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+2 TS

60% | 1315 X | 1306 TS

+24 X
+34 TS

55% | 1328 X | 1219 TS

+38 X
+2 TS

52% | 1159 X | 1378 TS

+41 X
+73 TS

NEW | 1110 X | 1233 TS

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+64 TS

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-2 TS

69% | 1326 X | 1414 TS

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-23 TS

62% | 1310 X | 1341 TS

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-24 TS

48% | 1212 X | 1267 TS

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-34 TS

NEW | 1055 X | 1110 TS

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-30 TS

12% | 987 X | 1144 TS

Chat log

00:00:03Rotkiv same heroes
00:00:04Maier -ap
00:00:04Rotkiv ap
00:00:06Maier -ap
00:00:09Renaissance -ap
00:00:09Nigris -ap
00:00:09Maier same heroes
00:00:10slc2 -ap
00:00:12Maier astro u pick tb then
00:00:13Renaissance -clear
00:00:20Maier -ii
00:00:22Maier -water red
00:00:23Maier -weather rain
00:00:32Nigris we had potma?
00:00:39Renaissance omg
00:00:47Fumero lanes+
00:00:47Pufff-Reis wl if you fail mid you leave game right?
00:00:48slc2 invo top
00:00:54slc2 nope
00:00:58Pufff-Reis ofc
00:01:01Pufff-Reis its rule
00:01:02slc2 well u guys dont understand gc
00:01:03Nigris me/sf same lane is stupid, i need farm ...
00:01:06Astrocreep can i top?
00:01:07Maier tb top with rubick
00:01:11slc2 so does potm
00:01:12mamyka joke?
00:01:16mamyka man
00:01:19Maier he needs more farm
00:01:22Pufff-Reis potm isnt farmer hero
00:01:24Maier move, quick
00:01:25Pufff-Reis omg lamer
00:01:27slc2 a sf pick is just stupid if u arent mid
00:01:40Nigris well ill lasthit, so dont care
00:01:42Nigris n my agha
00:01:44Nigris fast
00:01:45slc2 so i dont know why he pick he sf
00:01:46Rotkiv Xeros you have to pick same hero!!!
00:01:52Maier yes
00:01:54Maier sorry guys
00:01:54Astrocreep what was he?
00:01:54Maier XEROS
00:01:54Maier are u here ?
00:01:54slc2 maier im tired of dl guys
00:01:54mamyka rubick
00:01:54Maier u have to pick rubick
00:01:54Maier me too
00:01:54Maier ...
00:01:54slc2 they are so lame
00:01:54Nigris 62% and dunno rules?
00:01:54Maier yea
00:01:54Maier i agree
00:01:54slc2 they are actually destroying gc
00:01:54Maier old gc players atleast know something
00:01:54Pufff-Reis ofc
00:01:54Maier imo too
00:01:54Rotkiv where they all came?
00:01:54Maier fucking ...
00:01:54Pufff-Reis coz ist mega noobish
00:01:54Nigris bad that u cant report/ban for not knowing the rules
00:01:54Xeros go!
00:01:54Rotkiv why too many new players..
00:01:58Maier pick rubick
00:02:00Maier gogo
00:02:01Maier glhf
00:02:08Renaissance u2
00:02:12Nigris i go tornado/emp
00:02:16Pufff-Reis noob
00:02:20Nigris )))
00:02:22Xeros nice ++++
00:02:49Xeros )i go pull
00:04:06Astrocreep i will pull
00:04:09Xeros ok
00:04:45Nigris ss
00:04:45Nigris 2
00:05:01Nigris re
00:05:07Renaissance top rune
00:05:41Renaissance gj kunkka
00:05:43Rotkiv ss
00:05:59slc2 ss
00:06:00slc2 re
00:06:18Renaissance SHARE
00:06:23Renaissance FUCKIN CHIKEN
00:06:34Astrocreep go sf if u want
00:06:36Renaissance SHARE
00:06:39Xeros ok
00:06:41Renaissance NEWB
00:06:43Xeros go
00:06:54Nigris sry did last game
00:06:55Nigris forgot now
00:06:56mamyka ss 2
00:07:33mamyka put ward
00:07:37mamyka wp
00:07:55Nigris tb woods
00:08:23slc2 ss
00:08:32Fumero close :)
00:08:33Fumero storm
00:08:36slc2 gj
00:08:38Fumero damn
00:08:39Maier not so
00:08:40Renaissance no((
00:08:44Renaissance arrow(
00:08:50Maier come mid
00:08:51Renaissance go
00:08:52Maier gang up
00:09:18Rotkiv ss
00:09:27Maier MISS MID
00:09:31Astrocreep wow
00:09:35Nigris wp
00:09:36Xeros sht
00:09:37Nigris potma
00:09:37Astrocreep after he appears and i sunder then u say
00:09:39Renaissance ty
00:09:41Renaissance mana
00:09:42Renaissance wl
00:09:48Rotkiv ss
00:09:48Renaissance b and go
00:09:50Xeros my misstake
00:10:08slc2 ss
00:10:37mamyka noob PIT
00:10:40Fumero why?
00:10:44Rotkiv gj
00:10:47mamyka why dont use stun?
00:10:50Fumero mana?
00:10:52Nigris sry
00:10:53slc2 ss
00:11:07mamyka coz u poush line with ur fire blizzard
00:11:17Fumero ok ill save up
00:11:21Astrocreep ss
00:11:23Fumero but stop yelling noob
00:11:50Maier WTYF
00:11:51Maier TB
00:12:03Nigris ss
00:12:05Astrocreep they would have taken
00:12:10Astrocreep they were already walking there ffrom mid
00:12:13Astrocreep didnt u see
00:12:17Rotkiv ss
00:12:21Astrocreep nvm
00:12:24Rotkiv kunkka ss
00:12:27Astrocreep i am sorry captain
00:12:30Nigris top ss 2
00:12:33Fumero gj
00:12:36Maier npnp
00:12:46Astrocreep hope u read the sarcasm
00:12:52slc2 mc wl inc maier
00:12:58Fumero i pit
00:12:59Maier ?
00:13:01Rotkiv re
00:13:10slc2 mariah carry warlock
00:13:11Fumero i do stun soon
00:13:21Maier GO
00:13:41Renaissance wp
00:13:44Rotkiv yt
00:13:45mamyka pit u fuckin noob
00:13:47mamyka no more
00:13:56Maier this is lost
00:14:03Rotkiv rubick bot
00:14:03mamyka coz u noob 23
00:14:13mamyka lijke tb picker
00:14:24mamyka only rubick try help
00:14:33Nigris omw
00:14:47mamyka if iam go top
00:14:51mamyka i have imba farm
00:15:02mamyka but mr cap say tb top11
00:15:15mamyka now look tb farm
00:15:31Maier fucking misclick
00:15:41Nigris b
00:15:42Nigris tb here
00:16:52Nigris )
00:16:54Renaissance :)
00:17:05mamyka gg tb fuckin noob
00:17:13mamyka nice farm solo mid
00:17:15Astrocreep ur the real noob haha
00:17:18Astrocreep moan so much
00:17:26Astrocreep call ur mom to come help u
00:17:33Astrocreep oh i farm so much less
00:17:35Astrocreep ooh
00:17:37Astrocreep ur a girl?
00:17:41Xeros care
00:17:43Xeros storm
00:17:59slc2 kill mid
00:18:04Maier figures that wl is more imba mid than storm
00:18:13mamyka ahahah
00:18:21mamyka so dont go mid if you noob
00:18:27Maier i will banreq u
00:18:28mamyka but u cap
00:18:54Nigris ffs
00:19:00Xeros team pls play team play now!!
00:19:16Xeros go
00:19:28mamyka gg storm
00:19:40slc2 and u guys said wl mid was bad
00:19:48Maier stop blaming others for bad play u fuck tard
00:19:53Maier go back to dl
00:19:56Maier and stop coming here
00:19:57Maier cunt
00:20:22Maier no wards or anything ffs
00:20:26Maier fucking nice game yea
00:20:33mamyka mb me support or tb?
00:20:42Xeros go kill
00:20:43Maier might as well
00:20:45slc2 lets go mid push
00:21:12Xeros b
00:21:21slc2 i like ur invo
00:21:25Maier all together
00:21:25Xeros care
00:21:25Maier go
00:21:26Xeros mid
00:21:27Nigris ?
00:21:32Nigris sarcasm
00:21:33Nigris ?
00:21:34slc2 u playing it good
00:21:47Nigris ty, but if i get fast agha u will se more )
00:21:55Astrocreep wtf
00:22:32Maier brb
00:22:34Astrocreep omg
00:22:35Astrocreep storm
00:23:13Maier gogo
00:23:26slc2 help him
00:23:55Xeros b
00:24:08slc2 gj guys
00:24:09Maier 2 lothar fuckers
00:24:09Maier ffs
00:24:16mamyka solo mid
00:24:20Xeros no we have dust
00:24:27Maier mamyka, one more word
00:24:36Maier and i'll shit in your mouth
00:24:40mamyka maier
00:24:44Maier SHUT
00:24:44Maier THE
00:24:45Maier FUCK
00:24:46Maier UP
00:24:46slc2 go top
00:24:51slc2 go top
00:25:06mamyka u ban me for?
00:25:12Maier for being an idiot
00:25:35Xeros we must go all
00:25:39Xeros no alone
00:25:45slc2 no ult
00:25:52Xeros care
00:25:57Xeros be care terror
00:26:38mamyka end it plz guys
00:27:09Nigris oom
00:27:20Xeros b
00:27:22Fumero damn
00:27:49slc2 potm makin manta?
00:27:54Astrocreep whoo do we need to taerget first?
00:27:58Renaissance ok
00:28:00slc2 ty
00:28:06Maier invo
00:28:10slc2 lets try gank and then top
00:28:28Xeros gang
00:28:48Xeros go tower down
00:28:56Xeros i have dust
00:29:14slc2 push
00:29:14Nigris wohoo got item :P
00:29:17Nigris agha rdy :P
00:29:23Xeros b
00:30:45slc2 rax
00:30:54Astrocreep someone used my hero
00:30:59Xeros soory
00:31:05Xeros miss click
00:31:27slc2 im b guys
00:31:51slc2 potm haste
00:32:32slc2 gather up go mid
00:32:49slc2 lets go mid guys
00:33:01Renaissance -apm
00:33:59Xeros omg team
00:34:19mamyka omg u die all time alone
00:34:19Nigris gg
00:34:21mamyka and first
00:34:24Nigris agha ftw :P
00:34:28mamyka and u said omg team
00:34:36mamyka all time solo rubick
00:34:38mamyka like rambo
00:34:56mamyka I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:35:52Nigris wp guys
00:35:52mamyka gg wp senti
00:35:56Nigris gg wp
00:35:56Xeros no wp
00:36:01Xeros D
00:36:01Xeros DD
00:36:02Nigris then just gg
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