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Chat log

00:00:07mamyka -????
00:00:10mamyka _roof
00:00:15holostoi ????? ? ??????
00:00:17PriMo )
00:00:17helge -roof
00:00:17helge roof
00:00:17Maier ud
00:00:40Maier get lich + es
00:00:47Maier or es + wr
00:00:51Maier wr can solo
00:00:53Maier yes
00:00:55mamyka 0mg
00:00:56Maier get wr + es
00:00:58OneNightInLuna me wr
00:01:01Maier get wr
00:01:08mamyka fuckin noobs why dont pick lich?
00:01:12PriMo pgfffff
00:01:13Maier ma mid
00:01:18Maier reibin selle sitakoti ära
00:01:22Pufff-Reis boring
00:01:25helge well puff reis thinks he needs to play carry over all
00:01:29mamyka go m,ass agi
00:01:31Maier -ii
00:01:33Maier -water red
00:01:33helge hahaha
00:01:34Maier -weather rain
00:01:35helge damn idiots
00:01:35OneNightInLuna -.-
00:01:39helge GG
00:01:40Pufff-Reis yupp you will be 0/20 mid vs huslkar
00:01:45helge team picks da imba
00:01:46Maier 3 carries :D
00:01:47mamyka pick bh after sf so stupid
00:01:50Maier get cent
00:01:51Maier cent
00:01:52helge retarded shit in here
00:01:56helge spo
00:01:57mamyka ????? ??????
00:01:57helge why u pick
00:01:58helge lanaya
00:02:00helge damn dude
00:02:01Maier storm + es top
00:02:03Fxx. omg
00:02:03Maier lich + tiny bot
00:02:04Fxx. chick
00:02:05Fxx. ...
00:02:05helge HAHAH RAZOR
00:02:06helge XD
00:02:07mamyka why you so stupid mr cap>?
00:02:08helge XD
00:02:15Maier xDDDDDDDDD
00:02:16helge me stupid?
00:02:18Maier G-G
00:02:22helge end it fast
00:02:24mamyka u are biggest noob here
00:02:29helge lol?
00:02:34mamyka coz u pick sf vs husk
00:02:36mamyka so nooby
00:02:39helge ofc
00:02:42helge i wont suck
00:02:48helge u guys will suck
00:02:49Pufff-Reis you will have 0/20
00:02:52helge sure
00:03:02mamyka pick sf
00:03:11mamyka if got lich SO NOOBY
00:03:13mamyka !
00:03:14helge ey retards
00:03:16helge shut up
00:03:25mamyka leave dota noob
00:03:44helge 2 creeps
00:03:46helge allrdy
00:03:47helge XD
00:06:11Fxx. 0 cd ?
00:07:12PriMo ss
00:07:50Maier up chick
00:08:06Pufff-Reis lich
00:08:29holostoi ??
00:08:36kAlleMustDie ss
00:08:43Fxx. ss
00:08:52OneNightInLuna ss top
00:08:54Maier up chick please
00:08:56holostoi ss top
00:09:21Maier MISS MID
00:09:23Maier MISS MID
00:09:24Maier CARE BOT
00:09:36Maier re
00:09:51PriMo cerf
00:09:53Maier MISS MID
00:09:55fUNCh ta sai invi rune
00:10:10Maier no tra
00:10:11Maier ajastus
00:10:11helge 30 7 and 1 kioll
00:10:12Maier mees
00:10:14helge faggots
00:10:40helge no boots
00:10:43helge ;d
00:10:48Pufff-Reis -.- ^^
00:10:50helge omw
00:10:59Pufff-Reis bot are sentries
00:12:37fUNCh tiny come bot and toss me in
00:12:57mamyka own
00:13:12helge my rune top pls
00:13:12kAlleMustDie i need boots
00:13:21fUNCh tiny ffs
00:13:23fUNCh get ur ass mid
00:13:48Fxx. fuck off
00:13:50OneNightInLuna tiny wtf?
00:13:54Fxx. they hunt me rly so much
00:13:58OneNightInLuna lol
00:14:04Fxx. 3 time dead
00:14:07OneNightInLuna u go in solo
00:14:07Fxx. 3 time vs 4
00:14:07Fxx. ,,,
00:14:20mamyka go bh
00:14:31mamyka tp wr
00:14:40PriMo money
00:14:46fUNCh if they together then toss me in tiny
00:15:00holostoi he toss es
00:15:02fUNCh go
00:15:54mamyka w8
00:16:43kAlleMustDie tiny=
00:16:46Fxx. no mana
00:16:47Fxx. check
00:16:49Fxx. it
00:16:50kAlleMustDie ah.. ok
00:16:52kAlleMustDie ok
00:16:52Fxx. before u go suicide
00:17:01PriMo huck
00:17:03helge huskar comes
00:17:04kAlleMustDie you can also say it.. if you dare
00:17:07helge notz
00:17:10Fxx. i dont know
00:17:13Fxx. u go suicide :-)
00:17:15fUNCh toss me
00:17:23Maier gondar inc
00:17:23mamyka go bh
00:18:08PriMo crl
00:18:20fUNCh toss
00:18:42kAlleMustDie ome
00:19:02mamyka ?? ????? ??? ????? ???????
00:19:10mamyka ????? ?????? ?? ??? ?????? ??????
00:19:11holostoi ???????
00:19:13mamyka ? ??????
00:19:20mamyka ?????
00:19:39helge now u hate me he
00:20:08Fxx. uf
00:20:09Fxx. sry
00:20:09mamyka lf z t,fk
00:20:10helge too greedy
00:20:11Fxx. i was 10 sec afk
00:20:12Fxx. :-)
00:20:15mamyka ?? ???? ????
00:20:15kAlleMustDie no shit
00:20:18mamyka su plz noob
00:20:18kAlleMustDie should have asked
00:20:23helge me noob?
00:20:24helge hehehe
00:20:26mamyka yes
00:20:27holostoi bh u start play?
00:20:31mamyka u are noob big noob
00:20:39holostoi or we all should go farm wood?
00:20:39helge ok
00:20:44mamyka 17 min only pt
00:20:50helge some money
00:21:05mamyka iam not solo mid!
00:21:10mamyka mr lowbob
00:21:25helge u mad of dying or what
00:23:24mamyka pro sf got lotar nc
00:23:34mamyka we allrdy got 2 invis hero
00:23:38mamyka and he farm lotar
00:23:45helge i dont care u nub
00:23:51OneNightInLuna husk go with us plz
00:23:57OneNightInLuna and get towers
00:24:01Maier need an item first
00:24:02mamyka and now you go bkb? right?
00:24:02Maier then im good
00:24:19helge dont know yet
00:24:29Maier care mid
00:24:32Fxx. b
00:24:34Fxx. b
00:24:34Fxx. b
00:24:44helge died again nub
00:24:49mamyka yes
00:25:24Fxx. so bad
00:25:25Fxx. this huskar
00:25:26Fxx. ,,,
00:25:47Maier the one thing fucked it up was that i almost had him fb
00:25:57Maier and then the gangs appeared
00:26:10helge omw
00:26:41fUNCh ff
00:26:53mamyka ?????? ???? ????
00:27:32mamyka ????? ?? ???? ????????* \
00:27:36OneNightInLuna can we all gather and get towers plzß
00:27:37mamyka ?? ????
00:27:38PriMo v, gjnjv yt,sk
00:27:40Maier yea
00:27:40Maier go now
00:27:42PriMo ?? ????? ??????
00:27:48holostoi ???? 500
00:27:53Pufff-Reis -ms
00:28:24Fxx. omg
00:28:29Fxx. fcuking noob hero find me
00:28:52Fxx. more DUST pLEASE
00:28:56Fxx. its fucking 180 gold
00:28:59Fxx. stop feed gondar
00:29:06Fxx. this huskar is low to win this
00:29:19Fxx. huskar
00:29:21Fxx. MKB now
00:29:22Fxx. please
00:29:24Maier bkb
00:29:25Fxx. vs wind
00:29:26Maier more like
00:29:29Fxx. ....
00:29:58mamyka ??
00:30:01mamyka I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:34Fxx. let me farm
00:30:35Fxx. 200
00:30:36Fxx. ...
00:30:48helge wtf
00:30:49helge are u doing
00:30:50helge man
00:30:50holostoi ? ???? ????
00:30:52Maier go mid
00:30:52helge u suck so much
00:30:53holostoi ? ???
00:30:53mamyka _+
00:30:53Maier with 5
00:30:54helge and flame me
00:31:06mamyka i flame u coz you BIG FAILOR!
00:31:10helge ME?
00:31:11helge dude
00:31:13helge shut up
00:31:13mamyka u fail this pick
00:31:13helge rly
00:31:16fUNCh why
00:31:17Fxx. oh
00:31:18Fxx. :(
00:31:20helge its not my pick dude
00:31:22Fxx. es with bottle
00:31:22helge its your failure
00:31:23Fxx. sry
00:31:24kAlleMustDie cd
00:31:24helge u play shit
00:31:25helge face it
00:31:32mamyka imho better then u
00:31:35helge imho not
00:31:41Maier mid
00:31:45helge take a look at score it proves it u suck
00:31:53mamyka oke oke u cap
00:31:59mamyka who pick sf
00:32:06Fxx. fuck
00:32:06Fxx. ...
00:32:17Fxx. they are without casts
00:32:23Fxx. with halp hp
00:32:25Fxx. and u go back ?
00:32:30Fxx. and why only me dust ?
00:32:36Fxx. vs 2 invis heroes ?
00:32:54Fxx. MORE FEED THEM
00:32:54helge gondar
00:32:55helge come
00:32:56helge pusg
00:32:58holostoi ????? ????? ??????? ???
00:33:01OneNightInLuna tiny this was your fault
00:33:02Fxx. nevermore lothar , gondar invis , lanaya invis
00:33:05Fxx. NOBODY BUY DUST
00:33:06Fxx. .....
00:33:07mamyka ???? ????? ?????
00:33:10Fxx. and
00:33:12Fxx. YES
00:33:14kAlleMustDie i have bought alot of dust and wards
00:33:14Fxx. its my bad
00:33:14Fxx. ,,
00:33:22mamyka ???? ???? ?????? ???? ??????? ?????? ?????, ????? ???? ???!
00:33:32holostoi ??? ??????? ????? ???????? ??? ?? ???? ? ??? ?????? ????? ???? ??????
00:33:46Pufff-Reis 0 respawn time?
00:33:55mamyka ???? ???? ????
00:34:01mamyka open ur bnoob eyes
00:34:16OneNightInLuna guys can we gather plz?
00:34:40Fxx. what is siege atack ?
00:34:44Fxx. tiny with agha ?
00:34:50Maier yea
00:34:51Maier its imba
00:34:53Maier and cleave
00:34:53Fxx. what is it ?
00:34:59Fxx. splash ?
00:35:01Maier siege 600dmg
00:35:02Maier yea
00:35:44helge go
00:36:42Maier go mid
00:36:44Maier with 5 now
00:36:48fUNCh lifesteal mõttetu
00:36:59Maier ise sa oled mõttetu
00:37:15Maier armor me in fights
00:37:16Maier always
00:37:20Maier STAY MID
00:37:21OneNightInLuna all mid
00:37:21Maier STOP HUNTING
00:37:23OneNightInLuna guys?
00:37:28holostoi -??
00:37:30holostoi -ms
00:37:31mamyka LYJ"
00:37:36mamyka ??????? ?????
00:37:37OneNightInLuna team plz
00:37:44Maier COME
00:37:44mamyka ???? ????????
00:37:44OneNightInLuna can we just 1 time go gather?
00:37:44Maier FFS
00:38:07Maier make agha
00:38:08Maier tiny
00:38:10Maier fucking imbna
00:38:31helge 'TEAM
00:38:33helge useless fuckers
00:38:41holostoi u useless
00:38:44mamyka +\
00:38:46fUNCh mana
00:38:48helge shut the fuck up dudes
00:38:48holostoi couse no bkb
00:38:55helge u suck so much and blame me for picking sf
00:38:56mamyka ??? ?????
00:39:00mamyka coz lotar
00:39:02helge ridiciulus
00:39:27OneNightInLuna rax
00:39:28helge at least i have any items lanaya crap carry
00:39:38fUNCh mana
00:39:59kAlleMustDie :D
00:40:09Maier get top and bot now
00:40:13Maier bot first
00:40:24Fxx. ES ?
00:40:35Fxx. why u w8 ?
00:40:37Fxx. on ?
00:40:38Fxx. steal ?
00:40:43Fxx. u let me die
00:40:58fUNCh if you would given me mana before rax would still be OK
00:41:03Fxx. I HAD CD
00:41:07Fxx. retarded ?
00:41:11Fxx. u can check it
00:41:13Fxx. im shared
00:41:14Fxx. !
00:41:22Fxx. u rly dont deserve win
00:41:24Fxx. rly dont !
00:41:32kAlleMustDie why so angry?
00:41:34Fxx. same to this huskar
00:41:42OneNightInLuna b
00:41:45Fxx. cause i hate ego players
00:41:46Maier go fuck yourself you serbian bitch
00:41:52OneNightInLuna guys su now
00:42:56Maier have to def
00:43:06holostoi who control me?
00:43:14OneNightInLuna b
00:43:27holostoi newer u control me
00:43:31helge lol?
00:43:33helge su
00:43:34helge i dont
00:43:34Maier got mkb too
00:43:42helge dead
00:43:44helge super
00:43:45helge idiot
00:43:46helge minimap
00:43:52helge zero brain
00:43:58holostoi def at base
00:44:22helge go
00:44:24helge in
00:44:24Pufff-Reis base
00:44:26Pufff-Reis no
00:44:31helge huskar is up
00:44:32helge ffs
00:44:42Maier nvm
00:44:45Maier i can take top easy
00:44:47helge go
00:45:12OneNightInLuna b
00:46:25Maier all bot
00:46:38kAlleMustDie no dust atm
00:46:43OneNightInLuna i have
00:46:45fUNCh got 1 dust
00:46:48helge at base
00:46:49helge wauit me
00:46:52Maier diont touch chick please
00:47:14helge wait
00:47:15helge wait
00:47:23Maier i will go in
00:47:26fUNCh go in 30
00:48:04Fxx. RAAAAAAX
00:48:08helge yeah team lets get catched by all ultis
00:48:10Fxx. care
00:48:12helge FF picks
00:48:20Fxx. guys
00:48:21Fxx. rly
00:48:22Fxx. please
00:48:27Fxx. kamikaze rax
00:48:27Fxx. !
00:48:54Fxx. b
00:48:54Fxx. b
00:48:56Fxx. b
00:48:58helge best thing is lanaya blaming me for picking sf :c
00:49:13Fxx. WHY NO BACK
00:49:14Fxx. rly
00:49:15Fxx. ,,,
00:49:16OneNightInLuna husk why no back?
00:49:21Maier cant run away from ta
00:49:23Maier duuh
00:49:26OneNightInLuna tries to save u
00:49:26Fxx. no ?
00:49:28Fxx. i think yes
00:49:40Fxx. rosh now
00:49:46OneNightInLuna i made my spell on him but u stapped
00:49:56OneNightInLuna stayed*
00:49:57holostoi -ms
00:50:03Fxx. anyway , nice game
00:50:06Maier check
00:50:22mamyka didnt think so
00:50:30Fxx. its balanced
00:50:33Fxx. its nice ghame
00:51:27PriMo I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:36Maier fuck that
00:51:37OneNightInLuna let him
00:51:38holostoi never u push magic rax?
00:51:43holostoi all this time?
00:52:03Fxx. meka ?
00:52:28Fxx. gg
00:52:48helge XD
00:52:58Fxx. RAAAAAAAAAX
00:53:05helge nxt time pick some support team
00:53:08helge nvm gg
00:53:13Fxx. tiny wp
00:53:15Fxx. all wp
00:53:25helge naaa lanaya not
00:53:28helge she sucked
00:53:30helge hehe
00:53:30Fxx. lanaya too
00:53:43Fxx. said nevermore with lothar 1.
00:53:47mamyka +
00:53:48Fxx. with 2 invis heroes in team
00:53:50helge said tiny with small penis
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