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Chat log

00:00:04Maier lastpick
00:00:05Maier chicken
00:00:08Maier u have to buy
00:00:09Maier it's rules
00:00:12lemi.livo.skodi me ?
00:00:16HausTia all ok with their heroes?
00:00:17Maier yes
00:00:22Pojetz repick kunkka
00:00:23yeW- Yeah, chill he might be a noob but he knows that.
00:00:24yeW- -clear
00:00:26yeW- -repick
00:00:30yeW- Lmao.
00:00:33Countertrap why?
00:00:33yeW- -clear
00:00:37Pojetz its shit
00:00:38Jezovuk 4 int
00:00:39Pojetz for u
00:00:41yeW- Sick.
00:00:42Maier we have a good lineup
00:00:44HausTia i can play him
00:00:44lemi.livo.skodi me repick
00:00:46Jezovuk me and maiden top
00:00:47LosMexicos no
00:00:51LosMexicos i will repick
00:00:52Countertrap -swap 2
00:00:53Maier dont
00:00:54Pojetz i m mid?
00:00:54lemi.livo.skodi k
00:00:56HausTia -swap 5
00:01:01LosMexicos -repick
00:01:02Maier -ii
00:01:05yeW- Woods Cent?
00:01:06Jezovuk hahah
00:01:07Zack-eracK :D
00:01:07Maier no
00:01:10Maier -water red
00:01:11LosMexicos :D epic
00:01:12Maier -weather rain
00:01:17HausTia necro mid?
00:01:17LosMexicos i <3 him
00:01:18Maier bot
00:01:19Maier eza
00:01:20Pojetz k
00:01:27lemi.livo.skodi -ma
00:01:29Jezovuk must finish until lvl 10
00:01:42HausTia share pls
00:01:50yeW- se pls
00:01:53yeW- sec
00:01:53Maier eza
00:01:54Maier from woods
00:01:54Maier spam ur spell
00:01:54LosMexicos kay
00:01:54yeW- re
00:01:55Maier so that they won't see
00:01:55Zack-eracK chlapec taka srajda ma chytila
00:01:56HausTia they have no carry
00:01:58Zack-eracK :D
00:01:59LosMexicos :D
00:02:26Maier MISS
00:02:28Maier CARE TOP
00:03:01Maier ahhh
00:03:02Maier fail
00:03:26Maier 1 more spam
00:03:27Maier and dead
00:05:25Pojetz ss mid
00:05:37Jezovuk ss
00:05:38Jezovuk -2
00:05:38Pojetz top
00:06:09Zack-eracK torrent
00:06:22Zack-eracK damm nap
00:06:28Zack-eracK use it
00:06:31HausTia i hit him
00:06:34Zack-eracK +u have full mana
00:06:35HausTia 2 sec ago
00:06:36yeW- ss mid
00:06:49Zack-eracK ..
00:06:50LosMexicos ty
00:06:56Pojetz ss mid
00:07:00Maier we need to kill
00:07:33Maier 0 cd
00:07:36Maier wtf
00:07:36LosMexicos sry
00:08:12Pojetz fuck this wd
00:08:20Pojetz gang mid
00:08:44yeW- ss mid
00:09:24Zack-eracK again torent
00:09:27HausTia oom
00:09:30Zack-eracK pink when u rdy
00:09:32lemi.livo.skodi gang top plz
00:09:36Jezovuk come top
00:09:39yeW- k
00:09:42yeW- sec boots
00:09:58yeW- ss mid
00:10:02HausTia me b
00:10:31yeW- cute ss
00:10:54HausTia ss top 2
00:11:13Maier ffs
00:11:16LosMexicos u are so bad man
00:11:18Pufff-Reis go jugg
00:11:47LosMexicos this cent is so bad with stuns!
00:11:57Jezovuk we must push
00:12:48Jezovuk coming down
00:13:42HausTia how did venge die?
00:13:54Countertrap cent
00:13:58HausTia ah k
00:13:58Countertrap + rylai
00:14:32yeW- ty
00:14:53yeW- mana pls
00:14:59HausTia def
00:15:00LosMexicos cd
00:15:28LosMexicos b
00:15:30yeW- lol
00:15:32yeW- my bad
00:15:35Zack-eracK ultiii
00:15:37Zack-eracK necro
00:15:45Zack-eracK buy boots
00:15:47Zack-eracK and dont slow
00:16:13Zack-eracK u are too slow
00:16:19Jezovuk gang top
00:16:32Maier got blink
00:16:40Jezovuk go
00:16:58Jezovuk push
00:17:35Zack-eracK necro
00:17:36Zack-eracK ..,.
00:18:17Jezovuk good
00:18:18Zack-eracK buy wards necro!
00:18:18Jezovuk pus mid
00:18:22Jezovuk all
00:18:25Jezovuk finish game
00:18:28Jezovuk in 10 min
00:18:29Maier cant oom
00:18:34LosMexicos come
00:18:56Jezovuk coming mid
00:19:01Jezovuk go
00:19:06yeW- mana pls
00:19:10HausTia b
00:19:13LosMexicos cd
00:19:43Maier fucking bug
00:19:48Maier will stun before blink
00:19:58Maier -apm
00:20:17Zack-eracK stun
00:20:19Zack-eracK retard
00:20:52Jezovuk tower?
00:20:58Pojetz haha
00:20:59yeW- hp?
00:21:03Jezovuk bb
00:21:05LosMexicos :D
00:21:14Jezovuk together down
00:21:25lemi.livo.skodi b ffs
00:21:25Zack-eracK this venge..
00:21:43Maier im b too
00:21:47Jezovuk all down
00:22:23Maier go bot
00:22:25Maier 2nd twr
00:22:26Zack-eracK ???
00:22:28Zack-eracK necro
00:22:30Zack-eracK buy wards!!!
00:22:35Pojetz stfu u noob
00:22:36Zack-eracK we rly need em
00:22:43Zack-eracK what u sad??
00:22:49Zack-eracK u just suck atmid
00:22:56HausTia come
00:22:56Zack-eracK and dont play like support
00:23:21Jezovuk cent>
00:23:22yeW- :D
00:23:23Jezovuk run
00:23:29Pojetz NOOB
00:23:32Pojetz ffs
00:23:33Pojetz :S
00:23:48Jezovuk ezalor come with us leave fucking wood
00:23:50yeW- well as long as eza farms xD
00:23:56Jezovuk yy
00:23:59Jezovuk stupid
00:24:12Jezovuk it will be good to push but he is creeping
00:24:15Zack-eracK waaaards
00:24:22Jezovuk where?
00:24:23Zack-eracK ty
00:24:24Zack-eracK rly
00:24:42Jezovuk mid?
00:24:50Jezovuk together
00:25:11HausTia tp
00:25:19Zack-eracK care
00:25:32yeW- mana
00:25:34Pufff-Reis base
00:25:35Zack-eracK cuz no wards
00:25:38Zack-eracK ...thats all
00:25:41yeW- ty
00:25:58Jezovuk cent first
00:26:14Pufff-Reis b
00:26:21Zack-eracK fcukiign swap?
00:26:50Pojetz stun?
00:27:04Countertrap k
00:27:10Countertrap np but they stun me
00:27:16Countertrap so i can do a shit
00:27:25Maier rax
00:27:26Maier get it
00:27:45Jezovuk baracs!!!!
00:27:59Maier RAX
00:28:00Maier GET RAZ
00:28:03yeW- lmao
00:28:17yeW- k
00:28:20yeW- ty
00:28:20yeW- a lot
00:28:49Jezovuk shop
00:28:49Pojetz tehy gang top
00:28:54Pojetz or miod
00:29:29Jezovuk baracs plesa
00:29:40HausTia plant wards
00:29:45Jezovuk mid
00:30:02Zack-eracK swap stun
00:30:03HausTia def top
00:30:07Zack-eracK doc
00:30:09HausTia nvm#
00:30:40lemi.livo.skodi rax ffs
00:30:46lemi.livo.skodi top after
00:31:03Pojetz go def
00:31:08Maier gj
00:31:19Jezovuk b
00:32:18Jezovuk go heal and all down
00:32:20Jezovuk finish
00:32:23Maier yea
00:32:25Pufff-Reis wp krob
00:32:27HausTia plant wards#
00:32:39Zack-eracK -afk
00:32:45Maier a few silences wouldnt hurt
00:33:01LosMexicos man?!
00:33:02LosMexicos rly
00:33:03LosMexicos ?
00:33:04yeW- cmon
00:33:05Maier wrong lane
00:33:16Maier dont tp me like that
00:33:22LosMexicos jak sa namna vyjebal cent :D
00:33:29Maier b
00:33:30Maier wait for all
00:33:38Zack-eracK :) jak som si dal doctora ani nevidel :D
00:33:56LosMexicos who wants go home fats?!
00:33:59Jezovuk b
00:34:01Pojetz top look
00:34:22yeW- rosh
00:34:29Pojetz rosh
00:34:30Zack-eracK b
00:34:31Jezovuk all
00:34:31Pojetz they are
00:34:40Jezovuk no
00:34:43Zack-eracK go no¾w
00:34:45Pufff-Reis y
00:34:47Pufff-Reis all
00:35:25Jezovuk omg
00:36:34Maier bot all
00:36:41Jezovuk can we finish?
00:36:47yeW- tp me eza
00:37:25Maier need heal
00:37:28Maier wd
00:37:40Maier ty
00:37:48Pufff-Reis b
00:37:49Zack-eracK b
00:37:50Zack-eracK b
00:37:50Zack-eracK b
00:37:50Zack-eracK b
00:37:51Zack-eracK b
00:37:51Zack-eracK b
00:37:54Pojetz vednge?
00:37:56Zack-eracK what u doing ther?
00:37:57Pojetz s
00:37:58Pojetz srslyt
00:37:59yeW- mana
00:38:01Pojetz idiot
00:38:03LosMexicos cd
00:38:07Pojetz mid def
00:38:20Zack-eracK I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:21Zack-eracK I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:27Maier gg
00:39:46LosMexicos rofl :D
00:39:46Pufff-Reis if you swapped me jugg i would have won this
00:39:48LosMexicos jak dosel
00:39:51Zack-eracK :D
00:40:18yeW- :d
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