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-44 X
-1 TS

77% | 1401 X | 1421 TS

-44 X
-2 TS

30% | 1087 X | 1245 TS

-33 X
-8 TS

23% | 1146 X | 1116 TS

-43 X
-11 TS

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Chat log

00:00:02i.will.own.u -ii
00:00:15i.will.own.u let me play lion,maiden,wd or rhasta :)
00:00:16Angelius lycan
00:00:16extremewaari k
00:00:16extremewaari i ban first
00:00:16GCNOVA Not necessary
00:00:16Angelius yeap
00:00:16extremewaari but my turn
00:00:16i.will.own.u ban 12 o clock
00:00:16GCNOVA can u fucking say
00:00:16i.will.own.u or mort
00:00:16GCNOVA a hero?
00:00:16Angelius man does it matters?
00:00:16Angelius just think really -.-
00:00:16extremewaari pita
00:00:25Eternity fapfapfap
00:00:37Bocktiggi ewww
00:00:49Angelius miss
00:01:13i.will.own.u rhasta go wards
00:01:21Thug ohh.......
00:01:23GCNOVA u need to get courier
00:01:31i.will.own.u yy
00:01:36extremewaari es cm
00:01:38Thug 2late
00:01:38i.will.own.u what u take
00:01:39i.will.own.u i go cm
00:01:41extremewaari take es cm
00:01:47i.will.own.u gj
00:02:01niacniac ty
00:02:10GCNOVA es cm top?
00:02:17i.will.own.u yy
00:02:30GCNOVA its up to tiny to say
00:02:34mansikka cool lanes
00:02:36Angelius gl & hf
00:02:44Angelius shoud be good game
00:02:49Chauska u puul bb
00:02:49Angelius mass aoe
00:02:56Chauska -ma
00:02:59Angelius aoe ftw game
00:02:59Chauska -hhn
00:03:02i.will.own.u if any of u can upgrade chick or buy wards it would be great to.. i will try to..
00:03:05i.will.own.u i go urn also..!
00:03:31Chauska pull
00:03:37mansikka OK
00:03:40extremewaari mid ss
00:03:56Eternity stop sleep
00:03:59Thug go pull?
00:04:25i.will.own.u i uypgrade chick
00:04:44niacniac rastha ?
00:04:45niacniac ffs
00:04:48Thug wtf man
00:04:50Thug just go
00:04:51Thug lol
00:05:11Bocktiggi 2late
00:05:16Eternity stunn??
00:05:19Bocktiggi 2late
00:05:20niacniac net one day
00:05:23Eternity y you
00:05:25Thug out of range was
00:05:31Bocktiggi no, u pass it w´ith the creep wave
00:05:32niacniac not rly
00:05:43Eternity sec mana
00:06:23i.will.own.u they deny to much :S
00:06:38GCNOVA sec
00:07:01niacniac ss
00:07:07niacniac ss
00:07:08extremewaari mid ss
00:07:18i.will.own.u care esd
00:07:38niacniac still ss
00:08:04extremewaari lina going top
00:08:08Bocktiggi -ma
00:08:10i.will.own.u care
00:08:19Eternity ss rastha
00:08:45niacniac ty ss
00:08:49niacniac never bottom
00:08:52Angelius miss
00:08:53Angelius miss
00:09:02niacniac what ABOUT MISS
00:09:25i.will.own.u ghj
00:09:47Eternity go
00:10:01i.will.own.u well
00:10:02i.will.own.u no misses
00:10:34i.will.own.u b
00:10:35i.will.own.u b
00:10:35i.will.own.u b
00:10:35i.will.own.u b
00:10:38i.will.own.u goood
00:10:57niacniac bored
00:10:59Angelius :)
00:11:06niacniac they are telling misses, playing team
00:11:15niacniac and no one here care about team play
00:11:33mansikka us ur spellsteal
00:11:34mansikka rubick
00:11:48mansikka tp
00:11:48i.will.own.u wtf
00:11:50i.will.own.u bad stun
00:11:53Eternity warded
00:11:54Eternity fck
00:11:55GCNOVA he used
00:11:57GCNOVA fissure
00:11:59i.will.own.u k
00:12:02GCNOVA mine was ok :D
00:12:08Eternity wanted tp that sec
00:12:10Eternity but in fog
00:12:14Eternity but vs wards
00:12:14i.will.own.u kk
00:12:14Eternity ^^
00:12:24Angelius tiny
00:12:25extremewaari kunbkka
00:12:41i.will.own.u thats so gay
00:12:45extremewaari b
00:12:49i.will.own.u this is so lost
00:12:50i.will.own.u ff
00:12:57i.will.own.u wtf
00:13:08Bocktiggi :(
00:13:09Angelius ty
00:13:14i.will.own.u well won
00:13:15i.will.own.u ...
00:13:21i.will.own.u no carry..
00:13:23i.will.own.u gj captain
00:13:29Angelius razor vs sf
00:13:39Eternity wait me
00:14:02GCNOVA motherfucking
00:14:10Angelius rofl
00:14:12mansikka XD
00:14:13Angelius gj
00:14:13Eternity xD
00:14:21GCNOVA Things flying all over the map
00:14:23Eternity oom
00:14:28Chauska stun him,
00:14:28Eternity manaboots sec
00:14:29i.will.own.u pleaes start plauy
00:14:54niacniac gg
00:15:00niacniac pro players
00:15:02i.will.own.u nabs
00:15:19Angelius :))
00:15:45i.will.own.u caer
00:16:00i.will.own.u ty tina
00:16:01i.will.own.u rly
00:16:03i.will.own.u fucking tard
00:16:06extremewaari what?
00:16:09i.will.own.u u suck big time
00:16:12i.will.own.u told u to care
00:16:18extremewaari i have hangover day now
00:16:18i.will.own.u gosh
00:16:21i.will.own.u y
00:16:21Eternity i toss u
00:16:22i.will.own.u leave
00:16:31Bocktiggi no need
00:16:42Eternity warded
00:16:47Eternity toss going away
00:16:58GCNOVA will be afk
00:17:00GCNOVA for a moment
00:17:01GCNOVA guys
00:17:03i.will.own.u fu?
00:17:04GCNOVA some came up
00:17:09i.will.own.u leave
00:17:30i.will.own.u THIS IS A GAHY FIGHT
00:17:35Bocktiggi wat?
00:17:40i.will.own.u this team
00:17:50i.will.own.u so gay
00:17:53Bocktiggi a wild sexist puberty guy appears
00:18:19niacniac 3 bottom
00:18:26i.will.own.u then b
00:19:18i.will.own.u wtf?!?!
00:19:22extremewaari they have obs
00:19:22i.will.own.u shit u suc
00:19:31Angelius warded
00:19:35i.will.own.u so gg
00:19:36i.will.own.u they rosh
00:19:52i.will.own.u ..
00:19:53Angelius or not
00:19:59i.will.own.u ff
00:20:02i.will.own.u can u ff?
00:20:02i.will.own.u tard
00:20:09Thug 25min TARD
00:20:13i.will.own.u fu
00:20:25niacniac so fucking feeded
00:20:32i.will.own.u mid
00:20:40i.will.own.u FF
00:20:41i.will.own.u F
00:20:41i.will.own.u F
00:20:41i.will.own.u F
00:20:41i.will.own.u F
00:20:42i.will.own.u FF
00:20:42i.will.own.u F
00:20:43i.will.own.u F
00:20:47i.will.own.u gayteam
00:20:56niacniac stop say ff and play it
00:20:57Bocktiggi reported
00:21:00niacniac u didn't ganked once
00:21:00i.will.own.u sure
00:21:30GCNOVA care
00:21:47i.will.own.u lol
00:22:17i.will.own.u like this is balanced teams :)
00:22:18Eternity tzz
00:22:28Eternity y sad your team got a noob like you
00:22:33Angelius me chick
00:22:34Bocktiggi rylai, nobody cares what you talking, so please su
00:22:35Angelius re use after pls
00:22:42i.will.own.u lina suck my cock?
00:22:54i.will.own.u of course i play like a newb when having a newb team
00:22:57i.will.own.u last pick..
00:22:58i.will.own.u gatys
00:23:04extremewaari care
00:23:39Angelius 1 sec cd!
00:24:21GCNOVA he has mom
00:24:27Eternity lets try mega?
00:25:04niacniac team play pls ...
00:25:09niacniac look at this team
00:25:11niacniac split
00:25:12i.will.own.u kk
00:25:14Angelius they got smoke
00:25:39GCNOVA b
00:26:17niacniac love playing with bobs
00:27:17i.will.own.u smoe
00:27:17i.will.own.u come
00:27:20i.will.own.u come
00:27:24i.will.own.u gayteam
00:27:25i.will.own.u come
00:27:30i.will.own.u lol
00:27:37Angelius ?
00:27:43Chauska all
00:28:03i.will.own.u tskl
00:28:05Thug I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:07i.will.own.u I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:12Bocktiggi like thunder!
00:28:19niacniac I surrender!
00:28:22niacniac wtf
00:28:24i.will.own.u press ff
00:28:28niacniac or not
00:28:31i.will.own.u nab
00:28:46GCNOVA toss
00:29:49i.will.own.u tsk
00:30:38Eternity set the warsd?
00:30:39Eternity guys?
00:30:41Eternity in courir
00:30:47mansikka sec
00:30:49Angelius no slot
00:31:20Eternity new wards in courir
00:32:53i.will.own.u well lost es and rhasta
00:33:02Eternity i push
00:33:03Thug lol......
00:33:27GCNOVA GJ just
00:33:28GCNOVA let rhasta
00:34:23niacniac wp kunk
00:34:47Angelius wp my team
00:35:31i.will.own.u end ffs
00:36:22niacniac I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:27niacniac I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:30niacniac !ff
00:36:32niacniac ff!
00:36:34GCNOVA I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:43mansikka go push
00:36:48niacniac 0 11
00:36:53niacniac 2 12
00:36:55niacniac !
00:38:19Bocktiggi :)
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