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-53 X
-2 TS

87% | 1477 X | 1500 TS

-15 X
-2 TS

84% | 1430 X | 1475 TS

+3 X
-2 TS

76% | 1405 X | 1398 TS

-36 X
-2 TS

73% | 1450 X | 1310 TS

-30 X
-3 TS

61% | 1249 X | 1381 TS

+54 X
+2 TS

93% | 1598 X | 1503 TS

+36 X
+2 TS

80% | 1405 X | 1452 TS

-4 X
+2 TS

79% | 1464 X | 1378 TS

+29 X
+2 TS

67% | 1311 X | 1375 TS

+28 X
+2 TS

51% | 1170 X | 1335 TS

Chat log

00:00:03VictoriaJrocks rd?
00:00:06VictoriaJrocks or
00:00:07mrk -rd
00:00:17mrk mis tahad
00:00:17VictoriaJrocks -treant
00:00:17Euforia ok mati lets do this
00:00:17VictoriaJrocks TREE/TREANT/ROOT/ROOF whatever its called banned
00:00:17mrk what do you want?
00:00:17VictoriaJrocks i have all the heroes i want in row
00:00:17que2stress rofl
00:00:17que2stress he takes luna
00:00:17Euforia rapuska gyro maybe
00:00:17que2stress why u expect
00:00:17Euforia or luna
00:00:17mrk gyro
00:00:17mrk copter
00:00:35Euforia I can babysit/roam venge
00:00:39MATi mis banned?
00:00:40chodaboy get tiny
00:00:41MATi :D:D:D:D
00:00:46chodaboy nice
00:00:47mrk mine midi
00:00:48que2stress laier can u play tiny?
00:00:49chodaboy imbapic
00:00:49mrk get roamer bot
00:00:51que2stress nope
00:00:52Laier taken
00:00:52que2stress u cant
00:00:59MATi no traaa
00:01:00Euforia k venge
00:01:01MATi ostsin juba
00:01:03MATi fcking lane itemid
00:01:16mrk get clock viper
00:01:30VictoriaJrocks carry metal hell?
00:01:31Laier get kunkka lesh?
00:01:34chodaboy -hhn
00:01:35chodaboy -di
00:01:35VictoriaJrocks kunkka lesh would be superb
00:01:43mrk get lesh/viper last
00:01:50que2stress panda
00:01:51GottHasstMich uhm im going spec
00:01:54chodaboy no
00:01:55Dota.m can me and ralle come lane ?
00:01:57Euforia :D
00:01:58GottHasstMich just a jole
00:02:00que2stress u must
00:02:00GottHasstMich joke
00:02:01GottHasstMich :P
00:02:03Laier no you must go forest
00:02:09que2stress we go triple bot
00:02:18mrk 444444444444444444444
00:02:19Euforia share
00:02:22GottHasstMich line with tiny would be better
00:02:23GottHasstMich :E
00:02:24Euforia 777777788887777778888444444
00:02:32Laier elä sit rapuska feilaa
00:02:34Laier vähä siit kii
00:02:35VictoriaJrocks DDDDDD
00:02:37VictoriaJrocks saa nähä
00:02:42VictoriaJrocks noil aika ownage herot
00:02:44RalleBrazil just go 2 in each lanes? :S
00:02:44que2stress stop
00:02:45Laier nii o
00:02:46que2stress rexxar
00:02:49que2stress rexxar go solo bot
00:02:53que2stress we triple top
00:02:55que2stress gogo
00:02:56Laier no way
00:02:59Laier 10secl eft
00:02:59mrk first doublekill
00:03:23mrk no
00:03:24mrk b
00:03:30chodaboy max that stun
00:03:45mrk 3bot
00:04:04que2stress they triple too :D
00:04:09Laier no its not
00:04:14que2stress ah
00:04:15que2stress y
00:05:09GottHasstMich just lemme deny
00:05:12GottHasstMich as long as u have enough hp
00:05:23GottHasstMich ..
00:05:25VictoriaJrocks mid miss potm
00:05:29Laier 'seeker freefarm top
00:05:29MATi i take it please
00:05:36VictoriaJrocks potm msis mid
00:05:47GottHasstMich can u stop it ?
00:06:09MATi tra
00:06:12MATi arvasin et ta tahab dodgeda
00:06:57Euforia obsed
00:07:11mrk whos chick?
00:07:19Laier no point giving freefarm to seeker?
00:07:24mrk venge urs?
00:07:25mrk reuse
00:07:26chodaboy 29 cs
00:07:28que2stress well told you
00:07:29chodaboy nice lesh
00:07:30que2stress go bot
00:07:30mrk again
00:07:30chodaboy thx
00:07:31chodaboy we win
00:07:33VictoriaJrocks potm bot
00:07:36chodaboy soon relic
00:07:40VictoriaJrocks potm bot
00:07:50Dota.m b
00:07:50Dota.m b
00:07:50Laier lesh miss
00:07:51Euforia s support
00:07:51que2stress we gang when ure lvl 6 recx
00:07:52RalleBrazil b
00:07:52Euforia ts
00:07:52RalleBrazil b
00:07:57Dota.m or not
00:08:01VictoriaJrocks potm still msis
00:08:41GottHasstMich 1 creep pls
00:08:44mrk wisp
00:08:55GottHasstMich ...
00:09:16Laier gang
00:09:22Euforia care luna ss
00:09:25que2stress ill come
00:09:34que2stress save mana
00:09:36que2stress and get stuff
00:09:38MATi luna miss je
00:09:39chodaboy getting freefarm top:90
00:09:42Euforia :d
00:09:43Euforia yeah
00:09:47Laier lesh miss
00:10:01mrk top
00:10:02mrk feel free
00:10:03mrk to use tps
00:10:06Laier come now
00:10:09GottHasstMich 0 money
00:10:12VictoriaJrocks POTM BOT
00:10:13VictoriaJrocks POTM BOT
00:10:14MATi tp bot sm1
00:10:17VictoriaJrocks potm bot
00:10:18VictoriaJrocks potm bot
00:10:19VictoriaJrocks potm bot
00:10:23Dota.m yy
00:10:25RalleBrazil k
00:10:30Laier really?
00:10:31mrk gj
00:10:33VictoriaJrocks miks sää käännyit posi
00:10:37Laier mokkula.
00:10:40VictoriaJrocks kun oli 0% chäänssii selvitä
00:11:00mrk bj
00:11:02Laier go
00:12:10VictoriaJrocks bs might be bot
00:12:12VictoriaJrocks not
00:12:13que2stress might
00:12:17VictoriaJrocks well he was miss
00:12:19Laier he got relic soon :D
00:12:37Euforia 3
00:12:46Laier so gang top
00:12:51que2stress coming
00:12:53que2stress eed 1
00:12:59que2stress more
00:13:02chodaboy b
00:13:14que2stress ss bs
00:13:15que2stress mid care
00:13:23mrk las ma
00:13:25MATi je
00:13:31Euforia bot
00:13:32Euforia pls
00:13:32VictoriaJrocks mid miss potm tiny
00:13:34chodaboy have ulti
00:13:35que2stress ss all
00:13:38mrk go
00:13:48Euforia they get tower
00:13:49Euforia bot
00:13:50Euforia ...
00:13:52Euforia tp
00:13:52Euforia now
00:13:55Laier blind? :/
00:14:00que2stress what shall i do?
00:14:05Laier run like me? :D
00:14:09que2stress with
00:14:11que2stress bs ult?
00:14:14Euforia i swap
00:14:14Laier ohh
00:14:19Euforia obsed
00:14:22que2stress wait fo rme
00:14:25chodaboy got relic
00:14:30que2stress rex go gang
00:14:32que2stress bot
00:14:33MATi LUNA MISS
00:14:36que2stress ?f they dont gang bs
00:14:38que2stress u come
00:15:04chodaboy just hold on
00:15:11Euforia 3hp wr
00:15:11que2stress re
00:15:12que2stress tele top
00:15:15Laier tele top
00:15:17RalleBrazil rune tp
00:15:40chodaboy someone buy me tp pls
00:15:44Laier pomt tulee top
00:15:46Euforia no g
00:15:50chodaboy ok
00:15:54que2stress get em
00:15:57que2stress when boeat rdy
00:16:01VictoriaJrocks bs miss top
00:16:16chodaboy tower
00:16:35Laier nice swap venge
00:16:36mrk wtf swap
00:16:52Euforia yeah fuck that 4 bot
00:17:03mrk even when there was 0 people
00:17:05mrk that swap was stupid
00:17:17VictoriaJrocks if i clicked little earlier id have killed you :(
00:17:27RalleBrazil use ulti before that mate
00:17:31VictoriaJrocks i had no mana
00:17:33chodaboy leme take topfarm
00:17:38Dota.m b
00:17:38Laier b
00:17:38Dota.m b
00:18:05mrk so pointless
00:18:10chodaboy fucked up tp
00:18:20MATi srsly?
00:18:26VictoriaJrocks why not ;D
00:18:32MATi just nooblike
00:18:34MATi nothing else
00:18:42Laier vittu tää mokkula lagaa :DDD
00:18:43MATi u need fast bkb next
00:19:04que2stress kunkaman
00:19:06que2stress tele top with me
00:19:52MATi mid twer
00:21:02MATi BACK
00:21:02MATi BACK
00:21:05MATi DD
00:21:06MATi BACK
00:21:06MATi BACK
00:21:25mrk ei saa ju joosta kusagile
00:21:26que2stress ops
00:21:27que2stress sry
00:21:31VictoriaJrocks i dont mind
00:21:37VictoriaJrocks who knows if people weer coming
00:21:39chodaboy thc
00:21:40chodaboy thx
00:21:43que2stress we know it
00:21:44que2stress now
00:21:44Laier they were
00:21:46que2stress cause laire dead :D+
00:21:50Euforia np
00:21:55chodaboy got haste
00:21:56MATi FAST
00:21:59MATi come all
00:22:02Laier seeker radi
00:22:03VictoriaJrocks i got ulti
00:22:03Laier and haste
00:22:07Laier b
00:22:07chodaboy gpo
00:22:13que2stress go top
00:22:19VictoriaJrocks gj
00:22:19Laier oops
00:22:20mrk zzzzzzzzzzz
00:22:22chodaboy fast+
00:22:24chodaboy rofl
00:22:26MATi SRSLY?'
00:22:27VictoriaJrocks I stunend you before you silenced :D
00:22:32VictoriaJrocks then wr handled rest
00:22:36MATi SICK
00:22:43que2stress kunka
00:22:44que2stress losten
00:22:45Laier bet coz you in it
00:22:59que2stress get medalliion rexxar
00:23:08VictoriaJrocks älä
00:23:08VictoriaJrocks dont
00:23:09VictoriaJrocks dont
00:23:11VictoriaJrocks ok
00:23:14que2stress ah srey
00:23:16VictoriaJrocks got scared :D
00:24:18que2stress rofl mr hate
00:24:30chodaboy noobmirana
00:24:39VictoriaJrocks atleast we got bs
00:24:40Laier vittu ois lähteny kaikki
00:24:49que2stress go
00:24:49chodaboy v
00:24:49chodaboy b
00:24:56Laier gj
00:24:58Euforia ahahah
00:25:00Laier vittu et feilaan
00:25:03que2stress actually u killed them alone :D
00:25:04Laier onneks muut paikkaa :D
00:25:07Euforia juked
00:26:04Laier kunkka
00:26:06MATi take it
00:26:06MATi fast
00:26:08Laier why not x?
00:26:15chodaboy FFS
00:26:17que2stress he cant use so many things
00:26:17RalleBrazil not that good at the spell mate
00:26:19que2stress at one time
00:26:29Laier well
00:26:29que2stress its ok
00:26:32Laier smart then :)
00:26:33que2stress if u want potm
00:26:37que2stress not getting away
00:27:09que2stress lol fag
00:27:13VictoriaJrocks sorry
00:27:14chodaboy i cant gank
00:27:14Laier smart move from him :D
00:27:15que2stress he
00:27:16que2stress i mean
00:27:19que2stress y
00:27:19Euforia get gold
00:27:20chodaboy tank
00:27:20Euforia farm
00:27:23MATi we need to start tbh
00:27:25mrk radiance isnt for ganking
00:27:26VictoriaJrocks got bkk
00:27:27VictoriaJrocks after this
00:27:41VictoriaJrocks not coming
00:27:42VictoriaJrocks no ulti
00:28:03RalleBrazil my bad
00:28:04RalleBrazil sry
00:28:12VictoriaJrocks you shouldnt push
00:28:12RalleBrazil free kill
00:28:14VictoriaJrocks if we dont have all buttons
00:28:14que2stress u dont need to apologize
00:28:15Laier should we psuh?
00:28:19VictoriaJrocks yes of course
00:28:20VictoriaJrocks push
00:28:22VictoriaJrocks but after we got all utlis
00:28:24que2stress for being rallebrazil
00:28:28que2stress ure doing quite well
00:28:32RalleBrazil hmm
00:28:38VictoriaJrocks ralle is lot better than used to be
00:28:39RalleBrazil dont like that comment :'(
00:28:48VictoriaJrocks everyone still remembers you as 12% ;D
00:29:04RalleBrazil haha i was on 4 % :D :p
00:29:20Laier olinha mäki 20% vaik kui kaua tauo jälkee :D
00:29:27VictoriaJrocks mää nousin suoraan 70%+
00:29:29mrk u serious venge?
00:29:34chodaboy mrk
00:29:36chodaboy u ran into tower
00:29:36Laier mä kävin tos 84%s
00:29:39chodaboy are u serious?
00:29:42mrk what?
00:29:45VictoriaJrocks mää pompim 80-905
00:29:45mrk he just walked into 1v4
00:29:46VictoriaJrocks 90%+
00:29:49que2stress push bot
00:29:51VictoriaJrocks enimmäkseen
00:29:52mrk with no intention whatsoever
00:29:55chodaboy and u didnt do that?
00:29:56VictoriaJrocks i get double creeps first
00:29:58mrk a
00:30:02mrk tleast i tried to do something
00:30:04mrk cos we were 2
00:30:16que2stress hahah im so fag
00:30:18Dota.m omfg wis
00:30:27que2stress but look what i can do
00:30:28VictoriaJrocks omw in sec
00:30:33Euforia b
00:30:33VictoriaJrocks omw bot
00:30:56chodaboy nice
00:31:13Laier vittu ku focuu mua
00:31:15Laier kunno vihaa
00:31:20Euforia pew pew
00:31:22Laier iha sama
00:31:24Laier voitettu eli :D
00:31:32Laier haha
00:31:34Laier nätti ulti
00:31:51Laier RAPUSKA WINS
00:31:52Laier GG
00:32:07Laier see?
00:32:36que2stress ROFEL
00:32:39MATi give him max dmg :D
00:32:43VictoriaJrocks yea give me more damage
00:32:45Laier gg wp others
00:32:45chodaboy no dageer after 30 min
00:32:47chodaboy imba tiny
00:32:47Laier i failed this game :<
00:32:50que2stress how bad can they be
00:32:53Euforia lol blame tiny
00:33:02mrk ye you should
00:33:04mrk obviously
00:33:08VictoriaJrocks i geti tem
00:33:13Euforia all flame tiny
00:33:15VictoriaJrocks and heal on ancients
00:33:18chodaboy or u ?
00:33:20Euforia 20min boots on bs is cool
00:33:23chodaboy u lost bot
00:33:23VictoriaJrocks wait for wr
00:33:24VictoriaJrocks and
00:33:27VictoriaJrocks ralle
00:33:32MATi who gives a fuck
00:33:33MATi just ff
00:33:34MATi I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:35RalleBrazil omw
00:33:36Euforia y
00:33:36mrk I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:37Euforia flame me
00:33:37Euforia xD
00:33:38GottHasstMich I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:41Laier ostan boosteri
00:33:41VictoriaJrocks mid
00:33:42que2stress i tele
00:33:51VictoriaJrocks mid dota.m?
00:34:03chodaboy venge banned
00:34:13VictoriaJrocks and now lets win
00:34:18MATi lets start our selves
00:34:19MATi with ma ulti
00:34:37VictoriaJrocks oh yea
00:34:38VictoriaJrocks potm ulti
00:34:50GottHasstMich luna will come b
00:34:52GottHasstMich care
00:34:56Euforia -.-
00:34:59Laier kill potm
00:35:02GottHasstMich or not
00:35:12mrk -afk
00:35:24MATi lets ff
00:35:25Laier älä mee yksi
00:35:27Laier ei järkee
00:35:28MATi u dont deserve to win guys
00:35:52Dota.m omw luna
00:35:59Dota.m come
00:36:00Laier pysy siin vaa
00:36:01Laier baittaa
00:36:08VictoriaJrocks ei huvita ku bkb cd
00:36:17Laier eine tuu ku joutuu def
00:36:26Laier go mid
00:36:28Laier and finish
00:37:00Dota.m bs no ulti
00:37:22Euforia I think we lost
00:37:29Euforia I have a strong feeling
00:37:44MATi I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:51chodaboy luna was mid?
00:37:54chodaboy seriously?
00:37:56Laier que
00:37:58mrk he didnt get the farm from mid
00:37:59Laier tele me back in sec
00:38:00Laier gotta regen
00:38:01que2stress nope
00:38:07mrk as in he had nothing 10 minute
00:38:11Laier why not? :/
00:38:19Euforia rapuska roamed bot
00:38:22Euforia 4 bot all the time
00:38:29mrk while bs lesh top
00:38:30mrk vs 0
00:38:52Euforia imba
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