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78% | 1403 X | 1417 TS

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75% | 1332 X | 1472 TS

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35% | 1120 X | 1238 TS

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Chat log

00:00:07WTGD kunkka zeus weaver
00:00:08helge aa and tree
00:00:10extremewaari bs ds abba
00:00:17helge someone want aa or tree?
00:00:22Maier pugna, pit, brood
00:00:24WTGD -swap 4
00:00:26FullFlush -SWAP 1
00:00:26extremewaari take tree
00:00:56Maier swap phoenix ?
00:00:59Multi_Ljep no sry
00:01:00helge i think i play hi
00:01:04WTGD can someone mid
00:01:05WTGD or must i
00:01:13WTGD last pick
00:01:14Maier chicken
00:01:14WTGD chicken??
00:01:16Maier buy chicken
00:01:18Maier omni
00:01:18WTGD go !requestban?
00:01:23helge chill dude
00:01:26helge he just forgot
00:01:29extremewaari i go mid
00:01:30Maier -ii
00:01:32Maier -water red
00:01:33WTGD sure forgot...
00:01:36Maier -weather rain
00:01:38WTGD k abba mid
00:01:38WTGD gl
00:01:51helge pink 12 year old kid or what
00:01:53Maier kristjan
00:01:55Maier ära feili
00:01:56WTGD 11
00:01:57Kr1st1jaN ?
00:02:07Kr1st1jaN means ?
00:02:10Maier dont fail
00:02:25Bogdan two kealers one side
00:02:26Kr1st1jaN k boss
00:02:27Bogdan gj
00:02:43helge miss
00:03:44Maier hah
00:03:47Kr1st1jaN dont fail
00:04:57extremewaari buy chicken
00:05:13extremewaari es buy chiken
00:05:15Bogdan ss furion
00:05:17FullFlush ss top1
00:05:23Maier MISS
00:05:24Maier abba
00:05:24FullFlush re
00:05:41Maier MISS MID
00:06:04nigulas kiill es
00:06:11Kr1st1jaN go
00:06:31Bogdan ss fury
00:06:35Kr1st1jaN hes bot
00:06:55Kr1st1jaN some 1 tp
00:07:05Kr1st1jaN furi
00:07:06Kr1st1jaN miss
00:07:32ChrizZLee roof get mana boots?
00:07:56Maier gangime
00:07:59extremewaari mid ss
00:08:40Kr1st1jaN good
00:08:55Kr1st1jaN nice ganh
00:08:56nigulas salv
00:09:01nigulas ty
00:09:36Kr1st1jaN i can ulty
00:09:40Maier go
00:09:48extremewaari mid ss
00:10:08helge why
00:10:09helge dont
00:10:10helge we habe
00:10:11helge one
00:10:12helge ward
00:10:13helge ?
00:11:04extremewaari nvm
00:11:31Kr1st1jaN ss es
00:11:35Multi_Ljep -ms
00:11:41Bogdan he is top es
00:11:50extremewaari mid ss
00:13:38WTGD ss omni
00:13:39WTGD top
00:14:14FullFlush tought void our lol
00:14:16Kr1st1jaN gj
00:14:34Bogdan f u
00:14:43Bogdan in da
00:14:45Bogdan ...
00:14:59extremewaari helge make refu so i can get radi
00:15:21helge refresher?
00:15:26extremewaari y
00:15:34Maier TP
00:15:35helge j
00:15:37helge k
00:16:24extremewaari reg
00:16:39Maier kiire vang ja blink ning olemas
00:17:14ChrizZLee oom
00:17:25Maier omw
00:17:25Maier top
00:17:57Kr1st1jaN trent inc
00:18:14nigulas phoenix
00:18:16nigulas hows the farm?
00:18:23Multi_Ljep :))
00:18:28Maier join the game
00:18:37Multi_Ljep its free farm
00:18:39Multi_Ljep why join the game
00:19:22Kr1st1jaN gj
00:20:10Kr1st1jaN lol omni
00:20:25nigulas HAHAHA
00:20:25helge lol
00:20:25Maier traaa
00:20:25Maier raske otsus
00:20:25helge why laughing?
00:20:25Kr1st1jaN why pause ?
00:20:25Maier balance
00:20:25nigulas cuz balance
00:20:25Maier stfu
00:20:25Maier mis arvad
00:20:25Maier omni on late-s sitaks hea
00:20:25nigulas omni on alati hea
00:20:25nigulas saada see void minema
00:20:25Kr1st1jaN thats ridiculus ..
00:20:25nigulas uselses
00:20:25nigulas juust
00:20:25Maier void
00:20:25Maier leave
00:20:25helge it is
00:20:25Maier u have to balance
00:20:25Kr1st1jaN lol ofc no
00:20:25Kr1st1jaN I
00:20:25nigulas = plug cancel
00:20:25Maier yes u do
00:20:25nigulas cap decides who balances
00:20:25nigulas read rules
00:20:25nigulas before
00:20:25Kr1st1jaN lol
00:20:25Maier captain aka i decide
00:20:25nigulas playing here
00:20:25Kr1st1jaN fuck u
00:20:25Kr1st1jaN i just wasted 20 min farming and now ill leave
00:20:25Kr1st1jaN fuck u
00:20:25Maier 20min farm ? LOL
00:20:25Maier mom
00:20:25nigulas u harmed 18min
00:20:25Maier HAHA
00:20:25nigulas and u have mom
00:20:25nigulas hi
00:20:25nigulas 0 deaths
00:20:25Maier leave
00:20:25Kr1st1jaN who leaves now when abba leave
00:20:25Kr1st1jaN fuck u
00:20:25Maier noone
00:20:25nigulas cancel
00:20:25Maier then it's rmk
00:20:25nigulas see vend plugis ka
00:20:25Kr1st1jaN so rmk
00:20:25Kr1st1jaN and rmk actually means new game
00:20:25nigulas yes
00:20:25nigulas cuz this fucker plugged
00:20:25nigulas so cancel
00:20:25nigulas because this is megalost for them
00:20:25Kr1st1jaN what stupid league
00:20:25helge zzzZZZzzz
00:20:25Maier dotaleague sucks more
00:20:25WTGD now what
00:20:25Maier cancel
00:20:25nigulas cancel
00:20:25WTGD go cancel the game somehow
00:20:25nigulas cuz he plugged
00:20:25helge lame
00:20:25Maier he will get banreqed
00:20:25helge we would had fuck them
00:20:25extremewaari not
00:20:25extremewaari yeah!!
00:20:25helge olo
00:20:25Maier leave
00:20:25nigulas void go
00:20:25nigulas peace
00:20:25Maier void
00:20:25WTGD olol
00:20:25extremewaari my moden fucked up :D
00:20:25extremewaari modem
00:20:25helge TT
00:20:25WTGD now balance?
00:20:25Maier k void is disobeying my orders
00:20:25extremewaari i bootted it
00:20:25Maier banreq him
00:20:25helge XD
00:20:25nigulas BBBBBB-AN
00:20:25Kr1st1jaN so i leave and dont get pps ?
00:20:25Maier yes
00:20:25Multi_Ljep y
00:20:25Maier u wont get ban
00:20:25nigulas pps?
00:20:25helge u dont get anything
00:20:25Kr1st1jaN fuck u anyway
00:20:25WTGD you get X, minus X
00:20:29Maier võta mom
00:20:32Maier aa
00:20:33Maier nvm
00:20:41WTGD abba
00:20:44WTGD take kunkka items?
00:20:47extremewaari k
00:21:07nigulas võtan momi?:D
00:21:10nigulas ma müün maha
00:21:14nigulas sest pole midagi teha sellega
00:21:17nigulas ei saa orbi teha
00:21:20Bogdan i go pipe
00:21:21Bogdan k?
00:21:30Maier k
00:21:41nigulas push mid?
00:21:58nigulas repel me
00:22:00nigulas i go treant
00:22:01nigulas got gem
00:22:17helge ffs
00:22:56helge i tp
00:23:10helge hafchsdfhsfds
00:23:21Maier target the fking birds
00:23:26Multi_Ljep :))
00:23:29Multi_Ljep k
00:23:56extremewaari all
00:24:10nigulas ffs
00:24:18nigulas mida türa see traent seal lampi arenes
00:24:22extremewaari have gem
00:24:34Maier wardid ehk
00:24:41nigulas ma olin smokes
00:24:44nigulas ta oli lampi seal
00:24:52WTGD abba take?
00:24:56extremewaari hmm
00:24:58extremewaari nah
00:25:02WTGD ok i
00:25:10Multi_Ljep ursa take goloves of haste
00:25:13Multi_Ljep gloves
00:25:24nigulas they are urs
00:25:31nigulas or mine
00:25:31Multi_Ljep voids
00:25:39nigulas tule
00:25:41nigulas oma wardiga
00:25:48nigulas gt dust..
00:25:56nigulas cuz i lost gem
00:26:13Multi_Ljep care
00:26:24nigulas putsi hex
00:26:43nigulas no1 buying dust/sentry?
00:26:45nigulas gz
00:27:28Maier tra see phoenix
00:27:28nigulas MANA
00:27:29helge damn ursa
00:27:30Maier on suht ret
00:27:33Multi_Ljep ?
00:27:37extremewaari have to make blade mail
00:27:37Multi_Ljep english
00:27:47nigulas if u cant understand ret
00:27:50nigulas then its u r problem
00:27:57Multi_Ljep i dont speak spanish
00:28:01Maier :DDD
00:28:14Maier täislammas
00:28:58WTGD care
00:29:50nigulas need 300 for bkb
00:30:58extremewaari i make pipe
00:31:00Bogdan invi ursa
00:31:28helge we need dat dagger on shaker
00:31:51nigulas omni?:S
00:32:03Bogdan tryied to heal u
00:32:08Bogdan but u used bkb
00:32:09Bogdan ..
00:33:07nigulas gem
00:33:13helge omw
00:33:14helge omw
00:33:36ChrizZLee gem
00:34:50extremewaari i make meka too? or bds?
00:34:52extremewaari dbs
00:34:57extremewaari dps
00:34:59WTGD make dps
00:35:00WTGD or
00:35:02WTGD get heart
00:35:04WTGD etc
00:35:44nigulas 4
00:35:58nigulas repel
00:36:08helge ffs
00:36:14helge he just instant kill me
00:36:16helge dont leave me alone
00:36:17WTGD b
00:36:17WTGD b
00:36:19WTGD b
00:36:29nigulas reü
00:36:50helge hold on 15 seconds
00:36:52helge back
00:37:34WTGD go rosh
00:37:56extremewaari i make that blade mail now
00:38:00helge me too
00:38:04helge im such a victim
00:38:12WTGD take cheese
00:38:14WTGD take cheese
00:39:11helge ulti up
00:39:18Maier phoenix stop wasting ur spells ffs
00:40:00nigulas repel and go
00:40:51nigulas phoenix
00:40:54nigulas u lose this
00:40:56nigulas with ur random ulti
00:41:02helge even i get some kills
00:41:02helge tt
00:41:08WTGD y wp team
00:41:12helge ulti and refresher up
00:41:29nigulas go
00:41:36helge XD
00:41:37nigulas omg
00:41:39helge that wards
00:41:40Multi_Ljep :D
00:41:40helge :D
00:41:42nigulas best phoenix
00:41:44Multi_Ljep :))
00:41:44nigulas of the year
00:41:46helge best ursa
00:41:51helge best ursa of the yeahr
00:41:53nigulas whats wrong with my ursa?
00:41:57helge nothing
00:42:00helge jsut dont blame others
00:42:05helge its a teamgame
00:42:05nigulas ofc i blame him
00:42:08nigulas if its his fault
00:42:11Multi_Ljep :D
00:42:14helge whole game his fault he
00:42:19nigulas he wastes ulti
00:42:21nigulas all the time
00:42:22nigulas on random
00:42:23nigulas shit
00:42:27Multi_Ljep strategy
00:43:12Maier neil olid kõik mingid tugevad krdi str heroed
00:43:18Maier pugnast pole kasu sittagi
00:43:55helge XD
00:43:55helge XD
00:43:55helge DX
00:43:55helge XD
00:43:55helge man
00:43:55helge this sucks
00:43:55Bogdan u win
00:43:55Bogdan just talk to strom
00:43:55helge need dota2 invite
00:43:55WTGD you are in the wrong place for that
00:43:55Bogdan need beta key
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