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Chat log

00:00:00nigulas [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Geomancer with 53 seconds.
00:00:16Defloratio ban riki pls -.-
00:00:16nigulas -lich
00:00:16yeW- Get me Luci?
00:00:16extremewaari am
00:00:16Defloratio ah
00:00:19P3nnyw1se remake.. no techies in pot
00:00:23nigulas i play my self
00:00:25yeW- ^^
00:00:26nigulas im mid
00:00:28yeW- :(
00:00:33yeW- Meanie.
00:00:34Defloratio get riki
00:00:37P3nnyw1se ¨I honestly
00:00:39nigulas actually
00:00:40zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:00:40nigulas get me
00:00:40Defloratio dont want to paly vs him
00:00:42P3nnyw1se have played dota for 6-7 years
00:00:42nigulas storm
00:00:44yeW- Aw!
00:00:45P3nnyw1se and I hate all these heroes
00:00:45nigulas get me storm
00:00:45yeW- Nice!
00:00:47yeW- -clear
00:00:49yeW- I will.
00:00:55nigulas -swap 2
00:00:59nigulas -swap 2
00:01:01yeW- -swap 1
00:01:01nigulas im mid
00:01:02nigulas still
00:01:04yeW- Np.
00:01:19mTs what get ?
00:01:19yeW- Venge, don't go aura btw, I'll eat wolf!
00:01:20extremewaari take levi and
00:01:22mTs you prefere?
00:01:30extremewaari levi ud
00:01:36yeW- Tide is always nice.
00:01:44extremewaari dhy u guys pick only carry?
00:01:57Defloratio get wl
00:02:02Countertrap NO
00:02:12extremewaari pick some carry
00:02:13extremewaari good
00:02:18extremewaari 5 carry
00:02:18zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:02:20zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:21Pufff-Reis riki top
00:02:22Pufff-Reis pls
00:02:23zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Ate Dzioni [c,b,k,e]
00:02:27Defloratio who is 5 carry
00:02:29zonskass mo
00:02:33zonskass no
00:02:36Defloratio wat are you talcking about ?
00:02:36extremewaari we have 5 carry our team
00:02:40Defloratio 0o
00:02:41zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:02:43zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:46zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Ate Dzioni [c,b,k,e]
00:02:47Defloratio oke ....
00:02:55Defloratio i will go tank bt
00:02:56Defloratio btw
00:03:00nigulas nice picks
00:03:01nigulas (Y)
00:03:02yeW- Sucked the way my team never ganged mid.
00:03:06extremewaari but still u need farm
00:03:16extremewaari we all need
00:03:30yeW- pummo,
00:03:38yeW- pullin'
00:03:54Defloratio s
00:04:48yeW- l
00:06:01nigulas ss
00:06:31yeW- up courier venge
00:06:41P3nnyw1se how about brown does it
00:06:45P3nnyw1se the guy who were actually suppose to buy it
00:06:47Defloratio ss mid
00:06:47P3nnyw1se according to the rules
00:06:54mTs block
00:06:56mTs is some nice
00:06:57mTs ;)
00:07:03mTs but greate
00:07:06mTs great
00:07:15yeW- ss
00:07:16yeW- 2
00:07:26extremewaari mid ss
00:07:30fabey1 ss
00:08:18mTs n1
00:09:04Defloratio wtf
00:09:05Defloratio -.-
00:09:08Defloratio b
00:09:13nigulas ss
00:09:17P3nnyw1se no shit
00:09:18P3nnyw1se are you sure ?
00:09:24nigulas i was bot
00:09:26nigulas ..
00:09:31P3nnyw1se and we had 4 top
00:09:37Defloratio get wards
00:09:55extremewaari dont come mid
00:10:07Countertrap ss
00:10:27mTs omw
00:10:31fabey1 wai?-.-
00:10:44Pufff-Reis fick dich affe
00:10:46extremewaari mid ss
00:10:47mTs sry
00:10:55extremewaari re
00:11:00Defloratio omw top
00:11:07nigulas ss
00:11:46Defloratio care mid
00:12:08Defloratio def mid
00:12:24P3nnyw1se copter ?
00:12:25extremewaari mid ss 4
00:13:03nigulas ss
00:13:06fabey1 where anga?-.
00:13:21Defloratio tt
00:13:23mTs ulti
00:13:24extremewaari surew
00:13:24mTs i do
00:13:26extremewaari :D
00:13:28Countertrap ss all
00:13:33extremewaari and reg
00:14:11Defloratio 0o
00:14:29mTs ty
00:14:33mTs i b
00:14:57fabey1 4
00:14:58nigulas 4mid
00:14:59nigulas help
00:14:59Defloratio push
00:15:07yeW- oom
00:15:16fabey1 tp?..
00:15:44zonskass b
00:16:01Defloratio riki
00:16:06zonskass ?
00:16:07Defloratio farm down
00:16:09P3nnyw1se hello
00:16:10P3nnyw1se where
00:16:10P3nnyw1se are you
00:16:24P3nnyw1se you busy foresting doom ?
00:16:25P3nnyw1se how is it ?
00:16:27P3nnyw1se you wathcing mid ?
00:17:19Defloratio care
00:17:37mTs ulti
00:17:56P3nnyw1se geomancer.. you new on this site ?
00:18:38Countertrap go all five?
00:18:42mTs b
00:18:45Countertrap like team or lose?
00:18:52P3nnyw1se geomancer
00:18:57P3nnyw1se this is not dota league
00:18:59P3nnyw1se start playing with us
00:19:02fabey1 ^^
00:19:06yeW- get wards
00:19:08yeW- we'll talk after
00:19:08P3nnyw1se stfu
00:19:10P3nnyw1se and play teamplay
00:19:11extremewaari need rune
00:19:21Defloratio im b
00:19:27Countertrap n1
00:20:30P3nnyw1se wtf are we suppose to do with this jackass
00:20:33P3nnyw1se we cant play 4on5
00:20:39P3nnyw1se die
00:20:59Pufff-Reis noobs
00:21:02Defloratio haha
00:21:02P3nnyw1se look
00:21:03Defloratio sure
00:21:04P3nnyw1se he starts farming again
00:21:05P3nnyw1se haha
00:21:08Countertrap sure
00:21:44yeW- the lower they are they more they talk
00:21:46zonskass b
00:21:48yeW- this is pretty amazin
00:21:55P3nnyw1se usually the higher they are the more teamminded they are
00:22:01P3nnyw1se your case.. I see why your ts is so low
00:22:14nigulas we need wards
00:22:14nigulas venge
00:22:15yeW- team-minded
00:22:16yeW- as in
00:22:18yeW- not gettin wards
00:22:22yeW- n lasthittin my creeps?
00:22:24nigulas as in u luci have been farming 19min
00:22:31P3nnyw1se your creeps ?.. your creeps ?
00:22:43P3nnyw1se you want me to buy wards?.. how about brown who was suppose to buy the chicken
00:22:45extremewaari they have obs
00:22:47P3nnyw1se upgrades the one green bought
00:22:52Countertrap RLY!!
00:22:57nigulas we need dust
00:22:58nigulas gem
00:23:03P3nnyw1se we need a doom
00:23:03extremewaari dont go
00:23:13Countertrap but we have riki too scout
00:23:14extremewaari need that tower
00:23:28mTs ulti
00:23:29nigulas gem inc
00:24:04extremewaari bot tower
00:24:12fabey1 lol
00:24:21mTs gj
00:24:42Defloratio use wand nap
00:24:48fabey1 deny!
00:24:57mTs cant
00:24:59Countertrap why vanguard
00:25:01yeW- xD?
00:25:02P3nnyw1se ofc you can
00:25:03mTs ok
00:25:04mTs omg
00:25:06Countertrap and no armlet?
00:25:10mTs bad kay
00:25:10mTs \
00:25:11extremewaari we need tank
00:25:12mTs key
00:25:13Defloratio cuz
00:25:14mTs ;x
00:26:03nigulas gem
00:26:03Defloratio imo go late game
00:26:16Defloratio naga make bkb
00:26:17extremewaari he have gem
00:26:30extremewaari care
00:26:34mTs ulti
00:27:02Defloratio ffs
00:27:11mTs n1
00:27:51nigulas care riki
00:28:08Defloratio care
00:29:24mTs ulti rdy
00:29:26yeW- lol
00:29:30Defloratio kk
00:29:34mTs oi :D
00:29:43Pufff-Reis vanguard on tide GJ
00:29:50mTs ty
00:29:55nigulas it dosnt work
00:29:55nigulas btw
00:30:03Defloratio we know
00:30:06Defloratio xD
00:30:23mTs i played last time 2 years ago.
00:30:29Defloratio guys
00:30:30nigulas ty
00:30:32Defloratio we need wards
00:30:33Defloratio lesh
00:30:35fabey1 np
00:30:35Defloratio get it
00:30:36Defloratio ffs
00:30:38extremewaari i wont
00:30:41Defloratio aha
00:30:41nigulas at alst linken
00:30:43Defloratio oke na[
00:30:43nigulas 27min :D:D:D
00:30:45Defloratio fu then
00:30:46nigulas fucking 74 cs
00:30:52Defloratio idiot
00:32:28yeW- lul
00:32:36P3nnyw1se lulululu
00:32:50yeW- 0 wards still. n u dare bitchin
00:32:56P3nnyw1se ullululul
00:33:03nigulas slar ulti
00:34:24P3nnyw1se ofc
00:34:49Defloratio b top
00:34:51mTs omw
00:35:04mTs tp
00:35:09Defloratio lesh are you gona plant wards ?
00:35:47Defloratio give them to me
00:36:26mTs b
00:36:34P3nnyw1se you did that long before you wrote it :P
00:36:36Defloratio gj
00:36:36P3nnyw1se tide
00:36:41mTs no mana
00:36:46P3nnyw1se but 2k life
00:36:47Defloratio b
00:37:27nigulas venge get fucking wards
00:38:09extremewaari care
00:39:10yeW- gh
00:39:11fabey1 gr8:D
00:39:13yeW- rofl
00:39:15P3nnyw1se such a damn great suicide
00:39:22yeW- hm
00:39:24yeW- ive seen bette
00:39:25yeW- r
00:39:25yeW- xd
00:39:49mTs not bad
00:40:22yeW- go rosh
00:40:28mTs i do dps or tank?
00:40:32P3nnyw1se ...
00:40:32mTs what you prefere?
00:40:34yeW- tank obvs
00:40:35P3nnyw1se tajke a guess
00:40:39nigulas get ac/shiva
00:40:42mTs ok
00:40:47yeW- ill get ac
00:40:51nigulas tide shiva thn
00:40:51mTs then i shiva
00:40:58nigulas i hav hex soon
00:40:59zonskass ulti gyro
00:41:04nigulas hopefully
00:41:08Defloratio hah
00:41:10Countertrap drunk?
00:41:13Defloratio xD
00:41:24P3nnyw1se fucking help
00:41:24P3nnyw1se doom
00:41:30Defloratio go b
00:41:39extremewaari yea yae
00:41:41yeW- i was healin u nap
00:41:43extremewaari know that
00:41:45Defloratio ^^
00:41:47P3nnyw1se you were watching us
00:41:47extremewaari :P
00:41:49yeW- ye
00:41:50yeW- had regen
00:41:51P3nnyw1se something
00:41:55P3nnyw1se you have grown accustomed too
00:42:25fabey1 lets get other twrs?
00:42:36fabey1 take wards
00:42:41mTs we can go gang
00:42:52nigulas 350 for hex
00:43:17extremewaari we cant j
00:43:54Defloratio ffs
00:44:03fabey1 ^^
00:44:04fabey1 mid
00:44:06Countertrap -surrender
00:44:08P3nnyw1se ff = thx
00:44:15nigulas quick shop
00:44:22P3nnyw1se yeah its the best time
00:44:24P3nnyw1se to shop
00:44:25P3nnyw1se in a push
00:44:32P3nnyw1se thats why we dont use courier
00:44:42nigulas pls stfu
00:44:44nigulas u pick venge
00:44:44yeW- ye
00:44:45yeW- lol
00:44:46P3nnyw1se pls dont be public
00:44:46nigulas and buy 2 wards
00:44:47nigulas whole game
00:44:49P3nnyw1se fucking be here
00:44:50P3nnyw1se when we push
00:44:51P3nnyw1se jackass
00:44:52nigulas THIS IS PUBLIC
00:45:16nigulas ha
00:45:19yeW- uh uh
00:45:19zonskass jelp
00:45:19zonskass help
00:45:19mTs yea pub leaver
00:45:19mTs :D
00:45:19extremewaari dont take anything for himn
00:45:19mTs public
00:45:19fabey1 kik
00:45:19fabey1 HUU?
00:45:19yeW- :O
00:45:19mTs kick
00:45:19yeW- fun
00:45:19P3nnyw1se ZzZzZ
00:45:19fabey1 wtf
00:45:19extremewaari have to wait 4min
00:45:19extremewaari 4min
00:45:19nigulas venge balances
00:45:19extremewaari we
00:45:19extremewaari have
00:45:19extremewaari to
00:45:19extremewaari wait
00:45:19extremewaari 4min
00:45:19P3nnyw1se oh hey
00:45:19P3nnyw1se 5 dead
00:45:19P3nnyw1se nice
00:45:19P3nnyw1se going shopping
00:45:19nigulas and?
00:45:19nigulas this is pub
00:45:19P3nnyw1se in any real cw.. any
00:45:19nigulas i do
00:45:19P3nnyw1se a guy like you
00:45:19nigulas whatever
00:45:19nigulas i want
00:45:19P3nnyw1se would be ridiculed
00:45:19P3nnyw1se for that move
00:45:19nigulas GO CW THEN
00:45:19nigulas stop complain
00:45:19nigulas here
00:45:19P3nnyw1se you whine about me not
00:45:19P3nnyw1se buying wards
00:45:19P3nnyw1se yet proclaim
00:45:19P3nnyw1se this to be just public
00:45:19yeW- ur the one
00:45:19yeW- bitchin
00:45:19yeW- venge
00:45:19nigulas :D:D:
00:45:19zonskass balance
00:45:19P3nnyw1se I got good reason
00:45:19P3nnyw1se to bitch
00:45:19P3nnyw1se you suck
00:45:19yeW- u suck
00:45:19yeW- lol
00:45:19yeW- big time
00:45:19yeW- n u
00:45:19P3nnyw1se wtf would you know
00:45:19yeW- dont
00:45:19yeW- even know it
00:45:19P3nnyw1se you havent been a shit part of this game
00:45:19P3nnyw1se lucy
00:45:19P3nnyw1se look at you
00:45:19P3nnyw1se there in bot lane
00:45:19yeW- storm n
00:45:19P3nnyw1se fighting creeps
00:45:19yeW- myself
00:45:19yeW- won it
00:45:19P3nnyw1se congratulations
00:45:19P3nnyw1se lol
00:45:19P3nnyw1se we.. won it
00:45:19P3nnyw1se while you farmed
00:45:19yeW- u
00:45:19yeW- did shit
00:45:19yeW- mate
00:45:19yeW- jackshit
00:45:19P3nnyw1se had the enemy been good
00:45:19P3nnyw1se we would have lost
00:45:19P3nnyw1se cause of 4on5
00:45:19nigulas luci u did jackshit
00:45:19yeW- haha
00:45:19P3nnyw1se because of you
00:45:19yeW- we wudda won
00:45:19nigulas u farmed whole game
00:45:19nigulas then solokilled 1
00:45:19nigulas and farmed again
00:45:19yeW- 1?
00:45:19P3nnyw1se lasthitted a few
00:45:19P3nnyw1se too
00:45:19yeW- try 10
00:45:19P3nnyw1se and look
00:45:19P3nnyw1se ¨even in a rack push
00:45:19P3nnyw1se he simply cannot
00:45:19P3nnyw1se play
00:45:19P3nnyw1se teamplay
00:45:19P3nnyw1se in bot lane
00:45:19P3nnyw1se fighting
00:45:19P3nnyw1se creeps
00:45:19P3nnyw1se clap clap
00:45:19yeW- lmao
00:45:19yeW- grow
00:45:19yeW- a pair mate
00:45:19nigulas actually
00:45:19nigulas luci
00:45:19nigulas u balance
00:45:19nigulas pwnt
00:45:19yeW- aight
00:45:35P3nnyw1se haha
00:45:48mTs why he leave?
00:45:49nigulas who sold items
00:45:52nigulas who sold the items?
00:45:53P3nnyw1se cause we laughed at him
00:45:56nigulas who sold the items
00:45:57P3nnyw1se wow
00:45:59P3nnyw1se I'm rich now
00:46:03extremewaari dont wait him stuff
00:46:04nigulas tell me who sold items?
00:46:06nigulas u venge?
00:46:10nigulas yes?
00:46:12P3nnyw1se what?
00:46:15mTs \not me
00:46:17nigulas well strom will find out in replay
00:46:21nigulas who sold the items
00:46:24nigulas and u will be banned
00:46:25nigulas ty
00:46:26P3nnyw1se enjoy no rules against selling leaver items
00:46:40nigulas CAPT decides
00:46:43nigulas what to do with items
00:46:44nigulas its a rule
00:46:47nigulas are u capt?
00:46:47nigulas no
00:46:48nigulas so bb
00:46:52P3nnyw1se tough shit
00:46:56nigulas yup
00:47:12extremewaari sa take vang
00:47:16mTs after shiva?
00:47:20P3nnyw1se he is writing an essay now
00:47:20P3nnyw1se :D
00:47:20nigulas ac
00:47:24nigulas nop
00:47:27nigulas thinkin what t buy
00:49:08mTs we lose up?
00:49:21P3nnyw1se 2 mid
00:49:23P3nnyw1se keep going bot
00:50:31mTs almost
00:51:19P3nnyw1se alright
00:51:22P3nnyw1se maybe that was a bit too aggressive
00:51:59extremewaari now push
00:52:02nigulas why are u guys doing random solo shit?
00:52:08P3nnyw1se why are you foresting woods
00:52:10P3nnyw1se at 50minutes..
00:52:12P3nnyw1se with leaver gold
00:52:25nigulas u want me to go solo die too?
00:52:29nigulas i pushed top tower
00:52:29P3nnyw1se maybe go with us
00:52:30nigulas while u died
00:53:07nigulas gogo
00:53:48P3nnyw1se 'rack bot going down
00:53:54P3nnyw1se baah
00:54:11zonskass car
00:54:13zonskass car
00:54:29mTs jakiro afk.
00:54:41P3nnyw1se -afk
00:54:50zonskass they rosh
00:54:52nigulas rosh
00:55:00zonskass ulti gyro
00:55:13Countertrap lol you are new?
00:55:15nigulas sum1 take gem
00:55:16nigulas i go aegis
00:55:21P3nnyw1se ¨canht
00:55:28extremewaari b
00:55:30Countertrap gryo was dead
00:55:37Countertrap and agha
00:55:39P3nnyw1se -afk
00:55:41Countertrap he need
00:55:45Countertrap sry she
00:55:45extremewaari yea
00:55:47P3nnyw1se if jakiro leaves
00:55:49P3nnyw1se we need more gold
00:55:54nigulas -afk
00:55:56mTs omw
00:56:03P3nnyw1se guys carefull
00:56:04P3nnyw1se we are 3 now
00:56:07P3nnyw1se pushing against 5
00:56:08P3nnyw1se not smart
00:56:08nigulas -afk
00:56:11nigulas -afk
00:56:19P3nnyw1se we should really gank first
00:56:20extremewaari wait
00:56:53mTs gem
00:57:07mTs gem there
00:57:08mTs go someone
00:57:11P3nnyw1se dude
00:57:14P3nnyw1se do you see us running
00:57:15P3nnyw1se and dying ?
00:57:24P3nnyw1se ey jakiro
00:57:25P3nnyw1se are you alright ?
00:57:29fabey1 now y
00:57:33P3nnyw1se how was your nice 5 minute pee break
00:57:35P3nnyw1se we are kinda losing here
00:57:37P3nnyw1se thx for coming back
00:58:07fabey1 gather
00:58:36nigulas plss focus same target
00:58:38nigulas thnx
00:58:46nigulas y go top
00:58:53mTs one rax and gg
00:58:54mTs ;0
00:59:01P3nnyw1se not at this time of game
00:59:05P3nnyw1se mega creeps = gg
00:59:06P3nnyw1se not super
00:59:17P3nnyw1se if they go mid
00:59:18P3nnyw1se we keep going
00:59:44P3nnyw1se no tp
00:59:45P3nnyw1se on sa
00:59:46P3nnyw1se lol
00:59:48extremewaari def
00:59:53P3nnyw1se he has no item slot
01:01:16mTs almost
01:01:48extremewaari push
01:01:48extremewaari ffs
01:01:58nigulas need that gem
01:02:09mTs there
01:02:09nigulas venge take
01:02:11nigulas i give u
01:02:12nigulas gem
01:03:04P3nnyw1se through mid
01:03:06P3nnyw1se the fastest way
01:03:17extremewaari def
01:03:20mTs mana need
01:03:28P3nnyw1se you are fine
01:03:29P3nnyw1se got almost 400
01:05:13P3nnyw1se save lucy doom for leshrac
01:05:15extremewaari b
01:05:27extremewaari b
01:05:29extremewaari ffs
01:05:35P3nnyw1se jakiro
01:05:36P3nnyw1se move
01:05:42fabey1 hopw-.
01:06:15P3nnyw1se getting a gem
01:06:16P3nnyw1se again
01:06:20P3nnyw1se cd
01:06:40extremewaari b
01:06:46extremewaari gang
01:06:50extremewaari all
01:06:56extremewaari naga
01:06:59extremewaari come
01:07:02extremewaari b
01:07:03extremewaari ffs
01:07:06extremewaari nvm
01:07:34zonskass naga ulti
01:08:27P3nnyw1se jakiro mid
01:08:28zonskass naga use ulti, and we will take racks
01:08:28P3nnyw1se not that way
01:08:29P3nnyw1se come on
01:08:36Countertrap su
01:08:49zonskass gem
01:08:56mTs raxz
01:08:57fabey1 gem
01:09:24mTs down rax
01:09:29nigulas cant
01:09:40nigulas get bkbs
01:09:41P3nnyw1se storm I dont udnerstand why you would chase him in behind base
01:09:42nigulas nubs
01:09:44P3nnyw1se and lose most hitpoints
01:09:45P3nnyw1se wtf
01:09:59P3nnyw1se you had like 1/9 hitpoints after your idiotic chase on leshrac
01:10:02P3nnyw1se instead of just helping racks with us
01:10:59zonskass dont farm
01:11:10zonskass go
01:11:12zonskass all
01:11:24nigulas wave rosh
01:11:34nigulas need jakiro gem
01:12:09mTs heal
01:12:10mTs go
01:12:17nigulas doom lesh
01:12:21P3nnyw1se ye
01:12:21P3nnyw1se got it
01:12:23P3nnyw1se dead anyway
01:12:35extremewaari b
01:12:44extremewaari b
01:13:38nigulas sux we have n o hard carry
01:13:45mTs sorry
01:13:52extremewaari 500cs
01:13:53mTs omw
01:14:02extremewaari b
01:14:04extremewaari b
01:14:14extremewaari all miss
01:14:19Pufff-Reis rosh imo
01:14:29extremewaari gyro make agha
01:14:35Pufff-Reis on it
01:14:36extremewaari cant fo
01:14:37extremewaari go
01:14:39extremewaari b
01:14:41extremewaari dont go
01:14:44extremewaari need all
01:14:45nigulas mr gem
01:14:46extremewaari now
01:14:47nigulas stay close
01:14:47nigulas ffs
01:15:06nigulas venge take aegis
01:15:10nigulas destroy
01:15:20fabey1 do it earlyer-.
01:15:21fabey1 -.-
01:15:23fabey1 I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:15:39mTs sound like gg
01:15:42nigulas well
01:15:43P3nnyw1se ridicoulus.. game
01:15:43nigulas thd
01:15:44nigulas died
01:15:46nigulas lame
01:16:08extremewaari i go def
01:16:10extremewaari u push
01:16:21mTs creep skip
01:16:23mTs riki
01:16:26P3nnyw1se yeah
01:16:28P3nnyw1se went through mid
01:16:30P3nnyw1se with no supprot
01:16:42P3nnyw1se riki reported
01:16:49extremewaari why? :o
01:16:54mTs creep skip
01:16:54P3nnyw1se cause he creepskipped ?
01:17:00extremewaari and how?
01:17:01P3nnyw1se he ran through mid into base with no support
01:17:04P3nnyw1se read the rules
01:17:12extremewaari k
01:17:49P3nnyw1se ^well thank god this game is cancled
01:17:51P3nnyw1se we were gonna lose
01:17:52Pufff-Reis ff = thx
01:17:58P3nnyw1se why would I ff
01:18:01P3nnyw1se you did creepskip
01:18:03P3nnyw1se game will be cancled
01:18:10nigulas no cancel
01:18:11Pufff-Reis your mother did creepskip too
01:18:11nigulas :D:D
01:18:15P3nnyw1se and flame
01:18:16P3nnyw1se nice
01:18:19zonskass i came with creeps
01:18:24mTs hahaha
01:18:25P3nnyw1se no you went through mid.. saw you we had wards
01:18:39zonskass no no no
01:18:43P3nnyw1se you have to enter with the creeps riki
01:18:44Countertrap storm rapier
01:18:50zonskass i came to your base 5 min before
01:18:51Pufff-Reis NO1 CARES VENGE
01:18:52P3nnyw1se yeah well lets see who laughs when admin sees the replay :)
01:18:57P3nnyw1se Riki thats against the rules too>
01:19:04P3nnyw1se if you are invis more than 20 seconds in enemy base
01:19:08P3nnyw1se its creepskip if you attack
01:19:48mTs do divine rapier
01:19:50mTs and try to win
01:20:08nigulas i alrdy have it
01:20:10nigulas now crits too
01:20:16P3nnyw1se dude
01:20:17P3nnyw1se its mega creeps
01:20:22nigulas no shit :D:D
01:20:26P3nnyw1se ¨how are you gonna push that to their base
01:20:47mTs only storm do this with someone
01:20:55mTs and 2 is
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