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Chat log

00:00:14IseeDeadPeople lich
00:00:14IseeDeadPeople sk
00:00:16IseeDeadPeople brood
00:00:17edgarass cm tc lone ddruid
00:00:22lemi.livo.skodi can some1 else buy chicken ?
00:00:25Defloratio go lich or sk
00:00:28lemi.livo.skodi i ll upg
00:00:29WTGD -swap 2
00:00:30lemi.livo.skodi plz
00:00:31LaSiCa me mid?
00:00:33IseeDeadPeople I mean skeleton king
00:00:34WTGD me mid
00:00:36IseeDeadPeople so
00:00:38IseeDeadPeople what
00:00:38LaSiCa ;]
00:00:39Defloratio oh
00:00:40Defloratio xD
00:00:40LaSiCa lol
00:00:42FullFlush WTF
00:00:44FullFlush IDIOTS
00:00:45PatoPast necrolyte or gondar ?
00:00:46FullFlush -SWAP 1
00:00:47LaSiCa newer mid
00:00:49lemi.livo.skodi ok that some1 else buy chick ?
00:00:50edgarass -swap 1
00:00:50Defloratio necro
00:00:54lemi.livo.skodi i ll upg
00:00:57PatoPast swap?
00:00:57IseeDeadPeople so we will need tank
00:01:00Defloratio ya
00:01:03edgarass cm build pls?
00:01:05IseeDeadPeople kristijan
00:01:07PatoPast -swap 4
00:01:08IseeDeadPeople u tank?
00:01:10lemi.livo.skodi i ask
00:01:14WTGD 1st second max aura
00:01:24edgarass items?
00:01:29FullFlush .D
00:01:30PatoPast swap ??
00:01:30WTGD wards
00:01:30IseeDeadPeople skeleton or lich ppl?
00:01:31FullFlush rly
00:01:33FullFlush ?
00:01:33WTGD 3 branches
00:01:34PatoPast -swapall
00:01:35WTGD tango salve
00:01:41Defloratio go sk
00:01:45Tough what has kristian?
00:01:49Tough ffs
00:01:51edgarass main items?
00:01:59WTGD meka treads
00:02:02Tough nice
00:02:02IseeDeadPeople wtf nab
00:02:03Defloratio nicee
00:02:05WTGD go lane now
00:02:06WTGD fast
00:02:06FullFlush enigma nice build
00:02:16IseeDeadPeople whould have taken lich
00:02:17IseeDeadPeople ..
00:02:19IseeDeadPeople should*
00:02:21LaSiCa fu watch your busnies
00:02:23Defloratio ya
00:02:25Defloratio :/
00:02:33IseeDeadPeople mf cant speak..
00:02:41Kr1st1jaN i was afk
00:02:43Kr1st1jaN su
00:02:59Kr1st1jaN anyway
00:03:06Kr1st1jaN 2 intel enough
00:03:07lemi.livo.skodi i pull
00:03:34Kr1st1jaN i go pull
00:04:41Defloratio ss
00:05:17LaSiCa ss
00:05:22edgarass \ss2
00:05:36FullFlush upgrate chick
00:06:03lemi.livo.skodi nice miss morons
00:06:04IseeDeadPeople n1
00:06:05Tough need gang mid
00:06:20Defloratio kk
00:06:22LaSiCa ;[
00:06:28LaSiCa my bad
00:06:29LaSiCa sry
00:06:34Tough ss mid care
00:06:41Defloratio ss
00:06:46Tough gabg mid pks
00:06:49IseeDeadPeople k
00:06:54Defloratio omw
00:07:05Defloratio lets go sk
00:07:18Tough ss mid
00:07:18IseeDeadPeople wait
00:07:19Tough care
00:07:29IseeDeadPeople go
00:07:42Tough wp
00:07:50Defloratio omw
00:07:53Defloratio w8 me
00:07:57WTGD care top
00:08:00WTGD they roaming with 3
00:08:02Defloratio gogo
00:09:14Defloratio care
00:09:46FullFlush BUY WARDS CM
00:09:48FullFlush FFS
00:09:50FullFlush GANK ETC
00:09:52edgarass fuck sjhit
00:09:55Kr1st1jaN gj
00:10:16Defloratio ss mid
00:10:42Defloratio tt
00:10:47Defloratio gank forest
00:11:01Tough gj
00:11:22FullFlush CMcanubuywar87
00:11:40Defloratio go forest
00:11:48Defloratio b mid
00:12:01Defloratio sec
00:12:09Defloratio w8
00:12:24Defloratio b top
00:12:53IseeDeadPeople roof ulti
00:12:54Defloratio haste down take it
00:13:21LaSiCa moron
00:13:22Defloratio a fak sry
00:13:22IseeDeadPeople xD
00:13:22Defloratio :(
00:13:26IseeDeadPeople np
00:13:36edgarass why we dont push when 45 top?
00:13:39edgarass *4
00:13:40FullFlush WHY THE HELL
00:13:45edgarass wards bvaxse
00:13:48LaSiCa w
00:14:22IseeDeadPeople b
00:14:22Defloratio b
00:14:27IseeDeadPeople fail
00:14:31Defloratio ya
00:14:38Kr1st1jaN ss enigma
00:14:52LaSiCa take
00:14:59Defloratio farm down sk
00:15:07IseeDeadPeople def
00:15:24LaSiCa b
00:15:24LaSiCa b
00:15:49Defloratio b
00:16:29FullFlush SOM1 GOING MEKA OR I DO
00:17:16lemi.livo.skodi ogre plz delete wc3
00:17:23FullFlush HAHAHAHAHAHA
00:17:27FullFlush u SERIOUS ?
00:17:33edgarass fucking lag
00:17:33FullFlush ALL U
00:17:34edgarass shitt
00:17:49Tough ty
00:17:59edgarass i got lag..
00:18:04lemi.livo.skodi you died like moron
00:18:08lemi.livo.skodi you are STUPID
00:18:08edgarass iu got lagged
00:18:11lemi.livo.skodi deal with it
00:18:12edgarass idiot u shit
00:19:02PatoPast Rubick steal enigma ulty
00:19:16Defloratio i did
00:20:06PatoPast 0.5 sec cd
00:20:09PatoPast :D
00:20:09IseeDeadPeople AHAH
00:20:10PatoPast XD
00:20:12Defloratio gj
00:20:45lemi.livo.skodi epic failers
00:20:50lemi.livo.skodi ogre ... so low
00:21:10FullFlush wtf are u talking idiot ur low
00:21:29Defloratio wtf bs
00:21:31Tough y
00:21:33Tough my fail
00:21:39Defloratio now i failed xD
00:21:54Defloratio tt
00:22:05LaSiCa take
00:22:14IseeDeadPeople what should i make
00:22:36Defloratio armlet
00:22:40Defloratio !
00:23:02Kr1st1jaN \
00:23:06Kr1st1jaN pt str bs
00:23:13Kr1st1jaN 200 hp . 10 dmg
00:23:16Kr1st1jaN >
00:24:05FullFlush progamer
00:24:16lemi.livo.skodi nice items ogre
00:24:17lemi.livo.skodi btw
00:24:18IseeDeadPeople bs
00:24:21FullFlush ty
00:24:44PatoPast i save ulty for lycan
00:24:45PatoPast focus him
00:24:48lemi.livo.skodi care
00:24:50lemi.livo.skodi b
00:25:32FullFlush enigma ult mby sometimes?
00:26:02edgarass ulti enigma
00:26:06Defloratio b
00:26:06Defloratio b
00:26:40LaSiCa fast
00:26:44Kr1st1jaN why u b with full hps ...
00:26:46Defloratio go again
00:26:48IseeDeadPeople team
00:26:49IseeDeadPeople u sold me
00:26:50IseeDeadPeople ..
00:27:26IseeDeadPeople go mid again
00:27:44IseeDeadPeople gogo
00:27:45IseeDeadPeople again mid
00:27:57PatoPast Lets Go
00:28:36IseeDeadPeople b
00:28:46Defloratio im gona reg then go
00:28:48IseeDeadPeople come mid all
00:28:49IseeDeadPeople omg
00:28:54Defloratio im oom
00:28:56Defloratio i will
00:28:57Defloratio come
00:29:06IseeDeadPeople come bs
00:29:09Defloratio go all
00:29:09Tough y
00:29:10Defloratio mid
00:29:19Defloratio necro get wards
00:29:27IseeDeadPeople send ilusions
00:29:55IseeDeadPeople go all
00:30:02lemi.livo.skodi 0 - 10 rocks
00:30:19Defloratio omg
00:30:23Defloratio i failed
00:30:45lemi.livo.skodi how its happends that always this low noobs ?
00:30:58LaSiCa seeker
00:31:02lemi.livo.skodi he was silenced
00:31:42FullFlush nice skill build enigma
00:31:45IseeDeadPeople b
00:32:31Defloratio go all down
00:32:39IseeDeadPeople y
00:32:54IseeDeadPeople wait
00:32:59IseeDeadPeople go
00:33:01Tough w8
00:33:05Tough need secret shop
00:33:06PatoPast i bait
00:33:08PatoPast hide in gforest
00:34:03Defloratio gj
00:34:11Tough same all
00:34:12Defloratio push
00:34:15Defloratio 4 dead
00:34:25lemi.livo.skodi is there any difference between your captain and our captain ?
00:34:26Defloratio sk plant wards ?
00:34:26Defloratio xD
00:34:35PatoPast STOP GREED
00:34:42WTGD cant see
00:34:45FullFlush our is better
00:34:54lemi.livo.skodi he cant see ... but i think our captain is better
00:34:58IseeDeadPeople b
00:34:59IseeDeadPeople b
00:35:04IseeDeadPeople b
00:35:05IseeDeadPeople b
00:35:05FullFlush wtf is ur prob?
00:35:13FullFlush ur fucking noob
00:35:14WTGD we fucking lost
00:35:14IseeDeadPeople not bad
00:35:16edgarass u jsut stun and slow
00:35:17Tough rosh?
00:35:18FullFlush and u talking shit all chat?
00:35:19IseeDeadPeople yes
00:35:19edgarass hit with hand too
00:35:20Defloratio ya
00:35:22Defloratio get it
00:35:22WTGD because we have me and ogre + 3 idiots
00:35:24WTGD face it
00:35:29IseeDeadPeople necro inspect
00:35:37WTGD cant push towers
00:35:41WTGD enigma with no conversions
00:35:41lemi.livo.skodi yeah am noob
00:35:44WTGD yes
00:35:45WTGD u are
00:36:04Tough w8
00:36:04Defloratio go down again
00:36:06Tough 300 gold
00:36:08Tough till bf
00:36:13IseeDeadPeople w8
00:36:20WTGD i owned mid
00:36:23Defloratio sk give wards to me
00:36:24WTGD and then they started roaming
00:36:26WTGD what did you do
00:36:32WTGD enigma cm just stayed top
00:36:34WTGD and died
00:36:34Defloratio sk ???
00:36:56Kr1st1jaN 100 4 refresh
00:37:02Tough w8 for roof than
00:37:15Defloratio tt
00:37:41IseeDeadPeople nexcro
00:37:46Kr1st1jaN w8ing for bird :)
00:38:01lemi.livo.skodi plz god
00:38:01Defloratio -.-
00:38:01Tough haha
00:38:01Tough nablike
00:38:08Kr1st1jaN b
00:38:11Kr1st1jaN w8 a sec
00:38:11IseeDeadPeople w8 for the chicken
00:38:11Kr1st1jaN refreshen on the way
00:38:11lemi.livo.skodi plzzzz drop
00:38:25IseeDeadPeople go
00:38:30Kr1st1jaN lets go
00:39:00edgarass enigma ulti?
00:39:24edgarass I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:47Defloratio gg
00:40:51Tough wp team
00:40:56IseeDeadPeople y
00:40:56Tough thx for gang mid
00:41:42lemi.livo.skodi hahahahaha
00:41:53Defloratio wp bs
00:41:56Tough wp team
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