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Chat log

00:00:01helge XD
00:00:02WANKmaster -ap
00:00:03helge pls
00:00:07edgarass NO PLS
00:00:07helge -.-
00:00:09Maier lucifer
00:00:09edgarass GO LANYA OR BAN
00:00:10Maier wanna mid ?
00:00:13helge ok fatass
00:00:15helge idiot
00:00:16son1c su
00:00:21Maier slc2
00:00:22son1c -swap
00:00:22Maier wanna mid ?
00:00:24son1c -swapall
00:00:26slc2 ok
00:00:35son1c swap
00:00:36son1c plz
00:00:36slc2 maier can u play lanaya?
00:00:38Maier -swap 4
00:00:41Maier ok
00:00:43slc2 maier u mid now
00:00:48helge anyone can play thral?
00:00:58edgarass lanes?
00:01:05Maier -ii
00:01:06slc2 burn ur woods
00:01:07Maier -water red
00:01:07WANKmaster these are fine
00:01:09Maier -weather rain
00:01:10slc2 sven bot
00:01:13Maier yea enigma is best mid
00:01:14slc2 sven bot with thrall
00:01:15Maier i mean woods
00:01:16Kamerplant really? ^^
00:01:22niacniac could you share ?
00:01:27niacniac thx mate
00:01:38Maier sul ka retid tiimis ?
00:01:38Kamerplant roof can you share for 1 second
00:01:42Kamerplant never seen new roof
00:01:47Kamerplant since it's banned everywhere else
00:01:53WANKmaster igast oile jah
00:01:55niacniac :D
00:01:58Kamerplant ah k thanks
00:02:00Maier närvi ajab tra
00:02:04niacniac go bnet sometimes
00:02:08Kamerplant lol
00:02:15Kamerplant i fear for my sanity
00:02:17Kamerplant when i go bnet
00:02:24burn pulled?
00:02:27edgarass fuck of
00:02:29niacniac i didn't played roof for one year too
00:02:30slc2 yea some times
00:02:32edgarass when i amn blocking creeps pls
00:02:37slc2 if it does it better for u
00:02:39Kamerplant be polite
00:02:46edgarass i wrote pls
00:02:54slc2 nice krob an wl top
00:03:10slc2 that means lot of ganks
00:03:38niacniac ss
00:03:41niacniac re
00:05:01edgarass let me farm'
00:05:06slc2 up chick
00:05:09helge did
00:05:26Maier CARE TOP
00:05:27Maier ENGIMA
00:05:30Maier POTM COMING TOP
00:05:55slc2 wee need to kill enigma
00:06:41slc2 ss 1
00:06:58Maier MISS MID
00:07:02Maier re
00:07:10son1c thx
00:07:11son1c buddy
00:07:14Rotkiv ss
00:07:22son1c b
00:07:25Maier care bot
00:07:41son1c invisible rune
00:07:43son1c potm
00:07:47helge razor has some good time
00:07:48helge Öc
00:08:02slc2 need gank top
00:08:08niacniac lol
00:08:10niacniac wp
00:08:11son1c :D
00:08:11helge funny :D
00:08:14slc2 thrall sven come top
00:08:14niacniac nice shadows
00:08:24Maier MISS MID
00:08:33slc2 sven thrall com
00:08:35slc2 come
00:08:39son1c omw
00:08:54niacniac ss
00:08:56niacniac 2
00:08:56Rotkiv ss
00:08:57niacniac bot
00:09:38Kamerplant thrall top
00:09:40son1c kk
00:09:41son1c gj
00:09:56Kamerplant atleast doom has no farm or lvl
00:10:21slc2 car
00:10:28Maier MISS MID
00:10:34slc2 he is there
00:10:37slc2 im oom
00:10:51Kamerplant ss2
00:10:54Rotkiv waoit
00:11:03son1c need gang bot
00:11:17Rotkiv go
00:11:29burn ff
00:11:35edgarass for fuck sakes
00:11:44helge that was silly
00:11:46helge doom
00:11:46helge :c
00:12:06slc2 alot:D
00:12:10slc2 i got none farm....
00:12:30slc2 wl inc mid
00:12:36edgarass lets [push
00:13:28Kamerplant ffs
00:13:29helge man fuck off
00:13:35helge lanya random pick ruined game
00:13:40son1c haha y
00:13:42son1c su
00:13:53niacniac omg
00:13:57Rotkiv wfuck wr is our :D
00:14:02Rotkiv wl
00:14:08helge it did not?
00:14:15helge look we cant do a shit with our setup
00:14:18helge lanes fucked
00:14:20helge clashes fucked
00:14:28helge waste of time
00:14:52slc2 i come
00:15:35son1c #y
00:15:37son1c farm enigma
00:15:48helge gg ff
00:16:10burn im not play thid fucked hero!
00:16:28helge hehe why picked it then
00:16:32niacniac mana ?
00:16:34niacniac need mana
00:16:36Kamerplant infernal ready
00:16:37son1c ward
00:16:38burn cap
00:16:39son1c thrall
00:16:39son1c ffs
00:16:43slc2 kill mirana
00:16:45helge what ward?
00:16:47helge WHAT
00:16:48Rotkiv wait me
00:17:23Kamerplant SAVE
00:17:26niacniac ty
00:17:30niacniac nice
00:17:35Maier please, save
00:17:36Kamerplant full heal epicness
00:17:54Kamerplant dont b
00:18:24son1c MOVE
00:18:43helge funny
00:18:51helge ME PR
00:18:53helge PRO
00:18:56helge WHUAT
00:19:04son1c luci afk
00:19:42Kamerplant oom
00:19:42helge HEHE
00:19:49helge :D
00:19:52helge shit game
00:20:14helge HERE WE GO
00:21:16Kamerplant oom
00:21:37slc2 burn no dagger?
00:21:39Maier sven get urself a soulring
00:21:40Kamerplant finsih fast
00:21:55helge we can win this
00:22:02son1c with an afk engima?
00:22:02slc2 jep
00:22:14helge i was not serious
00:22:21helge no way we win this
00:22:40helge stop fooling around end it
00:22:52helge nice gang
00:23:22helge the ring
00:23:27helge now u gonna die
00:24:00Kamerplant mana
00:24:39Maier ff
00:24:44son1c ff
00:24:48burn ff
00:24:59helge ff
00:25:17Kamerplant this urn
00:25:19Kamerplant raped them
00:25:20Kamerplant solo.
00:25:35helge 'STORM
00:25:36helge YEAH
00:25:37helge GOGOGOG
00:25:44helge THE RING
00:26:03helge hf gl
00:26:07edgarass lol
00:26:18Rotkiv wank sul igav ei ole meiega pelada?
00:26:26Maier WTF
00:26:29Maier STOP IT
00:26:32Kamerplant double infernal incoming
00:26:36edgarass think my first ultra kill
00:26:37WANKmaster no ei saa täis
00:26:38Maier fucking sore losers
00:26:39WANKmaster teine pela
00:26:40WANKmaster ju
00:26:43Rotkiv :P
00:27:07helge im quite tanky
00:27:29son1c lol
00:27:36Kamerplant oom
00:28:52Kamerplant wp
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