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Chat log

00:00:18A-tzangol anyone want es?
00:00:18A-tzangol i ban weaver
00:00:18A-tzangol okk?
00:00:18Stanghorn rubick?
00:00:18HausTia ok
00:00:18A-tzangol weaver
00:00:18Stanghorn and riki?
00:00:18VictoriaJrocks -riki
00:00:21VictoriaJrocks i hate riki more yes
00:00:30Aleks875 For new player: rd - last pick, buy chicken waste money and go when say captain...
00:00:30A-tzangol anyone can play?
00:00:37ChrizZLee y me
00:00:39Bocktiggi haustia takes yurnero, i take atro
00:00:40A-tzangol ok
00:00:42Bocktiggi we share one lane
00:00:46A-tzangol ok
00:00:51ChrizZLee you wanna?
00:00:52Bocktiggi anyway, i take atro
00:00:54A-tzangol i go ck
00:01:06VictoriaJrocks you dont want mid with rubick or what?
00:01:07A-tzangol ck and thrall maybe
00:01:08A-tzangol top
00:01:14Asiankid brown buy chick
00:01:20A-tzangol y
00:01:22ChrizZLee y
00:01:23A-tzangol get me ck
00:01:25ChrizZLee i will
00:01:32A-tzangol or
00:01:34A-tzangol sec
00:01:36A-tzangol who mids?
00:01:46ChrizZLee s<y<
00:01:46A-tzangol take me tinker
00:01:47HausTia luci ^^
00:01:49Bocktiggi luci mb?
00:01:54A-tzangol -swap 5
00:01:55ChrizZLee -swap
00:01:56niacniac rub
00:01:58ChrizZLee -swap 1
00:02:01niacniac you should go mid
00:02:17niacniac yun cant handle vs yinker
00:02:23niacniac tinker
00:02:30Bocktiggi is dota-gc europe only?
00:02:35niacniac iTS fail !!
00:02:38Asiankid dont know
00:02:38VictoriaJrocks i havent played in few days anyways
00:02:39VictoriaJrocks so
00:02:41VictoriaJrocks ill try
00:02:43VictoriaJrocks and fail D:
00:02:47niacniac nooooooo
00:02:50Asiankid earth
00:02:50niacniac seriously
00:02:52Asiankid u go pool ?
00:02:52VictoriaJrocks ;)
00:02:53Asiankid or me
00:02:55VictoriaJrocks yup yup
00:02:56A-tzangol es
00:02:58ChrizZLee pull*
00:02:59A-tzangol pulls
00:02:59ChrizZLee y
00:03:15Aleks875 cant understand this stupid rule
00:03:19Aleks875 buy chicken
00:03:25Aleks875 i never use it..
00:03:27Eternity was afk
00:03:27Eternity tz
00:03:31Eternity i am on the right lane?
00:03:32Bocktiggi then u fail
00:03:36Aleks875 np
00:04:53Eternity oom
00:04:53niacniac wp
00:04:56Eternity ty
00:05:32niacniac ill pull
00:05:35Eternity k
00:05:45Eternity i got bug
00:05:55Eternity can i pause a sec?
00:05:58niacniac care
00:06:21Eternity can i pause a sec?
00:06:26niacniac np for me
00:06:30Stanghorn np
00:06:32Aleks875 no
00:06:34niacniac np
00:06:41Eternity just 20 secs?
00:06:41niacniac manners
00:06:45niacniac let him 20 sc
00:06:51VictoriaJrocks try it
00:06:55Eternity k
00:06:56Asiankid ??
00:06:56niacniac 20 sec
00:06:56niacniac pls
00:06:56VictoriaJrocks can never if know if someone unpauses
00:06:56Stanghorn please 20s
00:06:56niacniac for rub
00:06:56Eternity sec afk
00:06:56Eternity 10 secs
00:06:56Eternity thx guys
00:06:56Eternity fixed
00:06:57Eternity 3
00:07:00Asiankid -ms
00:07:08A-tzangol ss
00:07:19Eternity shop sec
00:07:45VictoriaJrocks bot rune
00:07:47VictoriaJrocks go take bot rune
00:07:49VictoriaJrocks before tinker does
00:07:50VictoriaJrocks ok too late
00:07:52VictoriaJrocks TINKER BOT WITH RUNE
00:07:55Asiankid i go pull
00:07:56VictoriaJrocks TINKER BoT WITH RUNE
00:07:56A-tzangol gang btm
00:08:03VictoriaJrocks tinker bot with dd
00:08:26Stanghorn ss top
00:08:34Aleks875 go shaker
00:08:35Eternity abba
00:08:37Eternity why no shild
00:08:37Eternity ^^
00:08:43niacniac was far
00:08:49Asiankid -ms
00:09:25ChrizZLee gsang top
00:09:41VictoriaJrocks mid miss tinker
00:09:42A-tzangol omw btm
00:09:50niacniac care
00:09:51niacniac rub
00:09:54Eternity y
00:09:59HausTia s
00:10:00HausTia s
00:10:02ChrizZLee ss
00:10:10niacniac care
00:10:12niacniac stay b
00:10:14niacniac ok re
00:10:22Aleks875 kill shaker
00:10:43A-tzangol ss
00:10:51Stanghorn joke
00:11:06Stanghorn ss top
00:11:21VictoriaJrocks haste tinker bot
00:11:26niacniac b
00:11:26niacniac b
00:11:31Stanghorn omw bot
00:11:41Eternity he s mid
00:11:44VictoriaJrocks well he had haste
00:11:47VictoriaJrocks had to warn
00:11:48VictoriaJrocks tinker bot
00:11:49VictoriaJrocks tinker bot
00:11:50HausTia ss bot
00:11:50Eternity yy
00:12:00niacniac 3
00:12:00niacniac b
00:12:42A-tzangol care es
00:12:53Asiankid -ms
00:13:00Eternity manaboots
00:13:14VictoriaJrocks bot rune
00:13:43A-tzangol nice rubick
00:13:45Eternity ty
00:13:46A-tzangol Gj :)
00:13:50VictoriaJrocks and he didnt want mid
00:13:50ChrizZLee atro full hp go back11
00:13:57Bocktiggi right
00:13:59Eternity i was afk^^
00:14:00Eternity sry
00:14:03Bocktiggi 3vs1 is cool
00:14:11Eternity ss4
00:14:54A-tzangol sleep
00:14:55A-tzangol ...
00:15:18niacniac tink top
00:15:28VictoriaJrocks tink does what he wants
00:15:29VictoriaJrocks to do
00:15:35VictoriaJrocks im oom
00:15:45VictoriaJrocks still oom bara
00:15:55Asiankid no
00:16:15VictoriaJrocks tink miss mid
00:16:22Stanghorn fuck
00:16:26Asiankid aba
00:16:41A-tzangol go bara
00:17:01Aleks875 bug
00:17:03Aleks875 omg
00:17:08Aleks875 my ulti dont work
00:17:12Aleks875 -unstuck
00:17:20A-tzangol u used your ulti
00:17:23A-tzangol On luci
00:17:24A-tzangol Su
00:17:30Aleks875 and dont make damage
00:17:36A-tzangol Lol
00:17:39A-tzangol He was dead
00:17:45Asiankid Ff
00:17:47Bocktiggi k
00:17:49Aleks875 its not ult
00:17:53A-tzangol its gg btw
00:17:57Aleks875 are u newbie?
00:18:01Aleks875 its charge
00:18:06Bocktiggi blabla, it isnt decided
00:18:10Bocktiggi like everytime
00:18:18Bocktiggi you can say that on min 25
00:18:20Eternity shop<-
00:19:11Aleks875 saw?
00:19:19Aleks875 I cant make damage with ult
00:19:23Eternity xD
00:19:27Eternity SKILL BASH NOOB
00:19:30A-tzangol XD
00:19:40Eternity bash=ulti
00:19:48Aleks875 without bash dont work..
00:19:50Aleks875 great
00:20:08A-tzangol b
00:20:13A-tzangol b
00:20:40VictoriaJrocks not high enoguh healing ward
00:20:52Eternity doom is forest?
00:20:58A-tzangol gang
00:20:59niacniac doubt it
00:20:59A-tzangol yurn
00:21:19VictoriaJrocks def bot?
00:21:21VictoriaJrocks or leave
00:21:22Eternity sec
00:21:26niacniac def
00:21:26VictoriaJrocks nobodys has tp
00:21:28niacniac omw
00:21:29Eternity running for tp
00:21:30Eternity omw
00:21:37VictoriaJrocks 3 miss bot
00:21:39A-tzangol we got no carry
00:21:40A-tzangol btw
00:21:42VictoriaJrocks 2
00:21:55Bocktiggi me
00:22:02Bocktiggi ok
00:22:35Eternity tzz
00:22:36Eternity invis
00:22:37niacniac hey
00:22:39niacniac u stand here
00:23:05VictoriaJrocks thanks
00:23:14Eternity no money for dust
00:23:15Eternity tzz
00:23:28Eternity omw
00:23:46VictoriaJrocks got healing ward
00:23:49VictoriaJrocks push
00:24:20ChrizZLee tram?
00:24:31ChrizZLee team*
00:24:40A-tzangol there is no team :)
00:24:43A-tzangol no captain
00:24:45A-tzangol we suck
00:25:14Asiankid w8
00:25:58Eternity b
00:26:41Asiankid b
00:27:07Asiankid w8
00:27:09Eternity all the fucking game
00:27:13Eternity there s a healthbar
00:27:18VictoriaJrocks stuck :D?
00:27:18Eternity and i dont know how to get it away
00:27:20VictoriaJrocks xD
00:27:21VictoriaJrocks lol
00:27:21Asiankid b
00:27:27ChrizZLee wp team
00:27:31Eternity just on the map the whole time
00:27:34ChrizZLee go fsrm woods all
00:27:37VictoriaJrocks wow :D
00:27:40Asiankid ye w8
00:27:42Asiankid good feed
00:28:02HausTia b
00:28:03ChrizZLee we have a ganger team
00:28:07ChrizZLee and do a shit
00:28:17Asiankid mid
00:28:17A-tzangol y
00:28:31VictoriaJrocks lets just push top
00:28:40VictoriaJrocks we aint getting in from mid
00:29:29A-tzangol b
00:29:47A-tzangol es
00:29:49A-tzangol your
00:29:50A-tzangol stun
00:29:51A-tzangol FUCKED US
00:29:57A-tzangol FUCKED US COMPLETELY
00:30:00Stanghorn sry
00:30:02VictoriaJrocks mid
00:30:08VictoriaJrocks i got healing ward ins ec
00:30:11Eternity top
00:30:21Asiankid fail down line
00:30:21VictoriaJrocks if abab would join us
00:30:27Eternity we cant get mid till they re all re
00:30:27A-tzangol fail mid
00:30:27Asiankid this crix dont hvae dager
00:30:28Asiankid omg
00:30:30A-tzangol fail top
00:30:31A-tzangol its gg
00:30:32Asiankid mid too
00:30:38A-tzangol fail picks
00:30:39A-tzangol even
00:30:40VictoriaJrocks true true
00:30:48HausTia i treid to gang, because you didnt
00:32:11A-tzangol FU
00:32:14A-tzangol ^^
00:32:23Eternity :D
00:32:23Eternity oom
00:32:34Asiankid nice feed
00:32:35Asiankid nice
00:32:40VictoriaJrocks b
00:33:37Eternity i go for shivas
00:33:43Stanghorn what should I do?
00:34:37ChrizZLee I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:34:38Eternity again we cant push
00:34:40Eternity tzz
00:34:42A-tzangol I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:34:45Bocktiggi I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:34:50Asiankid I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:34:52Asiankid .ff
00:34:56ChrizZLee .ff
00:34:59Asiankid .ff
00:35:02A-tzangol .ff
00:35:06Bocktiggi without a point
00:35:06Eternity just type it
00:35:07Bocktiggi zzz
00:35:07VictoriaJrocks its without .
00:35:10Eternity "ff"
00:35:11Asiankid I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:35:13A-tzangol someone hasnt
00:35:14VictoriaJrocks you dont see the number on yourself
00:35:38Eternity [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:35:38Eternity [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:35:38Eternity [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:35:38Eternity [DotA-GC] Scourge must now wait near their fountain until Sentinel destroys the throne.
00:35:38HausTia I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:35:47Eternity now stay fountain
00:35:49Eternity and we finish
00:35:53Eternity fight = ban
00:36:00Stanghorn i've only bought
00:36:01Asiankid noob dota
00:36:04Stanghorn i've only bought arcan
00:36:05A-tzangol XD
00:36:08VictoriaJrocks :D
00:36:11VictoriaJrocks not bad for only arcane
00:36:36Eternity finish
00:36:38Eternity dont fight
00:36:40Eternity not allowed
00:36:46VictoriaJrocks they shouldnt leave fountain
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