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Chat log

00:00:04ESA_93 ^-rd
00:00:04Marhalt rd?
00:00:04sebralane 3rd time lucky
00:00:04ESA_93 New player again.
00:00:04mansikka -rd
00:00:040Xxo0_o rd
00:00:04yeW- mansikka
00:00:16mansikka roof anyone?
00:00:16mansikka or n
00:00:16mansikka o
00:00:16yeW- ban roof
00:00:16ESA_93 Good one.
00:00:16mansikka K
00:00:16Marhalt ursa?
00:00:16yeW- Any wishes?
00:00:16sebralane ban pugna
00:00:160Xxo0_o lol
00:00:16sebralane imba lategame ward
00:00:160Xxo0_o no
00:00:16ESA_93 I think Ill go for sniper.
00:00:16sebralane vs enigma etc
00:00:16mansikka PUGGE
00:00:160Xxo0_o roof and pudge
00:00:16mansikka NO
00:00:160Xxo0_o y
00:00:16mansikka WAIT
00:00:16yeW- Lol.
00:00:16mansikka rasta
00:00:160Xxo0_o -music special
00:00:160Xxo0_o zzz
00:00:18Marhalt O.o
00:00:18mansikka rhasta
00:00:22gangstar1990 -musik spezial
00:00:24ESA_93 Rhasta - Roof banned.
00:00:28HentZz k
00:00:36sebralane gimme pudge
00:00:39sebralane im pro hooker
00:00:410Xxo0_o me pudge plz
00:00:41Tough btw i hate alchi player
00:00:49mansikka sebraa
00:00:49ESA_93 Ill go for Sniper mid.
00:00:51HentZz any suggestions?
00:00:52mansikka get me
00:00:52sebralane y wadap
00:00:54mansikka something
00:00:58sebralane like wr?
00:00:59gangstar1990 who have to buy chick?
00:01:01mansikka like
00:01:02mansikka sure
00:01:04yeW- Sniper top, cent woods, rest bot.
00:01:04mansikka wr is cool
00:01:050Xxo0_o sebra is fucking solo player
00:01:14gangstar1990 who chick?
00:01:14sebralane y carry powa
00:01:16sebralane u
00:01:20mansikka -swap 3
00:01:20HentZz sniper mid?
00:01:21sebralane -swap 1
00:01:23sebralane -ckear
00:01:25sebralane -clear
00:01:29ESA_93 Alche is going.
00:01:29sebralane lastpick is chikenõ
00:01:32HentZz k
00:01:35Tough yyyyyyyyyyy
00:01:36Tough ff
00:01:39mansikka nice
00:01:40Tough alchi mid = fail
00:01:40mansikka hook
00:01:43Tough only farming
00:01:43sebralane pro
00:01:44mansikka :D
00:01:45sebralane im tell u
00:01:47Tough while team gets raped
00:01:47ESA_93 Nah, not really.
00:01:48sebralane letme mid? :D
00:01:480Xxo0_o wtf ?
00:01:510Xxo0_o hook ?
00:01:53yeW- Why would team get rape?
00:01:530Xxo0_o wtf :?
00:01:54yeW- raped*
00:01:55mansikka noup :s
00:02:01yeW- Unless you're big fucking cunts, that is.
00:02:02Tough because the secret to win a match is
00:02:03yeW- -clear
00:02:11Tough that mid has to gang
00:02:13yeW- Please tell me!
00:02:140Xxo0_o warlock ?:
00:02:15yeW- No way?
00:02:17Tough with lvl 6 or good rune
00:02:170Xxo0_o pull ?
00:02:20Xove no0'
00:02:20yeW- Sniper gangs then?
00:02:22Xove u pull '
00:02:230Xxo0_o why ?
00:02:23yeW- And does not farm?
00:02:23Tough y
00:02:23ESA_93 Ja minä, kun kerkesin unohtaa nää tiimipikit bronssiliigassa. :--D
00:02:260Xxo0_o oh
00:02:29Xove beacuse
00:02:30HentZz /w hentzzz DotaKeys: on
00:02:33Xove or i fuck u last pick here
00:02:330Xxo0_o go u
00:02:37mansikka :p
00:02:40HentZz /w hentzzz DotaKeys: Please Type *YOUR* hero shortcuts...
00:02:410Xxo0_o okok ig o pull
00:02:43Tough Y
00:02:43HentZz /w hentzzz DotaKeys: You typed: r, e, e, e
00:02:50yeW- Share.
00:02:54Tough pick trax after sniper
00:02:59Tough can i ff?
00:03:06gangstar1990 omg stop cry an dploay
00:03:10sebralane trax gives sniper imba aura :D
00:03:150Xxo0_o xD
00:03:15Tough haste top
00:03:20mansikka Support trax
00:03:25Tough with vlads
00:04:31sebralane i sacare him
00:04:36sebralane i cant leftclick
00:04:38sebralane tower aggrto
00:04:55gangstar1990 lvl 2 or 3 go
00:05:26mansikka :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:05:29mansikka oh nvm
00:05:31mansikka XD
00:05:53gangstar1990 go
00:06:520Xxo0_o goi pull
00:06:58Tough sniper
00:07:00Tough open eyes
00:07:04Marhalt unlucky
00:07:040Xxo0_o go lull
00:07:08ESA_93 need boots for that
00:07:43gangstar1990 gj
00:07:47sebralane u2
00:07:54ESA_93 What a fuck was that hitbox. :D
00:08:11gangstar1990 guy si forgot chick
00:08:42mansikka gank mid pls
00:09:17Tough care mid
00:09:31mansikka miss mid
00:09:36yeW- ss
00:09:53mansikka re
00:09:58sebralane got me
00:10:12gangstar1990 pudge share
00:10:15gangstar1990 i buy some for me
00:10:19yeW- ss
00:10:19yeW- mid
00:10:23sebralane u do it
00:10:39gangstar1990 shae hcic all
00:10:59mansikka gang this alche
00:10:59mansikka pls
00:11:280Xxo0_o ur carry
00:11:290Xxo0_o ye
00:11:330Xxo0_o fucking loozer
00:11:38ESA_93 gang again : >
00:11:43Marhalt come gang bort
00:11:58Xove rdy
00:12:000Xxo0_o no
00:12:02Xove fu '
00:12:17sebralane cant hook if u infront of me :(
00:12:24gangstar1990 y sry
00:12:43Marhalt i said
00:12:45Marhalt come gang bot
00:12:50sebralane wr come
00:12:52mansikka y
00:13:120Xxo0_o ...
00:13:22mansikka gj
00:13:25sebralane u2
00:13:28sebralane nice stun
00:13:31mansikka XD
00:13:35mansikka nice hook
00:13:42yeW- can u get some wards daz pls
00:13:45sebralane i didnt hit it? :D
00:13:50mansikka y u did :D
00:14:01mansikka take
00:14:02mansikka no bottle
00:14:420Xxo0_o ulti ?
00:14:44HentZz ss
00:14:48gangstar1990 gp pudge
00:15:24gangstar1990 ulti wa snot rdy sry
00:15:300Xxo0_o nice blue
00:15:32sebralane cmmin
00:15:33sebralane chiekn
00:15:33mansikka b
00:16:060Xxo0_o lucker
00:16:080Xxo0_o xd
00:16:11mansikka skiller
00:16:57Tough Y
00:17:020Xxo0_o go miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid
00:17:11ESA_93 stun
00:17:19mansikka stop blinging
00:17:54sebralane oom
00:19:32ESA_93 alleria
00:20:25gangstar1990 hook
00:20:400Xxo0_o nice all down
00:20:430Xxo0_o ff
00:20:53gangstar1990 get twr
00:20:53Marhalt bo
00:20:540Xxo0_o go uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup
00:20:58Marhalt bot
00:21:24Marhalt wtf
00:21:38Marhalt bb
00:21:490Xxo0_o ncie
00:22:550Xxo0_o go down all
00:23:16Marhalt come
00:23:18Marhalt mid
00:23:31gangstar1990 le tme rune
00:23:37sebralane ban wl
00:23:41sebralane faking usekless prick
00:24:33ESA_93 put it to me after
00:24:38gangstar1990 go twr
00:24:45Marhalt ?
00:24:51Tough i go radi btw
00:25:17Tough lagg for win
00:25:52sebralane i lost control
00:25:55gangstar1990 pudfeg omg ulti!
00:26:04Tough maybe next time friends
00:26:07Tough maybe next time..
00:26:10HentZz nice block dward
00:26:11yeW- pp
00:26:12HentZz dwarf
00:27:44ESA_93 let me farm top dazz
00:27:52Marhalt inc
00:28:17mansikka b
00:28:37yeW- xd
00:28:39Tough come
00:29:00Xove ty
00:29:08Xove wr
00:29:10mansikka EPIC JUKE
00:29:14Tough y
00:29:14sebralane need wards
00:29:19sebralane wl get maybe?
00:29:26Xove fu u u fucking noob
00:29:27Xove u get
00:29:28mansikka XD
00:29:30sebralane :d
00:29:32Xove u are the nooob here
00:29:37sebralane i gina repirt u
00:29:39sebralane for manners
00:29:47ESA_93 lets push mid
00:29:55ESA_93 we can end this already
00:30:03sebralane yw
00:30:04sebralane nice
00:30:05sebralane why
00:30:06sebralane cant u com
00:30:07sebralane e
00:30:13yeW- -ms
00:30:35Xove gj
00:30:39Xove go mia
00:30:40yeW- uh uh
00:30:42ESA_93 My bad. Missclicked.
00:30:49mansikka low hp
00:30:55mansikka ty
00:30:58ESA_93 Lets just gather mid, and push
00:31:00sebralane no dust
00:31:07sebralane see?
00:31:10sebralane faking poitnless
00:31:16ESA_93 And Trax try to catch Crix in your silence.
00:31:17sebralane retard wl
00:31:38sebralane no micro on ur golem
00:31:38Marhalt cd heal sry
00:31:42sebralane just attacks creeps
00:31:43sebralane imba
00:31:46ESA_93 go mid now
00:31:48sebralane best wl eva
00:31:49Xove fu u
00:31:50Tough guys
00:31:500Xxo0_o i must vang
00:31:52Xove just leave pudge
00:31:53Tough im the tank or what?
00:31:56sebralane no u leav
00:31:57yeW- ol
00:31:59Xove u are so useless
00:32:00Tough :D
00:32:010Xxo0_o rofl
00:32:04sebralane u have done exactly 0 in this game
00:32:07Tough alchi
00:32:100Xxo0_o when is u retard
00:32:10Tough why not pushing mid?
00:32:170Xxo0_o farm warlock
00:32:210Xxo0_o and me pull
00:32:24Xove yes
00:32:28mansikka thats how it goes
00:32:280Xxo0_o go play fucking garena
00:32:31yeW- u dont need me for that tower
00:32:33Tough wtf trx
00:32:35mansikka pl su
00:32:35Tough buy lothars
00:32:38Xove hahaha
00:32:400Xxo0_o no
00:32:42Xove u fucking retard
00:32:480Xxo0_o stfu
00:32:500Xxo0_o plz
00:32:52Xove retard noob
00:32:530Xxo0_o farmer
00:32:53Xove haha
00:32:59Xove go play allstars
00:33:08Xove u fucking morrow
00:33:170Xxo0_o so goof
00:33:180Xxo0_o nice
00:33:270Xxo0_o nice
00:33:280Xxo0_o nice
00:33:29ESA_93 mid
00:33:290Xxo0_o nice
00:33:29ESA_93 now
00:33:42Xove fucking noob pudge
00:33:460Xxo0_o no
00:33:470Xxo0_o u
00:33:51sebralane cant acutaly give more fak
00:33:55sebralane wl ruined game
00:33:57sebralane 0 wrds
00:33:58sebralane 0 dusts
00:34:04sebralane 0 good thinkg whole game
00:34:08sebralane go figure this shit
00:34:12Marhalt why
00:34:160Xxo0_o ulti on dazle rofl
00:34:20sebralane nice
00:34:22sebralane no dust
00:34:23sebralane no win
00:34:26Marhalt fuck!
00:34:27sebralane wp warlock
00:34:52mansikka :D
00:34:560Xxo0_o xD
00:34:570Xxo0_o XD
00:34:580Xxo0_o xD
00:35:03sebralane stunned whle time
00:35:07mansikka y
00:35:10mansikka lucky sniper
00:35:11ESA_93 pff
00:35:14ESA_93 no teamplay at all
00:35:15sebralane every hit ministun
00:35:26sebralane this warlock is just soo faking bad
00:35:31sebralane making dps warlock
00:35:37sebralane cant get 32 min lothar
00:35:45sebralane w/o any dusts or wards
00:35:46sebralane yee yee
00:35:51Tough -ms
00:36:19yeW- c,
00:36:20yeW- ffs
00:36:35Tough EPIC JUKE
00:36:38mansikka XD
00:36:41Tough :D
00:36:54ESA_93 all mid now
00:37:02ESA_93 Im short in time
00:37:28ESA_93 All mid, except Cena bot.
00:37:31sebralane good link
00:37:35sebralane 1 creep with 10 hp
00:37:37ESA_93 MID
00:37:39sebralane ge got like
00:37:41sebralane 2 damage?
00:37:44sebralane or something?
00:37:48mansikka 2 is better than 0
00:37:52sebralane ye
00:37:53sebralane ofc
00:37:54sebralane :D
00:38:03Xove noob
00:38:04Xove haha
00:38:080Xxo0_o u
00:38:080Xxo0_o u
00:38:23gangstar1990 go wl ulti
00:40:02yeW- dazz
00:40:03yeW- lol
00:40:32Marhalt sry pink missclick
00:40:37yeW- hm
00:40:37Xove ilu
00:40:56ESA_93 all together mid
00:41:01ESA_93 no 1by1
00:41:11Marhalt ...
00:41:20gangstar1990 wl why ww get aga and refresher
00:41:22ESA_93 gather
00:41:26sebralane lol
00:41:32sebralane he gets 38 min lothar
00:41:34ESA_93 mid
00:41:360Xxo0_o fast rosh
00:41:370Xxo0_o cent
00:41:42mansikka let it be
00:41:48sebralane soo he provbly gets next item in min 75
00:41:53Tough omw
00:42:00Tough rosh
00:42:01Tough first
00:42:39Marhalt not 1by1?
00:42:46mansikka b
00:42:54ESA_93 I got 10 minutes
00:43:18HentZz sorry mate
00:43:21ESA_93 np
00:43:21ESA_93 yours
00:43:280Xxo0_o omgggggggggggggggggg
00:43:36yeW- oO
00:43:37yeW- -ma
00:43:400Xxo0_o fucker
00:43:41HentZz -ma
00:43:42sebralane y
00:43:43sebralane :D
00:43:45yeW- k all mid
00:43:46yeW- GOGO
00:43:46yeW- !!
00:43:49sebralane free
00:43:510Xxo0_o y
00:43:520Xxo0_o fre
00:43:52sebralane 150 g
00:43:58HentZz me rdy
00:44:02HentZz got my bf
00:44:030Xxo0_o :o
00:44:05Tough wait
00:44:07Tough 100 gold
00:44:07sebralane problem officer?
00:44:080Xxo0_o w 4 block
00:44:110Xxo0_o w8*
00:44:12sebralane dont use my hero
00:44:120Xxo0_o :*
00:44:23ESA_93 pff
00:44:26Marhalt ..
00:44:30yeW- waitin for cent
00:44:45Tough yy
00:44:45Marhalt sto farming
00:44:46Tough coming
00:44:50gangstar1990 def all
00:44:55gangstar1990 come
00:44:56yeW- FAMM
00:44:58mansikka sec
00:45:04gangstar1990 ffs
00:45:05gangstar1990 blue
00:45:06Tough 2 lane pushing
00:45:25yeW- go cent
00:45:270Xxo0_o nice
00:45:29yeW- u got tons of hp
00:45:43ESA_93 bad
00:45:44ESA_93 bad
00:45:44ESA_93 bad
00:45:44ESA_93 bad
00:46:03ESA_93 kill em
00:46:04gangstar1990 b
00:46:04gangstar1990 b
00:46:150Xxo0_o rooooooooooooooooofl
00:46:23HentZz run forrest :D
00:46:50mansikka WP CENTAUR
00:46:51ESA_93 after
00:46:56Tough ty
00:47:03ESA_93 go bot or top
00:47:03mansikka ja esa
00:47:09ESA_93 Kiitoxii
00:47:12mansikka :D
00:47:17mansikka :D
00:47:19sebralane and our wl
00:47:23sebralane most pro ever
00:47:40Tough killur self
00:47:41Tough ty
00:47:41mansikka XD
00:47:42Tough :D
00:47:42yeW- D
00:47:46mansikka return sucks
00:48:52ESA_93 I need to go NOW. So push
00:49:56yeW- gosh kill that damn tower xD
00:50:23ESA_93 ff it?
00:50:25Tough last try all gatherß
00:50:25yeW- just go afk
00:50:27mansikka neveer
00:50:28yeW- sniper
00:50:32ESA_93 ty : )
00:50:36yeW- share
00:51:45HentZz oh mother god
00:52:58Tough Wp
00:52:59Tough :D
00:52:59yeW- wee
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