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-4 X
+1 TS

92% | 1582 X | 1509 TS

+2 X
+7 TS

91% | 1680 X | 1381 TS

+7 X
+1 TS

56% | 1222 X | 1342 TS

+35 X
+0 TS

54% | 1185 X | 1367 TS

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+23 TS

53% | 1140 X | 1404 TS

-12 X
-1 TS

85% | 1481 X | 1436 TS

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-1 TS

82% | 1395 X | 1497 TS

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-1 TS

79% | 1456 X | 1382 TS

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-1 TS

65% | 1296 X | 1370 TS

+18 X
-5 TS

50% | 1256 X | 1238 TS

Chat log

00:00:10FaH.Q ns
00:00:23Dota.m samir skal du bat ?
00:00:27Dota.m så går jeg noget slow eller stun
00:00:27MaAkoXYma eh...
00:00:27MaAkoXYma strange...
00:00:27curdi ah great teams :/
00:00:27FaH.Q y
00:00:27Dota.m samir ?
00:00:27FaH.Q really fair....
00:00:27sexyhunter ban chick
00:00:27Laier well
00:00:27Laier jsut pick smart :)
00:00:27MaAkoXYma you good carry player?
00:00:27sexyhunter so i won't buy it
00:00:27Laier and lets give it a try
00:00:27curdi well need to play better than last game
00:00:27MaAkoXYma Norrebooooooo
00:00:27curdi tho i was the best in team q.q
00:00:27Norrebro im noob
00:00:27Norrebro am
00:00:27FaH.Q true...
00:00:27FaH.Q he farmed me out mid
00:00:27FaH.Q hes good...
00:00:35curdi u play that?
00:00:44FaH.Q y
00:00:45mansikka get me es?
00:00:48FaH.Q pick mid hero
00:00:51FaH.Q i go top
00:00:51curdi guess i carry
00:00:52MaAkoXYma i maybe play it
00:00:53curdi or smth
00:00:54MaAkoXYma depends
00:00:58MaAkoXYma on their next 2 picks
00:00:58mansikka ookey
00:01:00sexyhunter i go ns
00:01:00Norrebro no u play carry
00:01:07MaAkoXYma aren't you carry player
00:01:07MaAkoXYma -.-
00:01:11Laier ill go mid
00:01:13MaAkoXYma ns banned
00:01:13Norrebro skeleton
00:01:14MaAkoXYma boy
00:01:17Laier or huskar
00:01:18sexyhunter ok am then
00:01:21mansikka u play?
00:01:23Norrebro play skele
00:01:25curdi will see
00:01:27Norrebro someone
00:01:30curdi i suck with husk anyway
00:01:32Norrebro pick
00:01:35sexyhunter am here
00:01:38Norrebro we got nice team
00:01:39Laier ill go then :)
00:01:42FaH.Q pfffffffff
00:01:45FaH.Q watch their team
00:01:46Norrebro sexy carry with skeleton
00:01:46FaH.Q its so gg
00:01:47FaH.Q hahaha
00:01:51MaAkoXYma i will
00:01:52MaAkoXYma carry
00:01:52MaAkoXYma ;D
00:01:56Laier well we got nice heroes too
00:01:56curdi we got 4 sick ulties
00:01:56Laier tbh
00:01:57MaAkoXYma come thrall
00:01:59curdi :/
00:02:05MaAkoXYma we push them
00:02:08MaAkoXYma 20mins game
00:02:11curdi need to rush bkb tho ^^
00:02:13Laier if huskar gets armlet + hood fast
00:02:14Laier its okey
00:02:18MaAkoXYma trall
00:02:19MaAkoXYma bot
00:02:21MaAkoXYma morph tiny top
00:02:38curdi imo bkb
00:02:45sexyhunter how to play this game?
00:02:50mansikka we dont pull?
00:02:54Norrebro we got nice team
00:02:59MaAkoXYma we dont
00:03:01MaAkoXYma we kill them
00:03:05mansikka :D
00:03:06sexyhunter shit team
00:03:06MaAkoXYma ofc
00:03:09MaAkoXYma if huskar and veno bot
00:03:10Dota.m dd
00:03:11MaAkoXYma we cry
00:03:11MaAkoXYma d
00:03:24MaAkoXYma nice items
00:03:35FaH.Q morph ?
00:03:40sexyhunter y
00:03:47Dota.m ¨samir
00:03:50Dota.m -.-
00:03:56Norrebro igen
00:04:03Laier fuck off?
00:04:20Dota.m du var for langsom i starten
00:04:25Norrebro blev blocket
00:04:33curdi ff game
00:04:35MaAkoXYma why no assisst
00:04:37MaAkoXYma FUCKING GAME
00:04:39mansikka :0
00:04:51Laier tinys s
00:05:09Laier paljo tos o cd
00:05:14Norrebro up chicken
00:05:15Norrebro fb
00:05:21Laier cd in lightning?
00:05:22Laier like2?
00:05:28MaAkoXYma turn off
00:05:28MaAkoXYma basi
00:05:52Dota.m serious morph why u rambo
00:05:56Dota.m and not go b and heal
00:06:13sexyhunter cause i'm chuck norris
00:06:22sexyhunter and before last game i had 10/10
00:06:30mansikka :D
00:06:31MaAkoXYma gj
00:06:32MaAkoXYma anyway
00:06:33sexyhunter and nap broke mu raw
00:06:59FaH.Q go
00:07:08Laier bot rune
00:07:09Laier go take it
00:07:13Dota.m you fucking morrong mid LESH SAY FUCKING MISS FFS !
00:07:13Laier lesh coming bot with rune
00:07:17Laier care
00:07:59Laier go
00:08:02aquatic oom
00:08:42Norrebro oom
00:09:02MaAkoXYma b
00:09:15MaAkoXYma void free farm
00:09:15MaAkoXYma gg
00:09:17sexyhunter y
00:09:27MaAkoXYma dead
00:09:28MaAkoXYma morph
00:09:34sexyhunter nah
00:09:36Laier lesh needs gang
00:09:37Laier tbh
00:10:23MaAkoXYma knew that i have to play carry
00:10:25MaAkoXYma this is over
00:10:31Dota.m really ?
00:11:00MaAkoXYma ss
00:11:00Norrebro u are 2vvoid top
00:11:04Dota.m when lesh not say miss and veno gank top its so easy
00:11:08Dota.m ¨lol
00:11:11Norrebro go
00:11:21Dota.m we was 2 v 2 and veno gank then they was 3 nap
00:11:28Norrebro wave
00:11:30Norrebro faggot
00:11:32sexyhunter mana
00:11:37sexyhunter noot your mom
00:11:46sexyhunter say mioss tard
00:11:57Laier haha
00:11:58MaAkoXYma care
00:11:59Norrebro fucking noob
00:12:04sexyhunter y u r
00:12:06sexyhunter stop dota
00:12:06Dota.m oom
00:12:15Dota.m oom
00:12:17Laier hgelp top
00:12:24Norrebro noob morph
00:12:28Norrebro wasting kills
00:12:30sexyhunter and thx pro rule with chick
00:12:41Norrebro inc
00:12:41sexyhunter no gold for lane control
00:12:46Norrebro omg
00:12:50sexyhunter toss me
00:12:50MaAkoXYma b
00:12:58Laier ofc
00:13:03MaAkoXYma you knew
00:13:05MaAkoXYma that i have
00:13:06MaAkoXYma cd on spell
00:13:09curdi why dont we have a single ward
00:13:56Dota.m omw mid
00:14:00Norrebro void leave game retard
00:14:14Norrebro i mean morph
00:14:24sexyhunter haha
00:14:28sexyhunter retard made u
00:14:30Norrebro kill
00:14:35Norrebro just wave
00:15:08sexyhunter 1 more time
00:15:08MaAkoXYma inc top
00:15:11sexyhunter s1 controls me
00:15:15sexyhunter i remove share
00:15:19Dota.m es i toss u
00:15:38MaAkoXYma n
00:16:13aquatic veno was up
00:16:14aquatic ??
00:16:17Laier oom?
00:16:19aquatic why mid now ?
00:16:35Laier mitä mä siel topis teen
00:16:39Laier ku ei voida puskee tornii ja oon oom
00:16:43Laier miks jäätte kuolee ni sitä en tiedä
00:16:54Dota.m har mana om lid
00:17:01Dota.m kom
00:18:18MaAkoXYma hit fenix
00:18:19MaAkoXYma when ulty
00:18:26Dota.m farm farm
00:18:29Dota.m morph
00:18:55Laier :D::D:D:D
00:19:00FaH.Q smart
00:19:16Laier like that shit ever happens in gc
00:19:18Dota.m gj lesh
00:19:28Dota.m dagger up
00:19:29MaAkoXYma lesh
00:19:33Norrebro ok
00:19:44Dota.m i got my dagger in base :d
00:19:55curdi still lacking quite an amount of wards
00:20:01Norrebro go
00:20:21Dota.m ¨omw lesh
00:20:41Dota.m cd stun
00:20:51MaAkoXYma blocked
00:20:52MaAkoXYma him
00:20:52MaAkoXYma ;3
00:21:16MaAkoXYma b
00:21:34mansikka wtd
00:21:37mansikka am i doing
00:21:46MaAkoXYma let me get blink
00:21:47MaAkoXYma why so hater
00:21:55Norrebro morph
00:21:58Norrebro is just useless
00:22:18MaAkoXYma b
00:22:19MaAkoXYma pls
00:22:20MaAkoXYma b
00:22:27MaAkoXYma b
00:22:28MaAkoXYma pls
00:22:36sexyhunter if u don't stop craptalk lesh
00:22:42sexyhunter u will c reall useless morph
00:22:47Norrebro but u are
00:22:49MaAkoXYma just let him
00:22:50MaAkoXYma play
00:22:51MaAkoXYma lesh
00:22:54MaAkoXYma why you care
00:22:54Norrebro ok
00:22:55MaAkoXYma how he play
00:22:56MaAkoXYma let him
00:23:00sexyhunter i warned
00:23:07Norrebro let me see u own
00:23:13Dota.m let me go invis
00:23:15Dota.m into
00:23:46Dota.m f
00:23:47Dota.m fack
00:23:49MaAkoXYma i am retard.
00:23:54Laier good to know
00:23:55Norrebro ward
00:24:14Norrebro tc
00:24:17Norrebro go
00:24:28mansikka no
00:24:40Dota.m seriæst din fucking noob samir så ram med den stun
00:24:44Dota.m fucking nærd
00:24:46Dota.m nørd
00:24:51Dota.m dør begrund af du failer 1
00:25:27Norrebro FUKC
00:25:42MaAkoXYma g
00:25:45Norrebro do something
00:25:46Norrebro ffs
00:26:02Norrebro morph
00:26:03Norrebro wave
00:26:04Norrebro ffs
00:26:13Norrebro wtf is this
00:26:44Norrebro ward roshan
00:27:09curdi courier dead?
00:27:20aquatic never been it
00:27:41aquatic void supposed to buy but no
00:27:52ruben00 sry forgot
00:28:02Laier wtf
00:28:03Laier :D:D:D
00:28:04Norrebro come lall
00:28:06MaAkoXYma y
00:28:10Norrebro fast
00:28:15Laier why the fuck you ulti like that?
00:28:17Dota.m stn
00:28:22Laier phoenix huskar dead
00:28:50FaH.Q 4v5
00:28:54FaH.Q all the fucking time
00:29:04MaAkoXYma wow
00:29:06aquatic curdi ??
00:29:09MaAkoXYma so nice snake place
00:29:10MaAkoXYma tbh
00:29:20Dota.m es
00:29:23MaAkoXYma g
00:29:45Laier would win easily those fights
00:29:50Laier if phoenix wouldnt waste ulti
00:29:53Laier and void would be there :/
00:30:07aquatic once as 5 could do also
00:30:09Norrebro we can smoke gang
00:30:13aquatic huskar dosent need farm
00:30:15Dota.m gank
00:30:23curdi y i just ulti and die
00:30:26Dota.m es care
00:30:26curdi no need for items
00:30:44aquatic one ult is enuff to kill 1 -2
00:30:48Norrebro come to me
00:30:50Norrebro and smoke
00:30:52aquatic we kill or almost kill em as 4
00:30:53curdi :D 1 being me
00:30:58MaAkoXYma void
00:30:58Norrebro gather
00:31:06curdi well i cant start fight
00:31:11curdi tiny kills me insta otherwise
00:31:46aquatic OSTA WRDE TRA
00:31:56Laier fucking idiot heal me?
00:31:58MaAkoXYma wow
00:31:59MaAkoXYma so bad
00:31:59FaH.Q silenced
00:32:00FaH.Q bob
00:32:01Laier :D:D:D::D:D
00:32:01curdi nope
00:32:01MaAkoXYma you go top
00:32:29Norrebro we killed void
00:32:30MaAkoXYma need for agha
00:32:31MaAkoXYma let me
00:32:36MaAkoXYma ty
00:32:43Norrebro b
00:32:58Laier stupid chase
00:33:03MaAkoXYma i have agha
00:33:05MaAkoXYma in a sec
00:33:18Norrebro lets smoke again
00:33:19Norrebro guys
00:33:22Dota.m huskar
00:33:23MaAkoXYma wait
00:33:24MaAkoXYma agha
00:33:34Norrebro jimmy
00:34:25curdi ofc
00:34:26curdi ofc
00:34:27curdi ofc
00:35:00sexyhunter b
00:35:14MaAkoXYma SIRERY
00:35:16MaAkoXYma MY BAD
00:35:19sexyhunter np
00:35:21MaAkoXYma CUZ SNAKE
00:35:30MaAkoXYma ]affaljasjkagsjlgasjlgs
00:35:44Norrebro they rosh
00:35:58MaAkoXYma y
00:36:00MaAkoXYma saw them
00:36:44MaAkoXYma MAN
00:36:45MaAkoXYma cd?
00:36:46MaAkoXYma ;(
00:36:47Dota.m y
00:36:54MaAkoXYma lol thrall
00:36:56MaAkoXYma why noty kill
00:37:02curdi void :d
00:37:07mansikka thought i would die
00:37:08MaAkoXYma b morph
00:37:38Dota.m that morph -..-
00:37:44MaAkoXYma lol
00:37:44Norrebro no dont talk to him
00:37:45MaAkoXYma trust me
00:37:47Norrebro he is very
00:37:48sexyhunter rofl
00:37:49MaAkoXYma there are worse players
00:37:49Norrebro usefull
00:37:50MaAkoXYma much worse
00:37:59Norrebro and he farmed well
00:38:07sexyhunter ok u r so good so u r able to win it in 4
00:38:12ruben00 me top pls
00:38:15curdi void could go bkb too
00:38:15Norrebro stfu nab
00:38:31sexyhunter yy say miss next time tard
00:38:32Norrebro 35 min u did nothing
00:38:41sexyhunter 2kills 7 assists
00:38:46sexyhunter u r blind crap
00:38:52Norrebro jimmy
00:38:58MaAkoXYma b
00:39:14Norrebro FUCK
00:39:25Laier take tower
00:39:27Laier mid
00:39:40sexyhunter after vip dl so shit leagues
00:39:43MaAkoXYma tp and def
00:39:44MaAkoXYma one league
00:39:46Norrebro nice items morph
00:39:48sexyhunter ty
00:39:49MaAkoXYma one lane
00:39:52Norrebro mr vip
00:39:54aquatic nb
00:39:58aquatic no time for iy
00:40:49curdi u didnt kill lesh -.-?
00:42:09Norrebro es i need u to stunlock void
00:42:16MaAkoXYma y
00:42:17MaAkoXYma i know
00:42:23aquatic go as 5 just once ?
00:42:41Laier too hard when every1 is farming
00:42:59Norrebro come
00:43:03Norrebro lets smoke
00:43:56Norrebro wp morph
00:43:59sexyhunter ty
00:44:03MaAkoXYma what healed me?
00:44:07curdi pipe pls :s
00:44:08Norrebro my death
00:44:13MaAkoXYma lol
00:44:14Norrebro bs
00:44:15MaAkoXYma ;D
00:44:17MaAkoXYma y
00:44:19FaH.Q good question
00:44:21FaH.Q meka ?
00:44:24MaAkoXYma nono
00:44:25MaAkoXYma lesh died
00:44:26sexyhunter hack
00:44:32curdi bloodstone?
00:44:35MaAkoXYma y
00:44:46curdi imbaitem666
00:45:00Laier so
00:45:03Laier you fucking cant heal really?
00:45:06aquatic so ?
00:45:10FaH.Q rofl
00:45:11Laier are you playing that shit first time or what
00:45:11FaH.Q su
00:45:12aquatic does it matter ?
00:45:13FaH.Q why u go b ?
00:45:14FaH.Q tard
00:45:18mansikka husk
00:45:39MaAkoXYma xD
00:45:43Norrebro svans
00:45:44aquatic laier as veno 0 wards u were only one missing last fight u came late
00:45:47Dota.m so
00:45:50aquatic now u went b and died
00:45:54aquatic its y fault
00:45:55MaAkoXYma our team play
00:45:58MaAkoXYma is god like
00:45:59FaH.Q *sign
00:46:07MaAkoXYma (for gc)
00:46:13curdi i just cant get my farm up for that fucking bkb...
00:46:15Laier you mean i was late when you 2 got raped mid
00:46:20Norrebro well if morph
00:46:23Norrebro played with us
00:46:32Norrebro would be perfect
00:46:37Norrebro but he is mr vip
00:46:41sexyhunter u talked 2 much
00:46:42MaAkoXYma how much
00:46:43MaAkoXYma on ward
00:46:44ruben00 rosh then push
00:46:45sexyhunter so win solo
00:46:49aquatic "its hard when everyone is farming "
00:46:53aquatic u were ONLY ONE
00:46:56Norrebro perseverance in 43 min
00:47:02MaAkoXYma omg man
00:47:03curdi bla bla rage aint helping
00:47:04Norrebro thats vip style
00:47:05MaAkoXYma let him
00:47:06MaAkoXYma told ya.
00:47:09curdi we win when void got enough farm
00:47:12curdi and i get a bkb
00:47:20ruben00 i need bkb too
00:47:26Norrebro dude he blame me for playing bad
00:47:26aquatic i wont talk
00:47:34Norrebro because i didnt call a miss min 5
00:47:35MaAkoXYma care
00:47:37Norrebro hiow lame
00:47:38aquatic but if he starts blame others again
00:47:44MaAkoXYma b
00:47:46MaAkoXYma they smoke
00:47:46MaAkoXYma mb
00:47:47Laier hei pidä ny vittu pääs kii vaa? :D
00:47:48Norrebro all bot
00:47:55MaAkoXYma wow
00:47:56MaAkoXYma when
00:47:56ruben00 take
00:47:57ruben00 bamd
00:48:45Laier why not ulti earlier? :DD
00:48:59FaH.Q VOID
00:49:03FaH.Q AND VENO 2
00:49:05sexyhunter sry made a shit
00:49:06FaH.Q SO OBVIOUS
00:49:08Laier would be smart to ulti NEXT TO phoenix
00:49:09Laier but no
00:49:09sexyhunter will farm next time
00:49:14FaH.Q IDIOTs
00:49:18MaAkoXYma actually
00:49:19MaAkoXYma you came
00:49:20MaAkoXYma and died
00:49:22MaAkoXYma nothing else
00:49:24curdi well bkb lying in base now :/
00:49:27sexyhunter ok
00:49:28aquatic we lose rax now
00:49:29Norrebro raks
00:49:33sexyhunter so won't die anymore
00:49:43sexyhunter will be easier to win fir prose
00:49:50curdi sick ulti t.t
00:49:50MaAkoXYma b
00:49:51ruben00 always miss ulti
00:50:00MaAkoXYma i would die
00:50:01MaAkoXYma if no tp
00:50:03MaAkoXYma sorry
00:50:20MaAkoXYma lol
00:50:20MaAkoXYma =/
00:50:22Dota.m haha
00:50:59Laier void when phoenix goes ulti go but your ulti next to him >.<
00:51:13Laier and go mid with 5
00:51:14Laier now plx
00:51:16ruben00 dont think his ulti gets interupted
00:51:16curdi after that tc should ulti in his
00:51:18FaH.Q come
00:51:25MaAkoXYma hex?
00:51:33Laier you cant "stun" phoenix ulti
00:51:38Norrebro sdhivas
00:51:40Laier no matter what you do to it :D
00:51:43MaAkoXYma imo hex
00:51:45MaAkoXYma only way to win
00:51:47Norrebro mayb
00:51:56Norrebro tp
00:51:58MaAkoXYma no
00:51:58sexyhunter ?
00:51:59Dota.m or a strong morph :D
00:51:59MaAkoXYma ffs
00:52:02MaAkoXYma DONT TALK TO HIM
00:52:02sexyhunter i will die
00:52:03aquatic bad idea
00:52:06MaAkoXYma really
00:52:07Laier when phoenix goes ulti
00:52:08aquatic es will fuck it up
00:52:08MaAkoXYma let him push
00:52:09Laier void jump in
00:52:09Norrebro lol
00:52:16aquatic + silence
00:52:19MaAkoXYma i go
00:52:20MaAkoXYma first
00:52:25Laier just fucking go
00:52:39MaAkoXYma nice item
00:52:44MaAkoXYma forgot about it
00:52:45MaAkoXYma ;D
00:52:51MaAkoXYma you see
00:52:54MaAkoXYma morph win us game
00:52:54MaAkoXYma ;d
00:52:57aquatic HAVE TO DEF
00:52:57mansikka :D
00:53:05MaAkoXYma but really
00:53:06MaAkoXYma ;D
00:53:08Laier for real
00:53:18Laier MOST ANNOYING GAME IN THIS century
00:53:27ruben00 phenox must initiate
00:53:32ruben00 then i jump in uylti
00:53:34Laier go
00:53:34Laier now
00:53:36Laier only 2
00:53:45Norrebro go es
00:53:48Norrebro gogo
00:54:01Laier sup tiny
00:54:04MaAkoXYma bite
00:54:10MaAkoXYma bite
00:54:11MaAkoXYma go
00:54:40Norrebro I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:42MaAkoXYma hmm
00:54:45curdi care es now
00:54:45Laier go mid
00:54:46MaAkoXYma what happend
00:54:46Laier ill def
00:54:46MaAkoXYma ;D
00:54:50Norrebro we lost
00:54:52Dota.m ¨i go alone
00:54:55mansikka tc coming
00:54:55MaAkoXYma no
00:54:56mansikka morph
00:54:57MaAkoXYma we have morph
00:54:58MaAkoXYma ;D
00:55:26mansikka rax
00:55:40Norrebro gj es
00:55:41MaAkoXYma bkb?
00:55:42MaAkoXYma or wtf
00:55:49curdi y
00:55:56MaAkoXYma when you got it ffs
00:56:03curdi 5 mins ago :s
00:56:03MaAkoXYma GOOD JOB
00:56:05MaAkoXYma !!!!!
00:56:16Dota.m :D
00:56:31MaAkoXYma b
00:56:50Laier mid?
00:56:59curdi we cant go without gang really
00:57:02curdi es fucks us up
00:57:07MaAkoXYma i can jump from here
00:57:08MaAkoXYma !
00:57:08MaAkoXYma ;D
00:57:35FaH.Q go mid now
00:57:35FaH.Q come
00:57:39MaAkoXYma i cant
00:57:40MaAkoXYma go first
00:57:45Dota.m i will
00:57:49MaAkoXYma 2late
00:57:52MaAkoXYma they kill it
00:57:52Norrebro thrall
00:57:52FaH.Q come
00:58:00ruben00 rosh up
00:58:06aquatic we cant just mid
00:58:12MaAkoXYma go
00:58:23curdi ok
00:58:26sexyhunter ty
00:58:28curdi bkb didnt activate :s
00:58:30Laier :D:D:D:D:
00:58:32Laier hahahahahah
00:58:36Norrebro gg
00:58:37Laier soooooooo fucking bad
00:58:44aquatic WE NEED FUCKIN WARDS
00:58:55Laier norrebro this really gg? :DD you kidding man?
00:58:56MaAkoXYma You like our team play? :)
00:58:56aquatic smoke
00:59:03aquatic and gnag
00:59:10aquatic not "go mid""
00:59:12Laier we just lost mid and bot rax
00:59:20mansikka i go top
01:00:29Laier I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:00:34Norrebro go
01:00:37sexyhunter seems like i won this :/
01:00:46MaAkoXYma nope;p
01:01:10aquatic NO
01:01:14MaAkoXYma 2bad
01:01:15sexyhunter ok let's c what void will make
01:01:19MaAkoXYma our 2 worse players
01:01:21MaAkoXYma are playing carry
01:01:25MaAkoXYma that made this game interesting
01:01:27sexyhunter u and?
01:01:34curdi very interesting y
01:01:50sexyhunter lesh?
01:01:59sexyhunter 0 misses for game
01:02:10ruben00 cheese
01:02:10MaAkoXYma got hex
01:02:15FaH.Q go mid now
01:02:16sexyhunter push mid plz
01:02:19sexyhunter finish this
01:02:19ruben00 cheese sffs
01:02:19FaH.Q last chance
01:02:44mansikka xd
01:03:55MaAkoXYma veno ulty
01:03:56MaAkoXYma so OP
01:04:12MaAkoXYma At least your carry has items ;p
01:04:30Norrebro morph won this
01:04:34sexyhunter ty
01:04:48Norrebro he coming str8 from dota vip
01:04:50sexyhunter 2 lanes imo better than whinie for all game
01:05:12Norrebro u wasted 2 kills top
01:05:14sexyhunter amke 1 fight 4vs5
01:05:14Norrebro that made me mad
01:05:20sexyhunter to show nap lesh
01:05:32sexyhunter he is pro
01:05:35sexyhunter he is pro
01:05:50mansikka show nap lesh he is pro
01:05:54mansikka makes sense
01:06:03Laier go
01:06:04Laier and ff
01:06:56Dota.m no combo :/
01:07:21MaAkoXYma bkb and attack
01:07:22MaAkoXYma he dead
01:07:27curdi bkb on cd
01:07:29curdi and im dead
01:07:30MaAkoXYma eh
01:07:41Dota.m look void
01:07:42curdi thanks for the tip though
01:07:44Dota.m bd
01:07:45Dota.m bd
01:07:47Dota.m bd
01:07:48Dota.m bd
01:07:51curdi !!
01:07:52Dota.m back door !
01:07:53MaAkoXYma void banned :(
01:07:56MaAkoXYma np go bd
01:08:01Laier haha this guy is so great :D
01:08:01MaAkoXYma XD
01:08:20MaAkoXYma XD
01:08:54MaAkoXYma ;p
01:08:54curdi he has bb cd now
01:08:56Norrebro what are u dioiung
01:08:59Norrebro come fucking ginish
01:09:08MaAkoXYma you know what?
01:09:13MaAkoXYma camp top
01:09:18MaAkoXYma and dont go any other lane
01:09:19MaAkoXYma and we win
01:09:20Norrebro go fucking finish
01:09:23MaAkoXYma ofc if they dont kill us
01:09:23Norrebro fags
01:09:24MaAkoXYma ;D
01:09:33Dota.m omw es
01:09:51Norrebro es
01:09:52Norrebro gogog
01:10:19Laier sick ulti es :D
01:10:21Norrebro morph join the fuckin game
01:10:23MaAkoXYma ;p
01:10:25sexyhunter lol
01:10:28sexyhunter i;m nap
01:10:34Norrebro y u are
01:10:34MaAkoXYma WE NEED A NAP
01:10:37Norrebro fuckface
01:10:38sexyhunter nah
01:10:40sexyhunter i will die
01:10:46MaAkoXYma but you will autoattack
01:10:49MaAkoXYma and take some dmg
01:10:49sexyhunter i can bet u win solo
01:10:52MaAkoXYma we win
01:10:53MaAkoXYma sure
01:11:09Dota.m why u go crid when u can go butter and all that shit
01:11:13Dota.m u don't need crid
01:11:22Norrebro come win this plz
01:11:24MaAkoXYma gg
01:11:25Laier go throne
01:11:25MaAkoXYma we lose
01:11:27Dota.m u need butter and ethreal
01:11:37MaAkoXYma Gg wp
01:11:38Norrebro he need a dick
01:12:12Norrebro go
01:12:46Norrebro all
01:12:49MaAkoXYma WE DIE MAN
01:12:50curdi phoenix some items :s?
01:12:59sexyhunter shouldn't kill that rax
01:13:05sexyhunter :/
01:13:18MaAkoXYma man
01:13:18MaAkoXYma ...
01:13:30Laier go push
01:13:32Norrebro i dont care'
01:13:34Norrebro anymore
01:13:40Norrebro either u come
01:13:40sexyhunter rofl
01:13:41Laier they rosh
01:13:43Norrebro or i go alone
01:13:46Norrebro one man army
01:13:48Laier es went rosh
01:13:49sexyhunter so we have 2 ppl in team
01:13:54sexyhunter who don't care
01:13:56MaAkoXYma that want to lose
01:13:57MaAkoXYma kk
01:13:59MaAkoXYma you lost.
01:14:03Norrebro y
01:14:04mansikka I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:14:06MaAkoXYma idc.
01:14:09Norrebro I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:14:10MaAkoXYma ;D
01:14:19Norrebro ff it plz
01:14:25curdi u or me?
01:14:27ruben00 u
01:14:46aquatic DF UP ASAP
01:14:50Norrebro i tp top
01:14:52Laier top
01:14:54curdi yh
01:15:21Laier mid
01:15:32MaAkoXYma we cant win
01:15:34MaAkoXYma even with morph
01:15:35MaAkoXYma now
01:15:37MaAkoXYma even with blue
01:15:59MaAkoXYma i hex
01:16:00MaAkoXYma first
01:16:10sexyhunter if u wan't win
01:16:15sexyhunter ask excuse
01:16:20Norrebro suck dick
01:16:25Norrebro good ?
01:16:25sexyhunter sry not your mom
01:16:39Norrebro and stop playing here
01:16:46MaAkoXYma banned
01:16:48MaAkoXYma for runing game
01:16:51sexyhunter ?
01:16:53MaAkoXYma y.
01:16:55Norrebro i will ban you
01:16:57sexyhunter battlefield 3
01:17:02sexyhunter dota 2
01:17:04sexyhunter omfg
01:17:06sexyhunter i will cry
01:17:17Norrebro y
01:17:24aquatic GO MID
01:17:24Laier mid throne
01:17:25Laier ill def
01:17:29Laier go mid throne
01:17:30Laier ill def
01:17:37MaAkoXYma I liked game
01:17:38MaAkoXYma ;/
01:17:45MaAkoXYma doesnt matter how it ends
01:17:52sexyhunter it will teach u not to flame beeing nap
01:18:04MaAkoXYma FIGHT
01:18:06MaAkoXYma TILL DEAD
01:18:07MaAkoXYma BEFORE
01:18:08MaAkoXYma BASE
01:18:10MaAkoXYma FIGHT
01:18:11MaAkoXYma BEFORE BASE
01:18:12MaAkoXYma AKOFjdgsajogdjo
01:18:27MaAkoXYma sup
01:18:27MaAkoXYma 30secs
01:18:29MaAkoXYma to finish
01:18:30MaAkoXYma Can you
01:18:38MaAkoXYma GG WP
01:18:51MaAkoXYma Gg
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