Game #2870225

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-25 X
-22 TS

67% | 1377 X | 1305 TS

-41 X
-27 TS

48% | 1207 X | 1271 TS

-7 X
-46 TS

NEW | 1052 X | 1138 TS

+40 X
-58 TS

NEW | 1000 X | 1000 TS

-28 X
-30 TS

2% | 970 X | 931 TS

+14 X
+2 TS

55% | 1247 X | 1305 TS

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+35 TS

43% | 1250 X | 1168 TS

+17 X
+51 TS

18% | 1046 X | 1156 TS

-1 X
+53 TS

14% | 1036 X | 1122 TS

+33 X
+42 TS

3% | 911 X | 998 TS

Chat log

00:00:02i.will.own.u -ii
00:00:10oo0OoO0oo ap ??
00:00:10Stonetorl BOB SAGET
00:00:21Stonetorl -random
00:00:34oo0OoO0oo lol first time ever ap
00:00:37i.will.own.u y
00:00:461m4n5h0w -random
00:00:55i.will.own.u lol
00:00:551m4n5h0w xaxa
00:00:56Wrrcy where can i go?
00:00:581m4n5h0w eza
00:00:59Wrrcy blue
00:01:001m4n5h0w i dont care
00:01:01Wrrcy who mid?
00:01:02Wrrcy k
00:01:04Stonetorl team random
00:01:05Wrrcy orange chicken :D
00:01:07Wrrcy u know ^^
00:01:10Stonetorl AP is a shitty mode
00:01:17i.will.own.u indeed
00:01:181m4n5h0w here
00:01:191m4n5h0w chick
00:01:29oo0OoO0oo iam woods
00:01:29Wrrcy k me mid
00:01:31LaSiCa k
00:01:33oo0OoO0oo rest get support
00:01:35i.will.own.u i go urn
00:01:47oo0OoO0oo lasica you any good
00:01:48Naburo i mid?
00:01:48i.will.own.u fb?
00:01:49Wrrcy cent solo?
00:01:49Eternity vlads min 8 bkb + pt min 18. thx.
00:01:52Stonetorl eza mid
00:01:53oo0OoO0oo y
00:01:55Stonetorl maybe
00:01:55LaSiCa ?
00:02:141m4n5h0w cent and i will push im
00:02:14oo0OoO0oo w8 1 min
00:02:141m4n5h0w i ban phoenix !
00:02:14i.will.own.u no
00:02:14Eternity mhmm
00:02:14oo0OoO0oo 1 afk
00:02:14Eternity thinking about pick
00:02:14oo0OoO0oo get tree
00:02:14Eternity who got banned?
00:02:14Naburo ?
00:02:14oo0OoO0oo no bans
00:02:14i.will.own.u this is lost i think
00:02:14oo0OoO0oo free picks
00:02:14Eternity kk
00:02:14Kr1st1jaN y
00:02:15Eternity unpause
00:02:17Kr1st1jaN bans only in xd an so
00:02:191m4n5h0w ap sux mode
00:02:331m4n5h0w PHOENIX BAN !!
00:02:551m4n5h0w omg more lame plz
00:03:151m4n5h0w lyca roof phoenix really...
00:03:19Kr1st1jaN hahaha :D
00:03:21oo0OoO0oo and
00:03:23oo0OoO0oo and spec
00:03:48oo0OoO0oo and you picked eza xD
00:03:521m4n5h0w Random
00:04:51i.will.own.u lets kill
00:04:56Kr1st1jaN miss 2
00:04:58Kr1st1jaN care
00:04:58i.will.own.u ok ?
00:04:59Kr1st1jaN late miss
00:05:04Stonetorl wait pull
00:05:10Wrrcy i need bottle
00:05:12Kr1st1jaN re 2
00:05:40Naburo incredible luck
00:05:45Wrrcy u think?
00:05:50Naburo oh yeah
00:05:55Naburo when i see your hp
00:06:16Kr1st1jaN im b
00:06:29Kr1st1jaN spec need help ?
00:06:32LaSiCa y
00:06:35Kr1st1jaN omw top
00:06:35LaSiCa ;]
00:06:35Naburo ss pudge
00:06:40i.will.own.u ropof
00:06:41Kr1st1jaN roof stay solo
00:06:42LaSiCa i will tp
00:06:46i.will.own.u gj
00:06:51i.will.own.u not
00:06:59Wrrcy ^^
00:07:01Wrrcy fail
00:07:02Eternity WAKE UP
00:07:05i.will.own.u y
00:07:271m4n5h0w tower denieable
00:07:36Eternity ss1
00:07:47i.will.own.u care
00:08:06i.will.own.u i come gnag
00:08:07LaSiCa deny
00:08:12Wrrcy rune down?
00:08:16i.will.own.u no
00:08:17Kr1st1jaN miss 2
00:08:18horsesarse not top
00:08:26Naburo ss pudge
00:08:36LaSiCa ss
00:08:44Kr1st1jaN lol
00:08:49Kr1st1jaN fuck this
00:09:13Kr1st1jaN we must kill top
00:09:16Kr1st1jaN fast
00:09:22LaSiCa realy
00:09:34horsesarse gj
00:09:37i.will.own.u :)
00:09:39Wrrcy ?
00:09:47Naburo u go 1 v3?
00:10:11i.will.own.u ¨omm
00:10:24Wrrcy lol
00:10:25Stonetorl bot miss
00:10:26i.will.own.u y
00:10:30Stonetorl tree
00:10:33Stonetorl back
00:10:33i.will.own.u b
00:10:44horsesarse twr
00:10:45horsesarse mid
00:10:47horsesarse b
00:10:56horsesarse helkp
00:11:04LaSiCa gj
00:11:09horsesarse too risky
00:11:11horsesarse just twr
00:11:45i.will.own.u meka?
00:12:12LaSiCa ;[
00:12:40horsesarse oom
00:12:53horsesarse why cancel?
00:12:54i.will.own.u give mana
00:12:57i.will.own.u sry
00:12:57horsesarse shacle
00:12:591m4n5h0w sry
00:13:08i.will.own.u oplease
00:13:17i.will.own.u ty
00:13:29Naburo b
00:13:32i.will.own.u gj
00:13:35Naburo all wood
00:13:35Wrrcy XD NECRO
00:13:37Wrrcy xD
00:13:38Wrrcy haha
00:13:41Wrrcy fail
00:13:53oo0OoO0oo gj
00:13:54i.will.own.u gutys
00:13:54Wrrcy why u use ulti?
00:13:56Wrrcy ??
00:14:24i.will.own.u lycan gets fat?
00:14:27horsesarse y
00:14:28Wrrcy necro use ulti when enemys have low hp..
00:14:31horsesarse just feeded him
00:14:34i.will.own.u gj
00:14:34Wrrcy we have no carry...
00:14:51i.will.own.u then gank and get twrs
00:15:28i.will.own.u sry
00:15:30Kr1st1jaN fuck
00:15:33Kr1st1jaN we need wards
00:15:54Wrrcy omg so bad
00:15:55Kr1st1jaN team ???
00:16:17Kr1st1jaN gj rly
00:16:21Stonetorl def
00:16:33horsesarse b
00:16:501m4n5h0w spec got absolutly nothing
00:16:55Wrrcy xD
00:16:58Kr1st1jaN come
00:17:00Wrrcy she farms for releic
00:17:01Wrrcy relic
00:17:02oo0OoO0oo need wards
00:17:06Wrrcy u know?
00:17:08Wrrcy 3800
00:17:111m4n5h0w but shes low farmed
00:17:12Wrrcy need a bit time
00:17:161m4n5h0w top
00:17:16Kr1st1jaN i wanna place
00:17:18Kr1st1jaN folow me
00:17:20Stonetorl omw
00:17:22Wrrcy wards
00:17:24horsesarse 3
00:17:28LaSiCa go me ult
00:17:371m4n5h0w push mid
00:17:55i.will.own.u gj
00:17:59Naburo ulti spec??
00:18:05i.will.own.u dd
00:18:16Stonetorl push mid
00:18:40i.will.own.u got ulti
00:18:45i.will.own.u give me mana
00:18:47Eternity lycan items
00:18:48Eternity xD
00:18:58oo0OoO0oo bad ?
00:19:01Eternity y
00:19:09oo0OoO0oo you srs
00:19:11Eternity with 2 0 2 score? and freefarm? y
00:19:15oo0OoO0oo lol
00:19:17Wrrcy wtf
00:19:30i.will.own.u b
00:19:39horsesarse gj
00:19:54horsesarse how u cancel shacles every time?
00:20:05i.will.own.u SU
00:20:07Wrrcy xd
00:20:08Wrrcy fail
00:20:09Wrrcy omg
00:20:09horsesarse su?
00:20:09i.will.own.u why dont u think
00:20:20i.will.own.u because a shackle when all of u runs back is a stupid thing
00:20:27horsesarse oh ok..
00:20:28Eternity maybe heal spec?
00:20:29Eternity ..
00:20:29i.will.own.u ..
00:20:33i.will.own.u get your dagger
00:20:36horsesarse y y
00:20:39i.will.own.u and lets get some rax with my ulti
00:20:40i.will.own.u please
00:20:42horsesarse y y
00:21:02i.will.own.u shit
00:21:04i.will.own.u lost
00:21:19Naburo imba
00:21:24Naburo luck ofc
00:21:35i.will.own.u ups
00:21:52Wrrcy -ii
00:21:55i.will.own.u we cannot win if we don t get towers
00:22:17i.will.own.u please
00:22:19i.will.own.u as a team
00:22:38i.will.own.u not solo please
00:22:52Wrrcy ff
00:22:55Stonetorl go with 5
00:23:00i.will.own.u y
00:23:00Stonetorl push mid
00:23:07horsesarse oom
00:23:14horsesarse eza mana
00:23:14Wrrcy they ahve wards
00:23:27horsesarse mana me
00:23:39horsesarse mana me
00:24:09horsesarse MANA
00:24:17i.will.own.u gfj
00:24:57i.will.own.u b
00:25:03Kr1st1jaN dive
00:25:12Naburo cd
00:25:18Wrrcy ..
00:25:19i.will.own.u b
00:25:21Eternity hrhr pudge
00:25:27horsesarse eza
00:25:29Eternity dont pull him in fountain sucker :D
00:25:34oo0OoO0oo lets push all 5
00:25:35horsesarse why cant u give me mana
00:25:36Wrrcy didnt want
00:25:47i.will.own.u 1000 scepter
00:25:50Stonetorl def
00:25:52i.will.own.u we need to push wityh my wards
00:26:17Kr1st1jaN gather
00:26:31Naburo i come
00:26:40Wrrcy lets go gather
00:26:46horsesarse eza
00:26:46i.will.own.u y
00:26:53Wrrcy meet yp mid
00:27:00i.will.own.u reg
00:27:06Kr1st1jaN phoenix and trent try combine ultys
00:27:10Naburo y
00:27:18Eternity if he would be just once in time there
00:27:23Kr1st1jaN go
00:27:53oo0OoO0oo why so late
00:27:58i.will.own.u hmm
00:28:18i.will.own.u this so lost :)
00:28:25LaSiCa gj
00:28:26horsesarse y
00:28:28i.will.own.u stupid
00:28:30Naburo nc
00:28:41i.will.own.u gj
00:28:54Kr1st1jaN gj
00:28:56Wrrcy wtf lycan
00:29:12i.will.own.u why no one pick a carry
00:29:13i.will.own.u bob team
00:29:15Eternity lycan pls learn how to farm^^
00:29:20oo0OoO0oo lol
00:29:24Wrrcy stupid noob hero
00:29:24oo0OoO0oo look spec
00:29:26Wrrcy dont know
00:29:27Wrrcy easy win
00:29:28oo0OoO0oo and your self
00:29:31Eternity you should have 7k more gold
00:29:36Wrrcy think hes back
00:29:40LaSiCa i havnt free farm
00:29:42LaSiCa so su
00:29:50Wrrcy necro dont go
00:29:50Wrrcy .
00:29:54Wrrcy toshan dead
00:30:01Wrrcy b
00:30:01Wrrcy b
00:30:39i.will.own.u fu
00:30:44i.will.own.u gayteam
00:30:44Wrrcy go ff
00:30:44Kr1st1jaN go go
00:30:45Kr1st1jaN push
00:30:46Wrrcy !ff
00:30:58i.will.own.u typical
00:31:00Eternity ..
00:31:04i.will.own.u og kurdi det er den eneste hero du kan spille
00:31:06Wrrcy damn no carry hero :]
00:31:06i.will.own.u lol
00:31:17Wrrcy are u from germany?
00:31:19oo0OoO0oo tud i teamsay
00:31:201m4n5h0w me
00:31:27i.will.own.u du ved det er rigtigt
00:31:38oo0OoO0oo teamsay
00:31:38Wrrcy whos from germany?
00:31:401m4n5h0w me
00:31:44oo0OoO0oo xP
00:31:44Wrrcy cool ;)
00:31:46Eternity we re 3
00:31:47Eternity b
00:31:57Kr1st1jaN lol this team
00:31:59Eternity wait 30 secs
00:32:03Eternity for doubleulti
00:32:23Kr1st1jaN i gtg take a piss ?
00:32:23Eternity k we can
00:32:24horsesarse b
00:32:28Kr1st1jaN can i pause ?
00:32:29Naburo oom
00:32:33Eternity ask the others
00:32:341m4n5h0w ghost szepters needed
00:32:37Kr1st1jaN k
00:32:37Eternity idc
00:32:39oo0OoO0oo just go
00:32:42oo0OoO0oo fast
00:32:45Kr1st1jaN can i pause for 30 sec ?
00:32:48LaSiCa y]
00:32:48oo0OoO0oo go
00:32:48Eternity be rdy
00:32:48LaSiCa ?
00:32:48LaSiCa k
00:32:48Naburo top?
00:32:48oo0OoO0oo 30 sec
00:32:48Wrrcy u are winning :D and need a stop
00:32:48Eternity he needs toilett
00:32:48i.will.own.u jusrt ff
00:32:48i.will.own.u I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:48oo0OoO0oo with our picks you should just ff
00:32:48Eternity the only reason why we win cuz you got no carries :D
00:32:48i.will.own.u sure
00:32:48Naburo y
00:32:48i.will.own.u indeed
00:32:48Naburo all bkb now
00:32:48Wrrcy cool
00:32:48LaSiCa ;]
00:32:48Wrrcy u are so cool
00:32:481m4n5h0w all ghost szepter now
00:32:48Naburo ah it s better
00:32:48Wrrcy 30 seks over
00:32:48Kr1st1jaN im back
00:32:56Wrrcy meet
00:32:57Eternity be rdy spec
00:33:01LaSiCa k
00:33:01Wrrcy dont farm
00:33:04horsesarse b
00:33:04horsesarse b
00:33:05horsesarse b
00:33:14horsesarse b
00:33:18horsesarse b
00:33:19horsesarse b
00:33:29horsesarse jkust b
00:33:36Eternity still 2 ulties
00:33:41Kr1st1jaN eye for an eye :D
00:33:43oo0OoO0oo 'still aigis
00:33:58Eternity b
00:34:01Wrrcy mach ma war außer hald der base
00:34:05Wrrcy set ward
00:34:43horsesarse manaleak
00:34:46horsesarse killll
00:34:581m4n5h0w cd
00:34:59Wrrcy why no force staff?
00:35:031m4n5h0w cd
00:35:09Eternity spec get some hp
00:35:09Eternity ..
00:35:12Wrrcy force staff aman burn dead
00:35:14Wrrcy orange go def top
00:35:14LaSiCa k
00:35:161m4n5h0w both cd
00:35:17horsesarse y
00:35:23horsesarse y y y y
00:35:32i.will.own.u care
00:35:40i.will.own.u b
00:35:48Naburo miss click
00:35:49i.will.own.u lets get a gang and go rax with my ulti ok ?
00:35:56i.will.own.u i go smoke
00:35:58Wrrcy lycan there
00:36:06LaSiCa go all mid i will ult
00:36:06Kr1st1jaN together
00:36:13i.will.own.u come to me
00:36:14i.will.own.u and i smoke
00:36:24Eternity y
00:36:28Eternity soon double rdy
00:36:39Wrrcy all base
00:36:42i.will.own.u y
00:36:44Kr1st1jaN go all mid
00:36:49Naburo i def
00:36:561m4n5h0w port
00:36:591m4n5h0w pudge
00:37:01oo0OoO0oo need all
00:37:04Eternity !def..
00:37:16LaSiCa b
00:37:17Kr1st1jaN fuck this
00:37:26i.will.own.u thank u.. not!
00:37:27Eternity noob
00:37:32Eternity i farm now
00:37:35Eternity fuck ya guys
00:37:42Naburo i told u i def?
00:37:43Eternity we couldnt loose that clash
00:37:44Naburo why u go??
00:37:46Eternity Y AND I SAID MID
00:37:47Kr1st1jaN cose u are retard
00:37:53LaSiCa rasta use ult so we should b for 30 sec
00:37:53i.will.own.u u cant
00:37:53Kr1st1jaN we all say mid push
00:37:55Naburo i cant fly
00:37:56Kr1st1jaN and u go farm
00:37:57Wrrcy go
00:37:57Eternity USE YA FUCKING BRAIN
00:37:59Naburo to u
00:38:01Wrrcy win teal we ca
00:38:02Wrrcy can
00:38:07Naburo just wait
00:38:08Eternity YOU CAN GO WITH US MID
00:38:11Naburo use yours
00:38:17i.will.own.u sure
00:38:23Stonetorl mid
00:38:261m4n5h0w mid
00:38:27Eternity phenix with crits
00:38:28Eternity ..
00:38:35LaSiCa aaaaaaa
00:38:36i.will.own.u gogogo
00:38:43i.will.own.u omw with ulti
00:38:45i.will.own.u get rax
00:38:57i.will.own.u fucK!'
00:39:00LaSiCa gj
00:39:07horsesarse ffs
00:39:18i.will.own.u i didnt see i was there already. sry guiys
00:39:25Wrrcy ficl
00:39:26Wrrcy I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:27horsesarse wtf
00:39:28i.will.own.u my fault
00:39:36Wrrcy gj gj
00:39:37Wrrcy gj jg j:D
00:40:04Wrrcy #time to lose
00:40:09Wrrcy how 2 ff?
00:40:13Kr1st1jaN i aint pushing again
00:40:17Kr1st1jaN without all
00:40:21Naburo yy
00:40:25Wrrcy +b
00:40:27Wrrcy b
00:40:28Wrrcy xD
00:40:28Wrrcy b
00:40:36Wrrcy b eza
00:40:421m4n5h0w b
00:40:481m4n5h0w you get ganked
00:40:481m4n5h0w b
00:40:49i.will.own.u daghgeR?
00:40:51i.will.own.u fu
00:40:52i.will.own.u u suck
00:40:571m4n5h0w BACK
00:41:01i.will.own.u tard ass'
00:41:06Kr1st1jaN gogogogogo
00:41:10oo0OoO0oo cheese
00:41:11Wrrcy so lost :D
00:41:12Kr1st1jaN i tak
00:41:16horsesarse b
00:41:17Wrrcy and they get stonger and stornger
00:41:18horsesarse bot
00:41:18i.will.own.u cause iof cent
00:41:22horsesarse ??
00:41:26Wrrcy just flow me
00:41:29Stonetorl gater
00:41:33i.will.own.u do u understand that u are bad?
00:41:36horsesarse :DD
00:41:371m4n5h0w hex nearly
00:41:38horsesarse ok
00:42:12i.will.own.u retarded team
00:42:13Wrrcy go ff
00:42:14Wrrcy pls
00:42:16Wrrcy ff
00:42:17i.will.own.u end fffs
00:42:20Wrrcy wp carrys
00:42:34i.will.own.u LIKE IT WAS HARD
00:42:36i.will.own.u sure
00:42:37oo0OoO0oo b
00:42:37Stonetorl gem
00:42:47Eternity DESTROY GEM
00:42:49Eternity DESTROY GEM
00:42:52Eternity NEXT TO YOU
00:42:52i.will.own.u lycan on his own could win this game
00:42:52Wrrcy they dont see it :D
00:42:55horsesarse hehe
00:42:58Wrrcy na
00:42:59Wrrcy not
00:43:00Eternity with these items? xD
00:43:01Naburo ?
00:43:05Eternity GEM
00:43:06Eternity GEM
00:43:07Eternity GEM
00:43:08Eternity GEM
00:43:12Eternity fck it
00:43:14Eternity ...
00:43:30Wrrcy i think i will always play carry here
00:43:49Eternity the items he got he should have min 25...
00:43:59horsesarse OOM
00:44:04horsesarse MANA ME
00:44:07horsesarse pls
00:44:211m4n5h0w didnt have many myself
00:44:22horsesarse EXA
00:44:24Naburo euh 2 ac???
00:44:331m4n5h0w id
00:44:35Naburo lycan i told i go ac at start
00:44:35horsesarse k
00:44:40Stonetorl go with 5
00:45:06Kr1st1jaN def now
00:45:08Naburo u dont def sent??
00:45:09Eternity be happy my team didnt destroy the gem
00:45:10Wrrcy xD?
00:45:15Wrrcy idc rly phoenix
00:45:16i.will.own.u gicve me mana for ulti
00:45:20Eternity after i blinked 6 times and wrote it 20 times..
00:45:22i.will.own.u ezxa
00:45:46Naburo laggg
00:45:53i.will.own.u b
00:46:32i.will.own.u gg
00:47:02i.will.own.u hahah
00:47:03i.will.own.u gay team
00:47:12Wrrcy u are not good
00:47:17i.will.own.u better than all of u
00:47:34Wrrcy i dont think sso
00:47:41i.will.own.u no but idc about u fatass
00:47:43Kr1st1jaN b
00:47:44Kr1st1jaN pls
00:47:53i.will.own.u 'fatty
00:47:55LaSiCa ok now and finish
00:48:00LaSiCa all
00:48:06LaSiCa all
00:48:11Kr1st1jaN w00 more
00:48:15Kr1st1jaN 200
00:48:18LaSiCa k
00:48:22Kr1st1jaN 100
00:48:25LaSiCa ;]
00:48:26Wrrcy -st
00:48:27i.will.own.u ...
00:48:27LaSiCa pls final push
00:48:27Kr1st1jaN just let me heal and go
00:48:27i.will.own.u which of u dont get x? :D
00:49:09Kr1st1jaN lets roll
00:49:10LaSiCa gogogo
00:49:23oo0OoO0oo all mid
00:49:31horsesarse ty
00:49:36horsesarse oom
00:49:40Stonetorl mid
00:49:44Stonetorl no treant for a minute
00:50:02Eternity 1. i am death 2. phenix is farming
00:50:03Eternity ..
00:50:06i.will.own.u tsk
00:50:14horsesarse laaag
00:50:21i.will.own.u get spec
00:50:23horsesarse spec
00:50:26Kr1st1jaN pho ?
00:50:29Eternity told ya
00:50:30Eternity f12
00:50:32i.will.own.u cent u lag
00:50:36oo0OoO0oo this bird
00:50:36Wrrcy .
00:50:36i.will.own.u top base
00:50:36oo0OoO0oo we cant win cause he dont comes
00:50:36LaSiCa pls gather
00:50:39Wrrcy go leave
00:50:39Wrrcy blue def top
00:50:391m4n5h0w top is defed
00:50:39LaSiCa fix it
00:50:41LaSiCa pls
00:50:44Eternity stop plug
00:50:44horsesarse i try
00:50:57i.will.own.u why
00:51:13LaSiCa now alllllllllll mid
00:51:20Kr1st1jaN im dead :(
00:51:41Kr1st1jaN roof go ac pls :D
00:51:51Naburo i ve got ac
00:51:56Eternity shht
00:52:03Eternity lycan move today
00:52:13Kr1st1jaN we got 2 ac
00:52:14Naburo 2 ac
00:52:15Kr1st1jaN why not 3
00:52:16LaSiCa ok rosh and go
00:52:16Kr1st1jaN POMFG
00:52:18Eternity so i go for dd noob
00:52:18Naburo i to?ld
00:52:27i.will.own.u encro
00:52:28oo0OoO0oo youi take
00:52:291m4n5h0w stop dl gayporn cent
00:52:33i.will.own.u tard
00:52:34horsesarse :D
00:52:38Kr1st1jaN me
00:52:39i.will.own.u fu u are stupid
00:52:48oo0OoO0oo wd
00:52:48Kr1st1jaN ty
00:53:27oo0OoO0oo tree go
00:53:29oo0OoO0oo in
00:54:00Naburo o?mg
00:54:11Wrrcy !ff
00:54:13Wrrcy pls how to ff?
00:54:20Wrrcy -ff
00:54:23Wrrcy gg
00:54:24Naburo ""
00:54:26Stonetorl I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:27Wrrcy 8gg8
00:54:27i.will.own.u wp not team
00:54:30Naburo "ff"
00:54:31oo0OoO0oo heakl
00:54:33oo0OoO0oo wd
00:54:36Wrrcy "ff"
00:54:37Wrrcy "ff"
00:54:39Wrrcy I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:41Wrrcy -.-8
00:54:46LaSiCa ;]
00:55:06i.will.own.u freewin there huh wd ?
00:55:17oo0OoO0oo whine in teamsay
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