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+23 X
+2 TS

80% | 1383 X | 1472 TS

+16 X
+3 TS

80% | 1355 X | 1501 TS

+26 X
+2 TS

50% | 1178 X | 1313 TS

+29 X
+26 TS

16% | 1024 X | 1157 TS

+21 X
+54 TS

10% | 971 X | 1125 TS

-3 X
-3 TS

83% | 1376 X | 1529 TS

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-3 TS

69% | 1236 X | 1468 TS

-35 X
-24 TS

44% | 1109 X | 1319 TS

-27 X
-3 TS

35% | 1077 X | 1289 TS

-31 X
-49 TS

NEW | 1025 X | 1038 TS

Chat log

00:00:09MATi -rd
00:00:18Stefke HAHHAHAA
00:00:21Stefke MRK JEBENI
00:00:23Stefke hahhahahaa
00:00:25Stefke hahaa
00:00:27Doomy banned?
00:00:28Defloratio wat ?
00:00:28Stefke ? ? ?? ?? ?
00:00:28LosMexicos enigma
00:00:28Defloratio sta se smejes?
00:00:28Defloratio xD
00:00:28Stefke pa lik se zove mrk
00:00:28Defloratio get me aa
00:00:28Defloratio xD
00:00:28livingde4th sd wasnt it?=
00:00:28Stefke ?
00:00:28MATi shit
00:00:28MATi ye it was :/
00:00:28Stefke np
00:00:28mrk play?
00:00:28Stefke we play
00:00:28Stefke y
00:00:28MATi lets play?
00:00:28Stefke ye
00:00:28livingde4th ok for me
00:00:28Defloratio ya play
00:00:28Stefke gogog
00:00:28Defloratio np
00:00:28MATi ok for me also
00:00:28Doomy ok for me
00:00:30LosMexicos sd better
00:00:31livingde4th ffs bans
00:00:31MATi BAN FIRST
00:00:32MATi DONT GO
00:00:32Stefke ban ?
00:00:32MATi YES
00:00:32livingde4th ban wisp
00:00:32MATi ITS XD
00:00:32MATi am
00:00:32mrk bani am
00:00:32mrk jeee
00:00:33mrk ready?
00:00:33mrk 321
00:00:33Doomy he is new dont get mad man ;)
00:00:33svents wisp am banned
00:00:33livingde4th y
00:00:39mrk tra
00:00:41mrk mõlemad minu herod
00:00:46MATi :D:D:D:D
00:01:03edgarass who banned?>
00:01:07mrk wisp am
00:01:09MATi AM AND WISP
00:01:10MATi BANNED
00:01:10Doomy am wisp
00:01:11svents am wisp banned
00:01:13edgarass thnx
00:01:14MATi slardar
00:01:16MATi slardar
00:01:19mrk am wisp banned
00:01:20MATi slardar and ck
00:01:25MATi ck would pwn
00:01:28MATi against furion
00:01:35MATi nice
00:01:41livingde4th get sp?
00:01:43MATi wr top
00:01:44livingde4th shadow priest
00:01:46MATi AA ck bot
00:01:46Defloratio -swap 2
00:01:48livingde4th woyld own with slardar
00:01:53MATi last please pick tc
00:01:57diesel im alt tab
00:01:58livingde4th slardar top
00:01:58LosMexicos need agi
00:01:58Defloratio pls swap
00:01:59MATi or panda.. or enigma
00:01:59livingde4th srry
00:02:02livingde4th he needs farm
00:02:02Doomy dont forget the chick
00:02:03mrk -swap 4
00:02:07MATi we dont need agi
00:02:08Defloratio ty
00:02:08Stefke furi
00:02:09Doomy yy
00:02:10Defloratio :D
00:02:11Stefke can u let me mid ?
00:02:12Doomy im going bot
00:02:15livingde4th no sorry
00:02:18Defloratio i played ck the last 4 games
00:02:22Stefke cool
00:02:22Defloratio cant enymore
00:02:23svents tra spectre
00:02:23mrk spec
00:02:24Doomy no chick...
00:02:25mrk chicken
00:02:26svents mida picki :D
00:02:27mrk losmexico
00:02:28mrk chicken
00:02:28Stefke now noone is wood
00:02:29mrk share
00:02:30mrk ty
00:02:34livingde4th u have to buy chicken at last pick
00:02:37LosMexicos chill dudes
00:02:39Stefke who ?
00:02:39svents aa top
00:02:41LosMexicos i know what to do
00:02:41Doomy u
00:02:41edgarass u
00:02:42mrk mine sa
00:02:45edgarass read rules before playing
00:02:46svents okei
00:02:48LosMexicos dont write every shithead u think about
00:02:48Stefke fuck this man ...
00:02:49Defloratio get gb
00:02:52Defloratio fb
00:02:54Defloratio cm
00:02:55Defloratio come down
00:02:56svents spec i wont give u farm
00:02:56Stefke and
00:02:57svents idc
00:03:02edgarass last pick buys and shares chicken
00:03:03Defloratio xD
00:03:03Stefke did not picked last
00:03:04Defloratio lol
00:03:05Doomy when u will have the gold just buy it
00:03:06LosMexicos i dont give a shit
00:03:08LosMexicos okay>
00:03:09Defloratio wind some down
00:03:13mrk rege bot
00:03:23edgarass come on u are last
00:03:25edgarass look at list
00:03:27Doomy by last pick we mean "brown or orange"
00:03:43Stefke kakvi su ovo majmuni
00:04:05Defloratio so?
00:04:18edgarass harras
00:04:33edgarass thrall harras t=ehm
00:04:52edgarass especialu
00:04:55edgarass wr
00:05:10MATi MID MISS
00:05:11MATi MID MISS
00:05:33livingde4th miss
00:05:35livingde4th qop inc bot
00:05:38livingde4th care
00:05:42edgarass idiot
00:05:42diesel WTF U RETARD
00:05:45diesel UR NOOB
00:05:45svents gj
00:05:47diesel fucking noob
00:05:49MATi mid miss
00:05:50MATi mid miss
00:05:51MATi car top
00:06:13LosMexicos rofl slard :D
00:06:38livingde4th buy chicken now
00:06:42Stefke FUCK OF
00:06:43svents ss1
00:06:47livingde4th dude its bannable
00:06:50livingde4th if u dont
00:06:57Doomy omg
00:07:00Stefke I DONT GIVE A FUCK
00:07:00edgarass stefka want ban?
00:07:03Stefke YES
00:07:05Doomy i guess
00:07:18mrk ss
00:07:20livingde4th dude
00:07:21diesel stefke ur last pick, so you should buy chicken, its the rules of gc..
00:07:24livingde4th get bettee rrating
00:07:27MATi GO THRALL
00:07:28livingde4th then u dont have to
00:07:49Stefke this is a joke right ?
00:07:53livingde4th no
00:07:55edgarass no idiot
00:07:57svents sahre pls
00:07:57Doomy no
00:07:59svents sahre!!!
00:07:59Defloratio b
00:07:59Doomy read rules
00:08:00svents share
00:08:07Stefke k
00:08:09Stefke ill read
00:08:11Stefke after game
00:08:17Doomy buy the chick
00:08:21Stefke LISTEN
00:08:29diesel Stefke if u dont buy
00:08:29Doomy nothing to listen
00:08:34diesel u will be banned after the game
00:08:35Doomy u will be ban for this
00:08:41Stefke k
00:08:43Stefke deal
00:08:54Stefke like i care
00:09:03livingde4th go spectre
00:09:06livingde4th rdy slardar?
00:09:10MATi mid miss
00:09:11edgarass ss
00:09:12MATi MID MISS
00:09:15livingde4th use salve
00:09:20Defloratio ss down also
00:09:24Defloratio care
00:09:26livingde4th miss
00:09:31livingde4th b down
00:09:32svents y
00:09:34edgarass ss2
00:10:35diesel kuidas sa elud täis said? :D
00:10:40MATi REGEN RUNE :D
00:10:43LosMexicos eng or report u dickhead!
00:10:54diesel we are talking about ur mother
00:10:54Stefke vidi
00:10:57Stefke hf
00:11:00Stefke ubuduce
00:11:01Stefke ..
00:11:03LosMexicos use private chat when u have to speak mongolian!
00:11:04Stefke za ovo njesra
00:11:09Stefke fuck off
00:11:11Defloratio ss
00:11:13Defloratio !@!!!
00:11:14livingde4th share
00:11:16LosMexicos fuck your mom!
00:11:21Stefke ya
00:11:24MATi mid miss
00:11:25MATi MID MISS
00:11:25Doomy ty thrall
00:11:27MATi RE
00:11:46livingde4th miss
00:11:47Defloratio go?
00:11:49Defloratio thral
00:11:49Stefke ss
00:11:51Defloratio ?
00:11:51edgarass ss spectre
00:12:04MATi SK IS TOP
00:12:25diesel sry I have little lag
00:12:32Doomy slave
00:12:34Doomy slard
00:12:38edgarass shit
00:12:40edgarass fuck
00:12:45edgarass didnt double click
00:12:47svents sry ei saanud stunnida :S
00:12:49svents cd oli
00:12:54Doomy hey a neutral killed me xD
00:12:54Defloratio sec
00:12:55Defloratio oom
00:13:01Defloratio ok
00:13:15mrk salve
00:13:18Doomy gank spec
00:13:18mrk ty
00:13:21Defloratio np
00:13:35Doomy ss
00:13:49edgarass ss
00:14:49mrk furi
00:14:52mrk nvm
00:15:03Defloratio im b
00:15:04Defloratio oom
00:15:08MATi :D:D
00:15:16svents :DDDd
00:15:28mrk ty
00:15:29MATi lol :D
00:15:30MATi :D
00:15:30edgarass omg
00:15:31svents :DDDd
00:15:33diesel no way
00:15:42Defloratio farm top nes
00:15:53edgarass bot tower
00:15:59edgarass push
00:16:07edgarass nice stun
00:16:48edgarass fight iodiots
00:16:54livingde4th srry i had lag
00:19:17Defloratio dead
00:19:35svents omfg
00:19:46edgarass idiots
00:19:54edgarass why the fuck iu block me
00:20:03svents :DDD
00:20:03MATi :D:D:D
00:20:07svents mati mati :DDDD
00:20:09edgarass fucking tard
00:20:11edgarass nerub
00:20:15edgarass i go tvise as fast as u
00:20:43edgarass and u fucking block my way
00:20:47edgarass get brains
00:21:04Defloratio why ck >???
00:21:16Defloratio def
00:21:16mrk thought you were behind me
00:21:19edgarass go to me
00:21:20mrk coulda killed him with faster ice
00:21:29mrk and survive
00:21:33MATi LOOL???
00:22:00Defloratio ck just farm and we win
00:22:14MATi spectre and ck just farm
00:22:34edgarass ff
00:22:36edgarass shit
00:22:36diesel EPIC
00:22:37diesel FAIL
00:22:38diesel OMG
00:22:47edgarass ,mega fail
00:22:49Defloratio push
00:23:00livingde4th u should use the fucking ring on shop
00:23:02livingde4th circle
00:23:08livingde4th when he was on fog
00:23:20LosMexicos suicider gj
00:23:27Stefke ...
00:23:48Stefke previse inteligentni ljudi
00:23:52Stefke bar za mene
00:23:53Defloratio xD
00:24:03Defloratio care
00:24:05Defloratio b
00:24:13livingde4th ffs
00:24:15livingde4th u suck
00:24:17livingde4th return?>?
00:24:19mrk 3-4 bot
00:24:21livingde4th and wtf slard doin
00:24:21mrk top
00:24:22diesel why didnt u go first
00:24:26edgarass saw somebodyu going from mid tower
00:24:27diesel I have a delay
00:24:38svents chciken suri?:D
00:24:53MATi ei
00:24:54Defloratio ffs
00:24:56MATi baasis
00:24:56svents omg :D
00:24:58svents thax :D
00:25:02Defloratio sk inc
00:25:06Defloratio b
00:25:09edgarass iodiot stun earlire
00:25:14edgarass omg sucjhj a morron
00:25:15LosMexicos ;)
00:25:31edgarass fuckinjg 3 stunners
00:25:36edgarass we should insta kill them
00:25:43edgarass no morron nerub is truining things
00:25:48edgarass what are u waiting for?
00:25:53edgarass just fucking stun
00:26:03mrk go
00:26:32svents deff bot
00:27:12MATi tulen top
00:27:14MATi killime
00:27:16LosMexicos 4gj alleria
00:27:20svents np
00:28:11svents tra diesel nahhuj sa nussid :D
00:28:12edgarass push fucking bot
00:28:12diesel why u steal like that nap
00:28:28Defloratio def
00:28:52edgarass push
00:28:55Defloratio team!!!!
00:29:09Defloratio stop farming when we need to def ffs
00:29:18Defloratio tt
00:29:38LosMexicos where are u idioits?!
00:29:40LosMexicos come and help us
00:30:02Defloratio tt
00:30:04Defloratio so bad
00:30:11LosMexicos u are so slow man
00:30:14mrk we cant def a 400hp tower
00:30:15Defloratio i was dead
00:30:16mrk vs 5
00:30:18mrk when we arent ready
00:30:21livingde4th take obs someone
00:30:21mrk just go back
00:30:21Defloratio !
00:30:22livingde4th from base
00:30:30mrk if you had been in the fight here
00:30:32mrk wed kill them all
00:30:59edgarass -ms
00:31:21Defloratio b
00:31:22Defloratio b
00:31:23LosMexicos idiot :D
00:31:36LosMexicos furi :D so bad
00:31:51mrk mida vittu
00:31:52livingde4th well who dies
00:31:52mrk wtf u doing
00:31:56Defloratio fu
00:32:02MATi please stop fighting
00:32:02LosMexicos well he uses ulty for solo kill
00:32:04LosMexicos so poor
00:32:04MATi we have upperhand
00:32:05Defloratio wat are you doing ffs
00:32:05Defloratio 0o
00:32:09MATi we have 2 amazing carries
00:32:10MATi lategame heroes
00:32:14svents no tra
00:32:14livingde4th pus
00:32:17svents putsi
00:32:22MATi ärme fighti lihtsalt
00:32:23MATi turtleme
00:32:36svents spec l2ks nii m6ttetult peale j2llle ju
00:32:58livingde4th got hex
00:33:01edgarass nice fucking stun
00:33:10svents mati te aussi ei l2hegi?
00:33:14livingde4th pretty epic farm
00:33:15livingde4th look
00:33:18MATi lähme ikka
00:33:20Defloratio ck why didnt you go armlet ?
00:33:20MATi ma järgmine nädal
00:33:22MATi liewec seal juba
00:33:25svents aa:d
00:34:04mrk just turtle this
00:34:06mrk furi is making it easy
00:34:24mrk just need wards
00:34:25mrk and shit
00:34:25MATi tra kui raske ainult 1 tajuriga teamis mängida :D
00:34:30MATi plant someone
00:34:31MATi i bought
00:34:33MATi on chicken
00:34:39diesel come
00:34:56mrk aa
00:34:58mrk dont waste ulti on creeps
00:35:00mrk let us farm
00:35:44diesel my bad :D
00:36:00MATi easy
00:36:01MATi u see?
00:36:07edgarass I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:36:07livingde4th u rush too deep
00:36:08livingde4th why
00:36:20diesel I tought qop was engaging
00:36:23diesel so I acted
00:36:29diesel I have a little delay
00:36:30livingde4th we could hit twr
00:36:35diesel Ill join to battle last next time
00:36:36livingde4th hmm mkb next?
00:36:42mrk plant wards
00:36:45Defloratio omw
00:37:07MATi NA INVIS
00:37:08MATi CARE
00:37:15MATi back
00:37:17MATi from everywhere please
00:37:38LosMexicos ha ha :D
00:38:29Defloratio fuck me
00:38:33Defloratio i just had meka -.-
00:38:47Defloratio gj
00:38:49Defloratio push mid
00:38:50Defloratio now
00:38:51edgarass \
00:38:52edgarass I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:53Defloratio we need tower
00:38:56mrk nah
00:38:58mrk we just farm
00:39:00mrk they do shit
00:39:00livingde4th we should roshan
00:39:02mrk cos furi pushes
00:39:06livingde4th but u push like retards
00:39:10Defloratio 0o
00:39:17Defloratio why not go all
00:39:18MATi mis cs on?
00:39:20Defloratio mid
00:39:21mrk -cs
00:39:22MATi 147
00:39:22MATi :P
00:39:24mrk 155
00:39:27MATi ah :D
00:39:30MATi pede
00:39:34edgarass omg
00:39:37mrk tp
00:39:38edgarass go one target tards
00:39:45mrk nvm
00:39:48svents tra lita:DDD
00:39:56diesel rosh?
00:39:57LosMexicos u like me so much furi...right? :D
00:39:59livingde4th y
00:40:16svents nal lothars wtf :DDDD
00:40:19livingde4th sure like freekills
00:40:20Stefke go
00:40:20MATi jah
00:40:21Stefke rosh
00:40:21MATi täis RET
00:40:40Doomy furi?
00:40:42LosMexicos your score isnt saying the same
00:40:51livingde4th slardar
00:42:02Stefke tt
00:42:02Defloratio b
00:42:06LosMexicos dd thrall
00:43:05edgarass fuckimng coward
00:43:08mrk proovige rohkem actionisse tulla
00:43:12mrk ma tankisin sk slar furit
00:43:13livingde4th ...
00:43:15livingde4th u cant 3
00:43:17mrk kuni te ühte tapsite kolmekesi
00:43:18mrk :D:D
00:43:21MATi ma nägin je
00:43:23MATi aga ei saanud väga midagi teha
00:43:26mrk jep tegelt jah
00:43:26edgarass we could if he didnt do shit
00:43:27MATi ÜBER pask spot oli
00:43:32edgarass my stun cd is like 10 s
00:43:42Defloratio b
00:43:53Defloratio omg this spec sucks
00:43:55Defloratio 0o
00:43:55svents regen bot
00:43:55MATi JÄTA
00:44:07mrk new wards please
00:44:16Stefke push
00:44:17mrk reuse
00:44:32livingde4th we need entry
00:44:47edgarass we need not brainless team members
00:44:51MATi 184
00:44:53MATi sul?
00:44:53MATi :D:D
00:44:54mrk 165
00:44:56edgarass all together
00:44:57MATi yeaa
00:45:01svents 112 siin :d
00:45:01mrk sa tõmbad ulti sisse
00:45:02edgarass nont attack nessaj
00:45:03mrk +20cs
00:45:05diesel top?
00:45:05edgarass he last
00:45:05livingde4th b top
00:45:08MATi nvm
00:45:10MATi läks invis juba
00:45:23edgarass go wr first
00:45:27mrk wr ja top
00:45:28mrk tp
00:45:29mrk je
00:45:31mrk peaaegu
00:45:31svents rly?
00:45:34MATi BACK
00:45:35MATi BACK
00:45:35MATi BACK
00:45:36MATi BACK
00:45:36svents oh mkb ^^
00:45:37MATi BACK
00:45:43Defloratio b
00:45:47livingde4th go
00:46:05svents spec why u waste ulti like this?
00:46:44edgarass tards
00:46:44Defloratio gj
00:46:56edgarass we loose all team fights
00:47:00svents ok mul gem
00:47:00mrk ei kaotanud elusigi D;:D
00:47:11Defloratio push mid
00:47:16Defloratio ck go mid
00:47:17Defloratio ffs
00:47:18Defloratio -.-
00:47:32Defloratio oh thougt you will go b
00:47:44diesel 10 sec
00:47:58Defloratio B
00:48:50mrk ward'
00:49:07livingde4th o lol i tp to fog and ck right on that spot
00:49:15Stefke I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:49:17Stefke !ff
00:49:27Defloratio dd
00:49:46edgarass fucking dont concentrate on nessaj
00:49:52mrk LOL
00:49:52mrk AA
00:49:53edgarass he is fat mother fucker
00:49:54mrk it wasnt our gem
00:49:57mrk ward*
00:50:01livingde4th then he kills all...
00:50:04Defloratio wat ?
00:50:07edgarass no he wont
00:50:09mrk you hit their ward once
00:50:11mrk then left
00:50:14edgarass we kill ancient wr
00:50:19Defloratio didnt see it
00:50:20Defloratio where?
00:50:28Defloratio it was auto attack
00:50:54svents tra
00:50:59Defloratio gem
00:51:01LosMexicos rosh is back
00:51:04MATi :D:D:D:D
00:51:04svents *:Dd
00:51:08Defloratio dont go solo ffs
00:51:08svents gem l2ks :D
00:51:23edgarass we dont need gem?
00:51:25edgarass i destroy it
00:51:52Defloratio ty
00:52:01livingde4th b
00:52:03livingde4th ck
00:52:21Defloratio b
00:52:29diesel 50 mins slardar has vanguard
00:52:30Defloratio apic bad spec
00:52:33diesel and whines all game
00:52:34Defloratio epic*
00:52:34edgarass fiu
00:52:37diesel seriously
00:52:52edgarass i dye all time because of fucking lack of brain on nerub
00:53:00MATi ÄRA TELE
00:53:08mrk EIII
00:53:25livingde4th roshan now
00:53:27Defloratio go all ??
00:53:33mrk 221
00:53:44mrk 15 min 70cs
00:53:48livingde4th i take
00:53:49MATi GO ALL
00:53:51Doomy sure
00:53:51mrk suht nub
00:53:55mrk mana
00:54:10livingde4th b
00:54:25edgarass idiot
00:54:49MATi mida sa teed?
00:54:52mrk ma ie tea
00:54:54edgarass wow
00:54:57MATi I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:55:06mrk mismõttes ei saa
00:55:06edgarass well nessaj too fat its gg
00:55:07mrk ikka saab
00:55:13MATi full hp
00:55:18MATi tower
00:55:20livingde4th kill pe
00:55:22mrk iseasi kas ära tapab
00:55:24mrk b
00:55:32MATi lähme kõik topist
00:55:34MATi ja asi ants
00:55:36Defloratio lets end it ffs
00:55:37Defloratio pls
00:55:40mrk y
00:55:45Defloratio get
00:55:49mrk im oom
00:55:50mrk go base
00:55:51mrk and top 5
00:56:10LosMexicos mb one time
00:56:11LosMexicos frui
00:56:16Stefke HAHAHHAA
00:56:17LosMexicos cd on port?!
00:56:24Stefke hahahahhaah
00:56:25LosMexicos n1
00:56:26Stefke HAHAHAHA
00:56:26mrk can someone buy tp
00:56:27LosMexicos :DDD
00:56:28Defloratio lies
00:56:31LosMexicos it was nice :D
00:56:38Stefke PUSH
00:56:40svents ostan uue gemi
00:56:44mrk anna tp keegi
00:56:47svents mrk kanna gemi
00:56:48MATi võta
00:56:59mrk no pole tp siis
00:57:55Stefke gogo furi
00:57:57Defloratio i will
00:57:57mrk qop sa defi
00:57:58mrk ultiga
00:58:09edgarass crix dagger
00:58:15mrk need to push sides
00:58:47Defloratio i will def you all push
00:58:54svents k
00:59:24mrk sul pole ka tp
00:59:31Stefke come
00:59:34livingde4th wait
00:59:36livingde4th getin my ac
00:59:37MATi saan välja osta
00:59:48MATi spec coming?
01:00:31diesel I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
01:00:31Defloratio : *
01:00:40livingde4th cant win alone
01:00:41svents wp all
01:00:42MATi BE READY
01:00:43Stefke i surender!
01:00:46svents gg wp
01:00:47MATi ur na :D:D
01:00:49Stefke hahahaa
01:00:55MATi wp furi
01:01:03svents wp furi
01:01:15LosMexicos wp mercurial!
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