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-1 TS

93% | 1511 X | 1604 TS

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-1 TS

85% | 1430 X | 1511 TS

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-1 TS

84% | 1471 X | 1460 TS

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-2 TS

72% | 1348 X | 1421 TS

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60% | 1290 X | 1332 TS

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95% | 1666 X | 1549 TS

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93% | 1631 X | 1507 TS

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77% | 1456 X | 1364 TS

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67% | 1292 X | 1413 TS

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50% | 1342 X | 1157 TS

Chat log

00:00:03BoNeshaw sepe otin od sulle
00:00:03Flex- cause we have to waste time remaking...
00:00:03Maier go ap
00:00:03Vangelis -ap
00:00:03MaAkoXYma lion get courier ? ;p
00:00:03Sepetos -ap
00:00:03Vangelis -
00:00:05BoNeshaw ota se od
00:00:05Maier -ii
00:00:07Maier -water red
00:00:08Maier -weather rain
00:00:10Ckalle no
00:00:23Ckalle i'm mid
00:00:32Vangelis guys
00:00:33MaAkoXYma me top
00:00:34xeriex and btw
00:00:36xeriex its not random
00:00:36Vangelis ah nvm
00:00:38xeriex :P
00:00:40A-tzangol y
00:00:48A-tzangol i remembered someone said yesterday
00:00:51A-tzangol and i tested today
00:00:52xeriex it takes it allways from 2 a clock
00:00:52A-tzangol its not
00:00:54A-tzangol xD
00:00:55BoNeshaw me down?
00:01:01Maier umm
00:01:01Flex- mby you better off with doom?
00:01:04BoNeshaw with venge?
00:01:05Maier 1 boty please
00:01:08BoNeshaw cant kill with doom
00:01:10Maier ranged
00:01:11Vangelis well
00:01:13BoNeshaw sepeli me venge down?
00:01:16Sepetos y
00:01:17Vangelis no point
00:01:18A-tzangol y
00:01:19A-tzangol viper
00:01:20xeriex hf with ur quellingblades
00:01:20A-tzangol plz
00:01:20xeriex :D
00:01:20Vangelis in two melee
00:01:21Vangelis top
00:01:24Ckalle share
00:01:24Sepetos ok so tc wisp
00:01:27A-tzangol viper
00:01:28Sepetos might get kills also
00:01:29A-tzangol go btm
00:01:32MaAkoXYma no
00:01:33Flex- " might "
00:01:33MaAkoXYma necro can
00:01:33A-tzangol cap
00:01:34A-tzangol plz
00:01:37xeriex we are 3 top atm?
00:01:39Flex- wish could have atleast
00:01:41Flex- gotten the wards
00:01:43A-tzangol captain
00:01:44A-tzangol tell viper
00:01:46Flex- -hhn
00:01:46A-tzangol to go btm
00:01:49Ckalle viper bot
00:01:49A-tzangol not 2 carries top
00:01:55Ckalle obviously
00:02:10Flex- care
00:02:19BoNeshaw u pull?
00:02:20A-tzangol he unshared me
00:02:23A-tzangol xD
00:02:24xeriex me2
00:02:34Ckalle so ban him
00:02:35BoNeshaw tc u pull?
00:02:44MaAkoXYma Are you retarded?
00:02:45Vangelis i make
00:02:46Vangelis dbl
00:02:59Ckalle if u unshare it's a ban
00:03:06MaAkoXYma so i shall give him
00:03:07MaAkoXYma to use my hero
00:03:08MaAkoXYma ?
00:03:16Vangelis i make
00:03:17Vangelis urn
00:03:18Ckalle no but u gotta go bot
00:03:23Ckalle cus captain decides lane
00:03:23MaAkoXYma no i dont
00:03:24MaAkoXYma i go woods
00:03:27BoNeshaw 3 top
00:03:32Ckalle well then I will ban you
00:03:34xeriex cpt decides lanes
00:03:46xeriex thoe he said the malte
00:04:04BoNeshaw i go top?
00:04:06MaAkoXYma what the hell is wrong with you
00:04:07MaAkoXYma retards
00:04:12Vangelis imo
00:04:12Vangelis y
00:04:23Ckalle ure the one game ruining
00:04:46MaAkoXYma uf when i become your cap
00:04:51MaAkoXYma your so gonna wood with troll
00:04:54Flex- i check rune
00:04:56MaAkoXYma (
00:04:57MaAkoXYma not troll
00:04:58xeriex its ok
00:05:00MaAkoXYma kk
00:05:07Ckalle I don't see that as a big risk
00:05:22MaAkoXYma STAY
00:05:23Maier MISS
00:05:23MaAkoXYma BUG
00:05:27MaAkoXYma TY
00:05:32Flex- olets go ?
00:05:43Sepetos lion inc bot
00:05:49Ckalle viper ure still bot
00:05:53MaAkoXYma i can gang
00:05:55MaAkoXYma my free will
00:05:58MaAkoXYma you can't command me how to play
00:06:00Sepetos re
00:06:01Sepetos viper miss
00:06:07Ckalle as a matter of fact
00:06:08Ckalle I can.
00:06:11MaAkoXYma ?
00:06:15MaAkoXYma no you cant
00:06:16Flex- why
00:06:19Flex- you go
00:06:20Flex- for bara
00:06:21A-tzangol gj
00:06:22Flex- when i stunned
00:06:25A-tzangol sry or failing
00:06:25Flex- necro
00:06:49xeriex b
00:07:11Flex- wisp
00:07:13Flex- go infront of me
00:07:30A-tzangol pulling
00:07:31A-tzangol ok?
00:07:32xeriex ok
00:07:45BoNeshaw pull
00:07:53Vangelis now
00:07:54Vangelis viper
00:07:55Vangelis bot
00:08:04Sepetos midmiss
00:08:11MaAkoXYma so you ruin my game cuz i am last pick?
00:08:17A-tzangol ...
00:08:21Ckalle yep, that's the plan
00:08:24Ckalle what u gonna do
00:08:33MaAkoXYma gonna take your runes prolly
00:08:38Ckalle naww..
00:08:39MaAkoXYma so we are at same
00:08:42Ckalle game ruining is still bannable
00:08:42Maier MISS
00:08:42A-tzangol go whisp?
00:08:44Vangelis ss
00:08:54A-tzangol ss venge
00:08:57xeriex play defensevily
00:08:57xeriex imo
00:08:58Sepetos gg
00:08:59xeriex and kill when they atk
00:09:00Sepetos dont say misses
00:09:03Sepetos not a chance to say
00:09:05Sepetos or buy wards
00:09:08xeriex they are 3 after all
00:09:14Flex- cant buy wards
00:09:20Sepetos i could carry this if u guys can support and say miss
00:09:21Sepetos but no
00:09:25Ckalle ganking does not include staying around farming fater
00:09:38Flex- exactrly
00:09:40Flex- for that reason
00:09:45Flex- wisp messed up
00:09:47Flex- starting ganks
00:09:52MaAkoXYma does not
00:09:54MaAkoXYma but i want
00:09:54MaAkoXYma so
00:09:55MaAkoXYma np
00:09:59Ckalle k guys
00:10:01Ckalle let's all just
00:10:03Ckalle !banrequest
00:10:04BoNeshaw i go back down
00:10:04Ckalle this mofo
00:10:06Ckalle k?
00:10:07BoNeshaw top so fucked up
00:10:09extremewaari necrto
00:10:10extremewaari stun
00:10:10xeriex why
00:10:11Sepetos midmiss
00:10:15Ckalle cus he's game ruining
00:10:18xeriex what he did
00:10:19MaAkoXYma ?
00:10:20MaAkoXYma ?
00:10:25BoNeshaw we lost all lanes
00:10:26BoNeshaw :/
00:10:26MaAkoXYma GAME RUINNING?
00:10:33A-tzangol charged obsi
00:10:41Flex- no kidding
00:10:49extremewaari top ss
00:10:50Sepetos np
00:10:52Ckalle wtf was that
00:10:52Sepetos u guys cant support
00:10:54Sepetos so ff at 25min
00:10:58Ckalle "sure, I'll die... BUT NOT TO YOU!"
00:10:58Sepetos what?
00:11:08Sepetos well i got time to buy items
00:11:10BoNeshaw take obs form hawk
00:11:11BoNeshaw vs
00:11:35Sepetos wp guys
00:11:36Sepetos realyl
00:11:36Flex- great
00:11:40Flex- dude
00:11:49Flex- wanna blame
00:11:51Flex- blame wisp
00:11:52A-tzangol share vip
00:11:58MaAkoXYma you wont move me?
00:12:02A-tzangol i never did
00:12:02A-tzangol lol
00:12:20A-tzangol charged tc
00:12:22Maier gj
00:12:24BoNeshaw yea they outpick us blame me :DD
00:12:25BoNeshaw stfu
00:12:27BoNeshaw venge
00:12:34Flex- you gave em triple
00:12:36Flex- kill at start
00:12:40Flex- by standing behind
00:12:42Flex- who you hasted
00:12:50Flex- go necro
00:13:19Flex- grewat
00:13:31Vangelis tbh
00:13:32Vangelis flex
00:13:34Vangelis you play
00:13:38Vangelis pretty horrible in every game
00:13:40Vangelis i see you
00:13:48BoNeshaw lion ahs ult?
00:13:48Flex- right
00:14:03A-tzangol bottle plz
00:14:09xeriex oom
00:14:14BoNeshaw care top
00:14:14Ckalle my rune
00:14:15BoNeshaw 2 inc
00:14:15BoNeshaw b
00:14:16BoNeshaw b
00:14:40Flex- so
00:14:42Flex- stand behind
00:15:29MaAkoXYma g
00:15:29MaAkoXYma g
00:15:31MaAkoXYma [;s
00:15:31MaAkoXYma p[ls
00:15:32Ckalle no
00:15:33MaAkoXYma Zz
00:15:35Sepetos miksei tää aura skulaa
00:15:35Ckalle no mana
00:15:56Flex- b
00:16:04MaAkoXYma i hate that bug
00:16:04MaAkoXYma .
00:16:26Maier go mid
00:16:27Maier necro
00:16:27Ckalle I hate ppl who get ranged vanguard in 6.72
00:16:27Maier come
00:16:38extremewaari trant
00:16:40MaAkoXYma ?
00:16:41MaAkoXYma ;d
00:16:48Sepetos detect?
00:16:49Flex- bo
00:17:14Sepetos blink lion nice
00:17:40xeriex why target stun
00:17:41xeriex :p
00:17:44Vangelis venge
00:17:45Vangelis :DDD
00:17:49Ckalle ?
00:17:49Flex- oom
00:17:57Flex- what you want me to suicide
00:17:58xeriex u could get both i mean if not targetting to venge
00:18:02Vangelis perhaphs
00:18:03Vangelis not
00:18:05Ckalle I targeted ground
00:18:05Vangelis brake the link
00:18:08Vangelis perhaps
00:18:10Ckalle it's just
00:18:11Flex- so why is he gonig
00:18:12Flex- from tower
00:18:12Ckalle wc3 engine
00:18:13Flex- there
00:18:15Maier come
00:18:16Flex- he can only trad
00:18:16Maier sb
00:18:16Maier GO
00:18:17Maier CHARGE
00:18:20Flex- and get stunned
00:18:22Flex- but he chasesz
00:18:35BoNeshaw well we had link
00:18:37BoNeshaw could kite him
00:18:39A-tzangol b
00:18:46Flex- not really trusting
00:19:05Flex- oom
00:19:27Sepetos heal
00:19:32xeriex lol
00:19:32xeriex :
00:19:54Sepetos MIKS OTAT MUT MUKAA
00:19:59BoNeshaw olit linkis
00:20:00Sepetos vittu miten paska oot
00:20:06BoNeshaw teet enite lämää
00:20:06Sepetos nii stoppaa linkki?
00:20:13BoNeshaw ei noi muut hyödy attspeedist
00:20:24Ckalle low mana
00:20:29BoNeshaw niijoo
00:20:32BoNeshaw jäädyin
00:20:55Sepetos come gang top
00:20:56Sepetos frekill
00:20:59Sepetos and plant wards
00:21:12MaAkoXYma b
00:21:42Maier is agha good ?=
00:21:43Maier for sb
00:21:43Sepetos agha bara
00:21:45BoNeshaw tc u broke link :((
00:21:46MaAkoXYma y
00:21:47A-tzangol dunno
00:21:48A-tzangol xD
00:21:48Sepetos wtf have u done on his lane?
00:21:49Ckalle gives AoE and 20 sec CD
00:21:49Maier first item i mean
00:21:54Maier 20sec cd
00:21:54Maier WOW
00:21:56Ckalle usually bkb first is better
00:22:06Maier DENY
00:22:08Maier COME
00:22:15Ckalle but we play vs noobs
00:22:17Ckalle so I like aghs
00:22:28MaAkoXYma we play vs noobs
00:22:28Maier mkay
00:22:29MaAkoXYma why the hell
00:22:31MaAkoXYma sepetos
00:22:32Sepetos can u ward it up wtf???
00:22:33MaAkoXYma got you so much
00:22:35MaAkoXYma on mid
00:22:36Flex- sure
00:22:39Flex- gold it up first
00:22:43Ckalle ?
00:22:48Ckalle mid was kinda equal
00:22:50Ckalle and he's OD
00:22:51Ckalle vs int hero
00:23:23xeriex i have no idea what im doing
00:23:28xeriex 39c sick
00:23:29xeriex ;p
00:23:37A-tzangol roof?
00:23:39A-tzangol wtf
00:23:42Maier cd
00:23:42Maier ulti
00:23:45A-tzangol say it
00:23:46Maier =/
00:23:46A-tzangol dont let me go
00:23:48A-tzangol like a tard
00:23:52Maier sorry
00:24:46Sepetos voiks täl orbwalkkaa tost mikäseo
00:24:52Sepetos get dusts?
00:25:03A-tzangol obsi
00:25:07Maier fucking
00:25:08Maier ...
00:25:30Sepetos täh...
00:25:44BoNeshaw no se viperi
00:25:45BoNeshaw backitti
00:25:55Flex- help ward
00:25:56Flex- rosh
00:26:14Ckalle necro
00:26:17Ckalle mby come heal us?
00:26:20Maier sec
00:26:22Maier im omw
00:26:56Flex- tc
00:26:57Flex- didnt see
00:26:59Flex- necro ?
00:26:59Sepetos heal
00:27:03Vangelis i was
00:27:05Vangelis watching
00:27:05Vangelis rosh
00:27:06Vangelis :D
00:27:08Ckalle u kidding me?
00:27:19Flex- comment on me more often ;)
00:27:20A-tzangol was
00:27:22A-tzangol thinking
00:27:23A-tzangol something
00:27:24A-tzangol sry
00:27:33Ckalle well fuck you
00:27:35A-tzangol lol
00:27:37Flex- who the eff
00:27:38Flex- do we focus
00:27:40Sepetos et sit healaa vai
00:27:44Sepetos lion
00:27:45A-tzangol lol
00:27:47Sepetos viper
00:27:48MaAkoXYma ...
00:27:53A-tzangol i m klasmenten
00:28:00A-tzangol stoned as fuck
00:28:22MaAkoXYma watch mini map ;(
00:28:28Sepetos jaaha.,..
00:28:29Ckalle can't get out there
00:28:36MaAkoXYma thought blink out
00:28:36BoNeshaw no saat midist farmia wat?
00:28:37MaAkoXYma ;o
00:28:41Ckalle was on cd
00:28:49A-tzangol invi
00:28:50A-tzangol INVI
00:28:55A-tzangol rooof
00:28:57A-tzangol YOUR ULTI
00:28:58A-tzangol SUCK
00:28:59A-tzangol COZ
00:29:01A-tzangol COX
00:29:02A-tzangol COX
00:29:05A-tzangol COCKS
00:29:05Ckalle it's Maier
00:29:09Ckalle get used to it
00:29:18Maier i just did some GHB
00:29:19BoNeshaw tp used
00:29:21Maier so chill
00:29:28A-tzangol u did shit ulti
00:29:29A-tzangol for 1
00:29:30A-tzangol person
00:29:32Maier i know
00:29:33Maier sorry
00:29:34A-tzangol ...
00:29:36Ckalle why would u do ghb
00:29:37Ckalle and play dota
00:29:37A-tzangol dont use it
00:29:45xeriex whats ghb
00:29:47Ckalle LSD I could understand
00:29:49Maier a buddy came and brought it while i was playing it
00:29:49Ckalle GHB
00:29:49Ckalle is just
00:29:52Ckalle pointless
00:29:54Maier imba shit
00:30:03xeriex lol
00:30:08xeriex ghb = lsd
00:30:09xeriex ?
00:30:12MaAkoXYma no.
00:30:12Maier no
00:30:16Maier ghb is called cork
00:30:27xeriex whats the difference
00:30:35extremewaari b
00:30:50BoNeshaw venge lyöt sleepattuu
00:30:52BoNeshaw etkä telee .F
00:31:09Sepetos team awake.
00:31:13Flex- we were mid
00:31:14BoNeshaw team dead
00:31:17Sepetos dont go mid
00:31:19Sepetos follow me
00:31:20Flex- we got lion
00:31:25Sepetos cause they will try gang me 24/7
00:31:29Maier haste
00:31:40Sepetos and get gem
00:31:42Sepetos to kill treant
00:31:46Sepetos when hes close to us
00:31:59Flex- tnx
00:32:00Flex- doom
00:32:14BoNeshaw veng ehit
00:32:16Maier push
00:32:19BoNeshaw i give u +70att speed
00:32:22BoNeshaw and u walk around
00:32:22BoNeshaw ...
00:32:29BoNeshaw u can se eit
00:32:32BoNeshaw when wisp glows
00:32:33xeriex ghb = psyhedical drug like lsd?
00:32:47Sepetos NICE BASH
00:32:48Maier not quite
00:32:50Sepetos just pistämäs prisonii
00:32:57xeriex well what it is
00:33:02Maier seatch
00:33:03Maier wiki
00:33:05Maier pedia
00:33:08Ckalle hallucinogenic just less fun than lsd
00:33:15xeriex with name ghb?
00:33:20Ckalle ya
00:33:22Sepetos wtf ur that noob?
00:33:22Ckalle or cork
00:33:25Sepetos he has hot vanguard
00:33:25Sepetos gg
00:33:26A-tzangol or?
00:33:26Sepetos retard
00:33:28A-tzangol what else?
00:33:48Sepetos these newplayers who came always badones in my team
00:33:48Ckalle I dunno any other names
00:33:54Sepetos 10% lower than b4
00:33:59xeriex u have 0 new players :P
00:34:00Ckalle ya
00:34:02Ckalle unlucky
00:34:07MaAkoXYma i am new :(
00:34:09Ckalle Flex- is pretty new
00:34:18Flex- really ?
00:34:23Flex- use to even play time to time
00:34:24Flex- the old gc
00:34:27Flex- The old gc
00:34:35Vangelis svents has played
00:34:37Vangelis 4 years
00:35:52Maier get twr
00:35:53MaAkoXYma so you still ban requesting me for free will ?
00:35:56Maier black hp
00:36:06Sepetos ward
00:36:07Flex- wait
00:36:07Flex- i swap
00:36:08BoNeshaw go
00:36:19Ckalle u did my lanes after a bit of dickheading around
00:36:22Ckalle but I'm fine with that
00:36:29Ckalle if the ppl u unshared wanna ban u for that
00:36:37Ckalle u deserve it
00:36:40Ckalle but u didn't unshare me
00:36:56Sepetos ward
00:36:59MaAkoXYma and pls
00:37:00MaAkoXYma dont think
00:37:02MaAkoXYma if someone is last
00:37:04MaAkoXYma that he is worse
00:37:07A-tzangol lol
00:37:07Ckalle dude
00:37:10A-tzangol who said that
00:37:10Ckalle look at Flex-
00:37:11Sepetos not up?
00:37:16Sepetos we need smoke to go gang
00:37:17Ckalle he's one of the best lastpicks in this league
00:37:20Ckalle trust me
00:37:23Ckalle lastpicks SUCK
00:37:24Ckalle ure new
00:37:25Sepetos forget it
00:37:29Ckalle but u'll see soon enough
00:37:33A-tzangol XD
00:37:39MaAkoXYma i already saw some
00:37:40Maier got ac
00:37:42MaAkoXYma old players
00:37:42Maier let's push ?
00:37:45MaAkoXYma blue/pink suck ;3
00:37:50Ckalle ya
00:37:52Ckalle that's true
00:38:00MaAkoXYma dead
00:38:19Ckalle the difference is
00:38:24MaAkoXYma ionvis
00:38:32Ckalle the guys that have say
00:38:34Ckalle more than 50 games
00:38:38Ckalle and still are lastpicks
00:38:41Ckalle they _always_ suck
00:38:50Ckalle some of the top rated suck at times
00:39:04Ckalle I suck when not playing support (as u can see from my midsolo performance -.-)
00:39:08Ckalle but the lastpicks
00:39:10Ckalle always suck.
00:39:14MaAkoXYma ^^
00:39:17MaAkoXYma well one guy
00:39:20MaAkoXYma got me banned
00:39:22MaAkoXYma for winning game
00:39:24Sepetos ill farm
00:39:27Sepetos then midtower mby :o
00:39:28MaAkoXYma cuz i didn't listen him
00:39:32MaAkoXYma and won
00:39:34Ckalle that has nothing to do with being good or not tho
00:39:34MaAkoXYma instead of lose
00:39:36MaAkoXYma and listen to him -.-
00:39:36Ckalle that's being an ass
00:39:49Ckalle and that's why I love this league
00:39:50Ckalle u can be an ass
00:39:53Ckalle and it's not bannable
00:39:53MaAkoXYma ;P
00:39:56MaAkoXYma i will be!
00:39:59Flex- get the necro
00:40:02BoNeshaw no
00:40:03BoNeshaw not to twr
00:40:04Vangelis need
00:40:05Vangelis all
00:40:10Vangelis 2
00:40:10Sepetos need ward
00:40:11Vangelis top
00:40:11Vangelis go
00:40:12Sepetos warnd
00:40:14Sepetos and detect
00:40:15Ckalle u can flame a guy an entire game
00:40:20Sepetos and smoke
00:40:21Ckalle in different languages and everything
00:40:23Sepetos support guys
00:40:31Ckalle the admin will go "well, u have a point so fuck it"
00:40:51xeriex are we losing suddenly
00:40:55Ckalle ya
00:40:56A-tzangol let it
00:40:57Ckalle cus we chat
00:40:58Ckalle but just
00:40:58A-tzangol let me get my bkb
00:41:01xeriex was in phone
00:41:07Ckalle rosh is re
00:41:09MaAkoXYma we should stop chat
00:41:10MaAkoXYma really ;D
00:41:14Flex- reuse
00:41:18xeriex they are getting fat
00:41:23Ckalle nah
00:41:25Ckalle they're just
00:41:26Ckalle going 5
00:41:27MaAkoXYma well that shit is strong
00:41:31MaAkoXYma even with hex only
00:41:39MaAkoXYma +wisp
00:41:40Ckalle we didn't have a single proper ult from tree
00:41:40MaAkoXYma .
00:41:41Maier what item do we need
00:41:42Ckalle if we just go 5
00:41:44Ckalle they got no chance
00:41:45Vangelis doom
00:41:46Vangelis what are
00:41:47MaAkoXYma Blademail
00:41:47Vangelis you making
00:41:48Ckalle go all rosh
00:41:48Vangelis ?
00:41:49MaAkoXYma or bkb
00:41:49Ckalle if they come
00:41:51Ckalle we fuck them upå
00:41:54extremewaari maybe pipe
00:41:58Maier thinking of shivas
00:41:58Ckalle Manta imo
00:41:59Ckalle -ii
00:42:03MaAkoXYma no
00:42:06MaAkoXYma obsi kills you
00:42:07Flex- seems
00:42:08MaAkoXYma in 2 secs
00:42:08Flex- roshing
00:42:08MaAkoXYma than
00:42:09Flex- ROSH
00:42:10Vangelis -ms
00:42:13BoNeshaw go rosh
00:42:14Sepetos go
00:42:14Sepetos all
00:42:20Flex- i got smoke
00:42:21xeriex bkb is good vs him
00:42:24MaAkoXYma y
00:42:24Ckalle yep
00:42:26MaAkoXYma or blademail
00:42:27Ckalle I get BKB ofc
00:42:27A-tzangol FOCUS OGRE
00:42:28A-tzangol ALL
00:42:31A-tzangol obsi
00:42:32A-tzangol >.>
00:42:32Ckalle but for viper imo manta
00:42:33MaAkoXYma y
00:42:34Sepetos b
00:42:40Maier go mid ?
00:42:43Sepetos anyone got detect yet?
00:42:46BoNeshaw b
00:42:47BoNeshaw b
00:42:49BoNeshaw 11
00:42:53MaAkoXYma bara
00:42:54MaAkoXYma you have to
00:42:56MaAkoXYma kill obsi
00:42:59MaAkoXYma you are the onlyone
00:43:02A-tzangol all do
00:43:04MaAkoXYma y
00:43:10MaAkoXYma all ulty him
00:43:23Maier DENy
00:43:33Maier that was too rushy
00:43:33Maier ffs
00:43:40Maier i got 1shot or smth
00:43:41Sepetos uilti
00:43:57MaAkoXYma b
00:43:58xeriex fight
00:44:03MaAkoXYma n
00:44:04Ckalle oh my fucking god
00:44:07Ckalle SIX TIMES
00:44:09xeriex ofc we lose
00:44:10A-tzangol u didnt focus obsi
00:44:10Ckalle he animation denied me
00:44:10xeriex fight
00:44:11xeriex no one
00:44:14Ckalle in one single fight
00:44:14xeriex EVEN HITS
00:44:20xeriex ur not rly good in team fights ur guys
00:44:22Vangelis hmm
00:44:22xeriex u all runn circles
00:44:24Vangelis what should i make
00:44:25Vangelis ?
00:44:25xeriex u dont HIT
00:44:26Maier i got killed before i could do anything
00:44:27xeriex and do eve 1 dps
00:44:34Flex- heal me
00:44:36BoNeshaw refu? :F
00:44:36Sepetos dunno but i cant b standing there like i was
00:44:38xeriex we could just killed alll
00:44:42xeriex if all wouldnt run back like chickenzx
00:44:43Sepetos someone else needs to be
00:44:47A-tzangol ....
00:44:48Vangelis someone
00:44:48Ckalle we have to focus OD
00:44:49Ckalle all
00:44:49Vangelis suggest me
00:44:49A-tzangol noone
00:44:50Ckalle of us
00:44:51Vangelis a iitem
00:44:51A-tzangol attacked
00:44:52A-tzangol obsi
00:44:55MaAkoXYma before he gets
00:44:55Sepetos bkb
00:44:56MaAkoXYma bkb
00:44:56BoNeshaw refu
00:44:58A-tzangol ...
00:44:58BoNeshaw y
00:44:59BoNeshaw bkb
00:45:04A-tzangol he has it
00:45:06A-tzangol i guess
00:45:07BoNeshaw rosh
00:45:08BoNeshaw go
00:45:09Sepetos i got mine now
00:45:10Vangelis it is
00:45:11Vangelis dead
00:45:12Sepetos rosh down
00:45:20Sepetos b
00:45:21Flex- god damn it
00:45:24Sepetos 2 close their base
00:45:29Ckalle go
00:45:31Ckalle rax is low
00:45:31MaAkoXYma now?
00:45:41Ckalle let me
00:45:44Ckalle stay a bit behind
00:45:50Ckalle I will dagger in and lockdown his ass
00:45:51A-tzangol need wards
00:45:53xeriex we should able to rape them
00:45:54Ckalle no
00:45:55Ckalle just go
00:45:56xeriex if every1 attacks
00:45:57xeriex and
00:45:59xeriex doesent pussy around
00:46:03Ckalle wtf
00:46:04Ckalle GO LANE
00:46:13MaAkoXYma fast
00:46:19Vangelis new
00:46:20Vangelis sentry
00:46:21xeriex viper tanks rest atk
00:46:21Vangelis need
00:46:21BoNeshaw take
00:46:23xeriex i wil lheal and pipe
00:46:23BoNeshaw im full
00:46:25Sepetos need venge start with swap
00:46:26Ckalle invis me
00:46:26BoNeshaw on base
00:46:27BoNeshaw take
00:46:30A-tzangol ALLOBSI
00:46:41Ckalle GUYS
00:46:47Ckalle WTF
00:46:50Ckalle IS WRONG WITH U
00:46:59Sepetos wrong button
00:47:26Sepetos miksul on joku vitun wave creep?
00:47:31MaAkoXYma b
00:47:36MaAkoXYma rax
00:47:40A-tzangol b
00:48:01Maier b ?
00:48:06Flex- did we have deso ulti ?
00:48:18Sepetos nop
00:48:27MaAkoXYma only obsi can kill me
00:48:27Ckalle oh well
00:48:28Ckalle we won
00:48:31Maier aye
00:48:32Maier wp
00:48:36Ckalle next time
00:48:37Maier sorry for delaying
00:48:39Ckalle feel free to react
00:48:42BoNeshaw hexaa e bara enne ku se bkb
00:48:43Ckalle in less than 35 sec
00:48:44Maier due to my bad play
00:48:48Sepetos nii pitäs
00:48:51Ckalle when I go in and get a perfect voodoo
00:48:51MaAkoXYma can not when afk
00:49:12Vangelis care
00:49:13Vangelis viper
00:49:14Vangelis mid
00:49:14Vangelis go b
00:49:26Sepetos jaa viper seläs
00:49:29xeriex GG!
00:49:32Ckalle bot
00:49:35Sepetos bh
00:49:36Ckalle or fuck it
00:49:36Sepetos bg
00:49:37Ckalle go throne
00:49:41xeriex GGG
00:49:41Vangelis so
00:49:43Vangelis ckalle raging
00:49:44Vangelis ? :D
00:49:45Sepetos u all got fullbuild
00:49:45Flex- I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:53Sepetos what we have
00:50:20MaAkoXYma wp sepetos
00:50:26MaAkoXYma Wisp too kinda
00:50:30Ckalle gg wp
00:50:30MaAkoXYma tc too ;D
00:50:37xeriex u al lsucked tbh
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