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Chat log

00:00:14Laier mitäs noertti ja kumppanit meinas pelaa
00:00:17zebbelito tjenare mammon
00:00:17zebbelito Blacksmith of mammon
00:00:17Lavos hi all
00:00:17yeW- Can you pick me Luci please?
00:00:17noertti -doom
00:00:17kle what do u intend to play?
00:00:17Laier huhuuuuuu
00:00:17yeW- Blah xD.
00:00:17Laier mitä meinaatt blaa
00:00:17Lavos sven
00:00:17kle i wanted to ban sd
00:00:17zebbelito i intend coopteri
00:00:17noertti emt
00:00:17yeW- Ban BS imo.
00:00:17yeW- Or take him!
00:00:17Laier jos ette vastaa otan dwarffi :<
00:00:17Lavos no bs lol :P
00:00:17Lavos u can ban sd
00:00:17kle bs is shit
00:00:17kle sd
00:00:17Laier vois pelaa gyron
00:00:22Hael meinasin sanoo et siel olis sd
00:00:24Hael ei oo enää :<
00:00:27Laier anna gyro jos et itelles pickaa
00:00:28Laier jaa joo
00:00:29Lavos hmm
00:00:33Lavos does sven stun hit
00:00:34yeW- Get an Eza?
00:00:36Lavos if he evades
00:00:40kle n
00:00:41kle but nvm
00:00:42yeW- For that Storm.
00:00:43yeW- -clear
00:00:47WantedZip some take sven
00:00:47kle get stuns
00:00:48Laier wanted / que can you get me gyro? :/
00:00:49WantedZip il go kotl
00:00:52WantedZip and instant mana
00:00:56Lavos actually
00:00:58zebbelito oger loller and coller
00:01:00yeW- I'll go Chen.
00:01:01Lavos bs would own him
00:01:08Hael meen ogrella
00:01:12WantedZip pick spell hero
00:01:13Laier que swap or?
00:01:15zebbelito i can bs since they stole my coopteri
00:01:16que2stress y
00:01:18yeW- Get BS then, I'll ood with Chen.
00:01:21Laier thank you
00:01:21Lavos go bs zebbe
00:01:24yeW- woods*
00:01:24Hael well tc
00:01:25zebbelito we need a range
00:01:29Laier what you want
00:01:32yeW- -> Chen.
00:01:35Lavos we bot?
00:01:36que2stress sd
00:01:37Lavos tiny
00:01:39que2stress ah banned
00:01:40Hael banned
00:01:41que2stress hm
00:01:41yeW- Tiny mid?!
00:01:44Laier qop?
00:01:44kle no
00:01:45Lavos no bs mid
00:01:46kle bs mid
00:01:48que2stress bara
00:01:49Laier kunkka?
00:01:49Lavos ogre bot maybe
00:01:50WantedZip tc bot
00:01:52kle ogre sven top
00:01:53WantedZip with me
00:01:53Laier -swap 3
00:01:53kle imo
00:01:54yeW- I'm woods.
00:01:55noertti chicken plz
00:01:57kle i bet u can handle it
00:01:57Lavos ok
00:01:59que2stress -swap 4
00:02:02kle -ii
00:02:03kle -hhn
00:02:12kle and ogre go top
00:02:14kle and get some wards
00:02:16yeW- stay bot
00:02:18yeW- we fb
00:02:23Lavos naah
00:02:28yeW- :
00:02:28kle we can if im 3-4
00:02:29yeW- :(
00:02:30kle easier
00:02:38yeW- we can now as well if i get a good creep
00:02:45kle just got stun
00:02:47Hael vitusti on ainaki disablee
00:02:49yeW- easy
00:02:51kle need your test of faith
00:03:07kle eza bot
00:03:45yeW- ea
00:03:45yeW- go
00:03:45yeW- za
00:03:58Laier oho my bad
00:04:11Lavos let met get cs
00:04:12Lavos pls
00:04:21Lavos n either of us get like this
00:04:23yeW- omg
00:05:40kle rune top
00:05:51Laier top ss1
00:06:06WantedZip use
00:06:29kle go njow
00:06:37yeW- sec
00:08:14Lavos älä stuinnaa heti
00:08:18zebbelito ss mid
00:08:19Lavos stunnaat liian nopee
00:08:19zebbelito stiropm
00:08:23zebbelito care
00:08:29noertti bs miss
00:09:09yeW- re use
00:09:18kle hit?
00:09:42Laier to pss3
00:09:43Laier care mid
00:09:55Lavos raiskataa se
00:10:33yeW- tower
00:10:47kle tc inc
00:11:37Hael dd
00:11:46Laier tiny here
00:12:04WantedZip ss
00:12:16WantedZip bs no ulti
00:13:04Laier :D
00:13:07Hael meeeh
00:13:11yeW- chaged
00:13:12yeW- someone
00:13:13Lavos im chbarged
00:13:13kle come here
00:13:23Hael was about to nuke him :\
00:13:28WantedZip soory
00:13:37WantedZip i thought he would miss
00:14:30WantedZip storm mid ?
00:14:45yeW- hp?
00:15:27zebbelito ffs
00:15:41yeW- too bad sven not there
00:15:43kle u can join the party too
00:15:46zebbelito ill go farm
00:15:49Lavos y ofc
00:15:58Laier ois voinu kyl jättää >.<
00:16:22yeW- b
00:16:36Lavos sweet
00:16:41zebbelito idiot sven
00:16:42zebbelito losing
00:16:59que2stress rofl
00:17:03que2stress total failgame for me
00:17:08Lavos righjt
00:17:14Laier they got so much stuff to sto pyour charge :p
00:17:14kle yes no tp
00:17:14zebbelito u killed me 3x
00:17:15zebbelito times
00:17:16kle nothing
00:17:22Lavos i tpd to take top farm
00:17:26Lavos was cd if i had
00:17:45que2stress any1?
00:18:12yeW- rosh?
00:18:19kle hell no
00:18:29yeW- we could :p
00:18:41kle come mid bs
00:19:06kle tc
00:19:33que2stress tp 1
00:20:00que2stress why
00:20:01que2stress u cast
00:20:04que2stress ulti so wrong
00:20:18que2stress ff
00:20:23Laier didnt notice that hes so fast :/
00:20:29que2stress u can always cast it
00:20:30que2stress after
00:20:31que2stress ur stun
00:20:35que2stress ...
00:20:50Lavos deny
00:20:59que2stress tele top pink
00:21:20kle got dagger now
00:21:25Laier bara
00:21:26Laier wtf
00:22:12que2stress agger
00:22:30zebbelito ffs TAKE ALL LASTHITS
00:22:33zebbelito so i dont get hp
00:22:36WantedZip 3 DEAD !:
00:22:37WantedZip O
00:22:40Lavos lol
00:22:42zebbelito dont understand u
00:22:43Lavos he was running away from
00:22:44Lavos u
00:22:51zebbelito and u stunned
00:22:54zebbelito i could hit him
00:22:55zebbelito but u had to
00:23:02Lavos he was not stunned the time he died
00:23:07Lavos he was fleeing
00:23:10noertti just b
00:23:12noertti daggertiny alive
00:23:15kle guys...
00:23:16BoNeshaw -ms
00:23:21Lavos u take it too serisouly :D
00:23:37kle u are dead
00:23:44yeW- chil
00:24:12que2stress annoying :D
00:24:25que2stress gang mid
00:24:26Hael mana?
00:24:43que2stress MID
00:25:39Laier mikset noertti ottanu tota tinyy eka :p
00:25:53noertti ? en halunnu pelaa
00:26:05yeW- xd
00:26:28yeW- regen
00:26:31Lavos my
00:27:15kle can u at last get good items sven?
00:27:15Hael dont
00:27:23Lavos can u atlast stfu?
00:27:26kle n
00:27:26Lavos least
00:27:29que2stress well all back
00:27:30que2stress go b
00:27:52yeW- rosh
00:27:52yeW- !
00:28:40que2stress tiny
00:28:52yeW- oO
00:29:28que2stress ah lol
00:29:43que2stress any mid or top?
00:29:49BoNeshaw u choose haste over killing bara :
00:29:55zebbelito y
00:29:58zebbelito :S
00:30:52que2stress really
00:30:53que2stress just 1
00:30:54que2stress time
00:30:55que2stress cast ur
00:30:57que2stress ulti
00:30:59que2stress after ur stun
00:31:03zebbelito lol
00:31:07WantedZip tooooo much stun !
00:32:03kle b
00:32:22noertti invis tiny
00:32:25que2stress tehy rosh
00:32:35yeW- xd
00:32:38que2stress they
00:32:39que2stress rosh
00:32:42kle cmon u suck^^
00:32:54WantedZip :D
00:32:54Hael i have ulti this time
00:33:00kle my first invis rune
00:33:03kle and u got wards
00:33:24noertti they top forest
00:33:37kle anti
00:33:38BoNeshaw -ms
00:35:45yeW- oh my
00:35:55zebbelito focus fucking tc
00:36:00zebbelito he wins all fights
00:36:02zebbelito alone
00:36:05zebbelito 1v5
00:37:07noertti 5 miss jus care
00:37:10que2stress rune
00:37:14Lavos bla
00:37:54que2stress we pro
00:38:15noertti dunno why go dive :|
00:38:20Hael yeah
00:38:28BoNeshaw -ms
00:38:31Hael shouldve just let that one go
00:38:34BoNeshaw -ms
00:38:44que2stress dont go
00:38:46Hael def
00:38:47que2stress without tc
00:39:15kle b
00:39:28Lavos go
00:39:30Lavos top pushing
00:39:31Lavos i come
00:39:52que2stress sven inc
00:39:53que2stress sven
00:40:39noertti oom
00:40:58kle b?
00:41:07noertti bs will come
00:41:08noertti we will die all
00:41:23Lavos never
00:41:35que2stress EH COMES
00:41:35Lavos -ms
00:42:05BoNeshaw -ms
00:42:21yeW- ^^
00:42:27Laier they rosh?
00:43:00que2stress ho or not
00:43:14que2stress not
00:44:42zebbelito D
00:44:42zebbelito ?=D
00:44:43Lavos :DD
00:44:47yeW- ^^'
00:44:55Lavos fuck need more lifesteal
00:45:01kle or mb a bkb?
00:45:13Lavos prolly both
00:45:18kle prolly just bkb
00:45:24Lavos tp
00:45:47zebbelito ....
00:45:57Lavos cjargher
00:45:58zebbelito stay
00:45:58noertti uhh bara
00:45:58Lavos charged
00:45:59kle bait
00:46:11que2stress just taking the freeway
00:46:55Hael bara
00:46:56Hael care
00:47:02yeW- ^^
00:47:04que2stress havin bkb
00:47:06que2stress 44 min
00:47:07que2stress not bad
00:47:13kle n
00:47:15kle we are 4
00:47:32Lavos where the fuck did he go
00:47:47que2stress gogop
00:48:04yeW- zzz
00:48:05noertti gj
00:48:20zebbelito dont go then
00:48:22yeW- ye
00:48:33kle guys
00:48:39Lavos help
00:48:46yeW- blah
00:48:54Lavos CM;ON
00:48:57Lavos what a pussy
00:48:58kle why are u so tarded?
00:49:04Lavos im so fucking fat
00:49:06Lavos if ui just stun them
00:49:08Lavos i will 1on5
00:49:08que2stress here we go
00:49:08Laier go mid
00:49:09kle no
00:49:10que2stress need some ac
00:49:11Lavos yes
00:49:11kle u are not fat
00:49:13BoNeshaw there was bara comin alone
00:49:16BoNeshaw wtf are u doing...
00:49:18Hael soon
00:49:19Lavos i still kill them
00:49:24Lavos my dmg > them
00:49:25kle 5 are alive
00:49:28kle so u cant kill one^^
00:49:29Lavos so fucking what
00:49:32Lavos haha
00:49:34BoNeshaw ....
00:49:43Lavos bloodlust mom buriza
00:49:46Laier 1 tower and b?
00:49:48Lavos u havent seen it
00:49:49Hael y
00:49:50noertti yes
00:50:36que2stress i get vlads
00:50:56que2stress gather
00:50:57WantedZip ^fucker :D
00:51:02yeW- u started ^^
00:51:10WantedZip gay suporting :(
00:51:17Hael 1k to ac
00:51:22que2stress panda
00:51:26WantedZip 3b
00:51:30que2stress dmani
00:52:34kle damn are u stronk
00:52:34Laier def base
00:52:41kle 1by1
00:52:42Lavos damn ur ignorant retard
00:52:42zebbelito if they afk he strong
00:53:01kle dunno why he didnt come faster
00:53:07Lavos maybe tp takes 10seconds?
00:53:10Lavos think about it
00:53:12kle mb u havnt got a tp
00:53:14kle in inv
00:53:15que2stress is bacjk
00:53:17Laier just dont lose bot or top rax and should be kinda easy to win?
00:53:17que2stress that guy
00:53:21Lavos maybe u really are ignorant little bitch
00:53:25yeW- xd
00:53:32que2stress kinda easy is never after 50 min
00:53:33Laier since we are winning the fights
00:53:34kle mb u are failing at rightclicking?
00:53:35zebbelito can we just go together
00:53:36zebbelito once
00:53:41kle ask sven
00:53:42Lavos i think we cant with such ppl in team
00:53:47que2stress check ros
00:53:48kle haha
00:53:51kle we are always 4
00:53:55kle but u are thinking u are pro
00:54:01Lavos if you see me tp there
00:54:02kle and go 1by5
00:54:04Lavos 4 ppl close
00:54:10Lavos u still engage
00:54:10noertti we could rosh
00:54:12zebbelito gather
00:54:13Lavos how stupid is that
00:54:15que2stress sure?
00:54:24Hael now
00:54:24Lavos tp takes LONGER u know?
00:54:31yeW- bb
00:54:31Lavos every day something new
00:54:32yeW- !
00:54:34que2stress def
00:54:34que2stress base
00:54:35Lavos fun isnt it
00:54:46Laier they are going rosh?
00:54:48zebbelito go mid?
00:54:51que2stress duno
00:54:51noertti go smokegang?
00:54:56que2stress ruse chick
00:54:57Hael now rosh
00:55:04yeW- b
00:55:06yeW- bb
00:55:08Lavos let me
00:55:09yeW- B
00:55:10Lavos dont come
00:55:20que2stress svenis
00:55:38yeW- fuktard
00:55:38zebbelito gg
00:55:39yeW- srsly
00:55:40zebbelito I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:55:41yeW- said b
00:55:52Laier sorry guys
00:55:53Laier :D
00:55:55Hael ^^
00:56:02que2stress def bas
00:56:02que2stress 1
00:56:02noertti tc takes
00:56:06Laier laier rampage didnt see that coming? :D
00:56:09yeW- tard move
00:56:09yeW- sven
00:56:13Laier IT NEVER HAPPENS
00:56:30Laier was kinda nice sets from us
00:56:33noertti ye gj
00:56:34Hael y
00:56:37que2stress well since u hit ur ultis we win ;)
00:56:52Laier no need to be so mean :(
00:57:07yeW- lal ogre
00:57:09Hael i can has ac
00:57:10yeW- so low
00:57:16BoNeshaw so bored
00:57:24que2stress then has it
00:57:34BoNeshaw bs
00:57:34noertti i go get healed
00:57:37BoNeshaw u need bkb
00:57:38BoNeshaw too
00:57:39BoNeshaw ...
00:57:43zebbelito ok
00:57:43que2stress finally
00:57:46que2stress sven got the idea
00:57:47que2stress to get
00:57:48que2stress bkb
00:57:53noertti nice
00:57:56Hael oh fuck :D
00:57:58Laier haste
00:57:59yeW- -ma
00:58:14yeW- b
00:58:16yeW- top n mid
00:58:21zebbelito can we go
00:58:22zebbelito 5
00:59:06noertti i need toheal
00:59:08Laier b
00:59:17kle its so great to be in a team with u sven
00:59:18kle lovin it
00:59:20Laier ota mid noertti
00:59:34zebbelito not one good battle
00:59:35BoNeshaw they rosh
00:59:38yeW- rosh is down
00:59:39kle lol?
00:59:45kle rosh is dead
01:00:00BoNeshaw so shitty game falling asleep
01:00:00Hael -msa
01:00:01yeW- farm
01:00:02yeW- somone
01:00:11Laier ill make bkb aswell
01:00:11noertti tp me
01:00:12noertti kotl
01:00:16noertti ah
01:00:22noertti they 5 there
01:00:29noertti oh
01:00:30noertti go go
01:00:30que2stress goog
01:00:46yeW- my god
01:00:56zebbelito just ff it?
01:01:00que2stress at 57 min creping solo there
01:01:00noertti push mid
01:01:01Laier go mid
01:01:01noertti bs dead
01:01:04kle ofc
01:01:11zebbelito sven was to ego about hes items being imba
01:01:23kle ward
01:01:39Lavos can u go?
01:01:42Lavos seems u cant
01:01:52kle !ff
01:02:02kle I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:02:02kle f
01:02:02zebbelito gg wp
01:02:02Lavos tiny jump in when i go
01:02:02kle f
01:02:03kle f
01:02:03kle f
01:02:08yeW- I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:02:10kle why should i
01:02:10kle ?
01:02:12kle tell me
01:02:12yeW- terrific game
01:02:16kle u lost the game for us
01:02:16yeW- bs and sven
01:02:19zebbelito y
01:02:20Laier gg
01:02:21yeW- fuckin wp with your perma soloing
01:02:24que2stress wp team
01:02:26Laier nice comeback :D
01:02:29Hael gg
01:02:29kle and getting tard items
01:02:32kle always good
01:02:35kle really
01:02:37que2stress the assists tell why we win
01:02:38que2stress and they dont
01:02:41kle i thought on dota-gc are some better players
01:02:54kle but seems like its getting lower and lower
01:03:01noertti go get healed
01:03:01Lavos haha
01:03:01que2stress rodl
01:03:02Laier vitu paska mokkula ku lagaa :D
01:03:11yeW- there goes ur rampage
01:03:15kle so can u ff ?
01:03:17yeW- I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:03:20kle I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:03:21noertti [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:03:21noertti [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:03:21noertti [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
01:03:21noertti [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
01:03:21BoNeshaw I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
01:03:21Laier tur
01:03:27yeW- lol
01:03:30yeW- -clear
01:03:32Lavos mad ppl
01:03:38yeW- does he
01:03:41yeW- have the right
01:03:43yeW- to leave
01:03:44yeW- ?
01:03:48que2stress Why did u make ur bkb so late?
01:03:50que2stress sven
01:03:58Lavos why not
01:04:06que2stress cause it cost u game
01:04:09Lavos nope
01:04:23Lavos mad ppl lost this game
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