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-27 X
+2 TS
80% | 1451 X | 1400 TS

+11 X
+3 TS

79% | 1394 X | 1449 TS

+37 X
+3 TS

76% | 1337 X | 1468 TS

+44 X
+2 TS

75% | 1420 X | 1376 TS

-8 X
+3 TS

67% | 1322 X | 1405 TS

+1 X
-2 TS

88% | 1489 X | 1498 TS

+15 X
-3 TS

86% | 1413 X | 1509 TS

-37 X
-2 TS

75% | 1375 X | 1418 TS

-13 X
-3 TS

67% | 1350 X | 1336 TS

-15 X
-2 TS

62% | 1264 X | 1383 TS

Chat log

00:00:14Laier ömm what
00:00:18Flex- GET ME CM
00:00:19Flex- xDD
00:00:23Jonnija WTF?
00:00:23Laier mrtn first pick? :DD
00:00:23Jonnija how can that be cap?
00:00:23Flex- jonnija
00:00:23Flex- sup
00:00:23Flex- Bro
00:00:23Jonnija mrtn dk
00:00:23Jonnija cap
00:00:23Jonnija yeah
00:00:23Jonnija gg
00:00:23Flex- idd
00:00:23Flex- well
00:00:23Flex- its healthy
00:00:23MariahCarry IOm here
00:00:23Flex- To play a few games
00:00:23Flex- occationally vs each other
00:00:23Jonnija :D
00:00:23Flex- rarely lol here
00:00:23Jonnija yeah but with him as cap? D:
00:00:23Jonnija its like taking candy from a kid pudge
00:00:23MariahCarry ud
00:00:23Flex- can you get me cm
00:00:23Flex- plzzzz
00:00:24Flex- ;D
00:00:31que2stress any wishes`?
00:00:34Laier and sick firstpick iiis
00:00:38Laier zizinggggg void
00:00:39Laier :D
00:00:40Flex- bone?
00:00:43MariahCarry no
00:00:43Flex- cm me
00:00:45MariahCarry don't get invis
00:00:48MariahCarry no more invis
00:00:53Flex- crystal maiden
00:00:54Flex- is invis?
00:00:55Hael uu
00:00:57Hael pick me cm
00:01:03Flex- pff
00:01:03que2stress geo
00:01:04Flex- ...
00:01:04que2stress lool
00:01:08MariahCarry cm
00:01:10que2stress pick me bone
00:01:12MariahCarry meh
00:01:15Laier cmon....
00:01:16MariahCarry venge
00:01:17MariahCarry pls
00:01:18Hael moar agicarry
00:01:22MariahCarry just need support
00:01:23Laier if you take bone i go lanaya
00:01:25MariahCarry venge to swap void
00:01:27MariahCarry when he ultis
00:01:31MariahCarry nice
00:01:31extremewaari k
00:01:32que2stress ya lol its already fucked up
00:01:34que2stress give
00:01:36que2stress wd
00:01:36Flex- mariahg
00:01:39Flex- want mid?
00:01:41Hael -swap 2
00:01:48MariahCarry what u mean
00:01:52MariahCarry i don't want mid
00:01:52Flex- you go mid?
00:01:53que2stress u can have wd too if u dont wan aplay abba
00:01:54MariahCarry i Am mid
00:01:54que2stress -swap 5
00:01:55MariahCarry :)
00:01:57Flex- lmao
00:01:57Flex- k
00:01:59Flex- checking
00:02:11Flex- last pick
00:02:12Flex- mort
00:02:12MariahCarry gotthastmich
00:02:14MariahCarry wtf
00:02:16MariahCarry is that
00:02:18MariahCarry u fucking tard
00:02:18que2stress abba
00:02:18GottHasstMich y
00:02:19MariahCarry :)
00:02:21que2stress goes top
00:02:21GottHasstMich WHAT TO PICK THEN
00:02:23GottHasstMich A RICKI?
00:02:24GottHasstMich stfu
00:02:26GottHasstMich only carries left
00:02:26Laier your not cap
00:02:27que2stress no need for 2 carry bot
00:02:32que2stress but i am smart
00:02:32Flex- lmao
00:02:33Jonnija abba is not
00:02:34MariahCarry not carry
00:02:34Jonnija a carry
00:02:34Hael abba aint carry :E
00:02:35Jonnija D:
00:02:35Flex- atleast
00:02:35GottHasstMich and i cant play chen
00:02:35Flex- ta
00:02:36MariahCarry u piece of shit abnba top
00:02:37MariahCarry im mid
00:02:37Flex- take pudge
00:02:38Flex- or geo cm bot
00:02:41que2stress is more carry than maiden or wd
00:02:41MariahCarry piss off clock
00:02:41Flex- i mean
00:02:42Flex- brood
00:02:43GottHasstMich üudge whos banned
00:02:44GottHasstMich yes
00:02:47Hael y true
00:02:51GottHasstMich just stfu idiots
00:02:52Hael he should farm top
00:02:53Flex- or visage
00:02:56Hael stays alive the best
00:02:57MariahCarry share
00:02:58Flex- or brood
00:03:04GottHasstMich flex
00:03:05que2stress abba gets meka
00:03:06GottHasstMich just dont talk to me
00:03:08GottHasstMich at all
00:03:08GottHasstMich play
00:03:09Jonnija geo
00:03:11Jonnija gets meka
00:03:12que2stress cm gets wards
00:03:12GottHasstMich and lets see thnx
00:03:13que2stress wards
00:03:13Flex- i already hate you
00:03:14que2stress and more wards
00:03:17Flex- so i cant do that
00:03:18Flex- -hhn
00:03:19que2stress k then abba gets pipe
00:03:25Hael cm goes carry ;)
00:03:25Flex- my rhasta
00:03:27Flex- fell down
00:03:29Flex- to 20% effective
00:03:29Jonnija yeah mkb
00:03:30Laier cm goes quit
00:03:30que2stress we dont need pipe
00:03:32Jonnija and butter :D
00:03:34Flex- ok
00:03:35Flex- 5$
00:03:35que2stress do what u want
00:03:36Flex- with abbava
00:04:11Hael warded
00:04:32Flex- ill pull
00:04:50que2stress damn he is bad
00:04:54Laier this mokkula is so baaaaad :D
00:04:55que2stress he always takes this pa
00:04:57que2stress and he is fucking bad
00:05:05que2stress luckily not my team
00:05:23Laier lemme farm then ? :p if you want me to do that pipe etc
00:05:31que2stress i said dont need pipe
00:05:35Jonnija ac
00:05:38Jonnija or he
00:05:39Jonnija x
00:06:23extremewaari sori jätää
00:07:33Flex- lmao
00:07:33que2stress they are so bad
00:07:34Flex- :D
00:07:37que2stress damnit
00:07:37Laier y
00:07:43que2stress come
00:07:45que2stress vodoo
00:07:52Laier got roh ss mid
00:08:09Hael wait
00:08:17que2stress ss top 2
00:08:20Laier ... :<
00:08:36extremewaari cm ss bot
00:09:09Flex- invis rhast amid
00:09:10Flex- where is void
00:09:11Hael rune top
00:09:11que2stress dont push the lane
00:09:16BoNeshaw miss
00:09:17MariahCarry ss mid
00:09:21BoNeshaw b
00:09:33MariahCarry w8 ?
00:09:35MariahCarry 5
00:09:35Flex- ready?
00:09:35MariahCarry 4
00:09:35MariahCarry 3
00:09:35MariahCarry 2
00:09:35MariahCarry 1 say why
00:09:35que2stress he shit in his pants rhasta mid
00:10:22Jonnija lol
00:10:24Jonnija was afk :D
00:10:26Jonnija dint die
00:10:28BoNeshaw miss
00:10:32que2stress u got pro allies
00:10:35Hael CARE
00:10:36Laier pa had 20hp
00:10:36Hael VENGE
00:10:38MariahCarry go top rhasta
00:10:42que2stress np
00:10:52Flex- wiil
00:10:52Flex- in secd
00:10:57MariahCarry RHASTTA
00:10:58MariahCarry go top
00:10:59que2stress let m1 creep
00:10:59Flex- shi5t
00:11:01Hael go
00:11:03que2stress mana boots
00:11:05extremewaari top rune double lane mid....
00:11:12Flex- whats the point need gank
00:11:16Flex- we need to kil top
00:11:19MariahCarry FFS
00:11:21que2stress ah lol tower gone
00:11:22que2stress :D
00:11:22MariahCarry DONT TAKE MY RUNES
00:11:22que2stress i come bh apperenly cant solo ss mid
00:11:36extremewaari tapetaan
00:11:40BoNeshaw ei
00:11:48extremewaari cm
00:11:48BoNeshaw tulis vaa turpaa
00:12:04BoNeshaw koht vankku
00:12:06BoNeshaw sit vois tankkaa
00:12:08Flex- what an awesome lane
00:12:11Flex- to get with rhasta
00:12:12Flex- mort.
00:12:23extremewaari bot ss 2
00:12:25Jonnija venge going mid dont need dust
00:12:38que2stress stay top aabba+
00:12:44Hael ulti?
00:12:44Flex- go
00:12:45Flex- already
00:12:46Flex- veng
00:12:46extremewaari bone ye but wont do the job
00:13:08Jonnija 3 bot
00:13:08MariahCarry def mid
00:13:13Flex- Sup bro :D
00:13:16BoNeshaw k
00:13:27Hael 3 mid
00:13:36Laier top easy kill
00:13:37extremewaari bot rune
00:13:52que2stress rofl ulti
00:13:53que2stress really
00:13:56que2stress damni
00:14:04que2stress this was worse than they top ever were u were out
00:14:06GottHasstMich gang top1
00:14:06GottHasstMich ?
00:14:07extremewaari bit rune
00:14:09que2stress no i was trapped
00:14:09Flex- i ult and went back in so su
00:14:15Flex- veng
00:14:15Flex- bird
00:14:18Flex- ?
00:14:21extremewaari bot rune
00:14:57que2stress ARE
00:14:58que2stress YOU
00:14:59que2stress SERIOOUS?
00:15:00MariahCarry b
00:15:14que2stress 5 min they are at that tower
00:15:17que2stress and i def alone?
00:15:23Flex- :D
00:15:27Hael i was there, but no point in diving
00:15:32que2stress diving? abba
00:15:35que2stress just DEF
00:15:37que2stress it abba dont fucking push it
00:15:48que2stress go top again abba
00:15:51Laier y
00:15:55Laier i think ill go radi
00:15:59que2stress wont play with these retards
00:16:19Flex- get bot tower
00:16:20Flex- i got ult
00:16:44Laier 3k
00:16:52Flex- push mid
00:16:53Flex- with my ult
00:16:54que2stress gets time that u use it
00:16:58MariahCarry ok
00:17:17que2stress go
00:17:36que2stress abba
00:17:36que2stress go mid
00:17:48que2stress abba?
00:18:23que2stress wp abba
00:18:29que2stress love ur heals
00:18:39que2stress ff
00:18:40que2stress how bad
00:18:45BoNeshaw -bounty
00:18:50MariahCarry -bounty
00:18:51Flex- -weed
00:19:04Laier y played stupid
00:19:11Flex- can you belive that dushe took my cm...
00:19:14que2stress well first u stay 2000h top
00:19:25que2stress never shield urself man
00:19:38Laier well you wanted me to stay top
00:19:40Flex- wait
00:19:40Flex- for me
00:19:42Flex- veng
00:19:44extremewaari y
00:20:03que2stress abba u should join game
00:20:15Flex- push bot
00:20:21Flex- i gots ult
00:20:24que2stress theyre getting raped bot since 10 min
00:20:32BoNeshaw dont waste ukt
00:20:32Flex- ohh
00:20:34Flex- and vang
00:20:35Flex- for fun
00:20:39BoNeshaw use it for second twr
00:20:47Flex- so
00:20:48Flex- then
00:20:49Flex- we need
00:20:51Flex- gondar here
00:21:02que2stress abba
00:21:06que2stress get at least 1 tp
00:21:06Laier y+
00:21:07que2stress damnit
00:21:27extremewaari b
00:21:28Flex- b
00:21:33BoNeshaw tarp
00:21:43GottHasstMich reuse heal me man not cm
00:22:36Flex- save cm
00:22:38Flex- loose void
00:22:39Flex- i like it
00:22:39Flex- :D
00:22:42Hael yup
00:22:42Laier tryed to save both :/
00:22:47Laier but rhasta had nuke
00:23:07Laier anyway got radi
00:23:26Flex- veng
00:23:28Flex- plant wards plz
00:23:39Hael hmm good for u now stop pushing the lnaes if dont take towers
00:23:41Laier wardii tuol
00:23:48Flex- push it
00:23:50Hael they be camped in our woods
00:23:53Hael piti mennä pistää oma
00:23:57Flex- rune
00:24:39MariahCarry laier :)
00:24:40que2stress ah lal
00:24:45Laier what? was buying :)
00:25:00Flex- mama me
00:25:19Flex- wtf?
00:26:04Flex- mort b after
00:26:13Jonnija 2 towers
00:26:16Flex- slow him gj
00:26:27GottHasstMich b we mby need to homo win this abba go push some tower
00:26:42que2stress we already pushed
00:26:43que2stress all
00:26:44que2stress but 1
00:26:48Flex- guess
00:26:50Flex- we switch
00:26:50Flex- to top
00:26:57extremewaari lets go set new obs
00:27:00Laier reuse
00:27:01que2stress we should gather push and plz carry tp's
00:27:08Laier reuse chick noba b
00:27:36Laier why you stay there?
00:27:37Laier ffs >.< why the fuck dont u come?
00:28:03Laier was @ base
00:28:04Hael why did you stay?
00:28:04Flex- lets pus
00:28:15que2stress guys we must start push
00:28:21que2stress pa gets fatsp
00:28:35que2stress and get dust
00:28:48Laier yeye
00:28:50Flex- bad idea
00:28:51Flex- to push/
00:29:03que2stress abba
00:29:04que2stress GO IN
00:29:17Jonnija dust?
00:29:21MariahCarry mort
00:29:22MariahCarry ?? push it
00:29:24MariahCarry wtf u doing
00:29:27GottHasstMich tower
00:29:30GottHasstMich u should b
00:29:32Flex- go get
00:29:33Flex- tower
00:29:43que2stress no dust
00:30:11Flex- go void
00:30:11Flex- mort abba....
00:30:24Hael why didnt we kill him?
00:30:44Flex- wtf
00:30:45Flex- veng
00:30:46Flex- i thought
00:30:48Flex- you werte behind me
00:30:49Flex- ...
00:30:53Laier this lag is really annoying u abba u need to star heal me
00:30:59MariahCarry i go devine
00:31:03Flex- no
00:31:05MariahCarry someone get rosh with me in 2 mins pls
00:31:18Flex- you devine
00:31:20Flex- with no bkb
00:31:21Flex- is a horrible
00:31:22Flex- idea
00:31:26MariahCarry np
00:31:27MariahCarry aegis
00:31:46Flex- lol clock
00:31:47GottHasstMich go then
00:31:50que2stress go mid
00:31:51Flex- kk..
00:31:52MariahCarry no..
00:31:52Jonnija 5 of me yay
00:31:59MariahCarry need lifesteal any1 dust?
00:32:05Hael have 1
00:32:06Jonnija no
00:32:27Flex- swap
00:32:28Flex- me
00:32:28Flex- veng
00:32:29Flex- wtf
00:32:33que2stress base
00:32:33extremewaari and i die=
00:32:34que2stress just base
00:32:36extremewaari no thx
00:32:37Flex- i got scepter
00:32:37que2stress no hunting
00:32:40Flex- and other stuff
00:32:41que2stress no dive
00:32:42Flex- 2 disables
00:32:42que2stress just base
00:32:43Flex- you one
00:32:48Flex- now wha.t..
00:32:49Flex- pff
00:32:56Flex- pro veng
00:33:11Flex- great..
00:33:13Laier sori hael
00:33:16Laier en ees huomannu et se oli siin :D
00:33:18MariahCarry can not beleive u lost this mortred
00:33:29MariahCarry ur the worst piece of shit player i've ever palyed with in silver ABBA
00:33:32GottHasstMich yy
00:33:36GottHasstMich na
00:33:37GottHasstMich svents sucks more
00:33:38GottHasstMich :D:D
00:33:40MariahCarry no
00:33:44GottHasstMich srsly mariah
00:33:45GottHasstMich u sick
00:33:47MariahCarry he's not even close to sucking like u
00:33:49GottHasstMich i care a shit of your flaming?
00:33:51GottHasstMich i c dota is your life
00:33:53GottHasstMich i play for fun
00:33:57MariahCarry im just telling u
00:33:58GottHasstMich so go on with whining
00:34:00MariahCarry u
00:34:01MariahCarry suck
00:34:08GottHasstMich thx u too
00:34:16Flex- this team
00:34:17Flex- is amazing
00:34:18Flex- tbh
00:34:32Laier b, buy items and finish?
00:34:37que2stress y
00:34:47que2stress reuse
00:34:48Jonnija flex this is silver+ :D
00:35:04que2stress gather
00:35:04Flex- no its not
00:35:10Laier sec
00:35:13Jonnija getting
00:35:14Jonnija reaver
00:35:17Jonnija with courier
00:35:19MariahCarry hlp me rosh
00:35:20Laier got hot
00:35:21que2stress rofl
00:35:24que2stress dont get reaver
00:35:27MariahCarry get devine
00:35:29Jonnija why not
00:35:30Jonnija more hp
00:35:33Hael y
00:35:34Flex- can we end..
00:35:39BoNeshaw lol
00:35:40que2stress ah lol
00:35:41BoNeshaw we lsot 2 lanes
00:35:44que2stress thought u meant reapier
00:35:45que2stress :D
00:35:48Jonnija :D
00:35:57Flex- so
00:35:57Jonnija get gem
00:35:57que2stress come bot
00:35:58Jonnija tho
00:35:58Flex- go end
00:35:58Jonnija or
00:35:59Flex- then
00:36:00Jonnija he picks
00:36:00Flex- push mid b
00:36:01que2stress just bot
00:36:03Laier can someone buy?
00:36:03Jonnija some weaklings out
00:36:07Laier i can take it
00:36:15Hael no moneh
00:36:32que2stress actually
00:36:34que2stress just get mid
00:36:34Flex- go
00:36:35Flex- push mid
00:36:37Flex- ill tp back
00:36:39que2stress lol
00:36:42Flex- after you start killing tree
00:36:43que2stress he has reapier
00:36:45que2stress did u see it
00:36:46que2stress b
00:36:47que2stress need all
00:36:48Jonnija rl
00:36:49Jonnija gondar?
00:36:50que2stress this is serious
00:36:50Flex- mariah
00:36:51que2stress y
00:36:53que2stress stay b
00:36:54Jonnija we need
00:36:55que2stress wait for me
00:36:55Flex- and tree
00:36:55Jonnija that
00:36:55MariahCarry y
00:36:56Jonnija gem
00:36:56MariahCarry hoho
00:36:57MariahCarry gogo
00:36:58Jonnija for him
00:36:58que2stress and go in team with gem
00:36:59que2stress y
00:37:09Hael ota laier noi
00:37:10MariahCarry and guys
00:37:12Laier mitkä
00:37:14MariahCarry just bulldog in
00:37:15Flex- scout
00:37:15que2stress abba
00:37:15Hael dustit
00:37:16Flex- mariah
00:37:17que2stress come b
00:37:17MariahCarry don't stand back
00:37:19MariahCarry venge espec
00:37:21Laier haluun gemin
00:37:22MariahCarry and be ssared
00:37:22Laier ittelleni
00:37:23MariahCarry jsut run in some1 get BoT and hom homo
00:37:38MariahCarry def
00:37:39MariahCarry someone
00:37:42que2stress PUSH POUT
00:38:14GottHasstMich :D
00:38:19GottHasstMich bulldog in
00:38:21GottHasstMich and ur standing b
00:38:22GottHasstMich that was wp
00:38:36Laier pussy
00:38:46Laier go mid
00:38:47que2stress and now finish mid
00:38:48Laier gg
00:38:59Hael dusts...
00:39:03Laier mul o
00:39:04Laier mut cd
00:39:09Hael no kävi hakkaa mut :D
00:39:11que2stress wait
00:39:15que2stress dont go
00:39:16que2stress DONT
00:39:18que2stress 3v5
00:39:18que2stress DONT
00:39:28Laier its np i think
00:39:34Laier ill get that gem..
00:39:36GottHasstMich still dust on abba
00:39:39que2stress just wait
00:39:41que2stress and go all
00:39:47Laier got gem
00:39:51que2stress go all mid now
00:39:53Laier just stay near me and gg come miud then actually go bot
00:40:16Hael lets just go bot
00:40:16que2stress why bot?
00:40:21que2stress go mid devine
00:40:26Hael 2 lanes will pusk themselves
00:40:37Flex- vengh
00:40:38Laier stay near me
00:40:38que2stress and focus that fag
00:40:38Flex- thats why
00:40:39Flex- you swap
00:40:41Flex- out rhasta
00:40:43Flex- and nuke your self
00:40:47Laier ill take rapier okey?
00:40:48Flex- just a small tip
00:40:52que2stress or geo
00:40:53BoNeshaw gem on abba
00:40:56BoNeshaw now u cant do shit
00:41:01MariahCarry mort
00:41:02MariahCarry pls
00:41:02Laier well what ever tho
00:41:03MariahCarry join the fight no abba takes
00:41:05MariahCarry please
00:41:05Laier its gg after this push
00:41:11que2stress or void take
00:41:13que2stress who cares ;:d
00:41:15que2stress if we got it
00:41:16que2stress we won
00:41:16Hael i take!
00:41:18MariahCarry 1 kill 1 assist
00:41:19MariahCarry please
00:41:19MariahCarry come
00:41:20que2stress and if we dont get it
00:41:23que2stress he stays base
00:41:49MariahCarry venge
00:41:50MariahCarry wtf
00:41:51MariahCarry re u diong
00:42:09Laier void got it?
00:42:10MariahCarry fucktard
00:42:10Flex- cant blame me
00:42:11Jonnija y
00:42:12Flex- i did it all right
00:42:13Laier gj
00:42:16MariahCarry venge swaps me into them
00:42:20Flex- :D
00:42:22MariahCarry what a fucking knowhead
00:42:22Flex- told you
00:42:24Flex- veng is bad
00:42:26MariahCarry knobhead*
00:42:30Flex- prolly express dl
00:42:32Laier GG mariah and who said i havnt farmed?
00:42:37que2stress y i got devine bitches
00:42:39MariahCarry gg team
00:42:39que2stress u got reapier
00:42:43que2stress not bad :D
00:42:44Flex- cant say shit for me dude
00:42:53Flex- Veng was main fail
00:42:53MariahCarry flex was best palyer in team
00:42:55MariahCarry by far
00:43:00Laier pa was main fail i think
00:43:01MariahCarry mort was main fail
00:43:06que2stress actually
00:43:09que2stress u all got items
00:43:09Flex- Veng over failed
00:43:11que2stress and still fail
00:43:16que2stress And fail anywy
00:43:30Laier so much hate
00:43:32Flex- XD
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