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-56 X
-1 TS

81% | 1402 X | 1459 TS

-33 X
-1 TS

68% | 1294 X | 1389 TS

-22 X
-2 TS

59% | 1254 X | 1350 TS

+2 X
-1 TS

51% | 1202 X | 1308 TS

+40 X
-8 TS

NEW | 1042 X | 1043 TS

-3 X
+1 TS

90% | 1452 X | 1576 TS

+14 X
+1 TS

85% | 1422 X | 1493 TS

+22 X
+13 TS

39% | 1097 X | 1294 TS

+11 X
+14 TS

22% | 1111 X | 1127 TS

+31 X
+15 TS

16% | 1008 X | 1160 TS

Chat log

00:00:17KeLToS spec
00:00:17Netukka any wish
00:00:17zebbelito dno
00:00:17zebbelito ban omni
00:00:17Netukka i ban spec
00:00:17zebbelito aha
00:00:17zebbelito :D
00:00:17KeLToS okey
00:00:17KeLToS pussy
00:00:17KeLToS weaver
00:00:17Netukka any omni
00:00:17KeLToS now ur turn
00:00:17KeLToS dickface
00:00:17Netukka or naix
00:00:17Netukka spec
00:00:17zebbelito i can naix
00:00:17mansikka Dickfase
00:00:29Netukka giev lesh
00:00:29fUNCh HMMZ
00:00:30Netukka or sk
00:00:32zebbelito ok
00:00:32Netukka lets see
00:00:39Netukka lesh
00:00:40fUNCh mby lets try fast game... need to be back in army soon -.-
00:00:40Netukka then
00:00:44zebbelito we need wisp
00:00:45zebbelito imo
00:00:59zebbelito lesh?=
00:01:01Netukka y
00:01:03Netukka -swap 2
00:01:05zebbelito get wisp
00:01:07zebbelito and omni
00:01:08zebbelito -swap 1
00:01:13Netukka enigma wisp omn
00:01:20Netukka or lion wisp
00:01:35Netukka i go smoke
00:01:36Netukka fast
00:01:53Zack-eracK woods top
00:01:57zebbelito not rly
00:01:58mansikka clinkz mid?
00:02:01zebbelito mr battlefury on range
00:02:01oo0OoO0oo y
00:02:04fUNCh imo rex mid
00:02:13mansikka idc
00:02:15zebbelito shit pick axe
00:02:18Doomy y
00:02:19mansikka blue
00:02:20zebbelito shit pick dk
00:02:23mansikka ur the boss
00:02:24zebbelito u allways shitpick?
00:02:30KeLToS u go
00:02:31oo0OoO0oo go mid rex
00:02:37mansikka KK
00:02:43Zack-eracK u allways have a full mouth of shit?
00:02:46zebbelito y
00:02:49zebbelito called snus
00:02:49KeLToS chick
00:02:53KeLToS and go bot
00:03:00zebbelito -hhn
00:03:08Netukka -ma
00:03:09Zack-eracK so say to your friends not to me
00:03:17zebbelito axe PICK
00:04:32mansikka invis
00:05:00Doomy ward plz
00:05:13Doomy we need antipull
00:05:59Zack-eracK slow?
00:06:02zebbelito y
00:06:03zebbelito sry
00:06:17zebbelito next time
00:06:22Netukka kill to
00:06:25mansikka miss mid
00:06:33Doomy man
00:06:35Doomy ward
00:06:40Doomy the pulling spot
00:06:48Loneya miss bot
00:06:49mansikka care toplesh with invis
00:07:08zebbelito ffs
00:07:08Netukka blaaah
00:07:33Netukka get it
00:07:34Netukka lion
00:07:57Loneya lion
00:08:01mansikka he got rune
00:08:42PriMo jkk
00:08:49PriMo ?????
00:08:52PriMo fuck
00:09:18mansikka miss mid
00:09:27mansikka lesh miss
00:09:28mansikka re
00:09:35Doomy ss
00:09:43Zack-eracK ss
00:09:47Zack-eracK top+
00:09:55mansikka rune bot
00:09:56Netukka ss rex
00:09:57Netukka moid
00:09:59Netukka mid
00:10:08Loneya miss omni
00:10:10zebbelito wow
00:10:17Doomy care
00:10:19Loneya rune taken bot
00:10:39Loneya they were wooods mort
00:10:51zebbelito ff
00:10:51zebbelito ff
00:10:52zebbelito ff
00:10:53zebbelito f
00:10:53zebbelito Ff
00:10:54zebbelito ff
00:10:55zebbelito ff
00:10:56zebbelito ff
00:10:56zebbelito FF
00:10:57zebbelito FF
00:11:01oo0OoO0oo xD
00:11:03KeLToS salvbe
00:11:03KeLToS mne
00:11:06KeLToS salve
00:11:13mansikka :D
00:11:13KeLToS ty
00:11:15mansikka np
00:11:16zebbelito ff
00:11:16zebbelito ff
00:11:25zebbelito lion leave ur lane
00:11:25mansikka missmid
00:11:28zebbelito gang and ward
00:11:29mansikka care bot
00:11:32mansikka and top
00:11:36zebbelito thye have been 7 ppl top 4 times
00:11:40zebbelito u stuck on ur lane
00:11:47Loneya miss lion
00:11:56zebbelito this is shit
00:11:59zebbelito fuck shit
00:12:00zebbelito cunt
00:12:01Loneya lesh bot
00:12:42Netukka omni u so pro
00:12:44Netukka i pinged
00:12:46Netukka 10times
00:12:49Netukka we have wards
00:12:51Netukka there
00:13:08Doomy but tell me
00:13:11Doomy why u died?
00:13:20Netukka my stupidness
00:13:28Netukka thought i can help u
00:13:51Doomy so we were 2 idiots
00:13:58Netukka u r bigger one
00:14:18zebbelito sk tp
00:15:01Netukka i come top
00:15:26KeLToS i stun
00:15:27KeLToS u ulti
00:15:37Netukka gg
00:15:37mansikka ook
00:15:39KeLToS in that order
00:15:39zebbelito y
00:15:39PriMo lol
00:15:41Doomy why?
00:15:41KeLToS then i can get ulti in
00:15:42zebbelito this is gg
00:15:44Doomy i was healing u
00:15:45mansikka y
00:15:55mansikka XD
00:16:00mansikka stupid ulti
00:16:07Netukka omni so faggot
00:16:08Netukka player
00:16:10zebbelito kurdi is worse then svents and sebra
00:16:12Netukka cant play at all
00:16:28Netukka lvl 1 heal ?
00:16:29Netukka or what
00:16:31fUNCh -ms
00:16:47Zack-eracK team?
00:16:56Zack-eracK heal me
00:17:11fUNCh -ms
00:17:12Netukka 5
00:17:12Zack-eracK why lion?
00:17:12Netukka ere
00:17:37KeLToS lesh omni
00:17:42mansikka go
00:17:56Netukka omni
00:17:57Netukka can u do
00:17:58Netukka something
00:18:12Netukka u suck so
00:18:13Netukka bad
00:18:14Doomy i was stunned with u
00:18:19Netukka USE ULT
00:18:19Netukka MB
00:19:32zebbelito got dyst
00:20:48mansikka -apm
00:20:55oo0OoO0oo -apm
00:21:08mansikka -c
00:21:18mansikka -c
00:21:28mansikka -co
00:21:57PriMo noob
00:22:03Zack-eracK why u dont go b
00:22:04Zack-eracK moron
00:22:06Zack-eracK u are blind?
00:22:11PriMo ??? ?????
00:22:11PriMo ???
00:22:13PriMo ??????
00:22:19Zack-eracK y
00:22:20Zack-eracK blind
00:23:19Loneya b
00:23:42KeLToS dagger rdty
00:23:51Zack-eracK naix
00:23:54KeLToS go in
00:23:56Zack-eracK come one time whit us
00:24:01Zack-eracK b
00:24:14zebbelito omw
00:24:16KeLToS lesh omni
00:24:17KeLToS liopn
00:24:24mansikka i ulti lesh
00:24:59Netukka u sohuld
00:25:01Netukka repel me
00:25:05oo0OoO0oo all so low
00:25:09zebbelito y
00:25:11oo0OoO0oo omni savedthe day
00:25:43Netukka coming
00:26:00Doomy b
00:26:07fUNCh deny
00:27:05Doomy pipe or meka?
00:27:09Netukka meka
00:28:09Netukka y
00:29:01zebbelito this omni
00:29:04zebbelito START SUPPORT
00:29:07Netukka yeah
00:29:09zebbelito u heal urself?
00:29:11Netukka so useless
00:29:14Netukka ulti late
00:29:20Loneya b
00:29:41zebbelito wow
00:30:37Loneya clinkz
00:30:39Loneya I need range
00:30:40Loneya to get wards
00:30:50Loneya can you come please
00:30:56oo0OoO0oo omw
00:31:06Netukka dont
00:31:08Loneya thanks
00:31:21Netukka no we cant
00:31:22Netukka no eyes
00:31:24Netukka they have
00:31:25Netukka eagle
00:32:14Zack-eracK lesh
00:32:20Netukka lol
00:32:34Netukka b
00:32:44Netukka should have b
00:32:46Netukka cause omni left
00:32:49Netukka fucking retard
00:33:06zebbelito why4
00:33:07Netukka we lose this game cause of omni
00:33:18Zack-eracK stop it kid
00:33:18Doomy i b for def ffs
00:33:21zebbelito u tp when we gonna take rax?
00:33:24Netukka WHY
00:33:24zebbelito u suck
00:33:27zebbelito u heal urself
00:33:27Netukka DID WE ASK
00:33:29Netukka U TO GO DEF
00:33:31Doomy som1 ping tower
00:33:33Doomy i go
00:33:34Netukka so
00:33:35zebbelito no
00:33:35Netukka why
00:33:41zebbelito moron
00:33:44oo0OoO0oo towerr and b
00:34:01zebbelito repel lesh and start heling ppl
00:34:06zebbelito u killed 4
00:34:09zebbelito ppl
00:34:10zebbelito whit ur tp
00:34:11Netukka yeah
00:34:12Netukka own
00:34:20Netukka or not
00:34:22zebbelito omni
00:34:24zebbelito buy wards
00:34:26zebbelito sentrys
00:34:27zebbelito ffs
00:34:29zebbelito support
00:34:29Zack-eracK repel
00:34:32Netukka or atleast
00:34:34Netukka keep dust
00:34:47fUNCh -ms
00:34:53Netukka lion
00:34:54Netukka go b
00:34:56Netukka here
00:34:59Zack-eracK scout some1
00:36:10oo0OoO0oo b
00:36:46Netukka tuskar lothar
00:36:47Netukka lo
00:37:47KeLToS gogo
00:37:48Zack-eracK mh
00:37:51Loneya do not have snowball ready
00:37:51oo0OoO0oo is he out ??
00:37:51zebbelito no idea
00:37:51KeLToS who balance
00:37:51zebbelito axe?
00:37:51mansikka he plugged cos he had to go army
00:37:51Zack-eracK no?
00:37:51Zack-eracK why me
00:37:51zebbelito yes?
00:37:51zebbelito kuz u make bfury on dk
00:37:51Zack-eracK i cant
00:37:51Zack-eracK lol
00:37:51Zack-eracK u are funny rly
00:37:51Netukka i want to say omni cause he sucks so bad but we need him
00:37:51zebbelito y
00:37:51Zack-eracK i suck
00:37:51Zack-eracK y
00:37:51Netukka i didnt say u suck
00:37:51Netukka i said omni sucks
00:37:51mansikka lets b
00:37:51Netukka but we need him more
00:37:51mansikka ?
00:37:51Loneya y
00:37:51KeLToS no
00:37:51Netukka so
00:37:51KeLToS omw
00:37:51Loneya we won't catch up
00:37:51Netukka axe balances
00:37:51Loneya ok
00:37:51Loneya lets try
00:37:51KeLToS clinkz come
00:37:51mansikka ok i try
00:37:51KeLToS 2 dead
00:37:51Zack-eracK no
00:37:51zebbelito yeapp
00:37:51zebbelito =D
00:37:51Zack-eracK its not fair
00:37:51Zack-eracK for me
00:37:51zebbelito hahaha
00:37:51Netukka blame fucnh
00:37:51Zack-eracK and for team
00:37:51Netukka funch
00:37:51zebbelito not fair
00:37:51Zack-eracK im better then omni here
00:37:51Zack-eracK or lion
00:37:51Netukka yes u r
00:37:51KeLToS yea
00:37:51KeLToS axe stay
00:37:51zebbelito but hero
00:37:51zebbelito is shit
00:37:51Zack-eracK no its not
00:37:51zebbelito yes if u compare to lion and omni
00:37:51zebbelito it sure is shit
00:37:51Netukka hm
00:37:51Zack-eracK not
00:37:51Netukka thats true
00:37:51Zack-eracK lion died in 3 hits
00:37:51mansikka i would kick naix
00:37:51zebbelito he can hex
00:37:51zebbelito and stun
00:37:51Zack-eracK ?D
00:37:51zebbelito u can call if u hit it
00:37:51Zack-eracK one ball from tuskar
00:37:51Zack-eracK and he is death
00:37:51zebbelito not now when he gets ur vguard
00:37:51zebbelito :D
00:37:51Zack-eracK u are from?
00:37:51Zack-eracK retardland?
00:37:51zebbelito iceland
00:37:57Zack-eracK look same
00:37:57Netukka axe balance
00:38:04Netukka axe
00:38:05Netukka balance
00:38:05Netukka or ban
00:38:08Netukka ur call
00:38:11KeLToS 1 leave asap!
00:38:11zebbelito u will be banned
00:38:11Netukka axe leave
00:38:11zebbelito if u dont leavbe
00:38:11Zack-eracK not i want
00:38:11zebbelito axe
00:38:11Netukka yes
00:38:11mansikka axe leave or ban
00:38:11Netukka u will get banned
00:38:11Zack-eracK FUCK OFF
00:38:11Zack-eracK ALL
00:38:11Netukka if u dont
00:38:47Netukka bone 1hp? :DD
00:38:47KeLToS me vanguard
00:38:48Loneya what do we do with mort?
00:39:04Netukka push
00:39:05Netukka lion
00:40:01oo0OoO0oo omfg
00:40:03oo0OoO0oo so slow
00:40:38KeLToS why are u playing with items rex
00:40:43KeLToS when they r taking tower
00:40:43Netukka i heal
00:40:43Netukka come
00:40:44Netukka lion
00:40:47oo0OoO0oo lost a won game
00:40:48mansikka what?
00:40:51Netukka go bo
00:40:53mansikka im dead
00:41:12KeLToS we were all alive
00:41:58mansikka k
00:42:12zebbelito mana
00:42:17KeLToS I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:42:46zebbelito 7k
00:42:52oo0OoO0oo I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:42:54oo0OoO0oo l
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