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94% | 1571 X | 1569 TS

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66% | 1300 X | 1370 TS

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27% | 1004 X | 1295 TS

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+36 TS

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78% | 1343 X | 1498 TS

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7% | 931 X | 1117 TS

Chat log

00:00:03WantedZip -ap
00:00:04lemi.livo.skodi add me on facebook
00:00:08WantedZip Lol :D
00:00:12Bocktiggi wat?
00:00:14Bogdan wantepzip r u related to jonja
00:00:16Bogdan ?
00:00:21Bogdan -random
00:00:24WantedZip nah
00:00:29Bocktiggi han
00:00:30WantedZip -random
00:00:32Bogdan cause u r retard like him
00:00:33mrk -random
00:00:35Bogdan r u sure
00:00:37WantedZip a bit maybe
00:00:46mrk i can swap this
00:00:50mrk for furi if anyone wants
00:00:56WantedZip smoker
00:00:58WantedZip take mid hero
00:01:04Bobbysixkilla woods
00:01:05mrk anyone?
00:01:07Bocktiggi haustia with me top :)
00:01:08Astrocreep n
00:01:08WantedZip aba to
00:01:11WantedZip let tb solo bot
00:01:32Bogdan pieti i talked to jonja on irc
00:01:33mrk astro want bara?
00:01:40Pieti :D
00:01:48Bogdan he leaved on purpose because he was in the same team woyh u
00:01:53Bogdan with*
00:01:57lemi.livo.skodi so he gets ban ?
00:01:57Pieti mm
00:01:59Bogdan retardo jonja
00:02:08Bogdan only if someone report him
00:02:13lemi.livo.skodi i ll
00:02:15Bogdan i didnt...
00:02:27WantedZip haste lina
00:02:29WantedZip care m,id
00:02:51lemi.livo.skodi ss bot
00:03:03Bogdan =-/))))))
00:04:01WantedZip ss
00:04:13WantedZip lina misss
00:04:52Bogdan =))))
00:05:44WantedZip omg
00:06:00Bogdan yayayyayayay
00:06:05Bogdan aiaiiaiaiiiaiia
00:06:05Astrocreep ss
00:06:17Bocktiggi ss
00:06:21Bogdan stun crix he dies
00:06:31Smokeer ss
00:06:36mrk rune top
00:06:37Smokeer bara ss
00:06:42Smokeer re
00:06:51WantedZip ss
00:07:30lemi.livo.skodi ss
00:07:36Smokeer ss lina
00:08:13Pieti ss bot
00:08:20lemi.livo.skodi ss bot
00:08:41mrk ss
00:09:00HausTia ss top
00:09:09HausTia re
00:09:15Bobbysixkilla why u leave labe ?
00:09:17Bobbysixkilla lane
00:09:26mrk ss
00:09:26lemi.livo.skodi i ll be bak
00:09:37Pieti fuck
00:09:40lemi.livo.skodi lol
00:09:44Pieti :D
00:10:08Bogdan lina
00:10:15Bogdan i hope u have wards
00:10:42mrk go
00:10:42mrk sk
00:10:42mrk sk
00:10:43mrk sk
00:10:43mrk sk
00:10:44mrk sk
00:10:44mrk sk
00:10:55WantedZip wpwp
00:10:56WantedZip w
00:10:57Bogdan ss
00:10:59Bogdan s
00:10:59Bogdan s
00:10:59Bogdan ss
00:11:00Bogdan s
00:11:00Bogdan s
00:11:01Bogdan s
00:11:01Bogdan ss
00:11:01Bogdan ss
00:11:02Bogdan s
00:11:02Bogdan s
00:11:03Bogdan s
00:11:03Bogdan s
00:11:03Bogdan s
00:11:04Bogdan s
00:11:04Bogdan s
00:11:05Bogdan s
00:11:05Bogdan s
00:11:06Bogdan s
00:11:06Bogdan s
00:11:07Bogdan s
00:11:19Bogdan 0-4
00:11:21Bogdan gg
00:11:24Bogdan no gang
00:11:25Bogdan gg
00:11:26Smokeer no wards
00:11:28Smokeer ur fault
00:11:32Smokeer +
00:11:33Smokeer whine
00:11:34mrk ss
00:11:38Bogdan i im ward guy
00:12:04mrk ward their wood
00:12:05mrk please
00:12:10mrk so i can charge/we can see lyca
00:12:21mrk ward that
00:12:27Bocktiggi thanks weaver
00:12:29Bocktiggi THANKS
00:12:33HausTia terror top
00:12:42Smokeer ss
00:12:43Smokeer care
00:12:52mrk razor
00:12:52mrk go
00:13:24Smokeer this abad
00:13:29Bobbysixkilla y
00:13:31Smokeer ruingame seems like
00:13:33Bocktiggi i have a bottle weaver
00:13:38Smokeer his mate pieti
00:13:41Astrocreep u said once
00:13:43Astrocreep enough
00:13:57HausTia ss top 2
00:14:02HausTia 1 re
00:14:45lemi.livo.skodi BLINDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDddd
00:14:50Smokeer no
00:14:52Smokeer he is ruingame
00:14:52lemi.livo.skodi FEDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
00:15:15Bogdan banable
00:15:26lemi.livo.skodi yes you are
00:15:36lemi.livo.skodi cuz you are stupid as nigger dick
00:16:09mrk why do you dive abba
00:16:12mrk after 6
00:16:12mrk :D
00:16:16Bogdan i need chick
00:16:19Bogdan pls
00:16:20lemi.livo.skodi buy it
00:16:24Bobbysixkilla no
00:16:26Bobbysixkilla share
00:16:29Bobbysixkilla him
00:16:32Smokeer bogdan i need ur normal play
00:16:32mrk +instead of razor weaver farming
00:16:35mrk we have a sk
00:16:39mrk swapping roles i see
00:16:47lemi.livo.skodi bogdan promise you will play as team ?
00:16:52lemi.livo.skodi and i give you share again
00:16:54Bogdan pls share
00:16:59Smokeer promise?
00:17:00Bogdan or get banned
00:17:10lemi.livo.skodi ok you will get ban anyway
00:17:15Bobbysixkilla no
00:17:21Bobbysixkilla u terror
00:17:25Bobbysixkilla u have 2 share
00:17:29lemi.livo.skodi i gave him share at start
00:17:44Bogdan ty
00:18:25lemi.livo.skodi sihld no sven ffs
00:18:29lemi.livo.skodi shild*
00:18:33Bogdan i have cd
00:18:39Bogdan i shielded him 2 times
00:18:41Bogdan ask him
00:18:43lemi.livo.skodi cuz you cas on yourself
00:18:51Bogdan no i cast on him
00:18:55lemi.livo.skodi and shild on me too ...cuz i think am carry
00:18:55Bobbysixkilla ok, now play like a team, flame dont help
00:18:56Bobbysixkilla pls
00:18:58Bogdan right in this battle
00:18:59Bogdan ffs
00:19:19WantedZip shild me
00:19:22WantedZip when i get stunne
00:19:51Bobbysixkilla gj
00:20:32Bobbysixkilla b
00:20:36Smokeer i got stun
00:20:40mrk where are our wards
00:20:40Bobbysixkilla ok
00:20:41mrk razor
00:20:42mrk weaver
00:20:43mrk lina
00:20:44mrk buy them
00:21:03mrk ffs
00:21:17mrk buy wards
00:21:17mrk now
00:21:19mrk now
00:21:19mrk now
00:21:29Bogdan :P
00:21:48mrk wards
00:21:50mrk what the fuck
00:21:52mrk just buy them
00:21:57Astrocreep in chic
00:21:58Astrocreep place
00:21:59mrk ty
00:22:01Bogdan how was it with shield & heal
00:22:04Bogdan was it ok?
00:22:09WantedZip wp
00:22:10WantedZip dudwe
00:22:19lemi.livo.skodi thats how it should
00:22:22lemi.livo.skodi gj
00:23:38mrk b sk
00:24:20mrk weaver
00:24:22mrk are you serious
00:24:22HausTia ....
00:24:40HausTia dagger on sven
00:24:44mrk 10 minutes ago
00:24:49HausTia good you told me
00:24:54mrk well he used it
00:24:57mrk last teamfight
00:25:06HausTia better write it so everyone knows
00:25:09Bobbysixkilla rosh =?
00:25:13Bobbysixkilla omw
00:25:18lemi.livo.skodi omw
00:25:21Smokeer lycan can rosh at 8min
00:25:24Smokeer ..
00:26:04Smokeer lol
00:26:14mrk weaver
00:26:18mrk ...............................................................
00:26:20Pieti .....
00:26:21Bocktiggi why?
00:26:25mrk .................................................................................
00:27:11mrk go
00:27:11mrk 5
00:27:59lemi.livo.skodi dear lord
00:28:06lemi.livo.skodi lycan go with us ...than we all rosh
00:28:10lemi.livo.skodi ffs
00:28:11Smokeer y
00:28:13Smokeer ..
00:28:26WantedZip u want gem ?
00:29:11mrk new wards please
00:29:17HausTia i have one
00:29:32mrk need ward here also
00:29:32Bocktiggi in chick
00:29:34Bocktiggi use them
00:29:53Bocktiggi why?
00:30:37mrk b
00:31:02lemi.livo.skodi b
00:31:13lemi.livo.skodi bbbbbbbbbbbbbb
00:31:56Bobbysixkilla i farm bkb
00:32:15lemi.livo.skodi we need all
00:32:17lemi.livo.skodi or we lose
00:32:25Astrocreep lina
00:32:29Bobbysixkilla ok
00:32:53Astrocreep sk
00:32:56HausTia ty
00:33:02mrk go
00:33:10mrk no
00:33:11mrk wait
00:33:15mrk for me
00:34:36Bobbysixkilla 800
00:34:46HausTia def
00:34:47mrk just kill rubic tb
00:34:57mrk go
00:35:18Smokeer well
00:35:19lemi.livo.skodi I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:24Smokeer tb
00:35:25Smokeer u suck
00:35:27Smokeer dont ff
00:35:30Astrocreep gj sk
00:35:31lemi.livo.skodi sure you rock
00:35:33mrk yep
00:35:36Bocktiggi jo
00:35:36Smokeer first skadi
00:35:42lemi.livo.skodi it wasnt 1st tard
00:35:53Astrocreep mid or top
00:35:56mrk both
00:35:59mrk towers
00:36:34mrk b
00:36:35mrk b
00:36:53mrk only 2 of you
00:36:56HausTia :/
00:36:57mrk no point to waste
00:37:00Bocktiggi :(
00:37:35mrk def
00:37:37mrk weaver
00:37:37HausTia ward
00:37:38mrk cmon
00:37:57HausTia stupid...
00:38:36mrk def that
00:38:36mrk tower
00:38:44Pieti I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:47HausTia -.-
00:38:48mrk oh jesus
00:38:56WantedZip b
00:38:57lemi.livo.skodi i know i sucl
00:38:59lemi.livo.skodi suck
00:39:10Smokeer u suck when u wrote ff
00:39:14mrk well we atleast tried
00:39:15mrk 4 of us
00:39:27HausTia i initiate every time
00:39:35mrk well we never have weaver
00:39:39Smokeer b
00:40:11mrk gg
00:40:12mrk I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:40:31mrk weaver razor both so useless to be honest
00:40:34mrk they have 0
00:40:42mrk everyone does something
00:40:48mrk we only have 3 heroes which do anything
00:42:35mrk why did you blink behind him D::D
00:42:37mrk :d*
00:42:50lemi.livo.skodi hahahaha
00:42:59mrk just sums up how bad this game is
00:43:14Smokeer why u pick bara?
00:43:17mrk i didnt
00:43:21Smokeer randomed? ok
00:43:23mrk obviously one would random in bronze ap
00:43:52lemi.livo.skodi Tb won game
00:44:06WantedZip true shit
00:44:07mrk as much as youd want to think that
00:44:14lemi.livo.skodi iys funny cuz its true
00:44:17lemi.livo.skodi its
00:44:24WantedZip True funny shit
00:44:24mrk its funny cos its not true
00:44:24lemi.livo.skodi last picker won game :)
00:44:31mrk actually it is
00:44:34mrk tb as a hero won the game
00:44:36WantedZip lets end
00:44:36WantedZip new game
00:44:44mrk because even svents or whoever
00:44:47mrk can win with it when he gets fed
00:44:51mrk so thats that
00:45:36mrk the winning this is that in every fight
00:45:41mrk you have 5 useful heroes
00:45:45mrk everything do something
00:45:50mrk so ggs
00:45:51mrk wp
00:45:58HausTia I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
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