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Chat log

00:00:00PriMo [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... infect with 60 seconds.
00:00:18infect i want to wr or ns :)
00:00:22FirstBlood -pudge
00:00:25edgarass sry diud not see pool
00:00:25infect lol
00:00:25infect you dont need to see it
00:00:25PriMo ?? ??? ??????? 100%)?????? ??? ?????
00:00:25Euforia morph
00:00:25infect you have like 2 mins before you need
00:00:25vaityl )
00:00:32vaityl ?? ????? ??????? ??? ????? ?? ?? ??? ? ?? ???? ??????)
00:00:46PriMo ?????????
00:00:55vaityl ??? ??? 1500+ ???
00:01:00mansikka -afk
00:01:02PriMo ????? ?????)
00:01:08vaityl ??? ??????
00:01:09vaityl )
00:01:37mansikka ench woods???
00:01:37FirstBlood pick some wood here
00:01:39edgarass what to take?
00:01:39FirstBlood hero
00:01:41infect how we lane it ?
00:01:44FirstBlood i want solo bot
00:01:45Euforia ench mid
00:01:51mansikka :<<
00:01:59edgarass what to take?
00:02:02Euforia pick ds
00:02:03mansikka ds
00:02:04OneNightInLuna hm
00:02:05infect chicken
00:02:06OneNightInLuna y
00:02:07mansikka and go woods
00:02:07infect vaitylu
00:02:14edgarass no cant play him
00:02:18mansikka :DD
00:02:21mansikka DDD
00:02:25Euforia u cant play medusa either
00:02:27Euforia so why u pick
00:02:28edgarass oh my god
00:02:30edgarass random
00:02:32edgarass shit
00:02:36PriMo ????
00:02:40FirstBlood tauren lol
00:02:41Euforia chicken
00:02:41PriMo ?????? ?????? ??? ? ???0
00:02:41Euforia no
00:02:43Euforia now
00:02:43vaityl )
00:02:46infect primo, noone can see what you speak
00:02:57infect niehter can we see what vaityl speaks
00:02:58edgarass skill and item build?
00:03:04infect fix it perhaps
00:03:06OneNightInLuna ...
00:03:19Euforia manta butterfly linken
00:03:31edgarass lol
00:03:38Isdronningen i pull
00:05:55OneNightInLuna dusa....
00:06:00vaityl )
00:07:34edgarass ss
00:08:25infect nice lvl
00:08:36OneNightInLuna dusa rly
00:08:36Isdronningen thanks :D
00:08:43OneNightInLuna dont come bot again
00:08:57FirstBlood ss mid
00:09:04vaityl ??2
00:09:05infect night
00:09:06infect ss ns
00:09:15infect and qop
00:09:24infect re qop
00:09:25infect ns ss
00:09:44infect re 2
00:09:51infect need help top then
00:10:00mansikka miss 2 top
00:10:14edgarass ss
00:10:38vaityl ?
00:11:10Isdronningen ss top
00:11:14infect 3 dop
00:11:17infect top
00:11:26OneNightInLuna bala go gang
00:11:30Isdronningen ok
00:11:31OneNightInLuna its night
00:11:56Euforia go away
00:12:26OneNightInLuna lvl 9
00:13:04Euforia dont spam
00:13:05Euforia ty
00:13:50OneNightInLuna go gather now
00:13:55OneNightInLuna only chance
00:14:43Euforia we need obs
00:14:45Euforia and bird
00:14:46Euforia dusa
00:14:47Euforia buy
00:16:05Isdronningen why?
00:16:15vaityl ????????
00:16:26Euforia wr farm
00:16:26Euforia xD
00:16:31Xeros go mid
00:17:33Isdronningen life+
00:17:51vaityl ?????? ?????)
00:19:46OneNightInLuna ff
00:20:22Isdronningen b
00:21:26OneNightInLuna gg dusa
00:21:33Euforia gg puc
00:21:40Euforia skill ulti next time
00:21:43OneNightInLuna lol go with this dusa on a line
00:21:47OneNightInLuna lol su
00:21:58Isdronningen damn you :D
00:22:00Euforia u can solo bot with puck
00:22:03Euforia and u blame dusa
00:22:03Euforia xD
00:22:06infect was never going to die
00:22:11OneNightInLuna ahm i wasnt solo?
00:22:12infect was going to kill you, but no mana
00:22:22Isdronningen come onnnn :D
00:22:27infect gale was @ cd
00:22:31infect man**
00:22:33infect mana
00:22:33infect :D
00:22:43infect you would have died so easily :D
00:23:33Euforia -afk
00:24:45vaityl tp
00:25:20Euforia u can place yourself into orb
00:25:22Euforia with a button
00:25:23Euforia puck
00:25:35OneNightInLuna no rly?
00:25:40OneNightInLuna i can do that
00:25:42OneNightInLuna ?
00:25:55OneNightInLuna man u think i dont know my hero or what?
00:26:08OneNightInLuna i watched bot?
00:26:15infect tp when i spawn
00:26:15infect ty
00:26:31OneNightInLuna dusa dying bot 3 times in a row
00:26:44OneNightInLuna i treid to save hert all time
00:26:59OneNightInLuna and died
00:27:04OneNightInLuna and u want blame me?
00:27:14Isdronningen haha :D
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