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Chat log

00:00:18Kastrup ban`....
00:00:18Kalkaros omnifag
00:00:18Kastrup bala
00:00:31Puppetmaster the bot understanded "omnifag" xD
00:00:54Kalkaros anyone thall?
00:00:58Kalkaros get me huskar
00:01:10Kastrup cent would be great
00:01:13Kastrup rexxar
00:01:14Kastrup and lesh
00:01:18Kastrup for bot would be great aswell
00:01:20Kastrup tide great
00:01:21Kastrup gj
00:01:24Kastrup lesh and cent tide top
00:01:31Kastrup hm
00:01:34Puppetmaster what to pick??
00:01:35Kastrup lesh
00:01:37Puppetmaster lastpick
00:01:38Kastrup if possible
00:01:43Kastrup or atropos
00:01:45Kalkaros get me huskar
00:01:46Puppetmaster mhm, my stun with him isnt perfekt
00:01:48Kalkaros swap for this
00:01:49Puppetmaster bane is better
00:01:52Kastrup ok
00:01:53Kastrup fine
00:01:54Kalkaros -swap 5
00:01:57Astrocreep cant i play him?
00:01:58Kastrup do as good as possible
00:02:02Kalkaros no
00:02:04Kastrup panda and atro bot tide u pull
00:02:05Astrocreep i
00:02:06Kastrup tide u pull top
00:02:07Kastrup i go mid
00:02:08Astrocreep who says
00:02:11Kastrup IF POSSIBLE
00:02:13Kastrup wards would be fantastic!
00:02:19Kalkaros I cant really control you that much
00:02:20Kastrup sghare chicl
00:02:22Kastrup share chicken*
00:02:29Kastrup and flying would help aswell
00:02:30Kalkaros but two most low skilled having mort and husk
00:02:33Kalkaros just disaster
00:02:38Astrocreep sorry
00:02:42Puppetmaster dont be mad with me, i will do my best ;)
00:02:44Astrocreep i cant play thrall properly
00:02:45Puppetmaster but im noob
00:02:46Kastrup do that
00:02:51Kalkaros I'll deal with it then
00:02:55Kastrup get some hp
00:02:57Firoga just let me farm
00:02:59Firoga and play safe
00:02:59Kastrup and get wards
00:03:01Kastrup true
00:03:02Bogdan -swap 1
00:03:15Kalkaros you even screwe the lanes men
00:03:19Kalkaros try get drips
00:03:21Kalkaros grips
00:06:35Kastrup i need that chikc :/
00:06:42Kastrup sa
00:06:42Bocktiggi s
00:06:43Kastrup asap
00:06:45Puppetmaster now
00:06:46Kastrup miss
00:07:10Puppetmaster xa
00:07:14Puppetmaster wards bot rune
00:07:16Puppetmaster of sent
00:07:31Kastrup miss mid
00:07:32Kastrup care top
00:07:36Astrocreep ss
00:07:37Kastrup and bot
00:08:01Bocktiggi ss#
00:08:11Firoga ss
00:09:23Bogdan ss tide
00:09:24Bogdan top
00:09:31Kastrup hes full hp now
00:09:33Kastrup wuith reg rune
00:09:55Krisss ss2
00:09:56Astrocreep rune bot i think
00:10:06Bocktiggi i dont think
00:10:17Firoga omg
00:10:22Kastrup ?
00:10:24Firoga no u
00:10:29Firoga lucky
00:10:31Firoga he
00:10:34Kastrup ye
00:10:44Kastrup -1
00:10:44Kastrup mid
00:10:45Kastrup care bot
00:11:05HausTia rune top
00:11:24Bocktiggi ss tide u can gank mid if u 8ant
00:11:53HausTia omw mid
00:12:21Astrocreep mort
00:12:22Astrocreep why
00:12:25Astrocreep the fuck
00:13:06Kastrup <-
00:13:19Kastrup care for huskar
00:13:36Krisss ss2
00:13:47Puppetmaster mhm, i could have know that its warded
00:14:29Puppetmaster still warded bot
00:14:35Firoga blind ye if u could 8ard rune plz
00:15:14Puppetmaster let me sleeo
00:15:32Puppetmaster arg 8ards
00:16:17Puppetmaster money...
00:16:18Kastrup miss all
00:16:19Kastrup CARE
00:16:31Puppetmaster need hp next anyway 8ards
00:16:47Kastrup come ha8k
00:17:02Kastrup wtf?
00:17:08Firoga i have no hp
00:17:12Kalkaros b top
00:17:13Kastrup well send the earth abc
00:17:13Kastrup and
00:17:14Kalkaros many coming
00:17:14Firoga tide was cominfg 8ards WARDS!!!
00:19:33Puppetmaster oom
00:20:22Puppetmaster who to sleep?
00:20:25Puppetmaster in teamfight?
00:20:30Kastrup thral atro get some effing 8ards
00:21:05Puppetmaster i have no money
00:21:12Puppetmaster and no hp no8 buy and place 8ards....
00:22:10Kalkaros get tower
00:22:18Kastrup all
00:22:23Puppetmaster saw
00:22:57Kastrup GUYS
00:23:19Kastrup STICK
00:23:23Puppetmaster b
00:23:34Firoga stick atro
00:23:36Firoga omg
00:23:38Firoga u use stick
00:23:43Firoga and kill mort
00:23:46Puppetmaster yes
00:23:47Puppetmaster sry AND GET SOME EFFING WARDS!
00:24:11Puppetmaster omw placing it
00:24:14HausTia dagger up
00:24:18Puppetmaster this two places? 15 mins late
00:24:28Firoga dont' be so rude
00:24:34Puppetmaster already had 2
00:24:36Puppetmaster early
00:24:43Puppetmaster where?
00:24:59Kastrup panda up here
00:25:03Kastrup dont
00:26:07Firoga deny
00:26:26Firoga we need pipe
00:26:43Bogdan rex will u vladi?
00:26:54HausTia if you dont want to
00:27:01Bogdan i want helm
00:27:06Puppetmaster i sleep first
00:27:10Kastrup b b b
00:27:25Kastrup follow me next time
00:27:27Kastrup dont show yourself
00:27:38Puppetmaster we was seen before
00:27:45Puppetmaster guess by crow
00:27:46Kastrup then my way is way better to escape..
00:27:47Puppetmaster or by ward atrop plz sleep me if im in thrall ulti
00:29:01Puppetmaster k
00:29:23Puppetmaster wont sleep get canceled in damage/sec?
00:29:33Puppetmaster obs wards in crow
00:29:35Puppetmaster some1 place only by target spells
00:29:50Puppetmaster SRXY
00:29:53Puppetmaster aj
00:29:53Kastrup kk
00:29:56Puppetmaster was writing
00:30:04Puppetmaster obs wards in crow, some1 place then nvm no8 atro got force
00:30:38Kalkaros get rosh
00:30:38HausTia oom
00:30:43Puppetmaster are they rosh??
00:30:47Kastrup i think reuse
00:31:08Firoga gg
00:31:24Puppetmaster i sleep mortred in fights now i guess enfeeble
00:31:34Puppetmaster well, she has bkb
00:31:56Kalkaros come get bottom tower
00:31:59Kalkaros and mby teamfight
00:32:18Puppetmaster b
00:32:25Kastrup hex on trhall
00:32:33Kastrup all come plz
00:32:38Puppetmaster 30:12 ...
00:33:30Puppetmaster windwalk
00:33:53Kastrup tide no ulti?
00:34:10Krisss ?ff
00:34:32Firoga I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:35:09Kastrup wp thrall
00:35:11Kastrup and rex
00:35:21Kalkaros thank you sir!
00:35:47Kastrup :D
00:35:55Firoga panda is drunk !
00:36:05Kalkaros missing two most important attacks
00:36:10Kalkaros pretty standard
00:36:11Firoga not so important !
00:36:16Firoga just killing me
00:36:19Firoga :D
00:36:31Kastrup its not lost 100%
00:36:33Kastrup its hard
00:36:35Kastrup no doubt about that
00:36:39Kastrup but they only opened one side
00:36:49Kastrup and with my aganims thy are having trouble opening others
00:36:58HausTia lti up
00:37:12Puppetmaster at base
00:37:13Puppetmaster i guess
00:37:21Kastrup tide
00:37:21Kastrup -afk
00:37:29Puppetmaster sleep thrall, enfeeble mort, ulti rex
00:37:36Puppetmaster or husk
00:37:39Kastrup -afk
00:37:42Puppetmaster -afk
00:37:42Kastrup afk'er
00:37:42Kastrup :/? Tide!
00:37:42Bocktiggi -afk
00:37:42Firoga -afk KRISS
00:37:42Krisss ?
00:37:42Kastrup there?
00:37:42Krisss y
00:37:42Kastrup wtf are you doing?1
00:37:42Puppetmaster lol
00:37:43Kastrup re
00:37:54Puppetmaster waiting for money for item xD
00:38:12Kastrup b i def
00:38:52Bogdan this huskar
00:38:54Bogdan so bad
00:39:24Kastrup b
00:39:52Kastrup b b b b ase
00:40:02Puppetmaster obs wards
00:40:10Kastrup go b b
00:42:19Kastrup gg ff
00:42:19Puppetmaster wtf, 2 under 100 hp
00:42:22Firoga I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge] HAHHAH
00:42:40Bocktiggi umovable :D
00:42:43Bocktiggi LOLO
00:42:52Bocktiggi -unstuck
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