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Chat log

00:00:16Doomy rubick
00:00:16holostoi ba
00:00:16LaSiCa y
00:00:16holostoi ban
00:00:16holostoi BAN
00:00:16holostoi !!!!
00:00:16niacniac blue..
00:00:16Xeros wisp
00:00:16Bad3vil rubick
00:00:23holostoi pick tral
00:00:30holostoi lowbbob
00:00:57Xeros pick levi and enigma,omni
00:01:01niacniac me + creeping death top pls mates
00:01:10mamyka so why you ppick bara?
00:01:14Bad3vil lesh someone ?
00:01:15Bad3vil sven
00:01:18Bad3vil omni
00:01:19Bad3vil omni
00:01:27Bad3vil and its won
00:01:33Xeros i just want play barathurn
00:01:37Bad3vil sven now ?
00:01:40Bad3vil or enigma
00:01:42holostoi rly lowbobo
00:01:45Bad3vil would be nice
00:01:47Bad3vil letsh too
00:01:58Bad3vil gj
00:01:59niacniac 4% with lesh is lost :D
00:02:00mamyka lines?
00:02:03holostoi mb other just want play other
00:02:06niacniac /w lesh too low hero
00:02:15Bad3vil gond mid ?
00:02:24niacniac not good
00:02:30niacniac you can gank with mid
00:02:30holostoi sharae
00:02:30xenix- ill go mid then
00:02:32mamyka me mid zeus
00:02:32xenix- ?
00:02:32Doomy eni should be top
00:02:36Doomy wood
00:02:42mamyka go top
00:02:44xenix- kk
00:02:45niacniac eni 4 % bad everywhere
00:02:51LaSiCa su
00:02:52Xeros pls no feed on lines
00:02:55niacniac look items
00:02:55Bad3vil play
00:02:58Bad3vil np
00:02:58holostoi i ward and return bot
00:02:59Bad3vil play
00:03:00LaSiCa fu
00:03:00mamyka said barapicker
00:03:02xenix- gang early bara#
00:03:06niacniac HE CANT WOOD WITH 9 tango
00:03:07mamyka fb mid
00:03:08Doomy but i cant be alone bot...
00:03:11Doomy srsly
00:03:16LaSiCa fu up i go down
00:03:19LaSiCa fu
00:03:24LaSiCa and leave me alone
00:03:27niacniac sure
00:03:35CreepingDeath chill guys
00:03:42Doomy 4% isnt the win rate
00:03:49Doomy let him play
00:03:57Bad3vil venge roam
00:04:00holostoi again mid
00:04:07edgarass deny idiot
00:04:09Doomy bara solo bot
00:05:30Bad3vil ss mid
00:05:55Doomy was bot
00:06:07Bad3vil re
00:06:29Doomy ss vs
00:06:55Xeros nice mid
00:06:56mamyka gj
00:06:59Bad3vil wards plz
00:07:04Bad3vil buy plz fast
00:07:18Bad3vil ss
00:07:19Bad3vil 2
00:07:19Bad3vil 2
00:07:21Doomy care
00:07:23mamyka ss mID
00:07:35Doomy b
00:07:35Doomy b
00:07:36Doomy b
00:07:51Bad3vil re mid
00:07:55Doomy vs bot
00:07:59Xeros b
00:08:02mamyka CAREBOT
00:08:02LaSiCa k
00:08:05Xeros ss mid
00:08:16Bad3vil hi
00:08:26Bad3vil ss mid
00:08:29holostoi warded runes
00:08:29Xeros go enigma?
00:08:32holostoi y
00:08:38Doomy b
00:09:05Xeros b
00:09:43Bad3vil need 6
00:09:44niacniac ss
00:09:46xenix- ss top
00:09:48niacniac gyr
00:09:48xenix- re 1
00:09:55Doomy to much guy bot
00:09:55Bad3vil re
00:10:08Bad3vil ^^
00:10:10Doomy b
00:10:14Doomy 3
00:10:29holostoi prepare bot
00:10:35edgarass let them to push lane
00:10:38Doomy ss 3 bot
00:10:39Xeros enigma kill
00:10:42Bad3vil ss
00:10:43Bad3vil mkd
00:11:02Doomy care
00:11:09Doomy they are in woods i guess
00:11:27LaSiCa ;[[[[
00:11:27Doomy what i said????
00:11:32Doomy MAN
00:11:34LaSiCa go to buy items and ......
00:11:39Doomy why?
00:11:41Doomy i told u
00:11:42Doomy ffs
00:12:16edgarass run on tide bara
00:12:23Xeros ok
00:12:28xenix- ss
00:12:44edgarass danke
00:12:52edgarass venge wtf?
00:13:17Xeros bot def
00:13:27niacniac ss mid
00:13:35Bad3vil b
00:14:54mamyka OMG
00:14:56niacniac xD
00:15:16edgarass b mid
00:15:58holostoi bara bob
00:17:04edgarass mid xcare
00:17:34edgarass zeus come on!@!!!!
00:17:34niacniac nice
00:17:37xenix- y
00:17:38Xeros goog
00:17:39Xeros stun
00:17:40niacniac he cant use dust
00:17:41edgarass no mana
00:18:06Bad3vil attack the rocket =/(
00:18:18LaSiCa i does
00:18:20Xeros zeus fail
00:18:25xenix- y
00:18:51mamyka noob
00:19:01Bad3vil low mana
00:19:04Xeros gogo
00:19:09Xeros b
00:19:21Xeros 2v4 no change
00:19:25Xeros care bot
00:19:26Xeros :@
00:19:29Xeros :(
00:19:29Doomy no ulti
00:19:37mamyka coz you DO VERY GOOD FP
00:20:48holostoi what a bitch
00:20:54holostoi we def vs 5 bot
00:21:01holostoi u fucking bastard farms
00:21:11holostoi die in real bastard
00:21:34niacniac oops
00:21:40Xeros n1
00:21:42niacniac sven went here too
00:21:44niacniac :s
00:21:48xenix- denie
00:21:52Bad3vil heal
00:21:52mamyka rly?
00:21:56xenix- ^^
00:21:56niacniac i f*** need farm
00:22:23edgarass surprise
00:22:31Bad3vil hi
00:22:42Xeros sorry
00:22:44edgarass thnx
00:23:02holostoi this bh will own us
00:23:22Bad3vil ^1
00:23:26Bad3vil DIE
00:23:39mamyka bvara
00:23:43Bad3vil close to die too
00:23:45Bad3vil u know ?
00:24:41edgarass u idiots why u fucking dont go?
00:25:05edgarass venge stun omni dead they have no chance in teamfights
00:25:43mamyka illreport u zeus
00:25:46mamyka fo afk
00:25:58xenix- lol
00:26:04xenix- i was on wc
00:26:07mamyka and?
00:26:12Doomy no ulti
00:26:17xenix- and it was under 5 mins
00:26:19xenix- so ?
00:26:21Xeros b
00:27:14LaSiCa omni ult repel something
00:27:42Doomy tp bot
00:28:00Bad3vil all rdy
00:28:04Doomy got ulti
00:28:18niacniac sentrie
00:28:23niacniac and no reaction from team
00:28:26Xeros b
00:28:27mamyka farrm more plz noob
00:28:31Doomy stunned by mgyro
00:28:31mamyka go go farm
00:29:00mamyka why all time got fuckin noob cap?
00:29:02holostoi bara w/o atack speed go to agha
00:29:07mamyka ????? ?? ?????? ??????
00:29:14mamyka die lowbob
00:29:52holostoi go bh
00:30:00LaSiCa thx
00:30:04Doomy omni when we engage fight
00:30:06Doomy repel me
00:30:11CreepingDeath y
00:30:12Doomy then i jumb and ulti
00:30:18Doomy *jump
00:30:35Doomy eni got black hole?
00:30:38holostoi b
00:30:38LaSiCa y
00:31:10edgarass fucking ijdkiot
00:31:17LaSiCa gj
00:31:21Doomy heal plz
00:31:21edgarass why u stayed here when we fuckinjg said to go backj???
00:31:24edgarass morrono
00:31:24Bad3vil mekka rdy
00:31:30mamyka wqghy you come 2 me?
00:31:36edgarass try to help
00:31:40mamyka no need it
00:32:00Doomy y
00:32:02Doomy got my ulti
00:32:07CreepingDeath w8 me
00:32:10mamyka leave zeus
00:32:28edgarass bara u rweally moron?
00:32:38Xeros sorry team u noob
00:33:09Bad3vil urn use
00:33:10Bad3vil pzl
00:33:18mamyka gg bara game ruiner like zeus
00:33:18Doomy mid
00:33:25Xeros zeus noob
00:33:26holostoi mb report bara
00:33:26LaSiCa me
00:33:27xenix- ..
00:33:28mamyka like u
00:33:31Xeros buy wards pls
00:33:33LaSiCa sec
00:33:34Bad3vil ty
00:33:35holostoi for multy accaunt
00:33:49holostoi couse he cant play like it
00:33:49CreepingDeath b
00:33:51LaSiCa ;]
00:34:04holostoi think he shrae his acc
00:34:07mamyka agha first iteam
00:34:07holostoi i report him
00:34:36edgarass idiot
00:34:44edgarass u did not see thhem killing me fucking morron
00:34:48edgarass die bitch
00:34:52Doomy mid push?
00:34:54Bad3vil urn ?
00:35:00mamyka tnx bara for ruin this game
00:35:06Xeros edagarass you fuck bitch
00:35:07edgarass it was such fun
00:35:08edgarass ganging
00:35:12edgarass in beginning
00:35:17Xeros HAHA
00:35:22edgarass but bara fuckid made this game bad
00:35:37holostoi need report bara for multy accaunt
00:35:42Xeros xenix pls made aghain and refresh pls (hex)
00:35:54Xeros wtf_
00:35:55Xeros ?
00:36:04Xeros ]noob zeus
00:36:18mamyka u noob bara
00:36:45Xeros b zeus heal ff
00:36:52CreepingDeath who gets pipe?
00:36:52niacniac b
00:36:59Bad3vil me
00:37:06Bad3vil rdy already
00:37:21Bad3vil oh
00:37:24Bad3vil forgott reciepe ;:=
00:37:34Bad3vil someone wards ?
00:37:36CreepingDeath go
00:37:38Bad3vil ur just push them
00:37:39CreepingDeath i heal
00:37:40Doomy sec with chick plz
00:38:32Bad3vil pwnd
00:38:33mamyka I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:33Bad3vil ^^
00:38:36Xeros n1
00:38:37holostoi I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:38mamyka fuckin noob cap!
00:38:52mamyka bara 50-9 so funny
00:39:01Doomy got ulti
00:39:05LaSiCa y
00:39:07mamyka like suppoort
00:39:09CreepingDeath omni simply pwn u
00:39:20mamyka omni lowbob like bara
00:39:28holostoi can u fucking stun swen?
00:39:34niacniac not rly
00:39:35edgarass cd
00:39:37CreepingDeath but gyro pro :D
00:40:09Bad3vil ^^
00:40:11Bad3vil n1
00:40:24mamyka fuckin noob BARA
00:40:38Xeros yeah,yeah
00:40:44Xeros :)
00:41:00mamyka ma you game ruiner like zeus
00:41:07LaSiCa b
00:41:07LaSiCa b
00:41:48mamyka imbecil
00:41:59edgarass gondar rapier :)
00:42:23CreepingDeath bara inc
00:42:24LaSiCa finish
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