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-20 X
-2 TS

88% | 1499 X | 1498 TS

-51 X
-2 TS

87% | 1567 X | 1405 TS

-29 X
-2 TS

56% | 1192 X | 1377 TS

-29 X
-2 TS

55% | 1169 X | 1390 TS

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-13 TS

50% | 1201 X | 1285 TS

+19 X
+2 TS

89% | 1476 X | 1541 TS

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+2 TS

80% | 1379 X | 1476 TS

+45 X
+13 TS

64% | 1347 X | 1293 TS

+63 X
+4 TS

54% | 1200 X | 1352 TS

+40 X
+2 TS

52% | 1211 X | 1313 TS

Chat log

00:00:11Rotkiv aP ?!
00:00:16Lawok PWNT
00:00:16Zemirk me lawok top
00:00:16Solisluu ?
00:00:16Solisluu it is ap
00:00:16Rotkiv ITS AP
00:00:16Solisluu noobs voted
00:00:16yeW- ah k
00:00:16Zemirk :DDD
00:00:28MariahCarry wtf?
00:00:30svents fb?
00:00:32MariahCarry get treant
00:00:32MariahCarry pls
00:00:34MariahCarry rubix
00:00:36MariahCarry phoenix
00:00:38yeW- i'll mid
00:00:39MariahCarry etc
00:00:40Tough -random
00:00:41Solisluu nah
00:00:42Solisluu im mid
00:00:47Lawok liqvid mid
00:00:57Tough -swap 3
00:01:00Rotkiv GET SOME CARRY NOW
00:01:10fUNCh lyca/slar
00:01:12Milky mariah
00:01:13Tough im bad with him
00:01:13Milky u carry
00:01:16MariahCarry yy
00:01:17Milky i counter wisp
00:01:19Tough some one want swtich?
00:01:24Lawok vitun ego liqvid
00:01:26svents hy mc
00:01:36Zemirk -ma
00:01:36Lawok itkee ku laitoin kaikilt kolmelt ap
00:01:37Lawok :d
00:01:38Tough -repick
00:01:50Lawok ap rp
00:01:54Zemirk -ma
00:02:00Tough 9
00:02:08MariahCarry tough
00:02:09MariahCarry chicken
00:02:12yeW- block creeps? :p
00:02:18MariahCarry share
00:02:20Milky dont feed top
00:02:26svents its not allowed?
00:02:26MariahCarry SHARE
00:02:28Milky share
00:02:32yeW- didnt read that rule
00:02:39yeW- ss
00:02:39yeW- 1
00:02:40MariahCarry SHARE
00:02:41MariahCarry FFS
00:02:45Tough SU
00:02:46svents well im not sure
00:04:08yeW- bais on
00:04:09yeW- basi on
00:04:11yeW- they want tower
00:04:13yeW- ^^
00:04:16svents ok :D
00:04:26Milky lawok mites toi sun wisp :P
00:05:09yeW- ss
00:05:10yeW- roog
00:05:13yeW- roof
00:05:21Tough take
00:05:57yeW- ss
00:05:58yeW- lion
00:06:02yeW- mb pd
00:06:05Milky :P
00:06:06Milky fail
00:06:08Tough my tangos pls
00:06:22Milky go
00:06:45Tough nc
00:07:09yeW- up courier?
00:07:18Tough roof
00:07:22Tough can u make me invis?
00:07:42Tough roof
00:07:45Tough make me invis
00:07:45svents w8
00:07:48Tough DUDE
00:07:51Rotkiv NO INVI
00:07:54svents i culd heal u
00:07:55Tough WTF?
00:08:01yeW- nice
00:08:04yeW- dont drop items
00:08:06yeW- before u use
00:08:06yeW- wp
00:08:11Rotkiv SS
00:09:16MariahCarry ss mid
00:09:23Zemirk miss
00:09:25Milky ss brains top
00:09:43Zemirk re
00:09:46yeW- ss
00:09:55Milky 'top
00:10:45svents sry
00:10:50svents was shopping
00:10:52Milky rubick u suck
00:10:57Milky sun onnis et toi on vitun paska :D
00:11:07Rotkiv BOTSS
00:11:12Milky ursa getting fat
00:11:14Milky =)
00:11:24Milky ...
00:11:25Lawok :D
00:11:27Zemirk :P
00:11:30Milky toi on niio paska
00:11:49MariahCarry lothars done
00:12:02MariahCarry ss mid
00:12:38Zemirk :D
00:12:43Solisluu fuck mines
00:12:53Lawok svetes
00:15:08Milky ursa
00:15:10Milky 100%
00:15:16MariahCarry gogo
00:15:19MariahCarry 1 at a time
00:15:20MariahCarry mines
00:15:20MariahCarry care
00:16:08svents worth it?
00:16:52Rotkiv TRA PURSI
00:16:56Tough GUZYS
00:16:58Tough ES
00:17:03Rotkiv HES GONE
00:17:03Tough FUCK U ALL
00:17:07Tough IDIOTS
00:17:20Tough PEACEU OF SHIT
00:17:22svents :DDD
00:17:23svents bb
00:17:26fUNCh oom
00:18:00Lawok :D
00:18:02Lawok NAIS
00:18:03Lawok one
00:18:04Lawok -.-
00:18:16Lawok rubick got my ulti
00:18:27yeW- gem
00:18:28yeW- sf
00:19:03yeW- -ma
00:19:16Milky hmm
00:19:21Milky rubick
00:19:25Milky help me with wards pls
00:20:27svents im back
00:20:30svents need mana
00:20:30Tough sfd
00:20:32Rotkiv I COME TOP
00:20:47Milky rubick wards pls
00:21:08Milky in wisp games
00:21:12Milky we need to move together
00:21:14Milky just so u know
00:21:17Milky 1 baits
00:21:19MariahCarry just push
00:21:20Milky 4 hiding
00:21:23Milky or 5 together
00:21:24Milky yes
00:21:33MariahCarry 3 wards on chick
00:21:43MariahCarry i got gem
00:21:45MariahCarry let's push
00:21:53Milky group
00:21:54Rotkiv MID THEN
00:21:56Milky go with smoke
00:21:59Zemirk push bot
00:22:07Tough y
00:22:13Tough they ganged me at second tower
00:22:44svents got dagger
00:22:46svents :P
00:22:48MariahCarry damn u suck
00:22:51MariahCarry it's incredible
00:24:07Zemirk :P
00:24:08MariahCarry need gem
00:24:27MariahCarry go
00:24:43Tough make me invis
00:25:05Lawok saatamme voittaa
00:25:06Lawok hullua
00:25:30Lawok svents
00:25:31Lawok svents
00:25:39svents oh
00:25:43svents sry
00:26:15yeW- :
00:26:16svents :DDD
00:26:32svents ulti cd :S
00:26:38MariahCarry is this really silver?
00:26:44svents roshan re?
00:26:48yeW- ye lets kill iz
00:26:57Zemirk ill rosh
00:27:25svents omfg
00:27:28Lawok what happened
00:27:35svents u cancelled mytp :S
00:27:40Lawok sry
00:27:44svents nah np
00:27:48Lawok i tethered but io think i still paslpadslp
00:28:11svents well i havent played wisp so idk his skills
00:28:15Milky just insta wips
00:28:16Milky wisp
00:28:32Milky def bot
00:28:38Milky treant try to hit ulti on wisp
00:29:33Milky got gem
00:29:57Lawok -apm
00:30:05svents -apm
00:30:07Milky gem on ground
00:30:10svents lol
00:30:18Solisluu -apm
00:30:25Zemirk -apm
00:30:26svents beat my apm :D
00:30:38yeW- -apm
00:30:45yeW- well useles clicks ftw
00:30:57svents ofc :)
00:31:21Solisluu -cs
00:31:52Rotkiv GO BOT
00:31:55MariahCarry I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:57MariahCarry go ff
00:32:09Tough make me invis
00:33:12svents wtf :DDDd
00:33:28Milky I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:33svents ap FTW
00:34:09svents 1 tower lost :DDD
00:34:43yeW- lol
00:34:55Rotkiv I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:14svents :DDD
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