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-38 X
-3 TS

92% | 1599 X | 1508 TS

-4 X
-2 TS

82% | 1383 X | 1478 TS

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-3 TS

69% | 1384 X | 1355 TS

-17 X
-2 TS

69% | 1339 X | 1370 TS

-21 X
-18 TS

59% | 1217 X | 1389 TS

+22 X
+4 TS

90% | 1526 X | 1494 TS

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+3 TS

85% | 1450 X | 1537 TS

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+3 TS

74% | 1386 X | 1396 TS

-11 X
+2 TS
67% | 1238 X | 1408 TS

+25 X
+2 TS

60% | 1243 X | 1342 TS

Chat log

00:00:04Lawok -water 255 0 255
00:00:05Lawok -rickroll 1
00:00:22Flex- norre you gonna farm for 40 minutes again?
00:00:22Lawok AM LICH GO
00:00:22Lawok i play wisp
00:00:22Solisluu ban wisp
00:00:22Solisluu lawok best wisp eu
00:00:22Lawok LIqVID turpa kii
00:00:22Flex- how is getting norre can be considered balanced ?: D
00:00:22infect get something nice with wisp then
00:00:22infect riki
00:00:22infect perhaps?
00:00:22Lawok no
00:00:22Solisluu BAN WISP
00:00:22Lawok ck and ursa is good with it
00:00:22infect rzr`?
00:00:22Lawok and alche
00:00:22Solisluu !!!!!
00:00:22Solisluu or we lose
00:00:22Lawok liqvid stop trolling
00:00:22WTGD well im going storm
00:00:22Lawok am lich go
00:00:22infect aa
00:00:22infect see ursa
00:00:22infect didnt see @ firs
00:00:22Flex- pff
00:00:22Norrebro wisp
00:00:22infect t
00:00:22infect lolz
00:00:22WTGD rubic or am?
00:00:22WTGD which one i ban
00:00:22KredeC rubic
00:00:22KredeC imo
00:00:22infect plugged?
00:00:22WTGD k
00:00:22Buttons QQ
00:00:22infect hmm
00:00:22infect lastgame
00:00:22Flex- He really loves that wisp
00:00:22infect showed
00:00:22infect that am
00:00:22infect wins
00:00:22infect :d
00:00:22Lawok ban am
00:00:22Lawok am
00:00:22WTGD am
00:00:23Buttons winrar
00:00:23infect ru
00:00:30KredeC ..
00:00:38infect well it was rubick or am
00:00:44Norrebro get wl
00:00:48infect we chose to give am :) i can lich u want anything else
00:00:50Flex- i will
00:00:53WTGD ok
00:01:01Dota.m what banned
00:01:02Lawok i can mid what u want?
00:01:05WTGD get me storm
00:01:06infect am wisp
00:01:06Solisluu its in red
00:01:08Solisluu AM WISP
00:01:09Dota.m ok ok
00:01:09Norrebro am wisp
00:01:13Norrebro lol nab
00:01:15Buttons <brood
00:01:17Lawok ban liqvid
00:01:19Norrebro get melee
00:01:20WTGD -swap 4 -swap 1
00:01:22Flex- norebro
00:01:23Flex- lanes?
00:01:25Norrebro dont pick broood
00:01:26infect kredec, give me ts
00:01:27infect :)
00:01:30Norrebro get kunkka
00:01:31Dota.m i go alchi
00:01:32Lawok lich babysit me top
00:01:33Buttons brood is my honey tho
00:01:33Dota.m imba
00:01:33Lawok strom mid?
00:01:38Flex- kunkka
00:01:39Flex- would solve
00:01:39Norrebro alchi kunkka
00:01:44Flex- vs ss and riki
00:02:02infect ?
00:02:06Lawok pick venge
00:02:09Lawok awesome
00:02:11WTGD get ck last ? or good with lesh
00:02:13Solisluu dont pick venge
00:02:17Solisluu not awesome
00:02:18Solisluu XD
00:02:18Flex- :D
00:02:22infect i wanted ts
00:02:25infect and he didnt say shit
00:02:26infect :(
00:02:27Dota.m i go urn
00:02:29KredeC -swap
00:02:31KredeC -swap 5
00:02:33infect -swap 3
00:02:33Flex- k
00:02:45Flex- -hhn
00:03:05Dota.m invis
00:03:08infect who's buttons?
00:03:08Flex- ill get it
00:04:01Dota.m ^^
00:05:18Buttons fml
00:05:50WTGD ss
00:06:05WTGD ss mid
00:06:20infect stun if u can
00:06:29Norrebro ss
00:07:18Dota.m ^^
00:07:27WTGD ffs fucking retarded hero
00:07:30Dota.m oom
00:07:35Flex- geting bazzil
00:07:51infect i shop
00:07:52infect ck
00:07:55KredeC k
00:08:14KredeC kill when u return
00:08:58Dota.m riki ?
00:09:01Flex- try
00:09:02Dota.m or lich
00:09:06Flex- whoeve
00:09:17Norrebro i come down deny me
00:09:20Dota.m gj
00:09:22Flex- u2
00:09:24WTGD ss mid
00:09:30Norrebro ss mid
00:09:35WTGD ss mid care
00:09:40Norrebro stun
00:09:42infect ss bot wr
00:09:43infect too
00:09:46infect and alche care riki
00:10:32Flex- ez
00:10:44WTGD ss
00:10:45WTGD mid
00:10:51Dota.m or not
00:10:59Flex- i oom and out of health
00:11:01Dota.m y
00:11:09Flex- i tp
00:11:10Flex- and heal
00:11:11infect go
00:11:12infect alche
00:11:16Flex- to late..
00:11:17Flex- :D
00:11:17KredeC 10 mana
00:11:20Dota.m y
00:11:21Flex- was obv man
00:11:24Buttons ss bot
00:11:27KredeC just let me farm
00:11:28Norrebro this twr rly loves me
00:11:28Buttons re
00:11:53Dota.m he are lvl 6
00:11:54WTGD seems so
00:11:55Dota.m and invis i pull now or?
00:12:03WTGD k miss mid
00:12:04WTGD care
00:12:10WTGD im coming top gank
00:12:23Buttons ss bot 2
00:12:27Buttons re 3 top
00:13:12Dota.m b
00:13:14Dota.m 4
00:13:27Buttons t
00:13:27Buttons y
00:13:27Norrebro wards plz
00:13:51Dota.m wr
00:13:52Dota.m wtf
00:13:56Dota.m i tanked the shit
00:14:02Dota.m 1 hit and lesh dead
00:14:11Solisluu oom and low
00:14:14Solisluu used pot
00:14:18Dota.m only 1 hit
00:14:30Norrebro got lich ulti
00:14:30Dota.m w8 bor
00:14:32Flex- i got ult
00:14:32Dota.m i got ulti
00:14:36Lawok CARE BOT
00:14:38Lawok they come
00:14:42Lawok really
00:14:55Lawok i said.
00:15:06Dota.m cd
00:15:40Dota.m riki free farm
00:15:43Norrebro wards plz
00:16:13Dota.m i got ulti
00:16:15Dota.m if u can stun
00:16:16Dota.m wr
00:16:29Dota.m come
00:16:29Dota.m camp
00:16:33Dota.m to late
00:16:36KredeC omw
00:16:51infect 3 4
00:17:42Flex- tower
00:17:48infect 2 freekills running aroudn @ bot :)
00:17:49Norrebro me rune
00:17:50Flex- deniable
00:17:51Flex- tower
00:17:55Flex- 100 hp
00:18:07Flex- get tower
00:18:08Flex- kunkka
00:18:09Flex- top
00:18:10Flex- jsut go
00:18:12Flex- kill it
00:18:15Flex- its 100 hp
00:18:15Norrebro tag den
00:18:17Norrebro hurtig
00:18:19Norrebro 2 slag
00:18:23Flex- tower
00:18:24Flex- go
00:18:26Flex- 2 late
00:18:58Norrebro hva fuck laver du
00:19:04Lawok alche no ulti
00:19:08Dota.m spiller hvad med dig ?
00:19:16Norrebro du sku løbe ned
00:19:20Norrebro så havde jeg reddet dig
00:19:29Dota.m kommer med ulti
00:20:11infect they 3
00:20:13infect at least
00:20:14infect now 4
00:20:41Norrebro all top
00:20:46WTGD ss mid
00:20:48Norrebro dusts
00:20:55WTGD care wr has dust
00:20:55Flex- riki vh
00:21:26infect fucking 5 top
00:21:37Norrebro got lich ulti its ridonckylous
00:21:42Flex- then
00:21:43Flex- poush on
00:21:44Dota.m take
00:21:45Dota.m golem
00:21:50Flex- its dead
00:21:52WTGD np we got 2 towers
00:22:21infect they too
00:22:23WTGD y
00:22:27infect + kills
00:22:27WTGD im oom
00:22:29WTGD cant do shit
00:22:38Dota.m got ulti
00:22:39Norrebro riki here
00:22:41Flex- me too
00:22:44WTGD they have wards
00:22:44Norrebro dust
00:23:03infect lich
00:23:05infect :(
00:23:06Flex- fatal bonds
00:23:07Flex- pppl what?
00:23:16infect he got your ulti
00:23:22Dota.m u guys was late on it
00:23:23Flex- riki got away though oh shit i dont throw from now on then k?
00:23:37Flex- well
00:23:41Flex- we need alchi unkillable
00:23:44Flex- and then get him gem
00:23:49Buttons want me to tank up#?
00:23:55Flex- what do you think
00:24:07Buttons wow
00:24:08Flex- we got
00:24:09Flex- enuf dps
00:24:12Flex- kunkka
00:24:12Flex- wr
00:24:37infect luich
00:24:39infect need wards the get some
00:24:53infect lol
00:24:54infect :D:D
00:25:05infect no need to support :)
00:25:32Flex- wtf
00:25:33Flex- wqas that
00:25:35WTGD b 2nd time lesh u do that
00:26:04infect fuck that shit, some idiot was moving my hero
00:26:10infect had to deal wiht that sure
00:26:25infect ck
00:26:27infect ?
00:26:52Flex- just b
00:27:44Flex- why stay
00:28:14KredeC riki
00:28:15KredeC rege top
00:28:24Lawok share
00:28:25Lawok share
00:28:25Lawok share
00:28:44Dota.m care mid
00:29:11Flex- we should
00:29:12Flex- finish mid
00:29:14Dota.m wee need to combo ultis
00:29:15Flex- how is alchi being a tank
00:29:22Norrebro alche
00:29:23Norrebro wtf
00:29:25Norrebro is ure titem
00:29:29Norrebro get vg
00:29:30Buttons dude
00:29:32Buttons im like
00:29:35Buttons sange > vg
00:29:41Norrebro on nonononono
00:29:43Flex- ohh really...
00:29:47Norrebro u hsould tnak
00:29:51Flex- we need
00:29:51Flex- tank
00:29:52Buttons ac after
00:29:54Dota.m come
00:29:56Dota.m all
00:29:57Dota.m lets smoek
00:29:57Flex- horrible
00:29:58Flex- build
00:29:59Dota.m smoke
00:30:00infect ck
00:30:01Dota.m with me
00:30:01infect they hv
00:30:01Flex- this isnt dota league
00:30:02Dota.m and gank
00:30:02infect wards
00:30:02Flex- fool
00:30:03infect so care
00:30:06Buttons okay
00:30:09Buttons master of dota
00:30:10Dota.m come
00:30:11Dota.m we smoke
00:30:29infect bot
00:30:30infect inc
00:31:11Dota.m bad one
00:31:22Flex- this
00:31:24WTGD riki go
00:31:24Flex- wont tank shit
00:31:30Flex- wr
00:31:31Flex- in front
00:31:32Flex- :D
00:31:35infect come
00:31:36Lawok no
00:31:39WTGD why not
00:31:40Lawok liqvid is too brainy
00:31:41WTGD go
00:31:41WTGD fast
00:31:42Flex- well
00:31:46Flex- with alchi no hood
00:31:50Flex- this is gonna be a fucknig disaster
00:31:50WTGD ck come
00:32:03WTGD riki take it
00:32:06WTGD or what
00:32:18Lawok ck imo
00:32:19Flex- they roshing
00:32:22infect ck imo too
00:32:23Solisluu y
00:32:23Lawok ok i take
00:32:28KredeC nah
00:32:31Norrebro we need vision
00:32:31KredeC im top
00:32:39WTGD care
00:32:40Norrebro inc
00:32:42Flex- to
00:32:43Flex- us
00:32:43Flex- wr
00:32:44Flex- come
00:32:45Flex- bot
00:32:48infect b
00:32:50infect top
00:33:02Flex- k
00:33:03Flex- back why dont i have share?
00:33:44infect i can remove share when some1 uses my hero
00:33:45infect easy
00:33:47Dota.m alchi bait and tank but why me?
00:34:44Dota.m gg
00:34:48Flex- yupo
00:34:49Dota.m they don't die to all the aoe
00:34:50Norrebro its over ache cant tank a shit can u plz share i dont move your hero
00:35:02infect näh, you dont support anyways
00:35:04Flex- give him alche a brake
00:35:06infect no need for you
00:35:06Flex- his from dota league and u do that?
00:35:13infect i aint lich no you're lesh support likewisse
00:35:33infect and you should know that lesh isnt support hero? :D
00:35:38Flex- riki
00:35:38infect but still i have bought wards
00:35:44Flex- so nicelly farmed :D cuz u have money i dont
00:36:11Norrebro wl make aghanim
00:36:20Flex- i could/..
00:36:20infect scout for yus :)
00:37:26Norrebro gg alchi
00:37:31Norrebro i can tank more
00:37:36Flex- same here :D
00:37:42Flex- but its dota league dude
00:37:42Flex- :D
00:37:48Flex- nuff said
00:38:29Norrebro jimmy u sku sslå på creep der
00:38:35Norrebro så havde du fået riki
00:38:36Dota.m den var ikke på
00:38:44Dota.m og ved det
00:38:56Norrebro alche
00:38:59Norrebro sell ure items
00:39:00Dota.m omw
00:39:02Norrebro and get vg
00:39:06Flex- to late
00:39:08Flex- he needs hood more
00:39:17Buttons sell for hood then?
00:39:43Dota.m well now riki no ageis :D
00:39:49Flex- thats
00:39:51Flex- not a deal braker
00:40:07Flex- they got better late
00:40:08Dota.m riki soon butter
00:41:31Norrebro I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:34Solisluu I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:41Norrebro buttons go b to dl upgr diffu rather then finish bitter butter
00:42:36Lawok wrong again.
00:42:39Flex- get the rosh
00:42:39Flex- fast
00:42:40Flex- alchi
00:42:41Flex- go
00:42:49Flex- nvm..
00:43:23infect just mid
00:43:24infect and finishg
00:43:45Flex- seen the new simpsons episode?
00:44:44Flex- hey
00:44:47Flex- they got dust
00:44:48Flex- fianlly
00:44:57Flex- alchi
00:44:58Dota.m I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:59Flex- you cant even tank
00:45:02Flex- lesh
00:45:05Flex- how are you gonna tank the rest
00:45:15Flex- I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:33Flex- lol
00:45:44KredeC u dun goofed
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