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-41 X
-1 TS

81% | 1370 X | 1497 TS

-30 X
-4 TS

51% | 1262 X | 1247 TS

+20 X
-1 TS

45% | 1124 X | 1315 TS

-42 X
-6 TS

37% | 1181 X | 1192 TS

-14 X
-6 TS

23% | 1052 X | 1204 TS

+17 X
+1 TS

89% | 1499 X | 1508 TS

+24 X
+12 TS

81% | 1390 X | 1476 TS

+22 X
+12 TS

39% | 1104 X | 1289 TS

+49 X
+14 TS

25% | 1043 X | 1227 TS

+9 X
+14 TS

2% | 942 X | 960 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Zack-eracK [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Xove with 100 seconds.
00:00:08horsesarse nice comp
00:00:20horsesarse tech tusk pa
00:00:22Zack-eracK WD LEO WEAVER
00:00:29mrk wd/leo
00:00:31Dovahkiin tusk
00:00:55Zack-eracK BOT ME
00:01:01horsesarse what should i build?
00:01:04mrk wd slark top
00:01:07mrk roof spec bot
00:01:10horsesarse vanguard?
00:01:29Dovahkiin top
00:01:32VictoriaJrocks yea no
00:01:37Doomy share the chik
00:01:37Zack-eracK ?
00:01:45mrk dragons?
00:01:50Dovahkiin ya
00:01:51mrk cos that was about the time you would take to kill one
00:02:05VictoriaJrocks get out of mid
00:02:11Dovahkiin i can kill them in 1 second
00:02:12Dovahkiin get aids
00:02:13Dovahkiin fucker
00:02:16horsesarse :O
00:02:29mrk blink
00:02:29Doomy dont let tusk alone up
00:02:37horsesarse just pull
00:02:54horsesarse ss
00:03:06Stonetorl care
00:03:19Xove leave farm
00:03:34horsesarse re
00:03:47Xove go pull
00:03:52PriMo vars
00:03:54PriMo vard
00:04:00VictoriaJrocks mid miss
00:04:02Xove kk
00:04:07VictoriaJrocks re
00:04:28horsesarse my 30 321
00:04:31mrk wd u can come again
00:04:31mrk easy kill
00:04:31horsesarse ok back in 321
00:04:35Dovahkiin go wd
00:04:39Dovahkiin or slark
00:04:51Xove leav farm
00:04:54Jonneblarre my screen is really buggin
00:04:59Zack-eracK u blind? :D
00:05:20mrk wd
00:05:36Zack-eracK ?
00:05:39mrk come
00:06:00VictoriaJrocks mid miss akasha
00:06:09VictoriaJrocks akasha top with rune
00:06:12VictoriaJrocks re
00:06:15mrk WHY
00:06:15horsesarse ss
00:06:20mrk he was pushing lane
00:06:20Stonetorl illu
00:06:22mrk its daytime
00:06:47mrk ss krobe
00:06:47VictoriaJrocks mid miss akasha
00:06:50VictoriaJrocks a
00:06:52VictoriaJrocks akah going bot
00:06:54mrk god jesus
00:07:10VictoriaJrocks akasha bot
00:07:15VictoriaJrocks re
00:07:49Doomy ss
00:08:13mrk ss
00:08:15mrk krobe bot
00:08:16mrk checks rune
00:08:23horsesarse ss
00:08:24VictoriaJrocks akasha miss mid
00:08:25horsesarse 2
00:08:30mrk has rune krobe
00:08:31horsesarse ss1
00:08:34horsesarse oom
00:08:38Zack-eracK care night
00:09:07mrk ns mid
00:09:12mrk help twr
00:09:12Jonneblarre and ss
00:09:28mrk ss ns
00:09:57VictoriaJrocks akasha going top
00:10:13horsesarse hwlp top
00:10:25mrk krobe bot rune
00:10:31VictoriaJrocks aka bot
00:10:36horsesarse ss
00:10:50Xove ´how mia
00:10:54mrk said...
00:11:25Zack-eracK ns
00:11:32VictoriaJrocks aka miss
00:11:33Jonneblarre -ms
00:11:57Doomy ss top
00:12:15Zack-eracK gang top pls
00:12:23horsesarse kill
00:12:31horsesarse wait levi ulti
00:12:39mrk ss krobe
00:12:55VictoriaJrocks treant going mid
00:14:07Zack-eracK spectre
00:14:09Zack-eracK y
00:14:10Zack-eracK nice
00:14:13Xove omg this team
00:14:14mrk epic
00:14:16Xove so reatrded
00:14:18Zack-eracK so thats why i cant be down y?
00:14:24Zack-eracK u failed this now
00:14:26Zack-eracK hard
00:14:41horsesarse everyday im huistling
00:14:53Xove omg
00:15:22mrk upgrade chicken
00:15:24mrk buy wards
00:15:25mrk why the fuck
00:15:28mrk do i have to ask for them
00:15:34Zack-eracK so u can buy something
00:15:35mrk why dont we have bird
00:15:36Zack-eracK too
00:15:37mrk 13 min
00:15:38mrk in the game
00:16:18mrk roof
00:16:19mrk tp top
00:16:22mrk come ulti
00:16:34Xove go go
00:17:06Dovahkiin xD
00:17:12horsesarse damn..
00:17:32horsesarse b
00:17:41mrk b
00:17:46mrk b
00:17:47mrk run
00:18:05Zack-eracK omfggg
00:18:30mrk wd wards please
00:18:31Zack-eracK def top???
00:18:33Xove leave farm dude
00:18:48horsesarse b top
00:19:05Stonetorl got ulti
00:19:42mrk gg
00:19:56mrk roof dont waste ulti
00:19:58mrk on 1 person
00:20:35Zack-eracK LOL
00:20:37Zack-eracK SLARK
00:21:00Zack-eracK JSUT NOOBS
00:21:00mrk dont
00:21:01mrk chase
00:21:02mrk half map
00:21:03mrk jesus
00:21:36Doomy push?
00:21:39horsesarse bot
00:21:47horsesarse need 5
00:21:48mrk wait
00:21:54Doomy where is tide?
00:22:17Doomy man
00:22:21Doomy stop farming
00:22:31horsesarse why we go like that
00:22:36mrk ty for wards
00:23:00mrk wd
00:23:02mrk always up from tree
00:23:08mrk if u put it down its kinda useless
00:23:18horsesarse lets kill
00:23:23Doomy stop
00:23:24mrk bala
00:23:24Doomy tide
00:23:28mrk tp
00:23:28Stonetorl they don't push
00:23:30mrk nvm
00:23:33Doomy ur not a carry
00:23:49Zack-eracK SRSLY
00:23:55horsesarse dont
00:23:57horsesarse put him
00:23:57Zack-eracK ALLWAYS SOME1 TAKE MY FARM..
00:23:58horsesarse ethereal
00:24:00horsesarse ffs
00:24:04Zack-eracK AND U WANT WARDS
00:24:44horsesarse b
00:25:26Zack-eracK DF
00:25:46horsesarse gaher?
00:25:49horsesarse b
00:25:53horsesarse need 5
00:26:04VictoriaJrocks b
00:26:42mrk just hit him
00:26:43mrk jesus
00:26:47mrk wd got the hit before you 2
00:26:47mrk :D
00:27:02mrk just get the tower
00:27:04mrk dont chase
00:28:10horsesarse gg
00:28:13horsesarse they got taeamplay
00:28:33horsesarse gg
00:28:36horsesarse b
00:28:36horsesarse b
00:28:37horsesarse b
00:28:44Doomy y go one by one
00:28:46horsesarse y
00:28:48Xove gj
00:28:49horsesarse GJ
00:29:04horsesarse lets go with 5
00:29:10horsesarse this is stupid
00:29:19horsesarse need tides ulti and its gg
00:29:25Zack-eracK DAMMM?????
00:29:27Zack-eracK WHY
00:29:29Zack-eracK NO HELP??????
00:29:35mrk cos we could only help
00:29:37mrk with slark stun
00:29:39mrk but he missed
00:29:41mrk ?
00:29:43mrk why remove share
00:29:45Jonneblarre give share back
00:29:49Zack-eracK CUZ U DONT PLAY
00:29:51Zack-eracK FOR TEAM
00:29:54mrk what?
00:29:56mrk i just said
00:29:56Zack-eracK THEN I DONT PLAY FOR TEAM
00:29:57Zack-eracK NOT
00:29:59mrk we coulda only saved you
00:30:01mrk if slark had stunned
00:30:03mrk which missed
00:30:06mrk = we couldnt do shit
00:30:07Zack-eracK U CANT SLOW HITM
00:30:09VictoriaJrocks you say go together yet you are the most far from everyone
00:30:10mrk NO MANA
00:30:12Zack-eracK :?
00:30:13Zack-eracK YY
00:30:14mrk u have bars on
00:30:20horsesarse im not the boss here
00:30:56Doomy im bored
00:31:01Dovahkiin gj
00:31:01Doomy of this game
00:31:12mrk + my slow doesnt really affect him at night :P
00:31:51Zack-eracK SPECTERE?
00:31:59Jonneblarre omg wd
00:32:08horsesarse gather?
00:32:33Zack-eracK need backup
00:32:36Zack-eracK to put wards
00:32:46Xove b
00:32:47mrk go
00:32:48mrk slark
00:33:16horsesarse at last
00:33:25mrk shoulda gone
00:33:26horsesarse some teamplay
00:33:26mrk and stun him
00:33:54VictoriaJrocks b
00:34:12mrk let
00:34:13mrk spectre
00:34:14mrk farm
00:34:14mrk jesus
00:34:17mrk hes 300g from relic
00:34:25Jonneblarre u can have
00:34:38mrk come wd
00:34:38mrk plant
00:34:54mrk take it
00:34:58mrk and up from tree ward
00:34:59mrk as i said last time
00:35:03mrk if u put it under tree its useless
00:35:07horsesarse care top
00:35:16horsesarse 3
00:35:17horsesarse 4
00:35:29horsesarse need tide ulti
00:35:30Stonetorl wait for me
00:35:34horsesarse y
00:35:49Xove leave
00:35:50Xove please
00:36:25Zack-eracK gather?
00:36:34mrk invi
00:36:35mrk roof
00:36:36mrk invi
00:36:43mrk just spam invis
00:36:44mrk it lasts
00:36:56Stonetorl twr
00:37:02Zack-eracK spectre
00:37:07mrk no gems
00:37:07mrk go
00:37:09mrk roof
00:37:26mrk spec
00:37:28mrk why so slow
00:37:35Zack-eracK haha
00:37:38Zack-eracK naps
00:37:50mrk well slark is useless
00:37:51Zack-eracK slark is usless here
00:37:57Zack-eracK :)
00:38:11PriMo lol
00:38:15PriMo ahaha
00:38:50Dovahkiin drföäigbhäsfgibn
00:39:13mrk roof u can use invi
00:39:14mrk on everyone
00:39:17mrk it lasts like 1 minute
00:39:19mrk why u worry
00:39:28Doomy rosh?
00:39:31horsesarse gather first
00:40:07Zack-eracK gg
00:40:16Dovahkiin rosh
00:40:17Zack-eracK too low pick
00:40:19Dovahkiin or push
00:40:20Doomy no
00:40:21Doomy push
00:40:30Doomy all dead
00:40:54VictoriaJrocks b after?
00:40:57Doomy b
00:40:58horsesarse raxx
00:41:03VictoriaJrocks b
00:41:03mrk tp def
00:41:05mrk just suicide
00:41:05mrk def
00:41:06mrk roof
00:41:07mrk dont stand there
00:41:12horsesarse b
00:41:13mrk WTF
00:41:20mrk always
00:41:21mrk always
00:41:24mrk its better
00:41:25Doomy i make a pipe
00:41:26mrk to atleast die
00:41:28mrk or do something
00:41:31mrk not just sit and lose rax
00:41:32horsesarse meka would be nice tp
00:41:35horsesarse too
00:42:26horsesarse cvare
00:42:36horsesarse gather first
00:42:37horsesarse need 5
00:42:40horsesarse no
00:43:36mrk new wards please
00:43:43Zack-eracK y
00:43:45Zack-eracK buy some1
00:43:48mrk roof
00:44:21Stonetorl ulti cd
00:44:23mrk no
00:44:38Xove lol
00:44:40mrk spec
00:44:40Xove fail clicjk
00:44:41Xove fh
00:44:41Xove -
00:44:44mrk :((((
00:44:52mrk WHY ARE YOU THERE :D:D:D::D:D
00:45:08Xove sry
00:45:09Doomy rosh?
00:45:12Xove fucking fil click
00:45:13VictoriaJrocks or
00:45:14Xove fail
00:45:14VictoriaJrocks or
00:45:15VictoriaJrocks more raxes
00:45:15Xove *
00:45:17mrk why are
00:45:18mrk 3 of us
00:45:20mrk in their base
00:45:20Zack-eracK u are fail
00:45:22mrk when 5 alive
00:45:24Zack-eracK u farm whole game
00:45:26Stonetorl yep mid rax
00:45:41mrk we should farm whole game
00:45:43mrk since spec 1v5 them all
00:45:43horsesarse top then
00:45:47mrk we should NOT GO FUCKING SUICIDE
00:45:48VictoriaJrocks bot
00:45:50mrk all fucking game long
00:45:50VictoriaJrocks bot lower
00:45:51horsesarse toptop
00:46:00Zack-eracK go roof
00:46:01Xove go
00:46:55horsesarse gather
00:47:03horsesarse come
00:47:31mrk gg couldnt blink
00:47:36mrk gg
00:47:36mrk I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:53Zack-eracK and u say something ...
00:47:55Zack-eracK stop chase
00:48:01mrk yep
00:48:02VictoriaJrocks bot
00:48:04VictoriaJrocks rax
00:48:05mrk exactly my bad
00:48:17Zack-eracK not your
00:48:18Zack-eracK spect
00:48:20Zack-eracK only chase
00:48:22Zack-eracK nothing more here
00:48:27mrk well spec has been as useless
00:48:28mrk as slark
00:48:52horsesarse im b
00:49:55mrk nah guys
00:49:56mrk i lost it
00:49:57mrk sorry
00:50:09mrk should play better since you can never hope on teammates in bronze
00:50:49Stonetorl lets wait all back and then finish
00:51:53horsesarse b
00:51:58horsesarse levi is in forest
00:52:01Dovahkiin xD
00:52:03horsesarse what a noobcake!
00:52:19horsesarse prolly some romanian gypsy
00:52:30VictoriaJrocks ?
00:52:31VictoriaJrocks why
00:52:37horsesarse xD
00:52:44mrk and wd
00:52:47mrk lothar is SHIT on wd
00:52:52mrk since it costs only 600 less than agha
00:52:57mrk and doesnt give any health
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