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93% | 1541 X | 1576 TS

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Chat log

00:00:12mrk if you pick cm for example, you dont have to get 20min bkb agha
00:00:14Vaikiss il either trilane carry or solo mid or longlane hero
00:00:19kAlleMustDie get chick vaikiss
00:00:20Jambalaya i can rubick if u wanna get it for me :D
00:00:20mrk just do your support job well and you get stats accordingly
00:00:20Netukka -clear
00:00:20Jambalaya i can rubick if u get it
00:00:20Netukka i think im gonna ban it
00:00:20Sepetos anyone anything?
00:00:20Jambalaya :(
00:00:20Vaikiss pick lic
00:00:20Vaikiss h
00:00:20Netukka lycan or rubick
00:00:20Vaikiss ofr me
00:00:20Jambalaya ban lyc
00:00:21Jambalaya imo
00:00:22Sepetos -lycan
00:00:25Netukka rubick
00:00:25Jambalaya no
00:00:25Jambalaya es
00:00:28Netukka he will take
00:00:29Netukka rubick
00:00:30Netukka else
00:00:33Jambalaya ok
00:00:38Sepetos pick es and sandking and chit
00:00:39Sepetos centa
00:00:39Jambalaya somone play es
00:00:40mrk anyone want
00:00:41mrk something
00:00:44Netukka u play
00:00:45Netukka es
00:00:50Jambalaya sk
00:00:52Jambalaya for me
00:01:05Netukka some1 play
00:01:05Netukka es
00:01:09Netukka or then i play
00:01:09Netukka it
00:01:18Jambalaya what for u
00:01:19Jambalaya mrk
00:01:19Netukka no1?
00:01:22mrk eeeeee
00:01:26mrk puck
00:01:30Jambalaya -swap 2
00:01:30mrk -swap 4
00:01:30Vaikiss wat do i pick 4u
00:01:37Sepetos bristle
00:01:42Vaikiss -swap 1
00:01:43Sepetos -swap 5
00:01:44Sepetos im mid
00:01:49Netukka puck mid
00:01:57Jambalaya last go pit
00:01:58Jambalaya last
00:01:59Netukka icaro chicken
00:02:07Zack-eracK SVEN
00:02:10Jambalaya -.-
00:02:11Vaikiss !Ping
00:02:12mrk icaro
00:02:13mrk chicken
00:02:13Vaikiss !checkme
00:02:14mrk and share
00:02:16icaro -swap
00:02:18Vaikiss .ping
00:02:18Netukka :D
00:02:20Vaikiss /ping
00:02:20icaro -swap 4
00:02:21Zack-eracK LOL
00:02:22Netukka lol
00:02:23Netukka wtf
00:02:27Netukka chicken
00:02:28Netukka ffs
00:02:29Zack-eracK BUY SHICKEN
00:02:30XDechegaDX lich
00:02:30Netukka chicken
00:02:31mrk doom
00:02:31mrk icaro
00:02:32XDechegaDX medio??
00:02:33Netukka CHICKEN
00:02:33Zack-eracK CHICKEN
00:02:34Netukka OR BAN
00:02:35XDechegaDX mid
00:02:35kAlleMustDie down?
00:02:37Zack-eracK LUCIFER
00:02:37mrk ty
00:02:38Sepetos im mid
00:02:38Vaikiss y
00:02:41Vaikiss bot
00:02:46Sepetos go top
00:02:49Sepetos im midsolo
00:02:50XDechegaDX okz
00:02:51Sepetos i say lanes
00:02:55Vaikiss -hhn
00:02:56Vaikiss -ii
00:02:59Vaikiss how do i check
00:03:00Sepetos dude
00:03:00Vaikiss my ping
00:03:01Vaikiss lol
00:03:05Jambalaya fb mid
00:03:11mrk have shift
00:03:13Jambalaya :/
00:03:14Sepetos dude ur gona get banned
00:03:16Sepetos if u dont move
00:03:33XDechegaDX ??
00:03:46Jambalaya -.-
00:03:47Sepetos gj
00:03:52Sepetos od
00:03:53Sepetos get off mid
00:04:07Jambalaya ss 1 top
00:04:07Vaikiss nice lh
00:04:11Zack-eracK IS MID
00:04:14Sepetos share chicken lich
00:04:20mrk obsi is mid
00:04:28Sepetos od
00:04:29Sepetos go top
00:04:30Sepetos now
00:04:42Jaikki COME HERE
00:04:42Sepetos ur banned dude
00:04:52Sepetos GO TOP
00:04:53Netukka bot lane so bad
00:04:55Netukka lich viper
00:04:58Sepetos retarf
00:04:59Jaikki newfags from dota league -.-
00:05:06Jambalaya i gank in lvl 3
00:05:12Jambalaya ss top
00:05:14Sepetos dont u understand english od?
00:05:19Zack-eracK fcuker
00:05:20XDechegaDX not
00:05:27mrk 2still mid
00:05:27XDechegaDX jeje
00:05:29Sepetos uplane is yours retard
00:05:48Jambalaya omw bot
00:05:49Sepetos mä tuun top jaikki
00:05:51Sepetos jossei saada
00:05:53Jaikki jo
00:05:58Sepetos sit sä meet mid pilaa ton peli
00:05:59Sepetos :D
00:06:01Jaikki jo
00:06:26Sepetos noni :d
00:06:44Jambalaya omw mid
00:06:47Jambalaya care
00:06:51Jambalaya cent goes mid
00:07:08Jambalaya harb
00:07:35Jambalaya gj
00:07:35Jaikki d:S
00:07:42Jaikki huoh
00:07:44mrk up chick?
00:07:47Jambalaya nice sile :D btw
00:07:48Jambalaya :D
00:08:03Jambalaya doom u get farm top ?
00:08:04kAlleMustDie ss bone
00:08:10kAlleMustDie care mid
00:08:11Netukka he sohuld
00:08:20Jambalaya kill bot
00:08:20mrk chicken zz
00:08:26Zack-eracK omw
00:08:40Jambalaya lich
00:08:44mrk my bottle
00:08:45mrk doom
00:09:16mrk up bird now please
00:09:28mrk ty
00:09:32mrk ss cent
00:09:33Jambalaya omw mid
00:09:37Jambalaya care
00:09:37Jaikki sup
00:09:39Jambalaya come
00:09:40Jambalaya cent
00:10:09Jambalaya 10 mana
00:10:10Jambalaya for stun
00:10:13Netukka no stun
00:10:14Netukka oo
00:10:43Jambalaya doom
00:10:45Jambalaya stay top farm
00:10:45Jambalaya ffs
00:10:46Zack-eracK wards
00:10:50mrk leave
00:10:50mrk me
00:10:51mrk rune
00:10:51mrk ffs
00:10:54Jambalaya omfg
00:10:54mrk doom
00:10:56Jambalaya this tards
00:11:07Netukka oom
00:11:17mrk br
00:11:18mrk b
00:11:26Jaikki saat vaa freefarmaa lol
00:11:30Jambalaya bb free farms
00:11:35Netukka :D
00:11:37kAlleMustDie :;D
00:11:37Jaikki :D:D:
00:11:39Zack-eracK OMG
00:11:40icaro Cool
00:11:56icaro OMG
00:12:08Jambalaya soon i got ulti
00:12:14Jambalaya w8
00:12:19Netukka got arcane
00:12:20Netukka soon
00:12:21Netukka 150
00:12:35kAlleMustDie ss2
00:12:40Netukka ss 2 bot
00:12:43Netukka re
00:12:45Jambalaya sry puck
00:12:48mrk nah
00:13:00Sepetos iha paukuis
00:13:03Sepetos tuntu et farmasin vuode topis
00:13:04Sepetos :D
00:13:05Jambalaya if u had w8 10 sec i had ulti
00:13:07Jambalaya and stun
00:13:08mrk ill tp bot
00:13:10mrk well they both left
00:13:11Jaikki oot rappiol :D
00:13:12Sepetos mut ei saa silti mitää itemeimuka :D
00:13:12Jambalaya b
00:13:13Jambalaya b
00:13:16Netukka ss lich
00:13:17Netukka bot
00:13:29Jambalaya doom get rdy
00:13:31Jambalaya to ulti
00:13:34Jambalaya i come with ulti
00:13:38Jambalaya go
00:13:39Zack-eracK 2 mid
00:13:41XDechegaDX q if we knew there was nobody left Ubiera
00:13:41Sepetos with lich armor i will own
00:13:42Jaikki k
00:13:42Jambalaya doom
00:13:43Jambalaya ffs
00:14:02Jaikki :O
00:14:04Jaikki must be pro
00:14:11Jambalaya ffs doom how hard to doom him ffs
00:14:16Jambalaya why i have to do it for u
00:14:32Zack-eracK lich comingh
00:14:34Zack-eracK bot
00:14:46Jaikki def top
00:15:10Jambalaya omw bot
00:15:38XDechegaDX go
00:15:39Zack-eracK brb me
00:15:47Zack-eracK wards puck pls
00:16:07Sepetos armor me
00:16:22Zack-eracK Omfg
00:16:26Jambalaya fuck
00:16:28Zack-eracK dont looking
00:16:30kAlleMustDie gj
00:16:36XDechegaDX together was that estubieramos
00:16:38kAlleMustDie nice
00:16:42Sepetos gj lich
00:16:44Jambalaya this doom is horribly
00:16:49mrk bad tye
00:16:57icaro ajjj
00:17:13Netukka no ult
00:17:20Jaikki oho :D:D:d
00:17:57Jaikki u dead
00:17:58Jaikki :D
00:18:00Jaikki bb ownz
00:18:11Jaikki sairas sankari
00:18:15mrk gg
00:18:24Sepetos kätevä oli ostaa vang
00:18:25icaro ese pug
00:18:28icaro aj
00:18:39Netukka ult 19
00:18:44Sepetos mitä täst sobimaskist ;:o
00:18:48Jaikki :D
00:18:51Sepetos eul
00:18:52Sepetos :
00:18:52Sepetos :D
00:18:57Jaikki vanha kunnon bb eul
00:19:06XDechegaDX acgo me my shit
00:19:08Jambalaya ok
00:19:09Jambalaya sec
00:19:14Sepetos we could take towers
00:19:17Sepetos start top
00:19:22mrk bb inc top
00:19:41Vaikiss funny nabs
00:19:43Jambalaya omfg what a lucker he get bounced with creeps
00:19:49Jaikki MUN
00:19:51Jambalaya and this doom sucks
00:19:53Jambalaya bac puck
00:20:11Jambalaya and this clinkz now how to farm good
00:20:26Jambalaya and bb win this for them
00:20:28Jaikki lich manaboots plz
00:20:45Jambalaya mid
00:20:48Jambalaya i got ulti soon
00:20:51Jambalaya so after i stun u stun
00:20:53Jambalaya so i can ulti
00:20:56Netukka k
00:21:04Jambalaya all mid
00:21:11Netukka no ult on me
00:21:12Jaikki :3
00:21:43Jambalaya wtf u doom the tank ffs doom lich
00:21:52Jambalaya this is so gg
00:21:54Jambalaya really
00:21:57Jambalaya bb tp fat
00:22:05Netukka we cant kill him anymore
00:22:06Netukka /
00:22:18mrk well others are all paper
00:22:23Jambalaya y
00:22:24Netukka yeah
00:22:24mrk es dagger would change it
00:22:25Netukka cent
00:22:26Netukka really paper
00:22:27mrk but hes pretty far
00:22:30Sepetos bot
00:22:33mrk we can ignore cent bb
00:22:37mrk and take towers
00:22:41Netukka cent got imba farm also
00:23:14Jambalaya this game are all rdy end it¨
00:23:18Sepetos more
00:23:18Jaikki moar
00:23:18Netukka 15armor
00:23:20Netukka every1
00:23:22Jambalaya doom
00:23:25Jambalaya u need to doom lich
00:23:30Jambalaya i got ulti
00:24:04Netukka with bone mb survived
00:24:13Zack-eracK ?
00:24:16Jaikki cmoon
00:24:39Jambalaya clinkz
00:24:42Jambalaya u need mkb
00:24:58Zack-eracK i know..
00:25:05Zack-eracK but i need farm
00:25:11XDechegaDX -ma
00:25:12Jambalaya oh really
00:25:15Sepetos midall
00:25:15Sepetos :D
00:25:19Netukka we need wards
00:25:26Vaikiss destro yasha soon ?
00:25:26kAlleMustDie sir yes sir!
00:25:29Zack-eracK omw mid
00:25:50Jambalaya ffs this doom
00:25:54Jambalaya don't use ulti
00:25:57Zack-eracK fak
00:25:57Zack-eracK this
00:25:59Zack-eracK doom
00:26:02kAlleMustDie thx
00:26:34XDechegaDX cheese
00:26:40Jaikki ADAS:D:AS:D
00:26:40Netukka wow
00:26:43Jaikki fu
00:27:20mrk nononono
00:27:46Vaikiss focus doom lol
00:28:02Zack-eracK oo
00:28:05Zack-eracK nice team play
00:28:17Zack-eracK thats why i dont like be whit u
00:28:25mrk well kinda late for teamplay
00:28:29Jambalaya i hope zilver are much better because this here is shit
00:28:40mrk people like doom wont get to silver
00:28:46mrk thats why they are somewhat better
00:28:54Jaikki vittuko on menny paskasti noin paskaa vihuu vastaan :D
00:29:06Jaikki nostalginen tunne garenan publilta
00:29:08mrk and their obsi for example
00:29:12Zack-eracK AND stop killing bristel
00:29:16Zack-eracK he must be last one
00:29:22Jambalaya w8 for es
00:29:29Sepetos go mid
00:29:45Netukka ...
00:29:46mrk lol
00:29:46mrk what
00:29:49icaro lol
00:29:51Vaikiss couple more ulties on that ilusion
00:29:53Vaikiss kthxbb
00:29:56mrk u bastard
00:30:02Jambalaya 600 for dagger
00:30:04Sepetos detect?
00:30:11Vaikiss they
00:30:13Vaikiss no ulties
00:31:00Zack-eracK I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:02Netukka I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:04Jambalaya netukka nothing to do with thease noobs
00:31:04mrk I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:08icaro plop
00:31:10Sepetos so sick
00:31:10Zack-eracK WP bristel
00:31:11Sepetos holyshit
00:31:16Jaikki :D
00:31:22Jambalaya WP DOOM CLINKZ !
00:31:29Jambalaya " "
00:31:35Zack-eracK ?
00:31:42Netukka clinkz played fine, but clinkz pick was not good
00:31:48Zack-eracK y
00:31:49Netukka vs them
00:31:52Zack-eracK thats true
00:32:47Sepetos ADS
00:32:49icaro wow
00:32:49Jambalaya 700 :D
00:32:52Jambalaya ouch
00:32:53Jaikki AIDS
00:32:53Zack-eracK LEAVE
00:32:55icaro 700
00:32:55Zack-eracK :D
00:32:55mrk og ulti
00:32:57mrk go
00:33:05Jambalaya now es rocks
00:33:10Netukka lol
00:33:12Netukka got 5levels
00:33:12Zack-eracK we still can win late
00:33:13Jambalaya :D
00:33:14Zack-eracK :D
00:33:15Netukka in 30s
00:33:25Jambalaya not late
00:33:31Jambalaya let me
00:33:32Jambalaya top
00:33:32Zack-eracK follow me
00:33:33Sepetos vanguard for ranged isnt good anymore viper
00:33:34Jambalaya for dagger
00:33:39kAlleMustDie ah.. ok
00:33:43Vaikiss bullshit
00:33:46Sepetos mitä what teet
00:33:46Sepetos :D
00:33:50Jaikki en tiiä :d höntsään
00:33:53Zack-eracK rosh
00:33:53Vaikiss its always good for viper
00:33:58Sepetos no its not
00:34:02Jambalaya i gotta farm dagger
00:34:02Sepetos he has nice corrosive skin already
00:34:04Jambalaya first
00:34:05Sepetos that ppl wouldnt amove him
00:34:06Jambalaya need it
00:34:20Vaikiss yes it is combined with pasive it is even bigger imba
00:34:23mrk get bot after this
00:34:26mrk sk
00:34:27Jambalaya y
00:34:38Jambalaya -..
00:34:44Netukka they will get roshan
00:34:45Netukka soon
00:34:45Jambalaya let me bot
00:34:46Netukka for sure
00:34:46Jambalaya ffd
00:34:46Zack-eracK y
00:35:07Netukka sk
00:35:09Netukka b
00:35:23Netukka need sk
00:35:24Jambalaya viper no ulti
00:35:30Jaikki giev armor
00:35:47Jambalaya go
00:36:03Netukka well
00:36:05Netukka thats it
00:36:06Netukka gg
00:36:06Netukka I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:15Sepetos nice doom bristle :D:D:DDD
00:36:32Zack-eracK hm
00:36:39Netukka they got 3 so fat
00:36:39Jambalaya they got 2 heavy tankers
00:36:44Netukka viper so tank
00:36:46Netukka cent so tank
00:36:48Netukka bb ubertakn
00:36:52icaro no me dijan ni un hero
00:36:53icaro ptm
00:37:23kAlleMustDie :D
00:37:26Jaikki :::D
00:37:29Sepetos why this started run
00:37:30Sepetos :D
00:37:30XDechegaDX :P
00:37:31Sepetos :D
00:37:41Sepetos who the fuck bought forcestaff
00:37:44Sepetos ANWER ME
00:37:57Sepetos gaylord
00:38:23XDechegaDX au
00:38:26XDechegaDX eso me doio
00:38:33Sepetos lets go all bot
00:38:36Sepetos buy me gem?
00:38:38icaro plop
00:38:39Sepetos or something?
00:38:40XDechegaDX That hurt will pay melas
00:38:48Sepetos lets take roshan
00:38:49Sepetos ok
00:38:54Jaikki tarviin 200
00:38:56Sepetos ward bot
00:38:58Sepetos saat roosast
00:39:06Sepetos vedän semmoset miinusarmorit siihe
00:39:09Jaikki jo
00:39:40Jambalaya doom ? please always doom lich
00:39:48Jambalaya his ulti rape us all
00:40:00Jambalaya now they end :D
00:40:02mrk we're just awaiting death
00:40:02Sepetos all bot
00:40:04mrk so it doesnt matter
00:40:04mrk ye
00:40:06Jambalaya :D
00:40:14Jambalaya but still i roamed all game
00:40:18Sepetos need gem
00:40:19Jambalaya and do a god jovb
00:40:19mrk you did fine
00:40:24Zack-eracK b
00:40:26XDechegaDX ok
00:40:26mrk i failed
00:40:33Jambalaya not really doom is fail
00:40:33Zack-eracK i failed pick
00:40:37Jaikki this
00:40:38Jaikki is
00:40:39Jaikki scourge
00:40:40Jambalaya and clinkz was not the best pick
00:40:40Netukka we need a good pack of creeps now ! :D
00:40:43Jaikki EEEEe
00:40:44XDechegaDX who need a gem pulls
00:40:47Jambalaya -.- lol bb won it for u
00:40:54Jaikki so :D
00:40:55Sepetos armor
00:40:56Netukka not yet
00:41:03Jaikki u think i care
00:42:16mrk finger too slow
00:42:18mrk god damn
00:42:18Jaikki niin paljon stunnia
00:42:38Zack-eracK sk
00:42:51Jambalaya what ?
00:42:58Sepetos kivat farmit :D
00:43:04Jaikki nii :D
00:43:09mrk lol bb regen
00:43:13mrk just jad 100hp
00:43:16mrk had*
00:43:37Sepetos HA HA
00:43:54Jaikki mana
00:43:55Sepetos armor
00:43:56Sepetos lich
00:44:07Jaikki :D
00:44:08Vaikiss fuck off they dont focus u anyway
00:44:26Jaikki :D:D
00:44:42mrk gg
00:44:50mrk I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:52Zack-eracK wp bristel
00:45:02Sepetos :D
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