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Chat log

00:00:04TakinBackMyLove -rd
00:00:10Wrrcy #
00:00:17NwC.CooL-T i pick tiny
00:00:17NwC.CooL-T mid again?
00:00:17ESA_93 sec.
00:00:17ESA_93 Lets watch his ban.
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove spec
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove ban spec
00:00:17NwC.CooL-T ban es pls
00:00:17Buttons invo
00:00:17NwC.CooL-T invo sux
00:00:17Buttons lol?
00:00:17KolleBolle -clear
00:00:17ESA_93 Im scared of silencer atm.
00:00:17Bogdan hahahahha u have seberlane
00:00:17Bogdan u can ff
00:00:17sebralane kogat is best invoker in gc
00:00:17Bogdan hahahahahaha
00:00:17Buttons invo by far one of the best heroes
00:00:17Wrrcy ye hes rly imba
00:00:17NwC.CooL-T now see
00:00:17ESA_93 Spectre and Rubick banned.
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove any one want es ?
00:00:17ESA_93 Im going to pick Silencer.
00:00:19NwC.CooL-T pick invo
00:00:19KolleBolle i can!
00:00:20Bogdan i want es
00:00:20Buttons first pick>
00:00:21Buttons whgy
00:00:25TakinBackMyLove kolle
00:00:26KolleBolle but wanna play lion to!
00:00:27NwC.CooL-T if this pro
00:00:28TakinBackMyLove its yours
00:00:28Fxx. me
00:00:30KolleBolle ok
00:00:35Fxx. es for me
00:00:38TakinBackMyLove nah
00:00:39Wrrcy which heros are banned?
00:00:39Fxx. , hero for u ?
00:00:41TakinBackMyLove its kollebolle
00:00:43KolleBolle what you want?
00:00:47NwC.CooL-T spec rub
00:00:48Fxx. so , k
00:00:49NwC.CooL-T banned
00:00:49TakinBackMyLove spec rubic
00:00:51Wrrcy yeye
00:01:01NwC.CooL-T esa mid?
00:01:03TakinBackMyLove give me
00:01:04ESA_93 Pick Cena.
00:01:04TakinBackMyLove morph
00:01:05KolleBolle kong what you want
00:01:11TakinBackMyLove we go
00:01:11ESA_93 Venge
00:01:12TakinBackMyLove lane
00:01:14TakinBackMyLove kolle
00:01:14ESA_93 Lina
00:01:17TakinBackMyLove and bh
00:01:17ESA_93 Magnus
00:01:18TakinBackMyLove go mid
00:01:19KolleBolle -swap 1
00:01:19sebralane õlion?
00:01:20Wrrcy lion
00:01:22ESA_93 Lion
00:01:23Wrrcy <<
00:01:23ESA_93 good too
00:01:24TakinBackMyLove -swap 3
00:01:25NwC.CooL-T rex
00:01:27TakinBackMyLove can you handel
00:01:29TakinBackMyLove mid
00:01:30TakinBackMyLove bh ?
00:01:31ESA_93 Next one Sven
00:01:33ruben00 -ma
00:01:34Fxx. they have got only teampick
00:01:35ruben00 -clear
00:01:37NwC.CooL-T cent magnus
00:01:38ruben00 -ma
00:01:42TakinBackMyLove '
00:01:43TakinBackMyLove just
00:01:44TakinBackMyLove get
00:01:48TakinBackMyLove lina
00:01:48TakinBackMyLove last
00:01:51TakinBackMyLove or pit
00:01:53KolleBolle and ES is a fucking pain to play this game! :/
00:01:54NwC.CooL-T i think better magnus
00:01:57ESA_93 Just go sven or magmnus
00:01:58KolleBolle since they got tard silencer
00:02:00ruben00 ill try
00:02:03ruben00 ill tell if not
00:02:09Wrrcy ye
00:02:10ESA_93 We need tanky
00:02:14TakinBackMyLove cent
00:02:16TakinBackMyLove your
00:02:16TakinBackMyLove top
00:02:17Wrrcy top fb?
00:02:22ESA_93 Tiny mid
00:02:23TakinBackMyLove okay
00:02:23Wrrcy tiny
00:02:24NwC.CooL-T i and spec top ok?
00:02:24Wrrcy k
00:02:25TakinBackMyLove pit
00:02:26TakinBackMyLove can
00:02:27Fxx. me forest
00:02:28NwC.CooL-T y
00:02:28TakinBackMyLove you solo ?
00:02:29ESA_93 Im going top
00:02:30TakinBackMyLove then
00:02:31TakinBackMyLove top ?
00:02:32Bogdan y
00:02:39NwC.CooL-T share chick pls
00:02:39TakinBackMyLove just
00:02:39sebralane lanes will be good im
00:02:40ESA_93 Scen
00:02:41TakinBackMyLove go
00:02:41ESA_93 Sven
00:02:42ESA_93 bot
00:02:43TakinBackMyLove to far
00:02:47Bogdan k
00:02:48Wrrcy no fb?
00:02:48TakinBackMyLove stay
00:02:49TakinBackMyLove close
00:02:50TakinBackMyLove to
00:02:50Wrrcy we got 3 stunts
00:02:50KolleBolle bogdan! PLZ be passive thats your jobb now
00:02:51TakinBackMyLove tower
00:02:52TakinBackMyLove so
00:02:54TakinBackMyLove you can
00:02:55TakinBackMyLove run
00:02:56TakinBackMyLove and get
00:02:57TakinBackMyLove fast
00:02:58TakinBackMyLove boots
00:03:02TakinBackMyLove first
00:03:03TakinBackMyLove item
00:03:03ESA_93 Two should be fine,
00:03:06Buttons ?
00:03:08Bogdan kollebolle ls dont feed thats your job now
00:03:11Wrrcy riny midß
00:03:12Wrrcy xD
00:03:18Buttons MID
00:03:21Wrrcy gj!8
00:03:23ESA_93 Cool?
00:03:24Buttons fucking retard
00:03:24Wrrcy wait
00:03:24Wrrcy retards in team
00:03:24ESA_93 Stop the flameing.
00:03:24Wrrcy guy wtf tiny mid?
00:03:24NwC.CooL-T i mid?
00:03:24Wrrcy tard
00:03:24Bogdan sebra retard?
00:03:24TakinBackMyLove not our prob
00:03:24ESA_93 Yeah cool.
00:03:27NwC.CooL-T ok
00:03:27Buttons i'll stop flaming when he stops being a lvl 1 brain cell
00:03:37Fxx. rune up
00:03:45TakinBackMyLove go
00:03:45TakinBackMyLove fb
00:03:46Fxx. no stun here
00:04:09sebralane 3lane
00:04:14Fxx. and i can go up
00:04:17Wrrcy and free farm mid
00:04:18TakinBackMyLove ¨dont
00:04:18Wrrcy wp
00:04:18TakinBackMyLove take
00:04:19TakinBackMyLove creeps
00:04:19ESA_93 venge
00:04:20ESA_93 bot
00:04:22Fxx. wards in forest
00:04:24TakinBackMyLove 'hallo
00:04:25Buttons yh
00:04:25TakinBackMyLove es
00:04:26TakinBackMyLove dont
00:04:27TakinBackMyLove take
00:04:29TakinBackMyLove any creep
00:04:29KolleBolle stry
00:04:29Wrrcy fuck start
00:04:32Wrrcy rly bad!
00:04:32Buttons dw
00:04:58Fxx. venge
00:05:45KolleBolle better that way imo :P
00:05:50ruben00 ss mid
00:05:55KolleBolle so you dont die ^^
00:06:18Wrrcy gj
00:06:26TakinBackMyLove gj
00:06:36sebralane got morhp
00:06:39sebralane soo worht it
00:07:38ESA_93 ss
00:08:23NwC.CooL-T ss
00:08:27NwC.CooL-T re
00:08:28TakinBackMyLove cent
00:08:29TakinBackMyLove gang
00:08:38TakinBackMyLove get
00:08:41Fxx. w8 min
00:08:51TakinBackMyLove 'ss
00:08:57ESA_93 buy me tp
00:08:58ESA_93 please
00:08:58ESA_93 fast
00:09:08KolleBolle fuck
00:09:10ESA_93 ty
00:09:11KolleBolle whores
00:09:37TakinBackMyLove go
00:10:26sebralane bogdan owning i see
00:10:34ESA_93 ?
00:10:38Wrrcy rinty why uu dont kill mid?
00:10:55Bogdan sssmid?
00:10:57Bogdan ssmid
00:10:58Bogdan >
00:10:59KolleBolle what did i say at start bogdan
00:11:00Bogdan wtf
00:11:02NwC.CooL-T ss
00:11:03ESA_93 dont take cs
00:11:09ruben00 ¨na my fault forgot ss
00:11:18TakinBackMyLove get
00:11:18Bogdan :(|
00:11:19TakinBackMyLove one
00:11:20TakinBackMyLove out
00:11:22ESA_93 u hear me sebra?
00:11:27sebralane 1 cs for wards pls
00:11:28TakinBackMyLove go
00:11:33Wrrcy ^^
00:11:39Wrrcy rly imba
00:11:55KolleBolle out of kmana
00:11:56NwC.CooL-T re
00:11:56ruben00 tiny inc bot
00:11:56KolleBolle mana
00:12:05Buttons ss bot
00:12:09TakinBackMyLove tiny
00:12:11Wrrcy bh freem farm mid
00:12:13Wrrcy u know guys?
00:12:14Fxx. 1. ilus
00:12:22Wrrcy bh > all
00:12:43Fxx. il
00:12:56Wrrcy dead
00:12:56Fxx. il
00:12:59Fxx. real
00:13:00NwC.CooL-T FU
00:13:01Wrrcy stunt
00:13:08Wrrcy or do nothing
00:13:11KolleBolle ops
00:13:17sebralane wtf
00:13:21TakinBackMyLove dobnt
00:13:22TakinBackMyLove take
00:13:22TakinBackMyLove it
00:13:23TakinBackMyLove ffs
00:13:25TakinBackMyLove you
00:13:26ESA_93 got ulti
00:13:26Fxx. su
00:13:26ESA_93 go
00:13:27TakinBackMyLove dont wanna win ?
00:13:28sebralane u will kill chiken
00:13:37TakinBackMyLove i die
00:13:38TakinBackMyLove typing
00:13:39Fxx. 4 down
00:13:40TakinBackMyLove cuz
00:13:42Fxx. SU
00:13:43Fxx. morph
00:13:44TakinBackMyLove of you retared
00:13:45Fxx. who car E?
00:13:57Fxx. yes
00:14:00Fxx. we are all reterded
00:14:01TakinBackMyLove i care
00:14:01KolleBolle well bogdan have lost it anyz like always
00:14:02Fxx. u are imba player
00:14:03TakinBackMyLove no
00:14:03Fxx. SO SU
00:14:04TakinBackMyLove es
00:14:04TakinBackMyLove is
00:14:05TakinBackMyLove not
00:14:06Fxx. all ignore u
00:14:08TakinBackMyLove retard
00:14:18TakinBackMyLove but
00:14:37TakinBackMyLove EPIC CENT
00:14:38Fxx. ...
00:14:41Fxx. aha
00:14:42Fxx. i m epic
00:14:45Fxx. and u are reported
00:15:05TakinBackMyLove gl with that for what ?
00:15:07Fxx. its my fault , when they use 4 stun on me
00:15:08Fxx. ,,
00:15:09Wrrcy epic bh :d
00:15:14TakinBackMyLove you can
00:15:15TakinBackMyLove go
00:15:16TakinBackMyLove away
00:15:21TakinBackMyLove from the chain
00:15:23TakinBackMyLove stun `
00:15:25Fxx. su
00:15:26TakinBackMyLove spread out
00:15:27Fxx. rly
00:15:29Fxx. FUCKING SU
00:15:32Fxx. kid
00:15:32Fxx. !
00:15:33Wrrcy bh invi dowmn
00:15:34Fxx. this is game
00:15:37TakinBackMyLove newb
00:15:38Fxx. stop crying
00:15:39Buttons b
00:15:40Fxx. and spam chat
00:15:42Fxx. start play
00:15:45ruben00 -,.-
00:15:56Fxx. feeder
00:16:00ruben00 es must stun better
00:16:13TakinBackMyLove feeder
00:16:17Fxx. i shoped
00:16:18Fxx. np for me
00:16:26Fxx. anyway , nice teamplay , scourge
00:16:30Wrrcy lulz
00:16:39Fxx. we have got carry captain
00:16:45Fxx. who only fucking spam and flame all
00:16:52Fxx. who only fucking spam and flame all
00:16:52Buttons oom
00:17:09Fxx. gondar
00:17:12Fxx. free farm all the time ?
00:17:14Fxx. pit same ?
00:17:15NwC.CooL-T mana pls
00:17:16NwC.CooL-T ty
00:17:25Fxx. ah
00:17:27Fxx. pit no
00:17:28Fxx. :(
00:18:03ESA_93 ...
00:18:26NwC.CooL-T lion sleep'?
00:18:42KolleBolle fuck
00:18:46Wrrcy ye ff
00:18:50Fxx. np
00:19:03Fxx. play it for fun
00:19:04Fxx. man
00:19:05Fxx. its game
00:19:11sebralane some top
00:19:12Fxx. stop stress
00:19:13sebralane i have dust
00:19:57Wrrcy ss piy
00:19:58Wrrcy y
00:19:59Wrrcy t
00:20:33Fxx. nice gondar free farmed
00:20:36Bogdan wtf
00:20:44Wrrcy bh such a fuck tard hero
00:21:02Wrrcy deso :d
00:21:05ESA_93 deso lol
00:21:20Buttons tps
00:22:07sebralane eat tango
00:22:29Wrrcy why u kill creeps
00:22:40ESA_93 coz no point coming
00:22:57ESA_93 care now
00:23:05TakinBackMyLove ti take
00:23:06TakinBackMyLove bot
00:23:14ESA_93 illu
00:23:15Buttons illu
00:23:16ESA_93 ILLU
00:23:17KolleBolle sout
00:23:20KolleBolle acout
00:23:21ESA_93 jesus
00:23:25sebralane gg
00:23:42TakinBackMyLove mana
00:23:46NwC.CooL-T b
00:23:47TakinBackMyLove ty
00:24:05sebralane deso
00:24:07Wrrcy its lost
00:24:10Buttons idd
00:24:10ESA_93 its not
00:24:19ESA_93 their late sucks
00:24:22Wrrcy if u start fight
00:24:24Wrrcy and use ulti
00:24:26Wrrcy we would win
00:24:29ruben00 rly !!!!
00:24:30Wrrcy but see?
00:24:32Fxx. sry
00:24:33Fxx. rly
00:24:33ruben00 fckn idiot
00:24:34Fxx. my bad
00:24:36NwC.CooL-T 1100hp
00:24:37Wrrcy no chance
00:24:38NwC.CooL-T sux
00:24:44ESA_93 Why are u whining all the time.
00:24:44NwC.CooL-T 2 cast
00:24:50Fxx. but u have got still ulty money
00:24:51Wrrcy because i lost 3 games
00:25:02ESA_93 If you would concentrate on playing instead of whining all the time, u would even win games.
00:25:09TakinBackMyLove man ?
00:25:11ESA_93 So stop the god damn qq
00:25:11TakinBackMyLove mana
00:25:16ESA_93 Jesus.
00:25:18Buttons dude shut the fuck up
00:25:28Buttons if he wants to express frustration that is np
00:25:31Buttons don't get all modern jesus
00:25:50Fxx. anyway
00:25:51Fxx. gg
00:25:54Buttons pls stand by towers
00:25:55Fxx. u let gondar free farm
00:26:01Wrrcy told my team
00:26:13Buttons is not the biggest mistake tho
00:26:29sebralane wait
00:26:29sebralane i dust
00:26:29sebralane maybe gondar
00:26:29sebralane y?
00:26:29ESA_93 hes top
00:26:29Buttons gond is top
00:26:29Buttons ..
00:26:29Wrrcy i have got.
00:26:29Buttons where
00:26:29Buttons we
00:26:29Buttons should be
00:26:29sebralane ohh :O
00:26:29Bogdan wtf
00:26:29Bogdan ?
00:26:29Bogdan ?
00:26:29Wrrcy retards have no eyes
00:26:58Fxx. love repel
00:27:00Fxx. :-)
00:27:05TakinBackMyLove LOL I DIED :D
00:27:10TakinBackMyLove thx
00:27:11TakinBackMyLove cent
00:27:16Fxx. i dont know
00:27:18Fxx. what happend
00:27:24Fxx. my net drop on 1 sec
00:27:29Fxx. 13:00
00:27:34Wrrcy omw
00:27:34Fxx. mb restart router
00:27:35Fxx. dont know
00:27:35sebralane what items should i make?
00:27:39sebralane jaggo?
00:28:03ESA_93 push mid
00:28:15Fxx. stun es ?
00:28:15NwC.CooL-T mana pls
00:28:27KolleBolle slow
00:28:28KolleBolle man
00:28:30KolleBolle :S
00:28:34Fxx. die :-)
00:29:18Wrrcy bkb
00:29:56Fxx. :-)
00:30:03Wrrcy see?
00:30:06Wrrcy bh wins :D
00:30:12Buttons on tower ffs
00:30:21sebralane not if we gem and go 5
00:30:29KolleBolle care
00:30:31ESA_93 stfu already
00:30:42sebralane silencer u want gem?
00:30:45sebralane i can get 1
00:30:54Bogdan hatste
00:30:55Bogdan haste
00:31:23ESA_93 ...
00:31:24Wrrcy xD
00:31:26ESA_93 waste
00:31:29sebralane worth it
00:31:30sebralane :d
00:31:41sebralane silener
00:31:43sebralane u carry gem
00:31:49TakinBackMyLove go
00:31:50TakinBackMyLove bh +
00:31:52TakinBackMyLove you have
00:31:52TakinBackMyLove bkb
00:32:36Fxx. was bad idea
00:32:38ruben00 thats why i dont go
00:32:45Fxx. rly dont know
00:32:48KolleBolle no creeps at all soi
00:32:50Fxx. why u dont ignore this morph
00:33:00NwC.CooL-T all need bm
00:33:03TakinBackMyLove i didint tell em
00:33:03TakinBackMyLove go
00:33:04Bogdan morph r u brain damaged
00:33:07Fxx. nooo
00:33:08TakinBackMyLove into 5 heros
00:33:08Fxx. ...
00:33:43Bogdan & es 1 jump than ulti than stun
00:33:47Bogdan omg it is simple
00:33:57Fxx. omg
00:34:05Fxx. i forgot on swap :(
00:34:14NwC.CooL-T mana pls
00:34:16ESA_93 sven
00:34:21ESA_93 b ppl
00:34:32Wrrcy dagger
00:34:33Fxx. btw
00:34:38Fxx. can we go 1 time together
00:34:38Wrrcy go go
00:34:39Fxx. all
00:34:41Fxx. end this game ?
00:34:48Buttons b
00:35:05ESA_93 b
00:35:06ESA_93 b
00:35:06ESA_93 b
00:35:12Fxx. lags
00:35:42Fxx. morph never go with us
00:35:43Fxx. never
00:35:48Fxx. + we havnt got wards
00:36:03KolleBolle gem on sielncer
00:36:05Wrrcy :(/
00:36:08Fxx. and now u go again suicide
00:36:13Fxx. soooo clever
00:36:14Fxx. !
00:36:27Buttons hex?
00:36:29Buttons i tohught
00:36:30TakinBackMyLove WHEN ITS NOT EVEN DEAD ?
00:36:41Fxx. guys
00:36:48Fxx. rly go all (MORPH ALL) together
00:36:49Fxx. mid
00:36:50Fxx. now
00:36:54Fxx. we can end this and win this
00:36:57Fxx. but we need all
00:37:03TakinBackMyLove just
00:37:06TakinBackMyLove get siencer
00:37:07NwC.CooL-T b
00:37:08TakinBackMyLove down
00:37:09TakinBackMyLove first
00:37:26Fxx. MID
00:37:33ESA_93 nvm
00:37:43Fxx. so ingore me guys
00:37:46Fxx. and enjoy lost
00:37:50Fxx. we lost this 100% win game
00:37:53Fxx. cause ego solo play
00:37:57ESA_93 illu
00:37:58Buttons illu
00:37:58Buttons ffs
00:38:09Buttons illu
00:38:18Fxx. when is morhp with us
00:38:20ESA_93 come
00:38:22Fxx. gondar ignore it
00:38:25Fxx. sooo SMART !
00:38:29Fxx. dont go 4vs5
00:39:03Fxx. enjoy free win , guys
00:39:12Fxx. my team try farm farm farm
00:39:21NwC.CooL-T go barak
00:39:23Fxx. pit
00:39:27Fxx. your farm is sooo bad
00:39:33Fxx. mb start shoping wards
00:39:35Fxx. gondar
00:39:36Fxx. morhp
00:39:40Fxx. we lost this cause of u
00:39:45Fxx. cause u never go with team
00:39:47ESA_93 swap
00:40:17ESA_93 darn it
00:40:20ESA_93 too late for dag
00:40:21KolleBolle dropp game
00:40:22KolleBolle in base
00:40:24KolleBolle on dont
00:40:24KolleBolle die
00:40:25KolleBolle with it
00:40:28KolleBolle plox
00:40:28Buttons on silencer?
00:40:30Buttons really?
00:40:34KolleBolle trhats what u suidided
00:40:39Wrrcy fuck
00:40:46Wrrcy xD
00:40:49ESA_93 b
00:40:50ESA_93 b
00:40:50Wrrcy run :D
00:40:50ESA_93 b
00:40:50ESA_93 b
00:40:51ESA_93 b
00:40:57ESA_93 ...
00:40:57Wrrcy :(7
00:41:09sebralane i misscliked
00:41:13Fxx. go with me
00:41:14ESA_93 lanes are pushing
00:41:14sebralane wnted to hex that shit
00:41:16Fxx. find wards
00:41:17ESA_93 so np
00:41:20Fxx. some range
00:41:32Fxx. :-)
00:41:36sebralane we lost gem?
00:41:39NwC.CooL-T y
00:41:39ESA_93 yup
00:41:39Wrrcy ye
00:41:43sebralane on cent
00:41:45sebralane gem on cent
00:41:58sebralane 0 7 5... da best gc player eva
00:42:10TakinBackMyLove k9he
00:42:12TakinBackMyLove j8he
00:42:35NwC.CooL-T need gem
00:42:36Fxx. can we go mid ?
00:42:37Fxx. finally ?
00:42:40Buttons care
00:42:43TakinBackMyLove i need
00:42:45TakinBackMyLove bkb
00:42:49Fxx. or morhp need 1. full equip
00:42:52Fxx. ....
00:42:54Fxx. .....
00:43:19TakinBackMyLove dont
00:43:20TakinBackMyLove go
00:43:21TakinBackMyLove with
00:43:22TakinBackMyLove out
00:43:25Bogdan =)))
00:43:25ESA_93 mid
00:43:26ESA_93 go
00:43:28sebralane gj
00:43:31Bogdan nice stun
00:43:31Fxx. smart team
00:43:37ESA_93 let it be
00:43:40sebralane its kolle
00:43:41sebralane soo np
00:44:13ESA_93 b
00:44:33Fxx. omg
00:44:53sebralane this guy smart
00:44:57Fxx. mom of tards is allways in gravidity
00:44:57Fxx. :-)
00:45:10TakinBackMyLove who does this newb think he is
00:45:14ESA_93 def in base
00:45:39NwC.CooL-T i buy gem
00:45:46NwC.CooL-T sold dust
00:45:46sebralane u go girl
00:46:20Wrrcy gj
00:46:25ESA_93 now side lanes
00:46:27Buttons ?
00:46:34Fxx. soooo easy win , was this
00:46:52Fxx. hate this games
00:47:03Buttons cool story
00:47:04ESA_93 then bottom tower
00:47:11NwC.CooL-T silen pick
00:47:17Fxx. when we lost game cause carrys start farm cause inventory , in win game , and we lost game cause of this
00:48:05Fxx. ...
00:48:09Fxx. this morph
00:48:10Buttons gj tracking him
00:48:14ESA_93 y
00:48:23NwC.CooL-T i shiv?
00:48:24ESA_93 go bot
00:48:36TakinBackMyLove HALLO NEWB IM 10 times better than you so can you plz shut the fuck up
00:48:41Fxx. y
00:48:42TakinBackMyLove you cant even hit with your stun and dagger
00:48:43Fxx. u are ...
00:48:43Fxx. rly
00:48:47ESA_93 true : D
00:48:47Fxx. all see it
00:48:58Fxx. y
00:49:04TakinBackMyLove w8
00:49:05TakinBackMyLove me
00:49:06TakinBackMyLove he
00:49:07TakinBackMyLove can
00:49:09TakinBackMyLove swap
00:49:10TakinBackMyLove you
00:49:15Fxx. say , no crix
00:49:15ESA_93 gogogo
00:49:16TakinBackMyLove he has
00:49:16TakinBackMyLove agha
00:49:17Fxx. gondar
00:49:17Fxx. ,,,
00:50:01Wrrcy tp
00:50:03TakinBackMyLove THIS CENT
00:50:03Wrrcy tiny
00:50:05Wrrcy tp tiny
00:50:08Wrrcy rax down
00:50:09Fxx. enjoy free win
00:50:10ESA_93 tp
00:50:15ESA_93 '
00:50:19Fxx. and now pit dont came def :-)
00:50:27TakinBackMyLove pit banned
00:50:29Fxx. this team is unbelevable
00:50:33ESA_93 gg
00:50:35Wrrcy gg
00:50:37ESA_93 imo was good game
00:50:40Fxx. not gg
00:50:45Fxx. this WAS GOOD GAME ?
00:50:45Wrrcy GG :D
00:50:47Wrrcy YE
00:50:48Fxx. are u kidding me ?
00:50:52Fxx. your 2. dota ever ?
00:50:56Wrrcy YE
00:51:00ESA_93 Well I found it interesting
00:51:26Buttons go end?
00:51:35ESA_93 making shiva
00:51:36ESA_93 then go
00:51:36Fxx. I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:38Fxx. surneder
00:51:41Fxx. i surender
00:51:44Fxx. how i can ff ?
00:51:51ESA_93 :-----D
00:51:55Wrrcy how u can ff here?
00:51:55Wrrcy ^^
00:51:56Fxx. At this server
00:52:01ESA_93 just type ff
00:52:02Wrrcy k
00:52:10Fxx. miss dota-league
00:52:17Fxx. this is 19/20 games unbalanced
00:52:20Buttons n
00:52:23Fxx. y
00:52:27Buttons gc is much more skilled imho
00:52:30Wrrcy yep
00:52:32Fxx. i see :-)
00:52:32TakinBackMyLove lol his a newb from dota leauge :D
00:52:34ESA_93 This is a bronze game ffs.
00:52:37Fxx. but allways in 1 team only
00:52:45Wrrcy ^^^
00:52:51Fxx. i playd 1 good game
00:52:52Fxx. here
00:52:52Wrrcy pipe rdy
00:52:56Fxx. with balanced teams
00:53:12sebralane hex in a hex
00:53:59ESA_93 auchie
00:53:59TakinBackMyLove wtf
00:54:00TakinBackMyLove es
00:54:09Fxx. anyway
00:54:10KolleBolle sielnced?
00:54:14Fxx. silencer was nice pick
00:54:17KolleBolle why shuld i jump?
00:54:23ESA_93 Thanks.
00:54:24Fxx. and u had luck , u play side vs this bogdan
00:54:25Wrrcy wtf
00:54:26Wrrcy report
00:54:28TakinBackMyLove it took you 2 secfd
00:54:35TakinBackMyLove tfor it stoped
00:54:37TakinBackMyLove to you jumped
00:54:38Wrrcy u give me bad ts
00:54:54ESA_93 Gg
00:54:58Fxx. morpp
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