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91% | 1571 X | 1495 TS

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80% | 1408 X | 1452 TS

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80% | 1449 X | 1402 TS

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62% | 1345 X | 1287 TS

Chat log

00:00:03WANKmaster -rd
00:00:05TakinBackMyLove -rd
00:00:06Eternity -ii
00:00:08Eternity -water random
00:00:17BoNeshaw ban spec
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove anyone aa ?
00:00:17WANKmaster y
00:00:17WANKmaster can u play trall ?
00:00:17Eternity ban eni/thrall/spec
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove hallo ?
00:00:17Steuerfreak hm
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove anyone a a+ ?
00:00:17BoBo.Ftw no
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove aa
00:00:17Vangelis pick
00:00:17Vangelis spec
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove ban aa
00:00:17WANKmaster spec
00:00:18TakinBackMyLove trall
00:00:20Vangelis pick potm
00:00:21TakinBackMyLove anyone ?
00:00:23Vangelis i want potm
00:00:23Vangelis :D
00:00:25Steuerfreak no
00:00:27Steuerfreak not yet
00:00:28Jensefar rather void or thrall
00:00:33Vangelis i want
00:00:37Vangelis potm please :D
00:00:43WANKmaster pit
00:00:43que2stress same picks again :D
00:00:44WANKmaster any1?
00:00:45Vangelis palun
00:00:46Vangelis vota
00:00:47BoBo.Ftw AA + SPEC BANNED
00:00:48Vangelis potm mulle
00:00:49Vangelis :D
00:00:57WANKmaster no kui keegi ei taha
00:01:00WANKmaster siis pelan ise seda
00:01:02que2stress get thralkl
00:01:04que2stress ..
00:01:05Vangelis plz
00:01:06Vangelis swap
00:01:12Steuerfreak yy
00:01:17BoNeshaw need support
00:01:18BoNeshaw thrall
00:01:18que2stress they take it
00:01:22BoNeshaw bat
00:01:24WANKmaster anna alche
00:01:28BoNeshaw noo
00:01:29Vangelis -swap 1
00:01:30WANKmaster -swap 3
00:01:31que2stress wopha
00:01:32BoNeshaw too much carry
00:01:40Vangelis don't talk
00:01:41Vangelis if you pick
00:01:43Vangelis gondar
00:01:44Vangelis :D
00:01:45Eternity tell pick
00:01:47TakinBackMyLove they
00:01:50BoNeshaw i picked second
00:01:51TakinBackMyLove go enimga or bat
00:01:52Vangelis bat
00:01:53TakinBackMyLove last
00:01:53que2stress can i mid?
00:01:58Vangelis imo bat
00:01:58TakinBackMyLove sure
00:01:59Vangelis good pick
00:02:03Eternity gosh srsly dislike this hero
00:02:05Jensefar their team rox
00:02:06TakinBackMyLove trall
00:02:07TakinBackMyLove with
00:02:07TakinBackMyLove me
00:02:08TakinBackMyLove bot
00:02:21BoNeshaw 4 carry ftw
00:02:26Vangelis plz
00:02:26Jensefar 4?
00:02:27Vangelis carry
00:02:28Vangelis my
00:02:29Vangelis item
00:02:31Eternity encha forest?
00:02:32Vangelis and give to me on lane
00:02:34que2stress u still can do the MC move
00:02:38TakinBackMyLove our only weekness is we got so much melee
00:02:48que2stress this is why we got void
00:02:56que2stress and abba
00:03:01que2stress and pit
00:03:01Jensefar u want me to pull?
00:03:07Eternity i am good with bat but nothing special...
00:03:11Steuerfreak mirana
00:03:24BoNeshaw ench y
00:03:26BoNeshaw ofcourse
00:03:30Jensefar kk
00:03:40Eternity mirana carry or supportive?
00:03:43Eternity ss1
00:05:04TakinBackMyLove ss
00:05:13Eternity ss1
00:05:19Jensefar gang?
00:05:21Jensefar bh?=
00:05:23BoNeshaw k
00:05:31Jensefar w8 1 sec
00:06:18Jensefar lol so fail
00:06:21Jensefar fucking hate abba
00:06:24BoNeshaw wrong target
00:06:25Eternity magicstick^^
00:06:31BoBo.Ftw worth it :)
00:06:40Laier totally
00:06:45TakinBackMyLove dont
00:06:46TakinBackMyLove auteo
00:07:14TakinBackMyLove ffs
00:07:15TakinBackMyLove tral
00:07:15que2stress gang mid
00:07:24que2stress #ss mid
00:07:48Jensefar try again?
00:07:49Jensefar or
00:07:51Laier 140 for mana boots
00:07:53BoNeshaw w8 mana
00:07:57Jensefar kk
00:07:57BoNeshaw and abba
00:07:58que2stress flying?
00:08:00Vangelis ehm
00:08:01Vangelis ...
00:08:02TakinBackMyLove hallo
00:08:03TakinBackMyLove tral
00:08:04Eternity why you went there..
00:08:04TakinBackMyLove stop
00:08:05Steuerfreak kk
00:08:06TakinBackMyLove fucking hit
00:08:07Vangelis to
00:08:08Vangelis cancel
00:08:08TakinBackMyLove kreesp
00:08:08Vangelis his
00:08:09Vangelis salve
00:08:11Vangelis nothing else
00:08:36BoNeshaw got mana now
00:08:37Laier sam
00:08:38Laier spam
00:08:39Laier bh
00:08:39Jensefar k
00:08:41BoNeshaw but cant
00:08:42Jensefar i come in 30
00:08:43BoNeshaw aba 6
00:08:47Laier top ss
00:08:53BoNeshaw we cant kill em
00:09:00BoNeshaw u should go down jungle
00:09:07Vangelis lag
00:09:11Jensefar y
00:09:12Jensefar i wil
00:09:32Jensefar get void?='
00:09:37Vangelis i am
00:09:37Vangelis oom
00:09:39BoBo.Ftw poor bh ^^
00:09:50BoNeshaw alche do u have stun?
00:09:56WANKmaster no
00:10:03que2stress im using chick
00:10:05que2stress then i send it bot
00:10:19BoNeshaw gj
00:10:31TakinBackMyLove reuse
00:10:53WANKmaster flying
00:10:53WANKmaster plz
00:10:53BoNeshaw potm wanan top?
00:10:58BoNeshaw miss 2
00:11:00Vangelis nah
00:11:00Vangelis you
00:11:00BoNeshaw alche care
00:11:03Vangelis have freefarm now
00:11:06BoNeshaw no
00:11:11BoNeshaw cant even hit creeps
00:11:13Vangelis they leave lane
00:11:13BoNeshaw or ogre stuns me
00:11:14Vangelis now
00:11:46TakinBackMyLove why
00:11:48TakinBackMyLove didint you use
00:11:51TakinBackMyLove that
00:11:52TakinBackMyLove sielnce
00:11:53TakinBackMyLove so
00:11:56Steuerfreak mana
00:11:57TakinBackMyLove he coundt hit me
00:12:02TakinBackMyLove i was looking at your hero.
00:12:03TakinBackMyLove but
00:12:05TakinBackMyLove woundt use it
00:12:07TakinBackMyLove so plz
00:12:10Eternity cd
00:12:12Steuerfreak u mean sil
00:12:14Steuerfreak wasnt 6
00:12:18Steuerfreak just after kill
00:12:19Steuerfreak so sry
00:12:19TakinBackMyLove wasnt talking
00:12:19Steuerfreak ..
00:12:20TakinBackMyLove about
00:12:21TakinBackMyLove your ulti
00:12:30BoNeshaw ty
00:12:41Jensefar get mid
00:12:43Jensefar omw
00:12:43Eternity sec cd
00:12:49Eternity wait 10 secs
00:12:51Eternity for spells
00:13:09Jensefar ogre multi..
00:13:18Jensefar we cant let void frefarm
00:13:20Jensefar mriana go btm
00:13:56que2stress wp
00:14:00BoNeshaw b
00:14:01BoNeshaw salche
00:14:03BoNeshaw thraöll
00:14:04Eternity tzz helped by 4 kills but only 1 assist
00:14:04Jensefar some1 go btm and stop void from farming
00:14:04Eternity ^^
00:14:04Jensefar when he gets vanguard he cant be ganged..
00:14:04Eternity 1v1 he rapes me..
00:14:04que2stress u plug 56 sec
00:14:04que2stress too late man
00:14:04Steuerfreak ...
00:14:04Laier :D
00:14:04BoBo.Ftw who will balance?
00:14:04TakinBackMyLove i dont
00:14:04que2stress u
00:14:04TakinBackMyLove know
00:14:04que2stress ogre imho
00:14:04Laier thrall i think ?
00:14:04BoBo.Ftw :(
00:14:04TakinBackMyLove i need
00:14:04TakinBackMyLove his
00:14:04TakinBackMyLove speed
00:14:04TakinBackMyLove ulti
00:14:04Eternity how long he ll get ban?
00:14:04que2stress then thrall
00:14:04TakinBackMyLove i mean
00:14:04BoBo.Ftw 31/20 cs :((
00:14:04TakinBackMyLove blodlost
00:14:04Steuerfreak true
00:14:04Jensefar nothing when plug
00:14:04Jensefar unless some1 banreQuest him
00:14:04Laier ill make drums
00:14:04BoNeshaw no
00:14:04Laier or is ogre making?
00:14:04BoNeshaw bot bans him
00:14:04WANKmaster nope
00:14:04BoBo.Ftw i go staff now
00:14:04WANKmaster if
00:14:04WANKmaster he
00:14:04BoBo.Ftw u can make
00:14:04WANKmaster plug
00:14:10que2stress me meka then
00:14:16Vangelis no idea
00:14:17Vangelis just
00:14:19Vangelis connection
00:14:20Vangelis drops
00:14:22Eternity cd
00:14:23Jensefar stop him
00:14:26Laier lol
00:15:38Jensefar gang to
00:15:44Laier care top
00:15:46Laier encha with haste :)
00:15:47Jensefar omw
00:15:55que2stress use spel
00:16:06Jensefar oom
00:16:31que2stress come gang oghre
00:16:36Eternity care
00:16:36Eternity ss3
00:17:07Jensefar we cant
00:17:12TakinBackMyLove car
00:17:12TakinBackMyLove mid
00:17:30que2stress they didnt listen
00:17:45Jensefar fokus thrall
00:17:50Eternity stunn lvl 1?
00:17:52Jensefar void still freefarming..
00:18:10que2stress n1
00:18:16Eternity check his items min 15
00:18:19Eternity vanguard and pt..
00:18:22Eternity thats nothing
00:18:56Laier top
00:19:04que2stress bot
00:19:35BoBo.Ftw gj anyway
00:19:41Jensefar void is still gettting phat
00:19:47Vangelis nothing
00:19:48Laier was so low
00:19:50Vangelis we can do about it
00:19:53Laier would of been nice to fight :D
00:20:02Jensefar then lets ff
00:20:05Vangelis y
00:20:08Vangelis in 8 min
00:20:13Laier ill go pipe
00:20:16BoNeshaw we just should try kill their rest of team
00:20:19Jensefar we got badly outpicked
00:20:25BoNeshaw y
00:20:27Vangelis we didn't get outpicked
00:20:29Vangelis we picked bad
00:20:40Steuerfreak dd
00:20:43Eternity "we"?^^
00:20:48TakinBackMyLove lets
00:20:48Vangelis as in the
00:20:48TakinBackMyLove go
00:20:49TakinBackMyLove rosh ?
00:20:50Vangelis irst 4
00:20:51Vangelis picks
00:20:52Steuerfreak kk
00:20:58Jensefar y
00:20:59Eternity ogre fstaff
00:21:29que2stress no go base
00:21:33TakinBackMyLove y
00:21:34TakinBackMyLove ofc
00:21:37Eternity alch items xD
00:21:38que2stress wait cheap bait was this
00:21:39Laier abba so sick :<
00:21:39Eternity !ff
00:21:39que2stress lol
00:21:41Eternity ff
00:21:44WANKmaster ye
00:21:45WANKmaster ff
00:21:46WANKmaster ff
00:21:47WANKmaster ff
00:21:50Vangelis ff
00:21:59TakinBackMyLove nuke
00:21:59TakinBackMyLove it
00:22:08Eternity gondar 0 items, too... pls guys play supportive if you dont know how 2 farm..
00:22:12WANKmaster im askin in the beginning if any1 wants some items
00:22:15WANKmaster no one tells me
00:22:17WANKmaster so that why
00:22:18BoNeshaw bat stfu
00:22:19WANKmaster we lose
00:22:22WANKmaster everyone picks
00:22:25WANKmaster what they wan
00:22:25BoNeshaw u cant farm vs ogre aba
00:22:30BoNeshaw ogre soulring
00:22:32BoNeshaw spam nuke
00:22:37Laier go top
00:22:52Laier just take it
00:23:08BoNeshaw ff
00:23:19TakinBackMyLove just
00:23:20TakinBackMyLove b
00:23:20Laier top
00:23:20BoNeshaw so stupid pick doesnt matter how we play
00:23:22Laier top
00:23:23que2stress not
00:23:24TakinBackMyLove cant
00:23:25que2stress bot
00:23:26TakinBackMyLove not
00:23:29TakinBackMyLove ston
00:23:47Eternity ff
00:24:20Jensefar ff fucking pit and abba
00:24:59que2stress b
00:24:59Laier fight
00:25:01Laier fight
00:25:07Laier i keep you alive alone :D
00:25:09que2stress come
00:25:12que2stress mana
00:25:48que2stress u want radi abba?
00:25:52Laier nah
00:25:55Laier ill make vangu :)
00:26:00que2stress so i do radi
00:26:01Laier vangu pipe
00:26:04Laier go for it
00:26:27Jensefar there u go :D
00:26:37TakinBackMyLove WTF
00:26:38Steuerfreak u lag
00:26:38que2stress plugger
00:26:38Jensefar wuhuu
00:27:15Laier gg wp
00:27:20Vangelis -st
00:28:10Eternity I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:12Jensefar I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:16Laier gg
00:28:21Jensefar well picked :D
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