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-33 X
+18 TS

67% | 1419 X | 1260 TS

-18 X
+2 TS

58% | 1219 X | 1378 TS

+5 X
+28 TS

31% | 1119 X | 1215 TS

+5 X
+30 TS

29% | 1088 X | 1222 TS

-32 X
+3 TS

22% | 982 X | 1263 TS

-22 X
-1 TS

92% | 1493 X | 1601 TS

+3 X
-1 TS

66% | 1277 X | 1404 TS

+30 X
-2 TS

30% | 1016 X | 1308 TS

+36 X
-11 TS

10% | 980 X | 1132 TS

+37 X
-18 TS

NEW | 975 X | 990 TS

Chat log

00:00:16GottHasstMich ban rubic
00:00:16GCNOVA yo dont unpause !
00:00:16sebralane sepe wadap
00:00:16Astrocreep when i joined i was the only one so wasnt expecting to play
00:00:16GottHasstMich and pick furi if possible
00:00:16Astrocreep -tips
00:00:16Sepetos yoyoo
00:00:16GCNOVA :D
00:00:16yeW- -sd
00:00:16yeW- -sd
00:00:16sebralane u haz dota2 key? :D
00:00:16GCNOVA ur luck :P
00:00:16GottHasstMich SD?
00:00:16GottHasstMich ......
00:00:16Astrocreep i dont
00:00:16Sepetos -rubick
00:00:16GottHasstMich pick furi
00:00:17GottHasstMich or ff
00:00:17Astrocreep how do u get it?
00:00:17GCNOVA can be very fuked up
00:00:20GottHasstMich ill play him
00:00:21sebralane he furi
00:00:21GottHasstMich IDIOT
00:00:22sebralane oo
00:00:26GottHasstMich IDIOT BRONZE GAME
00:00:26sebralane pick furi :D
00:00:27GottHasstMich GG
00:00:28yeW- will u shut it noob
00:00:29yeW- ?
00:00:30Sepetos nah
00:00:32sebralane cmmon
00:00:34sebralane i wnt it
00:00:36GottHasstMich picking lich
00:00:37yeW- u think a hero wins the game?
00:00:38sebralane woodfarm
00:00:39GottHasstMich in a pool with furi
00:00:40sebralane imba
00:00:40GCNOVA furi is papper !
00:00:42yeW- -clear
00:00:42Sepetos i want potm
00:00:43GottHasstMich against sepe is srsly wp
00:00:50sebralane kanki is afk
00:00:50Buttons carebears in here tonight
00:00:50yeW- sup?
00:00:53sebralane kanki afk
00:00:57sebralane or not
00:01:04sebralane they picked it
00:01:08sebralane :(
00:01:08Sepetos y
00:01:17sebralane what i pick
00:01:24Essebesse fuck this
00:01:26GCNOVA im goin jugger or wr
00:01:26Essebesse i wanted panda
00:01:30Sepetos atro jakiro?
00:01:32Sepetos pitlord
00:01:35sebralane wr?
00:01:36Sepetos no wr
00:01:39yeW- get atro imo
00:01:48Romeo what to take ?
00:01:52GCNOVA bane
00:01:56Sepetos essebesse
00:01:57yeW- xD
00:01:57Sepetos go pitlord
00:01:58Buttons eugh
00:02:02Buttons too many heroes that need farm
00:02:02Essebesse cant play him
00:02:08Sepetos jakiro atro
00:02:09GCNOVA not rly
00:02:11yeW- courier
00:02:19yeW- zeus fail pick btw
00:02:23Astrocreep can i wood??
00:02:24sebralane naix wood?
00:02:27Buttons idd
00:02:27Sepetos u can
00:02:29sebralane maybe i can solo top then?
00:02:31Astrocreep ty
00:02:34Sepetos atro wr bot
00:02:36Sepetos venge solo
00:02:37Astrocreep y
00:02:39Astrocreep better omcbo
00:02:42yeW- PICK FURI FFS
00:02:43Astrocreep then venge can roam from bot
00:02:43sebralane solo vs for the win :D
00:02:44GCNOVA globals
00:02:44yeW- OR WE LOSE
00:02:47sebralane wtf is this shit
00:02:47GCNOVA picked
00:02:48GCNOVA wtf?!
00:02:51GottHasstMich y luckily :)
00:02:53Sepetos hes good player
00:02:59sebralane atro
00:02:59GottHasstMich sepe with furi
00:03:00GottHasstMich is bad
00:03:00sebralane allways
00:03:02Buttons yh go mass gank
00:03:04sebralane sleep 1 skill
00:03:08sebralane 4 sek disable
00:03:09sebralane imba
00:03:15Sepetos dont feed em :o
00:03:22Sepetos u need wards
00:03:55GottHasstMich let me farm pls *_*
00:03:59Buttons jungle??
00:04:06yeW- cmn
00:04:06GCNOVA YO?!
00:04:18Romeo sry wrong button
00:05:02Sepetos retard hero
00:05:41GottHasstMich pull would be good panda
00:05:51Buttons you do it#?
00:05:52yeW- ss mid
00:05:55Buttons christ
00:05:59Sepetos botrune
00:06:00yeW- SS!
00:06:21yeW- cmon omg
00:06:21sebralane sleep him
00:06:28Astrocreep sorry
00:06:30Astrocreep took fb
00:06:32Sepetos flying plz
00:06:33sebralane ss
00:07:08yeW- up courier
00:07:18GCNOVA s2
00:07:29Romeo naix always wood
00:07:36yeW- CARE BOT
00:07:36GottHasstMich b
00:07:36yeW- BB
00:07:51sebralane ss
00:08:16yeW- z
00:08:28Romeo b
00:09:13GCNOVA ss
00:09:33GCNOVA SS ?!
00:09:57Sepetos topmiss
00:09:57sebralane can i get solo now?
00:10:12sebralane re zuus
00:10:23GCNOVA s1
00:10:49yeW- ss mid
00:11:43yeW- ss
00:11:44GottHasstMich instead
00:11:44GottHasstMich of w8
00:11:47GottHasstMich one fucking sec
00:11:50GottHasstMich u directly engage
00:11:50GottHasstMich ...
00:12:04Sepetos got invi
00:13:10Sepetos got invis again
00:13:38Romeo how many invis u take ? :DD
00:13:44sebralane all
00:14:00Essebesse oom
00:14:04yeW- furi mid
00:14:17Sepetos wards
00:14:21yeW- wait
00:14:23GottHasstMich yy
00:14:30Sepetos atro
00:14:43yeW- ffs
00:15:44sebralane lag cmmon
00:15:46Sepetos naix come
00:15:50sebralane cant even kill zuus
00:16:32sebralane wadao
00:16:35sebralane why u farm?
00:16:39Sepetos atro u just idle bottom?
00:16:42Sepetos and dont buy wards
00:16:43Sepetos wtf is that
00:16:45GCNOVA failed
00:16:49Sepetos u should have soulring
00:16:57GCNOVA b
00:16:59GottHasstMich y since nobody is following too
00:17:06GCNOVA nobody has mana
00:17:06GottHasstMich but that sprout was kinda bullshit
00:17:08GCNOVA and hp
00:17:14GottHasstMich wr is kinda lowhero just attack and kill
00:17:16yeW- zeus
00:17:16yeW- tt
00:17:27yeW- u ask what to pick
00:17:28yeW- we say aro
00:17:29yeW- atro
00:17:31yeW- n u pick zeus
00:17:37Sepetos WARDS
00:18:29yeW- zomg..
00:18:51Sepetos LOL
00:18:57GCNOVA fog :D
00:19:00Romeo thx nice
00:19:10Sepetos 0.1sec fogh
00:19:21GCNOVA care
00:19:39GCNOVA stop failing
00:20:03Sepetos help guys??
00:20:14sebralane gg
00:20:14Buttons lolz
00:20:15Sepetos plz
00:20:16Sepetos gj
00:20:19sebralane do faking something?
00:20:21sebralane sleep ulti?
00:20:22Sepetos go without smoke so close and no wards
00:20:25sebralane faking anything?
00:20:34sebralane how faking game sensless can u be?
00:20:36sebralane faking retard
00:20:38sebralane 0 wards
00:20:39GCNOVA im b
00:20:43sebralane go faking leave pls
00:20:46sebralane u farm with atro
00:20:49sebralane when teamfights
00:20:52sebralane wtf is this shit
00:21:02yeW- we need towers
00:21:03sebralane how u even finded gc faking russian?
00:21:25yeW- zeus, care.
00:21:30yeW- and dead
00:23:02yeW- bb
00:23:20GottHasstMich gg
00:23:22GCNOVA :D
00:23:29yeW- what happened?
00:23:34GottHasstMich random ulti
00:23:35GCNOVA i used omnislash
00:23:37GottHasstMich killed him
00:23:39yeW- ^^
00:23:41Sepetos NAIX SLOW
00:23:41Sepetos wtf
00:23:43Sepetos free zeus
00:23:44Sepetos ffs
00:23:47GCNOVA yea, but i cut that bitch
00:23:49GCNOVA in slices :D
00:23:51Sepetos someone make pipe
00:23:51GottHasstMich i
00:23:51Sepetos wr
00:23:52GottHasstMich kk
00:23:53GottHasstMich didnt saw that
00:23:55yeW- buy wards
00:23:55sebralane team retard
00:23:57GottHasstMich thougjt killed him crepping
00:23:57GCNOVA care
00:23:57GottHasstMich xD
00:23:57yeW- ah k
00:23:58yeW- cd
00:25:27GCNOVA woops
00:25:39yeW- drink
00:25:40yeW- panda
00:25:41GCNOVA get b
00:25:48Buttons ty
00:25:49yeW- again
00:26:11GCNOVA :/
00:26:12GCNOVA :D
00:27:13sebralane wtf
00:27:14sebralane gg
00:27:21Sepetos ye lol
00:27:25Sepetos no creeps to tower
00:28:05yeW- 5
00:28:05yeW- zz
00:28:39Sepetos B
00:28:45Sepetos need dusts
00:29:01Sepetos bottom tower finally?
00:29:04Sepetos wards?
00:29:04yeW- wards
00:29:08yeW- zeus
00:29:10yeW- ill place em
00:29:20Buttons dust on wr
00:29:26sebralane warded
00:29:28sebralane or invis
00:29:39GottHasstMich b
00:29:55GottHasstMich go mid
00:29:59sebralane zeus making silence stick
00:30:01sebralane will do
00:30:15yeW- furi
00:30:16yeW- go
00:30:39GottHasstMich NA
00:30:42GottHasstMich -.-
00:30:44sebralane yeesh
00:31:03GottHasstMich didnt noticed u've a venge in team
00:31:06Sepetos need ppl
00:31:09yeW- bb
00:31:09sebralane sk,
00:31:13sebralane solo venge
00:31:15yeW- rosh
00:31:15yeW- all
00:31:36Sepetos tower
00:31:53yeW- ulti zeus
00:32:00yeW- lemme tkae
00:32:19Buttons bane
00:32:20Sepetos b
00:32:24sebralane go b
00:32:32GCNOVA b
00:32:33Sepetos toptower
00:32:50GottHasstMich ......
00:32:51GottHasstMich srslyß
00:32:52GottHasstMich ????
00:33:03Sepetos someone making pipe?
00:33:07GottHasstMich huy
00:33:18Sepetos we need wards
00:33:51GCNOVA b
00:33:54Sepetos wards?
00:34:00Sepetos -ms
00:34:00yeW- sucker lothars^
00:34:01Kanki atropos?
00:34:03GCNOVA :D
00:34:05Sepetos we need wards
00:34:11Essebesse go buy yourself
00:34:17sebralane ban this whore
00:34:17sebralane pls
00:34:49yeW- zz
00:35:05GottHasstMich gg
00:35:05GottHasstMich -.-
00:35:07yeW- dust
00:35:08GCNOVA SRy?!
00:35:14yeW- what were u thinkin
00:35:16yeW- lol
00:35:16GCNOVA no srsly
00:35:20GottHasstMich wtf is wrong with my fucking mouse
00:35:24GottHasstMich today
00:35:25Sepetos tower top
00:35:26GCNOVA aint the mouse
00:35:28GCNOVA its u man
00:35:29GottHasstMich y ofc pro
00:35:31yeW- lol
00:35:32GottHasstMich i click on myself
00:35:33GCNOVA ur controling it -.-
00:35:33GottHasstMich :E:E
00:35:43Romeo :DDDD
00:35:47yeW- way to go zeus, fukin way to go
00:35:49sebralane im gona make lothar too
00:35:51yeW- buy wards
00:35:51sebralane then team invis
00:35:52yeW- zeus
00:35:57yeW- ah
00:35:58yeW- k
00:36:01Romeo :DD
00:36:09yeW- -ma
00:36:18Romeo relax mate its game anyway
00:36:25yeW- not sure
00:36:29Romeo about what ? :D
00:36:33Essebesse dust
00:36:35Essebesse mirana
00:36:35yeW- oh u meant
00:36:38Sepetos got
00:36:39yeW- its just a game?
00:36:42Essebesse he is here
00:36:45Sepetos lothar?
00:36:47Essebesse y
00:36:47Romeo not real life i mean =]
00:36:49Sepetos b
00:36:51yeW- ofc not
00:36:53yeW- sucks to lose tho
00:36:53yeW- ^^
00:36:57Essebesse crap
00:37:22Sepetos use phases
00:37:26Essebesse i did
00:37:33Romeo stop using me
00:37:35GCNOVA GO IN !
00:37:36yeW- im not
00:37:43yeW- go in?
00:37:46yeW- without creep? ^^
00:37:47Romeo useles ulti
00:37:49GCNOVA 3 dead !
00:37:51Astrocreep did he ulse ulti?
00:37:53Astrocreep yelll
00:37:56yeW- mid
00:38:02Sepetos i think so
00:38:09sebralane -ms
00:38:10GottHasstMich its useless when u cant killsteal at least 1 ?
00:38:11GottHasstMich :D:D
00:38:23Kanki def mid
00:38:27Romeo yornero was in forn of him
00:38:32Romeo why i should use it
00:39:04Essebesse :)
00:39:05GCNOVA FUCK FUCK FUCK x1000 U !
00:39:06Kanki no
00:39:08Kanki i fuck u
00:39:11Buttons lolz
00:39:24Astrocreep gem
00:39:26GCNOVA gem
00:39:49sebralane why
00:39:55sebralane did u leap back
00:39:58sebralane dont get it
00:40:02Astrocreep b with gem
00:40:06GottHasstMich chase
00:40:15sebralane ward
00:40:16sebralane kill it
00:40:34Sepetos someone could make medalion
00:40:39sebralane i make
00:40:46yeW- ye
00:40:47yeW- sec
00:40:47Essebesse i make guinso
00:40:49Kanki gem in base
00:40:54sebralane naix tak
00:40:55sebralane e
00:41:04Essebesse guinso best right?
00:41:09Astrocreep if u can farm it
00:41:10Sepetos y
00:41:17sebralane ofche can
00:41:20sebralane he farms whole game
00:41:22sebralane np
00:41:27yeW- omw
00:42:33Sepetos rosh upp
00:42:35Sepetos plant wards more
00:42:42yeW- suicidal
00:42:43GottHasstMich b
00:42:44GottHasstMich panda
00:43:25Sepetos ward
00:43:31Romeo b
00:43:32GCNOVA b
00:43:36yeW- zeus
00:43:37yeW- be RD
00:43:39yeW- for ur ulti
00:43:50yeW- k nbvm
00:43:52Romeo before yours or after ?
00:43:59GCNOVA in same time
00:44:00yeW- neeeded it to c invis
00:44:04yeW- but whatever ^^
00:44:05Kanki omw
00:44:10Sepetos NEED WARDS
00:44:38Sepetos smoke needed
00:44:41Kanki take rosh?
00:44:49Sepetos need wards..
00:44:50Romeo naix
00:45:00GCNOVA b
00:45:11Sepetos WARDS
00:45:19Sepetos then rosh
00:45:27Astrocreep i bought a pair
00:45:32Astrocreep plant them
00:45:33yeW- B
00:45:47sebralane kill heal ward
00:46:00yeW- hit me
00:46:01yeW- git me
00:46:03yeW- hit me
00:46:09Buttons my bad sry
00:46:22GCNOVA gjgjgjgjg
00:46:23GCNOVA :D
00:46:26Romeo =]
00:46:31Sepetos ?!!?!?
00:46:48yeW- zomgz
00:47:00yeW- lucky venge oO
00:47:08Sepetos lucky furion
00:47:20yeW- 6/6/6
00:47:21yeW- xD
00:47:30Romeo =]]
00:47:49yeW- gem
00:47:50yeW- naix
00:47:50yeW- !
00:47:50Kanki lets take rosh
00:47:52Sepetos toptower first
00:47:59sebralane come indise me
00:48:04Astrocreep cd
00:48:25yeW- rosh gogo
00:48:25yeW- !
00:48:26Astrocreep although i would love to insert into u
00:48:35sebralane ye look my tits
00:48:37sebralane come
00:48:38sebralane i tp
00:48:42Astrocreep cd
00:48:45yeW- U
00:48:52Romeo again ?
00:50:30GCNOVA share
00:50:32GCNOVA zeus !
00:50:33yeW- ye
00:50:34yeW- wtf unsharin?
00:50:37Buttons 4 dead ffs
00:50:37Buttons go
00:50:38Buttons rax
00:50:44Romeo someone using me already 4-5 times
00:50:51GCNOVA share damn it !
00:50:56yeW- !!
00:51:07yeW- i upped the courier
00:51:07yeW- !
00:51:12Buttons b
00:51:16Buttons ?
00:51:16GCNOVA no i did :D
00:51:20yeW- whatever XD!
00:51:26Sepetos NAIX WTF U DOING
00:51:35Sepetos HIT PANDA IF U CANT ZEUS
00:51:58Sepetos detect guys?
00:52:14yeW- noo
00:52:26Romeo =]
00:52:33GottHasstMich lucky bitch!
00:52:36sebralane we lost it
00:52:43sebralane wp farming atro
00:52:43Essebesse I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:52:45sebralane win
00:52:50GCNOVA just in time :D
00:53:00Kanki take rosh?
00:53:02yeW- juggahhhzzz
00:53:31Sepetos go with my ulti
00:53:40GCNOVA getback
00:53:41GCNOVA from top
00:53:42GCNOVA all
00:53:42Astrocreep aim who
00:53:43GCNOVA go rosh
00:53:48yeW- dd
00:54:18GottHasstMich ofc hero moves that fuck if i click to go mid
00:54:19yeW- chick inc
00:54:20GottHasstMich <3 dota
00:54:50GottHasstMich dont suicide now
00:54:51GottHasstMich jugger
00:54:54GottHasstMich ........
00:55:27Sepetos mmm
00:55:33Astrocreep man
00:55:38Astrocreep is it my fault we losr?
00:55:39Astrocreep e
00:55:46Buttons jug going ac?
00:55:51yeW- ah
00:55:52yeW- sry
00:55:56GCNOVA kind of
00:55:59Buttons don't
00:56:03Buttons i have hyper alrdy
00:56:07Buttons i'll build it
00:56:08Kanki b
00:56:09Kanki def mid
00:56:10GCNOVA kk
00:56:11Kanki def mid
00:56:13Kanki def mid
00:56:29GottHasstMich how the fuc
00:56:30GottHasstMich k
00:56:36GottHasstMich are they all invis all the time
00:56:36GottHasstMich ffs
00:56:39yeW- mira^^
00:56:47GottHasstMich y but didnt used ulti or?
00:56:47GottHasstMich gem
00:56:47GottHasstMich !
00:56:53GottHasstMich i didnt saw her going invis
00:58:41Buttons WP
00:58:51yeW- lol
00:59:04GottHasstMich this game fucking joke
00:59:09yeW- double miss xD
00:59:19GottHasstMich gem
00:59:19GottHasstMich ._.
00:59:26GCNOVA he got me
00:59:41Buttons lol
00:59:43Kanki tele
00:59:46Buttons brb throne
00:59:59Romeo i think they will try to push one time =]
01:00:06GottHasstMich they cant
01:00:10GCNOVA 1 h
01:00:11GCNOVA game
01:00:12Romeo becouse of you :D
01:00:13GCNOVA t1 tower
01:00:13Astrocreep they jusy team as 5 better
01:00:15GottHasstMich right
01:00:17GCNOVA still there
01:00:19GottHasstMich if they are trying to push
01:00:19GottHasstMich ill end
01:00:33Kanki rosh up?
01:00:38Sepetos y
01:00:39Sepetos need wards
01:00:50Kanki lets take rosh
01:00:53Kanki got wrds
01:00:56Romeo so you cant die :D
01:00:58Sepetos or not
01:00:58Sepetos :o
01:01:05GCNOVA get me
01:01:08GCNOVA 4 healing
01:01:09GCNOVA slaves pls :D
01:01:24Buttons wards
01:01:25Buttons on her
01:01:32Buttons fml
01:01:33yeW- xd
01:01:34Romeo =]
01:01:34GCNOVA In the eye
01:01:34yeW- hh
01:01:48sebralane 200 hp
01:01:48sebralane gg
01:01:49GCNOVA i have 1
01:01:53sebralane he has gem
01:01:57Sepetos come wait him
01:02:14Sepetos heh.
01:02:28sebralane they gem
01:03:04sebralane nice creepskip
01:03:20Kanki kill furi
01:03:28yeW- xd
01:03:30Romeo yes
01:03:36GCNOVA What's this, 10 gems in game?
01:03:37GottHasstMich lol
01:03:39GottHasstMich :D
01:03:42GottHasstMich rly
01:03:48yeW- gem lovers
01:03:49GottHasstMich zeus wtf
01:03:50GCNOVA every single player has gem
01:03:52GottHasstMich can u share
01:03:52GottHasstMich ?
01:03:54GottHasstMich need that chick
01:03:59GottHasstMich i didnt used ur hero once
01:04:02GottHasstMich u know that is bannable right ?
01:04:17Kanki atro give gem to me?
01:04:28yeW- lul
01:04:32GCNOVA yay :D
01:04:33Kanki lets go mid
01:04:41GCNOVA naix is ripping :D
01:04:57GottHasstMich 10000000000000000 gems
01:04:58GottHasstMich gg
01:05:04yeW- xD
01:05:08yeW- illu power
01:05:18Kanki rosh
01:05:28GCNOVA go !
01:05:50yeW- cheese
01:06:01GottHasstMich i didnt get that
01:06:02GottHasstMich sir
01:06:03Essebesse push
01:06:08Essebesse push
01:06:09Essebesse i def
01:06:12yeW- haha
01:06:14GCNOVA they wasted
01:06:15GCNOVA cheese
01:06:19GottHasstMich well
01:06:20Buttons just rush throne
01:06:20GottHasstMich you are dead
01:06:22GottHasstMich wasted?
01:06:22Essebesse push guys
01:06:25GCNOVA wasted man
01:06:26GCNOVA :D
01:06:27yeW- xD
01:06:28yeW- W
01:06:28yeW- A
01:06:29yeW- S
01:06:30yeW- T
01:06:30yeW- ED
01:06:32yeW- GOT IT?
01:06:32yeW- :D
01:06:39GCNOVA i dont think that bane
01:06:40GCNOVA can
01:06:44GCNOVA def the throne
01:06:51GottHasstMich now aegis too
01:06:52GCNOVA W
01:06:53GCNOVA A
01:06:54GCNOVA S
01:06:54Buttons just all gather top?
01:06:54GCNOVA T
01:06:55GCNOVA E
01:06:55yeW- whose
01:06:56GCNOVA D
01:06:57yeW- broadswore
01:07:00yeW- sword
01:07:01yeW- i it?
01:07:01GCNOVA mine
01:07:11Romeo push top at least take baracks =]
01:07:33Romeo surender ? :)
01:07:40yeW- EM PUSH
01:07:40yeW- FACE
01:07:41yeW- NIGGER
01:07:48Essebesse naix
01:07:49Essebesse top
01:08:10Buttons gj furi
01:08:24Romeo im dead
01:08:25Buttons he has wards
01:08:26yeW- dead xD
01:08:28GCNOVA no shit?
01:08:29GCNOVA :D
01:08:35yeW- raxx!
01:08:42Buttons gogo treant
01:08:42GCNOVA r u serious?
01:08:44GCNOVA t1 tower top
01:08:57Romeo gem
01:09:07yeW- omw
01:09:12yeW- omg
01:09:14yeW- why did it tp me there
01:09:15yeW- lol
01:09:22GCNOVA o_o?
01:09:25yeW- :O
01:09:36yeW- I HATH
01:09:36yeW- THE GEM
01:09:46GCNOVA me222222
01:10:36Romeo GO TOP
01:10:40Romeo leav it
01:10:41GottHasstMich :P
01:11:02Kanki ty
01:11:14yeW- gem panda
01:11:15Romeo GG
01:11:17GottHasstMich gg
01:11:20yeW- wpp
01:11:23GCNOVA wp wp
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