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Chat log

00:00:04Maier rd
00:00:05Maier go
00:00:07Maier -ii
00:00:08Maier -water red
00:00:10Jonneblarre h
00:00:10Maier -weather rain
00:00:10Buttons oi, brains
00:00:10holostoi zip
00:00:10fUNCh -rd
00:00:10WantedZip -rd
00:00:16fUNCh -clear
00:00:16PriMo ??????????)
00:00:16holostoi ??
00:00:16Maier gogo ban
00:00:16Maier bananannana
00:00:16WantedZip ud
00:00:16Maier ns
00:00:16Maier undying and night stalker banned
00:00:16Maier DONT PICK THEM
00:00:32Maier im not mid
00:00:34Maier btw
00:00:49Maier get doom for mid
00:01:17Maier tc
00:01:19Maier get tc
00:01:26Pufff-Reis i mid
00:01:28WantedZip thrall
00:01:29Mircea.N what is banned ?
00:01:31Buttons ...
00:01:33Buttons why
00:01:34WantedZip gyro
00:01:37Maier no need venge
00:01:40WantedZip ud and bala
00:01:41Mircea.N gyro and...
00:01:42Maier veno can mid
00:01:42va.ztoulis i ll go mid
00:01:43holostoi ns and unduing
00:01:46va.ztoulis with gyro
00:01:47Buttons vs mid is the biggest pile of shit for brains i've ever heard
00:01:48va.ztoulis bah
00:01:49WantedZip thrall
00:01:49Pufff-Reis let me pls
00:01:57Maier NO
00:02:03Maier VENGE TOP WITH ME
00:02:04Maier ty
00:02:08Maier get gyro then
00:02:10Maier and DONT
00:02:11fUNCh .72 update: gyro can make scepter and lunch ulti over minimap?
00:02:12Maier fucking fail
00:02:16WantedZip y
00:02:20Maier thrall u can mid
00:02:26fUNCh imba
00:02:38Maier get quick lvl 6
00:02:38va.ztoulis a chicken would be nc btw
00:02:38Buttons bot or tri top
00:02:39Maier and come gang
00:02:41PriMo ??? ?? ?????????
00:02:42Maier ummm
00:02:42Maier thrall
00:02:47Maier LASTPICK has to buy chicken
00:02:51Buttons lol
00:02:52PriMo ???????
00:02:53va.ztoulis dunno that
00:02:54Maier so that's you
00:02:56Maier it's in rules
00:02:58holostoi ???? ? ??????? ?? ???? ???? ??????
00:02:59Buttons even if it wasn't, wtf are you thinking
00:03:04PriMo ??? ? ????)
00:03:04Buttons you should buy either way
00:03:11holostoi ?? ???? ??????
00:03:15Pufff-Reis i play aggressiv mort
00:03:23holostoi top rune
00:03:30Maier pull asap
00:03:33Maier then after lvl we kill
00:03:37Buttons basi off
00:03:37fUNCh -ms
00:03:38Buttons tc
00:03:55Buttons TURN
00:03:56Buttons BASI
00:03:56Buttons OFF
00:04:02Buttons ty
00:04:27Maier nicely done
00:05:29Pufff-Reis gyro
00:05:34WantedZip ss
00:05:56Maier gj
00:05:57Jonneblarre gj
00:05:59Buttons wp
00:06:06Mircea.N fuck you mid
00:06:27Buttons fight
00:06:33Buttons nvm my bad
00:06:41Jonneblarre was oom
00:06:44Jonneblarre coulter stun
00:06:53Jonneblarre can u bring pot
00:07:29Pufff-Reis no blink?
00:07:32Buttons ss bot
00:07:33Pufff-Reis even lvl 1?
00:07:33Maier had but range
00:07:33Buttons care mid
00:07:37Maier range was shit
00:07:40Buttons re
00:07:40Maier creeps blocked
00:08:16PriMo luc afk
00:08:23va.ztoulis vs when u can gank mid plz
00:08:31PriMo ss
00:08:44Maier NMISS 2
00:08:44fUNCh -ms
00:08:48Jonneblarre ss 2
00:08:50Maier re 1
00:09:05va.ztoulis -mid
00:09:37Pufff-Reis noway
00:09:55holostoi luna retard
00:09:59Jonneblarre gj
00:10:02Buttons wp
00:10:08va.ztoulis need gank mid
00:10:28Jonneblarre -ms
00:10:32va.ztoulis -mid
00:10:44WantedZip ss
00:10:45holostoi ss
00:11:02Buttons ss ogre bot
00:11:16Buttons re
00:11:17Mircea.N gang mrotred
00:11:30va.ztoulis -gyro
00:11:32va.ztoulis -sile
00:11:39Mircea.N ss mort
00:13:14Mircea.N -ms
00:13:55Buttons ss luan bot
00:15:28Buttons oom
00:15:50Buttons wp
00:15:51Maier gyro coming
00:15:52Maier care
00:16:19Mircea.N b luna
00:16:47holostoi luna u blobvk me
00:16:49holostoi retard
00:17:52Maier ulti ?
00:17:59PriMo ???? ???? ?????????
00:18:12WantedZip why is doom lvl 5 ?
00:18:26holostoi he is afker
00:18:31holostoi need report him
00:18:35holostoi he stay at base
00:18:52Mircea.N i syaed 1 min
00:18:54fUNCh -ms
00:20:30fUNCh -ms
00:21:26Jonneblarre -ms
00:22:08PriMo cerf
00:23:06holostoi go bot?
00:23:13Maier cover my ass
00:23:38holostoi luci wtf
00:23:42Mircea.N ??
00:23:42holostoi u reatrd
00:24:00Mircea.N u got raped 1v4 and it's my fault ?
00:24:03Mircea.N :)))
00:24:11holostoi why u stay on tc ulty
00:25:30Jonneblarre illu
00:25:40Maier veno do rosh
00:25:42Maier with wards
00:26:09PriMo 7 lvl doom
00:26:44holostoi ff
00:26:47Mircea.N ff
00:26:51Mircea.N ff
00:26:52Maier 25 min guys
00:26:53PriMo 25 ???
00:27:19PriMo lotar
00:28:08Maier gj
00:28:17fUNCh force to get dd and kill him _: ?
00:28:18PriMo ????????
00:30:10Pufff-Reis 100% doom venge
00:30:14holostoi luna go bkb
00:30:23Mircea.N oom
00:30:39Jonneblarre can we gather and push?
00:31:09Mircea.N i did deny u but u run
00:32:04Maier swap
00:32:05Maier gogo
00:32:21holostoi care of swap
00:32:48fUNCh I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:52holostoi I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:52PriMo I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:53Mircea.N I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:20Jonneblarre fist time tc xD
00:33:51Maier top now
00:34:51Buttons don't
00:34:53Buttons delay
00:34:54Buttons my
00:34:54Buttons tp
00:35:10PriMo 1 def
00:35:45fUNCh rofl
00:35:45Jonneblarre hah
00:36:07PriMo go mid
00:36:31Jonneblarre get raxx top too?
00:36:40Buttons yes, when we are all there this time
00:36:55Maier top all
00:37:05Maier sec
00:37:07Maier lemme get my item
00:37:08Maier come top
00:37:29Maier k gogo
00:37:32Buttons b off
00:38:08holostoi luna go bkb
00:38:16Maier dont go like that
00:38:18Maier wait for all
00:38:32Maier they are waiting for the opportunity to fuck us up
00:39:09holostoi -ms
00:39:15Jonneblarre kill rosh
00:39:16Jonneblarre then go
00:39:20Maier i can solo
00:39:30fUNCh -ms
00:39:30Maier let me solo it
00:39:35Maier but cover me
00:40:24Maier go mid
00:40:27holostoi b all
00:41:02Maier wait mid
00:41:05Maier lemme get my hp back up
00:41:42PriMo I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:09Maier b
00:42:09Maier mid
00:42:11Maier go bot
00:42:12Maier all
00:42:39holostoi doom take stun from wood
00:42:54Mircea.N just ff plz
00:43:05holostoi just dont join next game plz
00:43:13Mircea.N u too
00:43:59Jonneblarre go tower
00:44:11Jonneblarre i def top
00:44:52PriMo ?????? ????
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