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+2 TS

91% | 1535 X | 1541 TS

+10 X
+2 TS

54% | 1185 X | 1376 TS

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+22 TS

52% | 1250 X | 1266 TS

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26% | 982 X | 1303 TS

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+65 TS

NEW | 965 X | 989 TS

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89% | 1514 X | 1495 TS

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53% | 1263 X | 1262 TS

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47% | 1112 X | 1331 TS

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-9 TS

22% | 1073 X | 1163 TS

-41 X
-17 TS

16% | 1036 X | 1145 TS

Chat log

00:00:00pWny- [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... zebbelito with 48 seconds.
00:00:03Lawok -water 255 0 255
00:00:05Lawok -rickroll 1
00:00:09Lawok anyone lich?
00:00:18Tough can u get furi for me?
00:00:18Lawok no, its banned
00:00:18zebbelito lich
00:00:18Lawok furion
00:00:18IronHamer why did 2 of the players had 50% before starT,
00:00:33Lawok go lion wd sven rexxar
00:00:38GottHasstMich XD
00:00:39GottHasstMich hahahahaha
00:00:39Tough hahahah
00:00:40GottHasstMich (Y)
00:00:41Tough ff
00:00:42Lawok :D
00:00:42sebralane team invis
00:00:45zebbelito dont foget bird
00:00:46sebralane i make lothar
00:00:49sebralane pick pl too
00:00:51Tough same here
00:00:52Lawok this is good, no one can counter rikimaru so easily
00:00:52IronHamer no more agi
00:01:02Lawok anyway gondar aint hard carry
00:01:05sebralane no get support pl
00:01:06GottHasstMich luna morph good imo
00:01:09sebralane pl makes meka
00:01:12Tough x
00:01:13Lawok lion and wd and we have good heroes
00:01:13sebralane and stuff like that
00:01:14GottHasstMich :D:D:D
00:01:17zebbelito sven lion
00:01:18zebbelito ffs
00:01:24zebbelito we need stuns
00:01:27Lawok lion wd rexxar into win
00:01:28zebbelito fuck sake
00:01:28sebralane moprh dusa pl
00:01:30zebbelito fuck sake
00:01:32pWny- yes thats true pudgy
00:01:34Lawok yes dusa morph now
00:01:37zebbelito FUCK SAKE
00:01:40zebbelito Ff
00:01:42IronHamer can i get dusa?
00:01:42pWny- rexxar alchi
00:01:44Lawok NO
00:01:45Lawok :D
00:01:47sebralane i randomed
00:01:49GottHasstMich rexxar
00:01:49GottHasstMich gg
00:01:50sebralane sucks
00:01:53sebralane i wanted dusa
00:01:55sebralane :(
00:01:55Lawok get rexxar/chen/necro
00:01:57pWny- witch doc with me top please
00:02:01Tough or magnus
00:02:03zebbelito u have 1 dotal player
00:02:04IronHamer or magna
00:02:06zebbelito i have like 4
00:02:07Tough imba with my stun
00:02:10zebbelito so unfair
00:02:15Lawok all these are?
00:02:19GottHasstMich LIFE SUCKS!
00:02:23Tough i mid?
00:02:24Lawok except teal and yellow
00:02:24Lawok 2
00:02:26Lawok im mid
00:02:29sebralane lol
00:02:32Lawok CHICKEN
00:02:32sebralane fak this shit
00:02:33Lawok ffs
00:02:34sebralane u go riki mid
00:02:35zebbelito 3 normal
00:02:35pWny- alchi
00:02:37pWny- and luna
00:02:38sebralane sue go
00:02:38pWny- SUCKS together
00:02:39pWny- ffs
00:02:39GottHasstMich no chick
00:02:39GottHasstMich gg
00:02:40pWny- 2 farmer
00:02:40GottHasstMich ._.
00:02:41zebbelito <- 4x ru
00:02:43sebralane 0 wards or flying from me
00:02:45pWny- and downlane 2 ints
00:02:47pWny- really funny
00:02:47Lawok <- no chick here
00:02:51zebbelito =)
00:02:52GottHasstMich orange
00:02:54Tough penis
00:02:56zebbelito standard these days
00:02:57GottHasstMich u are supposed to buy fucking chicken
00:02:58GottHasstMich or ban
00:02:59sebralane riki mid here <-
00:03:01Lawok ironhamer read rules
00:03:03GottHasstMich its dl 2
00:03:03IronHamer sry
00:03:05IronHamer IK
00:03:07IronHamer FORGOT
00:03:07zebbelito ok
00:03:08Lawok asap
00:03:09Lawok do it
00:03:13IronHamer W8 185g
00:03:17IronHamer will do it
00:03:17pWny- alchi please make pulls ok
00:03:23IronHamer i am the 5th player
00:03:23GottHasstMich and activate
00:03:24IronHamer IK
00:03:24GottHasstMich not just buy
00:03:28IronHamer OFC
00:03:40Tough go fb?
00:03:45sebralane hay
00:03:46sebralane im noob
00:03:48GottHasstMich wd
00:03:49pWny- omfg
00:03:51pWny- autoattack alchi
00:03:53pWny- no pull
00:03:53pWny- GG
00:03:55IronHamer 133g
00:03:59101010 ss top?
00:04:06keltim imbo ward
00:04:11GottHasstMich leemme farm pls
00:04:12GottHasstMich ffs
00:04:15Tough i need tp
00:04:15pWny- GO PULL
00:04:16pWny- FFS
00:04:22pWny- alchi
00:04:24pWny- dude
00:04:28Tough i pull one time
00:04:29Tough than i tp
00:04:38101010 ss bot
00:04:41101010 re
00:04:41GottHasstMich b4 u tp we go another time
00:04:58Tough block
00:05:03IronHamer gtg 2 base
00:05:09IronHamer to activate chick :)
00:05:10GottHasstMich go wd
00:05:13zebbelito hahah
00:05:14zebbelito :;D:D:D
00:05:18Lawok :P
00:05:23101010 imba wd
00:05:38keltim i top krobeles inbo warder
00:05:39pWny- alchi
00:05:42pWny- can u go PULL ????
00:05:47pWny- dude??
00:05:47Aleks875 k
00:05:50pWny- please
00:05:50101010 ward id for they CANT pull
00:05:51101010 wd
00:05:55101010 u understand that?
00:06:03GottHasstMich go klrobe soon
00:06:16keltim k good pul = 2 dead me
00:06:32pWny- lvl 1 voljin?
00:06:39keltim me gang
00:06:44pWny- go
00:06:49GottHasstMich ss wd
00:06:57keltim facepalm
00:07:05IronHamer wd was top
00:07:11IronHamer still is
00:07:16Tough rune bot
00:07:17pWny- now tripple lane
00:07:18pWny- no one pulls
00:07:20pWny- guys ??
00:07:21pWny- are u joiking
00:07:24pWny- really
00:07:49Aleks875 wd
00:07:52Aleks875 idiot
00:07:53pWny- captain
00:07:55pWny- say
00:07:57zebbelito Y/?
00:07:58pWny- taht someone should PULL
00:07:58pWny- toplane
00:07:59keltim you to
00:08:01zebbelito i dont care
00:08:01pWny- WD comes
00:08:03zebbelito about this
00:08:03pWny- and suck EXP
00:08:04zebbelito u suck
00:08:13sebralane farm
00:08:26pWny- u get firstblooded from rikimaru mid
00:08:29pWny- but k im suck
00:08:34pWny- gogo
00:08:44Lawok omw
00:08:45Lawok luna mid
00:08:53zebbelito wtf u dpin here
00:08:58pWny- i trtyed gang
00:09:03zebbelito whitout wards?
00:09:09zebbelito or dyust
00:09:11keltim wards
00:09:14keltim very good
00:09:16pWny- i hoped for a good hook
00:09:37GottHasstMich let me maim him first
00:09:42GottHasstMich b4 go
00:09:48zebbelito ss mid
00:09:49pWny- rikitop
00:09:49zebbelito sa
00:09:59GottHasstMich ok go doc
00:10:09101010 ss bot
00:10:29pWny- scourge ffs
00:10:34Lawok ss mid still
00:10:41pWny- pudge can i go mid a bit?
00:10:41zebbelito i ulti
00:10:42zebbelito u kill
00:10:42pWny- please
00:11:03keltim LOL
00:11:21GottHasstMich great shit
00:11:40GottHasstMich :D
00:11:55GottHasstMich FFS
00:11:56GottHasstMich LET ME KILL
00:12:11Lawok u have ulti
00:12:15Lawok sven is good to get kills..
00:12:16zebbelito wards?
00:12:17sebralane me2
00:12:18zebbelito dusts?
00:12:19zebbelito support?
00:12:20GottHasstMich y
00:12:21GottHasstMich very good
00:12:24GottHasstMich to last hit with stun
00:12:24GottHasstMich ._.
00:12:25pWny- wd + krob
00:12:28Tough well
00:12:30keltim wd lol
00:12:31Tough i did everything
00:12:34keltim i not have many
00:12:36zebbelito u lol
00:12:38keltim not have farm
00:12:55keltim krobel not ward =me gang = i fm
00:12:58keltim i fb
00:13:18GottHasstMich ss bot
00:13:18pWny- nice pudge
00:13:19pWny- good job
00:13:44sebralane sven mid gogo
00:14:04Lawok CARE TOp
00:14:04Lawok CARE
00:14:11GottHasstMich :D
00:14:21pWny- miss mid
00:14:22zebbelito WARDS
00:14:28Lawok upg
00:14:32pWny- lion
00:14:52sebralane gg
00:14:52zebbelito no team
00:14:54zebbelito gg
00:14:56sebralane ut a faking retad
00:14:57keltim not pick
00:14:58sebralane faking asshole
00:14:58keltim gg
00:15:01zebbelito not what?
00:15:02keltim not ward
00:15:02zebbelito idiot
00:15:03sebralane if its up to me
00:15:06sebralane i will let u die
00:15:09sebralane to stun or not
00:15:12sebralane i will let u die
00:15:25zebbelito krobe alche and luna worst picks
00:15:28zebbelito ever
00:16:19keltim lol
00:16:25keltim hook
00:16:50pWny- oom
00:17:07zebbelito KROBE BUY WARDS
00:17:35pWny- i go gem now
00:17:39pWny- lets stick together
00:17:40pWny- pudge ok?
00:17:46zebbelito y
00:17:51zebbelito wd so bad
00:17:53pWny- and go gang
00:17:54zebbelito i think hes russian
00:18:11keltim yes i russian and what?
00:18:22zebbelito Keltim "Yes i russian and what?"
00:18:23GottHasstMich reuse
00:18:46sebralane got me
00:18:50zebbelito give gemn
00:18:52pWny- no
00:18:57sebralane all there
00:18:57zebbelito ok
00:19:01pWny- we stick together
00:19:03pWny- its ok
00:19:05sebralane gondar where that bfury
00:19:09zebbelito u need farm
00:19:13pWny- i know
00:19:17pWny- i farm by kills
00:19:32sebralane gondar inc
00:19:32zebbelito sven win this
00:19:37sebralane u nab
00:19:39sebralane gem
00:19:39101010 wd win this
00:19:40GottHasstMich stfu sebra
00:19:42GottHasstMich srsly
00:19:44GottHasstMich u talking
00:19:49GottHasstMich u shouldnt even allowed to use the WORD
00:19:50GottHasstMich NUB
00:19:51sebralane u suck
00:19:54sebralane 10 minute freefarm
00:19:57sebralane still no bfly
00:20:01GottHasstMich y
00:20:02pWny- i port
00:20:03GottHasstMich freefarm
00:20:04zebbelito tp
00:20:06GottHasstMich u attacked my creeps u fuck
00:20:09GottHasstMich but still its almost rdy
00:20:09pWny- ALCHI
00:20:10GottHasstMich so be quiet
00:20:11pWny- port top
00:20:11pWny- ffs
00:20:18keltim you super ward= wd fb and all time me gang
00:20:36pWny- please dton drop
00:20:54zebbelito who took gem?
00:20:56zebbelito now
00:20:57pWny- who got gem
00:21:03pWny- magnus
00:21:06pWny- magnus gem
00:21:09zebbelito how ?
00:21:11pWny- alchi = GG
00:21:13pWny- he just alonw
00:21:17pWny- noob
00:21:18zebbelito u droped on ground?
00:21:21zebbelito before u died?
00:21:24pWny- no
00:21:31pWny- GOOD GAME ALCHI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:21:33pWny- YOU ARE THE MAN
00:21:35101010 and wd
00:22:33sebralane go in i might stun
00:22:37pWny- nice warding btw krobe
00:22:39pWny- thanx
00:22:43pWny- kill
00:22:54pWny- killl
00:23:23pWny- b
00:23:26pWny- save me please
00:23:32pWny- wd
00:23:33pWny- come with me base
00:23:34pWny- please
00:23:37pWny- b
00:23:47pWny- thanx
00:24:00zebbelito butterfly
00:24:03zebbelito on sa
00:24:08pWny- no prob lemo
00:24:25101010 care
00:25:09sebralane dont
00:25:11GottHasstMich btw
00:25:13GottHasstMich bf on magnus
00:25:14IronHamer k
00:25:15GottHasstMich sucks balls
00:25:20GottHasstMich dagger would be much better first
00:25:27pWny- kill
00:25:27pWny- sven
00:25:28pWny- hook
00:25:31GottHasstMich just for the future
00:25:33zebbelito not now
00:25:36Tough ah okay lion
00:25:37zebbelito need gem
00:25:40IronHamer need mana regen
00:25:41sebralane fak u kser
00:25:45GottHasstMich bottle
00:25:46GottHasstMich and goodie
00:25:56zebbelito go together
00:25:58pWny- b
00:26:00pWny- wait for gem
00:26:00zebbelito u suck
00:26:01pWny- ALL TOGETHER
00:26:03zebbelito go russian lueage
00:26:05pWny- alchi come 1 time with us
00:26:17Aleks875 ok
00:26:55zebbelito alchemist
00:26:57zebbelito u suck
00:26:58zebbelito join game
00:27:41pWny- rikimaru gem
00:27:43pWny- finish spot
00:27:48zebbelito die irl
00:27:49pWny- BACK
00:27:50zebbelito alche
00:27:50pWny- ffs
00:27:55zebbelito sa kill u
00:27:56zebbelito now
00:27:59pWny- yes
00:28:06Tough hahahahha
00:28:10sebralane he got me
00:28:18pWny- he attacks creeps
00:28:24sebralane i think that liken on alche will do
00:28:27pWny- good job wd
00:28:35Lawok they got double gem
00:28:36pWny- GEM
00:28:36pWny- GEM
00:28:49pWny- sorry for pings
00:29:00IronHamer wtf
00:29:13Lawok sven blink is good item
00:29:15Lawok u could use it there
00:29:19GottHasstMich he thought hes rly invis..
00:29:20GottHasstMich ^^
00:29:28pWny- back please
00:29:29pWny- 2 gems
00:29:30pWny- are 2 risky
00:29:31pWny- go b
00:29:33pWny- please
00:29:39IronHamer lets play as a team pls
00:29:45Lawok ye
00:29:52Lawok gather all mid
00:30:01zebbelito ulti
00:30:18GottHasstMich gr8 block
00:30:18zebbelito omw
00:30:24Tough great hit
00:30:33101010 alch b
00:30:34pWny- uff
00:30:44pWny- how can u miss the hook -.-
00:30:58pWny- well got BKB now
00:31:10sebralane wtf is this shit?
00:31:13pWny- where is chick?
00:31:21pWny- k
00:31:23IronHamer lets push mid
00:31:23sebralane fak this shit
00:31:26sebralane io will farm
00:31:36zebbelito :;S
00:31:47zebbelito we have alche
00:31:52keltim not go jne
00:31:54keltim one
00:33:06zebbelito gj
00:33:07pWny- gotcha
00:33:09Lawok million gems
00:33:10pWny- hihi
00:33:12Lawok unfair
00:33:17pWny- ^-
00:33:22Aleks875 y
00:33:24Aleks875 rat
00:33:31Aleks875 rat dont like gems
00:33:32GottHasstMich get them back already
00:33:49Lawok gather all mid
00:33:53Lawok lets try ending
00:33:56Lawok push mid t2 tower
00:33:57Lawok then rosh
00:33:59Lawok then bot
00:34:00Lawok then end
00:34:02pWny- k
00:34:16Lawok pudge is invis
00:34:17Lawok now
00:34:17Lawok care
00:34:24pWny- i go farm
00:34:30pWny- u need gem guys
00:34:35pWny- or wards or something
00:34:44IronHamer pls stop
00:34:47sebralane mom is good vs luna or krobe?
00:34:49Lawok pls learn
00:34:50sebralane yes yes
00:35:06keltim lol
00:35:07zebbelito suckers
00:35:11zebbelito so bad
00:35:17keltim gg
00:35:19keltim - rosh
00:35:28Lawok i take
00:35:46keltim -1
00:35:48zebbelito I M ALONE
00:35:49zebbelito U KNOW
00:35:53zebbelito 1v5
00:35:59keltim bkb used
00:36:00keltim lol
00:36:00zebbelito now u solo die
00:36:02zebbelito gg
00:36:04sebralane forever alone
00:36:05zebbelito 2 gems
00:36:06zebbelito gone
00:36:09zebbelito GJ
00:36:19Tough Forever
00:37:03keltim LOL
00:37:11keltim omg
00:37:19IronHamer wtf
00:37:24IronHamer sry team
00:38:04IronHamer luna slowly going imba
00:38:06101010 wd can u get wards?
00:38:20pWny- b
00:38:44keltim facepalm luna
00:39:21pWny- kill
00:39:21sebralane can ff it now
00:39:22pWny- kill
00:39:25keltim no
00:39:26keltim no
00:39:27Lawok we can lose this
00:39:32sebralane no we cant
00:39:32Lawok no single time 5 of us
00:39:34sebralane we just did
00:39:34Lawok just roshan
00:39:35Lawok horrible
00:39:42Lawok when captain says gather mid can u do that
00:39:52sebralane wtf is this shit?
00:39:56Tough y
00:40:00Tough go vs 5
00:40:02Tough hv
00:40:07pWny- im nearly oom
00:40:07Lawok its so clear that sven is from dl
00:40:10Lawok plays only solo
00:40:15Tough 9 assist
00:40:18Tough dont talk to me
00:40:22sebralane most random hook ever
00:40:23zebbelito b
00:40:25pWny- b
00:40:36IronHamer my 30
00:40:39IronHamer 321
00:40:40Lawok no thirties here
00:40:40zebbelito for agah
00:40:40Tough xD
00:40:41pWny- well ok pudge
00:40:49pWny- take it
00:40:51Lawok GO MID
00:40:52Lawok NOW
00:40:52Lawok ALL
00:40:59Lawok go or lose
00:41:02keltim use my wards
00:41:05GottHasstMich im there
00:41:18zebbelito omfg
00:41:20zebbelito takes ages
00:41:21zebbelito to kill
00:41:24pWny- hihi
00:41:37zebbelito wai all
00:41:38pWny- alchi
00:41:39zebbelito need all
00:41:39zebbelito b
00:41:40pWny- thats reportable
00:41:42zebbelito b
00:41:43pWny- def in base
00:41:44pWny- i port
00:41:49zebbelito b
00:41:51zebbelito b
00:42:03zebbelito WAIT ALL
00:42:04zebbelito IDOTS
00:42:06keltim bay back
00:42:16pWny- fuck
00:42:18pWny- i cant
00:42:32zebbelito u lost game alche
00:42:33pWny- well i forgot dagger
00:42:34zebbelito and wd
00:42:34Lawok phew
00:42:37Lawok almost lost this -.-
00:42:41GottHasstMich godd that they all 1b1
00:42:49zebbelito they suicide
00:42:50zebbelito for u
00:42:51zebbelito np
00:43:12pWny- WTF ?
00:43:14Lawok how can i kill myself
00:43:15Lawok :DD
00:43:15keltim LOL not used maledic riki luck
00:43:15pWny- rikimaru self kill
00:43:16Lawok WTF
00:43:18zebbelito alch go kill urself
00:43:19zebbelito irl
00:43:19pWny- oO i dunno
00:43:26Lawok those ghosts killed me
00:43:26zebbelito u lost this game alone
00:43:27Lawok hmm
00:43:38pWny- this itembuild is so stupid anyway on alchi
00:43:39pWny- linkens
00:43:39zebbelito if they didnt suicide mid
00:43:40Lawok mby im just too imba
00:43:43zebbelito mid they russian
00:43:43zebbelito So
00:43:47zebbelito they have iq of 65
00:44:00Lawok well if we would have gone like that 15mins ago
00:44:03Lawok u wouldnt have a chance
00:44:04GottHasstMich drop oters items
00:44:04sebralane 65 is more than u
00:44:05GottHasstMich I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:06sebralane soo su
00:44:10GottHasstMich reuse
00:44:10GottHasstMich ffs
00:44:11zebbelito ?
00:44:25pWny- repush win
00:44:26pWny- go
00:44:30zebbelito alche go jump bridge
00:44:30zebbelito irl
00:44:31zebbelito go
00:44:34sebralane u lost it not ur team
00:44:35zebbelito we wait
00:44:37zebbelito for pause
00:44:40zebbelito :D?
00:44:49zebbelito u never won 1 game
00:44:50zebbelito So
00:44:53zebbelito U shouldt talk
00:45:00zebbelito he lost
00:45:01sebralane no u
00:45:01zebbelito Alone
00:45:02zebbelito Alche
00:45:03pWny- this alchi -.-
00:45:17zebbelito gem
00:45:20Aleks875 here NO 30 idiot
00:45:23zebbelito 10101
00:45:25zebbelito buy gem
00:45:25Aleks875 so stfu
00:45:26zebbelito 100101
00:45:28Aleks875 noob
00:45:32sebralane wadap
00:45:37sebralane saw reactions?
00:45:37Aleks875 go play dota-league
00:45:49zebbelito here no 30
00:45:54zebbelito what does that mean
00:45:57GottHasstMich JHAHAHAHA
00:45:59pWny- xD
00:46:06keltim I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:46:07Aleks875 low iq
00:46:09Aleks875 really
00:46:09pWny- gg
00:46:10pWny- I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:46:14IronHamer it was a 30 sec pause on DL
00:46:26pWny- alchi is lol
00:46:58pWny- wp rikimaru
00:47:07zebbelito only alche was wp
00:47:10pWny- still dunno how you kill pudge on lvl 3
00:47:19IronHamer gg
00:47:21pWny- tbh -.-
00:47:25Aleks875 pudge wp with 30
00:47:26Aleks875 XD
00:47:30zebbelito watch replay
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