDD
00:22:00Mercury gang
00:22:10Netukka no doom
00:22:27mansikka :D
00:22:28MariahCarry grave
00:22:29MariahCarry dude
00:22:30MariahCarry wtf
00:22:35mansikka i am sorry
00:22:40MariahCarry joke team
00:22:52Arapiles cd tp
00:23:19curdi too easy towers for them
00:23:22Arapiles y
00:23:26Maier let's go take towers too then
00:23:39Arapiles dont understand why visage tp bot to me
00:23:42MariahCarry visage
00:23:43MariahCarry get gem
00:23:44MariahCarry dude
00:23:48Dovahkiin they buy gem soon
00:23:49Dovahkiin for sure
00:23:55Mercury let them
00:23:57Maier sec then
00:24:09Vangelis what
00:24:14Vangelis does pugna need urn for
00:24:27MariahCarry ok dazzle
00:25:03Dovahkiin haha
00:25:10Mercury riki why go like that`?
00:25:14MariahCarry so hard to focus riki??
00:25:27curdi hard to see him :(
00:25:31mansikka i make meka ????
00:25:32Maier got gem
00:25:35Dovahkiin ye
00:25:36Dovahkiin was dumb
00:25:37Dovahkiin nvm
00:25:40MariahCarry first riki then krob
00:25:42MariahCarry in every fight
00:25:43Dovahkiin let me botfarm
00:26:41Vangelis gem
00:26:41Vangelis visage
00:26:44curdi top?
00:26:47MariahCarry nah can't
00:26:54Vangelis riki
00:26:56Vangelis did you get that
00:26:59Dovahkiin yes
00:27:04Arapiles b`?
00:27:08MariahCarry y
00:27:08Maier get top now
00:27:29Arapiles stick to visage
00:27:40Mercury gang
00:27:48Dovahkiin omw
00:27:50Dovahkiin silencer missing
00:28:02Maier GO
00:28:36Dovahkiin gj
00:28:41Arapiles b
00:28:44Dovahkiin destroy this fuck
00:28:48Vangelis i leave at base
00:28:51Vangelis we might need at late gem
00:28:52Mercury leave it
00:28:53Vangelis when roof
00:28:55Mercury y
00:28:57Maier roof that ulti was ...
00:29:00Maier could have waited
00:29:22Arapiles dont think so
00:29:27Mercury well doom and pugna where fighting tree so it was 3 vs 4
00:29:33Mercury did well for that
00:29:37Vangelis well
00:29:38Vangelis i am
00:29:41Vangelis pretty stronk
00:29:42MariahCarry try get riki+krob int it
00:29:44Vangelis good start
00:30:04Maier need sentrys
00:30:05Maier for this
00:30:09mansikka got
00:30:13Maier come top
00:30:24MariahCarry can't push ebfore i finish hex
00:30:42Mercury gang
00:30:54Vangelis does
00:30:59Vangelis anyone know, what damage is silencer orb
00:31:06Dovahkiin 60% int
00:31:08MariahCarry b
00:31:10Vangelis yeah
00:31:10Euforia magic
00:31:12Vangelis but what type
00:31:13Dovahkiin pure dmg
00:31:19MariahCarry riki prolly here
00:31:24MariahCarry bot all
00:31:24curdi they push bot tower
00:31:24MariahCarry tp
00:31:26MariahCarry comecome
00:31:30Dovahkiin it wont me reduced
00:31:33Dovahkiin *be
00:31:38curdi got dagger and ulti
00:31:47Vangelis dont
00:31:48Vangelis make lothar
00:31:49Vangelis pugna
00:31:50Vangelis :D
00:32:25Arapiles oh fuck
00:32:42curdi people arent focusing :s
00:32:50Vangelis gj
00:32:51Vangelis team
00:32:55Netukka shoud i get radi
00:33:01Netukka missing 500
00:33:03Vangelis you got gold
00:33:04Vangelis why nt
00:33:09Vangelis you making shiva or ac
00:33:11Vangelis ater that?
00:33:18Netukka was thinking ac
00:33:20Vangelis ye
00:33:23Vangelis i am aiming or
00:33:25Vangelis shiva
00:33:47Mercury get hot better
00:33:57Netukka i only need
00:33:58Netukka ac
00:34:09Vangelis b
00:34:10Mercury b
00:34:18Maier top
00:34:19MariahCarry soon hex
00:34:19Maier farm
00:34:20Maier ur hexc
00:34:22MariahCarry then riki will be fucked
00:34:30Maier riki is only problem atm
00:34:37Dovahkiin i get vlads
00:34:38Mercury riki bkb?
00:34:46Dovahkiin hm
00:34:46Dovahkiin bkb
00:34:48Dovahkiin good idea
00:34:56Vangelis hmmm
00:34:58Vangelis i am not even
00:35:00Vangelis close to shiva
00:35:01Vangelis i could
00:35:02Vangelis make
00:35:03Vangelis vlad
00:35:03Vangelis :D
00:35:07Dovahkiin dunno what do buy now
00:35:08Mercury dont...
00:35:08Dovahkiin thx krob
00:35:11Euforia 55555555555555555
00:35:19MariahCarry smoking
00:35:20Vangelis well
00:35:21MariahCarry prolly
00:35:22Vangelis tide
00:35:24Vangelis speaks sense
00:35:27Vangelis i shouldn't make it
00:35:30Vangelis i make shiva still
00:35:35Dovahkiin need hp
00:35:43Mercury check
00:35:47curdi think they just farm woods
00:35:50MariahCarry ye
00:35:51Netukka care if wards
00:35:52MariahCarry 500 for hex
00:35:54MariahCarry then push
00:35:57Arapiles take
00:35:58Mercury dont go there
00:35:59MariahCarry ty
00:36:03Vangelis pugna
00:36:04Vangelis dont
00:36:05Vangelis solo
00:36:07curdi new gem soon?
00:36:08Netukka b
00:36:14Dovahkiin new gem
00:36:15Dovahkiin mb
00:36:21Arapiles i buy gem
00:36:24Vangelis not on visage
00:36:28Maier i need blade mail first
00:36:30Maier just incase
00:36:32Dovahkiin nort hex soon
00:36:32Maier riki comes
00:36:39Vangelis io want
00:36:39Vangelis bot
00:36:41Vangelis so i get lvl 16
00:36:44Dovahkiin es dagger
00:36:45Dovahkiin care
00:36:53MariahCarry hex done
00:36:56MariahCarry go mid all
00:36:57Maier go top
00:36:58Mercury b
00:36:58Maier ah
00:36:59Maier mid ?
00:36:59Maier k
00:37:09MariahCarry smoke anyone?
00:37:17Netukka mine
00:37:21Arapiles gem?
00:37:25mansikka on chick
00:37:29Netukka 200
00:37:30Netukka radi
00:37:32mansikka take someone
00:38:00Netukka 10g
00:38:00Netukka (
00:38:04Euforia 5
00:38:05Euforia 4
00:38:06Euforia 3
00:38:07Euforia 2
00:38:08Euforia 1
00:38:18Netukka mb in wood
00:38:28Arapiles b
00:38:28Dovahkiin lol
00:38:32MariahCarry go
00:38:54Arapiles gj
00:38:56curdi good idea :3
00:38:56Arapiles ffs
00:39:04Arapiles how stupid can u be
00:39:07Arapiles I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:08Vangelis they
00:39:10Vangelis are so stupid
00:39:10curdi captain said go
00:39:11Vangelis enage 4v5
00:39:12curdi so..
00:39:16Vangelis and my ult running
00:39:17Vangelis :D
00:39:21MariahCarry if we'd gone right would've been fine
00:39:24Arapiles 4v5 ofc no go
00:39:30Arapiles no
00:39:45Euforia lothar on every hero
00:39:48Arapiles ff it pls
00:39:55MariahCarry nah
00:39:56Mercury b
00:40:01MariahCarry KILL WARD
00:40:41Mercury b
00:41:21Dovahkiin zzz
00:41:24Dovahkiin need new diffu
00:41:30Vangelis not new
00:41:31Vangelis lvl 2
00:41:37Dovahkiin no shit sherlock?
00:41:47Vangelis lvl 2 isn't new
00:41:48Vangelis -.-
00:42:24Arapiles care bot
00:42:25Arapiles inc
00:42:30Vangelis go top
00:42:33Vangelis no point going mid
00:42:46Vangelis plz
00:42:46Vangelis dont
00:42:47Vangelis go mid
00:43:25curdi good thinking -.-
00:43:29MariahCarry niec go
00:43:30MariahCarry :D
00:45:02curdi a somewhat big problem with teamfights is that no-one kills ward
00:45:25Arapiles problem was that sa got strong
00:45:38Dovahkiin who said visage radi soon?
00:45:38Dovahkiin xD
00:45:40MariahCarry biggest problem
00:45:43Vangelis he
00:45:45MariahCarry was that we were hugely outpicked
00:45:47Vangelis went tank instead :D
00:45:48Arapiles dazzle skilled heal instead of poison
00:45:51MariahCarry krob + tide
00:45:55Dovahkiin gg
00:45:57mansikka what
00:46:01mansikka i skilled poison
00:46:03mansikka first
00:46:09Vangelis imo
00:46:12Arapiles then u didnt use
00:46:12Vangelis riki triple kill bot
00:46:14Vangelis won this game
00:46:16Arapiles well
00:46:23mansikka why not
00:46:24Vangelis :D
00:46:31Dovahkiin mass xp
00:46:32Arapiles easy kills 2-3 time
00:46:33Dovahkiin mass money
00:46:36Arapiles and then u suicide
00:46:37Vangelis we
00:46:41Mercury i won this game -.-
00:46:41Vangelis were kind of lagging behind
00:46:43Vangelis before that
00:46:43mansikka lol
00:46:45Vangelis y
00:46:46Vangelis 1 stun
00:46:47Vangelis :D
00:46:47mansikka k
00:46:57Dovahkiin pugna won
00:46:58Dovahkiin imo
00:47:06Arapiles u gave SA the edge from the very start
00:47:13MariahCarry 1o1
00:47:13MariahCarry ffs
00:47:15Maier prolly i should have been top
00:47:15MariahCarry ffs
00:47:26Maier he wouldnt have had a chance
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