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-41 X
-1 TS

94% | 1617 X | 1510 TS

-40 X
-2 TS

48% | 1136 X | 1331 TS

-10 X
-17 TS

NEW | 1050 X | 1140 TS

+10 X
-1 TS

18% | 905 X | 1297 TS

-38 X
-14 TS

8% | 939 X | 1131 TS

+17 X
+1 TS

78% | 1374 X | 1414 TS

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+41 TS

47% | 1145 X | 1312 TS

+36 X
+1 TS

47% | 1142 X | 1312 TS

+31 X
+30 TS

32% | 1093 X | 1252 TS

+18 X
+9 TS

5% | 906 X | 1102 TS

Chat log

00:00:16VictoriaJrocks ud
00:00:20Maier weaver
00:00:43GuiTaR ill pick abba
00:00:48GuiTaR ok?
00:00:55GuiTaR if no one pick
00:00:58GuiTaR first
00:01:06GCNOVA im takin clock or dazzle
00:01:09Maier -ii
00:01:10Maier -
00:01:11Maier good
00:01:14Maier -weather rain
00:01:19Maier get some wards too please
00:01:19Marhalt i_dazzle
00:01:22Marhalt pls
00:01:23VictoriaJrocks why mortred after troll -.-
00:01:24Maier -weater red
00:01:27Maier -water red
00:01:37svents -clear
00:02:00GCNOVA me top?
00:02:05VictoriaJrocks MANA MANA DUDUDUDU
00:02:09GuiTaR ?
00:02:12Maier yea
00:02:16Maier dazzle with es
00:02:20GCNOVA can u please be quiet?
00:02:20Maier gety wards
00:02:22Maier please
00:02:22Maier asap
00:02:24101010 chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:02:26101010 guitar
00:02:26GuiTaR oh shit
00:02:26GuiTaR ffs
00:02:26Marhalt me4bot?
00:02:26GuiTaR i forgot
00:02:26Maier and up chick
00:02:26Maier too
00:02:26Himbeerschorsch <
00:02:26GuiTaR ill buy
00:02:26Maier yes
00:02:26GCNOVA got wards
00:02:26VictoriaJrocks MANA MANA
00:02:26VictoriaJrocks DUDUUDU
00:02:27Himbeerschorsch y
00:02:28GuiTaR omg
00:02:28VictoriaJrocks MANA MANA
00:02:29VictoriaJrocks DUDUUDUD
00:02:33Maier plant 0:00
00:02:41GuiTaR no money now
00:02:43Bogdan chick?
00:02:50GuiTaR or some one else buy i upgrade
00:02:54GuiTaR i forgot sry
00:03:04VictoriaJrocks MAN
00:03:06GuiTaR did not intentionally
00:03:08VictoriaJrocks A MANA
00:03:13Maier k ty
00:03:18Maier i will farm quick bottle and boots
00:03:21Maier and start gang
00:03:25Maier MISS MID
00:03:26GCNOVA s1
00:03:28GCNOVA re
00:03:34Maier re
00:04:25VictoriaJrocks MANA MANA DUDUDUDU
00:04:31Maier MISS
00:04:49VictoriaJrocks ei oo kanaa :(
00:05:28Maier share
00:05:52Maier SHARE CHICK
00:05:55Maier and upg
00:05:56Maier please
00:05:58Marhalt ups
00:06:01Marhalt sry
00:06:06Maier upi
00:06:06Maier sven
00:06:25GuiTaR omg
00:06:29Bogdan =))))
00:06:29VictoriaJrocks buy chick
00:06:32GuiTaR ill buy
00:06:37svents tulen midi
00:06:42svents tapame
00:06:48Himbeerschorsch care
00:06:51101010 ss es
00:06:51Himbeerschorsch clock
00:06:56svents dvj
00:07:07GCNOVA give me bottle
00:07:09GCNOVA pudge
00:07:11GCNOVA i will bottle it
00:07:17svents gj
00:07:30VictoriaJrocks ois ollu niin helppoo päästä pakoo
00:07:32svents tule alla
00:07:32GCNOVA let me
00:07:33GCNOVA use
00:07:33VictoriaJrocks jos ois ollu kana
00:07:33GCNOVA bottle
00:07:35VictoriaJrocks alusta lähtien
00:07:37GuiTaR ss
00:07:45svents kill bot
00:07:49VictoriaJrocks mid miss
00:07:51101010 i lag?
00:07:51Maier pa first
00:07:52Maier fuck bveno
00:07:56GuiTaR re1
00:08:00GuiTaR no lag
00:08:05VictoriaJrocks he lags
00:08:16VictoriaJrocks pudge still miss mid
00:08:17101010 4 bot
00:08:19Zack-eracK all down
00:08:20Zack-eracK !!
00:08:23GuiTaR 1 up
00:08:27GuiTaR ss
00:08:32GuiTaR veno fix it
00:08:32GuiTaR dead
00:08:32GCNOVA -.-'
00:08:32Marhalt .-.
00:08:32Zack-eracK care mid
00:08:32svents tra mingi kena plugg vist -.-
00:08:32GuiTaR drop?
00:08:32GCNOVA if he drops
00:08:32Maier ei usu
00:08:32GCNOVA we have
00:08:32GCNOVA to chose
00:08:32GCNOVA 1
00:08:32GCNOVA to leave?
00:08:32Maier no
00:08:32Bogdan u cant drop him
00:08:32Marhalt rmk
00:08:32Maier before 10min it's rmk
00:08:32GuiTaR why cant drop him
00:08:32VictoriaJrocks 4
00:08:32VictoriaJrocks min
00:08:32VictoriaJrocks reconnect
00:08:32GCNOVA uh 10th min
00:08:32VictoriaJrocks timer
00:08:32VictoriaJrocks at
00:08:32GuiTaR omg
00:08:32VictoriaJrocks gc
00:08:32Bogdan he has 4 min do solve problem
00:08:33GuiTaR too lonf
00:08:42svents cause its 4 minutes reconnect time
00:08:56GuiTaR k
00:09:05Zack-eracK ss
00:09:08svents tulen midi
00:09:19Marhalt eng pls
00:09:32GCNOVA DONT -.-
00:09:52GCNOVA gj
00:09:56GCNOVA s1
00:10:06GuiTaR 3 up
00:10:19VictoriaJrocks go
00:10:22VictoriaJrocks ball
00:10:28VictoriaJrocks i run
00:10:28VictoriaJrocks to you
00:10:29VictoriaJrocks and slow him
00:10:30VictoriaJrocks ..
00:10:31VictoriaJrocks why no
00:10:32VictoriaJrocks bal
00:10:43VictoriaJrocks gj
00:10:44Maier MISS ?
00:10:45GuiTaR hlp
00:10:46Maier goddamn
00:10:48Maier new wards
00:10:48GCNOVA f12
00:10:49GCNOVA man
00:10:57Maier s1 ?
00:10:58Maier lol
00:11:07Maier speak in terms we all know
00:11:11GuiTaR hlp up guys?
00:11:11svents ss veno
00:11:13GCNOVA s1 = ss 1
00:11:18VictoriaJrocks you dont have to kill yourself
00:11:18Maier davai
00:11:19Maier alt
00:11:21GCNOVA aint that tough
00:11:22VictoriaJrocks you can stay bac
00:11:22svents ok
00:11:23VictoriaJrocks k
00:11:25VictoriaJrocks or leave lane
00:11:25GuiTaR y
00:11:27GuiTaR i know
00:11:31GuiTaR i play like shit
00:11:33Zack-eracK ss toip
00:11:46GuiTaR dont know what s wrong with me
00:11:49svents gj
00:11:51Zack-eracK fcuk this
00:11:53Maier hea :D
00:11:54Zack-eracK buy wrads!!
00:12:00svents ez :DD
00:12:09Maier new wards please
00:12:10Maier dazzle
00:12:12Marhalt y
00:13:04Bogdan aba join us
00:13:07Bogdan dont solo
00:13:08GuiTaR k
00:13:10GuiTaR omw
00:13:14Zack-eracK wards pls guys
00:13:18Zack-eracK we need em for gangs
00:13:27Maier my rune
00:13:28Maier dont take
00:13:37GuiTaR gang?
00:14:11GuiTaR ffs
00:14:13svents ^^
00:14:16GuiTaR he escaped
00:14:18Bogdan gj
00:14:20svents sup?
00:14:27Bogdan sup?
00:14:53Zack-eracK ss
00:15:00VictoriaJrocks ...
00:15:02VictoriaJrocks wtf is this
00:15:14Maier wp
00:15:16GuiTaR morth come with us
00:15:18VictoriaJrocks mortred is doing the right thing
00:15:20Maier mine
00:15:21Maier dont toucjh
00:15:22GuiTaR ok
00:15:26GuiTaR ure the boss
00:15:26GCNOVA can someone get me
00:15:27GCNOVA tp?
00:15:33Maier there
00:15:35GCNOVA ty
00:15:45Himbeerschorsch mana plz
00:15:59Zack-eracK wards pls
00:16:05GuiTaR no money
00:16:07svents grave me dude?
00:16:08VictoriaJrocks why youre not being ganged
00:16:08svents ffs
00:16:34Marhalt missclicked sry man
00:16:38Marhalt i graved myself
00:16:40Bogdan sup?
00:16:58Himbeerschorsch vintage pudge
00:17:08Maier true that
00:17:18VictoriaJrocks im mort i dont run from rockets -.-ä
00:17:24Himbeerschorsch but ur ugly
00:17:29Zack-eracK i cant click slow on him..
00:17:34Maier i agree
00:17:39GCNOVA and u are chinese
00:17:41Zack-eracK go wards guys pls
00:17:45Maier nope
00:17:45Himbeerschorsch maby
00:17:46Maier estonian
00:17:57GCNOVA pandas are chinese !
00:17:57VictoriaJrocks wards had nothing to do with that
00:17:58GCNOVA :D
00:18:03Himbeerschorsch ^^
00:18:04Maier gimme
00:18:06Maier vision
00:18:22Zack-eracK 4 here
00:18:23GuiTaR omw
00:18:26Zack-eracK help us
00:18:26Zack-eracK ..
00:18:35GuiTaR come ven0om
00:18:40Maier my bad
00:18:47VictoriaJrocks those 4?
00:18:50GCNOVA :D
00:18:51VictoriaJrocks i dont see them at mdi
00:18:53svents np lahendasin selle sita:D
00:18:54GCNOVA me rune
00:19:01Zack-eracK wards guys
00:19:04Zack-eracK or gg
00:19:15Maier keep pusihng
00:19:26GuiTaR care hook
00:19:44Himbeerschorsch mana plz
00:19:57Maier clock
00:19:58Maier rocket
00:20:38Maier panda go in
00:20:40Maier stun + ulti
00:21:13Marhalt sry
00:21:17Zack-eracK fcuking low team
00:21:18Zack-eracK ..
00:21:18Maier npnp
00:21:28svents sain daggerui k2tte hea seegi :D
00:21:32VictoriaJrocks b
00:21:34VictoriaJrocks you crazy?
00:21:48Zack-eracK ...
00:21:59GuiTaR veno??
00:22:06Maier clock
00:22:06Maier rocket
00:22:08Maier rune
00:22:12Maier nvm
00:22:15VictoriaJrocks yea that was dumb of veno
00:22:34Maier -st
00:22:38Himbeerschorsch troll is getting bkb and will own us :(
00:22:42Maier nah
00:22:46Maier we're good
00:23:12GCNOVA take it pudge
00:23:20Maier u take
00:23:22Zack-eracK care
00:23:40GuiTaR cacre
00:23:48Maier dive
00:23:49Maier under
00:23:50Maier twr
00:24:43GuiTaR ff
00:24:51101010 you can heal also abba with that skill
00:24:55GuiTaR i know
00:25:01VictoriaJrocks yea its pretty useless game
00:25:08VictoriaJrocks 2 farming heroes
00:25:14VictoriaJrocks against gang team
00:25:28Maier kuda mu pduger meeldib ?
00:25:30Maier :D
00:25:33Himbeerschorsch go on
00:25:37svents sitt :D
00:25:41svents tiim teeb öra:D
00:25:48Himbeerschorsch ffs dont use used chicken without telling
00:25:50Bogdan invi
00:25:54Marhalt .-.
00:26:09VictoriaJrocks kll
00:26:10VictoriaJrocks kill
00:26:16VictoriaJrocks oh
00:26:30svents rapu mad*?:D
00:26:38Zack-eracK heal me???
00:26:41Zack-eracK retard?
00:26:41VictoriaJrocks naah
00:26:45GuiTaR i healed
00:26:45Zack-eracK or shield?
00:26:48Zack-eracK or smething?
00:26:50Maier u are rapuska ?
00:26:53VictoriaJrocks yea
00:26:55svents y
00:26:56Maier hehe heya
00:26:57GuiTaR i shield my selfe
00:27:09GuiTaR lol
00:27:11Zack-eracK u are just fail support
00:27:14Zack-eracK and veno nc
00:27:14GuiTaR they hit me too
00:27:15VictoriaJrocks you fail påicking mortred
00:27:17GuiTaR i failed
00:27:18Maier get hood too
00:27:19Zack-eracK not
00:27:20VictoriaJrocks as 3 pick
00:27:24Zack-eracK its a good pick
00:27:25Zack-eracK late
00:27:28Zack-eracK i rape
00:27:28VictoriaJrocks NOT AFTER TROLL PICK
00:27:30Zack-eracK but i cant
00:27:33Zack-eracK cuz low team
00:27:36VictoriaJrocks we dont get to late because of your pick
00:27:45GCNOVA let me use the courier
00:27:53Zack-eracK yy its my faul
00:27:55VictoriaJrocks yes it is
00:28:26VictoriaJrocks your pick gives nothing to the team
00:28:36svents and crit
00:28:38svents and crit :D
00:28:41svents hahahahahaah
00:28:43GuiTaR I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:44svents how lucky u are
00:28:46101010 I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:53Himbeerschorsch maby im rly chines
00:28:57GuiTaR failed game
00:29:01Himbeerschorsch who knows
00:29:02Zack-eracK ä
00:29:10Zack-eracK 1/8 whit abba is fail
00:29:13Himbeerschorsch heal plz :D
00:29:23GuiTaR i am
00:29:41Maier -st
00:29:59Himbeerschorsch b
00:30:29Himbeerschorsch mana
00:30:35VictoriaJrocks 3 more levels and panda can push alone
00:30:56Marhalt good job bogdan
00:31:14GCNOVA couldnt do much
00:31:23Himbeerschorsch they go lucky
00:31:24Himbeerschorsch t
00:32:08Himbeerschorsch again vintage
00:32:12Marhalt can some1 buy wards?
00:32:17Maier manaboots ftw
00:32:18Zack-eracK go him middle
00:32:18Himbeerschorsch want my tele boots :(
00:32:24Maier get blink
00:32:25Maier first
00:32:27Himbeerschorsch hrhr
00:32:40Zack-eracK dont
00:32:40Maier i can tank easy
00:32:42Zack-eracK steal
00:32:44Zack-eracK like this
00:32:44Maier stick together
00:32:44Zack-eracK pls
00:32:46GuiTaR ?
00:32:47Zack-eracK u dont need kills
00:32:48GuiTaR why steal
00:33:42Marhalt cd sry
00:34:28Maier pa is annoying
00:34:29Zack-eracK no fcuking hela
00:34:30VictoriaJrocks gcnova so annoying whole game :D
00:34:31Zack-eracK nothing
00:34:34VictoriaJrocks always jump in at right moment
00:34:40Zack-eracK this abba is suc a fcuking fail
00:34:41Zack-eracK look him
00:34:42Zack-eracK ffs
00:34:53GuiTaR sry
00:34:54Zack-eracK fu
00:34:56Zack-eracK retard
00:35:00VictoriaJrocks manners
00:35:01Zack-eracK play like support
00:35:02GuiTaR what do u wnat fucker???
00:35:04GCNOVA gj dazzle
00:35:06GuiTaR fu
00:35:09Maier i agree
00:35:09Marhalt ty
00:35:09Maier wp
00:35:10Himbeerschorsch thx clock^^
00:35:11GuiTaR i play like a want
00:35:14GuiTaR and can
00:35:14Zack-eracK u ruined this game
00:35:16GCNOVA np :D
00:35:18Maier go mid
00:35:19GuiTaR ok
00:35:21Maier we own
00:35:24Zack-eracK im playing carry u support
00:35:27Zack-eracK so plaa
00:35:28GuiTaR if u dont like it u acn leave
00:35:34Bogdan regen
00:35:40GuiTaR moron
00:35:44GuiTaR morth
00:36:06Himbeerschorsch b
00:36:09Himbeerschorsch dont risk anything
00:36:17Himbeerschorsch or?
00:36:19Maier panda starts with es
00:36:20Himbeerschorsch should i go in and ulti?
00:36:26Himbeerschorsch rdyes?
00:36:29Himbeerschorsch nxt time?
00:36:32Himbeerschorsch i start
00:36:40Bogdan wtf abba
00:36:41Himbeerschorsch es?^^
00:36:46Maier hes rdy
00:36:48Himbeerschorsch k
00:36:54GuiTaR i need to buy somehow
00:37:08Himbeerschorsch nxt wave
00:37:09Himbeerschorsch i go
00:38:30GuiTaR we cant do shit to them
00:38:36Maier gj guys
00:38:39VictoriaJrocks of course we cant do shit to them
00:38:41Maier wp all
00:38:47VictoriaJrocks we have 0 stun heroes
00:38:50GuiTaR y
00:38:54GCNOVA wp wp
00:39:01GuiTaR i hate dazzle
00:39:06GuiTaR so supportive
00:39:08GuiTaR unlike me
00:39:11101010 ..........
00:39:14Zack-eracK shield me
00:39:21Zack-eracK sh?ield+
00:39:21Himbeerschorsch b
00:39:21GCNOVA sec
00:39:36Himbeerschorsch mana
00:39:53VictoriaJrocks I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:54Zack-eracK f
00:39:54Himbeerschorsch mana
00:39:55Zack-eracK f
00:40:08Zack-eracK worst team ever
00:40:17Zack-eracK only tusk play
00:40:28Maier -st
00:41:05VictoriaJrocks only tusk has long range abilities
00:41:20101010 abba no heal no shield
00:42:03GuiTaR this is terribe
00:42:04Himbeerschorsch funny
00:42:12GuiTaR ff?
00:42:48101010 -afk
00:42:53101010 -afk
00:42:53GuiTaR i knew we will lose the min i saw their team
00:42:53Maier wtf slow :D
00:43:04GCNOVA Wards + 1st
00:43:05GCNOVA :D
00:43:06GuiTaR pudge dazzle panda lol
00:43:13GuiTaR eath
00:43:15GuiTaR eartg
00:43:25Zack-eracK sholed
00:43:26GCNOVA Im getting troll :D
00:43:26GuiTaR clock
00:43:27Zack-eracK shield
00:43:28GuiTaR haah
00:43:51Maier gg
00:43:55Maier you tried
00:43:58Zack-eracK not rly
00:44:10GCNOVA Trolololo :D
00:44:12VictoriaJrocks :D
00:44:15GuiTaR haaha
00:44:21GCNOVA Got too many creeps into
00:44:53GCNOVA ESS
00:44:56GCNOVA gud zhab :D
00:45:10Himbeerschorsch gg wp
00:45:11Zack-eracK just finishM?
00:45:14Zack-eracK boring
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