Game #2910241

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-43 X
-6 TS

97% | 1720 X | 1577 TS

-10 X
-16 TS

56% | 1266 X | 1299 TS

-17 X
-12 TS

26% | 1078 X | 1204 TS

+17 X
-34 TS

NEW | 1041 X | 1106 TS

+27 X
-14 TS

12% | 987 X | 1150 TS

+34 X
+38 TS

74% | 1357 X | 1423 TS

+6 X
+2 TS

68% | 1287 X | 1408 TS

+24 X
+3 TS

49% | 1162 X | 1314 TS

-7 X
+2 TS

37% | 1076 X | 1306 TS

-10 X
+46 TS

8% | 952 X | 1113 TS

Chat log

00:00:02Forthedream a-p
00:00:02Steuerfreak -ap
00:00:04sebralane reptil
00:00:04sebralane e
00:00:06sebralane skill stun 1
00:00:08mby_next_time Aleks aleks my love!
00:00:12Forthedream dont fucking mispick
00:00:15Aleks875 lol gay
00:00:16mby_next_time :D
00:00:18sebralane 15% lifesteal dont save
00:00:20sebralane stun can
00:00:21Aleks875 hes gay
00:00:23Aleks875 !!!!!!
00:00:24VajcoO i can woods
00:00:25Aleks875 LOOOL
00:00:33VajcoO thrall go top
00:00:34mby_next_time pls dont go woods
00:00:35VajcoO solo
00:00:38Forthedream no
00:00:38mby_next_time pls
00:00:39mby_next_time dont
00:00:39Forthedream bot solo
00:00:39Aleks875 can i change team?
00:00:41Steuerfreak thrall solo
00:00:42Steuerfreak wtf
00:00:42Dovahkiin su
00:00:44Aleks875 in our team GAY
00:00:44mby_next_time dont let aleks be playing
00:00:45Dovahkiin and play
00:00:47mby_next_time with anyone
00:00:47Dovahkiin and play
00:00:48sebralane change sex please
00:00:50Forthedream thrall bot solo
00:00:52Forthedream ench woods
00:00:52mby_next_time let cent go be ward
00:00:56mby_next_time DONT LEAVE ME WITH ALEKS
00:00:59mTs change brain plx :D
00:01:00Aleks875 WRE have GAY
00:01:01Aleks875 OMG
00:01:02Forthedream sand
00:01:06Forthedream gank mid when u can
00:01:08Forthedream thats all
00:01:09mby_next_time yoyuo
00:01:13Xove dude
00:01:15mby_next_time but dude
00:01:15Xove let me farm ok
00:01:17Aleks875 i dont go with as the same side with gay
00:01:19mby_next_time i will leae alek olo on lane
00:01:23Aleks875 omg we have gay!
00:01:23mby_next_time i dont believe in him solo lane
00:01:24Steuerfreak su
00:01:25Aleks875 ))
00:01:26mby_next_time -hhn
00:01:27sebralane if i get rune we can fb
00:01:31Dovahkiin this trashtalk
00:01:31Forthedream well i powerthrought stats so i dont have to lane :D
00:01:33mby_next_time centaur buy CHIKEN
00:01:38mby_next_time CHIKEN
00:01:39mby_next_time COURIER
00:01:40mTs we do some kills and you will be farmed
00:01:45Aleks875 stfu gay
00:01:51Forthedream b
00:02:24mTs n1
00:02:25sebralane faking hell
00:02:25Forthedream ;o
00:02:27mby_next_time IT HOW TO MAKE IT
00:02:37mby_next_time i know wp me
00:02:39Aleks875 dangerous gay
00:02:40mby_next_time :>
00:02:44Aleks875 be careful
00:02:51mby_next_time aleks[] i love you :D
00:02:56Aleks875 look
00:02:57Aleks875 ..
00:03:13mby_next_time s rasta
00:03:30mby_next_time k i got bottle
00:03:34mby_next_time <3 fb
00:03:49mTs say thx
00:03:49mTs ?
00:03:51mby_next_time re rasta
00:03:54Xove ty
00:05:07Xove leave farm
00:05:07Xove ffs
00:05:45Forthedream ss
00:05:55Xove fucking noob
00:05:56Xove svend
00:06:05mTs bad way luba
00:06:13Xove full mana
00:06:15Xove fucking noob
00:06:24Forthedream up chick pls
00:06:38sebralane ss
00:06:47mby_next_time mne
00:06:50mby_next_time me me
00:06:52Steuerfreak <yy
00:06:56Forthedream sk
00:07:00Forthedream up chicken
00:07:03mby_next_time cash
00:07:05mby_next_time in mmt
00:07:07sebralane kill him
00:07:13Forthedream ffs
00:07:24Forthedream seriously
00:07:26reptile ss
00:07:28Forthedream you have fucking 2 kills
00:07:41mby_next_time i needed bottle and bots
00:07:54Forthedream no you needed to up fucking chicken so i dont get raped
00:08:03mby_next_time we got ench and thral
00:08:03reptile ss
00:08:09mby_next_time you said to up when i got boots
00:08:14Forthedream forget it
00:08:16mby_next_time so our from me
00:08:16Forthedream noobs fest
00:08:30reptile oom
00:08:33sebralane me 2
00:08:39mby_next_time sa[]d that our cap said so
00:08:56sebralane mid come gank?
00:09:04Dovahkiin oo
00:09:05reptile ss
00:09:05reptile sk
00:09:05Dovahkiin oom
00:09:11Dovahkiin and ive freefarm
00:09:22mTs sorry
00:09:25mTs my bad
00:09:31mTs and no ss
00:10:17mTs .......
00:10:17mby_next_time luna :D
00:10:28Dovahkiin ss bone
00:10:29Dovahkiin care top
00:10:31Dovahkiin or dead
00:10:56reptile wtf
00:10:57mTs care
00:11:13mby_next_time oom.
00:11:21Steuerfreak come
00:11:30VajcoO twr
00:11:31sebralane clikz here
00:11:32mTs luna in 6
00:11:35Forthedream get dust
00:11:35Aleks875 skeleton no mana
00:11:36mTs go gang forest
00:11:36Forthedream and gank him
00:11:50VajcoO omg
00:11:51VajcoO bone
00:11:56Forthedream ?
00:12:00VajcoO why?
00:12:26Dovahkiin CAN U GANG TOO?
00:12:27Dovahkiin MB?
00:12:28mby_next_time me
00:12:47Forthedream net him
00:12:57Dovahkiin INCLUDING YOU
00:13:31VajcoO b
00:13:38sebralane gg
00:13:38reptile ss
00:14:19Forthedream let me
00:14:40sebralane b
00:14:42sebralane oom
00:14:55Forthedream rofl
00:14:55Steuerfreak range
00:14:58Steuerfreak 4
00:14:58Steuerfreak b
00:15:03Forthedream yea dont be scared with 900 mana
00:15:09Steuerfreak lol
00:15:11Steuerfreak against 4
00:15:11Steuerfreak ?!
00:15:16Forthedream i had my ult
00:15:18Forthedream would kill
00:15:27Forthedream and they didnt have mana
00:16:21reptile oom
00:16:37Forthedream i forgot how bad gc is
00:16:39Forthedream my bad
00:16:53mby_next_time yoyo dude go complain :D
00:17:02Steuerfreak ench
00:17:05Steuerfreak heal
00:17:07Steuerfreak faster
00:17:08Steuerfreak ?
00:17:20Dovahkiin b
00:17:21reptile b
00:17:21Dovahkiin man
00:17:58sebralane buy me tp
00:17:59sebralane i have dust
00:18:26Forthedream rofl
00:18:47Forthedream gj
00:19:04Steuerfreak fight
00:19:20Dovahkiin WARD
00:19:24Dovahkiin RHASTA
00:19:24Dovahkiin MB
00:19:26Dovahkiin ANYTHING?
00:19:35Dovahkiin awful team
00:20:17Steuerfreak LOL
00:20:40mby_next_time laged but well we got him anyway
00:20:43mTs ehh this clinkz
00:20:44mTs ...
00:20:50Steuerfreak LUNA FARMING
00:20:54Steuerfreak sry caps lock
00:20:58Forthedream doesnt matter
00:21:01mby_next_time :D
00:21:16mby_next_time i run too
00:21:17mby_next_time top
00:21:26mby_next_time n ulti
00:21:30Forthedream go then
00:21:34mby_next_time no ulti..
00:21:40Forthedream jesus
00:21:46Forthedream "i run top and ult"
00:21:52mby_next_time []
00:21:57mTs i
00:22:03mby_next_time 'that wasnt what i meant :>
00:22:10Steuerfreak b
00:22:13Steuerfreak invi luna inc
00:22:15Xove go gank
00:22:31mTs go ulti
00:23:02mby_next_time mmt and dag
00:23:03mby_next_time let me farm
00:23:40mby_next_time got dagger
00:23:56mTs oom
00:24:05mby_next_time cent can you go dagger 2?
00:24:10mby_next_time i know meser is cool but dagg..
00:24:18Aleks875 maybe after
00:24:20Aleks875 messer
00:24:21Steuerfreak b
00:24:27Steuerfreak #blue
00:24:28Steuerfreak need u
00:24:32mby_next_time go in cent tank them :>
00:24:33Steuerfreak cent
00:24:34Steuerfreak b
00:24:34Forthedream i tp
00:24:43mTs gogoogo
00:24:47mby_next_time dude go you got 2 k hp
00:24:48mby_next_time go tan kD:
00:24:55Aleks875 no ty
00:25:19mTs normal
00:25:22sebralane dagger
00:25:24mTs for what we are going there?
00:25:25Aleks875 ask me go tank
00:25:27Forthedream get dust
00:25:29Forthedream and kill treant
00:25:30Aleks875 and all stay back
00:25:33Aleks875 great
00:25:38mby_next_time needed to cast ulti and dagger dude
00:25:41mTs normal :)
00:25:44mby_next_time and you didnt tank.
00:25:45mTs this is dota gc
00:25:47mTs all times
00:25:50mTs this is it
00:25:55Aleks875 k
00:25:58Forthedream how about you dont take farm from me
00:26:03Forthedream since you already raped my early game
00:26:14mby_next_time ah kk I DID :d
00:26:21mby_next_time roflcopter
00:26:28mby_next_time i wont let you if you think i didnt let you farm
00:26:48Forthedream you are stupid
00:26:58mby_next_time and?
00:27:00Forthedream b
00:27:25mby_next_time []i think that you just need to blame someone for failing mid
00:27:28Steuerfreak b
00:27:31mby_next_time and idc if you blame me or anyone other
00:27:32Steuerfreak 4 inc
00:27:41Forthedream what do you not understand moron
00:27:46Forthedream he had 120 base dmg
00:27:52Forthedream i cant farm and need items from chicken
00:28:09Steuerfreak HELLO
00:28:10Steuerfreak TEAM
00:28:45mby_next_time dude ok i would be someone to buy up ,but we got also ench and thrall
00:28:54Dovahkiin go
00:28:54mby_next_time and i have already bought boots
00:29:00Dovahkiin GO
00:29:00mby_next_time wanted to up in secunds
00:29:00Dovahkiin MAN
00:29:10Dovahkiin YOU STUPID FUCK
00:29:10mby_next_time i thought sk with boots trying to gang is better
00:29:13Forthedream better if you dont say anything to me
00:29:20Forthedream yea
00:29:29Forthedream you fucking walk passed 30 percent hp traent from mid
00:29:31Forthedream to go get rune
00:29:32mby_next_time well kk go think that you can do everying better
00:29:47mby_next_time yep i did
00:29:49mby_next_time had no mana to gang
00:29:54Forthedream you are moron
00:29:58mby_next_time come
00:30:08mby_next_time bl bla
00:30:10mby_next_time arded.
00:30:14mby_next_time dude
00:30:15mby_next_time rly
00:30:20Forthedream -hhn
00:30:23mby_next_time if you try to flame me for no reason say it
00:30:31Forthedream muted
00:30:33Forthedream so stfu now
00:30:39mby_next_time k[]k kid.
00:30:46Steuerfreak wards plz
00:30:57mby_next_time /unquelch aleks875
00:30:57Forthedream they farm their woods
00:31:04mby_next_time unsquelch aleks875
00:31:08mby_next_time come on :D
00:31:33Xove make me invis
00:31:39Steuerfreak sk
00:31:40Steuerfreak gogo
00:31:49sebralane sven
00:31:50sebralane wadap
00:31:52Forthedream b
00:31:58Steuerfreak our tank is farming
00:32:12Aleks875 our tank got messer
00:32:25mby_next_time and complain about being tank>
00:32:32sebralane oom
00:32:44Xove invis again
00:32:58reptile b
00:32:58reptile b
00:33:10Xove omng
00:33:15Dovahkiin gem wards etc
00:33:17Dovahkiin dunno
00:33:20sebralane they had dust
00:33:25sebralane they used dust
00:33:27sebralane no gem
00:33:28Dovahkiin didnt see it
00:33:29sebralane just dust
00:33:30Dovahkiin kk
00:33:31sebralane i did
00:33:32sebralane :)
00:33:55Xove b
00:33:55Xove b
00:33:55Xove b
00:33:56Xove b
00:33:56Xove b
00:33:56Xove b
00:33:59Xove omg
00:35:01Steuerfreak centau
00:35:04Steuerfreak :D
00:35:40sebralane nuke
00:35:43sebralane i shakle
00:35:45Dovahkiin 2
00:35:45Dovahkiin b
00:35:55Forthedream treant
00:35:58VajcoO w8 me
00:36:04VajcoO got smoke
00:36:27sebralane 2 linkns
00:36:51Steuerfreak sec plz
00:36:53Dovahkiin clever
00:36:57VajcoO ?
00:37:09Forthedream go rosh
00:37:13Forthedream smoked
00:37:14mby_next_time warded,
00:37:21VajcoO smoke
00:37:22VajcoO got
00:37:42Steuerfreak re 321
00:37:45Steuerfreak lol
00:37:55mTs oh no they Rosh!
00:37:56mTs :D
00:38:03mby_next_time OH NO COOL WARD
00:38:06mby_next_time how pro
00:38:34VajcoO so shit plan
00:38:42mby_next_time well cent went in without smoke
00:38:42Forthedream yea
00:38:44mby_next_time it showed
00:38:46sebralane got it :D
00:38:47Forthedream nobody thought to buy sentry
00:38:47mTs i told they rosh!
00:38:51mTs :D
00:38:53mTs map hack!
00:38:59Aleks875 banned
00:39:01mby_next_time i told you are so pro.
00:39:03Aleks875 forever
00:39:15mTs not like you
00:39:16mTs :D
00:39:19mby_next_time aleks ban you with Putin's banlist
00:39:43Aleks875 do u know rus pres
00:39:45Aleks875 wow
00:40:16mTs oh this clinkz
00:40:23Dovahkiin imba
00:40:29Aleks875 I really dont know ur president
00:40:31Aleks875 sorry XD
00:40:34VajcoO sk?
00:40:45mby_next_time ust
00:40:46mby_next_time dust
00:40:48mby_next_time he rapes me
00:41:00VajcoO :D
00:41:03mby_next_time -.-
00:41:15Forthedream fight
00:41:17mby_next_time now im raped even without duist :>
00:42:01VajcoO cent dagger soon?
00:42:15Aleks875 y
00:42:17Forthedream what dagger
00:42:19Forthedream are you high
00:42:30Steuerfreak meet
00:42:31Xove care
00:43:07Steuerfreak BAD GUYS
00:43:26Steuerfreak ench
00:43:27Steuerfreak serious
00:43:31mTs focus this fuckin clinks
00:43:33VajcoO what ffs?
00:43:44Forthedream omg
00:43:44mTs crix...
00:43:50Aleks875 omg
00:43:50Forthedream ffs
00:43:52Aleks875 wooden internet
00:43:53Aleks875 XD
00:43:56Xove omg
00:43:56reptile !!!!!!
00:43:56Steuerfreak FIX7
00:43:56mTs Fuck mE!
00:43:57Forthedream kick him
00:43:57Xove luder
00:44:03VajcoO rofl
00:44:03Forthedream pause and kick
00:44:14VajcoO ....
00:44:14Forthedream bd allowed>?
00:44:14mTs .............................
00:44:15Aleks875 lool
00:44:15mby_next_time or su and wiat?
00:44:17VajcoO y
00:44:22Dovahkiin lagtool
00:44:24Dovahkiin for sure
00:44:25Dovahkiin :D
00:44:27mTs nice creep skip
00:44:37mby_next_time wanted to check our captain blue
00:44:40mby_next_time sr dudes: >
00:44:46Forthedream would be nicer if i got that tower
00:45:04Xove def
00:45:11Steuerfreak b
00:45:12Steuerfreak guys
00:45:14Steuerfreak and gather
00:45:48Forthedream nobody got hod?
00:45:51Aleks875 i killed ur creeps
00:45:52Forthedream hood?
00:45:56Aleks875 and u cant do nothing
00:45:57Aleks875 ...
00:46:00mby_next_time captain didnt chose anyone for it?
00:46:03mby_next_time choose.
00:46:14Steuerfreak care bot
00:46:15Forthedream b
00:46:15Dovahkiin stop spam
00:46:17Dovahkiin u fool
00:46:26Dovahkiin cant see the map if u do this
00:46:39Forthedream push
00:46:41Forthedream or gg
00:46:43Xove uil get gem
00:46:45Forthedream -cs
00:46:59Steuerfreak fight
00:47:04Steuerfreak cvent
00:47:04Steuerfreak go in
00:47:36mby_next_time roll copter refresh: >
00:47:38VajcoO gg
00:47:38Steuerfreak loser
00:47:39mTs n1
00:47:40Steuerfreak bone
00:47:43Steuerfreak got dd
00:47:45Steuerfreak and nothing
00:47:51Forthedream rofl
00:47:54sebralane wards hurt them
00:47:59mTs and my team farm in forest
00:48:00mTs :D
00:48:11Forthedream get gem
00:48:13Forthedream and gank them
00:48:25Aleks875 gem
00:48:27VajcoO luna gem
00:48:28Forthedream yea
00:48:31Steuerfreak ill get gem
00:48:33Forthedream rosh up
00:48:38Steuerfreak gather now
00:49:04Steuerfreak fuck sry
00:49:05mTs OOM
00:49:06mTs w8
00:49:08mTs we win
00:49:10Steuerfreak rosh?
00:49:14mby_next_time would be so nice double :>
00:49:16Forthedream they are
00:49:23mTs wards
00:49:28sebralane get them reptile
00:49:28Steuerfreak centaur
00:49:29Steuerfreak go
00:49:30sebralane u haz ulti
00:49:31Steuerfreak rosh
00:49:48sebralane gem
00:49:48sebralane gg
00:49:55sebralane on trall
00:49:55mby_next_time go on i def
00:49:59Forthedream b
00:50:01Steuerfreak CVENT
00:50:01mTs nice rosh!
00:50:02mTs :D
00:50:09Steuerfreak fuck u
00:50:15sebralane focus trall down
00:50:33sebralane does 2 hearts stack?
00:50:39Forthedream go gank woods
00:50:41Forthedream they are there all day
00:50:43Dovahkiin no
00:50:44VajcoO cd smoke
00:50:48Forthedream no need
00:50:48sebralane gj aleks then
00:50:50Forthedream luna gem
00:50:53sebralane we should end it soon
00:51:35Forthedream FIGHT CENT
00:51:39VajcoO y
00:51:39mTs not bad
00:51:41VajcoO ffs
00:51:44mTs only i fuck
00:51:53VajcoO 5k hp for nothing
00:51:54mby_next_time []oh come on he doesnt have any hp
00:51:56mby_next_time only 5 k
00:52:25reptile 5k life
00:52:27reptile wtf..
00:52:42Dovahkiin dont attack him infight
00:52:46reptile y..
00:52:46Steuerfreak no one got my gem?
00:52:49Dovahkiin waste of time
00:52:51Forthedream rhasta
00:52:57Steuerfreak get some gem
00:52:59Steuerfreak im out
00:53:16sebralane i rly dont want gem
00:53:17Xove all gahter now
00:53:28Xove all bo
00:53:29Xove t
00:53:32Steuerfreak go
00:53:33Steuerfreak all
00:53:45mby_next_time KK
00:53:51sebralane gem
00:53:54sebralane on ground
00:53:56mby_next_time nt :D
00:54:01Steuerfreak cent creeping
00:54:02Steuerfreak GO DIE
00:54:04Forthedream fuck him
00:54:08Steuerfreak FUCK U
00:54:09Forthedream retard
00:54:09Steuerfreak CENT
00:54:10VajcoO noob
00:54:11Xove mid
00:54:14Xove and rosh after
00:54:14Aleks875 lol
00:54:16Steuerfreak lost cause of u
00:54:16Forthedream still no dagger
00:54:18mby_next_time told you that i love playing with aleks ?:D
00:54:19Steuerfreak can we ban him?
00:54:21Steuerfreak p
00:54:21Aleks875 u go without me and flame me
00:54:22Dovahkiin xD
00:54:24Steuerfreak purpose lose
00:54:29Steuerfreak read his chat at beginning
00:54:33Steuerfreak and look hes plaing
00:54:34Steuerfreak y
00:54:37VajcoO so why allways only u miss?
00:54:39mby_next_time you didnt caps lock pinky ass :D
00:54:41Aleks875 i cant go i was far
00:54:43Dovahkiin pff
00:54:45Dovahkiin :D
00:54:46mby_next_time :>
00:54:50Dovahkiin rage is gone
00:54:51Steuerfreak how can i report?
00:54:56Forthedream you cant
00:54:58mby_next_time sad :>
00:55:00Forthedream they dont ban noobs
00:55:37mby_next_time roof you nasty :x
00:55:50Dovahkiin WTF
00:55:53Dovahkiin IS THIS
00:55:59mby_next_time caps lock :D
00:56:02Dovahkiin MOWL
00:56:02Dovahkiin D:
00:56:03mTs huhuhuhu !
00:56:05mTs {D
00:56:05Xove yeeeehahaaaa7a
00:56:11mby_next_time :>
00:56:39mby_next_time gm
00:56:42mby_next_time gem[]
00:56:44mby_next_time anyone want ?:D
00:56:51Aleks875 me
00:56:55mby_next_time :D
00:57:02sebralane kill
00:57:03sebralane ward
00:57:16Aleks875 go all mid
00:57:27mby_next_time ya and let bot be pusghed :D
00:57:30Forthedream stfu
00:57:45mby_next_time our captain is angry
00:57:46mby_next_time so sad
00:57:47mTs i have +5000 dmg :D
00:58:12Aleks875 kil
00:58:13Aleks875 roof
00:58:18Forthedream STFU
00:58:36Steuerfreak cool
00:58:37Steuerfreak blue
00:58:42sebralane insttake
00:58:42mby_next_time rofl ?D:
00:58:42sebralane clixk here
00:59:30Aleks875 5-13
00:59:33Aleks875 its hard
00:59:37Aleks875 for pro
00:59:46VajcoO 5v 4 is hard
01:00:02mby_next_time np we giot you aleks
01:00:04mby_next_time you are pro :D
01:00:06sebralane some1 take
01:00:11Aleks875 we got ur low iq
01:00:14Aleks875 in really
01:00:22Aleks875 5-13
01:00:24mby_next_time you think that iq change anything?
01:00:27Aleks875 its...
01:00:29mby_next_time roifl :D
01:00:40Aleks875 me newbie and i have 6-8
01:00:42Aleks875 but u pro
01:00:44Aleks875 ...
01:00:45mby_next_time omfg: D
01:00:49Aleks875 and have this stats
01:00:51Aleks875 ...
01:00:54mTs Lol
01:00:59mby_next_time rly russian shithead: >
01:01:06Aleks875 really low iq
01:01:11mby_next_time well i asked
01:01:15mby_next_time you thnik iq changes anything?
01:01:24Aleks875 ...
01:01:27mby_next_time answer
01:01:28Aleks875 i dont say nothing
01:01:31Aleks875 cose u stupid
01:01:33Aleks875 sorry
01:01:42mby_next_time I[] DONT SAY NTOHING
01:01:43mby_next_time HHAHAHAHAHA
01:01:44mby_next_time HAHAHAHA
01:01:46mby_next_time made my day :D
01:01:50mTs if we lose it
01:01:53mTs i will kill you ;d
01:01:56Aleks875 5-13
01:01:59Aleks875 made ur day
01:02:02Aleks875 suck cocks
01:02:18Forthedream report him for flaming
01:02:20Steuerfreak lag sry
01:02:20Forthedream and being retard
01:02:26mTs last side plx
01:02:35mby_next_time gem -.
01:02:52mby_next_time bone sad is you tell it :>
01:05:10mby_next_time run forest run
01:05:25mby_next_time thral :D
01:05:27Steuerfreak :D
01:05:29mby_next_time forestt gump :D
01:05:32Forthedream seriously how can u have 6k hp and no fucking armor
01:05:34Forthedream you dipshit
01:05:37sebralane 5,4k hp
01:05:40sebralane and he still dies
01:05:40mby_next_time bone :D
01:06:26reptile let finish..
01:07:19VajcoO pro cent
01:07:23mby_next_time cent raper :D
01:07:25Aleks875 gave over
01:07:26Dovahkiin wayne 5k hp
01:07:32Aleks875 and me not pro
01:07:47Aleks875 5-15
01:07:49Aleks875 made my day
01:07:50Aleks875 XD
01:07:51mby_next_time you re just insane cent :>D
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