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90% | 1517 X | 1503 TS

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63% | 1332 X | 1313 TS

Chat log

00:00:18Lavos wishes?
00:00:18McNabb sandking
00:00:18MariahCarry i approve of these teams
00:00:18Sepetos anyone aa?
00:00:18que2stress i wish rubick
00:00:18slc2 me
00:00:18Lavos i will have to ban him
00:00:18MariahCarry can i sf mid?
00:00:18Lavos unless
00:00:18Sepetos -sb
00:00:18que2stress but better ban it i suppose
00:00:18que2stress then i take aa
00:00:18Sepetos dont know yet
00:00:18Lavos rubick
00:00:22MariahCarry k
00:00:41Lavos any1 levi
00:00:42Dota.m :( my sk
00:01:10MariahCarry sf is one of the best against harb
00:01:11MariahCarry imo
00:01:20Sepetos yea swap for me
00:01:26Sepetos u play like brood
00:01:28slc2 sepetos what u want?
00:01:34Sepetos if mariah swaps
00:01:36MariahCarry haha what :D
00:01:39McNabb sven top
00:01:41Sepetos u swap
00:01:41McNabb i solo bot
00:01:42MariahCarry nono i play sf pls
00:01:43Sepetos he picks u?
00:01:44slc2 what to pick?
00:01:44que2stress yeup
00:01:49Sepetos u wont get midsolo
00:01:50MariahCarry i hate spiders
00:01:50Laier lol
00:01:52Lavos pick ranged
00:01:54Lavos dusa
00:01:54MariahCarry meh
00:01:54Sepetos take dusa
00:01:56McNabb no
00:01:58Sepetos or luci
00:01:59MariahCarry ill still have fun razing stuff
00:01:59Sepetos -swap 5
00:02:00MariahCarry so it's ok
00:02:02slc2 -swap 1
00:02:07que2stress taht was stupid
00:02:08slc2 me doom top?
00:02:08Lavos we need ranged to top
00:02:13Sepetos na
00:02:14Sepetos im mi
00:02:14Kanki im pulling top
00:02:14h0whigh ranged cap sad
00:02:14Sepetos d
00:02:16que2stress so pick the fuckin gmega carry
00:02:18slc2 let sf mid?
00:02:20que2stress instead of enigma
00:02:24Sepetos nah
00:02:24Kanki sf can solo top
00:02:28MariahCarry ye
00:02:30McNabb ff now
00:02:31h0whigh no mega carry
00:02:33h0whigh hard tank inc
00:02:34Sepetos pugna aa imba
00:02:34McNabb lastpick carry
00:02:37Kanki ye
00:02:51slc2 all heroes are imba with aa
00:02:56MariahCarry gonna be so easy for u to gank top cent
00:03:00MariahCarry when im lvl 3 and 5
00:03:05MariahCarry etc
00:03:14Dota.m reg
00:03:16McNabb pull
00:03:25que2stress the 2nd
00:03:55que2stress blocke dit is
00:03:59Dota.m ss 1 bot
00:05:18h0whigh gj
00:05:39MariahCarry let me pls
00:06:29slc2 stramt
00:06:30Dota.m fucking lucky han er
00:06:42Lavos mid miss
00:07:10Dota.m kan ikke gøre noget
00:07:25slc2 ved godt
00:07:25Laier sick moves bro
00:07:33Sepetos FLYING
00:07:53Sepetos ty for no flyin
00:07:59Sepetos miten vitussa jäbäl ei lopu manat muka
00:08:05Dota.m b
00:08:05Dota.m b
00:08:06Dota.m b
00:08:09Sepetos mul viimeks ei tullu kertaakaa toi aura stick ku pelasin midis
00:08:09McNabb ss
00:08:13McNabb care woods
00:08:14Lavos ei vaa lopu :)
00:08:15Dota.m obsi with haste care
00:08:20McNabb ss
00:08:28MariahCarry hvor
00:08:38Dota.m mid
00:08:47Dota.m han har den i bottle
00:09:06slc2 kom
00:09:07MariahCarry let go cent
00:09:09slc2 nak ench
00:09:19slc2 kom nu
00:09:25McNabb ss bot
00:09:33Lavos go
00:09:33McNabb care
00:09:33Lavos go
00:09:33Lavos go
00:09:51Lavos mid miss
00:10:01Lavos re
00:10:17Sepetos wards?
00:10:26Kanki sven miss
00:11:09McNabb re_
00:11:10McNabb ?
00:11:37slc2 ench
00:11:43h0whigh 2 many
00:11:44h0whigh there
00:11:47Lavos sven go soon
00:12:09Lavos fuck that
00:12:12McNabb ss bot
00:12:43Sepetos wards?
00:12:51slc2 i have bougth
00:13:01Lavos get wards pls
00:13:34Laier valoi päälle
00:13:40Lavos jmoo vähä map unes
00:13:56McNabb ty
00:14:02Laier haetaa top
00:14:09McNabb wards on chick
00:14:10Lavos m,dio miss
00:14:42Laier ei viittiny ottaa
00:14:46Lavos ty
00:14:47MariahCarry wards?
00:14:51Sepetos asked
00:14:52MariahCarry pugna?
00:14:53Sepetos not happening
00:14:56MariahCarry aa?
00:14:57MariahCarry hvad laver i
00:14:59MariahCarry tak
00:15:06slc2 jeg har købt
00:15:08slc2 2 gang nu
00:15:09MariahCarry ask in danish
00:15:12MariahCarry seppe
00:15:13MariahCarry next time
00:15:16Lavos pugna nisi
00:15:19Lavos invis
00:15:22Lavos TOP
00:15:22Lavos B
00:16:20Laier go
00:16:21Lavos svnej
00:16:23Lavos to me
00:16:27Lavos use
00:16:31Lavos bottle
00:16:41Lavos give
00:16:54slc2 jimmy mid
00:17:00slc2 stun
00:17:19Kanki wtf?
00:17:34slc2 def
00:18:10McNabb wow
00:18:30McNabb why stop up
00:18:38que2stress bought item ;)
00:18:38Laier b
00:19:06MariahCarry wow doom
00:19:12Laier vittuku ehti doomaa enne stunnia :s
00:20:44Sepetos wtf pugna
00:20:46Sepetos make hp?
00:21:25MariahCarry sup
00:21:30MariahCarry u fat fuck
00:21:47h0whigh all miss
00:22:02que2stress aa no ult
00:22:15Laier how about abit earlier sk?
00:22:26Laier no need to wait so they kill me
00:22:27Kanki ff
00:22:48Lavos wards
00:23:01slc2 stramt game
00:23:18McNabb dusa stop afk
00:23:19Kanki nice tele mariah
00:23:23Sepetos :E
00:23:24MariahCarry rofl
00:23:25que2stress why
00:23:29MariahCarry no sven when i tele
00:23:30que2stress he wont feed in base
00:23:34Lavos lol
00:23:35slc2 w8 me
00:23:39MariahCarry nice playing like shit kanki
00:24:19que2stress he doomed?
00:24:21Lavos wait
00:24:23Laier nope
00:24:38McNabb ups
00:24:48Lavos gj
00:24:52Sepetos gj pugna really
00:25:01Sepetos i play bad cause u force me to
00:25:04slc2 u went suicide
00:25:04Dota.m lol why u first cam after
00:25:09Dota.m force ?
00:25:11Sepetos why u suck?
00:25:12McNabb take wards
00:25:15Dota.m like you
00:25:19Sepetos lanebottle pugna
00:25:21Sepetos awesome
00:25:36Dota.m sf mid only 2 lvl higher
00:25:49MariahCarry wards pls
00:25:56Lavos b
00:25:57Sepetos gogogo
00:26:01McNabb ward
00:26:18MariahCarry ur so bad :>
00:26:28Laier why are you losing then?
00:26:34MariahCarry cus im not cap
00:26:59MariahCarry decrip???
00:27:01MariahCarry pugna
00:27:02MariahCarry lol
00:27:05MariahCarry decrip istedet for ward
00:27:10Lavos ahgh
00:27:10Sepetos nice steal him
00:27:16que2stress that was uncool
00:27:26Lavos thought id be able to scare them enough
00:27:31Dota.m nar
00:27:36que2stress well u just stopped the heal actually
00:27:39slc2 ho
00:27:41Lavos yep
00:27:54Lavos lets go push towers with 5
00:28:05Sepetos wards
00:28:19McNabb regen
00:28:23Laier ill take
00:28:41que2stress nice ult sk
00:28:41que2stress :D
00:28:41McNabb pugna
00:28:41McNabb ward
00:28:41slc2 go harbringer jimmy
00:28:42slc2 jeg kommer
00:28:42McNabb fucks up
00:28:48Dota.m self
00:28:54Dota.m og så dør jeg igen
00:29:20Lavos hereil =)
00:29:26Kanki kuin paska tiimi voi olla
00:29:28Laier elaan 400kbs mokkulal
00:29:37Laier vetää vähä viiveel :D
00:29:42Lavos wardit bases
00:29:49slc2 ej hvor får vi pik
00:29:57MariahCarry pga ingen wards
00:29:59McNabb gret those ward up
00:30:05slc2 jeg har købt massere af wards
00:30:06Dota.m jeg kan slet ikke spille har totalt hoved pine plus tømmermænd fra igår
00:30:07Laier Lagggg
00:30:07Lavos somebody pick em up
00:30:09MariahCarry ye men lige nu
00:30:20Kanki oli nättii lagii viime fightis
00:30:24Laier o kyl
00:30:29Laier ei toi puhelime mokkula oikee pyöritä :D
00:31:15Lavos sigh
00:31:22Laier ur so bad
00:31:29MariahCarry laier :D
00:31:43Laier :D
00:31:43Lavos lol
00:31:44que2stress lols
00:31:44MariahCarry lotharslastpick laying down the smack
00:31:45Laier haha
00:31:46que2stress sop come heal
00:31:53McNabb wake up
00:32:06Lavos huh
00:32:33Sepetos come tower
00:33:24Sepetos midtower
00:33:39Laier def
00:33:43McNabb sf bkb
00:33:51Lavos 30min lol
00:34:24Lavos sweet
00:34:25Laier srry :(
00:34:27Kanki I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:34:33Lavos eikö ollu0 hieno sven
00:34:33MariahCarry 4on1 u kill me
00:34:36Kanki go ff its done
00:34:37MariahCarry laier must be good
00:34:42Sepetos sf was good pick
00:34:43Sepetos np
00:34:44Laier i fucking hate that guy
00:34:47Lavos we all do
00:34:49Sepetos as always
00:34:51MariahCarry it was
00:34:56MariahCarry if u hadn't feeded him mid
00:34:57que2stress why u care what he says
00:35:00MariahCarry the way u feeded me mid last game
00:35:03Sepetos died one time
00:35:04Lavos yeah just ignore
00:35:04Lavos or
00:35:05Laier dont really care
00:35:07Sepetos and he didnt have prison
00:35:09Sepetos se was easy kill
00:35:10Lavos tell urself that he is 500% retard
00:35:12Lavos :DD
00:35:13Sepetos nobody interested
00:35:15Lavos both work
00:35:17Laier 600&
00:35:27McNabb fu
00:35:56Laier b
00:36:07que2stress b
00:37:02slc2 vi har ikke flere wards....
00:37:14slc2 ?
00:37:18Sepetos there is ward
00:37:19Laier i go take and hunt someone :p
00:37:22Laier ohh
00:37:24slc2 yes i have just placed theme
00:37:30slc2 but i cant buy more
00:37:38Laier they smoke?
00:37:44slc2 guinso?
00:37:45Laier or rosh?
00:37:48slc2 or skadi?
00:37:50que2stress or ther
00:37:53Kanki guinsoo
00:37:53Lavos lol
00:37:57Laier shhh! ,<
00:38:08Sepetos need smoke
00:38:17Kanki gather
00:38:19que2stress double ward
00:38:21que2stress :D
00:38:41McNabb can we gather plz?
00:38:46Lavos yes
00:38:46Lavos all come
00:38:47Lavos to us
00:38:50que2stress im here
00:38:50Laier sec
00:38:59Lavos come here we go gank and end
00:39:00que2stress let me farm 400 for guinsoo
00:39:01Laier got heart not
00:39:02Laier now
00:39:03Lavos i have one
00:39:04slc2 sf
00:39:04Lavos just go :D
00:39:11MariahCarry wow
00:39:12Lavos gahhh
00:39:25Sepetos smoke gang guys?
00:39:36Lavos go
00:40:03Sepetos ok...
00:40:04Lavos go bot
00:40:08Dota.m I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:40:56MariahCarry cent almost has lothars
00:41:00Laier :)
00:41:01MariahCarry if only he'd gotten it faster
00:41:03Laier wp
00:41:05MariahCarry we'd have prolly won
00:41:09que2stress :D
00:41:20Sepetos or take other than sf or gank mid when he has no prison
00:41:25MariahCarry haha
00:41:28MariahCarry or let sf mid
00:41:31MariahCarry or don't feed mid
00:41:31Kanki well we cant play as a team so its kinda gg
00:41:32Sepetos or let me play sf
00:41:33slc2 præcis
00:41:37MariahCarry why
00:41:38Sepetos like i let someone solomid?
00:41:39MariahCarry how can u think
00:41:42MariahCarry that i'd do that
00:41:49MariahCarry after i pick it myself
00:41:57MariahCarry did u really expect that
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