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Chat log

00:00:18NwC.CooL-T -am
00:00:18BoNeshaw ban lycan
00:00:22mamyka any sd?
00:00:35Zack-eracK ban viper
00:01:08Pojetz i ll go woods
00:01:11Pojetz with naix
00:01:13Zack-eracK ban bara
00:01:14mamyka -swap 1
00:01:17NwC.CooL-T -swap 3
00:01:25BoNeshaw dude am and lyca are banned
00:01:25Pojetz take stuns
00:01:29Pojetz rhasta will be good
00:01:31Pojetz or venge
00:01:53BoNeshaw remember chicken brown
00:01:55ruben00 naix pull bot ?
00:01:59Zack-eracK stop pink like tard pls
00:02:00Pojetz u
00:02:01Pojetz y
00:02:03Pojetz i m woods
00:02:12mamyka mb me solo bot?
00:02:13BoNeshaw come rune
00:02:32holostoi w8 sd
00:03:12Frontschwein haha
00:03:12Jonneblarre gj
00:03:12Pojetz idiot?
00:03:14Pojetz wtf
00:03:17Pojetz nice cap
00:03:23NwC.CooL-T shut up bitch
00:05:06mamyka ?? ??? ???? ??? ?????
00:05:37BoNeshaw miss
00:06:22holostoi ss2
00:06:48mamyka ?8
00:06:49Zack-eracK ss top
00:06:50Zack-eracK care moid
00:09:02Zack-eracK charged
00:09:04BoNeshaw k
00:09:44Zack-eracK storm
00:09:46Zack-eracK ?
00:10:28Zack-eracK b
00:10:36Pojetz EIEIEIEIE
00:10:37Pojetz fu
00:10:40mamyka leave noob
00:10:43Pojetz :D:D:D
00:11:11ruben00 go there
00:11:12BoNeshaw dude...
00:11:16BoNeshaw gt bottle
00:11:26BoNeshaw b
00:11:30Zack-eracK care
00:13:12Zack-eracK fak this
00:13:13Zack-eracK team
00:13:19Jonneblarre ??
00:13:31Zack-eracK tinker was alone mid and just looking
00:14:31extremewaari -ST
00:15:18Zack-eracK fu
00:15:19Zack-eracK srsly
00:15:23Jonneblarre look our hp and mana
00:15:26Jonneblarre dude
00:15:43BoNeshaw srry
00:15:45BoNeshaw got bot now
00:15:50Zack-eracK go fcuk now
00:15:50BoNeshaw ill help now
00:16:06Jonneblarre jugger need gang
00:16:31mamyka go venga
00:17:07Zack-eracK gg
00:18:03BoNeshaw b
00:18:36Frontschwein everytime
00:18:40Frontschwein one boon is missin
00:19:49Zack-eracK wards tiniker
00:19:51mamyka need end it fast or we lose
00:19:52BoNeshaw y
00:21:49Zack-eracK go him
00:22:15Frontschwein -ms
00:22:23BoNeshaw im b
00:24:19Zack-eracK hoook
00:24:36Zack-eracK hook????
00:24:38Frontschwein ffs
00:24:41Zack-eracK why u waiting?
00:25:30BoNeshaw someone else buy next obs
00:26:16ruben00 how bout some wards
00:26:42Zack-eracK top
00:26:42holostoi charged
00:26:44Zack-eracK naix
00:27:09Zack-eracK srsly pudge
00:27:17extremewaari u just went there
00:27:17Zack-eracK u suck hard
00:27:19Frontschwein he hit any hook?
00:27:21Zack-eracK used ulti?
00:27:22extremewaari -st
00:27:24Zack-eracK u still waiting
00:27:26Zack-eracK whit hook
00:27:36Zack-eracK b
00:28:31Zack-eracK goM?
00:28:44Frontschwein xD
00:28:46Zack-eracK ffs
00:28:47Frontschwein I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:56Zack-eracK I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:29:12Zack-eracK lol tinker
00:29:13Zack-eracK :D
00:29:24BoNeshaw what
00:29:28Zack-eracK steal?
00:29:31Zack-eracK aagian?
00:29:37extremewaari he can steal if he want
00:29:56Jonneblarre wl agah soon
00:30:40extremewaari omw
00:30:53Zack-eracK nap
00:31:02mamyka noob
00:31:04Pojetz nice gangbang
00:31:05mamyka stop solo
00:31:08Pojetz better than u
00:31:17Jonneblarre he was satnding perfectly still
00:31:18Zack-eracK learn how to hook before u pick pudge
00:31:24Jonneblarre and u didnt hit hook
00:31:41Zack-eracK mid all
00:32:08Frontschwein OMFG PUDGE
00:32:18Zack-eracK nc
00:32:27mamyka come mid jugger
00:32:29Frontschwein i ulti ihm and u hook me away
00:32:36Jonneblarre so pro
00:33:50holostoi lowbobo
00:33:52holostoi omg
00:33:53holostoi fu
00:34:04holostoi farm here bobo
00:34:16holostoi its ur creepspawn
00:35:28Pojetz we lose it
00:35:38holostoi ye
00:35:41holostoi but u won it
00:35:47holostoi vs creep in wod
00:35:52holostoi u king of wood
00:36:03Zack-eracK where is chiken?
00:36:07Jonneblarre base
00:36:08holostoi like tarzan or maugli
00:36:13holostoi u are king
00:36:26Jonneblarre told it to run bakc cuz it was going stright to infernals
00:36:28Jonneblarre sry
00:36:32mamyka one time all plz
00:36:38Pojetz mid
00:36:42BoNeshaw b all
00:36:42Zack-eracK wards
00:36:43Zack-eracK !
00:36:43BoNeshaw 5 miss
00:36:56Pojetz googogog
00:37:23Zack-eracK gaher
00:37:29Pojetz y
00:37:31mamyka go rosh
00:37:40Pojetz jugger u need hp
00:37:44Jonneblarre rosh
00:37:46Jonneblarre ?
00:37:55Zack-eracK b
00:38:07BoNeshaw b
00:38:08BoNeshaw b
00:38:10Zack-eracK wards
00:38:10BoNeshaw he just obs
00:38:31Pojetz mid
00:38:40Zack-eracK nice tinker
00:38:40Zack-eracK ...
00:38:44Zack-eracK p?ort back
00:38:50BoNeshaw pofc
00:39:19Jonneblarre I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:39:27Zack-eracK how ff?
00:39:46Zack-eracK b
00:39:46Zack-eracK b
00:40:05mamyka gg
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