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-2 TS

91% | 1548 X | 1506 TS

-21 X
-37 TS

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+38 TS

6% | 941 X | 1083 TS

Chat log

00:00:05Timu -rd
00:00:05icaro plop
00:00:11zebbelito r-d
00:00:18zebbelito am
00:00:18ch4r0n wtf
00:00:18Timu i leave u pudge if u leave me rubic
00:00:18Timu deal?
00:00:18zebbelito lol
00:00:18zebbelito go ban
00:00:18zebbelito want rubik any1?
00:00:18ch4r0n JSUT GO ON PLAYIN
00:00:18ch4r0n i can play him
00:00:18Timu tb
00:00:24FireMal am for me
00:00:26Timu banned
00:00:28Timu u tard
00:00:37Timu DONT PICK THEM
00:00:49Stonetorl can I buy chick?
00:00:52Timu Y
00:00:58Stonetorl ok I buy chick then
00:01:02zebbelito icaro as lastpick u have to buy chicken
00:01:12derkid stupiest rule of all xd
00:01:13Stonetorl be grateful lastpick ;)
00:01:15zebbelito those are the rules
00:01:24FireMal what to pick
00:01:26zebbelito best fucking rule on the internet since 1998
00:01:31zebbelito say how it should be then?
00:01:31derkid ^^
00:01:35zebbelito derkid
00:01:38derkid support buy courier :P
00:01:44zebbelito id 2 support?
00:01:49zebbelito they should argue 5 min?
00:01:53zebbelito and we get no curier?
00:01:55Stonetorl gondar vs riki?
00:01:56derkid i will buy courier
00:01:58zebbelito u think that is better ?
00:02:04zebbelito icaro will be banned still
00:02:06Timu ud
00:02:06ch4r0n icaro have 2 buy
00:02:08ch4r0n chick
00:02:11Timu icaro sucks
00:02:13derkid oh ,,,
00:02:13Timu so riki np
00:02:13FireMal last pick plz go gondar
00:02:20derkid k :(
00:02:25zebbelito hes banrequested 10 times for 3 difrent games
00:02:26Timu afk
00:02:26zebbelito so
00:02:26Timu np
00:02:28Stonetorl well I buy dusts and stuff
00:02:29FireMal im top
00:02:32zebbelito he will be banned when admin comes on
00:02:43zebbelito wd bot
00:02:51zebbelito u pulöl
00:02:53zebbelito pull
00:02:54ch4r0n me mid then
00:02:57ch4r0n ore what
00:02:57zebbelito lemme farm
00:03:02zebbelito u mid y pudge
00:03:04derkid u mid
00:03:05ch4r0n k
00:03:06FireMal cm you pull ?
00:03:08Stonetorl y
00:03:11ch4r0n but i need chick
00:03:13derkid i pull ? or watch at trees?
00:03:16Timu aleks vittu
00:03:19ch4r0n do fb down
00:03:20Timu we have chicken
00:03:21zebbelito ch4ron banrequest him
00:03:23zebbelito after game
00:03:26Stonetorl gj töhö lästpick
00:03:30zebbelito hes been banrequested 10 times
00:03:31zebbelito now
00:03:32zebbelito in 1 h
00:03:37zebbelito he doesnt even speak english
00:03:41Thug lol.D
00:03:48Timu ss
00:04:08Bocktiggi ss top and mid
00:04:13ch4r0n ui need fuck chick
00:04:13Thug up miss1
00:04:14ch4r0n !!
00:04:28derkid i can buy
00:04:32Bocktiggi re mid
00:04:32ch4r0n y
00:04:34ch4r0n do that
00:05:07zebbelito lvl 3
00:05:08zebbelito kill
00:05:28FireMal come from woods
00:05:28FireMal cm
00:05:32FireMal go lesh
00:05:34FireMal or riki
00:05:39FireMal dont care just freeze 1
00:05:41derkid soz were 2 creeps
00:05:42Timu ss mid
00:05:43Timu care bot
00:05:50Bocktiggi wait
00:05:51Bocktiggi wait
00:05:52Bocktiggi wait
00:05:52Bocktiggi wait
00:05:53Bocktiggi wait
00:05:54Bocktiggi wait
00:05:54Bocktiggi wait
00:05:55Bocktiggi wait
00:05:56Bocktiggi wait
00:05:57Aleks875 no
00:05:57Aleks875 b
00:06:02Bocktiggi healing salve=
00:06:10Aleks875 y
00:06:12Aleks875 dont need
00:06:14Aleks875 ty
00:06:25ch4r0n ss mdio
00:06:28ch4r0n care
00:06:41zebbelito omf
00:06:42Bocktiggi ss mid btw
00:06:44ch4r0n again
00:06:44ch4r0n ..
00:06:45derkid b
00:06:46Timu told it
00:06:48zebbelito u haad hook chance
00:06:50zebbelito before
00:06:50Bocktiggi k
00:06:53zebbelito in uphill
00:06:57ch4r0n cd mana
00:07:10FireMal dont hit creeps
00:08:02ch4r0n ss mid
00:08:10ch4r0n buy chick
00:08:12ch4r0n i will get
00:08:21Bocktiggi ss mid
00:08:25FireMal rambo fail
00:08:36zebbelito u ever stun?
00:09:03Thug up miss1
00:09:09zebbelito dude
00:09:12zebbelito we had chances
00:09:14derkid soz
00:09:19zebbelito befgore tht
00:09:31Bocktiggi hell farm
00:09:34Timu flying msdbY?
00:09:35FireMal wrong way
00:09:35FireMal sd
00:09:40FireMal spoted
00:09:44derkid ss bot
00:09:48Bocktiggi good viper
00:09:51Thug up miss2
00:09:57ch4r0n ss mid
00:10:00Thug 1re
00:10:07icaro lag
00:10:07Timu vittttttuuuuuuu
00:10:15derkid ....
00:10:15ch4r0n omw top
00:10:15Aleks875 stop it
00:10:38Aleks875 go wd
00:11:01Bocktiggi gj
00:11:02FireMal need help top
00:11:02Stonetorl omw top soon
00:11:04FireMal 3 top
00:11:05FireMal gang plz
00:11:07Timu going top as well
00:11:09Aleks875 heal me
00:11:09ch4r0n ss mid
00:11:12Bocktiggi go again?
00:11:18Aleks875 y
00:11:19FireMal wait me
00:11:23FireMal go lesh
00:11:26zebbelito stun go
00:11:27zebbelito behind
00:11:39Timu gj
00:11:44icaro -ma
00:11:45Aleks875 heal me
00:12:08zebbelito fdgafdsgsdfgdsagsdagasgdsgagdsagdsgsdagdsagsadgdsagdsadsgadsgadsgagdsa
00:12:16zebbelito how the fuck
00:12:19icaro ghgfhfhjnkhldgknh.gldnfnb.,mnb.gfjhn.fdnbgfnhg.bnf.blknfgsjkhdlkghkjmnhgd.hkjgkdhjk
00:12:25Thug up miss2
00:12:30Stonetorl killime
00:12:36Bocktiggi go
00:12:36Thug up 1re
00:12:44FireMal sry
00:12:47FireMal cm didnt se you
00:12:55Stonetorl np
00:13:06derkid care
00:13:37icaro viper kick
00:13:42FireMal lol
00:14:45FireMal ss
00:14:59Timu update
00:15:16zebbelito :D
00:16:14zebbelito 1 v6
00:16:17zebbelito nice game
00:16:19Thug doom comin down with invis
00:16:27zebbelito wp guys
00:16:55ch4r0n -st
00:17:06ch4r0n they play as team we not
00:17:12icaro -ma
00:17:13FireMal tower b
00:17:48ch4r0n WTF
00:17:51ch4r0n WHERE ARE U
00:18:16FireMal can some one up chick plz
00:18:25FireMal cm plz
00:18:26derkid stop creeping
00:18:46FireMal def bot
00:19:41Stonetorl 2 top
00:20:11FireMal someone in wood
00:20:27zebbelito cant get farm
00:20:41ch4r0n then move down and woods
00:20:45zebbelito y
00:21:22ch4r0n ty that u come
00:21:25ch4r0n wow rly n1
00:21:25Thug im just blind
00:21:26Thug :D
00:21:26zebbelito who
00:21:30FireMal take twr plz
00:21:31ch4r0n go and look how i die
00:21:38ch4r0n riki and lesh
00:21:48FireMal fuck mid go top
00:21:49FireMal on wd
00:22:07ch4r0n care down b
00:22:21Bocktiggi rylai wards
00:23:00FireMal go
00:23:08FireMal pudge
00:24:16Stonetorl reg
00:24:22Bocktiggi take
00:24:32Timu ffs
00:24:37Timu why am i always alone
00:24:50Bocktiggi ask yourself
00:25:24Stonetorl b
00:25:34Thug HOOK?
00:25:38zebbelito nonono
00:25:43ch4r0n wtf 1000000 rangf
00:25:51Stonetorl guys
00:26:09Timu COME DOOM
00:26:59Thug hook
00:27:14Timu viper
00:27:15Timu sup?
00:27:30FireMal donno whats up
00:27:41Timu we cant let spec farm
00:27:56icaro -ma
00:27:59FireMal lets go rape here then
00:28:00Aleks875 buy wasrds
00:28:06Timu omw
00:28:21ch4r0n -st
00:28:22Timu ALL BOT
00:28:45Thug GO
00:29:00Aleks875 go all mid
00:29:07Aleks875 or we lose
00:29:20Stonetorl riki
00:29:34ch4r0n riki smoke????
00:29:37ch4r0n did u skilled that
00:29:40Thug dont talk to him
00:29:40ch4r0n u lil nap
00:29:40Thug lol
00:29:51icaro lvl 2
00:30:19Timu ffs
00:30:26Aleks875 riki
00:30:29Aleks875 follow us
00:30:35zebbelito me farm
00:30:35zebbelito pls
00:30:41zebbelito pudge
00:30:45Timu all
00:30:49zebbelito ok lost game
00:30:49Aleks875 go sll mid
00:30:51zebbelito nice
00:31:00ch4r0n omfg i need also a bit farm
00:31:01zebbelito use ur brain
00:31:10FireMal pudg4
00:31:29ch4r0n anyway its gg
00:31:33ch4r0n mega nap team
00:31:43zebbelito if u take farm
00:31:46zebbelito and no wards
00:31:47zebbelito then gg
00:31:51zebbelito if i get radi we win
00:31:57ch4r0n im not supposed 2 buy wards
00:32:00zebbelito lesh
00:32:02ch4r0n and for radi its way 2 late
00:32:03derkid pudge is support
00:32:12ch4r0n pudge is support AHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHA
00:32:13derkid and lesh is more carry the n pudge
00:32:17ch4r0n go play tetris
00:32:24Timu b
00:32:31zebbelito just turtle
00:32:35derkid whats pudge in ur eyes then ?
00:32:38zebbelito we can win
00:32:40ch4r0n TANK
00:32:42zebbelito pudge
00:32:43ch4r0n no supportz
00:32:49derkid tank when he need to issolate other heroes ?
00:32:51derkid 1 on 1 -.-
00:33:01ch4r0n im tank in this game
00:33:02ch4r0n okay
00:33:05derkid k :)
00:33:05ch4r0n u do shit
00:33:12derkid only one buying support items
00:33:14FireMal om8
00:33:24derkid and i let spectre farm
00:33:33ch4r0n i took 10 creeps wow
00:33:34Timu care pudge
00:33:39derkid 300 gold
00:33:40ch4r0n look on me and my farm
00:33:42Bocktiggi -apm
00:33:45zebbelito we need i
00:33:46zebbelito u
00:33:53FireMal t8r
00:33:58FireMal tvvr
00:33:59icaro Faq
00:34:04ch4r0n no one def
00:34:07ch4r0n also good
00:34:12zebbelito dont deff that one
00:34:13zebbelito we die
00:34:13ch4r0n like this we cant win
00:34:30Timu all mid
00:34:34Timu u2 doom
00:35:13ch4r0n scout riki
00:35:17Timu where are ug oing?
00:35:25zebbelito he only speak russian
00:35:27Timu fuck that
00:35:34ch4r0n DAWAI DAWAI
00:35:36ch4r0n KURWA
00:35:37FireMal go rosh ?
00:35:41Stonetorl they got wards
00:35:43FireMal no to dumb
00:35:53zebbelito pls
00:35:54zebbelito ffs
00:35:56zebbelito stop push
00:36:23ch4r0n spec dont do radi
00:36:25ch4r0n its 2 late for
00:36:29derkid too late for radiance
00:36:31Bocktiggi rylai wards
00:36:42zebbelito no
00:36:57Timu check rosh
00:36:58ch4r0n try 2 gang then
00:37:08zebbelito he has lothar
00:37:24ch4r0n b
00:37:24Thug b
00:37:24ch4r0n b
00:37:24ch4r0n b
00:37:25ch4r0n b
00:37:27Timu go all bot
00:37:33Timu their woods
00:38:11Timu DOOM
00:38:12Timu COME
00:38:14Thug scourge ward
00:38:31derkid kjeep pushing
00:38:35ch4r0n he got ult
00:39:04zebbelito soon radi
00:39:58zebbelito 700 radi
00:40:06Bocktiggi b
00:40:55Stonetorl rosh nao?=
00:41:05Timu '
00:41:06zebbelito doiidot
00:41:06Stonetorl got lvl3 necrobuddies
00:41:07Timu ok
00:41:19zebbelito U SPEAK ANY LANGUAGE
00:41:22zebbelito INCOMO
00:41:22Timu vanish spec
00:41:30Timu if he has radi
00:41:36zebbelito wait 20 g
00:41:58zebbelito they rosh?
00:42:01derkid no
00:42:03ch4r0n i dont care
00:42:04derkid riki socut
00:42:27FireMal doom mid
00:42:42zebbelito i come whit ulti
00:42:46ch4r0n yy
00:42:51FireMal com4 midd
00:42:52Timu DOOM FFS
00:43:04ch4r0n def in town
00:43:06Thug HOOK
00:43:10Timu omggggggg
00:43:17Timu doom u piece of shit
00:43:18Timu go leave game
00:43:19derkid dont stand in his way then
00:43:25FireMal go in
00:43:25Stonetorl doom come with team
00:43:25Bocktiggi doom zzz
00:43:30Aleks875 y
00:43:32Aleks875 1 sec
00:43:38derkid riki !!!
00:43:42FireMal 84 hav4 upp4rtunity no8
00:43:45FireMal not lat4r
00:44:16zebbelito me
00:44:22Stonetorl long gone now
00:44:24Timu u start attacking creeps in stead of spec???
00:44:30Timu fuck off seriously
00:44:32FireMal h3 t3l3 hom3
00:44:34Timu COME NOW DOOM
00:44:37FireMal dooom
00:44:39FireMal you count
00:44:48Timu DOOOIM
00:44:50Timu DOOOOM
00:44:51Timu DOOOOM
00:44:58Timu mean time
00:44:59Aleks875 coming
00:45:01Timu spec is getting fatter
00:45:04Timu cause luci is not pushing
00:45:05Timu gg
00:45:08zebbelito b
00:45:09zebbelito base
00:45:11Aleks875 i am coming
00:45:15Aleks875 w8 me
00:45:26Bocktiggi no
00:45:41derkid ss
00:45:42Timu ????
00:45:42derkid care
00:46:34Thug I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:58zebbelito JHELP M;E
00:46:59zebbelito ffds
00:47:12zebbelito why im 1 v3 in my own base
00:47:12Bocktiggi gj
00:47:13FireMal no racks
00:47:13Timu gonna lose this np :)
00:47:17FireMal :(
00:47:18Timu cause doom cant p ush with us
00:47:20Timu and now its too late
00:47:23FireMal mort to fat no8
00:47:42zebbelito dont die
00:47:43zebbelito alone
00:47:50Aleks875 wher my chicken
00:47:52Timu dead
00:47:53Timu ffs
00:47:55Aleks875 omg
00:47:59FireMal d4ad
00:48:01FireMal donno
00:48:03Stonetorl we had 2 chickens and some noob killed both
00:48:09Timu GATHER MID
00:48:09Timu ALL
00:48:11FireMal tak4
00:48:16zebbelito turttle
00:48:17FireMal chick in bas3
00:48:20FireMal rylia
00:48:24FireMal activat3
00:48:42zebbelito ur not invis idioit
00:48:46zebbelito they have gem n wards
00:48:50Timu GATHER
00:48:51derkid they got necro book !
00:48:52Timu WE HAVE NO TIME
00:48:52Timu FFS
00:48:55Aleks875 ok
00:48:56Stonetorl bot?
00:48:59zebbelito he dont speak human
00:49:01Stonetorl doom
00:49:01Timu bot yes
00:49:03derkid hmm
00:49:03Timu there is no tower
00:49:05Stonetorl get here NOW
00:49:11Stonetorl no you don't
00:49:12FireMal tak4
00:49:15FireMal cm
00:49:16Timu lets go top then
00:49:17FireMal 8ait
00:49:18Timu jesus fuck
00:49:21ch4r0n come on end
00:49:25Thug word
00:49:25ch4r0n this gay game
00:49:27FireMal cm
00:49:29FireMal tak4
00:49:35Timu well u pretty much are winning
00:49:43FireMal activat4
00:49:45Timu cause tards here dunno shit aboiut who is late and who is not
00:50:05ch4r0n well riki wont own u late
00:50:07FireMal go
00:50:08ch4r0n mby spec
00:50:09FireMal im coming
00:50:14ch4r0n mby only spev
00:50:17ch4r0n and lesh
00:50:40Timu raxxxxxxxxx
00:51:11FireMal haha
00:51:16FireMal racks mor4 important
00:51:17FireMal :D
00:51:19FireMal nic4
00:52:09Stonetorl lost
00:52:12FireMal no
00:52:21FireMal just chiill
00:52:23derkid all alive
00:52:24FireMal not lost yet
00:52:27zebbelito b
00:52:28zebbelito then
00:52:34Timu all bot then
00:52:36Timu there is no twoer
00:52:37derkid haste
00:52:40Timu and we go straight raxes
00:52:41zebbelito b
00:52:42FireMal k go
00:52:47Stonetorl yep
00:53:09zebbelito b
00:53:10zebbelito lesh
00:53:12FireMal om8
00:53:12FireMal go
00:53:13Timu vipre :SSSS
00:53:23Timu VIPERR
00:53:33FireMal coming
00:53:36FireMal mine
00:53:37FireMal dont take
00:53:40Timu LOL
00:53:41Timu STFU
00:53:50Timu COME FAST
00:53:51FireMal my
00:53:55FireMal plz dont take
00:53:59Timu VIÜEPR TAKES
00:54:04zebbelito just b
00:54:05zebbelito pls
00:54:08Timu NOOOOOOOOOO
00:54:09Timu GG
00:54:10FireMal doom
00:54:10Timu DOOM
00:54:17zebbelito focus minions
00:54:19ch4r0n guys plz just end
00:54:20zebbelito sd cm
00:54:26Bocktiggi no u
00:54:31zebbelito dude if we win 1 fight we can win this
00:54:37zebbelito soon hot
00:54:47Timu DOOOM
00:54:47ch4r0n if we win a fight
00:54:50ch4r0n if we win
00:54:50derkid maybe start with daamge items
00:55:00ch4r0n that he tank is ok
00:55:31derkid I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:55:44Bocktiggi win
00:55:44zebbelito WP GUYS
00:55:49ch4r0n well as i said if we win
00:55:50zebbelito focus TANKS
00:55:56ch4r0n i tried rlyai
00:55:57zebbelito they focus DOOM?
00:56:01zebbelito AND VIPER
00:56:02ch4r0n and then i was solo and 3
00:56:03zebbelito y m2
00:56:19FireMal styeal
00:56:35Thug its just LooOOOL, lucifer ulti and im zero lol
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