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-21 X
-2 TS

85% | 1426 X | 1504 TS

-30 X
-4 TS

52% | 1180 X | 1345 TS

-4 X
-2 TS

52% | 1149 X | 1370 TS

-1 X
-22 TS

29% | 1079 X | 1238 TS

-27 X
-21 TS

3% | 937 X | 961 TS

-6 X
+13 TS

72% | 1427 X | 1316 TS

+20 X
+5 TS

50% | 1172 X | 1315 TS

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+3 TS

48% | 1129 X | 1338 TS

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+12 TS

47% | 1282 X | 1166 TS

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+56 TS

NEW | 974 X | 1079 TS

Chat log

00:00:16Yos hvad skal vi tage ?
00:00:21yeW- phoenix
00:00:21mrk ud
00:00:57yeW- Get Cent!
00:00:59yeW- nice!
00:01:03mrk get sk wd
00:01:06yeW- bane is nice
00:01:07horsesarse its lost
00:01:11Stonetorl sk for me
00:01:13Yos me and cent lane
00:01:17mrk just play
00:01:18zonskass me top
00:01:21Yos we are m8
00:01:22mrk bronze games are always lost
00:01:22Yos we are going top
00:01:25zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:25Yos me and cent
00:01:29zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Queen of Pain [d,b,f,w]
00:01:31mrk might aswell roll the dice
00:01:32horsesarse its over, i always lose vs bs
00:01:34yeW- get bane
00:01:34zonskass captain says lines
00:01:36yeW- BANE!!
00:01:38horsesarse 100%
00:01:41yeW- bane for sk
00:01:42mansikka i never lose
00:01:42yeW- -clear
00:01:44mansikka 0%
00:01:47horsesarse ok
00:01:48mrk get pugna imo
00:01:49yeW- jeez
00:01:50mansikka so np
00:01:54mrk or bane
00:01:56mrk bane
00:01:56mrk ye
00:01:57mrk vs bs
00:02:11Yos wd
00:02:11mrk wisp sk top
00:02:11horsesarse what i build
00:02:12Yos come top
00:02:12mrk bane solos
00:02:13Yos fb
00:02:16Yos firstblood
00:02:18zonskass lines?
00:02:23Rotkiv agha
00:02:26mrk 1 sleep max sap
00:02:29yeW- cent
00:02:31yeW- pulling
00:02:34mrk get meka
00:02:35mrk bane
00:02:37mrk or wisp
00:02:38Yos we are going to f b
00:02:39mrk and janggo
00:02:43Rotkiv wisp gets mekka
00:02:43Yos wd
00:02:47Yos when we killed top
00:02:47mansikka or
00:02:49Yos you go bot again
00:02:49Yos k
00:02:51Yos tp fast
00:02:52mansikka wisp gets jannggo
00:02:58Rotkiv bane then mekka ..
00:02:59mrk wisp jango
00:03:02mrk bane meka
00:03:11horsesarse k...
00:03:11yeW- wards pls
00:03:12yeW- ASAP!
00:03:18mrk axe gets pipe
00:03:23Yos reg
00:03:36Yos go wpisp
00:03:38Yos wiosp
00:04:10Yos wd
00:04:11Yos go bot
00:05:31yeW- gang mid
00:05:32yeW- if u can!
00:05:54horsesarse gg
00:06:19Zack-eracK ss
00:06:28mrk bs top
00:06:41mrk re
00:07:21zonskass kill
00:08:30yeW- ss
00:08:46yeW- mid
00:08:52yeW- re
00:09:10horsesarse ss
00:09:16mansikka -afk
00:09:19mansikka leo afk
00:09:20mrk -afk
00:09:22horsesarse pause?
00:09:29mrk no point
00:09:37mrk ss
00:09:39mansikka -afk
00:09:46horsesarse my 30
00:09:48horsesarse 321
00:09:53Stonetorl back
00:09:53yeW- d
00:09:53yeW- xd
00:09:53mrk maybe
00:09:53mrk say
00:09:53mrk before you go
00:09:53zonskass what?
00:09:53mrk you just left top
00:09:53mrk and we lost tower
00:09:53yeW- this aint no dl mate
00:09:53Zack-eracK why pause??
00:09:53mrk + died more
00:09:53horsesarse re in 312
00:10:34yeW- lemme lashit?
00:11:10yeW- -ma
00:11:41horsesarse ss
00:12:18Yos jaja
00:12:24mrk not serious
00:12:25mrk are you
00:12:25mrk :D
00:12:49mrk wtf
00:12:50mrk sk
00:12:53mrk just fucking kill him
00:12:54yeW- -?a
00:12:55mrk you have 2 stuns
00:12:56mrk vs 200hp
00:13:18zonskass lucky bastard
00:13:21horsesarse ss2
00:13:22Yos thx
00:13:23Yos bro
00:13:28mrk times 2
00:14:03zonskass kill
00:14:29horsesarse ss
00:14:31mrk ss bs
00:14:34mrk went bot
00:15:08zonskass stun him
00:15:18zonskass didnt see axe
00:15:52mrk jesus
00:15:59Yos all most
00:16:00Yos thx
00:16:41mrk go top
00:16:42mrk wisp
00:16:46mrk sk
00:16:49Yos gogo
00:16:51horsesarse b
00:16:53mrk go
00:17:24mrk tp
00:17:24mrk wisp
00:17:27horsesarse dont :D
00:17:42mansikka why
00:17:45mansikka i tp
00:17:46Yos :(
00:17:46mrk why not
00:17:49mansikka next to centaur
00:17:53mrk :D
00:18:09mrk dont really know how we can get back in this
00:18:49Yos help
00:18:54zonskass deny
00:19:02Yos nab
00:19:05yeW- -ma
00:19:43Rotkiv mid come
00:20:50yeW- b
00:20:52yeW- go b
00:20:53yeW- lads
00:21:02Rotkiv wtf
00:21:13Rotkiv can you come faster ffs
00:21:20horsesarse dunno lol
00:21:30Yos tp
00:21:31Yos def
00:21:43horsesarse b
00:21:49Zack-eracK im ooom
00:22:18Rotkiv go
00:22:22Stonetorl omw
00:23:08mrk b
00:23:08mrk b
00:23:10mrk enough
00:23:13yeW- aka u had tp
00:23:13yeW- zz
00:23:48yeW- wards pls
00:23:48yeW- w
00:23:50yeW- wd
00:23:52Yos wd
00:23:53Yos omg
00:23:58Zack-eracK why me
00:24:00Zack-eracK akasha buy
00:24:05Zack-eracK i buy chicken
00:24:48mrk osta dagger
00:24:49mrk axe
00:25:06horsesarse AXE
00:25:12yeW- ah wtf am i doin
00:25:20Yos you should silence him ?
00:25:25yeW- miscliked ye
00:25:30yeW- but in the end
00:25:33yeW- we both wuda died
00:25:36Yos akasha take my farm
00:25:36Yos omg
00:25:38Yos fuck off
00:25:39yeW- just faster xD
00:25:42Yos go help team
00:26:02horsesarse gather
00:26:06horsesarse lets move wit h5
00:26:27horsesarse hmm
00:26:29horsesarse illu
00:26:30horsesarse ?
00:26:33mansikka no
00:26:38yeW- cent u rly need hp
00:26:45Rotkiv teled
00:26:48Yos derf top
00:26:48Yos all
00:26:51Yos tp
00:26:56Rotkiv low at mana
00:27:04mansikka me too
00:27:07Rotkiv b
00:27:24Rotkiv b i get my dagger
00:27:29mrk osta siit
00:27:38Zack-eracK stop using me
00:27:44Yos 28
00:27:45Yos w8
00:27:46mrk go axe
00:27:56Zack-eracK where u are??TERROR
00:27:59Yos go
00:28:00Yos when i come
00:28:05Yos gogo
00:28:05mrk mine
00:28:29Rotkiv tra torni alla miks me tegime nii
00:28:53mrk sa magasid maha
00:28:56mrk said ühe calli ainult
00:28:57Yos noo
00:29:00mrk oleks qopi ka saanud jms
00:29:01Rotkiv gj
00:29:03yeW- meanwhile cent farms xD
00:29:06yeW- go b
00:29:08yeW- they rezed
00:29:09yeW- jesus
00:29:13Yos dead
00:29:20Rotkiv ma ei tundund h2sti selle minekuga ja ma k6htlesid .. see nussis 2ra :P
00:29:24Zack-eracK LOL :dd
00:29:31mrk :D
00:29:37mrk no vaata kui saad
00:29:38mrk mingi 2+
00:29:41mrk siis on juba fight meie
00:29:43Rotkiv k
00:29:47mrk qop oleks insta saanud
00:29:59horsesarse sa oled oigia NUSSI TURA
00:30:09horsesarse kangi mees!
00:30:24Rotkiv b
00:30:35mrk regenni
00:30:36mrk siis uuesti
00:30:39Rotkiv manast j22b puudu
00:30:51horsesarse b
00:31:01Rotkiv ma l2hen reg
00:31:20horsesarse gj wisp :(
00:31:21Yos push
00:31:26mansikka gj you too
00:31:28horsesarse y
00:31:37horsesarse 1 v 4
00:31:38horsesarse :D
00:31:40mrk go
00:31:41horsesarse u can do it
00:31:42mrk ei
00:31:52horsesarse cent first!!
00:31:58horsesarse :D
00:32:03mrk zzz wisp
00:32:04mansikka ?????????
00:32:08Yos nice
00:32:34Rotkiv get bkb next skele ..
00:33:08Rotkiv sleep
00:33:17ZidanOz b
00:33:24Rotkiv gather top
00:33:26zonskass as you wish
00:33:30Yos should i bkbk ?
00:33:54horsesarse OOm
00:33:56Zack-eracK TERROR
00:34:19Zack-eracK B
00:34:19Zack-eracK B
00:34:37mrk dust for bs
00:34:38yeW- care
00:34:44yeW- ward
00:34:45yeW- ?
00:34:48mrk b
00:35:03horsesarse i make manaboots or??
00:35:06horsesarse got meka
00:35:18mrk y do
00:35:22horsesarse k..
00:35:27horsesarse wisp wont?
00:35:33mansikka ?
00:35:41mansikka i wont what
00:35:44horsesarse k
00:35:48horsesarse make manaboots
00:35:49mansikka k??
00:35:50mansikka ok
00:35:50horsesarse :D
00:36:02Rotkiv sk bkb next plz
00:36:06Yos go rosjh
00:36:18Yos dont
00:36:19mrk sk bkb
00:36:19Yos give me dmg
00:36:31Yos go
00:36:49mrk aaah
00:36:50mrk axe not here
00:37:08Yos gogo
00:37:09Yos omg
00:37:26horsesarse ich can makke my self SLEAPER???
00:37:33mrk yes
00:37:34mrk you can
00:37:35mrk sleep
00:37:35horsesarse :DD:
00:37:36mrk yourself
00:37:43Yos ulti
00:37:44Yos wd
00:37:44mrk qop
00:37:44mrk has
00:37:49mrk blink linken
00:37:51mrk dont stun him
00:38:24mrk oleks sa kohe roshis olnud
00:38:25mrk :D
00:38:31yeW- i remember
00:38:32yeW- sk
00:38:33yeW- being
00:38:34yeW- level 3
00:38:36yeW- and tb 8
00:38:37Rotkiv veno teed 2kki pipe?
00:38:45yeW- n now he's like their most dangerous guy xD
00:38:46mrk mul pole mõtet
00:38:50Yos go rosh
00:38:51Yos plz
00:39:00Zack-eracK take
00:39:45mrk ulti
00:40:06mrk bane
00:40:08Yos push mid
00:40:08mrk he was alone
00:40:10horsesarse let him sleep and kill others?
00:40:10mrk we coulda taken him
00:40:14horsesarse y right
00:40:14mrk no
00:40:16mrk if others come
00:40:17mrk we all die
00:40:18mrk like we did
00:40:20horsesarse y
00:40:26horsesarse i hate this hero :D
00:40:38horsesarse too difficult for my monkey brains
00:40:42horsesarse i like leviathan
00:40:45Rotkiv you need to sleep centar for sure then ulti someone
00:40:45horsesarse 1 button
00:40:46Yos b
00:40:50horsesarse k
00:40:57yeW- tb
00:40:59mrk praegu oleks
00:40:59yeW- get diffu next
00:41:02mrk tb saanud
00:41:04Rotkiv ma kirjutasin..
00:41:07mrk :D
00:41:08Yos k
00:41:09mrk vaatasin jah
00:41:11Yos after butterfly
00:41:16yeW- ofc
00:41:39Zack-eracK wards some1 pls???
00:41:44yeW- ol
00:41:52Yos b
00:41:55Rotkiv good ulti
00:41:57Yos all def
00:42:03mrk smart that you used sleep
00:42:04Zack-eracK come
00:42:04mrk first
00:42:05Zack-eracK omg
00:42:05mrk cos linken
00:42:06Yos not that
00:42:07Yos twr
00:42:08Yos next
00:42:13Yos omg
00:42:16yeW- blah
00:42:17horsesarse gj
00:42:19yeW- wasnt watchin
00:42:20yeW- soz
00:42:22Zack-eracK u failed
00:42:24Zack-eracK all now
00:42:38mrk rax
00:42:43zonskass v
00:42:45zonskass b
00:43:02yeW- sweet
00:43:02mrk zzzzz
00:43:05mrk only if someone
00:43:06mrk could
00:43:09mrk stun/call
00:43:10mrk tb
00:43:13mrk before he ults
00:43:17mrk you died anyway
00:43:39Rotkiv where are youtrs tp
00:43:57Yos all mid
00:43:57mrk dont deny
00:43:58Yos push
00:44:36Stonetorl they push
00:44:44mrk tp
00:44:44mrk tp
00:44:45mrk tp
00:45:01mrk gg
00:45:02mrk wp
00:45:03mrk I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:50mrk i suck at gambling i guess
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