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-28 X
-1 TS

86% | 1520 X | 1453 TS

-28 X
+0 TS

76% | 1419 X | 1387 TS

-54 X
-1 TS

61% | 1314 X | 1310 TS

-18 X
-1 TS

58% | 1211 X | 1397 TS

-55 X
-1 TS

57% | 1216 X | 1380 TS

+50 X
+1 TS

79% | 1382 X | 1467 TS

+60 X
+15 TS

73% | 1484 X | 1288 TS

+26 X
+1 TS

69% | 1332 X | 1404 TS

+0 X
+1 TS

61% | 1296 X | 1335 TS

+63 X
+15 TS

60% | 1344 X | 1270 TS

Chat log

00:00:05MYuksel fordi vi failed
00:00:08MYuksel i sstarten
00:00:09slc2 me clock
00:00:14slc2 or thrall
00:00:14Bad3vil thrall plz
00:00:15Bad3vil or krobe
00:00:15que2stress hmm
00:00:15Jonnija zzz
00:00:15creeeeeee teeks thrall jugger lane
00:00:15MaAkoXYma Hey jonnija
00:00:15Jonnija gray gonna carry?
00:00:15creeeeeee slc2
00:00:15slc2 dazzle jugger
00:00:15slc2 what baby?
00:00:15que2stress any1 wants pit`?
00:00:15MaAkoXYma Sure
00:00:15que2stress i ban pit
00:00:15Rotkiv i can pit
00:00:15que2stress any wishes?
00:00:15Jonnija what hero would u prefer
00:00:15Jonnija to carry with?
00:00:15que2stress no i ban pit
00:00:15slc2 me clock or dazzl
00:00:15que2stress they gonna take i suppose
00:00:15MaAkoXYma dusa
00:00:15slc2 i can go naix woods?
00:00:15Jonnija dusa is kinda bad
00:00:15Rotkiv can i have trhall
00:00:15MaAkoXYma or naix here
00:00:151m4n5h0w y
00:00:151m4n5h0w naix will get ban
00:00:15Jonnija probably
00:00:15creeeeeee võta thrall
00:00:15creeeeeee fp siis
00:00:15slc2 or cree can go woods then i solo krobe
00:00:15MaAkoXYma Luna good too
00:00:151m4n5h0w dk maybe?
00:00:15que2stress any plays sk?
00:00:15Jonnija krobelius
00:00:15MaAkoXYma Pugna mid here wins anyhero as well
00:00:15que2stress pit
00:00:15Jonnija krob
00:00:15Jonnija zz
00:00:15Jonnija doesnt
00:00:15Jonnija fuckng work :D
00:00:15creeeeeee i'd like jugger...there are so many great heros to combo with it
00:00:15Jonnija krob
00:00:15Jonnija düp
00:00:15Jonnija dp
00:00:15Jonnija kk
00:00:16slc2 give me naix
00:00:18que2stress dont carry cree
00:00:18slc2 woods
00:00:21Bad3vil pit krob ?
00:00:23Jonnija y
00:00:30creeeeeee ??
00:00:37Jonnija ill swap naix
00:00:39que2stress get stuns
00:00:44slc2 i go clock
00:00:48slc2 get dazzle with me top
00:00:53que2stress get juggetr ok
00:00:55MaAkoXYma just send badeveil far away from my lane
00:00:57MaAkoXYma and i am happy
00:00:58que2stress that
00:00:59que2stress was
00:00:59Rotkiv trhall for me?
00:01:01que2stress stupid
00:01:01MaAkoXYma what you want
00:01:03que2stress y if u want
00:01:04que2stress u can thrall
00:01:06Rotkiv k
00:01:08Jonnija give me necro
00:01:08creeeeeee no issand kust otsast see stupid on
00:01:14Jonnija -swap 2
00:01:16MaAkoXYma -swap 1
00:01:18Rotkiv jugge for you?
00:01:22Jonnija go top
00:01:25Jonnija with badevil then
00:01:27creeeeeee no need fo jugger
00:01:30que2stress give pugna
00:01:31MaAkoXYma he is hater.
00:01:32Rotkiv k
00:01:35MaAkoXYma he is bad.
00:01:36MaAkoXYma he steals.
00:01:36slc2 let me bot? luna top?
00:01:36Jonnija :D
00:01:38que2stress yellow u play
00:01:39Jonnija well
00:01:40que2stress pungaß
00:01:42Jonnija he is dazzle
00:01:43Bad3vil lol
00:01:44najk ?
00:01:44que2stress or u give?
00:01:49que2stress give me dk
00:01:50Bad3vil i didnt banreq u
00:01:51que2stress rotkiv
00:01:53Bad3vil oh dear
00:01:56najk i would rather thrall
00:01:58najk picked for u
00:02:00Jonnija abba go top then
00:02:01Jonnija i guess
00:02:01que2stress -swap 5
00:02:04Rotkiv -swap 1
00:02:05Jonnija so we wont have
00:02:05najk ..
00:02:06Bad3vil why ?
00:02:08que2stress but thrall was for orange
00:02:09Jonnija this hating
00:02:09Bad3vil i faild hard last gmae
00:02:10MYuksel let me solo top
00:02:10Jonnija going on
00:02:14MYuksel plz
00:02:17slc2 vi får pik
00:02:18Jonnija naix is on
00:02:18Jonnija lane
00:02:20MaAkoXYma y
00:02:21MYuksel ok
00:02:23MYuksel sry
00:02:27MYuksel fb top
00:02:29MYuksel then
00:02:30MaAkoXYma come dazzle
00:02:32que2stress pugna bot
00:02:33slc2 lanes?
00:02:34Jonnija u cant
00:02:34Jonnija fb
00:02:35Bad3vil slow ?
00:02:35Jonnija top
00:02:37que2stress thrall clock top
00:02:39que2stress me mid
00:02:40MaAkoXYma we cant fb
00:02:41MaAkoXYma go bot
00:02:41MYuksel we can
00:02:48Jonnija well
00:02:48MYuksel ofc we can
00:02:50Jonnija if pugna
00:02:51Jonnija is top
00:02:51MYuksel 3 slow
00:02:51Jonnija u can
00:02:59MYuksel 2 slow 1 stun
00:03:02MaAkoXYma i got no slow.
00:03:06Jonnija lol
00:03:08MYuksel nvm you
00:03:11MaAkoXYma ;p
00:03:11que2stress get glimps thrall
00:03:12MYuksel dazzle
00:03:12creeeeeee dd abba
00:03:15MYuksel do you have stun ?
00:03:15que2stress its easy with clock
00:03:19MYuksel slow
00:03:22Rotkiv j
00:03:31creeeeeee pull
00:03:32MYuksel lvl 2 go then
00:03:36MYuksel go
00:03:56MYuksel i pull
00:04:00creeeeeee ss
00:04:09Rotkiv ye he was top .. sk
00:04:21Rotkiv now he is ss
00:04:21que2stress threy truple top
00:04:30MYuksel chick
00:04:31MYuksel coming
00:05:08Jonnija law
00:05:15slc2 wacth mini map
00:05:55najk nice
00:06:04najk should i go top?
00:06:081m4n5h0w just let aba solo
00:06:161m4n5h0w and bot get feed
00:06:17slc2 :)
00:06:45slc2 chick?
00:07:05slc2 chick?
00:07:09que2stress sahre
00:07:34Bad3vil i tp
00:08:14Jonnija ..
00:08:14que2stress gw
00:08:15Jonnija can u
00:08:15Jonnija say
00:08:161m4n5h0w gj
00:08:16Jonnija misses?
00:08:18najk u2
00:08:22creeeeeee miss top?
00:08:29creeeeeee ...
00:08:29que2stress that was fuckin important :D
00:08:35creeeeeee dazzle bot
00:08:40slc2 get him back?
00:08:44Rotkiv too far
00:08:50slc2 we dive
00:08:53slc2 not now
00:09:25que2stress make fling
00:09:43Bad3vil sor
00:09:45slc2 u see nothing dude
00:09:47Bad3vil my fault
00:09:48Rotkiv ffs was making fliynds
00:09:52slc2 han er fucking blind den mongol abr
00:10:01que2stress gang mid again
00:10:29Rotkiv ss
00:10:401m4n5h0w ss 2
00:10:45que2stress ss mi
00:10:54Bad3vil arf
00:11:10MYuksel heal
00:11:13slc2 need gank top
00:11:16Jonnija luna mid
00:11:26Jonnija sss luna
00:11:35Jonnija lawl
00:11:35que2stress gw
00:11:47Jonnija dazzle can we get some wards
00:11:52que2stress WTF
00:12:04Jonnija wow nice
00:12:04que2stress dont u lrean
00:12:05Jonnija care
00:12:06Jonnija all ss
00:12:07Jonnija mid
00:12:08que2stress tower
00:12:16que2stress dont u learn anyting top?
00:12:191m4n5h0w y 3 bot
00:12:32MYuksel dazzle
00:12:33MYuksel lets gank bot
00:12:43Rotkiv ye i learned nobobdy gonna gang top
00:13:27najk mby not my best idea ever
00:13:30que2stress y
00:13:38Jonnija ffs
00:13:38que2stress pugna
00:13:381m4n5h0w omg
00:13:38que2stress thrall
00:13:38que2stress clock
00:13:38que2stress and
00:13:38que2stress me
00:13:38Jonnija after 10min
00:13:38que2stress we 4
00:13:38Bad3vil aba u do mekka ?
00:13:38que2stress we go gang
00:13:38Bad3vil mekka ?
00:13:38que2stress now
00:13:38que2stress ok?
00:13:38Jonnija i am
00:13:38MaAkoXYma he wont
00:13:38Jonnija doing
00:13:38que2stress all thetime
00:13:38MaAkoXYma disc
00:13:38najk k
00:13:38Jonnija meka
00:13:38que2stress all 4
00:13:38Bad3vil kk
00:13:42najk -ma
00:13:47MYuksel sry.
00:13:51que2stress clock u hear me
00:13:54que2stress =
00:14:02slc2 jep
00:14:28que2stress ,eet
00:14:29que2stress meet
00:14:31Jonnija ?
00:14:36MaAkoXYma courier
00:14:37que2stress must get top
00:14:40que2stress let me mid
00:14:41Jonnija kk
00:14:41que2stress dont
00:14:42que2stress show
00:14:43que2stress urself
00:14:45Jonnija mid
00:14:46Bad3vil b
00:14:47Bad3vil care
00:14:48Bad3vil top
00:14:48najk ups
00:14:55Jonnija punga going top
00:15:16MYuksel mid
00:15:17MYuksel next
00:15:42Jonnija u should have ran
00:15:48Jonnija after that lovely grave
00:16:00Bad3vil ^^
00:16:08MYuksel steal wuhu
00:16:09Bad3vil thats fine also
00:16:10que2stress damint
00:16:111m4n5h0w ^^
00:16:14najk i rly can'tplay pugna
00:16:15najk ..
00:16:19MYuksel no good heal shield
00:16:19que2stress my fault it was
00:16:20Jonnija got meka basicly
00:16:24najk yoda
00:16:25najk zup
00:16:32Jonnija can start
00:16:35Jonnija laying some pressure
00:16:40que2stress get naix now
00:16:54Jonnija care
00:16:541m4n5h0w care
00:16:55Jonnija top
00:17:10MaAkoXYma where creeps^^
00:17:11que2stress was ok
00:17:40que2stress that was bad
00:17:43que2stress back
00:17:52que2stress luna cs?
00:17:59creeeeeee 58
00:18:02que2stress damnit
00:18:04que2stress be more
00:18:10creeeeeee have gotten all creeps
00:18:12Jonnija get tower mid
00:18:141m4n5h0w item wishes?
00:18:14creeeeeee since they havnt been here
00:18:19que2stress k
00:18:26Jonnija barrier or ac
00:18:49creeeeeee so naix armlet
00:18:50creeeeeee cool
00:18:53que2stress ofc
00:18:57que2stress since 10 min he has
00:19:03creeeeeee 5:1
00:19:05creeeeeee no wonder
00:19:13que2stress :2
00:19:25Jonnija so muc hheal
00:19:291m4n5h0w y
00:19:31MYuksel imba
00:19:32Bad3vil ^^
00:19:35creeeeeee get top twr?
00:19:39que2stress we cant
00:19:41Jonnija we could push their base like this
00:19:41que2stress u must farm
00:19:46creeeeeee all lanes pushed
00:19:47creeeeeee no where
00:19:50Jonnija if naix joins us
00:20:02MaAkoXYma so go
00:20:14MYuksel 25min end
00:20:14MYuksel gogo
00:20:16que2stress get naix
00:21:08que2stress its lost
00:21:11slc2 y
00:21:17que2stress u play so bad slc :D
00:21:23creeeeeee 3 of ur "gangs" and you all died
00:21:27creeeeeee so no wonder its lost
00:21:29Bad3vil gj
00:21:30MYuksel push middle
00:21:36MYuksel coming
00:21:37MYuksel with mana
00:21:55MaAkoXYma sorry for flaming last game yo.
00:21:58MaAkoXYma you are good after all.
00:22:03MYuksel who ?
00:22:16MaAkoXYma badeveil
00:22:18creeeeeee scroll cd
00:22:23Jonnija twr
00:22:48MYuksel twr
00:22:57Jonnija oom
00:23:05que2stress bad picked
00:23:32Jonnija well picked
00:23:42Jonnija b
00:23:47Jonnija we are all oom
00:23:53MYuksel full hp
00:23:53MYuksel all
00:23:54MYuksel haha
00:23:541m4n5h0w ac ready
00:24:10que2stress go all
00:24:13que2stress all
00:24:30que2stress üugna
00:24:30creeeeeee ward should do hell of a dmg
00:24:34creeeeeee do we have it?
00:24:59Jonnija erm badevil
00:25:02creeeeeee pffff
00:25:04creeeeeee soo feeded
00:25:07Jonnija i saw u autoattacking air
00:25:07Jonnija D:
00:25:111m4n5h0w :D
00:25:18Bad3vil ^^
00:25:18que2stress well
00:25:19slc2 just good player
00:25:20que2stress this slc
00:25:21que2stress useless
00:25:22Jonnija were u afk
00:25:23que2stress no
00:25:24Jonnija that battle? :;D
00:25:27que2stress ur clock pick is shuit
00:25:29que2stress and u
00:25:31que2stress are even more shit
00:25:34Bad3vil i support sk
00:25:39Jonnija yeah but
00:25:41Jonnija after that
00:25:44Jonnija u dint do anything :D
00:26:09MYuksel omw
00:26:35Jonnija sk why no dagger?
00:26:40MYuksel no money
00:26:41MYuksel bro
00:26:48Jonnija we were owning :D
00:28:15Bad3vil wp
00:28:21Jonnija idd
00:28:25que2stress I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:31Rotkiv I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:33creeeeeee I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:49Jonnija :D
00:28:53Jonnija end
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