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+22 X
+2 TS

57% | 1232 X | 1348 TS

+52 X
+3 TS

41% | 1147 X | 1305 TS

+45 X
+10 TS

51% | 1162 X | 1283 TS

+24 X
+15 TS

36% | 1073 X | 1279 TS

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+23 TS

31% | 1040 X | 1243 TS

-30 X
-1 TS

91% | 1482 X | 1577 TS

-42 X
-1 TS

49% | 1072 X | 1363 TS

-32 X
-1 TS

41% | 1105 X | 1299 TS

-6 X
-6 TS

15% | 1076 X | 1131 TS

-27 X
-7 TS

4% | 914 X | 1114 TS

Chat log

00:00:17Netukka ban omni
00:00:17mansikka roov
00:00:17mansikka roof
00:00:20Netukka any
00:00:21mansikka anyone es?
00:00:21Netukka es
00:00:26Doomy i
00:00:33Tough me sladar would be awesome
00:00:42Doomy what u want?
00:00:45mansikka w8
00:00:50Tough cmon
00:00:53Tough give me slad
00:00:57Tough wtf
00:01:00Tough is eh afk?
00:01:12Doomy blue?
00:01:12mansikka get me
00:01:18OneNightInLuna a afk picker nice
00:01:23Doomy ?
00:01:24mansikka krob
00:01:27Netukka nigma
00:01:28Netukka clock
00:01:28Netukka sven
00:01:31mansikka -swap 4
00:01:31Netukka panda
00:01:32Doomy -swap 1
00:01:33Netukka tc
00:01:40xargan -swapall
00:01:45mansikka -swap 2
00:01:45Netukka "riki"
00:01:50LaSiCa ?
00:01:50Netukka chicken
00:01:51Tough clinks u fucking afk
00:01:51Netukka lsatpick
00:01:52mansikka -swap 2
00:01:54Tough die
00:02:02Tough +
00:02:02mansikka ok
00:02:38Netukka u dont have to upg it ,,,
00:02:39Netukka :E
00:02:44LaSiCa ...
00:02:47Netukka 1 top
00:02:48rtg800 but he did
00:02:52Firoga its ok
00:03:01rtg800 noone wants to lane with poor old pudge
00:03:11Firoga it's fat and stinks
00:03:14Firoga :D
00:03:28rtg800 riki pull
00:03:31LaSiCa k
00:04:55LaSiCa ;[
00:05:16mansikka miss mid
00:05:35mansikka re
00:07:21Tough sven go?
00:07:26OneNightInLuna y
00:07:50mansikka missmid care top
00:07:51mansikka invis rex
00:07:57LaSiCa ;[
00:08:16Netukka !
00:08:17Netukka TF
00:08:21rtg800 nice
00:08:26Netukka ss mid
00:08:28Doomy sry was shopping
00:08:30Tough FFS CHICKEN
00:08:57lemi.livo.skodi ss bone ? ? ?
00:09:00Netukka i said
00:09:03lemi.livo.skodi k
00:09:19Netukka haste
00:09:20Netukka es
00:09:20Netukka top
00:09:23rtg800 dont ruin alst hits
00:10:11lemi.livo.skodi omw top
00:10:35mansikka 2mid
00:10:54Doomy b
00:10:56Doomy inc
00:12:12Doomy help top
00:12:37lemi.livo.skodi b
00:15:37Firoga mana
00:16:31Netukka this is just so imba shit
00:16:37OneNightInLuna omw bot
00:16:56rtg800 you
00:16:57rtg800 are
00:16:57rtg800 so
00:16:58rtg800 bad
00:18:06Tough wtf
00:19:29rtg800 ulti
00:20:13Firoga free farm
00:21:23Firoga noob game
00:21:37Netukka noob players
00:21:45Netukka only
00:21:51Firoga 1 clinkz
00:21:56Firoga and the game is ruined
00:22:21Netukka no hook
00:22:23Netukka ggg
00:22:23Firoga omf
00:22:25rtg800 no
00:22:27rtg800 hook
00:22:30Firoga lol
00:23:01Firoga pudge u are so bad
00:23:04OneNightInLuna es why no ulti?
00:23:08Doomy mana?
00:23:15Netukka ggg
00:24:07Netukka push
00:24:36Firoga gg
00:24:52Firoga noob pudge
00:24:54Firoga almost full
00:24:57Firoga do nothing
00:25:02rtg800 yes
00:25:04Netukka just takes runes
00:25:07rtg800 i ill just hook all 4 of them to death
00:25:09Firoga steal runed
00:25:20Firoga good hook
00:25:23Firoga the hook master
00:25:23rtg800 yes
00:26:10rtg800 -stats
00:26:42mansikka push mid
00:26:43Doomy $push the lane
00:27:10Netukka imba shit
00:27:19rtg800 it was a good hook
00:27:20rtg800 tho
00:27:25Netukka if u suck
00:27:27Netukka early
00:27:29Netukka its useless
00:27:32Netukka if u get 1 good hook
00:27:32rtg800 i know
00:27:33Netukka in game
00:27:35Netukka thats it
00:27:36Netukka never
00:27:36Netukka pick
00:27:37Netukka pudge
00:27:38xargan dd
00:27:38Netukka again
00:27:39rtg800 no
00:27:40rtg800 i will
00:27:42rtg800 pick pudge
00:27:45rtg800 every time i can
00:27:48Netukka dont
00:27:51Netukka stop playing
00:27:52Firoga u are a mega noob
00:27:52Netukka in gc
00:27:53Netukka then
00:27:54Firoga with pudge
00:28:06rtg800 one of the few heroes fun playing
00:29:03Firoga u are a JOKE
00:29:07rtg800 k
00:29:09Firoga if u can't use it
00:29:11rtg800 then laugh
00:29:11Firoga don't pick it
00:29:17rtg800 i will
00:29:27Firoga u almost ruined the game
00:29:44Netukka bone here
00:30:44lemi.livo.skodi lol i jump in and got silence ... shit
00:31:10OneNightInLuna -.-
00:31:13Netukka :D
00:31:13OneNightInLuna why
00:31:15Firoga loooooooooooooool
00:31:15Netukka HE STANDS
00:31:16Netukka STILL
00:31:18Netukka U STILL MISS
00:31:21rtg800 i knew he was gonna move
00:31:27lemi.livo.skodi our pudge is a good hooker :)
00:31:27rtg800 and he did
00:31:30Firoga u don'0t know nothing
00:31:31Netukka NO
00:31:32Netukka HE DIDNT
00:31:36mansikka im just avesome avoider
00:31:37Netukka he standed
00:31:37Netukka still
00:31:41Netukka lol
00:31:44Netukka u standed still
00:31:47mansikka :DD
00:31:49Netukka and he still misshooked
00:31:58rtg800 though o would move :(
00:33:02Netukka I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:10Firoga push here
00:33:13Firoga and try rax
00:34:57Firoga we can anti push easy
00:34:59OneNightInLuna bird
00:35:04Netukka well
00:35:06Netukka it doesnt matter
00:35:21Tough b
00:35:24Tough first we need gang
00:35:38rtg800 guys
00:35:45rtg800 we just won the game
00:35:59Firoga ulti him
00:36:01Firoga next time
00:36:04rtg800 mby
00:36:06Firoga it's basic pudge comvo
00:36:11rtg800 o rly :D
00:36:20Firoga i'm ironic
00:36:28rtg800 ironic and sarcastic dont mean the same
00:37:03rtg800 b
00:37:24OneNightInLuna o.O
00:38:10Tough fuck u all
00:38:10Tough btw
00:38:25mansikka why fuck
00:38:26mansikka us
00:38:27mansikka all
00:38:41Doomy meka?
00:38:49Netukka pugna should stop
00:38:52Netukka using decre
00:38:55Netukka u save ppl
00:38:56Netukka using it
00:39:27Netukka just ff it
00:39:52rtg800 to deny or not to den
00:39:54rtg800 y
00:40:03lemi.livo.skodi no
00:40:46mansikka XD
00:40:50mansikka missed silence
00:41:00Netukka type ff
00:41:01Netukka ty
00:41:08Netukka useless prolong
00:41:10Netukka this si
00:41:10Netukka is
00:41:36Tough i do it alone
00:41:48mansikka sven go take aegis
00:43:40rtg800 -repcik
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