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Chat log

00:00:00Hael [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... GottHasstMich with 104 seconds.
00:00:13Hexar -hhn
00:00:19Hael oh there is so many nice heroes
00:00:19Usires i think ill go bb, there isnt heroes to own it!
00:00:19Usires well mebbe huskar if pro itamz
00:00:19Hael rly would like to play weaver
00:00:19creeeeeee so lets ban?
00:00:19BoNeshaw ???
00:00:19Hexar Well? u sleep or ban?
00:00:19Hael but it will get bananed
00:00:19Norrebro pit
00:00:19Hael zZzZZ
00:00:19BoNeshaw ban weaverz
00:00:19Norrebro anyone lich?
00:00:24Hael hm \o
00:00:25Norrebro lichi?
00:00:28Hael taketake
00:00:32Eksodick k
00:00:39Hael ekso want lich?
00:00:45Eksodick k
00:00:53Usires ill go bbbbbb
00:00:57Hael hm
00:00:59Eksodick norre?
00:01:04Norrebro gimme naga
00:01:11creeeeeee get lioooooon
00:01:12Hael -swap 1
00:01:14BoNeshaw u can be mid
00:01:16Eksodick hael?
00:01:17Norrebro -swap 3
00:01:21Hael -swap 1
00:01:26Hael taking for u
00:01:27creeeeeee imo zuus should be?
00:01:31Hael naga is imba
00:01:33creeeeeee f
00:01:35Eksodick hael gonna swap?
00:01:37Hael y
00:01:38Hael hmm
00:01:40Norrebro me lich bot
00:01:41Hael tide
00:01:45Eksodick -swap 3
00:01:45Norrebro someone mid
00:01:46Hexar ffs
00:01:48Hael -swap 5
00:01:49Hexar my hero
00:01:49Usires i go mid then
00:01:50BoNeshaw whatever hate lich
00:01:58Usires fuck bough wrong itamz tho
00:01:58BoNeshaw we need tank
00:02:00BoNeshaw hexae
00:02:01Usires gay zuuz
00:02:04creeeeeee magnusssss
00:02:08BoNeshaw or tuskarr
00:02:11Hexar i dont play magnus
00:02:13Hael noooeessss
00:02:16Hexar -swap
00:02:19Hexar -swap 4
00:02:19Hael lastpick went trax :E
00:02:24creeeeeee damn that naga doesent seem nice at all
00:02:26extremewaari -SWAP 5
00:02:28nigulas -swap 5
00:02:31nigulas nvm
00:02:31Norrebro trax skill silence
00:02:33GottHasstMich better be quiet "Hael"
00:02:34nigulas dont swap
00:02:41creeeeeee lets ALL swap 5
00:02:46Hael gott, why?
00:02:48nigulas i go epic carry items
00:02:50Hael trax sucks, you suck
00:02:58BoNeshaw sounds cool
00:02:59creeeeeee gogo mkb eza
00:03:01Usires they got some maciz
00:03:03BoNeshaw just spam me mana
00:03:05BoNeshaw and gg
00:03:09BoNeshaw and pull
00:03:11extremewaari reg
00:03:16nigulas i go mjöll sny skadi
00:03:20Norrebro we need pibe
00:04:26Hael gahh what a lane
00:04:27BoNeshaw pull?
00:04:31nigulas awrded?
00:04:35Hael ez + zeus
00:04:36BoNeshaw lower camp
00:04:55nigulas pull thn
00:04:56Norrebro haraas lich
00:05:02Norrebro use mana ffs'
00:05:05BoNeshaw late
00:05:07Eksodick hmm using first time repels conf
00:05:09Eksodick and cant deny
00:05:11Eksodick ? :D
00:05:29Eksodick haha
00:05:30Norrebro use
00:05:31Norrebro mana
00:05:33Norrebro ffs
00:05:37Norrebro wtf u doing
00:05:41Norrebro ????
00:05:45Eksodick sec
00:05:47Hexar ss2
00:05:59Norrebro u just waisted fb
00:06:14Eksodick k now
00:06:23Usires miss wr
00:06:28Usires re
00:06:52Norrebro finally
00:07:13Hexar rege
00:07:15Hexar cree
00:07:17Usires rune bot
00:07:20Hexar bot rege
00:07:27creeeeeee ss mid
00:07:31Norrebro lich
00:07:33GottHasstMich quiet insane lane
00:07:34Norrebro go awaay'
00:07:37Hael y
00:07:38Norrebro go top
00:07:40Norrebro lich
00:07:41Hael so much nuke :<
00:08:02BoNeshaw ss 2
00:08:54BoNeshaw now
00:08:57nigulas yy
00:09:06Eksodick ss
00:09:09Norrebro sec
00:09:13Norrebro im using chick
00:09:32Hexar gank need
00:09:37GottHasstMich we could try zeus very soon
00:09:40GottHasstMich got silence
00:09:40Hael hmm
00:09:47Hael kinda bad feelinf
00:09:49Hael g
00:10:03Usires wr miss
00:10:06Norrebro ss
00:10:06Usires gettin rune or bo
00:10:15Hael youre done in with 2 nukes
00:10:16BoNeshaw dont aa plz
00:10:24creeeeeee LION???
00:10:28GottHasstMich ss eza
00:10:32Hexar what lion
00:10:37GottHasstMich :E
00:10:43creeeeeee why no stun'
00:10:48Hexar u run under fucking tower and i did stun
00:11:11BoNeshaw retaard lane
00:11:13nigulas :D
00:11:17GottHasstMich top lane is pretty fuck
00:11:44creeeeeee pig farming
00:11:45creeeeeee i ganged
00:11:57nigulas oom
00:12:02nigulas k
00:12:13Hexar ssmid
00:12:19GottHasstMich b
00:12:27GottHasstMich crap range
00:12:55GottHasstMich guys
00:12:56GottHasstMich again
00:12:59GottHasstMich if nobody gangs top
00:12:59GottHasstMich gg
00:13:04Eksodick cumming
00:13:05Eksodick got ult
00:13:06Norrebro dont pick trax
00:13:25Usires indeed kinda sucky pick after bb and naga
00:13:27extremewaari mid ss
00:13:39nigulas yep
00:13:41nigulas run next to me pls
00:13:42Hael so good ulti :3333
00:13:42nigulas idiot
00:13:46GottHasstMich thats just what i asked for
00:14:28creeeeeee got ult?
00:14:29BoNeshaw wait me
00:14:37Hael care
00:14:38Hael ez
00:15:08extremewaari my
00:15:18Hexar should kill them
00:15:23BoNeshaw go top
00:15:37creeeeeee levi lvl 5
00:16:55Norrebro bb hood?
00:16:57Usires got
00:16:59Usires already
00:17:05Hael 4
00:17:16Eksodick 5
00:17:21Usires gop
00:17:42Norrebro lol
00:18:20Usires dudes keep teles and farm
00:18:24Usires they dotn really have carrys
00:18:26Usires we got 3
00:18:38Hael i has ulti
00:18:43Hexar rege
00:18:47BoNeshaw can i
00:19:36Hexar 4
00:20:18Hexar kill
00:20:25Usires well i bet ur some russian
00:20:26Usires or some shit
00:20:28Usires this drow
00:20:29Norrebro need vision
00:20:36BoNeshaw wr can u get hex for late
00:20:52Norrebro drow we need ure silence
00:20:52creeeeeee go straight for it?
00:20:55BoNeshaw y
00:20:57Norrebro if u understand english
00:20:58creeeeeee k
00:21:14GottHasstMich 30secs ago
00:21:16GottHasstMich u told to farm
00:21:17GottHasstMich :]}
00:21:22GottHasstMich but ofc
00:21:24GottHasstMich ill stick around
00:21:26Usires yeah well was still pissed
00:21:27Usires ur pick
00:21:31extremewaari b
00:21:32Usires wich is fuckin useless
00:21:46GottHasstMich i forget bristle is useful as hell
00:21:48GottHasstMich sorry.
00:21:53extremewaari ultiu rdy
00:21:55Usires u really saying u are right now
00:21:57Usires ok
00:21:57Hexar igot 2
00:22:01Usires lets not talk anymore
00:22:05Usires shows ur colors already
00:22:05BoNeshaw omw
00:22:06GottHasstMich no im just saying same shit as u
00:22:18Usires my hero will mb save this game
00:22:18Usires yet
00:22:26Usires if they smart enough to push
00:22:30GottHasstMich well then rumble up and play team
00:22:30Hael you know, trax really is one of the worst heroes in dota right now :\
00:22:37creeeeeee maelstrom xD
00:22:45Usires bnahahaha
00:22:47Usires used all
00:22:49Usires def mid
00:22:52Usires ultis and shit gone
00:23:02Hexar mana
00:23:04nigulas cd
00:23:31nigulas ult
00:23:32nigulas get lich
00:23:33nigulas now
00:23:33nigulas :D
00:23:59BoNeshaw urn someone
00:24:02creeeeeee ward
00:24:04creeeeeee there
00:24:51Hael coming here
00:24:52Hael all
00:24:54Usires b
00:25:38Norrebro omg
00:25:43GottHasstMich 9 7sed it
00:26:21Usires sec
00:26:22Usires shop
00:26:47Hexar push it
00:26:50Usires go heal
00:26:50Hael got ulti
00:26:55Usires fast
00:27:08Norrebro bbg
00:27:10Norrebro i toldu make
00:27:12Norrebro pibe
00:27:48Norrebro ffs
00:27:55Norrebro læich utli
00:27:56Norrebro ¨ffs
00:28:10Norrebro and bb u said pibe done
00:28:17Usires never said pipe done
00:28:30Norrebro i said make pibe
00:28:34Norrebro u said done
00:28:42Usires u said hood
00:28:45Usires i said already done
00:29:05BoNeshaw i go hex too
00:29:11creeeeeee b after that ?
00:29:11extremewaari y
00:29:11Hexar must def mid
00:29:11Hexar 2
00:29:11Usires but i will make pipe
00:29:11Usires recipe
00:29:11Usires missi
00:29:11Usires n
00:29:11creeeeeee have no scroll :O
00:29:11Hexar for real
00:29:11Hexar same here
00:29:11creeeeeee damn forgotto get it from secret
00:29:11Usires get mid tower fast
00:29:11Usires and tele
00:29:11Usires we cant def bot
00:29:11Usires anymoer
00:29:11Hexar shit
00:29:11Norrebro guess who will balabnce
00:29:11Hexar wr take hes mael
00:29:11Usires well yeah
00:29:11Usires i know who would balance
00:29:11Usires imo
00:29:11creeeeeee hmm
00:29:11Usires :S
00:29:11creeeeeee seems like
00:29:11creeeeeee i get mjollnir
00:29:11Hexar y
00:29:11creeeeeee :D
00:29:11creeeeeee this seems so wierd
00:29:11creeeeeee after playing dota 2
00:29:11creeeeeee whole time
00:29:11BoNeshaw who balances?
00:29:11Norrebro drow balance
00:29:15GottHasstMich have phun
00:30:23Usires miksi
00:30:26Usires voit blinkata
00:30:34BoNeshaw koska olen pro
00:30:44Norrebro tide go
00:31:34Hael well atleast i took most disable :D
00:31:37Hexar i see we need dust or smt
00:31:50Usires well half ass ulti better than no ulti
00:32:12Hael y, though thought that i would be able to cast it soon
00:32:15Hexar sm1 meka?
00:32:17Hael cause shell
00:32:19BoNeshaw u?
00:32:50Usires gj
00:33:39Norrebro b
00:34:28Hael hmm, slithe sell traxes stuff?
00:34:34Norrebro y
00:34:37BoNeshaw would need gem
00:34:44Usires i go farm
00:34:45Usires top
00:34:57Usires put bird to my direction naga
00:34:58Usires after
00:35:21Eksodick dd
00:35:25extremewaari naga
00:35:35Usires get it
00:35:36Usires and kill
00:35:56Hexar dd lich
00:36:08Norrebro ffs
00:36:13Norrebro pibe
00:36:16Norrebro turn oin
00:36:16Usires i sued
00:36:21Usires before magnus
00:36:22Usires i used
00:36:23Usires bro
00:36:27Usires didnt u see
00:36:31Usires used just on time
00:36:35Norrebro damn they got so much
00:36:39Norrebro magi damage
00:36:41Usires u were half
00:36:42Usires already
00:36:43Usires thats why
00:36:47Norrebro i was invis
00:36:47Usires when magnus came
00:36:48Norrebro also
00:36:49BoNeshaw wr get forcestaff?
00:36:53Usires well zeus
00:36:55Usires gets u visible
00:36:57Norrebro y
00:37:05Usires i make assault
00:37:17Usires just for funs of it
00:37:39Usires hmm
00:37:39BoNeshaw mjolnir pretty shitty with wr ult :(
00:37:57Norrebro tide
00:38:00Norrebro take drow items
00:38:02Norrebro and sell
00:38:13Norrebro 'for dagger
00:38:41BoNeshaw gather
00:39:08Norrebro bb u can also make vlads
00:39:17Usires well yeah mb better imo to uy
00:39:17BoNeshaw smoke gank?=
00:39:22Hexar or smoked
00:39:27BoNeshaw gather
00:39:28BoNeshaw i smoke
00:39:34Usires care
00:39:36Usires they smoke
00:39:37Usires attack
00:39:38Usires for sure
00:39:42Hexar hje tp
00:39:44Hexar for suer
00:39:54Hael ¨or rosh?
00:39:58Usires dno
00:40:12BoNeshaw roish
00:40:13BoNeshaw goggo
00:40:13Usires rosh mb
00:40:18Usires no-one defending top
00:40:19Hael y
00:40:26Usires need all
00:40:28Usires we cant wonder
00:40:29Usires otherwise
00:40:40creeeeeee who
00:40:45BoNeshaw u?
00:40:45Hexar magnus or wr
00:41:03BoNeshaw go aghain
00:41:14BoNeshaw wait
00:41:15BoNeshaw smoke
00:41:27BoNeshaw mid
00:41:27BoNeshaw mid
00:41:28BoNeshaw mid
00:41:29Hael atleast i have dagger now
00:41:32Usires good
00:41:37Usires we can mb push
00:41:40Usires i can go bait
00:41:48Norrebro go mid
00:42:12Hexar invis
00:42:14Hexar there
00:42:28Norrebro gg
00:42:34Norrebro gj tide
00:42:34Hexar f lich ulty fc it up
00:42:42Usires yeah was good
00:42:43Hael god dammit they separated fast :E
00:42:47creeeeeee yea
00:42:50creeeeeee sadly they all were there
00:42:55Usires well yeah but cant always get all
00:42:58Usires thast why half ass
00:43:00Hael sometimes ;__;
00:43:00Usires better than not
00:43:01BoNeshaw use kotl
00:43:04BoNeshaw if ur dead
00:43:10creeeeeee lemme use
00:43:37Norrebro heal
00:43:41Eksodick cd
00:43:46Usires b
00:44:49BoNeshaw 700 to hex
00:44:56Usires 500
00:44:58Usires to assault
00:45:13Hael there are creeps btm
00:45:17Eksodick seriously
00:45:18Eksodick :ASDAS
00:45:19Usires wtf
00:45:20Usires really
00:45:22Norrebro didnt see
00:45:23BoNeshaw gogoo
00:45:24Norrebro wtf
00:45:43Hael use trax
00:45:45Hael while dead
00:46:19Hael hoho
00:46:20Norrebro nice timing
00:46:22Norrebro tide
00:46:33Hael juged magnas ulti ^_^
00:46:50Norrebro we can end now
00:46:59Usires y
00:47:00Usires go mid
00:47:01Usires got all
00:47:37Hexar fat pig
00:48:58Hexar gg
00:48:59Hexar I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:49:13Hael got scared a little
00:49:19Hael ulti cd wasnt down :D
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