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+3 TS

81% | 1381 X | 1488 TS

-7 X
+2 TS

47% | 1149 X | 1310 TS

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+4 TS

33% | 1065 X | 1287 TS

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+18 TS

21% | 1098 X | 1129 TS

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+76 TS

NEW | 1047 X | 1110 TS

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91% | 1566 X | 1508 TS

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78% | 1410 X | 1415 TS

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NEW | 1042 X | 1059 TS

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NEW | 977 X | 1037 TS

Chat log

00:00:01WTGD -ap
00:00:08lemi.livo.skodi same picks ?
00:00:11WTGD y
00:00:11P3nnyw1se yes
00:00:20lemi.livo.skodi lol abba
00:00:41ChrizZLee ?
00:00:41Norrebro chciekn
00:00:43Norrebro mirana
00:00:48P3nnyw1se feel free to buy one... support
00:00:53Maier ...
00:00:55lemi.livo.skodi i agree with mira
00:00:56Maier it's a rule
00:01:01P3nnyw1se no its a rule the last picker.. buys it
00:01:03Maier SET by the makers
00:01:04P3nnyw1se I didn't last pick
00:01:05Maier IT IS
00:01:08P3nnyw1se I know the rules
00:01:10WTGD ?
00:01:11Maier you are the lastpick
00:01:12P3nnyw1se feel free to report me
00:01:13Norrebro dude u are 5th
00:01:13Maier sorry
00:01:13Maier wait
00:01:13Maier please
00:01:13Norrebro in team
00:01:13Maier our lastpick doesnt know rules
00:01:13P3nnyw1se I am not buying a courier to you jackasses
00:01:13ChrizZLee this league sucks
00:01:13P3nnyw1se so either report me or not
00:01:13WTGD give him time to read then
00:01:13P3nnyw1se but play
00:01:13WTGD we unpause
00:01:13Maier not report
00:01:13lemi.livo.skodi its his right to reject to buy chick ... your right is to report
00:01:13Maier but mannerban
00:01:13Maier 2w
00:01:13Maier atleast
00:01:13Maier it's not a right
00:01:13P3nnyw1se mannerban ? I got 20 screenshots of you flaming me :D
00:01:13Maier it's an imbeciles point of you
00:01:13svents rule is rule
00:01:13Maier of view *
00:01:13lemi.livo.skodi you cant force him to buy chick
00:01:13P3nnyw1se they can sure as hell try
00:01:13WTGD rules are for breaking
00:01:13svents yes we can
00:01:13lemi.livo.skodi you can report him if you want
00:01:13svents rules are rules
00:01:13P3nnyw1se we are gonna be here a long time boys
00:01:13svents dont care
00:01:13P3nnyw1se I ain't buying
00:01:13P3nnyw1se to these jackasses
00:01:13P3nnyw1se done
00:01:13ChrizZLee we w8 4 what?
00:01:13WTGD ok then norre buys np
00:01:13lemi.livo.skodi you dont buy if you dont want
00:01:13svents then go fckurself
00:01:13P3nnyw1se so either stop game and report...
00:01:13ChrizZLee to cry more?
00:01:13P3nnyw1se or just stay pause
00:01:13Jezovuk buy fucking chick
00:01:14Jezovuk lets play
00:01:14ChrizZLee about this shit league?
00:01:26Maier way fucking better than some shit dota league
00:01:35ChrizZLee not really :p
00:01:37P3nnyw1se the rules say the last guy to pick a hero... I wasn't
00:01:39lemi.livo.skodi not really
00:01:41P3nnyw1se only in xd it matters if brown
00:01:43Maier No, LASTPICK
00:01:43ChrizZLee you ever played with a clan?
00:01:44svents tra need dl cuntid on nii ära t6usnud jube
00:01:48ChrizZLee at dotaleague?
00:01:49Maier on küll
00:01:52Maier jumala haige
00:01:52WTGD on küll jah
00:01:54Norrebro mirana
00:01:59Norrebro i just banned you
00:02:01Norrebro so gl
00:02:02P3nnyw1se okay thx
00:02:06lemi.livo.skodi ok now su
00:02:10WTGD 200 goldi siia sinna who cares noh
00:02:16P3nnyw1se its funny how
00:02:16Maier ongi
00:02:20P3nnyw1se I dont seem banned on my own site
00:02:22Firoga ONGI !
00:02:24P3nnyw1se is it somewhere else you banned me ?
00:02:35svents vot tak
00:03:23lemi.livo.skodi i pull
00:03:38lemi.livo.skodi you can handle solo mira ?
00:03:44P3nnyw1se ofc .. I'm not Norrebro
00:04:02Norrebro u will see after game
00:04:06Jonneblarre -ii
00:04:06P3nnyw1se I just went to site
00:04:08WTGD ss
00:04:09P3nnyw1se like 2 minutes ago
00:04:11P3nnyw1se not banned :(
00:04:15Norrebro after game trust me
00:04:18P3nnyw1se okay
00:04:20WTGD ss
00:04:20P3nnyw1se I trust you boss
00:04:20WTGD care
00:05:25lemi.livo.skodi come mira
00:05:35P3nnyw1se ?
00:05:37lemi.livo.skodi i ll blade fury
00:06:27WTGD ss mid
00:06:27WTGD care
00:06:43Norrebro ss mid
00:06:49P3nnyw1se ss es top
00:07:15Jezovuk come
00:07:45WTGD ss omni
00:07:54Jonneblarre looked like he was going top
00:07:59Jezovuk akasha come top
00:08:02P3nnyw1se thx
00:08:28Norrebro ss
00:08:36Maier dude
00:08:39Maier lemme get my manaboots
00:08:41Maier then u can farm
00:08:45ChrizZLee kk
00:08:49lemi.livo.skodi ready mira
00:08:53Maier u should sense that by urself
00:08:54P3nnyw1se need 30 mana
00:08:55P3nnyw1se for arrow
00:08:58Firoga delay
00:09:00P3nnyw1se 25
00:09:10Norrebro ss mid
00:09:12Norrebro inc top
00:09:22Jezovuk fuck
00:09:38Jonneblarre gj
00:09:44P3nnyw1se too bad we didn't react within the 4 seconds window
00:09:46P3nnyw1se omni gave us
00:09:51WTGD ss omni
00:09:58lemi.livo.skodi epic miss mid
00:10:02lemi.livo.skodi and he saiz nothing
00:10:10P3nnyw1se he is pro
00:10:23WTGD ss omni
00:10:24WTGD care
00:10:34Maier what did i just say ?
00:10:54Maier thing is, u gotta learn that dota is not a solo game
00:11:04P3nnyw1se says the guy that won't allow his mate to farm
00:11:05P3nnyw1se :D
00:11:07Jonneblarre inc gang bot
00:11:22svents gj
00:11:30Maier i am zeus, i need some crucial items
00:11:30Firoga u 2
00:11:32Maier for roaming
00:11:33Maier get it ?
00:11:33svents np
00:11:34Maier idiot
00:11:35Firoga i have a huge delay
00:11:35P3nnyw1se lol
00:11:40ChrizZLee ^^
00:11:40svents fix it?
00:11:40P3nnyw1se you couldnt roam a fuckign forest creep
00:11:46Firoga nothing i could do
00:11:48WTGD ss omni
00:11:49WTGD care
00:11:55Norrebro wards someone
00:12:04svents ss1
00:12:17WTGD ss omni
00:12:17WTGD care
00:12:17lemi.livo.skodi shit es
00:12:22Jezovuk kako ovog sere
00:12:24P3nnyw1se what about you buy the wards..... support omni ?
00:12:30lemi.livo.skodi hehe a i ovog tvog
00:12:35WTGD care
00:12:37WTGD omni coming bot
00:12:42Jezovuk on je lvl 8
00:13:01Jezovuk ss top-2
00:13:04Norrebro maier
00:13:08Norrebro go
00:13:14Maier i will
00:13:24lemi.livo.skodi lol
00:13:26Jezovuk stun>?
00:13:32Jonneblarre out of range?
00:13:33Norrebro ss
00:13:43P3nnyw1se you were so close
00:13:43P3nnyw1se QOP
00:13:47P3nnyw1se btw
00:13:49P3nnyw1se miss mid
00:13:51P3nnyw1se he is top
00:13:53P3nnyw1se killing jugger
00:14:11svents tra see ulti
00:14:12P3nnyw1se no ss
00:14:15P3nnyw1se the guy wants wards and chicken
00:14:17P3nnyw1se and doesnt say ss
00:14:17svents see ulti on nii pask jube -.-
00:14:18lemi.livo.skodi come gang top ffs
00:14:26lemi.livo.skodi and you moron mid say MISS just once
00:14:42svents bs no silence????:DDDD
00:14:44Norrebro read
00:14:47Norrebro noob
00:14:48P3nnyw1se read!??!
00:14:50P3nnyw1se are you fucking kidding me
00:14:52Norrebro but u can only write
00:14:53P3nnyw1se you never said SS on QOP
00:14:58Norrebro og read chat
00:15:02P3nnyw1se I DID
00:15:05P3nnyw1se its invisible
00:15:22Maier says treads potm :D
00:15:24Maier :DDDDDDDDDD
00:15:25Maier :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:15:29P3nnyw1se werent you busy feeding ?
00:15:38svents ss1
00:15:41svents ss2
00:15:50lemi.livo.skodi shild on me ?
00:15:52P3nnyw1se 3 heroes
00:15:54P3nnyw1se 4
00:15:56P3nnyw1se run from 1 bs
00:16:21P3nnyw1se do you think omni skilled ulti?
00:16:22P3nnyw1se cause I dont
00:16:23Jezovuk ?
00:16:28lemi.livo.skodi nice farm am
00:16:33Jonneblarre fissure on cd
00:16:35lemi.livo.skodi think not
00:17:36P3nnyw1se ..
00:17:48P3nnyw1se lol
00:17:49P3nnyw1se zeus
00:17:49P3nnyw1se haha
00:17:57Maier no wards can do that
00:18:07P3nnyw1se oh I'm sorry.. are you not more of a support than I am ?
00:18:09P3nnyw1se is omni not ?
00:18:25P3nnyw1se where are your wards zeus ?
00:18:36Jonneblarre damn
00:18:41svents gj es anyway
00:18:42svents my bad
00:18:53Jonneblarre :)
00:18:59Jonneblarre got dagger now
00:19:03svents good
00:20:00Firoga delay :(
00:20:05Firoga can't fix it
00:20:05P3nnyw1se if you are wondering what our mid hero is doing
00:20:07P3nnyw1se in teamfights
00:20:10P3nnyw1se your answer is up there
00:20:19Maier stop blaming
00:20:22P3nnyw1se stop blaming lol
00:20:23P3nnyw1se haha
00:20:30P3nnyw1se you fucking blamed me for 10 minutes previous to the game even started
00:20:32P3nnyw1se you fucking dick
00:20:41Maier aww
00:20:42Maier u mad ?
00:20:44lemi.livo.skodi abba ? 1 time shild on me ?
00:20:49P3nnyw1se youre the one who fucked up
00:20:54P3nnyw1se your support.. so is omni.. no wards.. no miss
00:20:57P3nnyw1se no support
00:20:58P3nnyw1se nothing
00:21:01ChrizZLee how should i?
00:21:05ChrizZLee i was stunned
00:21:09lemi.livo.skodi plz just pay attention once
00:21:51Jonneblarre got damn clicker hero
00:21:54Norrebro whats ur aa mirana?
00:22:00P3nnyw1se high
00:22:01Norrebro lille bøsserøv
00:22:05P3nnyw1se reported :)
00:22:06P3nnyw1se thx
00:22:10Norrebro hah
00:22:14P3nnyw1se du kan bare komme herover og fortælle mig det Norrebro
00:22:15P3nnyw1se hvor vil du mødes ?
00:22:17Norrebro suck my dcik
00:22:32P3nnyw1se det tænkte jeg nok
00:24:34Firoga gj
00:24:47Maier jube millised idioodid nad ikka on
00:24:52svents :DDD
00:24:57Maier terve pela perse keerand pmst
00:25:03P3nnyw1se non english
00:25:04P3nnyw1se reportable
00:25:20Maier estonian or english
00:25:25Maier cos the maker is estonian
00:25:27Maier SO FUCK OFF
00:25:31P3nnyw1se ehm
00:25:34P3nnyw1se not according to the rules :)
00:25:41Maier and i wasnt speaking to u
00:25:43P3nnyw1se lets see what some admin says to it
00:25:45ChrizZLee potm int treads?
00:25:54P3nnyw1se feel free to school me abba with your sick skills
00:26:51svents tra
00:26:56svents wtf:D
00:27:03Norrebro nice arrows
00:27:09svents luihtsalt ei saa ultida no tra
00:27:10P3nnyw1se what do you know about my arrows
00:27:10Jezovuk 4 kill with chain?
00:27:13P3nnyw1se you are never here
00:27:37Maier norre seems like he's always got something to say
00:27:52P3nnyw1se I just think its ironic how high and mighty you were pre-game
00:27:56Maier seems like, age 15
00:27:58P3nnyw1se now here we are.. you feed... you don't do your support
00:28:03P3nnyw1se you flame..
00:28:05Jonneblarre u go hexx qop?
00:28:05P3nnyw1se you speak non English
00:28:08P3nnyw1se I mean is there any rule
00:28:08WTGD y
00:28:09P3nnyw1se you follow ?
00:28:10P3nnyw1se at all
00:28:14Jonneblarre nice
00:28:33Jonneblarre is zeus primary focus?
00:28:36WTGD y
00:28:37Maier thing is, i don't have to answer to you
00:28:39Maier cos you're nobody
00:28:41Maier a 1% guy
00:28:48P3nnyw1se well .. a 1% guy can report
00:28:51P3nnyw1se just as much as a 100%
00:29:05Jonneblarre illu
00:29:14Maier thing is, a 1% guy is never listened to
00:29:21P3nnyw1se I dont need them to listen
00:29:24P3nnyw1se just watch this replay
00:29:28P3nnyw1se and I know for a fact they will
00:29:30P3nnyw1se cause I already made one
00:29:38Maier see, for a 1% guy they won't even look @ a replay :D
00:29:43P3nnyw1se alright we will see :)
00:29:43WTGD omg
00:30:09P3nnyw1se has anyone seen omni use ulti yet ?
00:30:11P3nnyw1se anyone ?
00:30:11WTGD im coming
00:30:14WTGD keep pushing i tp
00:30:22Jezovuk b
00:30:30Jonneblarre i could jump
00:31:08Jonneblarre nice
00:31:48svents lol
00:31:57WTGD tp bot
00:31:59WTGD they coming
00:32:24Maier jugger going agha ?
00:32:30lemi.livo.skodi yes
00:32:34Maier kewl
00:32:54WTGD when i get hex focus omni
00:32:56WTGD first
00:33:06Jonneblarre havent see nhim use his ulti
00:33:06Jezovuk i will zeus
00:33:22Maier def in base
00:33:55P3nnyw1se well whats to expect we play 4on5
00:33:58P3nnyw1se as usual
00:34:20svents tra
00:34:23svents homo :DDDD
00:34:31Maier ma pole pime :D
00:34:35svents m6tlesin et kas ultin v6i ei :DDD
00:34:50svents arvasin et sa ultid tra:DDDD
00:34:59Jonneblarre ffs english
00:35:04svents sry
00:35:12svents not talking with u anyway so
00:35:16WTGD go push top?
00:35:19svents annoy this
00:35:20WTGD while am farms?
00:35:29Jonneblarre dd
00:35:34Maier norre
00:35:35Maier plant
00:35:37Jezovuk mana
00:35:38Jonneblarre got agah in 400g
00:35:42Jonneblarre cd
00:35:46Jezovuk mana
00:35:50svents sell soulrinb
00:36:14Jezovuk tp
00:36:18Jezovuk go
00:36:33Maier haha
00:36:34Maier nice
00:36:37Jezovuk push top
00:36:37Jonneblarre rude boy
00:36:45P3nnyw1se first time he sees that
00:37:02Maier def base
00:37:09Maier we are of no match to them
00:37:12P3nnyw1se I'm staying in base
00:37:15P3nnyw1se untill omni comes
00:37:17P3nnyw1se at fountain
00:37:35WTGD camp here
00:37:42Jonneblarre agah on the way
00:37:45P3nnyw1se omni getting farmed.. I bet we win a lucky push
00:37:45Norrebro go
00:37:49P3nnyw1se then omni wants us to thank him
00:37:51P3nnyw1se for being farmed
00:38:16Jonneblarre fail
00:38:22Jezovuk y
00:38:24Maier see what miracles wards can do ?
00:38:31P3nnyw1se then you should have bought some earlier
00:38:32P3nnyw1se support
00:38:41Maier GO
00:38:52Maier b
00:38:55Maier dont get cocky
00:39:04WTGD am go farm
00:39:05WTGD fast
00:39:12Maier they will rosh soon
00:39:18Maier we need to be ready
00:39:19P3nnyw1se so the ancient scroll says
00:39:22WTGD we need to kill omni and then we can push
00:39:33Maier stop bitching
00:39:35Maier and start playing
00:39:39Maier dont wanna argue anymore
00:39:39P3nnyw1se its a little late
00:39:41Maier let's win this
00:39:42P3nnyw1se to act the better man
00:39:44WTGD try rosh
00:39:48Norrebro he whined from start
00:39:50Norrebro just let him
00:39:56Norrebro i com
00:40:00P3nnyw1se naah
00:40:02P3nnyw1se gl
00:40:20Jezovuk fuck me
00:40:22Jonneblarre n1
00:40:24Maier a heal would have been good
00:40:28Norrebro silence
00:40:31WTGD all go mid
00:40:31Maier ah yea
00:40:32WTGD fast
00:40:34svents y
00:40:43P3nnyw1se what is it omni ulti does again ?
00:40:45P3nnyw1se can anyone remember ?
00:40:48WTGD no
00:40:57Maier mid
00:40:59Maier wait for all
00:40:59Norrebro u heard about silence faggot?
00:41:01Maier dont engage
00:41:02Jezovuk i always focus him because zeus is to far
00:41:03Maier DONT ENGAGE
00:41:07P3nnyw1se you been silence for 38 muinutes ?
00:41:13WTGD rax
00:41:13lemi.livo.skodi moronnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
00:41:17WTGD we need rax
00:41:26lemi.livo.skodi IDIOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTtttt
00:41:32lemi.livo.skodi ABBAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaa
00:41:44Jezovuk akasha and shaker pro
00:42:05svents :DDD
00:42:07lemi.livo.skodi morons ? ? ?
00:42:08svents gj
00:42:08WTGD take bot
00:42:12lemi.livo.skodi or tards ?
00:42:15ChrizZLee wp potm
00:42:19ChrizZLee you lost it
00:42:20Maier i agree
00:42:23P3nnyw1se yeah thx :D
00:42:28P3nnyw1se we would probably have had a better start top
00:42:32P3nnyw1se if we had any kind of ss
00:42:33P3nnyw1se at any point
00:42:34WTGD and top
00:42:42ChrizZLee pls stop talk
00:42:48P3nnyw1se ofc I wont
00:42:50lemi.livo.skodi I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:42:55Jezovuk lemi lemi
00:42:55P3nnyw1se this game is on omni
00:43:01Maier this game is on YOU
00:43:01P3nnyw1se by a long shot. .the last 20 minutes we played 4on5
00:43:03lemi.livo.skodi uzas jebeni
00:43:03Maier AND YOU ONLY
00:43:04P3nnyw1se sure zeus
00:43:05P3nnyw1se sure
00:43:06P3nnyw1se :D
00:43:11lemi.livo.skodi i jebeni tardovi
00:43:25Norrebro kan du blive ved me d at snakke lille homo
00:43:55P3nnyw1se hvis jeg er den lille homo
00:43:58P3nnyw1se så mød mig på gaden svans
00:44:06Norrebro hvor er du din luder
00:44:08svents bs divine ....
00:44:11Firoga bad
00:44:12Firoga thing
00:44:15P3nnyw1se bare kom til runddelene.. skal vi sige 15 minutter ?
00:44:17Jezovuk for fun
00:44:19P3nnyw1se foran 7/11
00:44:23WTGD just dont die
00:44:27WTGD lets tak this last rax
00:44:30Norrebro fucking lille hund
00:44:32WTGD just attack rax
00:44:32Jezovuk go ros
00:44:34P3nnyw1se lol
00:44:36P3nnyw1se du er perker
00:44:38P3nnyw1se kan jeg høre
00:44:39WTGD k
00:44:40P3nnyw1se på dit sprog
00:44:40P3nnyw1se nice
00:44:43Jezovuk k
00:44:55Maier care
00:45:00Norrebro sku jeg
00:45:08Norrebro være en dansker homo som dig
00:45:09Jezovuk go
00:45:20WTGD let bs take
00:45:23P3nnyw1se du kan takke mit land for du er noget som helst
00:45:24WTGD and just go top
00:45:26ChrizZLee rosh needed
00:45:27P3nnyw1se ellers kan du jo bare fucke hjem bøsse
00:45:31P3nnyw1se eller er vores penge gode nok ?
00:45:31WTGD yes
00:45:33WTGD bs divine
00:45:37WTGD cant gift it to you
00:45:56Norrebro go spil public bums
00:46:04P3nnyw1se tag hjem til jalla land
00:46:05P3nnyw1se perker
00:46:07Norrebro vi har ikke brug for dine typer her
00:46:09WTGD GG
00:46:13P3nnyw1se vi har ikke brug for dig i vores land
00:46:13Firoga gg
00:46:16Norrebro homodreng
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