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44% | 1123 X | 1313 TS

+28 X
+40 TS

27% | 1177 X | 1105 TS

+59 X
+4 TS

20% | 948 X | 1282 TS

+3 X
+27 TS

14% | 1043 X | 1108 TS

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+1 TS

12% | 913 X | 1223 TS

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-15 TS

35% | 1121 X | 1248 TS

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-20 TS

26% | 1161 X | 1117 TS

-54 X
-27 TS

NEW | 1079 X | 1179 TS

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-2 TS

19% | 991 X | 1216 TS

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-17 TS

11% | 1006 X | 1102 TS

Chat log

00:00:17KolleBolle -clear
00:00:17mamyka -naix
00:00:17Bocktiggi this is normal rd right?
00:00:17mamyka -naix
00:00:17Bocktiggi oh ok
00:00:17Bocktiggi -bs
00:00:17Bocktiggi -bloodseeker
00:00:17Bocktiggi -bs
00:00:22ReV0 first time no phoenix in pool
00:01:06Bocktiggi troll bottom with me and you pull?
00:01:10ruben00 y
00:01:11KolleBolle get enigma and thrall now
00:01:20mamyka fxx u buy chick know that?
00:01:24KolleBolle tc os good
00:01:24KolleBolle to
00:01:25mamyka trall mid?
00:01:25KolleBolle wl to
00:01:27KolleBolle nic3e
00:01:32ReV0 i can
00:01:33Bocktiggi 1 mid hero pls
00:01:36mamyka do it
00:01:38Firoga i can mid, or top
00:01:38KolleBolle Firoga can you handle mid?
00:01:39Fxx. why u think , i shared ?
00:01:40KolleBolle hope so
00:01:41Firoga y
00:01:44KolleBolle nice
00:01:49mamyka coz this is rulle
00:01:51Defloratio get puck
00:01:57KolleBolle cant play it so! :/
00:01:58mamyka me and bone top
00:01:59ReV0 -hhn
00:02:00ReV0 -clear
00:02:02Bocktiggi something like naga or kunnka
00:02:04Bocktiggi aah nice
00:02:05mamyka rasta jugger bot
00:02:10Firoga chicken
00:02:13Firoga good
00:02:13Fxx. bad side for us
00:02:19Bocktiggi kunnka if u are good in mid go there
00:02:30Bocktiggi better to level kunnka up than warlock
00:02:33Firoga me lvl 6 gank
00:02:36Bocktiggi ok good
00:02:41Firoga share
00:02:42KolleBolle hmm.. i can try.. butt still need some ganks in mid i think
00:02:44ReV0 -clear
00:02:47Fxx. this server , i rly dont like it
00:02:47KolleBolle ok wl mid
00:02:49Fxx. allways rd
00:02:50KolleBolle then
00:02:52BenDover lal
00:02:53Bocktiggi have fun
00:02:55Firoga share
00:02:56Fxx. and my favorite hero never in pool
00:02:58Firoga yt
00:02:59BenDover go somwhere else then
00:02:59Firoga ty
00:03:08Fxx. its unfair
00:03:17mamyka me pull
00:03:20mamyka bone
00:03:21Fxx. techi never in rd
00:03:23BenDover what is unfair is that we have to play with people like you
00:03:42Fxx. i had 90% win with this hero
00:03:49Fxx. At dota-?eague
00:04:00mamyka |u
00:04:04mamyka ur %?
00:04:11Fxx. 64
00:04:22Defloratio got it
00:04:22mamyka are u kidding me?
00:04:23Defloratio xD
00:04:32mamyka i play with u
00:04:32Fxx. why ?
00:04:38Fxx. today ?
00:04:40mamyka yes
00:04:43Fxx. i m sick
00:04:46mamyka 2 time
00:04:47Fxx. 39C
00:06:16Defloratio gank top
00:06:16Fxx. no
00:06:18Fxx. when
00:06:20Defloratio lina
00:06:22BenDover let me lasthitb
00:06:25Fxx. they havegot 15 creeep
00:06:28Bocktiggi k
00:06:32ReV0 ss1
00:06:46Defloratio gj
00:06:46Fxx. boots :(
00:06:46Bocktiggi double kill
00:06:46Bocktiggi oh no
00:06:46BenDover stop dying please
00:06:46ReV0 luckyyyy
00:06:46KolleBolle sad shit...............
00:06:46BenDover great
00:06:46BenDover ffs
00:06:46ruben00 dont disc
00:07:22ReV0 miss<ß
00:07:24ReV0 wow
00:07:26ReV0 gj btm lane
00:07:45Bocktiggi ss btm
00:08:10BenDover miss?
00:08:14BenDover you idiot fucking mid noob
00:08:23ReV0 nop
00:08:27ReV0 i got now miss
00:08:30ReV0 lina is not my lane
00:08:31ReV0 idiot
00:08:40ReV0 and i said why does btm say no miss
00:08:41ReV0 newbie
00:08:48Firoga ss
00:08:50Firoga mid
00:08:57ReV0 learn tor ead
00:09:06mamyka go gang
00:09:31KolleBolle stun fuck herad
00:09:38KolleBolle kesus
00:09:40KolleBolle jesus
00:09:44Defloratio silenced
00:09:45Defloratio nap
00:09:46Defloratio -.-
00:09:49Defloratio open eyes
00:09:56KolleBolle y from the beg yes but not later
00:10:03ReV0 ss
00:10:12mamyka ???5? ?????
00:10:17mamyka ??? ????? ????,?
00:10:22mamyka ????????
00:10:22Defloratio kunka is bad
00:10:23Defloratio ...
00:10:29Fxx. he missing last 5 min
00:10:30Fxx. so su
00:10:38ReV0 warlock?
00:10:39ReV0 nope
00:10:46ReV0 he just missed 1min ago
00:11:13Bocktiggi ss top
00:11:20Defloratio gank mid
00:11:31Defloratio omw
00:11:33Defloratio with dust
00:11:36ruben00 ss bot
00:11:55Fxx. mana ?
00:12:14Defloratio care down
00:12:22Defloratio go guys
00:12:43Defloratio come ffs
00:13:07Defloratio fucking naps
00:13:14Fxx. u save him
00:13:15Fxx. ,,,,
00:13:23ReV0 i didnt knew u shakle him
00:13:27ReV0 thougth u were oom
00:13:28ReV0 sry
00:13:38Defloratio omg
00:13:40Defloratio wl
00:13:42Defloratio ?
00:14:37Bocktiggi heal
00:14:52burn ??????????
00:14:52Defloratio 3 down
00:15:00ReV0 speak english.
00:15:01Bocktiggi wl can you buy wards?
00:15:12Firoga now oom
00:15:20Bocktiggi go
00:15:46Defloratio tt
00:17:09KolleBolle 3 mid
00:17:58Defloratio farm down troll
00:18:11ruben00 need wards anyway
00:18:19Bocktiggi go
00:18:20Firoga go
00:18:34ReV0 wow
00:18:36ReV0 u guys
00:18:37ReV0 fail
00:18:39ReV0 miserably
00:18:44ReV0 best opening
00:18:46ReV0 and we lose.
00:18:52mamyka ??? ?? ?? ? ???
00:19:03mamyka ?? ??? ???? ? ?? ?????? ? ????????
00:19:04Bocktiggi b
00:19:10ReV0 pink hf ban.
00:19:24mamyka i said for my noob friend
00:19:35mamyka why he stay and look with full mana and hp
00:19:44ReV0 speak english
00:19:49Defloratio get tower
00:20:20mamyka he dont undestand english he learn
00:20:22mamyka ger
00:20:31ReV0 you dont speak german
00:20:57Bocktiggi go
00:21:30Bocktiggi go
00:21:39mamyka ??? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ? ??????
00:21:41Bocktiggi trooll
00:22:27Defloratio plant wards
00:22:32Firoga we had to push
00:22:45Bocktiggi dagger rdy
00:23:39ruben00 u say farm then no ward
00:23:39burn ??)
00:23:44burn ?? ?????? ? ???? ????
00:23:51Bocktiggi wl will plac
00:23:53Defloratio wl has watrds
00:24:24Defloratio gj
00:24:43Bocktiggi good job team
00:25:12Fxx. clinkz , start using ulty
00:25:35BenDover buy wards
00:26:20burn ?????
00:26:37BenDover amazing ss
00:26:39ReV0 noone goes in dealing dmg
00:26:39Fxx. suiciders
00:26:40Fxx. ,,,
00:26:47BenDover can you freaking use your hex and ulti?
00:27:00mamyka lybot\
00:27:22Bocktiggi b
00:28:32Fxx. ...
00:28:55Defloratio come
00:29:11Fxx. clinkz
00:29:18Fxx. why u dont using your fucking ulty ?
00:29:22BenDover noc reeps
00:29:25Fxx. its freee + money
00:29:31BenDover stfu fxx
00:29:33BenDover go battlenet
00:29:38Fxx. u tell it
00:29:54ReV0 wow
00:30:10mamyka ??
00:30:13mamyka I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:18mamyka 2 many noob here
00:30:21Fxx. i surrender!
00:30:22ruben00 go end
00:30:23Fxx. I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:30:24mamyka jugger + bone
00:30:29burn .ff
00:30:42Fxx. another epick game
00:30:47burn I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:30:49BenDover epick
00:30:50BenDover lol
00:30:52Firoga u win 90 % lol
00:30:54BenDover you fucking illiterate noob
00:30:58Fxx. with techi
00:30:59Fxx. ...
00:31:06Fxx. techi never in fucking RD
00:31:46BenDover shaman
00:31:49BenDover can you fucking shackle
00:31:50BenDover faster
00:31:52BenDover ?
00:31:56Fxx. no
00:31:57Fxx. i cant
00:32:05Fxx. cause lina try stun me
00:32:09BenDover go back to battlenet or whatever hole you fucking crawled out of
00:32:52mamyka trall afk?
00:32:56mamyka -afk
00:32:58Fxx. -afk
00:34:26mamyka 2-6-2
00:34:30mamyka lowbob
00:34:32mamyka dno
00:34:35Fxx. -afk
00:34:45Fxx. 3 min afk
00:34:57mamyka z ,kznm pfnj nhe uthf ,hfk
00:35:18Fxx. -afk
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